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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 19, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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in frankfurt this permit starts in the stands. these performances are choreographed. nothing else was quite so structured. i have been chances at either end up only when young joe struck a frankfurt foot did one count. the game carried on ina did one count. the game carried on in a clumsy cartoonish manner. frankfurt attacked breathlessly but endlessly. 2a shots, no goals. bound to be frustrating and a lack of care from dominic cost him a second yellow card. finally, arsenal took some control. 18—year—old bukayo saka had some control. 18—year—old bukayo sa ka had never scored some control. 18—year—old bukayo saka had never scored and senior football before then. member of that goal, remember that name. we all know about about miangue to edit the third later on. someone lost a shoe
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which is always a sign of entertaining night. a few of the manchester united starting line—up here. no support in eric and the first half was in the goal, he flung himself in the path of this shot from marcus rash an elder statesman tonight. hard to crack once hung in there until you dedicate the ball out to mason greenwood. it is manager said is one of the best finishers he's seen. already a goal—scorer and match winner. not yet 18. wolves also put on a light show up at the been playing in it sincejune. show up at the been playing in it since june. the show up at the been playing in it sincejune. the novelties faded and so sincejune. the novelties faded and so has theirform. they sincejune. the novelties faded and so has their form. they halt the goalfor the portuguese so has their form. they halt the goal for the portuguese side and sent them to the third defeat in a i’ow. sent them to the third defeat in a row. the flashing lights might be those of alarm. in scotland, celtic kicked off their europa league campaign in france against rennes, but for rangers, emotions
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were running high against feyenoord at ibrox for a very different reason. craig templeton reports. an emotional night at ibrox as rangers say goodbye to their former captain. fernando who died yesterday, age a3. they were given an opportunity for the perfect start when philip lends a hand and james could not take it. ranges continue to push and scott has just a post away from the opener. when it did arrive it was worth the wait. shane with the goal but no doubt to the submission was for. they had their chancesin submission was for. they had their chances in the second half but allan mcgregor stood firm. finished 1—0 but this was a night would notjust the results were important. after celtic, it was the relatively short trip here to play in the aptly named celtic cup. the home side look to
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home early on. that was close, but then christopher got too close and celtic paid the penalty 1—0. ryan christie felt he should have had one of his own and he probably had a case. he would not have had to wait too long for his moments. this time it was craig in the box and eight since the white and greens wild. soon it will be yellow then read. the referee deeming this challenge was enough to send them off. a tale of two penalties but they take the point back to glasgow. former newcastle united and england striker peter beardsley has been suspended from all football—related activity for 32 weeks for making racist comments to players. beardsley left newcastle after a 1a—month club investigation earlier this year. an independent football association panel said his remarks "were obviously racist and wholly unacceptable". beardsley said he was "surprised and disappointed" by the panel's findings.
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he's been ordered to complete a face—to—face education course. the rugby world cup is upon us. the tournament injapan starts tomorrow — with the host nation getting proceedings underway against russia in tokyo. it's the first time the world cup has been held in asia. katy gornall is in tokyo for us — and has been looking at the preparations. tokyo is a sprawling and enchanting city. it's a place where the modern nestles alongside the traditional, and it's a new frontier for a sport hoping to make a good impression. excitement is building, 15,000 people turned up just to watch wales trained in southern japan, and the country's commissioner for sport believes the tournament could leave a lasting legacy. translation: this is the first time the world cup is come to a country that has no tradition in rugby. for us injapan we are really excited to have the tournament, and so i am hoping the rugby becomes part of our culture.
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for that to happen more children need to pick up a rugby ball. these boys here are in the minority, and they hope the world cup will change that. translation: since we japanese don't know much about rugby i hope we get a better understanding. all the best players from all of the world are coming tojapan so i am going to watch them play and try to learn something from them. four years ago they taught south africa a lesson when they beat the champions in their opening game. went down of the biggest upset in the history of the tournament and has raised expectation at this world cup. here in downtown tokyo you get the sense that japan is embracing this world cup. posters and adverts for the big stars all around here, but of course we will really help capture the public imagination is excitement on the page, then there are signs this could be the most open world cup yet.
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new zealand may be favourites but ireland currently top the world rankings however, their form has dipped this year. england could be peaking atjust the right time. scotland fans will the craving consistency from a team that too often swings from the ridiculous to the sublime and grand slam winners whales were a big threat on the world stage. probably the tightest competition we've ever been in the tightest world cup. great for the viewers and for us to be watching. as wood builds excitement when you know it's not a foregone conclusion. unfamiliar territory, but in the neon glow ofjapan rugby might have found a new home. the defending champions new zealand are in yokohama ahead of their early awaited match on saturday — against south africa which should decide who tops pool b. the all blacks are looking to win the world cup for a third time in a row
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but things have got a little heated between the coaches. steve hansen says the springboks coach rassie eraz—mus, has been trying to put pressure on the match officialjerome gar—sez. the frenchman has refereed five of these fixtures, including the 2015 world cup semi—final, with the all blacks winning every one. the south africa coach said officials have historically favoured the all blacks. because new zealand was so long number one in the world there was a time of they had so much respect from every level, every from referees and it was a well—known fa ct referees and it was a well—known fact that when it was really tough times and teams were under the pump and some of the 50—50 decisions were just there, they felt they deserved the number one spot. and happened to the number one spot. and happened to the springboks in 2009, it happened to various teams who work number one for long stages. let's take a look at some of the other sports stories around today.
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callum hudson—0doi has signed a new five year deal with chelsea believed to be worth more than £120,000 a week. hudson—0doi handed in a transfer request last january after chelsea rejected a 35 million bid from bayern munich, but his future now seems to be settled at stamford bridge castleford have ended warrington‘s super league season with a hard—fought elimination final victory against the challenge cup holders at the halliwell jones stadium. castleford's jordan rankin scored his 10th super league try of the season. englishman matt wallace currently leads the way on the first day of the pga championship at wentworth. wallace finished seven under par, a shot clear of henrik stenson. justin rose is a shot further back. but rory mcilroy‘s well down the leaderboard at the moment, on four over par. britain's frazer clarke was stripped of a semi—final place at the world boxing championships. the super—heavyweight won against maxsim babanin. but his
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russian opponent lodged an appeal and the result was overturned. workers in qatar continue to be mistreated despite promises to improve rights ahead of the 2022 world cup, thats according to amnesty international. a new report says thousands of workers are going unpaid. the world athletics championships begin in doha later this month and the president of the iaaf, sebastian coe, has today told the bbc he stands by the decision to host the event there. we cannot base sporting relationships on those temporary arrangements. sport is a permanent feature. of our society. and we have to protect it. that's not to say that we are not, we are oblivious to the fact that we will be taking our event into places of challenge can we we re event into places of challenge can we were taking them sometimes climatically and that has unleashed
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a whole generation of sporting technology to combat the challenge of heat. bear in mind, we do want to ta ke of heat. bear in mind, we do want to take the sport globally, and we cannot just take the sport globally, and we cannotjust sit take the sport globally, and we cannot just sit there going take the sport globally, and we cannotjust sit there going back take the sport globally, and we cannot just sit there going back to the same nine, ten cities if we are really true to our word about wanting to expand their global footprint of athletics, and a very keen to do that. robert kubitzsa is going to leave the williams formula one team at the end of the season. he only returned to f1 full time this year 8 years after he was almost killed in a rally crash. the pole has secured the teams only point this season, as they prop up the constructors championship. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.


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