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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 9, 2019 6:50pm-7:00pm BST

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the latest from westminster in just a moment. first breaking news coming into us. we are hearing from the reuters news agency that several people have been shot in the dutch city here. that's quoting the police in the netherlands so several people shotin in the netherlands so several people shot in the netherlands. no more details at the moment. no idea really how many people have been shot or whether this is a terrorist related incidents but we will bring you more details on that in a moment. just one line of information coming into us and police saying that several people have been shot in the netherlands. much more that as it comes into us. so as we heard earlier,
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john bercow says he's standing down as speaker of the house of commons. in an emotional farewell, he said he had tried to be the backbenchers‘ backstop and that being speaker had been the greatest honour and privilege of his parliamentary life. throughout my time as a speaker, i have sought to increase the relative authority of this legislature, for which i will make absolutely no apology to anyone, anywhere, at any time. to deploy, a perhaps dangerous phrase, i have also sought to be the backbenchers backstop. i could not do so without the support of a small, but superb team in speakers house.
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i could not do so without the support of a small, but superb team in speakers house. the wider house staff, my buckingham constituents, and above all, my wife sally, and our three children, oliver, freddy, and jemima. here, here! from the bottom of my heart,
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i thank them all profusely. i could also not have served without the repeated support of this house, and its members, past and present. this is a wonderful place, filled overwhelmingly by people who are motivated by their notion of the national interest, by their perception of the public good, and by their duty, not as delegates... hear, hear! but as representatives to do what they believe is right for our country.
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we degrade this parliament at our peril. i have served as a member of parliament for 22 years, and for the last ten as speaker, this has been, let me put it explicitly, the greatest privilege and honour of my professional life, for which i will be eternally grateful. i wish my successor in the chair the very best fortune, in standing up for the rights of honourable and right honourable members individually,
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and for parliament, institutionally, as the speaker of the house of commons. thank you. just want to update you on that news we were bringing you of a shooting in the netherlands, in the dutch city, police telling us that are actually the dutch broadcaster is saying the shooting was that a home that emergency services are at the scene. no more details of that incident available at the moment, unclear if there have been any fatalities. several people shot at a home the dutch city here will try to bring
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you dutch city here will try to bring you more as we get it. more reaction back to westminster afterjohn bercow stepped down. immediately after his announcement, the labour leader jeremy corbyn paid this tribute. this parliament is stronger for you are being speaker, our democracy is stronger for your being the speaker. and whatever you do, when you finally stepped down from parliament, you do so with the thanks of a very large number of people, and as one that has made the role of the speaker in the house more powerful, not less powerful, i welcome that. and as somebody who aspires to hold executive office, i like the idea of a powerful parliament holding the executive to account. it's something i've spent the last 35 years doing myself. so mr speaker, enjoy the last short period in your office, but it's going to be one of the most dramatic there has been, and i think your choice
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of timing and date is... incomparable. and it will be recorded in the history books of parliamentary democracy. mr speaker, on behalf of the labour party, i thank you for your work in promoting democracy, and this house, thank you. now it's time for a look at the weather with louise lear good evening. for many of us, it's been a disappointing start to the weak, quite a lot of cloud and rain around at times, although, it did start to weaken off a little, as it pushed its way steadily eastward through the day. but in the last few hours, some of those showers down to the southwest have really turned quite heavy, with rumbles of thunder mixed in there. so the best of the afternoon brightness in northern ireland as the rain band cleared its way eastwards, a little bit of sunshine came through. that means clear skies over the next few hours, and overnight tonight.
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and temperatures are likely to fall away. the rain will start to ease, but with all that moisture around, we could see some overnight mist and autumn fog forming first thing for tomorrow morning. so it is going to be a relatively quiet start, overnight lows of 7—iod, but a murky one in a few places. some of that fog, for instance, close to the midlands could be quite slow to clear away. it will eventually lift, the cloud should thin and break, we should see a day with some sunshine coming through. although, out to the west, already the winds will strengthen, and rain starts to arrive into northern ireland in western scotland. but i had a bit, with a little more sunshine, a little more warmth, heights of 19 degrees. now, this area of low pressure than is going to bring some wet and windy weather across scotland and northern ireland through tuesday night wednesday. into it is the remnants of what was hurricane dorian. by then, just a week affair a band of cloud as a pushes its way steadily south and east across england and wales with outbreaks of shari rain. behind it, a bright and breezy affair for many, top temperatures of 15—21 celsius.
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now that weather front will start to ease away wednesday evening, and once it does so, we will see another front pushing in from the atlantic. now this is going to bring more of a south—westerly flow, and a bit more heat and humidity with it as well. it will bring some rain, but across much of england and wales, we will see some russet tones developing, those temperatures are back—up slightly above the average for at the time of year. so some rain for northern ireland, western scotland, in northwest england, but temperatures could peek into the mid—20s into the southeast corner. that will be quite pleasant for the middle part of september. as we move out of thursday, it looks likely that the rest of the week then we'll get a little bit warm and dryer after that wet and windy start. take care.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. in the last week the british parliament has put up quite a fight, but in the coming hours the benches will be silenced. the commons is to be suspended tonight and will not return until october 14th, two weeks before the official brexit deadline. the prime minister who was in dublin today, told his irish counterpart he would overwhelmingly prefer to avoid a no deal brexit. be in no doubt, that outcome would be a failure of state craft, for which we would all be responsible. if there is no—deal, it will cause severe disruption for british and irish people alike. meanwhile, the speaker of the house of commons, john bercow,


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