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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 10, 2020 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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coming up on this programme: atletico madrid fight back to stun barcelona to reach the final of the spanish super cup. after a thriller in cape town this week, is there still a place for 5—day test matches? and shane warne‘s baggy green cap raises more than $500,000 at auction for the bushfires appeal. hello and welcome along to the programme. we'll start with football, as atletico madrid have beaten the reigning champions barcelona 3—2 to reach the final of the re—vamped spanish super cup, which is being played in saudi arabia. after a goalless first—half, koker put atletico madrid in front one minute after the re—start. barca replied with two goals in quick succession from lionel messi
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and antoin griezman, but that all changed in the last eight minutes. alvero morata equalised for atletico before angel correa got the winner. 3—2 the final score. they will now play neighbours real madrid in sunday's final. in italy, torino are the first team through to the quarter—finals of the coppa italia. they beat genoa on penalties following a 1—1 draw after extra—time. alex berenguer scored the crucial spot—kick as torino won the shootout 5—3. staying with football, and japanese forward yuya kubo has joined mls side fc cincinnati. he becomes the first designated player from japan to play in major league soccer. the 26—year—old forward has moved from the belgian side genk, where he spent the last three seasons. many big players have come in, and i'm a big fan of... thierry henry.
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two years ago he played for new york city. | two years ago he played for new york city. i can score a goal and i can assist. everything about a goal. he is comfortable on the ball. dribbling is very strong, always to the goal. and off the pitch, also in the goal. and off the pitch, also in the locker room he is using his experience the rings with japan and the national team, but also from europe by playing in the champions league, for instance. meanwhile, mls new boys inter miami have signed the top player in college soccer robbie robinson ahead of their debut season in the league. he was miami's first pick in thursday's mls superdraft. here he is celebrating his success. 21—year—old robinson scored 18 goals for the university of clemson last season, and claimed nine assists, on his way to being named the best player in the ncaa. look, a joy to watch. we're excited
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for you to bring your skills to our city, in this exciting time for us. we are excited about you being able to contribute to the team and develop as a player, and we're excited to have you in our cloud. thank you, thank you. i'm really excited and can't wait to get started with you guys. well, we're excited to have you and say congratulations to your family, because we are a family in miami and we are excited to have you with us. thank you, thank you. the international cricket council is meeting this month to discuss the controversial proposal to reduce the duration of test matches from five days to four. many players, past and present, have spoken out against the plan. while others say, it does make commercial sense and allows players more time to rest. adam wild has been looking at the pros and cons of this proposal. well, four—day test matches aren't a
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new argument or indeed a new idea. we did used to have all sorts of different length tests, even timeless test, south africa against england in 1939 went on for 12 days can you believe it before they had a winner. the five—day test has only been the standard since 1979. a couple of years ago you may remember south africa played zimbabwe in an officially sanctioned four—day test are not the best advert, admittedly, because it was over within two days but that really fired the starting pistol on this current debate. now, last year, england played ireland in a four—day test at lord's, very entertaining but it ended in three days. those matches have fuelled this ongoing argument. are four—day test the way forward? that's what the icc, led by this man, manu sony, are going to discuss later this month. just proposals at the moment but there's a sense this is a very
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real prospect from 2023 onwards. so what is driving this? the answer, you won't be surprised to hear, is primarily money. there's been a steady decline over the last few decades of test matches actually going to a fifth day, but as we saw just this week in cape town, my word, they can be thrilling when they do! it is worth noting the last ten ashes test test between england and australia have all gone to a fifth day, but they are costly when they don't go the distance and that can be very expensive for the venues, who, of course, still have to pay all the costs without the revenue. most crucially, playing fewer days would free up more time on the calendar. 0ne fewer days would free up more time on the calendar. one of the key talking points would be what you do with that extra time. if players get more rest, that's one thing, but more rest, that's one thing, but more likely, time would be used to play more white ball cricket, more lucrative and popular increasingly
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with audiences, especially in india, which, as we know, is the driving force of the world game. there's a sense test cricket needs to do something more commercially appealing. quicker games alongside things like day—night games are a way to do that. those are some of the key reasons behind the idea. the reaction this week as has been to say the least mixed in. let's start with the governing bodies, the ecb, who run the game in england, say: cricket south africa even stronger have said this week it is there: lots of high profiles players are speaking out this week, the likes of sachin tendulkar, ben stokes, ricky ponting, all against reducing the length of tests. virat kohli, the indian captain, has also given his views this week and given india's and marketing power within the game
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his views are very important. when you speak of three—day tests, where do you end? then you talk of test cricket disappearing. i don't endorse that at all, i don't think it is fairto endorse that at all, i don't think it is fair to the purest format of the game, how cricket started initially. five—day test matches was the highest of tests you could have at the international level. according to me, it should not be altered. as you can see, it is a very hotly debated subject. hugely complex one but one i'm certain we'll be dominating cricket conversations over the coming weeks. adam wild reporting there. the west indies have just beaten ireland adam wild reporting there. the west indies havejust beaten ireland in the second one—day international in barbados to clinch the series with one game to spare. ireland batted first after winning the toss. in reply, the west indies were in trouble on 148—7 but heydon walsh
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helped them is here them to victory with an unbeaten 46 with the home side winning by one wicket with one ball to spare. to help with the appeal for the bushfire crisis, shane warne has raised $1 million australian dollars, just over $500,000 us dollars, after his baggy green australia cap was sold at auction. the legendary leg—spinner wore the cap throughout his 145—test career, where he took 708 wickets. the money will go to the bushfire charity to help with the crisis, which has been now been going on in australia since september. 27 people have died. warne said on social media that he was blown away by the generosity and the final figure was way beyond my expectations. meanwhile, the 6—time formula 1 world champion lewis hamilton says he's donating more than $500,000 us dollars to support the fire service and animal welfare charities that have been affected by the situation in australia. he says:
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on to golf, and johannes veerman of the usa leads after the first round of the south african open in johannesburg. the american opened up with a bogey—free round of 62 on the bushwillow course at randpark. he's 9—under par, one shot clear of the field overnight. defending champion and home favourite louis 0osthuizen is three shots off the lead at 6—under par, narrowly missing another birdie with this putt at the last. two—time champion carlos sainz has won the fifth stage of the dakar rally in saudi arabia. it's his 34th stage victory and extends his overall lead. he finished nearly three minutes ahead of his main rival. the defending champion, nasa al—attiyah of qatar, with 13—time winner stephane peterhansel in third. toby price won the motorbike stage, but britain's sam sunderland was forced to withdraw after what organisers called a severe fall. the 2017 winner was airlifted after suffering back and shoulder injuries.
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you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me, katie shanahan, and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there.
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it looks dry, with sunshine across much of the country on friday. we have seen some heavier rain for central and eastern england earlier on, but that's continuing to push away, together with that weather front. before this one arrives in from the atlantic, that ridge of high pressure means skies are clearing. it will be chilly start to friday, noticeably colder than we've seen it will be a chilly start to friday, noticeably colder than we've seen for a while across much of england and wales, with a frost more likely further north. but some sunshine to start the day. one or two early showers in western parts of wales, into western scotland, maybe into east anglia, but those won't last long, and we'll see plenty of sunshine. it will tend to cloud over more in the north—west as the winds pick up through the day, that rain holding off until hopefully after dark. ahead of that 6—9 degrees — cooler than of late in southern england and wales — but a pleasant day in the sunshine. as we head into the night, we see that weather front making further inroads into scotland and northern ireland, bringing with it some outbreaks of rain. at the same time, the winds
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will pick up in many areas and we will draw our air all the way from the azores again, so turning milder, i think, for the start of the weekend. windy, strong to maybe gale force winds. still rain in scotland, northern ireland, maybe cumbria. wettest over the hills, drier to the east of high ground. eastern parts of england seeing the best of the sunshine here. strong and gusty winds quite widely, perhaps easing off in the north—west later on as the rain starts to clear and temperatures drop away. ahead of that, we're looking at 11—13 degrees. very mild once again. now, that weather front will eventually take that rain across the whole of the country on saturday night, and then we'll introduce this showery airstream coming in from the atlantic, and that will bring in with it some cooler air as well. not too cold to start the second half of the weekend because there'll be a fair bit of around. we've still got temperatures perhaps in double figures across the south—east. colder air in scotland certainly.
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we've still rain to clear from south—eastern england first thing on sunday, and then a fair bit of and showers coming in, even pushing eastwards across england and wales. that's the morning. in the afternoon, most of those have gone. the showers restricted more towards the north—west of scotland, where it is quite a bit colder. temperatures 5—6 again and potentially double figures in the south—east in the sunshine. as we head into next week, well, we've still got a strong jetstream pushing right away across the atlantic, picking up these areas of low pressure. you can see a lot of isobars on the chart as well. it is going to windy still into next week, which means it's likely to be mild, although there will be rain at times.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: is this the moment a ukraine passengerjet was shot down with 176 people on board ? the us, britain and canada say there's evidence it was accidentally targeted by iran. the us house of representatives votes to limit president trump's war powers against iran, without the approval of congress. leave your homes or risk being trapped, authorities warn residents in victoria, as australia braces for more hot weather and strong winds. a day after the duke and duchess of sussex announce they're stepping back from royal life, meghan leaves the uk for canada.


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