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tv   Click  BBC News  September 29, 2019 12:30pm-1:00pm BST

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good afternoon. borisjohnson says he's been voila. "a model of restraint" when it comes to the language he uses the 15,000 or so people in the brexit debate. at this convention are, it follows a week of bitter exchanges between to put it mildly, lego crazy. mps in the commons. this is a fever that the prime minister refused to apologise for words such can run in the family. as "surrender" when describing the legislation designed translation: i got my own lego to stop the uk leaving bricks when i was just one—year—old the european union without a deal. and have been building ever since. this report now from our political my own boys got interested, correspondent jonathan blake they are now in their 20s at the conservative party conference and their girlfriends join in with us! in manchester, and it does contains my wife builds too! some flash photography. the plan, this year, was particularly ambitious. the building of a lego mega city. everyone making their little bit, then putting it all together. the results were pretty spectacular. that's actually the largest lego city ever built in finland, around 1,500 base plates and 1,500 builders, of course. then there is lego in monochrome. pyramids and temples
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all made out of plastic. seems appropriate. for some people, this toy is a bit like a religion. let's see what the weather is doing for us. we heard about the flood warnings in what could be to come let's get a full forecast. hello, after a wet and windy night we are not quite done yet with this combination of weather. thanks to that area of low pressure, not such an issue across scotla nd pressure, not such an issue across scotland and northern ireland although it was wet in northern ireland, things are drying up nicely and will continue for the rest of the afternoon. sunshine into parts of wales and south—west england but the rain ever there across parts of the rain ever there across parts of the north midlands and north—east of england, which will suppress the temperatures to 12. that system moves away, strong temperatures to 12. that system moves away, strong winds in the
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north—west along the norfolk coast. there could be some issues there with coastal flooding and underneath cool skies cold night. it looks as though we will see a new area of cloud and wind and rain coming into the south—west and quarter of the british isles and eventually into the south—east. the further north—east you are the dryer and brighter it will be.
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hello, this is bbc news with ben brown. the headlines... as the conservative party conference gets underway in manchester, the prime minister defends the language he uses in the brexit debate. i certainly think everybody should calm down. and i certainly think... including you? i think i have been a model of restraint but i think everybody should calm down. meanwhile, britain's most senior catholic clergyman, cardinal vincent nichols, has warned that some of the language being used in parliament
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could encourage violent extremists. parents are urged to have conversations with their children about organ donation in the hope that more young people willjoin the donor register. hong kong sees further clashes between police and pro—democracy protesters ahead of the 70th anniversary of communist rule in china. now on bbc news, it's time for click. this week — smash hits, smash hits, and extreme mic testing.
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thursday was bbc music day, an annual celebration of the power of music to change lives, with 2000 events across the uk and 100 broadcasts on tv, radio, and digital. but it's important to remember that not everyone experiences sound in the same way. for example, this week is international week of the deaf. so we met twins hermon and heroda berhane. now, they're both deaf, and although they love dancing and they love going to deaf raves, there's obviously a lot about music which they don't experience — until now. we joined them when they tried on a prototype shirt which can turn music into a whole body experience.
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the beautiful rolling hills of the south downs in sussex. something which i'm about to see from a whole new perspective. up there. i'll be filming myself while i'm up there, but the most important thing for today is this microphone, which i'll be taking up with me. why? tell you what. let's go back to the beginning. if you've ever tried to record sound
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outside or even if you've tried making a phone call on a breezy day, you will know that wind is the enemy. even the slightest breeze causes turbulence on the mic, which you hear as a pretty deafening roar. now, the best way to solve this problem is to stop the wind from getting to the mic by using a big, soft bit of material like this. something which we in the trade call a fluffy or a dougal — or a dead cat. the bigger the fluffy, the better the wind is blocked out, but there are times when a large microphone just isn't convenient. like, for example, when you're doing back flips through a snowy street or travelling at speed over not very much snow. energy drink maker and extreme sports nuts red bull wanted to record their athletes up close and personal, so they asked a hearing aid, headphone, and microphone designers jabra to make something small, light, and cable free to stick in places where there's no room for a big fluffy.
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jabra's research into noise cancellation and sound enhancement goes on here at their headquarters in copenhagen. and this is where the x mic was born. because they need to test their devices in lots of different audio conditions they have different rooms with different acoustic characteristics. this is the anechoic chamber, which is completely acoustically dead. this is the reverb chamber where they test noise cancellations. and this is the wind tunnel, where we currently have a breeze of two metres per second. but if we increase that to eight metres per second you should start to hear a lot of rumbling on my microphone here, which will be quite unpleasant to listen to. and if we take it all the way up to 15 metres per second,
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my guess is that you will really be struggling to hear what i am saying... inaudible. if we switch to the x mic audio, i'm hoping you should still be able to hear what i'm actually saying. all right. this really is maxing out the wind tunnel and even the prototype x mic is struggling. but, obviously, it's still doing a lot better than our mic. part of the secret is in the soft, fluffy fabric, part is in the round shape which reduces turbulence, and parties in the digital signal processing — dsp — algorithms which subtract the wind noise from the recording as being made. what we've done is we've learned through years and years of testing what is wind frequency and what is other sound frequency. and then we set those dsp algorithms to make sure we block out the frequencies that we believe are wind, what frequency range we want to block out
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and what we want to keep and let through? so the x mic mark i has done 0k, but not brilliantly in the wind tunnel. but how will the mark ii do in the wild? we'll find out a bit later when i can finally get my amateur backside off the hill. hello and welcome to the week in tech. it was the week that facebook said it would not fact check politicians. the social media giants says posts by politicians are newsworthy and should be seen and heard. amazon announced that alexa will soon be able to bring the voices of samuel ljackson and other celebrities into your home. their speech will be computer—generated based on voice recordings provided by the stars. and the port of antwerp has unveiled a hybrid hydrogen—diesel tugboat to replace the gas—guzzling diesel
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only ones usually used to guide container ships. remember boston dynamics‘ spot the dog? a bot that can climb hills, pick up objects, and open doors is now available to rent for less than the cost of a car. though you may not be able to use it to do the school run. but he's also shared the headlines this week with the company's gymnast bot. atlas does handstands, rolls, and jumps that could rival an acrobat. and, finally, in other robot news, could these shape shifting creations provide a whole host of useful tasks? shape bots are controlled by a central computer and camera trackers and hope to protect you from hot drink spills on tabletops, create moving 3—d maps, and more. that's all very well, but i'm still waiting for a robot to be able to just do my laundry and cook dinner.
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sound is something that's around all of us all the time. when we identify those sounds as signifying danger, we've evolved to recognise those sounds and react to them. in the modern world, we have become ever more used to isolating ourselves from the world around us. for most people, recognising those sounds is something we do every single day, but getting devices to recognise different sounds is something that has traditionally been challenging. now, one uk—based company claims to have cracked that problem. audio analytic has developed a new technology to recognise a wide range of sounds that can then be used as a trigger for a number of different actions. now, what this technology does is it uses software—based artificial intelligence to identify and recognise everyday sounds. and it can be integrated
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into a number of products. i'll show you a couple of examples of how it might work. one common application is in headphones. walking down the street for example, there is an angry dog nearby. barking. speaker: caution, there is a dog nearby. increasing transparency. so what it would do in that situation, it would recognise a dog barking, lower the music or cut it out altogether in your headphones and warn you there is a dog nearby. another application it would have is in smart speakers, most of us have these things around the home now, and it can be arranged to listen passively for things like a baby crying. baby crying. fundamentally, sound recognition is very different from speech recognition, and we have had to come in and solve some of those fundamental differences. baby crying sounds very different to another baby crying. there is a huge diversity from when they are six months old through to when they're two years old.
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but all of that we refer to as "baby cry", so there is some commonality, and we need to teach those machines that commonality. but as we know, ai can only ever be as good as the training data it works with. so they have to capture these sounds live. naturally, we wanted to witness this first hand. and what better way to start than with a couple of very good dogs. this is an anechoic chamber, or in this case, a semi—anechoic chamber. it is designed to absorb sound. we are here to record these two beauties, hopefully barking on demand. barking. these waveforms i can see on this screen are the representations of what is coming off the microphones in there. and in the middle is the actual dog bark threshold that the system is listening for. and when it identifies them, you should hear it activate. speaker: hey monty, i can hear you barking. as it is late and you are home
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alone, i am going to alert your owner, turn on the lights and place onjazz, because i know how much you like it. nice. but dogs, as good as they are, are only the beginning. the space here can be used to record anonymous —— an enormous range of sounds, ranging from the dramatic... siren wails. to the more low—key. bell rings. there is no shortcuts to this, it is literally, you have to have the data set. we have to go and collect all the data, so we have the world's largest collection of audio data, 15 million audio event files, that help us train the technology itself. and of course we couldn't leave without taking a sledgehammer to some windows. glass smashing. all in the name of technology, of course. that was paul.
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i'm back at the south downs hills where it's time to test thejabra x mic mk ii, designed to reduce noise in extreme sports and record high quality audio straight onto this tiny device. i am pitting it against the best professional mike we have that is even vaguely portable, in that it cabled to a zoom recorder and stuffed into my pocket. exactly what you don't need in extreme sports. and for a more realistic comparison, i'll also record sound on my phone and my gopro. now all i have to do is run, run, run like the wind! yeah! laughs. ahh, wow! so we are up, and the wind is definitely blowing in my face.
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we are flying at about 25mph at the moment, so it's time to see what all the mikes sound like. loud wind try to put your left knee over your right knee, squeezing it round... oh, wow. although you can hear my voice on my phone and the gopro, the wind noise is pretty intrusive. it would certainly blast out the subtleties that jabra was specifically asked to capture. so, how about our high—quality mic with all its cables, versus the relatively small x mic, with no cables and on—board recording? so at the moment i have no idea what these two microphones are actually recording, but what we'll do when you watch this is we will switch from this normal mic to the jabra x mic... wind noise cuts out. ..and i will guess that you will instantly hear the difference — you should hear something that is a lot clearer, and with very little roar of the wind noise.
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although my voice is pretty clear in both recordings, the background wind is definitely reduced. so much so in fact that we can hear jess all the way behind me, telling me about paragliding in the himalayas. what is paragliding 12,000 feet like, is it a different experience? yeah, everything isjust a bit more full on in the mountains. wind noise increases. so the developments in the weather, and your understanding the clouds... wind noise cuts out. and just loads of amazing birds, huge, massive vultures and the like. interestingly, the x mic is not going on general sale. instead, jabra are using it as r&d for its existing, more down—to—earth products. if we can get a microphone to work at 100 kilometres an hour down a ski slope, you can bet that in an office, noisy office, you can make a very good phone call without any noise disturbances. well, i am about to cause a disturbance in this freshly ploughed field.
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so wish me luck. all right, we are about to land, are we? we are going to come in to land. we will come with nice speed, and like a bird landing on a branch, just before we touch down, i pull the brakes and... yes, yes. i smashed it without smashing it, which is brilliant! easy landing, easy landing, very good. the ziggo dome, amsterdam. performing here is the legendary sir elton john, currently on his farewell tour. but he has added a little something extra to each night and it is called peex. it is a device that allows you to mix live music as it is being played in front of you. boost the volume of instruments, listen to nothing but elton‘s voice, but how does it work? # benny and thejets... first of all the music is recorded
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onto peex‘s system where it breaks down the 95 channels of audio coming from the stage into five different musical categories. those five mixes are then sent all the way here to the back of the hall and sent out again as radio waves by these transmitters. but to make sure that everyone gets a signal, five more transmitters have been permanently installed above the stage. and a tiny microphone on the device listens to what is being played on stage, so it can sync up with the mix that your device is being sent, so when you adjust the levels, it will be in real time. people have paid a lot of money for concert tickets, and people in the funny seats, if you can give them better quality sound, it will make everybody happy. right, elton is about to start performing. let's see how this thing fares. full band plays. guitar only.
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keyboard only. drums only. wow. that sounds great. the vocals are crisp, the guitar, you can really hear it, but because i am too close to the stage, i can't really distinguish what i'm hearing on stage and on here with the drums. so what i'm going to do is go to the back of the hall and see how it fares there. it works even better further back from the stage. to listen to the mix you make, you are given normal earphones instead of noise cancelling, so you don't lose out on hearing the atmosphere too. for people who are hard of hearing, which essentially you do have locations in the concert hall where people can come and hear, this allows them to actually be anywhere in the concert hall. peex is not for everyone.
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there are people who already have superior sound quality and they do not wish to have it improved, but there are people who want to experience concerts in a different way, so it is really allowing for everyone to opt how they want to experience the concert. and that is what we found. not everyone enjoyed using it. it is an amazing system, and i even let people next to me listen to it, but it is like, you have to be very sure of yourself to use that system as an artist. laughs. the music was very loud, you have to put that even louder, so it's going to be like... like you have nails in your ear. yeah, it's really good, the sound is really clear, i'm not sure eltonjohn concert is the best concert to use it at because the sound mix is really good here. you heard the atmosphere around you, but in the meantime you are isolated as well. wooo! elton! exactly, like that. so, as innovative as this kit is, it may not be for you. you mayjust want to go to a concert and experience it organically.
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but having the option to mix your favourite artist while they perform in front of you, this might be a new direction in live music. drums play. 0mar mehtab mixing music with the maestro, brilliant. and that's it for our audio tech special. hope you enjoyed watching and listening to it, and don't forget that throughout the week you can find us on facebook, youtube, instagram and twitter at @bbcclick. thanks for watching and we will see you soon. touch down, i pull the brakes and we run forward... oh! laughs. i tried running too soon!
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hello once again, norfolk was not the only place to see an extraordinary amount of rain during the night and indeed during the first part of sunday. no great surprise when you see the overall picture that we have, a significant area of low pressure bringing a combination of wet and windy weather across the southern half of the british isles. it has not been such an issue for scotland, northern ireland, nor will it be through the rest of the afternoon but the rain will linger across the north of england, the north midlands too. 20, 30 millimetres of rain perhaps here. windy across the channel coast, up to 50 miles an hour in places. not all doom and gloom, eventually sunshine pushes into the south—west, parts of scotland too faring quite nicely with showers here across the north west. across the evening and overnight this area of low pressure will push towards the continent, notice the squeeze on the isobars as it turns into the north—west, that could be an issue for some coastal flooding along the north norfolk coast perhaps, so keep an eye on the
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conditions there. 0nce coast perhaps, so keep an eye on the conditions there. once the system is away the skies were clear and it will end up being quite a cool start to say the least to monday morning for your commute. we are not quite done with the wind and rain just yet because although monday starts on a crisp autumnal note, you will notice out towards the south—west we are going to do it all over again. pretty much from the word go, they cloud and rain there across parts of wales in the south—west of england gradually creeping in through the day. elsewhere it is a lovely start to the day, plenty of sunshine around, clouding over as we get into the day, northern ireland losing the sunshine. still there in scotland and in the north not overly warm. that whether system is still there asa that whether system is still there as a player, certainly for the greater part of england and wales during tuesday. the rain gradually fizzles away from northern spots, never an issue for scotland and northern ireland but here notice how very much cooler it is and that is because you're getting the first taste of things to come as the isobars flick around the north and
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north—west. plenty of them as well and the cool air eventually tumbling in from north west of the child into all parts are such that the middle pa rt all parts are such that the middle part of the week is going to be marked by temperatures down on what we have seen of late and the night—time temperatures will also 00:29:16,000 --> 2147483051:51:24,113 begin to fall. take care. from me, 2147483051:51:24,113 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 goodbye.
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