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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 17, 2020 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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hello. i'm gavin ramjaun. and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: coco gauff aims to weave her magic, as she's drawn against venus williams in the opening round of the australian open. the world of rugby league, and prince harry, welcomes the world cup draw ahead of next year's tournament in england. and a ban on children heading footballs could come into force, in just a few weeks time in scotland. hello and welcome along to the programme. let's start in melbourne, where organisers of the australian open are adamant there'll be no impact on the tournament from the ongoing bushfires in the country. smoky conditions have affected qualifying this week. the draw has now been made, with the pick of the ties, 15—year—old coco gauff, in a rematch with venus williams. alex gulrajani reports.
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this is what they have been waiting for in melbourne, a breakfrom this is what they have been waiting for in melbourne, a break from the smoke. the scene only a few days ago when australia's second biggest city, a scene that threatened the tennis grand slam season. the organisers of the australian insisted the tournament goes ahead. there is a lot of circulation around the australian open not happening or starting late, it is happening will happen from monday, because we have three environments in which we can compete in. so it may look differently but it will happen. not all the players are happy about it. british player liam broady lost in qualifying but made his feelings clear afterwards. the show though, goes on, huge remote from wimbledon in the women's singles with teenage sensation coco gauff looking to cast a spell over multiple grand slam champion venus williams in round one. her sister serena is looking to start the decade with a 24th grand slam title. the beaten finalists last year any woman who beta in the final is still in awe of her. she
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talks to me and i get surprised that she talks to me and then i don't talk back. i'd just say, "hi, she talks to me and then i don't talk back. i'djust say, "hi, how are you?". and then she isjust... i like blankenau 20 talk to me, to be honest. there is a familiar fealty top three seeds in the men's draw, rafael nadal is number one, with novak djokovic and roger federer in the same side of the draw, heading for a semi—final meeting. the same side of the draw, heading for a semi-final meeting. we still look at each other‘s games, each other‘s koreas, and we still kind of measure are in korea comparing to the other guy, and i think that's the other guy, and i think that's the beauty of the rivalry and i think we are contributing in a way to evolution at this point —— careers. the city is hoping for dark clouds 2—part careers. the city is hoping for dark clouds 2—pa rt antennas careers. the city is hoping for dark clouds 2—part antennas to take centre stage. —— and tennis. to cricket now. ben stokes justified his new title
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of icc cricketer of the year. he and ollie pope gave england the advantage against south africa at the end of day one of the third test in port elizabeth. england chose to bat first and despite starting well they lost three wickets for 35 runs and at one point were 148 for four. stokes is not out on 38, with pope unbeaten on 39. england on 224 for four at the close. kagiso rabada the pick of the south african bowlers. the draw for next year's rugby league world cup in england has taken place in the royal setting of buckingham palace. prince harry, who's patron of the sport, made his first public appearance since announcing he was stepping back from senior royal duties. our reporter austin halewood was following the draw for us. well, the rugby league world cup is one of the oldest global competitions in sport and for 2021 the organisers say they want to make it bolder and braver than ever before. and they did that with the draw today. it was held at buckingham palace by prince harry thenit buckingham palace by prince harry then it was live streamed on these
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screens behind me here in manchester. but the tournament itself, next year, well, that'll make history well, for the very first time the men's, women's, and wilshere competitions will all run alongside each other at the very same time. now, the minstrel was made first and host england were in pouille. they were drawn against france, newcomers for the very first time, greece, and samoa. now that will be the first match of the tournament at st james's park. 16 teams as well in the tournament for the very first time, while champions australia, they were drawn in the same pool as fiji, semifinalist of the last three tournaments. so an interesting draw for them as well. in the finals of all three tournaments, they will be held on the very same weekend in november. prize money, interestingly, as well, is the same across all three tournaments, the men's, women's, and there will chose. and you can see there will chose. and you can see the draw in full on the bbc website. austin halewood there. a ban on children heading footballs
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could come into force in just a few weeks time in scotland. it's because of fears of a link between head injuries and dementia. our sports correspondent, chris mclaughlin has more. billy mcneill will be up first. billy mcneill will be up first. billy mcneill will be up first. billy mcneill with a goal! billy mcneill scoring for celtic in 1969. typically with a header. brilliantly ta ken by brilliantly taken by mcneill. the club's former captain and manager died last year after suffering from dementia. this just months before a study revealed former players are three and a half times more likely to die of the disease. they have been discussing the issue here at the national stadium for months and although there is no firm evidence linking heading a ball to dementia, the scottish fa are taking no chances and children under the age of 12 will be banned from heading in training. we need to take some sensible, pragmatic steps at the moment and that is likely going to be to try and reduce that overall burden, the number of times that young players head, and heading in training is much more
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common than in matches. carl mcculloch does one—to—one youth coaching. he has also coached in the us where a ban on children heading the ball has been in place since 2015. they see players like ronaldo on tv scoring wonderful goals with his head. that may be the problem here, is how we try and uncoach them. there has been some serious situations where players have lost their lives, ex—legends and players have gone on to get dementia and things like this. i am glad the sfa are leading the rest of football and doing something like this because it very important. carlos beltran has stepped down as new york mets manager because for his role in the "sign—stealing" scandal during his time as a houston astros player. former outfielder beltran won the 2017 world series with the astros.
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he was named in a major league baseball report that found houston illegally used a camera to steal signs from catchers to pitchers that season. beltran was not punished as he was a player at the time but has now left the mets before taking charge of a game. mets chief operating officer jeff wilson and general manager brodie van wagenen said the team and beltran had "agreed to mutually part ways". new orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for odell beckham junior. a video appears to show the cleveland browns wide receiver striking a security guards backside in louisiana state university's locker room on monday after their national championship win over clemson. in a statement, the browns said beckham jr and his team were co—operating with authorities: were co—operating with authorities. a number of the venues built for the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro have been ordered to close by a judge, due to safety concerns. the judge said on thursday that
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rio's city authorities had not provided safety guarantees for the olympic park to hold public events. the park is now used for concerts and other major events. at the olympics it staged cycling, tennis, basketball and swimming. judge eugenio araujo said the park was "ready for tragedies" due to a lack of care. the female—only w series will feature on the formula one race—bill this year. in a first for the sport, races will feature alongside the us and mexico f1 weekends. alice powell, came third in the inaugural championship. the exposure that you get on formula one weekends is huge. it actually just be getting the experience of racing on a formula one circuit, like austin, like mexico, isjust racing on a formula one circuit, like austin, like mexico, is just a huge thing for us drivers. its slow progress, obviously, what w series
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was started to do was to create more opportunities for females in motorsport, to give opportunities for us drivers to get back in the seat, from my point of view, eye stop racing forfour or seat, from my point of view, eye stop racing for four or five years due to funding. you don't have to bring anyfunding due to funding. you don't have to bring any funding to w series. it's given me experience, is blown the cobwebs given me experience, is blown the co bwe bs off, given me experience, is blown the cobwebs off, but also given experience to the out other 19 drivers on the grid to restart formula one ornaments and the future. my target is to win the series. they think it will be tougher compared to last year. there are new drivers, more races, obviously there will be 12 drivers who have already had experience in the car from last year. so it will be tougher. the races will probably be tougher. the races will probably be more exciting. a quick recap of our top story. organisers of the australian open are adamant there'll be no impact on the tournament, from the ongoing bushfires in the country. smoky conditions have affected qualifying this week. you get more on that, and the latest news, on the bbc sport website. from me and the rest
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of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. after all the rough weather, the wet and windy weather we've had to contend with this week, you may be pleased to hear that things are about to calm down. but it's not all plain sailing just yet. this is the earlier satellite picture — this stripe of cloud has been bringing outbreaks of rain. there are shower clouds and following on behind and this hook of the cloud is the centre of an area of low pressure bringing a swathe of very strong winds still across the far north and west of scotland through the first part of friday. starting the day generally between 2—9 degrees. through the day, a couple of clutches of showers to contain with, one moving across
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the midlands, wales and southern england and some heavy with hail and thunder mixing in and this band of showers drifting across scotland and northern ireland will contain snow over high ground in scotland, say, above 300m, more showers in the far north and staying windy in northern scotland. colder from the north—west with temperatures 7—11 degrees. as we go through friday night we will lose most of the showers from the south—east and we see more showers pushing in across scotland and these will be wintry to slightly lower levels at this stage. it stays windy in northern scotland but for many, the thing you will notice on saturday morning is a colder feel. widely around freezing and some spots will be below. an overnight frost will be a feature of the weekend but we will also see a lot of dry weather and a lot of bright weather. much calmer weather because the areas of low pressure that has been dominant through the week get muscled out of the way by this big, strong, powerful area of high pressure that is going to build its way in on top of us and really suppress all of the shower activity for the most part. so there is going to be a lot of dry weather around.
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i think still some showers blowing in across scotland on saturday, some of which will be wintry. still windy in the north of scotland as well, but generally speaking, with those sunny skies overhead, after the cold, frosty start, temperatures will struggle a little but when you get lighter winds and you get more sunshine, not feeling too bad. saturday night will be a cold one, a widespread frost on sunday morning and even the towns and cities will be at freezing or a touch below and some spots in the countryside could be at —3 or “11 degrees. again, after the cold start, we're looking at lots of dry weather and spells of sunshine. showers across scotland will have gone by this stage but in the far north—west, we could see extra cloud and the odd splash of rain moving into shetland. those afternoon temperatures again, between 7—9, but not too bad where you get some sunshine. as we head through sunday night into monday, it will be chilly for many and there's the greater risk of fog.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: the moment of crisis has come — a stark warning from sir david attenborough, one of the world's most influential environmentalists. as australia continues to burn, we are out on patrol with one team trying to contain the flames in new south wales. a moment in history as donald trump's impeachment trial gets under way in the senate. the president isn't impressed by any of it. back to work after the big split announcement. could it be prince harry's final royal appearance? hard times — how a struggling british bookshop is flooded with orders after a desperate tweet saw it go from no sales


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