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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 16, 2019 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines. after being booed and heckled boris johnson pulls out of a joint statement with the prime minister of luxembourg who expresses his clear frustration with the talks. do not put the blame on ours because now they do not know how to get out of this situation, they put themselves in. the prime minister, who earlier met the eu commission president, has told the bbc everyone is fed up and wa nts to told the bbc everyone is fed up and wants to get a deal. i think that they have had a belly full of all this stuff. they want to develop a new relationship with the uk, they are fed up with these endless negotiations, they have delayed twice before, to achieve what? to former british army soldiers have won a racial discrimination case against the
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ministry of defence. oil prices have surged after drone attacks on saudi arabian facilities knocked out 5% of global supply. ina knocked out 5% of global supply. in a moment it is time for sportsday. and later, behind 100 days will examine the crisis, donald trump says the us is locked and loaded. at half past eight, following a day of talks with eu leaders, we will analyse what has been said and asked is the prime minister any closer to reaching a deal on brexit. and later we will ta ke deal on brexit. and later we will take a first look at tomorrow's front pages. our reviewers are a features writer for the independent and a political strategist. that is all ahead here on bbc news. now it is time for sportsday.
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hello, i'm 0lly foster, here's what's coming up on sportsday this evening. europe lift the solheim cup but will it give the women's game the lift it needs in europe? what will rise from the ashes? we ta ke stock of england's summer. what's next forjoe root? we know what the autumn will bring. the world cup is almost upon us. also coming up in the programme. concussion claims another rugby union career, david denton retires at the age of 29.
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evening, a busy week coming up. the start of the champions league group stage, we'll hear from chelsea a little bit later in the programme. but what a weekend we've just had, some fantastic ashes cricket and also golf, europe winning the solheim cup against the usa. after three days, it all went down to the final putt on the 18th green — norway's suzann petersen, representing europe for the ninth and final time — stopping the usa from winning the cup three times in a row. ben croucher reports. suzann pettersen has this putt to win the cup for europe. she has done it. what about that? the crowning moment ofa what about that? the crowning moment of a glorious career. this was suzann pettersen‘s swa nsong, of a glorious career. this was suzann pettersen‘s swansong, her swansong turned suzann pettersen‘s swansong, her swa nsong turned into suzann pettersen‘s swansong, her swansong turned into her greatest hits. this is the perfect end to a professional career. it does not get any better. she leaves golf on top
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with her ranking near rock bottom. she is world number 665. she has made three tournaments in two years having taken a break to start a family. her inclusion and form were questioned, but not her pedigree. she delivers, she is unbelievable. unbelievable team, unbelievable captain, just unbelievable. and to hold their winning pat, we heard that the cheer. cannot believe it. two years ago she pulled out on the eve of the tournament through injury, in 2015, controversy after failure to concede a pat, that seemed to spur the usa onto a famous triumph, on friday she missed out because of illness. she was levelled down the last on sunday. 0n the 17th, their hopes of a continent, the definition of a career, came down to just eight feet.
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justification also for captain katrina matthew. i had the confidence to give it a go. this is it. i am completely done. for those at gleneagles it was a day to say, i was there. for suzann pettersen the golfer, for suzann pettersen at the mama, it is one that she will never forget. fantastic drama over three days. catriona matthew that european skipper says that the women's game in europejust has skipper says that the women's game in europe just has to benefit from their success at gleneagles. but they have failed to do that in the past. let's get more on this now from european tour player beth allen. the state of the ladies european tour at the moment is not good. this could be an extremely positive thing for golf in europe and the ladies
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european tour. katrina will be a great ambassador. she is not going to be playing much more in the states. she will be picking up more appearances in europe and perhaps that will create some interest, having that winning solheim cup captain in fields. i do not see why we are not gaining more sponsorship because obviously the golf is good and there is so much interest in the competitions, especially that solheim cup. without a strong ladies european tour it is difficult to have a good solheim cup. you have played on the ladies european tour. sponsors have been going away. there isa sponsors have been going away. there is a seemingly shrinking schedule as well. it is tough out there. is that the governorship of that ladies european tour you feel is an issue? ido european tour you feel is an issue? i do not think so. throughout the yea rs i do not think so. throughout the years we
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i do not think so. throughout the yea rs we have i do not think so. throughout the years we have had, i have been on tourfor years we have had, i have been on tour for ten years we have had, i have been on tourfor ten years in europe, i have been under three different commissioners or cheer men, however you want to phrase it, when i first started we had more events, but i was not so sure it was because of who was leading the tour or more the economy in 2014, in 2015, 2016, we had less events, we are applying for more money, recently it has been horrible. i hear that that men are struggling as well but because they have the ryder cup and all that money that they gain from that, that helps fund their events in mainland europe. we do not really have that. ryder cup generates lots of —— solheim cup generates lots of money but nowhere near ryder cup. we do not have that sort of backing to save events and we need some countries in mainland europe to step it up, especially in scandinavia we are women's golf is thriving and there are so many great players from
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there. when i first came on tour there. when i first came on tour there were tournaments in norway, sweden, denmark, finland, now there is none in any of those countries. u nless is none in any of those countries. unless there is prize there, careers for young talented female golfers to come through, then there will be a massive talent drain in europe? yes, big time. although many of these ladies that play in the solheim cup on the european side do not necessarily play on the ladies european tour full—time, they play in another tour, almost all these players started in europe, if there is no where to begin your career in europe, where is the town is going to go? it is not a great situation. england's summer of cricket is over, one day world champions but they could not follow up with victory in the ashes. they now need a plan as to how the windows ashes years'
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time. something that captainjoe root says would be the main focus. 0ur correspondence has been focusing on the season looking at what players have emerged. iam going players have emerged. i am going to start with a picture of the england dressing room after that final test at the oval yesterday. these were england and australia players sharing a drink together in the backrooms of the 0val after a test series that they 2-2, 0val after a test series that they 2—2, after two winning matches each. sharing a drink together. after england rescuing that schooling in that final test, could that have an impact on which players stay or go moving forward? rory burns and joe denley finished as england's openers. burns has shown he can be relied on, batting average of 39, only ben stokes is a better average than that. joe denley made 94 in
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that test. even at the age of 33, coming into this team. who else might be sticking around? jack leach came infor might be sticking around? jack leach came in for the second test, he has found hero status already, he has been cheered as a batsman, he contributed 12 wickets across this series with best figures of 4—49 in that fifth test. on the flip side, who is not —— who has not had such a good series? jason roy averaged just 13 across the four tests he played in. he was so vital for england at the world cup, but struggled as a test batsmen. moeen ali may need some time away is in the's spinners, played in the first test, but jack leach has moved ahead, and talk around jonny bairstow, such a talisman for england as a one—day player, only made 1/2—century across the series and there are other options at wicketkeeper who may be
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in line to challenge for that place as well. jos buttler, currently. there were struggles in this series forjoe root the captain. he did not convert forjoe root the captain. he did not co nve rt a ny forjoe root the captain. he did not convert any of those 50s into centuries, he was out for a duck three times as well across the five tests. he almost certainly will stay on as captain of this team but there is lots of discussion about how to improve his batting game. a former captain, michael vaughan, suggests joe root has to find a way to bring energy back into his batting. that could mean moving a place down to numberfour in the could mean moving a place down to number four in the batting could mean moving a place down to numberfour in the batting line—up at the current captain himself, joe root, says that when at the oval shows that england have potential going forward. i thought the performance this week was a lot closer to where we want to be as a team, moving forward intricate. i thought we drove the game pretty much the whole time from that first session on day one stop that is very
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pleasing. joe root sticking at the helm. these are the players that he and the selectors could look to fill in some of those gaps in the batting line—up that we have talked about. all the pope, 21 years old, he will almost certainly go on england's next to new for their next text series —— test series. dominic sibley and zach crawley, they are young players also in contention to bat at the top of the order. but with that core, jofra archer as well has been an impact this series, potentially new exciting players, it could be a tasty line—up for the 2021 ashes series. there was that thinking as it all went wrong in the ashes series that they put so much weight and thought into their world cup preparations that they took their eye off test
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cricket. thus relinquishing the ashes and australia retaining them. they have got to get that balance right over the next two years if they are to get the ashes back. that could hinge certainly on a decision that thing that had to be over the next few weeks because england are losing their coach trevor bayliss now. he is departing after a good speuin now. he is departing after a good spell in charge. the 0val was the last match she is overseeing. he has beenin last match she is overseeing. he has been in charge of both the one day and the test team. what a remarkable summer and the test team. what a remarkable summer it has been, balancing those two teams, it is now up to ashley giles to make a decision if that is the kind of model they will carry on with or continue with separate coaches to oversee the different forms of the game. we will have to wait and see what is decided over the next few weeks. this is one thing that had to look forward to over the next few months. less than two months before they are in international action again in the t20 series in new zealand. the next text —— test action comes on 20th november against new zealand, those two tests do not count towards
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overall world championship of test matches so that could be a good place to blood those youngsters that we talked about in that match. it'll be interesting to see how england line—up on boxing day when their next test series starts at centurion against south africa. and this could be real outside bet. 43—year—old darren stephenson made a double century for kent today. he is english. might have an outside chance. all display at since 1949 to make a double century in a first—class match. many thanks. lots of food for thought for the england selectors. frank lampard will lead chelsea in europe for the first time as manager as the champions league group phase begins this week. they play valencia tomorrow. he won the tournament as a player and also lost the final. he scored
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one of the penalties in the victory in 2012 but how does it compare in the dugout? it is the ultimate in club football for me in terms of competitive club football. and there is something about nights at stamford bridge, something about the champions league music, the memories that we have as chelsea people, and i want to experience it on this side of the fence. i will be proud to take the team out, but very aware that what matters is starting the group well against good opposition, but yeah, i am excited. european champions liverpool are on their way to italy, where they'll start the defence of their title against napoli tomorrow night. they trained at the club's melwood base this morning. 0ne one of their strikers has pulled out of the squad with an ankle injury. sheffield united's kevin mccabe has been forced to sell his 50% stake in the premier league club following a high court ruling. he'd been in dispute with co—owner prince abdullah,
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a member of the saudi royalfamily. mccabe, a lifelong sheffield united supporter and former chairman, will have to sell his share to prince abdullah‘s investment firm for £5 million in line with a 2013 agreement. the club say they're delighted with the result after 20 months of contentious litigation and can now focus on the season ahead. although kevin mccabe could appeal. the focus is to get it right for sheffield united football club. that may involve looking to lodge an appeal against the judgment that has been released today. it may be contemplating what is best for the clu b contemplating what is best for the club as demonstrated by prince abdullah and prince abdullah alone. we shall see. david de gea has signed a new deal for manchester
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united, he was out of contract at the end of the season and had been linked to real madrid. somerset‘s push for a first county championship title got off to a good start on day one. they bowled hampshire out for hundred and 96 and closed on 30—2, some are eight points clear of essex in the table. the inaugural marie trophy is under way in glasgow, the challenge tour event aims to give home grown players a chance. —— inaugural murray trophy. the rugby world cup gets under way on friday. wheels are not just on friday. wheels are notjust big injapan, they are huge. warren gatling steam have been greeted like heroes. for
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today's training session 15,000 people packed into the stadium singing the welsh national anthem and hymns. the support extends way beyond the stadium. everywhere you look welsh flags and good luck m essa 9 es look welsh flags and good luck messages are plastered all over buildings and cars. they welcome we have had has been fantastic. we had a great night last night in terms of a great night last night in terms of a welcome, ceremonial i suppose you would say. it was brilliant. we are very excited about being here. and getting a good week's training under our belt and looking forward to the first game against georgia. we would like to advice players... that warm welcome continued into the evening
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as wales held the capping ceremony, on the rink and singing for their hosts. they sing. wales's strength and conditioning coach came to japan as a player, he has been back recently promoting by. has been back recently promoting rugby. for the players, just for the welcome, but to have a training session with 15,000 inside a full capacity stadium was outstanding. wales have already proved to be a big hit injapan, and this is like a home from home. now as they begin their quest to win a first world cup they will hope to win yet more fans
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along the way. david denton played for scotland at the last world cup. at the age of 29 he has been forced to give up the sport because of concussion. he is still feeling the effects of a head injury sustained 11 months ago while playing for leicester. there is a pa rt playing for leicester. there is a part of me that is relieved. i had been going through this for so


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