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tv   HAR Dtalk  BBC News  February 4, 2020 4:30am-5:00am GMT

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access to candidates, they get access to them, they are very well—informed, they are very committed but somehow it democratic party, in trying to release lots of different results, have done something that has caused this mess, really. and it's now the focus of attention of people saying, is iowa really worth it? can this caucus system and it's going to produce this muddied result, is it worth the 60 odd million dollars over the course of the last year. we are expecting some of the other candidates to speak. elizabeth warren's supporters are hoping she will come out and speak soon. this both amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren, they loan in today. they are on duty at the impeachment trial donald trump. they are to the
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candidates who had to be on duty at the senate trial. they just blew in hoping they would have some kind of victory rally oi’ have some kind of victory rally or otherwise. elizabeth warren is coming up onto the stage for her supporters. he is going to do something similar to elizabeth warren, sorry, amy klobuchar and try to explain to them what is happening. and see whether she can make some political hay out of this before she also goes back to washington because of course both elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar have to be back on duty and job biden are up on stage. i imagine everybody‘s going to want to speak soon.
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it is too close to call so i am going to tell you what i am going to tell you what i am going to tell you what i am going to do... you won! cheering and applause. as of the baby daughter of a janitor iamso the baby daughter of a janitor i am so grateful to be up on this stage tonight. tonight is a party we are one step closer to defeating the most corrupt president in american history. tomorrow, and a troublemaker speech about the state of the union but i have a message for every american — our union is stronger than donald trump! in a less than a year, our union will be stronger than ever when that one man is replaced by one very persistent woman! cheering
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and applause. crowd chanting. donald trump and i see america from very different points. donald trump grew up in new york city in a 23 room mansion. i grew york city in a 23 room mansion. igrew up york city in a 23 room mansion. i grew up in a two bedroom house with one bathroom in 0klahoma. house with one bathroom in oklahoma. studio: that was elizabeth warren speaking to her supporters. joe biden is also speaking. folks, asi said, it is bigger than a
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candidate, and any party. i said from the outset, we are in a battle for the sole of our nation. it is not hyperbole, we really believe that and it is demonstrated every single hour he remains president of the united states. we know deep in oui’ united states. we know deep in our binder that everything this nation stands for is at stake andi nation stands for is at stake and i really mean it. for more yea rs of and i really mean it. for more years of donald trump will fundamentally alter the character of this nation and character of this nation and character is on the ballot. that is what this is. everything that makes america is at stake, literally our democracy is at stake, that is oui’ democracy is at stake, that is our view. i say our view because you have been doing so much work as well. folks, i love her, also. i tell you what, the other reason we are running is we make sure it
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happens. we are going to rebuild the back bone of this country. the lower class, the working class, the middle—class has been hurt very badly but we have two unify this country as well. everybody understands that. the ceos and wall street bankers did not build america. 0rdinary people led by unions build america. we need a president who is not only ready to fight but is also ready to heal this country. we cannot hold grudges. we need to unify this country. the president is supposed to heal as well as a fight and that is exactly what i plan fight and that is exactly what iplan on fight and that is exactly what i plan on doing, we plan on doing, all of us in this whole plans on doing. ladies and gentlemen, i am going to go over this country, every part of the democratic party, and
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united, men, women, gay, straight, black, brown, everybody because, folks, there is nothing, nothing we have ever failed at when we tried and do it together. nothing. so ladies and gentlemen and by the way i want to give a special thanks to al schaefer and out everybody you have been great. everybody knows who donald trump is. it is unfortunate they do know now, but did not know last time but they know now and we have to let him know who we. we choose hope over fear. we choose science over fiction. unity over division. add compassion over cruelty.
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and maybe most importantly of all, truth over lies. folks, we're going to do this, i promise you. i promise you we're going to get this done and god willing we will do it together, may god bless you and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. i want to new hampshire! —— on to new hampshire explanation. formerjoe biden with his wife in this odd situation where he cannot claim victory. after all the money and time spent, all the time these candidates have been speaking to iowa voters. in a
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few hours' time, everybody would have left des moines, focus on washington, dc were tomorrow, tuesday, the state of the union address by the president, the the impeachment trial, on wednesday the vote on that impeachment trial which means the news cycle is going to be wrapped up with state of the union, impeachment trial and then the new hampshire vote, as joe biden and then the new hampshire vote, asjoe biden hasjust said. the theory of iowa is that you invested time and money in order to get momentum and more media attention and more money comes into your political campaign but particular cycle, that may not be the case and i should say there has also been on social media some more conservative groups advocating conspiracy theories about what this delay really means. is it because there is a fixed going on? is
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it the democratic party trying to steal it from bernie sanders ain? to steal it from bernie sanders again? iowa democratic party has said to stop spreading rumours. the republican party also coming to the defence of their democratic colleagues. but you can see when there is not a result, it leaves a vacuum and in the social media world into a vacuum jump conspiracy theories. bernie sanders coming onto the stage as well. he too i imagine going to address his supporters. he too, having been in the impeachment trial of donald trump, having to fly back here. let's quickly append. we had briefly from elizabeth warren to listen tojoe biden but let's go back to elizabeth
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warren's h0. what has she been saying to her supporters? elizabeth warren is speaking to her supporters. she is doing what would be best described as a halfway victory speech. saying they have had great success and looking towards the elections. it has been focusing on donald trump rather than other candidates but i suspect what most people will focus on is that she said it was too close to call. i cannot tell you whether or not she has spoken to some of those involved in these whole voting procedure to try and get over these anomalies but that line jumped out to me. too close to call stop it indicate this as a dad to be a pretty tight boat and elizabeth warren is waiting to see what the exact figures will see. the supporters, those who have helped in this effort
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have gathered and frankly she had to come out and say something. time is marching on and the crowd was becoming frustrated. she seems pretty positive, as you can see. it sounds noisy and lively and positive. are they thinking that if this is a close contest, elizabeth warren does get a bit of a bump out of this? whatever the final result? i think the mood has been very much about bernie versus elizabeth, that is a conversation you sometimes have. the big move in summer pressing was to try and encourage supporters towards elizabeth warren instead of bernie sanders but i have to say she has plenty
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bernie sanders but i have to say grandchildren! bernie sanders but i have to say grandchildren who her grandchildren who were pretty good speakers themselves and it is a pretty positive atmosphere. they are doing their very best to present this as being a good day for elizabeth warren and that she is focusing on taking on donald trump. that is the message we are hearing here, it is about the president not about the mistakes, the voting anomalies or whatever you want to call the delay. chris butler at elizabeth warren campaign headquarters. everybody trying to make sense what is happening in iowa. nick bryant is atjoe biden's headquarters. we heard joe biden with his wifejill biden standing next to him. i have never seen anything like this. we have had results where we thought somebody had one and thenit we thought somebody had one and then it was overturned but nothing like this coming out of iowa. no, absolutely. iguess
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the closest thing we have come is in 2012 when we thought mitt romney had one when actually it was nick santorum and we only found out later. this is bizarre. but there is this modern day tennessee in american policy, regardless of whether you win or lose, you come out and give the same speech. you do not give a victory or concession speech. you take advantage of the fact that many people are watching. we have seen a couple of exa m ples we have seen a couple of examples tonight. amy klobuchar outfront first. then joe examples tonight. amy klobuchar outfront first. thenjoe biden and joe biden coming out shortly afterwards. it is getting late, on the east coast of america they are going to bed especially now that do not expect results soon. joe biden says he can beat donald trump and unite donald trump but, as
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you know, he has not been super impressive in iowa on the stumps. he has been listless, at times fairly incoherent. he speaks in house sentences with incomplete thoughts. he has not been that impressive. —— half sentences. i am going to jump in there because bernie sanders has just started speaking to his supporters. let me begin by stating i imagine, i have a strong feeling at some point, the results will be announced. and when those results are announced, i have a good feeling we're going be doing very, very well here in iowa.
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and the message a message shared by the american people. is that they will we want a government that represents all of us, not just government that represents all of us, notjust wealthy people. tonight, in this enormously consequential 2020 election, the first state in the country is voted and today, today marks the beginning of the end for donald trump. the most
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dangerous president in modern american history. you know, no matter what our political views may be, the people of america understand we cannot continue to have a president who is a pathological liar who is corrupt, who does not understand our constitution and is trying to divide our people up is trying to divide our people up based on the colour of their skin, based on their religion, their sexual orientation or where they were born. and all of that hatred, all of that divisiveness is going to end when together, we are in the white house.
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we are going to win this election because the people of the united states are sick and tired of a massive level of income and wealth inequality. they don't want tax breaks the billionaires and cuts to social security, medicare and medicaid. the american people understand that if you work a0 hours a week, you should not live in poverty and that we've got to raise that minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. the american people understand that healthcare is a human right,
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not a privilege. and that our administration is going to take on the greed and corruption of the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry. and whether they like it or not, we will pass a medicare for all single—payer programme. the american people understand that in the year 2020, all of our people, regardless of income, are entitled to get a higher education. and that is why together, we will make public colleges and universities
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tuition free and why we will cancel all student debt in america. and we're going to do that through a modest tax on wall street speculation. 11 yea rs wall street speculation. 11 years ago, we bailed out the crooks on wall street. now it is their time to help the middle—class. unlike a president of the united states, the american people understand that climate change is not a hoax but not an existential threat to our country and the entire world. they understand that the time is now for us to
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ta ke that the time is now for us to take on the fossil fuel industry and its president of the united states. this is a global issue, notjust an american issue. instead of spending $1.8 trillion a year. maybe we should call our resources and fight our common enemy which is climate change. and the people of america know the time is long overdue for
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major reforms to a broken and racist criminal justice system. we are going to invest in our young people in jobs we are going to invest in our young people injobs and education, not more jails and incarceration. together, we will pass comprehensive immigration immigration reform. and the american people know that gun safety legislation will be written by the american people, not the nra. in the american people most certainly know that it is women who must control their own bodies, not
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politicians. so brothers and sisters, we will defeat donald trump but we will do more than that. our message to wall street and the insurance companies and the drug companies and the drug companies in the fossil fuel industry and the military—industrial complex and the prison industrial complex, our message to them is change is coming. bernie! bernie! bernie! together... bernie! together, with the strongest grassroots
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movement this country has ever seen. . . movement this country has ever seen... cheering. where we have not gone hundreds of thousands of doors here in iowa, we are doing it in new hampshire. so let me conclude by thanking our great staff, our volunteers here in iowa. and now it is on to new hampshire. nevada. south carolina! california! and onward to victory. thank you all very much. cheering. senator bernie sanders there addressing his supporters on this very strange iowa caucus night where we still don't have a result. we understand the
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democratic party is finished with the candidates to explain what is going on, but it looks like the counting process might ta ke like the counting process might take a while because it's a complicated new system. there are questions about some of the technology, whether the app the precinct chairs had to report the data on was actually working. it's a very confusing situation but we can say it's going to take a while to get these results which is not good news for those candidates who we re news for those candidates who were hoping like perhaps bernie sanders for some kind of victorious win to say i won iowa, let's move on. with the wind in oursails. none iowa, let's move on. with the wind in our sails. none of the candidates are going to be able to have that. what is going to be the focus is the democratic party system and questions about whether the iowa caucus
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system is really valid and it should be the first state in the union with this system but it's producing this very mixed, very messy result to nominate a candidate to take on donald trump in november. that's it for the moment from iowa. hello. we've got some fairly chilly and windy conditions out there at the moment. with low pressure very much in charge of the weather at the moment, it is an unsettled story. quite lively weather, in fact. early tuesday, we're likely to see a bit of travel disruption, particularly for scotland and northern england, with a combination of some severe gales and also some icy stretches, and wintry showers around too. now, we've got an area of low pressure that's moving south through the north sea. quite a lot of isobars on the map, so it is going to be a windy picture first
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thing tuesday morning, and quite a chilly morning too. temperatures just about above freezing for most of us, but a little below freezing, i think, in the countryside first thing. and if we take a look at the wind gusts we're likely to see tuesday morning, up to around about a0—50 mph quite widely across much of scotland, perhaps even 55 mph across the pennines. windy too for northern ireland, down towards the midlands, and even along the south coast we could see gusts of wind reaching around a5 mph. so tuesday, blustery showers really wherever you are, also a bit of sunshine on offer. but do watch out for those icy stretches first thing, particularly across the pennines, southern uplands, and highland scotland as well. most of the showers should gradually ease away, though, through the day on tuesday, so it will be a gradually improving picture. some sunshine developing, a bit of patchy cloud here and there, and those strong, gusty winds slowly starting to ease on into the afternoon. but temperatures only around about 8—10 degrees, and with the wind chill, with that brisk northerly wind, it will feel a little bit colder than that. and then, as we move through tuesday night and then on into wednesday, eventually we'll start to see this area of high pressure building in from the west, so that will quieten things down. we're going to be seeing largely dry, clear conditions through tuesday evening
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and overnight into wednesday as well. perhaps a little bit more cloud across the north and the west of scotland, with a few showers here. elsewhere, clear spells, a few mist and fog patches, and a touch of frost. so first thing wednesday, temperatures quite widely down to around about freezing, perhaps a degree or two above in the more urban spots, but a chilly morning, certainly, first thing wednesday. a little bit of mist and fog around, especially further south across england and wales. that should lift into low cloud, but more sunshine developing during the afternoon. a little bit cloudier across the north—west of scotland. fairly cool temperatures, somewhere between about 7—9 degrees for most of us. looking ahead towards the end of the working week, that area of high pressure stays with us, so not only dry on wednesday, but also for thursday and into friday too, with a bit of sunshine. but also watch out for frost, mist and fog. and then, as we look towards the weekend, well, later on friday into saturday, the first weather front moves across the uk, bringing outbreaks of rain at times. so it's a fairly unsettled story as we look towards the weekend. particularly by sunday, things turn wet and windy once again. bye for now.
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this is the briefing, i'm ben bland. our top story: still no decision in iowa, the result of the caucus vote to select a democratic presidential candidate is delayed. china continues to struggle to contain the coronavirus outbreak, as the first fatality is confirmed in hong kong. a real test of faith, fifty years after it was promised, slovenia gets its first ever mosque. protecting your children online. in a world where most 7—year—olds already own a smartphone, online safety is becoming a big concern for parents


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