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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 17, 2020 8:45pm-9:01pm GMT

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alf“. brothers overcame dehydration and exhaustion in their row across the atlantic. they said it was a help and not a hindrance when times got tough. 35 days, nights, at sea. you get some aches and pains. after more than a month at sea, the end in sight. notjust one record on the horizon, but three. it's been incredible and so surreal, being the three of us in 35 days. hearing other people's voices what to come gci’oss other people's voices what to come across the finish line they said they had no prior experience before training. they now raise tens of thousands of dollars for —— of
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pounds for charity. congratulations to them. the headlines here on bbc news. two of the candidates for labour leadership have launched their campaigns today. the city of glasgow becomes the biggest in the uk to pledge to become carbon neutral in the next ten years. with the last decade the hottest on record. psychiatrists call for social media company to hand over their data to research what the online world does to our children's mental health. it's now time for the film review.
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hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? we have bombshell which is up for three oscars. a hidden life, the new film by terrence malick. and weathering with you, an anime from the director of your name. really interesting week. let's start with bombshell. three oscar nominations for charlize theron, margot robbie and hairand make—up which is interesting because it has a lot to do with prosthetic work. this is a drama based on the real—life scandal of roger ailes at the fox news network. his downfall prefigured that of harvey weinstein which is currently in the news. the movie actually went into the preproduction before that scandal broke. john lithgow is eerily convincing as roger, he is running this organisation,
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this absolute toxic culture where he believes he has the absolute right to essentially abuse the women working under him and the culture is such that nobody appears to be ready to speak out. everyone thinks this is the way it is. if you speak out, it will end very badly. until finally, nicole kidman‘s character gretchen decides to take her complaint to the public through the law. here's a clip. if you are able to stick it out at fox, gather more evidence, you might be able to sue roger instead of fox. i was told in newjersey i can avoid arbitration by suing him personally. he says we could call other women and show a pattern. will other women come forward? yes, they will. you live and work in new york. roger has a house where he stays when he can't make it upstate. you have done your homework.
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no fingerprints. that's how much i practiced the violin as a child. if roger finds out you came to us, he will notjust fire you, he will bang us with a $1 million lawsuit and attack you personally. men like him worry more about reputations than money. he won't stop, you know that? they will say that you are suing because your career has stalled. let them. even that tells us how important this story is? it is very timely and what i think the film does is create a very good image of a toxic environment. the abuse goes from the lowliest newcomer to people who are very high up in the organisation. i think the film itself is not perfect. i think it is solidly done. occasionally it has a tv drama feel about it. it owes a debt to the big short.
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but what carries this shoulder high by the performances. it is a terrific trio of nicole kidman, charlize theron and margot robbie. it reminded me a little of the film, to die for, which is a very good film. this takes the story and it leads you through it in a way that passages the entertainment style. you feel like you are being given a lot of information as the story progresses. at the centre of it is this idea of silence that everyone kind of knows what's going on but nobody is able to speak out because there is this poisonous culture, this character who seems to be unassailable. it was interesting about the beginning of the relationship between trump and fox news. in the light of everything that has happened with that relationship, it is very interesting the way the film set it up and it is an adversarial thing but you can see people thinking,
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"oh, this guy thinks the things we think and this guy be somebody we should be getting behind." it's a really interesting film but if the performances were not as good as they were, i think you might start to see the flaws in the drama more but the performances are really good. i really bought into it as a result, plus it is a really timely story and quite shocking but very engrossing. terrence malick for your second choice. where do you stand on him? i like what i've seen but i've not seen huge amounts so i'm not the bestjudge. he has been off the boil for a few years. people think of badlands and those great films, everything up to the thin red line. this is a partial return to form. a true story of a australian protester. a true story of a austrian protester. we begin with and the
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delicate life with him and his partner starting a family. clouds gather overhead and then becomes a battle of conscience and will. the community turn on him for refusing to fall in. the film was originally called something different. it declares itself to be a celebration of the quieter defiance and one of the questions he asks is, what is the point, do you think it will make a difference? the point the film makes is not unlike the central point of it's a wonderful life, just a decent man is important. it is beautifully shot and beautifully scored. it has a religious element and if you didn't notice the religious element, don't worry, the score will tell you. i like it up to a point.
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it does have a lot of the voice—over stuff but its heart is in the right place. i think it is an important story about defiance and it is a story about standing up for the thing you believe in, even when everyone around you turns against you and it is really then found malick back on track after the last couple of films which were just self—indulgent waffle. weathering with you, which i read is the highest grossing film in japan last year? terifically successful. directed by makoto shinkai, set in a period of rain that is threatening to drown tokyo. we have a young hero who runs away from home, he gets to tokyo where he falls in love with a young girl who historically believe is a weather maiden, as in she can actually affect the weather. here is a clip.
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watch, it's going to clear up. hey, what do you mean by...? what? i should say, that is the english language dub because i saw it in the original version. i thought this was really fascinating firstly because, like your name, it is a young love story but it is connected
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to a global event. secondly, it looks beautiful. even that was gorgeous. it has a great musical score. the music is really, really good and relates its tone of the film itself. ifound it enchanting i love the way, the love story and the wider fantasy it all. it is based at a young adult audience but i thought it was fully terrific and i hope it finds its audience here as well. sticking with the theme of things that are visually stunning. visually, this is absolutely extraordinary. did you find it overwhelming? 1917, directed by sam mendes is, it plays out as if it is one shot. did you find it immersive? i did but i didn't find it as emotionally traumatic as i thought
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it was going to be. i was stunned by the visuals but then my other half trained in camera work and spent the whole time going, "oh my god, this is extraordinary!" the camera work is extraordinary. i thought the score was great as well but i really did think, i was suspicious because the whole one—shot thing sounds like it could be a gimmick. spectre is as well, following james bond, but i forgot early on that it was a stylistic format. i felt he was seeing the world unfold, discovering things as they discover them. see it on a big screen, don't wait for it to come out on dvd. pain and glory, what i love about it is, it's a semi autobiography. it is the most vulnerable i have
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ever seen antonio banderas. you see his pain, his growth, his nostalgia for the past, you get a sense his body is failing him and i could listen to his voice, that sequence early on, just spellbinding. again, it looks beautiful. it is the whole works. when have you ever seen a film of his that doesn't look good? even the ones that are not great, look good. good point, well made. mark, thank you very much. see you next week. enjoy your cinema going, whatever you choose to see. it's a cracking week, enjoy it. goodbye. it's been a day of transition, certainly a colder day and some of
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the showers have yielded some snow and there are still a few showers to come before the end of this evening but over the weekend, very different. cold nights and find days because we have high pressure building in so you can see those showers and southern areas and they will keep going in the north, actually not just through will keep going in the north, actually notjust through the night but into its armour. there could be some ice around —— into tomorrow. otherwise it does look like a fine and dry start to the day. it will be and dry start to the day. it will be a crisp and cold one as well. the showers eventually easing in the north but still that way and perhaps a little more cloud coming, but temperatures will be down on those recent days but given the sunshine and light or will wins it will feel quite pleasant. a colder start on sunday and monday, more on the website.
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this is bbc world news today. i'm maryam moshiri. our top stories: kenneth starr, who investigated bill clinton before his impeachment, joins the team defending the current president as donald trump makes light of the proceedings against him. but you've got a good one now, even though they're trying to impeach the son of a bleep. can you believe that? anti—american chanting as iran's supreme leader defends the military over the accidental shooting down of the ukrainian airlines plane. record amounts of cocaine are being produced in colombia and coming to a city near you. a special report on what's driving the drug boom. and making history — the scottish brothers who've become the fastest trio to row 3,000 miles across the atlantic.


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