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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  January 9, 2020 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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as "senior" royals and work to become financially independent. prince harry and meghan also said they plan to split their time between the uk and north america. the bbc understands no other royal was consulted before the statement and buckingham palace is "disappointed". senior royals are understood to be hurt by the announcement. president trump has said iran appears to be standing down after it fired missiles at air bases housing us forces in iraq. and doing well on our website are images of around a0 tourists being rescued from a glacier in iceland, after they got caught in a severe blizzard. they were on the glacier for nine hours before rescue teams arrived. that's all. stay with bbc world news. more on our web site
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and the news app where you can find all of the latest developments and background to our main story — the plans by meghan and harry to step back as senior royals. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report oil prices have cooled off global tensions are storing up chopping waters for the oil tanker industry. a new mobile video start—up is about to be launched but will it survive ina to be launched but will it survive in a battleground of streaming rivals? it is thursday. good morning, asia, hello, world. iam
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rico hizon. let's start off with the royal market because it has been a volatile week in response to a run's decision to attack airbases. —— irani. concern oil tankers making their way through the straight will be the next flashpoint between iran the us. there is a steady increase since october 2019 with escalated tensions and actually we have had weeks with exceptionally high rates for tankers and we are expecting that trend to continue increasing. at the same time, we also have the recently increasing fuel charges,
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fuel costs for the entire shipping around the world. professor, with these increasing risks and higher prices, does it make harder to ship oil out of the middle east? well, it will be ok. the current developments, we do not expect serious disruption really that happens, although we we do not hope, if that disruption happens, it will be difficult for world supply, as i gave you the numbers. these are very essential. it has been a rocky start for markets in 2020 with geopolitical issues taking centre stage. international markets experts say it will be for the year. it could be an interesting year. there
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is quite a bit going on and we have oui’ is quite a bit going on and we have our eyes on some interesting trades going forward. and of course we cannot really look ahead to the medium term because they happen due to various events on a day—to—day basis. i think there was a premature move to value stocks at the end of last year and people may be regretting that. this could be the last of the squeezing conservatives and looking to push forward into a global market. —— bold market. and looking to push forward into a global market. -- bold market. the iran us situation, more investors looking forward to the signing of the phase i deal between us and china? absolutely the signing of the deal is largely window dressing but it is positive progress and i think people have priced that in. the volatility we saw this week with a middle eastern conflicts has largely
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been pressed back out of the market. president trump sang overnight that iran appears to be standing down and it is positive for investors? agreed. the market knows we're not going to war over that and is quite positive. the focus on quarterly earnings from the us coming out next week which could impact asian equities. we have job less claims, and other data coming out which looks pretty good i am cautiously optimistic. in other business news, carlos ghosn has accused lisa notice and japanese prosecutors of plotting against him as the stage and impassioned defence at his first public appearance since a dramatic escape from the country. —— nissan. he slammed the financial misconduct charges he faced injapan as
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baseless. carlos ghosn was arrested in 2018, november, and was put under house arrest. shifting to india where officials are asking refiners to stop buying palm oilfrom malaysia after a political disagreement. tell us, what is influencing officials to make this crucial decision? an interesting connection between this and the developments taking place in kashmir. essentially the indian government is unhappy with the way in which the malaysia per minister has made comments about citizenship laws and actions in kashmir. in imposing prices on palm oil. what this also does is it encourages and
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boosts indian vegetable oil industry to domestically produced more vegetable oil. in the past there have been complaints by some companies in india that, because of cheaper palm oil imports, their business has been affected so this might cause... this might be good news for them but having said that, india imports about 50 million tons of vegetable oil every year. out of these, 9 million tons is refined palm oil. what the indian government is doing is encouraging indian businesses to turn malta was indonesia because malaysia has been a top surprise. ——to turn more towards indonesia. thank you so much for the update. a new mobile video streaming service is about to enter the competitive market. it will feature exclusive entertainment
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content made by the likes of steven spielberg, bill murray and reece witherspoon and, unlike netflix, it will also screen specially made news bulletins made by the bbc, nbc and kelly that at others. but will people pay for it? we met with the founders. we knew we had to go seamlessly
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portrait to landscape. a lot is not full—screen because it has not been shot for the right ratio. it is intimate, immersive and captivating andi intimate, immersive and captivating and i think people are going to be surprised that it is actuallyjust different. are you aiming at the younger market? 18-24. the bull's—eye is 25—35. it is a millennial audience. who do you consider your rivals to be? you have long phone streaming services like netflix and amazon, do you think of them as competitors or do you hope people will also subscribe to a second service? we're not competing with anybody. we're going to new place, new white space. do not imagine anybody is going to watch less tv, that they are going to have less tv, that they are going to have less streaming services because of what we're doing. if anything, we accelerate the experience of
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watching short form on your mobile device today, youtube, facebook, tick—tock, snapchat. we are probably more playing in their world than in the others and we think the more we accelerate growth in that world, it is not taking market share away from anybody. but they are free and you are charging. not when you see the quality. the shows and the immersive experience. the technology and therefore the way it has been delivered. there is no question, no—one has done this before. in the words of captain kirk, we're going where no—one has gone before. words of captain kirk, we're going where no-one has gone before. that was spencer kelly speaking with the founders of a new mobile app. on our
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website, we will have more on cs 2020. a number of london banks have stopped customers from ordering following currency following a sub attack on travel x. ——it follows disruption in supermarkets. they all get their notes from the company travelex after customers demanded $6 million for customer data that was hacked. looking at the market... thank you so much for investing your time with us. see you in the next hour.
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this is bbc news. the top stories this hour. the duke and duchess of sussex announce they are stepping back as senior royals. president trump says he believes iran is standing down in its military confrontation with america after it fired missiles at us air bases in iraq. stuff at greg ‘s are to receive a bonus of up to £300 each because of the success of the bakery chain. they said the sales growth of more than 30% last year had been held by its launch of its vegan sausage roll. £300 is not to be sniffed.” £300 is not to be sniffed. i will ta ke £300 is not to be sniffed. i will take the family out to a really good meal. get my car fixed. put it towards my funding. pay off debt. todayit towards my funding. pay off debt. today it has been an unexpected windfall for all the stuff.”
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today it has been an unexpected windfall for all the stuff. i would say everyone was really happy. windfall for all the stuff. i would say everyone was really happym windfall for all the stuff. i would say everyone was really happy. it is a bonus. 300 quid is not nothing. everyone has been elated all morning. they are buckling the trend ofa morning. they are buckling the trend of a lot of food retailers. salsbury had been down and morrisons have also seen a bite, be it small, out of their takings. greg ‘s have seen sales go up. what are they doing right? they're sales go up. what are they doing right? they‘ re not sales go up. what are they doing right? they're not anything revolutionary but have kept the menu simple. and there are many styles. while they sell loads of these, it is actually these they make the most profit on. stephen has worked in retail for 12 years and says he has never seen bonuses retail for 12 years and says he has never seen bonuses for minimum wage workers? everyone feels appreciated. £300 is massive to some of this. my
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little girl will probably want something so it will go on the kids, probably. already an extra pay-out to pay holders from greggs as well. time to tell you the canadian singer justin bieber has been done that are diagnosed with lyme disease. they had been to regulation he had a drug problem after he was photographed looking well with blotches on his skin. it is a bacterial infection caused by text. in a post on instagram, justin bieber is that it had been a rough couple of years but he hoped the right treatment would help him recover from he hoped the right treatment would help him recoverfrom the he hoped the right treatment would help him recover from the disease. wishing him a speedy recovery. mike embley will be here at two o'clock now it is time for sports today.
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hello, i'm katie shanahan and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: on the 10th anniversary of the fatal shooting of the togo football team bus, we speak to one of the survivors. real madrid beat valencia, to reach the final of the spanish super cup, in saudi arabia. england will have to cope without james anderson for the final two tests of england's tour of south africa. hello and thank you forjoining us. 10 years ago this week one of the most shocking incidents happened to a sports team. togo's football team were travelling to the africa cup of nations in angola when they were ambushed by gunmen. two people were killed, with many more injured in the


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