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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 11, 2019 1:45am-2:00am BST

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test to go. can england avoid a first ashes series defeat at home for 18 years? and argentina have reached the men's basketball world cup semi—finals for the first time in 13 years. hello there and welcome to the programme, where we start with the footballing news that cristiano ronaldo now has 93 international goals after he scored four for defending champions portugal in their 5—1 euro 2020 qualifier victory in lithuania. while his last three came in a 14—minute spell in the second half, as they made it successive wins in group b — in what was ronaldo‘s eighth international hatrick — his team remain second and one point clear of serbia with a game in hand. elsewhere in group h, world champions france despite an antoine griezmann missed penalty eased past andorra 3—0, while in the same group two late
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albania goals saw them beat iceland 4—2 in elbasan. but the most exciting game had to be in southampton where kosovo despite scoring afterjust31i seconds trailed england 5—1 at half time but the hosts had to settle for a 5—3 win — failing to score in the second half, but they did inflict a first defeat on their opponents since 2017 and our sports correspondent natalie pirks was watching. we don't need to get the video out and go back through it. poor individual mistakes. a poor start to the game. i liked the way we show the game. i liked the way we show the composure to recover from that initial mistake and our use of the ball throughout the first up was excellent, right the way through the team. very calm in playing through their pressure. i think the game, their pressure. i think the game, the pattern of the game was exactly what we thought.
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in asia, there were a host of world cup 2022 qualifiers with the first two rounds doubling as qualifiers for the 2023 asian cup. in group a, china started their campaign with a thumping 5—0 win over the maldives, while australia also eased through their opening match thanks to a matthew leckie double. there were also first round wins forjapan and south korea while asian cup champions qatar, who've already qualified for the world cup as hosts, played out a goalless draw against india meaning they stay top of group e. in group g, thailand got theirfirst win taking them top with a 3—0 win over indonesia in jakarta. welcome to bbc news. all the goals came in the second i'm reged ahmad. half with supachok sarachart finding our top stories: the back of the net in the 55th another change to team trump, and 73rd minute while. as the president sacks his national security advisor, theerathon bunmathan scored from the spot on 65 minutes. john bolton. the war elephants are now on four the administration denies points and face second placed united arab emirates next. it's a sign of disarray. the president's entitled in group c, bahrain notched to the staff that he wants. their first win of the qualifiers he should have people that he trusts after edging cambodia and values and whose methods 1—0 in phnom penh. kamil al aswad scored the winner and judgements benefit him in delivering american in the 78th minute from the corner foreign policy. benjamin netanyahu vows to extend taking them top and they'll face israeli sovereignty over the jordan valley, if he's re—elected.
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palestinians say the move second placed iran at home next.. would bury any chance of peace. but in the same group where fear of hunger perhaps the biggest story is worse than the bombing — of the round was hong kong fans a special report on the yemeni booing their own national anthem civilians caught up in war ahead of their match at home to iran. the ongoing political unrest in the country has seen several clashes with police and those frustrations continued inside the hong kong stadium ahead of kickoff and they lost 2—0 on the field. we feel a sense of what we are all united. hong kong people, we will speak and they will speak up, and we will fight forfreedom speak and they will speak up, and we will fight for freedom and democracy now. the atmosphere is good, though, we lost but we will fight until the end. in the second leg of first round african world cup qualifiers there were no shocks, although somalia were on the verge of moving past zimbabwe until two late goals to the home side in the final five minutes saw them through 3—2 on aggregate, while guinea—bissau came from behind to account
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for sao tome and principe. now to cricket, where we already know the ashes are returning to australia after they took an unbeatable 2—1 lead with a win over england in the fourth test. but the series isn't over yet, with the two sides set to meet at the 0val on thursday. and our sports correspondent joe wilson has been looking ahead. well, the thing about the ashes, you know that when one series comes to an end there will be another one, but for trevor bayliss, england ‘s codes, this is his last match in charge of england. as ever, there are specific issues. he says charge of england. as ever, there are specific issues. he sastoe root is under no pressure the‘s captain at all, as far as england are concerned. jason rae has still got to prove that he is capable of batting at this level. a loss of it will depend on ben stokes. we saw him train today and we saw him bowl. england said they would pick him as a specialist batsmen if he wasn't able to bowl. what is england's
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collective motivation? they know the series is going back to australia, the ashes is going back to australia. they have had such a long summer. australia. they have had such a long summer. surely they must be tired?” am sure fatigue is a small part of it. but from the much is self, yeah, we spoke about it after the last game, to get it back to 2—2, obviously nowadays with the test championship that means a loss as well. the boys like to be competing in the final in a couple of years time. —— a lot as well. and to draw a series in 20 lose one. don't think you need any more motivation than that. as for australia, their celebrations after 0ld that. as for australia, their celebrations after old trafford, justin langer, their coach, said todayit justin langer, their coach, said today it registered two out of ten compared to some of the ashes celebrations he was involved in. motivation raselli to win necessary 3-1, motivation raselli to win necessary 3—1, well, of course there is —— for australia. there is certainly great
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energy in the group. they have said throughout the series that there has been lots of laughter in the group, lots of great camaraderie. hopefully that continues. that gets heightened when you have a successful game. there is good feeling in the group. they know there is still unfinished business and we are looking forward to this last test must abide a final thought about trevor bayliss who has conducted himself with, think, calm, dignity, and one respect, certainly, of the english cricket media during his time in charge of the english cricket team, and he will go down as the kautu, for the first time, one england the world cup. when was that? about a lifetime ago. earlier this summer. ——as the coach. there were six more world records that fell on day 2 of the world para swimming championships in london on tuesday and kate grey was watching. sophie pascoe has been a dominating figure in the world of paris swimming for over a decade now. the new zealand star went to her first world championships at the age of 13
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and has, since then, been unstoppable. you're in london she has already won two gold in two days. today it was the s9100 metres backstroke that she won by over three seconds. despite her career going on for 70 years her motivation is certainly not dwindling as she builds towards her fourth is certainly not dwindling as she builds towards herfourth paralympic games. i think it is the challenge of wanting to take on the world every day, but also for myself now. have done it for such a long time for everybody else. anything that is has changed over the past couple of yea rs. has changed over the past couple of years. the fact that they want to do a bit of this for me now. don't get me wrong, that part of doing it for eve ryo ne me wrong, that part of doing it for everyone else is still there and very much a big part of myjourney in swimming, but now it is about doing it for myself and leaving behind, hopefully, this amazing legacy for others. sophie will raise again on wednesday as the action continues here in london for these para— swimming world championships. —— race. several hundred mourners
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gathered in the french town of chartres for the funeral of racing driver anthoine hubert. the 22—year—old was killed in a formula 2 crash at spa in belgium the weekend before last. four time world champion alain prost was among those to pay tribute to hubert — saying his smile and positive energy were the things people would remember him for. argentina have reached the men's basketball world cup semi—finals for the first time in 13 years after a 10—point win over serbia. the south americans denied serbia, who sit one place ahead of them at fourth in the world rankings, a medal with a hard—fought 97—87 victory in the chinese city of dongguan. luis scola top scored for argentina with 20 points, and they'll now face either the usa or france in friday's semi—finals, s while spain are also through to the last four. stacy lewis has withdrawn from the us solheim cup team with a back injury and will be replaced by ally mcdonald. the 3a—year—old, who has played in four of the biennial tournaments,
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was one of two captain's picks to face europe in the three day event at gleneagles in scotland starting on friday. 26—year—old mcdonald, will make her solheim cup debut for the united states who've won five of the last seven tournaments while europe last won the trophy in 2013. you don't have to say anything to chilly. i think we both kind of knew that it was the decision to make and told her to get ready. that is really all it was. i didn't want to make the decision but it is what is best for the team and what is best for me. full coverage on bbc world news over the friday, saturday, sunday on that one. keep an eye out for sports today inserts in the bulletins. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's until next time, it is by for now.
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—— goodbye. good morning. we really are experiencing all flavours of autumn this week. it was rather cool and disappointing on monday, wasn't it? but tuesday made up for it. some lovely spells of sunshine for most of us — as you can see by this beautiful weather watcher picture sent in from leeds. however, today it's again a different story. we are seeing some wet and windy weather arriving, so some rain at times today and a noticeable blustery wind. and that's because of the remnants of ex—hurricane dorian. an area of low pressure that's been arriving over the last few hours bringing some wet and windy weather into scotland and northern ireland. and we've got these weather fronts straddled across the country first thing in the morning. not producing that much in the way of rain, but some patchy light rain across parts of east anglia and the south—east to start with. 0vercast skies and some rain into north wales and north—west england. but already, behind it, into scotland and northern ireland, you'll start off with some sunny spells and a few scattered showers. now, we can't rule out the odd rumble of thunder with those showers, but hopefully they should be few and far between. something that will be late
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noticeable will be the strength of the wind, a strong westerly gusting in excess of 40, maybe 45 mph on exposed west facing coasts. but there will be some sunny spells coming through later on in the day. and as a temperatures will improve. highs of 22 degrees, 72 fahrenheit. so that weather front will trail away then it's going to be replaced by another area of low pressure pushing in from the atlantic. this one has more in the way of tropical moisture tucked in behind it, which means a real difference in the weather to the north and the south. it will bring some rain into northern ireland, southern scotland, and north—west england for a time and some strong blustery winds here. but with that south—westerly flow and some sunny spells across much of england and wales temperatures will improve. and in the sunshine it will feel quite pleasant. we could see highs, maybe, of around 2a degrees, the mid—70s fahrenheit. a contrast to the north with 13—17 degrees the high. now, as we move out of thursday into friday, and the start of the weekend, an area of high pressure is going to build in across from the atlantic over england and wales. just allowing weather fronts to topple across the high and bringing occasional spells of wet and windy weather to the extreme north—west. but for many of us it does mean that friday and into the weekend conditions will dry up and warm up and we could see temperatures
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somewhere in the south—east of 25 degrees by sunday afternoon. 00:12:03,555 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 take care.
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