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tv   Londons Bleeding  BBC News  October 19, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm lewis vaughan jones. be like as a our top stories... know what they will be like as a business in 12 days‘ time and that gives a measure of certainty and you the ayes to the right, 322, should see a bit of a change in the noes to the left, 306. so the ayes have it, small business, investment behaviour the ayes have it. in12 small business, investment behaviour in 12 days‘ time. unlock! small business, investment behaviour in 12 days' time. that letwin amendment which stretches it to january, that does not work, what british mps vote to withold approval would work is the certainty of a of borisjohnson‘s brexit deal until it becomes law. deal. he vows to press on regardless. a deal gets a certainty, it is i will not negotiate a delay with the eu. and neither does the law tricky because a no deal would be bad for small businesses. 40% of our compel me to do so. members say they will be hurt dramatically by a new deal. it is a cheering. rock and a hard place. but you would outside parliament, anti—brexit demonstrators cheered the delay — go for a final short extension but as they rallied for a second referendum. you are right, a deal is the way forward and for the first time there isa forward and for the first time there is a credible deal that could get but the prime minister says he will comply with the law through this place. it's got through the eu and the uk government. if you can get all three, that will unleash small business investment. use the word a credible deal, the leader of the opposition says it is worse than
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theresa may's deal. does it work for small businesses? this has a prospect of passing. looking at the votes for theresa may steel it had no ability to get through the parliament and the deal was inferior to this one. in terms of the elements there is a debate on divergences and contents of the deal but the fact it can get through, it is like event diagram of these three key actors in this process which will bring so much for small business it is worth going for.” wish we could speak more. we are out of time. that is the opinion of small business leaders. we are waiting for a letter from small business leaders. we are waiting for a letterfrom number 10 and a letter from waiting for a letterfrom number 10 and a letterfrom donald waiting for a letterfrom number 10 and a letter from donald tusk. waiting for a letterfrom number 10 and a letterfrom donald tusk. now let's get a look at the weather with louise lear. good evening. sunday will be a drier day across the country. still a few scattered showers to clear through the overnight across eastern england and with a northerly breeze driving in a few sharper showers
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into the far north of scotland. but elsewhere we will see those guys clear and temperatures fall away with that northerly wind we could see low single figures perhaps in sheltered rural spots of easter in scotland and eastern england as well. so, a chilly start to monday morning, but a quieter story for many. the northerly wind could drive in a few scattered showers across the east coast, but head a little bit further south and west and we will get some sunshine through the day, but a drier story right across the country. and temperatures are likely to peak at 9—14d. now, there is a slight problem on monday morning with the potential for some rain pushing into the far south—east corner, so we will need to keep an eye on that, but high pressure will build for the south west, so monday into tuesday will be drier and quieter right across the country.
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this is bbc news with chris rogers. the headline start the ayes to the right, 322. the noes to the left, 306. the ayes have it, the ayes have it. mps passed an amendment witholding approval of boris johnson's deal until it becomes law. as a result there has been no vote today on the prime minister's deal. i will not negotiate a delay with the eu. and neither does the law compel me to do so. it is an emphatic decision by this house that has declined to back the prime minister's deal today and clearly voted to stop a no deal crash out. the european council president donald tusk says he spoke to the prime minister and is waiting for a letter requesting an extension to the brexit date.
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outside parliament, anti—brexit demonstrators cheered as they heard about the delay. the "people's vote" second referendum campaign have held a huge rally in central london today. much more on all of the latest developments regarding brexit through the evening on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello. you're watching sportsday with me, ben croucher, on a busy sporting saturday. where england crushed australia to reach their first rugby world cup semi finalfor 12 years. new zealand are waiting for them there... it's after the all—blacks ended ireland's challenge with a bruising win in tokyo. and an fa cup qualifying game is abandoned after alleged racist abuse towards a goal keeper.
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hello, and welcome to sportsday. we'll have news on another andy murray win too but we'll head to japan first where england recorded their biggest win in a rugby world cup knockout match to beat australia and setup a semi final with new zealand. after their a0 points to 16 win — england head coach eddiejones said they still had room for improvement too. our sports editor dan roan sent us this report from oita. their world cup has taken time to gather pace but here in takam a defining moment for england had arrived. one of rugby is great rivalry is about to resume. england had beaten australia six times in a i’ow had beaten australia six times in a row but this was the one that mattered. jonny may gave his side the perfect start. they were not
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finished there, recalled henry slade with the interception. he may not have had the pace but he had the vision. finding may for his second try in three minutes. captain owen farrell back in form again, to extend his side's lead. thanks to the kicking of christian lealiifano, australia were in contention and straight after the break, the blistering pace of koroibete reduce the pace to a point. but the power of prop kyle sinckler was unstoppable as they got control. thanks to magnificent defence, they never looked like they would blink wish. this try with a hard—fought but ultimately convincing victory. england through to the first semifinal for them england through to the first semifinalfor them in 12 england through to the first semifinal for them in 12 years and a scoreline that will make their rivals set up unnoticed. if england wa nted rivals set up unnoticed. if england wanted to put down a real mark at
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this world cup, they have just done it. that was one of their great wins, certainly the most important of coach eddiejones's tenure. he was set a minimum target of reaching the last four but now his team have achieved that in such a fashion and they believe they can go all the way. dan roan, bbc news. if they want to go all the way — they'll have to do something no side has managed at a world cup since 2007. beat new zealand. the all—blacks brushed ireland aside 46—14 in tokyo, watching by correspondent andy swiss. for ireland, it was time to face rug bys for ireland, it was time to face rugbys ultimate challenge... new zealand are the champions, for many the favourites and this was a night when they showed exactly why. as ilan‘s hopes were dozen legally destroyed. two early tries for aaron smith and by the time beauden barrett raced clear, his team were also out of sight. 22—0 at the
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break, the game surely over. then, damage limitation for ireland and when robbie henshaw finally break the duck, it was soon to be the all blacks and beauden barrett's brother jordie barrett that had the final say. they will take some stopping but for ireland it is the final era. for skipper rory best, hardly the exit he would have wanted. my team—mates, and the coaching staff and probably, in particular, joe who is moving on. he brought irish rugby and my game to a different level. once again, ireland head home at the quarterfinals. they come into the tournament has the world number ones, but their hopes have ended in more disappointment. andy swiss, bbc news, tokyo. six nations champions wales
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are in quarterfinal action tomorrow morning. they play france with coach warren gatland naming the same full strength side that beat australia in the pool stages. wales have won seven of their last eight games against france — including a 211—19 victory in february en route to clinching the grand slam. and wingerjosh adams says — having the tag of favourites is something they'll relish... they said that we are favourites going into the australian game. we do not mind having that title. we have worked hard to earn a tag of being one of the best teams. and, if teams want to pick us as favourites, thatis teams want to pick us as favourites, that is fine but we just go about oui’ that is fine but we just go about our business and don't look into things. we know what needs to be done and we are focused on doing that. to football next, and less than a week after england players were racially abused in bulgaria, an fa cup tie was abandoned this afternoon after more alleged abuse from the terraces. the football association says it is deeply concerned about the allegation
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of discrimination during haringey borough's fourth qualifying round match against yeovil, adding it will take appriopriate steps as a matter of urgency. the bbc‘s chris spittles was at the match and explains what he saw. midway through the second half, yeovil town were awarded a penalty and there was a confrontation involving the haringey borough goalkeeper and some of the yeovil town fa ns goalkeeper and some of the yeovil town fans behind the goal which resulted in a stoppage of about five minutes. eventually the game restarted, yeovil town scored the penalty but then there was a further incident. two bottles were thrown onto the pitch and more than one haringey borough player involved with yeovil town fans. the police have interviewed haringey borough players, three of them, with alleged racist abuse taking place. the game did not start off, the penalty was scored. the haringey players were removed by their manager and in consultation with officials and the yeovil town manager and players, it
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was agreed among them all that the game would not restart because of what has gone on. yeovil town have said they will be co—operating fully with authorities and haringey borough. they went onto to say irrespective of the outcome of any investigations, we would like to make it clear that the club will not accept racism or discrimination in any form. we've also heard from the haringay manager tom loizou. it was disgusting today. as they we re it was disgusting today. as they were setting up for a penalty, the goalkeeper was spat at and a bottle thrown at him. my number six was called names, he was racially abused. there was no way that i could let him continue. the referee was trying to calm him down. the yeovil town players were trying to calm him down, our players were. i just couldn't be having that. i took my players off.
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onto the premier league then. the big game of the weekend is tomorrow with leaders liverpool at manchester united. behind them — tottenham's struggles continued as they could only draw 1—1 at home to winless watford. dele alli scored the equaliser in the 86th minute and but does little to ease the strain on manager mauricio pochettino. the only way that we are going to win, is by working hard. it is only football problems. we need to improve. we conceded a goal, after a tough night in the champions league. it is always difficult for any team when these kinds of things happen. the recovery and the confidence, to play with what you need. manchester city closed up on liverpool at the top of the league. they're five points behind — having played a game more. it's after a 2—0 win at crystal palace. nick parrott watched this one. it has been a frustrating start to the season for manchester city. they lost two of their last four premier
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league games and injuries meant midfielders had to play in central defence although that caused few problems against crystal palace. they were barely called upon as the champions did what they usually do, bombarding the opposition goal. wayne hennessey kept alice in it until city's stand—in striker found his range. gabrielle jesus until city's stand—in striker found his range. gabriellejesus in place of sergio aguero claiming his fifth goal in five starts to the season. the eagles went into freefall. little over a minute and a half later, silva doubled city's lead. the var backed the referee anthony taylor's decision not to award a penalty and once again, wayne hennessey‘s form stopped everything that came at him. alice caused city problems in the past but they could not muster an attempt on target until christian benteke came on with 15 minutes to go. with little to do, edison was equal to it. normal
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service resumed for city, they will hope that united can do the same against leaders liverpool tomorrow. nick parrott, bbc news. chelsea moved—up to fourth in the table after a 1—0 win over newcastle at stamford bridge. full—back marcus alonso scored late in the second—half. it's a fifth straight win for frank lampard's side in all competitions. and here are the rest of the day's premier league results... everton broke their five game run of defeats — beating west ham and there were wins for aston villa and leicester. bournemouth norwich and wolves southampton both ended in a draw. celtic are back on top of the scottish premiership after thrashing ross county 6—0. celtic have a one point lead over rangers who play hearts tomorrow. in the other games — there were wins for kikmarnock, aberdeen and st mirren. andy murray's remarkable comeback continues. he's through to the final of the european open after beating ugo humbert in his first tour semifinal for nearly two and a half years. patrick gearey reports. andy murray's not a man given to the
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dramatic. he has gradually shuffled back into the spotlight step—by—step that this stripe is a big one. his first tour semifinal in more than two years put him up against humbert, 11 years hisjunior and 173 ranking places his senior. both of those facts were apparent in the first set. 6—3. the way it was going, no wonder the autograph hunters were getting ready but andy murray, the man with a partly metal hit, responded with his steely spirit. humbert came back but murrary walker him down until even the simplest shots became complex. into a decider where he prevails often, humbert still had energy but murray had the quality. only two people can stop him winning the title now. stan wawrinka, who he plays tomorrow, and his wife, due to give birth any time soon. patrick gearey, bbc news.
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the rugby world cup may be still going—on in japan — so as the new premiership season got under way this weekend. . .. several big names were missing and probably... the hardest hit were the defending champions saracens who were beaten at home 27—25 by northampton. sarries are bidding for a third successive title. in the other games exeter narrowly won at home to harlequins. gloucester fought back to win at sale and worcester beat leicester. lots more on our website including continuing coverage of the champions league of darts. from me and the sportsday team — thanks for team — thanks for watching. no music! we usually get a bit of music at the end of sportsday. more sport online. back to brexit, and let's
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go right back now to the vote this afternoon which put a spoke in borisjohnson‘s plan to get his brexit deal approved today. the prime minister has vowed to press on "undaunted" with his brexit strategy. mps voted by 322 votes to 306 votes to back an amendment put by the former conservative mp oliver letwin , to ensure approval for the new brexit deal is withheld until all the necessary legislation has passed through the what does this mean? it means that, under the law, the prime minister borisjohnson will have to write to the eu asking for brexit to be delayed. he's been forced to shelve a vote on his new withdrawal agreement, and that highly anticipated vote will not now take place today. instead the legislation to enact the withdrawal bill into uk law, will be brought to the commons for mps to consider next week. what's the prime minister's reaction, well he insisted he remained confident that his brexit deal will get through parliament by the end of october. let's hear more of what he had to say.
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i continue in the very strong belief that the best thing for the uk and for the whole of europe is for us to leave with this new deal on october the 31st. and, to anticipate the questions that are coming from the benches opposite, i will not negotiate a delay with the eu. and neither does the law compelled me to do so. i will tell our friends and collea g u es do so. i will tell our friends and colleagues in the eu exactly what i have told everyone in the last 88 days that i have served as prime minister. that further delay would be bad for this country, bad for our european union and bad for democracy. so, next week, the government will introduce the legislation needed for us to leave the eu with our new deal on october the eu with our new deal on october the 31st and i hope, i hope that our european union colleagues and friends will not be attracted as
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benches opposite are, or rather i should say the front bench is by delay. and i hope that then, honourable member is faced with a choice of our new deal, our new deal for the uk choice of our new deal, our new deal forthe uk and choice of our new deal, our new deal for the uk and the european union will change their minds because it was pretty close today. i hope that they will change their minds and support this deal in overwhelming numbers. since i became prime minister i have said that we must get on and get brexit done on october the 31st so that this country can move on. mr speaker, that policy remains unchanged. no delays, and i will continue to do all i can to get brexit done on october the 31st, and i continue to commend this excellent deal, mr speaker, to the house!
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there are a few of the latest developments, adam fleming, our brussels reporter, is saying the prime minister and donald tusk have spoken this evening on the phone. this is according to a source at the european union who confirmed that the prime minister had told donald tusk that he will be sending that letter requesting a delay to brexit this evening. the deadline is 11 o'clock. according to the eu, on that basis he will begin to consult eu leaders with how to react. this may take a few days. the prime minister has warned that this can ta ke minister has warned that this can take time tonight. he also warned the eu could reject parliament's request for a delay to brexit. in a letter to peers and mps tonight mr johnson wrote it is possible our friends in the eu will reject
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parliaments request for further delay, or not take a decision quickly. there is the letter for you, posted online by downing street tonight. to remind you, under the terms of the benn act, the prime minister has until 11 o'clock tonight to send a letter to the ee requesting an extension. according to an eu source speaking to the bbc, he does intend to send that letter —— to the eu. and he expresses his great regret that mps voted to delay brexit yet again. one key player in the brexit saga has been the former conservative minister, david gauke, member of the so—called gawkward squad, who said he would vote for the withdrawal agreement, but also voted for the letwin amendment. this is what he had to say about the possibility of the government holding a vote on boris johnson's brexit deal on monday. one of the things that we saw today
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was two issues being entangled. one was two issues being entangled. one was whether the government should see an extension to get a letter in, if something goes wrong with the legislation for the deal. that we have that in place so that we don't crash out without a deal on the 31st of october and people like me want to make sure we have that insurance policy in place. there was also the issue of the prime minister is deal and whether parliament backs it or not. for someone like me i want to make sure the insurance policy is in place but if there is a clean vote on the deal then i would vote in favour of it. we did not get that today. we do not have the details, i don't know what the motion would be but i suspect what the government wa nts to but i suspect what the government wants to do is, in a way, what should happen today which was a clea n vote should happen today which was a clean vote on the deal without disabling the provisions of the benn act. earlier the conservative mp steve baker, who's taken a hardline view on brexit but was going to vote
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for this new deal, spoke to the bbc about the passing of the letwin amendment and what happens next. the reason it went through was because once again the remain side of the argument shifted the goalposts. they presumably thought borisjohnson would not pull off getting a deal that would get support of the house so they put in place the unconstitutional the benn act, and then of course they have panicked because he has got a deal and they shifted the goalposts and denied the opportunity to fulfil conditions and avoid writing the letter and once again they changed the rules. they accuse us of forcing them into a no deal and i and mark francois and other colleagues have made it clear that we vote for the deal and the legislation all the way through and people know my record as an organiser of my colleagues, we do what we say. in contrast to us, say what we say. in contrast to us, say what we say. in contrast to us, say what we mean, do what we say, the other side keep shifting the
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goalposts. the prime minister is clear he will not negotiate an extension. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30 this evening in the papers — our guests joining me tonight are the former conservative adviser, mo hussein and martin lipton, chief sports reporter at the sun. other news now: and catalan separatist leaders have called on the spanish government to start independence talks after days of violence on the streets of barcelona. more protests are taking place now, the sixth day of demonstrations to follow the jailing of some separatist leaders by spain's supreme court. guy hedgecoe reports from barcelona. iam in i am in the central square in barcelona. thousands of people have
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been gathering in this area for the last couple of hours. the roads next to me laid down to the headquarters of the spanish national police, which has been the focus of demonstrations over the last week or so. demonstrations over the last week or so. as you can see, there is a heavy police presence here, stopping demonstrators from going down that road to the national police headquarters. so far, things have been relatively peaceful. there have been relatively peaceful. there have been few incidents but as you can tell there is a certain amount of tension in the air. thousands of people are here and they are arriving in large numbers still. turkish and kurdish leaders have accused each other of violating a truce in northeastern syria brokered by the us, although it appears to holding on its second day. turkey views the kurdish fighters as terrorists and is trying to push them further away from its border. turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan has vowed to crush the kurdish forces if they did not withdraw from a 30 kilometre safe zone proposed under the deal.
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the university of cambridge has been criticised for readmitting a professor who is accused of sexually harrassing students. peter hutchinson was banned from contacting students after nearly a dozen made complaints about inappropriate incidents in 2014 and 2015. now the university is saying he was removed mistakenly. one ex student said that the decision to allow him to teach again — was a slap in the face. jeremy bamber, who's spent 33 years in jail for killing his family, believes he's uncovered evidence that could prove his innocence. he was jailed in the 1980s for shooting his adopted parents, his sister and her two sons at a farmhouse in essex. bamber‘s legal team believe the recently uncovered information proves he was not at the scene when the murders took place. time for a look at the weather with louise lear. good
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evening. many of us have been playing the weather lottery together. some of us have seen blue skies and sunshine with a few isolated showers like this weather watcher picture sent in from london but for others, it has been grey, wet and dismal. on the scottish borders we have a couple of flood alerts out due to the intensity of the rainfall which has been stubbornly sitting across the scottish borders for much of the day and in the north—east of england. scattered showers further west, some are filtering inland as we go through the afternoon. behind the weather front, strong winds which drive in showers overnight. this weather front will begin to weaken and ease its way off into the north sea. clear skies overnight, and ease its way off into the north sea. clearskies overnight, lighter winds and temperatures falling away in rural parts of scotland and south—east england. we could see temperatures low enough for a touch of frost. some early morning mist and fog around first thing. we start tomorrow with a quieter day. the re m na nts of tomorrow with a quieter day. the remnants of that weather front not
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producing much in the way of rain but more ploughed around. a northerly wind will drive in a few showers closer to the coast. it will bea showers closer to the coast. it will be a drier day compared to today. —— this area of high pressure building on from the atlantic at the start of the new working week, it is there but there is this level of uncertainty as to whether we will see some rain in that south—east corner on monday. we will keep an icon it could be a fly in the ointment but for the bulk of the country it will be a dry and settled start to the working week with some sunny spells coming through and temperatures of 9—14d. it looks as though that settled theme will continue tuesday into wednesday. that high pressure will drift slowly southwards, allowing the weather front to topple across the top of that weather high. we could see some rain in the far north—west of
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scotla nd rain in the far north—west of scotland and the wind strengthening here but elsewhere on tuesday, a dry and settled story after a chilly start and with a south—westerly flow, temperatures recover with highs of 11—15d. monday into tuesday with a great deal of dry weather in 00:29:17,030 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 the forecast. enjoy your weekend.
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