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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 9, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines. earlier, boris johnson met the irish prime minister, and said he'd rather reach a brexit agreement, than have
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a no—deal departure. i've looked carefully at mobile, that outcome would be a failure for which we would all be responsible. if there is no—deal, it will cause severe destruction of the british and irish people alike, not so much on the continent. and whatever happens, we will have to get back to the negotiating table quite quickly. the commons speaker, john bercow, has announced he is to stand down within weeks. he received a standing ovation from many in the commons, as he described how much it meant to serve the house. the greatest privilege and honour of my professional life, for which i will be eternally grateful. the bill aimed at blocking a no deal brexit has been
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granted royal assent. and later tonight, mps will vote again on the prime minister's call for an early general election. and british airways pilots have begun a 2—day strike over pay and conditions, affecting 1,700 flights. officials in bahama have defended their response to hurricane dorian, after it devastated parts of the island chain last week, killing at least 45 people. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, here's what's coming up on sportsday this evening. a big night in glasgow and belfast, scotland and northern ireland have some important visitors in euro qualifying. a quick turn—around for england and they've named an unchanged squad
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for the final ashes test. and the star of new york once again, rafa nadal is now one grand slam behind roger federer. also coming up in the programme is gareth southgate ready for this. crazy game. it's goal, goal, goal, goal. in its day one at the paris swimming can't championships, and there's been a british medalfor 400 metres. evening, there are two huge qualifying games for scotland and northern ireland this evening. they kick off at hampden in just over an hour, the number one side in the world belgium are in glasgow, we'll get the latest from there injust a moment, but first will reality bite
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for the northern irish? they top their group but their final four games are against germany and the netherlands home and away, tonight they welcome the germans to windsor park, and stephen watson is there for us. be under pressure to return to winning ways after that if he is committed to the 12th ever lost and 196th qualifiers and worryingly for norther ireland germany had lost to qualifiers in a row, but of those 12 qualifying defeats in their history unbelievably norther ireland are the only team to beat germany twice, that happened back in the 1980s. after a great start of this campaign top of the group at the manager says that the dutch result will make that even tougher. extorting a big fight back for the four—time world
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champions. urging the side to produce a performance above anything delivered in recent times and he said as he get a draw or better it'll be one the greatest results. there is these teams which i think we are in, and we are a small nation in these top teams. these are the top teams and the top teams in europe. so that's the challenge, if we can come out of this group at the expense of germany or holland i think it will be an amazing achievement. september is a month that has produced shock results here in belfast before, norther ireland beat england 2005 and spanish thousand six, perhaps another upset could be on the cards at windsor park. to glasgow now, where scotland are up against it in qualifying, especially after their defeat to russia last friday. the top two go through to next years tournament automatically, the scots are 4th, six points adrift of second, and tonight's visitors, belgium, the number one side in the world, are flying,
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with five wins out of five. ijust i just tried to ijust tried to pick up the mood in the camp, little bit flat after friday. we expected to get something out of it what i guess is on the night, a little bit flat. so i'm sure we will be ready to go tomorrow because it's another game and i've spoken on thursday about we need a big win the rankings don't lie. unfortunately this campaign will be only three points and that would open it up again but we would still need a couple of big results left so we have five games left we need to try to get a result, because if we
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don't then i think it will leave us too much to do. the manager and captain putting a brave face on things, but i think they and eve ryo ne things, but i think they and everyone else associated with scotla nd everyone else associated with scotland know that the game is pretty much up in terms of automatic qualifying for euro 2020. been a pretty abysmal campaign so farjust six points from five matches. what does that mean? means the skull and turns their attention to the safety net the euro 2020 playoffs. scotland in those playoffs because they topped those leaked groups. that means there will be back here in match for a game probably against bulgaria and the semi final and then a final match if they get through that against either serbia or norway. that now looks like scotland only realistic hope of making the
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finals in 2020 tonight. expecting the fairly disappointing crowd. this evening for steve clarke and his side as he tries to build momentum for those a euro 2020 playoffs tonight but for scotland it's the tallest of tall orders. let's have a quick look at some of the days other headlines. danny cowley is the new manager at championship strugglers huddersfield town. cowley has took lincoln city from non—league to league one during his three full seasons in charge. he replaces jan siewert who was sacked last month. richard agar has been given a rolling 12—month deal at leeds rhinos since taking temporary charge agar has led rhinos to seven wins in 1a games to secure their survival in super league. at snookers shanghai masters, last years runner up barry hawkinscame from 11—2 down
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to beat bingtao yan 6—5. stephen maguire is also through to the second round — but ali carter is out. dutchman dylan groenewegen has won stage three of cycling's tour of britain, it's his second stage win but matteo trentin keeps the leader's green jersey. great britain's tao geoghegan hart has finished second in stage 16 of the vuelta a espana, in the asturian mountaines. the team ineos rider crossed the line 2a seconds after the stage winner jakob fugl—sang, from denmark. it's a quick turnaround for england, the final test against australia still draw the series but the ashes are already gone. defeat yesterday at old trafford saw australia go 2—1 up and retain the urn...the first australian side to leave these shores with the ashes since 2001. what's been the difference, undoubtedly steve smith 671 runs in 5 innings,
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with an average of 134, the leading run scorer in the series, almost double that of anyone else, and he missed the third test with concussion. england just haven't been able to get him out would they have been able to do that with james anderson , england's leading wicket taker, he pulled up with a calf injury in the first test after just 4 overs and his series was over, jofra archer and stuart broad have been good in spells but anderson has been missed and something's been missing at the top of the england order, runs ,jason roy and rory burns opened for the first three tests, roy has averaged 13.75, he was dropped to number 4 at old trafford swapping places withjoe denley, this is england's eternal work in progress. let's speak to cricket broadcaster and writer isabelle westbury, england have named an unchanged squad today as they look to level this series,
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that probably to be expected or do the debate has been raging. they've gone with an unchanged squad today for the final test at the oval. should they freshen things up do you think? it was a little bit of surprise, you would expect someone like ali pope and it would be his home ground and a chance for him to try and cement his place of the top of the order. although the ashes have been conceded, and retained there's still an to level the series as a test championship points to go in and to get the feeling thatjoe really wa nted get the feeling thatjoe really wanted to get closure... we will try and stick with you as we've got sound issues with you. that's with the captain was really clutching at this positive saying we've got these we've still got the level of the
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series and we are hearing that ben stokes would probably get into the side and because he's got this shoulder injury. absolutely. we've got the long term and winter in south africa ahead which is a really difficult tour as well. concerns and if you think about stuart being ridiculously well, so is archer, but if i'm honest the quick turnaround and the way you feel theyjust if i'm honest the quick turnaround and the way you feel they just want to get there and look onto the next testa m e nt of to get there and look onto the next testament of the winter ahead. actually have their own batting worries and frailty but not when you put steve smith in the mix, i was at 0ld put steve smith in the mix, i was at old trafford on day two when he brought up his tongue and his double and quite simply a force of nature and quite simply a force of nature and the best batsman at the in the
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world at the moment. i think we have lost isabel unfortunately. her thoughts there about the squad announcement today. an unchanged achievement squad for the final test of the oval which starts on thursday. can keep across that on ppc test match special and also the bbc sport website. 14 years after his first grand slam title, rafael nadal is now up to 19, that's one shy of roger federer‘s record. he made hard work of winning the us 0pen, throwing away a two set lead against russia daniil medvedev but the spaniard is king of new york for a fourth time. joe lynskey reports. as rafael nadal took it all in on the big screen he showed what he done. a tribute to what now is 19
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grand slam titles, even he can lose track. the doll said this when might have been his most emotional. he was pushed on the way by daniil medvedev. the russian was playing in his first grand slam final, for the first two sets he looked like being overwhelmed. rafael nadal raced into a lead, but it's light fell on new york the crowd asked for more. daniil medvedev asked for a comeback ina23a daniil medvedev asked for a comeback in a 23 a play like this can make in the next star. he won the next two sets to force a decider but with nearly five hours the clock he found the will to respond. the way that the will to respond. the way that the match went at the end, that makes this day unforgettable. part of my history. rafael nadal! this is
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the last major of the year, but in january he could go level with roger federer on 20 major titles as this work goes into a new decade, it still looks to the same icons. we just wejust had a we just had a british success on the para— we just had a british success on the pa ra— world we just had a british success on the para— world champions. ellie simmons took bronze in the 400 metres freestyle, just ahead of her british team—mate macy summers newton. china took gold setting a new world record. the draw has been made for the olympic hockey qualifiers. great britiain‘s women, who are 0lympic champions face chile in a two—legged tie and the men have got malaysia. both irealands men and women have got canada. let's speak to alan forsyth, forward with scotland and the british men. you and the women have got home advantage at lea valley, but this is last chance 5
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this is going to be really nerve—racking matches. this is going to be really nerve-racking matches. both teams wa nt to nerve-racking matches. both teams want to qualify already but we have the home games and home support and an extra player. i think a better just look forward to get starting. if knocked 1 million miles off you in the ranking, they are just out the top ten. we played malaysia a lot and they are a top side. their individual skills are one of the best in the world so it will be a tough game, but the home crowd playing on the pitch reduced to having the support the team.“ playing on the pitch reduced to having the support the team. if you have few people would be amazed at the women would go back three years to rio committed a 0lympic champions come they've got to go through these nail—biting matches, they've got this to leg and tie on home soil as well. but it been through a transition from a lot of retirements
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of the last few years on the women's team. a new coach as well coming in. looking to improve on where they've been there definitely got a good chance of qualifying and chile are a good side as well. the home advantage is huge. really used to playing the home crowd and it has november and it's going to be slightly different whether to what they are you still. fingers crossed both teams get through. what do you do between now and tokyo? 0bviously the men need a bit of improvement.” think we got a lot to do. after the europeans have had downtime, they start next monday we are back as a team. a lot to work on and once we qualify we will turn those wrongs into rights. allen's first life
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there for us. it got chilly in those diego maradona is back in argentinian football. he's been appointed coach of gimnasia until the end of the season. they‘ re currently bottom of the primera division. more than twenty five thousand fans turned up to greet him, some rather too enthusiastically. it's his first role in football in his home country since he left the national team job in 2010. england are playing at southampton‘s st mary's stadium against kosovo tomorrow night. they're top of their qualifying group with a 100 percent record, but the kosovans are second and unbeaten in 15 matches. what can gareth southgate expect? well his opposite number, bernard challandes, who's swiss, was asked about what tactics he'll use.
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it's a tactical thing. in a crazy game its goal, gold, gold, gold, gold. it's not tactic. perhaps it's not right from the right run but i will, i want to win the ball. i want to do this. we have to have the ball and rescore. it's a possibility. its preparation for a goal. and you fear for his players if they don't follow his tactics. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening.
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the latest from westminster in just a moment. first breaking news coming into us. we are hearing from the reuters news agency that several people have been shot in the dutch city here. that's quoting the police in the netherlands so several people shotin in the netherlands so several people shot in the netherlands. no more details at the moment. no idea really how many people have been shot or whether this is a terrorist related incidents but we will bring you more details on that in a moment. just one line of information coming into us and police saying that several people have been shot in the netherlands. much more that as it comes into us. so as we heard earlier,
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john bercow says he's standing down


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