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tv   The Papers  BBC News  January 9, 2020 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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fir, m : fi‘flli‘rfi “flit if? “ to faulty equipment or something much more sinister than that. to faulty equipment or something much more sinister than thatm to faulty equipment or something much more sinister than that. it was cnn or one of the american newspapers got hold of this footage, not professional footage, but footage that's been handed to them of what appears to be this missile hitting an object in the sky very close to where we know the plane went down. so that's what the so—called evidence is. that, as friends we know has not been handed over to the authorities and the newspaper and cnn still have it. that needs to be unpacked very carefully, but with this war of words everything one side says is disbelieved by the other side, we have artie seen them saying psychological warfare, you can believe anything they say. trying to pick your way through all of that diplomatically is going to be very difficult. but we do know is that with any kind of accident or incident it will be investigated very, very thoroughly. it's something that the aviation industry does better than anybody else. if
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the iranians are not telling the truth, or if they are it will soon come to light. this all comes down to questions of trust, they become harder when you have the tensions that we see here. the country that dominates the investigation is the country where the accident lands, and that's iran. the other culture that leaves the investigation and of course a lot of people in the international community will have questions over whether that will be done properly. it's a question over which way does that go? it's a question of does this cause further escalation and is this so appalling and a mistake, a tragic mistake, that actually serves to hold things. i think the danger is certainly the former. the danger is that this escalates but was not intended to escalate. an unintentional consequence from which the history books are full of. that's the great danger and i think you can see a lot of people trying not necessarily donald trump, but other people
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trying very hard to sit on their hands or bite their lives, or whatever analogy you want to use. and not use this as a reason to heighten tensions that are already ata heighten tensions that are already at a breaking point. now multiple countries, allies that are in this together, we'll be pressing iran to come clean with the evidence it has got. it's not just come clean with the evidence it has got. it's notjust canada, it's not just the us. it's britain as well. if the entire international community and has many days to play. events, dear boy, events. it's things like this that will change the course of history. let's move onto the royal story. stay with the guardian, the picture there with the queen and the duke touch of sussex at different times and circumstances. top royals scramble to forage plan for meghan and harry. this took buckingham palace by surprise. the queen, from what we understand is saying we need to sort
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this and quickly. that was a lot of cove rage of this and quickly. that was a lot of coverage of this story, but the news about the queen not knowing the announcement from pentz harry and meghan meant deep papers cannot give the full run that they wanted to. across all of them i think tomorrow we will see a good ten or 15 pages devoted to the story, and the guardianjust having devoted to the story, and the guardian just having a devoted to the story, and the guardianjust having a side bar here talking about the need to fix it quickly. if brexit was the story of 2019, i think what's happening to the royal family will be the story of 2020, and i'm always looking for the positive, maybe that gives us a re st the positive, maybe that gives us a rest from some of the tribalism around brexit, a chance to breathe and come back together. i'm not sure the royal family will be pleased in the royal family will be pleased in the place of the world is moving to from the respite of politics. it's on so many from the respite of politics. it's on so many of the front pages and it will be more columns written about this. the metro goes with harry up and go, hard—working queen once a quickie split. it never does do
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anyone good to dwell on things. if some of decision they've got to go and get on with it. the newspapers going with this angle of the rest of the family thoroughly fed up with the family thoroughly fed up with the young couple and saying if that's her decision, and if you did not have the decency to tell us what was going on or keep us informed, that off you go. i think there certainly is from everything up and told there's some truth in that. clearly it was not the case that we did not tell the royal household or queen that what they were intending to do, but they were not ready to announce it and then i think it was lea ked announce it and then i think it was leaked in the sun. instead of harry and meghan deciding, we'lljust because it's been leaked in the sun two days ago does not mean we need to rush it, i did the opposite and thought, to hell with you, tablet newspapers we know how much they hate the tablets. you're not going to steal our thunder so then they disclosed it all and that was the bit of the royal family did not know about. they did not know what hour or what date it would be releasing it. they had ten minutes, and a lot
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of people did not know, including very senior royals that it was going to be on the bulletin slot last night. the royal announcer was so short, just a couple of lines. at an hour and short, just a couple of lines. at an hourand a short, just a couple of lines. at an hour and a half later. it was clearly not coordinated. the second statement was a reaction to the first statement which is never the way the royals want to do these things. i think there's that and now the royals are saying well, if we are going to do it then let's get it over and with. but to be a very painful process commits we might as well rip the plaster off and get it done very quickly. let's flip with the others as well. the daily express says harry and meghan crisis talks, furious queen orders sorted out now, as were the stories that everybody will have an opinion on, whether you are a or lukewarm about the royal family. you whether you are a or lukewarm about the royalfamily. you will whether you are a or lukewarm about the royal family. you will probably have an opinion. as whether the few that we have in the queen to sorted
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out now, one, that's not going to happen and to that's not going to quench the appetite for people reading stories about it which is ultimately a human relationship. the country are interested in knowing everything about them and it's going to fill our papers for months and months regardless of what happens. with this very specific thing about going to canada or otherwise.|j think this time yesterday i did not think this time yesterday i did not think it was going to happen quickly, i thought this was the beginning of a process that as with so many royal stories will get constitution applications or the rest of it sorted out. i think it's not going to happen much quicker than we have seen, the front page of them now which really got the best story of all. meghan flees to canada. she's already back in canada. she's already back in canada. buckingham palace have confirmed that this evening. they were in canada for seven weeks, and it was in canada that they came up with their plan. we know that from
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buckingham palace. they came back to present their plan to the royal family of what they wanted to do which was to smut their time between canada and the uk. but they left archie, their baby in canada. they clearly had no intention of staying here more than a few days. note mother or father do that. they clearly had intention of sticking around. they've had to, some people are saying, they've had the big wedding and had this renovation of frogmore cottage across millions of pounds. how will they finance themselves, what will they still received from the british taxpayer, how will the security detail be provided? and how will the security detail be provided ? and people how will the security detail be provided? and people have very strong views one way or another on what should happen. it's all got to be worked out. and people will not be worked out. and people will not be satisfied by the answers to those questions regardless of what those answers are. that's the nature of a healthy and democratic country. the
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truth is there's ultimate sadness in this, whatever you think of the royal family harry and meghan have done tremendous work. not least about tackling attitudes about mental health, here is a very powerful advocate for those arguments, if stepping away from public life will lose a bit of that reach and impact that they can have with people across the country, that's regrettable whatever way you look at it. people will be sad and angry, and you can like them very much as individuals and still be angry at the way things are working out partly for the reasons you said, one of the reasons that many people are happy to fund the royal family is because of the promotional work they do in return for that money that they are funded with. which is, for all sorts of things, it's the image of the country abroad to cover the tourism that comes in here, every year we work out how much it's worth. if they are not physically in the country they are not doing that
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role of the country which is the sort of quid pro quo for the money that they get. women gps have paid £40,000 less than men. gender pay gap for family doctors is 35%. the gender pay gap is the difference between what men and women earn across an organisation. so it does not tell us what individual gps earn, not man compared with women. so how reliable this is we are not entirely sure, but given this 50 yea rs entirely sure, but given this 50 years this year since the equal pay act came in, and women are still struggling to keep pace. after 19 was the year that gender pay gap rocks the bbc may be it's this too. asa rocks the bbc may be it's this too. as a suggestion on the front page here that the reason men gps are earning more than female gps because they are more likely to undertake this private contract work and what
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it is about the nature of that work that needs more available to men and women. quite fundamental questions here. it could be an equality of opportunity. structural discrimination. it's not the first time it's been an issue within the nhs. remember the beginning of last year there was a big report and ensure that gps had the biggest gender pay gap. when people came out with that old chestnut, women are bad negotiators are less mobile, where's they don't move around the country as much. we will be back again at half past 11 for another look at the papers. for another look at the papers, and don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer.
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thanks very much indeed, martin, for many parts of the country tomorrow will be a dry day and there will be some sunshine around as well. with your run today we had a band of wet weather of the parts of england and scotland, not just rain weather of the parts of england and scotland, notjust rain but a dusting of snow and couple centimetres of snow in some places. sunshine though developing south and into the sunshine it was really quite mild out there i'm a hard to believe actually in the depths of winter with temperatures of 14 degrees in london. in a bit of rain in london at the moment, that whether french will take that ring away in his next set of weather fronts arriving we have this ridge of high pressure. we have ran across all parts of eastern england and the southeast of england, that should move away and a few showers coming
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into northern ireland, drying off in northern ireland overnight tonight. clear skies arriving in the scriptures will be falling away. across crossing of the wells with the frost more likely if you had for the frost more likely if you had for the north across the country. into tomorrow and if you are the showers, western scotland over the irish sea implemented east anglia. those won't last long in this dry, plenty of sunshine but northwest areas will cloud over. when picking up and gals likely the end of the day and ring of the day and ray not far away as well. 69 degrees, so cooler than we have seen for a while. so the parts of england and wales. as an average of england and wales. as an average of the weekend we are going to find these weather fronts setting up shop across the northwest of the uk. the aircoming all the across the northwest of the uk. the air coming all the way from here means it would be much milder but when you dance saturday. rain stuck across scotland and northern ireland, some rain for the hills of western parts of england and wales with further east should be drier and brighter. what is weather over
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the high grounds especially western scotla nd the high grounds especially western scotland that will be a windy day. strong to gale force winds in a very mild one in temperatures of 11 to 13 degrees. the winds ease down is that ring there is northwest part of the uk and by sunday itches hanging around the southeast first thing. following that we have such an showers and run eastward across england wales. this will fade away and largely confined to the northwest of scotland in the afternoon, a touch wintry here over the high ground in many places enjoying the sunshine. we'll be as windy i think on sunday. still is temperatures will reach double figures in the southeast. next week mild, but there will be windy. strong to gale force winds again and it will be some rain at times.
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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11:00: britain, canada and the us say there's now a body of evidence that an iranian missile brought down a ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near tehran, killing everyone on board. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an iranian surface—to—air missile. this may well have been unintentional. confirmation that the duchess of sussex has left the uk for canada. earlier, the queen summoned an urgent family conference to find a way to accommodate prince harry and meghan's wish to go it alone. left in a hospital trolley for more than 24 hours — a&e departments in england record their worst ever performance. a prison officer has been stabbed and seriously injured and four


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