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the this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at 9. harry and meghan will drop their ‘hrh' title and give up all royal duties under a new agreement with buckingham palace. prince harry will also lose his military positions and the couple will pay back the taxpayers‘ money used to renovate their windsor home. many questions but this is a clean ha rd many questions but this is a clean hard break from many questions but this is a clean hard breakfrom royal life.
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powers coming into force to stop stalkers from contacting or approaching their victims while police investigate allegations. golfball—sized hailstones hit parts of the australian state of victoria, with storms leading to fears of flooding following the bushfires. in sport — after quick wickets for england — south africa are forced to follow on — in the third test in port elizabeth. and our sunday morning edition of the papers is at 9:35 — this morning's reviewers are journalist and author, shyama perera — and director of deltapoll, joe twyman. good morning and welcome to bbc news. a deal has been agreed on the future of the duke and duchess of sussex, who are to step down as working royals in the spring. buckingham palace has announced
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prince harry and his wife meghan will no longer receive public funds, and will pay back taxpayers‘ money spent on renovating their home in windsor. our royal correspondent, nicholas witchell, has the story. it is a clean break which allows harry and meghan to seek a new life. they have been freed from royal duties and they are free to earn their own living with, it would seem, very few restrictions. the styling of his and her royal highness hasn't been taken away from them. they simply won't use it. harry remains a prince, sixth in line to the british throne and the duke and duchess of sussex. and although they will no longer formally represent the queen, they leave with her blessing. in a statement, she said: she added: here are the essential
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details of that new life. they will step back from royal duties. that includes harry's military appointments. they will no longer receive public funds but they will receive money from the prince of wales. and they have shared their wish to repay the public funds used to refurbish frogmore cottage in windsor. one big concession to them is that they appear to be free to earn money with very few restrictions other than a very general commitment to uphold the values of her majesty. first impressions are that it's an attempt to make the separation as clear and distinct as possible. the fact that they are not going to be doing any of their royal work is probably the best solution because then it makes a very clean break and everyone is clear about what they will be doing and there will be no blurred lines. i think this is a good solution. for the royal family, it's a moment of undoubted sadness. it must be particularly hard for william. but harry has made his choice. he is going to seek
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a new life with his family. let's speak now to our royal correspondent, daniela relph. a lot of people talking about a clea n b rea k a lot of people talking about a clean break but a lot of unanswered questions about the future. there are number of areas that still need to be resolved. security is one. that is a big issue in terms of who pays for it and i think the reality of that is just not going to know the detail. palace officials yesterday made it clear security around the duke and duchess of sussex would not be subject for any sort of public statement. whether it is the british taxpayer canadian taxpayer footing the bill for security we do not know. issues around ataxia peeing on the residency status in canada so a lot of messy gritty that still needs to be resolved here. what is clear is they have now been given the freedom to forge this new life for
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themselves outside the constraints of the royal family that are no rules and regulations boundary set in terms of the kinds of commercial work high and —— harry and meghan may undertake. they will still be getting money from the prince of wales but you have to imagine it will commercially be getting money going forward in this new role. the only guidance a have been given is they must uphold the values of the queen which is quite vague statement. it will be interesting to kind of decisions harry and meghan make going forward and this will many ways be a test of their integrity. everyone seems to have gone to an amicable arrangement in quite a warm statement from the queen. yes, the guide we were given is that the tops of recent days have
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remained friendly and constructive. terms of trying to do that statement queen, the second person statement from the queen released in a week. that is how you show. the tone, the mood and language of it was something very unusual as well. it was part one and part worried grandmother. —— monarch she got about harry and meghan and archie being much valued members of the royal family and her pride in meghan enjoying the family. extremely personal statement on behalf of the queen. new measures to protect victims of stalking will come into force in england and wales from tomorrow.
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police officers will have the power to issue "stalking protection orders" which ban alleged offenders from contacting or approaching their victims while a complaint is under investigation. andy moore reports. the minister for women visiting a stalking helpline whose staff are in the front line of dealing with the problem. what's your experience of the first phone call? it's believed one in five women and one in ten men will have to deal with stalking at some stage in their lives. these new protection orders will give police extra powers to stop offenders in their tracks while further investigations are being carried out. these are really ground—breaking orders that the police will be able to apply for to protect victims of stalking but also to make sure that the perpetrators are getting the treatment programmes they need to break this cycle of abuse or stalking. a protection order will usually stay in place for a minimum of two years.
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anyone who breaches it will face five years in jail. campaigners have welcomed this initiative saying the orders are a powerful new tool to stop stalking but they are warning anyone who breaches an order must be arrested immediately. andy moore, bbc news. a ten—year—old boy has been stabbed while out walking with his mother.he was attacked in the belgrave area of leicester yesterday afternoon and taken to hospital, where his injuries were described as "non life—threatening". leicestershire police appealed for witnesses and described the suspect as a light—skinned asian man, in his mid—20s. the australian government has promised more than 50 million dollars in aid to the country's tourism industry to help it recover from the impact of the bushfires.scott morrison's announcement comes as heavy rain has helped put out many of the burning fires in the states of queensland and new south wales. but further rain is forecast in victoria bringing with it a threat of flooding. more than a dozen fires are still burning in that state
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with firefighters battling to contain a blaze in the mountain region which is 15 times the size of manhattan. we can get the latest now from phil mercer who's in sydney. the rains have brought a fresh bread? it is often the way hearing australia. the weather is so capricious and changeable and the dublin the extreme. we have had very heavy rain in the last couple of daysin heavy rain in the last couple of days in parts of eastern southern australia. parts of queensland have received more than 300 millimetres of rain so it is a welcome relief for a country in the grip notjust ofa for a country in the grip notjust of a bushfire crisis but very serious drought as well. some of the fire affected regions have not received as much rain as the authorities would have liked. but for the first time in a very long
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time, less than 100 fires continue to burn in south—east australia but with all this rain, given the land is so dry, there is an expectation we will have flooding. roads have been closed and also the threat of contamination. the ash from some of those fires could flow into reverse and contaminate water sources. so the climate and weather of australia this was complicated and always extreme. the government, scott morrison in particular, heavily criticised for his handling of the crisis as prime minister he is no announced financial for the tourism sector. yes, million pounds will be pumped into the tourism sector of australia australia. much of it will
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go to convince australians to continue their holidays in bushfire affected parts because another paucity of that many australians have cancelled the holidays because they would presumably feel quite u nsafe they would presumably feel quite unsafe going to certain parts of the country. certainly anecdotally speaking international visitors also starting to cancel their holidays and you can understand how all around the world these pictures of these thrushes fires have been broadcast on television and online for weeks and weeks so australian government is keen to try to appear some of that reputational damage. given the scale of this disaster, more than 10 million hectares of land have been scotched, it will be a very tough job, land have been scotched, it will be a very toughjob, i think land have been scotched, it will be a very tough job, i think for australia two rehabilitated national recognition as a safe and welcoming place to come
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president trump's legal team has set out its response to the impeachment charges against him —saying they violate the constitution and fail to show that any law was broken. a six—page document issued by his lawyers argues that next week's trial in the senate amounts to a dangerous attack on american democracy. the bbc‘s washington correspondent ben wright says president trump's lawyers will argue it's an attempt to interfere in this year's they had to do this is a demand of they had to do this is a demand of the senate. they had to sketch out the senate. they had to sketch out the legal argument. four months president trump is real than social media and elsewhere as what he sees as an unjust and unfair impeachment process that has been under way and capitol hill that he now has to beat down his defence in writing. they are essentially arguing they think the two impeachment arguments, one alleging an abuse of power and the second shot in congress are
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constitutionally and legally invalid and do not stand up to scrutiny. as lawyers argue there is nothing in these impeachment articles that says he has done anything wrong or illegal. they do not dispute some of the basic facts of this that he made a telephone call to the president of ukraine back in july a telephone call to the president of ukraine back injuly and talked about launching an investigation intojoe biden about launching an investigation into joe biden and about launching an investigation intojoe biden and to sign hunter. -- his intojoe biden and to sign hunter. —— his son kantor. they say there was no pro awkward pro —— pro quid pro is not that they hope that this does enable removing donald trump from office.
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-- his —— his son hunter. more than 200 people are reported to have been injured in the lebanese capital, beirut, in the worse violence there in three months of anti—establishment demonstrations. the lebanese president michel aoun has called on the army to restore calm. rich preston has this report, which does contain some flashing images. running battles with police, these are the worst scenes in months of mostly peaceful demonstrations. protesters clashed with security forces in several areas of the lebanese capital. they are demanding reform and an end to what they call a political elite who steered the country to its worst economic crisis in decades. the country currently has no government and banks are limiting cash withdrawals to sometimes as little as $50 a week. demonstrators often using what they can to try and push police back.
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police respond with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon. the protesters are frustratedbecause it has been over three months now and there is no answer from the government as to, is there going to be change in this country? are there going to be new elections, will we have a new government? all the things that the protesters have been demanding have not come true. and meanwhile there's been a lot of pressure on the lebanese people lately because there have been more power cuts than ever, the banks in lebanon are not giving money out, people to withdraw more than a few hundred dollars a week or a month in some cases. meanwhile a camp used by protesters caught fire. it's not clear how the blaze started. lebanon's president ordered the army to restore calm. saad al—hariri who resigned as prime minister in october, said the clashes threatened civil peace.
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the red cross says more than 200 were injured in these latest clashes. officials said 15 people had been detained. for many, the sound of explosions on the streets of beirut bring back unwelcome memories of a civil war that brought 15 years of pain and suffering. the result of which, is the political system of modern lebanon. a system which now these protesters say is not fit for purpose and must be changed. the headlines on bbc news... harry and meghan will drop their ‘hrh' and give up all royal duties under a new agreement with buckingham palace. prince harry will also lose his military positions and the couple will pay back the taxpayers‘ money used to renovate their windsor home. powers coming into force to stop stalkers from contacting or approaching their victims while police investigate allegations.
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a mass protest is being organised in the lake district over complaints that the area is becoming more like a "theme park" than a national park. hundreds of people are expected to meet in the village of grasmere next month to oppose plans for houseboats, zip wires and tarmac paths. but the authorities say their concerns are unfounded, as peter marshall reports. it is obvious while many are protective of the landscape of the la ke protective of the landscape of the lake district. it is a unesco world heritage site. but some believe know the time for of the biggest borders the time for of the biggest borders the national party scene. people are coming up this and saying enough is enough has to stop. andy astle, a retired postman, says enough is
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enough. mike the dangerously going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. people are coming for it asa golden egg. people are coming for it as a leisure park. there are places that such as blackpool and alton towers. we have to maintain the beauty. the company behind it says they will be residential lodges are not houseboats. the high spots of grasmere campaign is the latest in a series of controversies. there has been and are over 4x4 vehicles using the park and plans for set wires have called for protests. ——zip wires. the protest will take place on saturday thirdly the first and the organisers say the biggest protest about public spaces the lake
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district has seen. local mp tim finds says. —— farron there has been a lot for nightlife and families but we do not want that to creep into the lake district experience and threaten the peace and calm. the authority says we take a role as custodians of this evolving and changing landscape very seriously. goes on display aborted we continue to work hard and in an enough to wait to balance the needs of the place and the people that live in, working and visit the lake district. what would you give for a chance to re—visit your childhood home? 0ne artist has taken the ultimate trip down memory lane by recreating her parents‘ living room, along with the corner shop they ran during the 1980s —
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and everyone is welcome to drop in. monika plaha went along to take a look. with very little money, but lots of determination, an influx of south asian immigrants stepped onto the business ladder as shopkeepers. this is like one of my old family photo albums... dawinda grew up in herfamily‘s corner shop in 1980s wolverhampton. corner shops that were video shops like my parents owned were so significant back in the day, because it really provided an essential lifeline to them in terms of back home. it closed down after ten years, but over three decades on, she bought her father‘s old shop back to life through rediscovering old objects. the idea came from one very special briefcase. so, talk me through what‘s in this briefcase? so, this briefcase is my father‘s old briefcase. and really, this is where the whole project started.
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i opened it up and it had been put away in storage for many years. i started to look through it and i found that there is something here to be explored. there is an amp fuse, sold for 95p. i don‘t think you can get anything that cheap any more! this is in the shop where your dad worked? yeah. did you ever use this back in the day? i used to use it and treated a bit like a toy, really. and like the till behind us, it was just fascinating to press all these buttons and just be a little girl and see what was going on. and in the new exhibition, the corner shop isn‘t the only thing that‘s been recreated. welcome to my home! wow, this is brilliant. it‘s a blast down memory lane. and people are invited for a house—warming. this is a recreation of dawinda‘s living room from back in the 1980s, which most of us can probably relate to. i know i certainly can. in fact, i still have this
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wallpaper in my house today. i had three of these tissue boxes. and let‘s face it, an asian household wouldn‘t be the same without food on the table. it‘s amazing. i walked in and i was like, i‘m pretty sure i‘ve been in this living room several times before in my life growing up. this isjust something i've needed to see today. it just makes everything come alive for me. every little object has so many layers. i love it so much. i was amazed, how they have put it all together. i have got relatives with a house that still looks like this! putting this together has been a journey of discovery for dawinda. she has taken a trip back in time to share a culturally historic past. the living room in south asian communities is the linchpin. it keeps everyone together.
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i want them to come intog the space and stay as long as they want. i want them to have a custard cream and sit on the sofa and watch the film. and get a real sense of what it was like for me and my family growing up in wolverhampton in the 1980s, and get a real sense of our lived experience. that exhibition is on at nottingham s new art exchange gallery until march. there was a bit of a ding—dong this week over whether big ben should "bong" to mark the moment the uk leaves the eu — after the prime minister suggested a public whip—round to cover the half—million pound cost. but what about the thousands of church bells across britain? should they be chiming to herald a new dawn, or stay silent to avoid dragging the clergy into the brexit debate? from the london olympics in 2012 to royal weddings, to showing solidarity with notre—dame cathedral after its devastating fire —
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church bells have marked momentous occasions in our history. as well as a call to prayer, bell towers are used to commemorate and to celebrate, to bring us all together. so is brexit a fitting occasion? it‘s believed st michael‘s in the village of lavendon in milton keynes dates back almost 1,000 years. it will have witnessed many changes in our relations with europe. on a sunday, we normally don‘t have bell—ringers unfortunately any more but we have got that, we chime the bells up on the belltower so we have somebody who does it for us on a sunday when we don‘t have the bell—ringers. it‘s one of the eight churches looked after by the reverend canon christa pumfrey. born in germany, she‘s been a vicar in the church of england for more than 20 years. she believes such a historic day should be marked in the time—honoured fashion. so it‘s two things. sort of on a secular level, it‘s marking an historic event,
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and i think honouring, in a way, democracy. and the second point would be the church‘s task, what we have to unite people, to bring healing into this nation again which has been so bitterly divided. it‘s practice night for the young bell—ringers — the brumdingers, as they‘re called, here at st mary‘s in the moseley suburb of birmingham. they regularly ring peals for important national occasions but are drawing the line at brexit. so simon, should the bells be run for brexit day? i mean, the central council of church bell—ringers, which represents ringers all over the country and in fact all around the world does have policies in terms of what we encourage people to ring for, and politics isjust not one of those. major national events if we are asked by the church, or if we‘re asked by government,
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we might say yes, we‘ve been asked to do such and such, we think it‘s a good idea, but political events isn‘t one of those. we have to ask the clergy — the bells belong to the church and it‘s up to individual incumbents, the rectors of churches, whether their bells ring or not. one thing that years of arguing over the european union has done is create a lot of noise but this is one place where the church bells will be silent. let‘s return to our main story — and the duke and duchess of sussex will start new lives away from royal duties and without public funds after reaching an agreement with buckingham palace. let‘s speak now to katie nicholl, vanity fair royal editor. this looks effectively like an application. like you know that name i think it does. this is a seismic transition for the royal family. it comes months after prince andrew was pretty much forced to step down. this is voluntarily benign and
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singly want new lives and beginning a new chapter. i think the couple would have preferred to keep the hrh status not least because the whole new charitable forum is sussex royal. will still continue beat sussex royal when it is not hrh any more. high is six align to the throne and stellar prints. —— harry is sixth in line to the throne. the m essa 9 es is sixth in line to the throne. the messages from the queen you are either in this family working in representing me are you are out and high and —— harry and meghan have chosen out. the statement from the queen was warm. it was warm and unusual in that personal tone. i do
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not think we have seen anything this personal from the not think we have seen anything this personalfrom the queen not think we have seen anything this personal from the queen since the death of the princess of wales when she spoke as a grandmother and again she spoke as a grandmother and again she is speaking as a grandmother and talking about the love in the family for meghan and harry wishing them luck in the future. the second statement is more formal and spelling it out in more formal language. we have to take and hats off to the queen. yes, she is speaking as a grandmother but has acted decisively as a monarch and swept into caption when she saw it spiralling out of control. this has involved heads of governments both here and in canada and senior members of the raw family. this is an agreement. we were told discussions were friendly. this is a new life for prince harry. he has told me before he didn‘t want to be
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prince and he adjourned it to be formal. this is a new chapter and formal. this is a new chapter and for the couple at least this is a very exciting new chapter and acute go on to become incredibly wealthy in their own right now. a few u na nswered in their own right now. a few unanswered questions. the extent to which they will be able to carry a commercial divot is and also to which they will have to pay for some of their security. don‘t really know about who will pay for their security. in terms of money making the free to go and cut deals and become financially independent which i think was at the cross of all of this. they will have to do so within constraints and will have to be respectful to the queen and the brand because that is the brand account through the royal family, not sussex royal. in terms of the security aspect that is still unclear and we‘re not getting guidance from the palace on that because it is a private matter. i suspect what they are in canada it will be the british taxpayer picking
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up will be the british taxpayer picking up the course. they have tried to placate the public and are paying back the funds that the public spent in frogmore cottage. some people are saying the sicily down the monarchy and in line with the monarchy around europe. that is not a bad thing. may not be a bad thing and it is the secret is long with a vision of the prince of wales when he becomes king charles the five will streamline the monarchy. —— king charles the third. it is our understanding meghan and harry were always part of that vision. with the queen when harry and meghan where not in the pictures, was that the sign of something to come? they are not
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