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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 5, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT

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today at five... the uk's top medical adviser says the country is moving from containing coronavirus — to trying to slow its spread. as the number of cases exceeds one hundred, chris whitty said measures to try to slow the rate at which it's passed on would be ramped up. by by delaying the start of a significant amount of community transmission and a variety of other measures we come onto, push back the point at which we have the peak of this epidemic. we'll have all the latest from our correspondents. the other main stories on bbc news at 5... in the us, elizabeth warren pulls out of the race to be the democrats' presidential candidate. uk airline flybe goes into administration, putting 2,000 jobs at risk and leaving thousands of passengers stranded.
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probation officers had 8 opportunities to recall multiple rapistjoseph mccann to prison — before he went on his rampage of sex attacks. england's six nations games against italy on m and 15 march have been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak. hello and good afternoon. in the past hour, the government has announced that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the uk has risen to 115. the government's top medical adviser says the uk is now trying to slow the spread of the virus. professor chris whitty said the country is moving away from phase one of its strategy, which was to contain the disease, and moving towards the second phase, which is an attempt to delay
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rates of transmission. as it was confirmed that eight patients have contracted the virus within the uk without travelling abroad, a senior doctor has told the bbc that the nhs is not in a position to cope if the rate of infection does increase rapidly. and italy has closed its schools and universities and england's six nations rugby match in rome later this month has been called off. 0ur health correspondent sophie hutchinson reports. this is how south korea is fighting the new coronavirus, and has the largest epidemic outside of china. in comparison the number of cases in the uk is still very small but today officials say they were ramping up measures as pa rt officials say they were ramping up measures as part of the next phase aimed at delaying the spread here. we will get 50% of all the cases over a three week period and 95% of the case is over a nine week period, if it follows a trajectory, as it is
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likely to. at all of those were spaced out on the nhs over two or three years that will be easily manageable but it is the fact that they are so heavily concentrated. ip and explained why slimming the virus down was so important. he said it would push the peak of cases to a later stage where the nhs would be ata later stage where the nhs would be at a better consent —— possession to cope. it would buy time to better understand the virus and as it gets warmer infection rates might reduce. the prime minister sought to reassure people today and urge them to ta ke reassure people today and urge them to take simple precautions. the overwhelming majority of people, this is going to be, who get it, it will be mild—to—moderate illness. and we are still at the stage where the single best thing we can do and it will be like that for a long time. the majority of people -- minority of come l, an
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minority of people who come l, an extra 5000 intensive care beds could be created by a senior intensive ca re be created by a senior intensive care specialist said it would not be possible the consultant was not named but his views are widely held by specialists across the country. he said there is absolutely no way we can increase the number of nicu beds by 5000. the only way to do that would be to shut down all elective surgery in the country and use operating feed years to treat people. he said i can absolutely guarantee that we will be rationing, it will be the major issue. across europe the number of cases continues to arise with it or leave them where his head, closing all schools for ten days. it is not a question of panicking by taking the necessary measures. in california and the search is on for more than 2000 people who had been on this cruise ship after a passenger died from the infection, slowing down the spread
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of this virus is now a priority for governments right across the globe. sophie hutchinson, bbc news. despite the fears we heard expressed there ministers say the nhs is well—prepared for an epidemic. 0ur health correspondent nick triggle has been looking at the plans. it's likely the number of cases will continue climbing, possibly for two or three months until it peaks. so how well—prepared is the health service? the nhs has quickly put plans in place to deal with the virus. most patients so far have been sent to the five big specialist infectious disease hospitals in england. between them they can care for over 100 patients at any one time in dedicated isolation facilities. there are also another 25 hospitals across the uk with expertise and have started admitting patients. those with mild illnesses are being told to self—isolate at home. what if there is a surge in cases, though? this week all hospitals in england were put on an emergency footing and told to prepare for cases.
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they may need to cut back on other work and have been told to work up plans to segregate coronavirus patients. there are more than 4,000 intensive care beds in total. so, what can we expect? most people infected have a mild illness, but one in 20 could need critical care. during the swine flu pandemic a decade ago, 2,500 needed intensive care but the elderly had some immunity then to that virus. they don't with coronavirus, so the numbers needing intensive care could be much higher this time. can the nhs cope or will it buckle? there are huge pressures already. it has been the most difficult winter for a generation, arguably. nearly one in four patients needing a bed have waited over four hours on trolleys and in corridors this winter. there are significant vacancies, too, with one in 12 posts unfilled. coronavirus looks to test the nhs to the limit, particularly
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when the peak weeks hit. a cobra meeting has just been opened by the prime minister — our political correspondent leila nathoo is in westminster. these are emergency meetings the prime minister chairs and what are you hearing? he opened the cobra meeting and updated on the latest situation by the chief medical 0fficer situation by the chief medical officer and the office advisers. we heard from the prime minister's official spokeswoman to say that we will continue to try to contain the virus however it is likely that the virus however it is likely that the virus will likely spread any significant way. we heard a warning that it was likely the number of cases with rice and we have already seen that number go up earlier today and we now have that also from the prime minister's spokesperson saying that. it also seems that downing street are making preparations to accelerate the work for the delay
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phase of the response panel. remembered before stage plan, we we re remembered before stage plan, we were in the containment phase and the government now says it will accelerate work get to the delay stage. there is widespread cases but accelerating work for the preparations of this delay phase and that according to the spokesperson for the prime minister says will include detailed work and times to introduce their measure is. going to the official document they produce earlier this week that said that many of the actions in the containment phase delays and epidemics so there is not clear a huge step up but clearly what is on the minds of prime minister and downing street could actually accelerate and are moving towards the second phase we heard the chief medical officer mentioned today. thank you for the update there. in
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the past hour the department of health and social care released a regional breakdown of the cases across england. here you can see with 25 london has the most cases. there are 17 more cases in the southeast as well as the northwest. chris smith is a consultant virologist at cambridge university — and a presenter on the naked scientist podcast. hejoins me now via webcam. the number of cases here is still quite small but clearly the government is ratcheting up its management of this virus, how would you characterize where we are? the reason they are being cautious is because now we have some degree of experience with what is happening in other countries, including country va ry other countries, including country vary like this one so if you look at what happened in italy we have insight now into that trajectory this is likely to take. though the
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numbers appear quite low one has to remember that those are the cases we know about and there are probably lots of cases, a bit like an iceberg with much of that invisible underwater. that are probably lots of cases because in the majority of people this particular infection does not cause over symptoms and they do not know it and are passing it on. there is part of the reason that although there is a handful of cases, eight people have contracted the virus without leaving the country and now it is within the population. exactly and the fact that these individuals have no travel history or obvious connection with an area where the virus was circulating outside of the country shows they must have had some kind of co nta ct shows they must have had some kind of contact inside the country, it is in the community, we know that, that is where they got it from and that suggests wider spread happening now which is my we may have to go looking for it which is the next phase of this and we have to reassure ourselves this is on that
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move and number is will start climbing and we should be prepared. people are watching and listening and people are starting to stockpile food and medicines, should they be doing that? i do not think they should. i was talking to a friend of mine and new zealand when they declared their first case and there was a huge run on bob paper and it seemed an unusual choice of things to snap up and emergency but maybe they were worried what would happen, ido they were worried what would happen, i do not know. but there is no reason to get at the numbers are so very small so i would urge everyone to not do that and watch and wait and see what happens. in overall terms how prepared do you think we need to be? i have been going to lots of meetings and send a lot of briefing papers from meetings and we thought about very little else for the last two months actually and we have a plan and also bested off all
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our plans that we have used and tested during the sars outbreak and during the swine flu outbreak. these are tried and tested method so we have a lot of experience to fall back on so perhaps one must not be complacent because this is a new virus and we have not seen the likes of it before and it is more infectious than flu and potentially more dangerous than flu so we must not be complacent and plan for the worse and hope for the best but we will have to wait and see. hopefully the worst case scenario we are planning for will not be an eventuality and things will be a lot softer than that and we will get through it. chris smith speaking to us from cambridge, thank you so much for your time. a little more on the coronavirus story. we hear the death toll in italy has risen from number is there have
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jumped by 31 just in the last day. 0na jumped by 31 just in the last day. on a different subject, more breaking news to bring you, this is bringing to us by the home affairs correspondent and he says office is from the metropolitan police's counterterrorism command have arrested a serving metropolitan police officer on suspicion of being a member of a prescribed organisation. he is a 21—year—old police constable who works with front line policing and arrested him and an address in north london and taken him to a police station in south london where he currently remains in custody. he says he arrest is of suspected membership in an organisation went to right—wing terrorism. we will bring more as soon we have a. let's take a look at the headlines from bbc news. the uk's top medical adviser says
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the country is moving from containing coronavirus, to trying to slow its spread. uk airline flybe goes into administration, putting 2,000 jobs at risk and leaving thousands of passengers stranded. in the us, elizabeth warren pulls out of the race to be the democrats' presidential candidate. and sport england's the final six nation match next week and has been postponed because of coronavirus and ireland's home game has been called off and both could be played later this year. england cricket captain wa nts a this year. england cricket captain wants a change in the rules after they were knocked out of the t20 world comp. it with a wash—out plate and you were given the win because they they better turn and then record. andy murray's action returned to the open at the end of the month, he has not played since november because of pelvic and hip
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problems. we will be back in 15 minutes with a full update. the collapse of the regional airline flybe has left thousands of passengers hoping to fly from uk airports stranded. customers hoping to travel have been told not to go to the airport unless they've arranged an alternative flight. the airline went into administration last night, after a fresh bid for financial support failed. it puts the jobs of 2,000 staff at risk, and could have major consequences for some regional airports, where the majority of flights are run by flybe. more on the impact on specific regions in a moment, but first here's our correspondent charlotte rose. this flybe flight may have been the last to land. the airline's collapse last night means all flights are now grounded, with the loss of 2,000 jobs. when did you first hear? early hours of the morning. quite a shock?
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yeah. yeah, i thought that we'd be saved, but not this time. sorry. 0utbound passengers have been warned not to come to the airport, as flights will not be departing, but for some this morning that news came too late. we can't fly from here, there are no other airlines from here that will fly to jersey, so you are looking at options like ferries or essentially a different airport, but with jersey there isn't really that many options. i've booked to go to australia, via 0podo, with singapore airlines, but unfortunately part of the journey was with flybe. and being as they've gone into administration, the whole trip is up in arms. unlike with the collapse of other operators like monarch airlines and thomas cook, the civil aviation authority is not putting on flights to bring people home. flybe transported 8 million passengers last year, on 119 routes. for those now stuck abroad, other airlines may step in to help passengers return. all train companies say
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that they will provide free transport for flybe ticket holders. people with future flights are being urged to contact their travel agents or their debit or credit card company to check how they can claim money back. flybe ran into financial trouble in february last year. at the start of this year, they asked the government for assistance. ministers said they would help, and looked at delaying air passenger duty payments from the firm. but now the company says the impact of coronavirus on upcoming bookings has made its future unviable, and already the blame game has begun. unions say the government could and should have done more. i think for the government to allow an airline of this significance to collapse in these circumstances is its first real test of going from campaigning to the realities of government, and it's a real test of its levelling up agenda, so we will be asking some searching questions about why this has happened so quickly and what this means for the communities, and our members, directly.
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but ministers say it is down to factors beyond their control. flybe has had a challenging year in terms of its financial performance, with a decline in bookings and increased competition. levelling up connectivity across our regions and nations is a top priority for this government. some regional airports say they've already had other operators express an interest in taking over flybe routes. but, for passengers facing chaos today, such offers will come too late. charlotte rose, bbc news. we can speak now to taylor foster who was due to start a newjob with flybe as cabin crew in just a few days time. you knew nothing about the collapse and infact you knew nothing about the collapse and in fact told to warn the —— ignore the warnings on the news? on tuesday i spoke to somebody who told me to ignore the warnings and everything was fine and how bright
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the future was looking and congratulating me on starting tuesday training. how do you feel about what has happened? yeah, i am really guided, everyone i have spoken to and everyone who currently works for flybe said how lovely it was to work for and i am really guided they left it to the last minute andi guided they left it to the last minute and i still have not heard anything from flybe themselves but the only way i found out was what i had seen on the news last night and today. you have turned down at their job offers because you had one with flybe? i have known about this job for two months and now i am another two months away from looking for a newjob and by the time i applied forjobs and interviewed it is a long time to be without work. that isa long time to be without work. that is a miserable state of affairs
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isn't that? and i had to pay for medical and cbr checks and i am not going to start a job and out—of—pocket and now i also felt afraid the 2a people who will be on my course with me and have given up jobs to start with flybe this coming tuesday and i am not sure how they will be feeling right now, i can only feel they are very disappointed. we wish you luck with your search for alternatives. thank your search for alternatives. thank you very much. let's go now to belfast city airport — we can speak to the chief executive brian ambrose. 7796 77% of the routes out of belfast are operated by flybe so what is this going to do to you know? it is two thirds of our passenger base, deep positive news is there is a strong demand for the routes, for northern
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island and air transport is critical for us so there is a interest from other airlines of the last 2a hours. two of the routes have been backfilled so we are trying to sympathise with the flybe staff and customers who have been affected but to deliver a message to them that we are confident we can backfill those routes and hoping they make further arrangements in the coming days but very difficult for everyone concerned. you have a couple of those routes covered already covered by scottish airline, logan air and is it because you are talking to other operators? we were aware of flybe difficulties a year ago so it was to support our number one customer, and we have worked with flybe throughout the year but it was proven to look at a contingency plan and as they are difficulties
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increased, we have been keeping in touch with other airlines and it was unlikely that they would start in competition with flybe but now that they have gone and administration, airlines have been in touch with us to start the routes as soon as possible. there are customers who fly in and out of belfast frequently and in the past have relied on flybe, how competent can you be to restore the same sort of service to them? well, like any business if there is a demand for your product, you have a future so we are five minutes in the city centre and have an excellent facility. a lot of the customers have been travelling to the airport every week and that is what we take from the airlines and they perform well for flybe and that is why we are confident of backfilling. 0bviously is why we are confident of backfilling. obviously if the government can do anything to help, there is a budget on the 11th of
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march and a reduction of their passenger duty i think will be something that is beneficial to the entire industry but we are confident without being arrogant. we have a lot of hard work to do and everyone is working around the clock to try to reestablish it as soon as possible. do you think the government should have stepped in to help flybe? or only position with the government is to do with the passenger duty and our role is to work with the airline and give them support to work with the staff. it is not for me to comment on the discussions the airline has with the government. i think in our part we have been invested in the business and very supportive and that is why we believe we have a strong and bright future and also announced that it would be addressed to hear from flybe staff made redundant so it will be a bonus that those who
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have worked with us sometimes for a number of decades may come back here very shortly may be wearing a different uniform but back. we have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time. a busy afternoon, we have breaking news for you on our main story, coronavirus. nhs trust royal berkshire has announced the first patient death from coronavirus. they said sadly an older patient with underlying health conditions has died. the patient had been in and out of hospital for non—coronavirus purposes, the patient was admitted and tested last night positive for coronavirus. the family has been informed and their thoughts are with them at this time. it is the first
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confirmed that of a patient from coronavirus in the uk. the democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren has announced she's dropping out of the race to take on president trump in november. the long—serving senator has campaigned on a platform of anti—corruption and in the early stages of the contest she was seen as one of the frontrunners. the news comes after her campaign faltered on the so—called super tuesday primaries this week, seeing her fall behind the former vice—president, joe biden, and her fellow senator, bernie sanders. we can now cross to our washington correspondent gary 0'donoghue. was this a surprise, elizabeth warren dropping out? not especially particularly because on tuesday she came third in her own state, third and massachusetts and frankly if you cannot win your own state you are not really a viable candidate going forward but the rot set and a bit before that because in the first four contests, her best placing was buried. the problem with that is the
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money starts to dry up in the memorandum goes. i think eventually became pretty inevitable that she would step out. everyone now wants to know who she will and doris? she hasissued to know who she will and doris? she has issued a statement, to campaign workers thinking them and also taking credit for removing as she took credit, one billionaire from the race, michael bloomberg who she gave a real kicking teal on the debate stage. he pulled out on super tuesday as well. no mention of an endorsement and bear in mind for yea rs endorsement and bear in mind for years ago when she thought about entering the race, she did not endorse anyone either through the nomination process but she did after the candidate was hillary clinton. she has a history of animosity with bernie sanders and some history with joe biden over legislative matters
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so she may decide to let her supporters deal as they wish. then i suppose where welfare support go? the obvious idea is that she was on the left of the party so it will go to bernie sanders but i do not think thatis to bernie sanders but i do not think that is necessarily true, if you look at the breakdown of the votes she got on super tuesday, she was getting a lot of whites basically, 80% of her support was white and a lot of women, two thirds women and a lot of women, two thirds women and a lot of women, two thirds women and a lot of college educated women as well. they are not necessarily a natural constituency of bernie sanders who has a much younger profile in terms of his support and some of those people may well feel about the next port of call will be joe biden not wanting to see a democratic socialist in the white house. many thanks, we have to leave it there. the washington correspondent gary 0'donoghue there.
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if you arejoining us correspondent gary 0'donoghue there. if you are joining us we have some breaking news on bbc news. royal berkshire nhs trust confirmed the death of a patient from coronavirus. theyissued death of a patient from coronavirus. they issued a statement saying sadly a older patient has died, they said they have been in and out of hospitalfor they have been in and out of hospital for non—coronavirus reasons, the family has been informed and there thoughts are with them. the first uk patient death from coronavirus. a report has revealed that there was a "repeated failure" to recall a convicted man, joseph mccann, to prison, before he commited a series of abductions and rapes last year. mccann was given 33 life sentences after being convicted of a series of offences against 11 women and children. the report found there were eight opportunities to recall mccann after he was freed from jail for a burglary offence. let's speak to our home affairs
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correspondent, danny shaw. this sounds very damning. this sounds very damningm this sounds very damning. it is a serious further event review for joseph mccann plus my case and we needed then there was a number of hearings. that had of prison apologise for the spellings. in terms of warnings of the risk that he posed in terms of the sexual risk, that is something we did not know before. joseph mccann was serving a long sentence for burglary and now we learn in 2011 the probation prison and police authorities were told that he might pose a risk of sexual harm and exploitation to teenage girls. two letters, disturbing letters, have been intercepted by prison staff. that issue is the risk of sexual harm was not addressed as it should have been and the report makes that
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clear it was a failing. then you come onto these feelings over the recall process. recall is basically the process by which the parole board gets involved in a case so the pa role board gets involved in a case so the parole board decides when someone should be released from prison. joseph mccann had been released from the earlier burglary and then locked up the earlier burglary and then locked up againfor the earlier burglary and then locked up again for another burglary but the recall process was not activated, as you say, there were eight occasions on which it should have been considered and it was not done. that is a shocking failure, repeated failure to activate that recall process. when it meant was that he was freed automatically at the halfway point of his sentence and then half a year later he began the appalling sexual violence. there will be another review, a wider review looking into other lessons and the recall process more
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generally by the inspector of probation. we know several staff have been disciplined and to have lost theirjobs as a result of the failings. we have also heard a court hearing at the court of appeal, to determine whether the sentence imposed on joseph mccann determine whether the sentence imposed onjoseph mccann was unduly lenient so the court of appeal will look at that as well. thank you. the eu's chief negotiator has said there are "serious" differences between the uk and eu after the first round of trade talks. michel barnier said reaching a deal would be "challenging" but a "good agreement for both sides" remained possible. the government said the negotiations would be tough, but it was pleased what it called the "constructive tone" of the talks. damian grammaticas is in brussels. initial thoughts on what the two sides are saying? initial thoughts are that there are some serious problems with these negotiations.
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nothing really surprising in that but some really big differences between the sides. michel barnier at me that absolutely clear and said there were four key areas that were very serious divergences. 0ne there were four key areas that were very serious divergences. one is on the commitment of fair competition, uk says it is committed to upholding labour standards, environmental standards but does not want to write that into any treaty. michel barnier‘s point is if you are not —— are committed to it why not commit to it in text? addition, they want negotiation on annual fishing in to it in text? addition, they want negotiation on annualfishing in uk waters and barnier said that was impracticalfrom the waters and barnier said that was impractical from the eu waters and barnier said that was impracticalfrom the eu side because it was covering 100 different species of fish. 0n police and judicial cooperation in the uk says it will not be bound by the european convention on human rights or court of justice. michel convention on human rights or court ofjustice. michel barnier says that was admission that pe you could not
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accept and needs to underpainting of those for cooperation and police and judicial matters. the uk once little deals covering lots of areas in the uk, the eu wants an overall one. the uk's problem with that i think is that the eu could then impose sanctions on the uk across all of thoseissues sanctions on the uk across all of those issues if the uk ever broke any parts of the deal. what you see from this is a really big conceptual difference, they are in very different places and it boils down to trust and the uk not wanting to commit to standards and agreements and paper that the eu says it needs to have. and i think it means these talks are in a difficult place. even on the big issues, let alone the nuts and bolts, this isjust the beginning. they have to sort this out in the coming months because it has to be done this year. a long way to go. many thanks.
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coming up on the bbc news at five... south korea is battling the worst coronavirus outbreak outside of china, with over six thousand confirmed cases. we'll speak to the country's ambassador to the uk about the impact of the virus. time for a look at the weather, here's phil avery. there is plenty of it today across the british isles, a real mishmash. top two thirds gloriously sunny. and you have to wait into the afternoon because the low pressure mostly over the near continent but has spread some crowd and —— cloud and rain and now largely confined into the southeast and now 30 mm of rain and still raining and will deal perhaps into the small hours before it moves away dense the clouds will clear and we end with a hard frost. a bright and crisp start to the new day on
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friday except towards the west we have another weather front but not with the intensity of today across the south but there will be a bit of it going into the early afternoon and you see it hanging over scotland. the weekend eventually cloud and wind and rain for all of us during saturday and sunday is a mixture of sunny spells and showers.
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this is bbc news. the headlines. a patient in berkshire is the first person in the uk to die from coronavirus. in the us, elizabeth warren pulls out of the race to be the democrats' presidential candidate. uk airline flybe goes into administration, putting 2,000 jobs at risk and leaving thousands of passengers stranded. probation officers had 8 opportunities to recall multiple rapistjoseph mccann to prison, before he went on his rampage of sex attacks. karen andi karen and i are still has a huge
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impact on sport. england's final match. england's final match in this year's six nations has been postponed. they were due to face italy in rome next weekend but the government there has ordered all major sports to take place behind closed doors for the next month because of coronavirus and rugby chiefs today decided that it would be best to move the match at the stadio 0limpico to a later date. the women's and under 20's matches have also been postponed. italy were due to face ireland in dublin this weekend but that had already been called off. england /wales and scotland against france both go ahead this weekend. the england cricket captain heather knight has called for the introduction of reserve days at future t20 world cups. as was feared in sydney, their semi—final was a washout and india progressed to the final becasue they had a better tournament record. at least 10 overs a side is required to enable a result but not a single ball was bowled.
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the chancery as getting out there. 0n the chancery as getting out there. on to say the weather has cost us. we had petted we didn't have the chance to fight for a place not final. there's not a lot that we can do. we lost that first game against south africa has cost us. we were going to make the semifinals and play best cricket that then obviously have a chance taken away from us. australia got lucky with the weather at the scg in their semi—final, they dodged the showers to beat south africa by five runs. they made 134 for fullin their 20 overs, south africa felljust short chasing a revised target off 13 overs . so it's australia india in the final on sunday in melbourne. the everton manager carlo ancelotti has been fined £8,000 after accepting an fa misconduct charge, but he hasn't been given a touchline ban. he became the first premier league manager to be shown a red
5:39 pm
card when he confronted the referee chris kava nagh after their draw against manchester united at goodison park last sunday. var had ruled out a late winnerfor his side. it's the last of this weeks fa cup ties tonight. manchester united are at derby county, norwich are waiting for the winners in the quarterfinals. united will come up against a familiar face tonight, their record goalscorer wayne rooney. he gave absolutely everything for this club. and what he has done that we all appreciate that. any goal he stores up against as it will be chopped up his escort terry. he didn't want discord to many had been. we have to be on our toes. don't give him any space around the box or a made field. you can see scores in passing range. you can see scores in passing range. also tonight, england's women are playing the world champions the usa in orlando. the lionesses are defending their shebelieves cup title, but it was the americans that knocked them out of last summer's world cup.
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we have to put that period behind us. it was a good world cap and for the team, we had a period at the world cup and i. now it is 2020, that fresh faces and describe. it excites us. we had the biggest of luck and had to. we had a 2021 and a combination as well they have to pay this chapter behind us. it reflected on our learnings and think of this asa on our learnings and think of this as a fresh start. maybe youngsters can inject a bit of energy. maybe youngsters can inject a bit of energy. and you can watch the match on bbc two plus the iplayer, coverage begins from 20 to midnight. and you can see highlights of derby v manchester united in the fa cup also on bbc two at 11:15pm tonight, plus follow live text commentary on our website also commentary on 5live. andy murray could be back on court in the next couple of weeks, the three—time grand slam champion has only played one match since october beacuse of a pelvic injury, possibly related to his last hip operation, but he's targetting the miami open at the end of the month for his return.
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we'll have more for you in sportsday at half past six. we had learned the past in the next that a first patient in uk has died. but a black what are they saying. we have a statement nhs trust, confirming that an older patient with underlying health conditions has died. they go on to say that the patient has previously and out of hospitalfor patient has previously and out of hospital for non—coronavirus reasons. 0n hospital for non—coronavirus reasons. on this occasion was admitted last night tested positive for the virus. they state the family has been informed. i thought are with them and it's very difficult time. i had a statement from chris witty, england's chief medical 0fficer witty, england's chief medical officer and he is very sorry to report that they has died with the
5:42 pm
virus. he is considered sincere condolences. the first death in the uk. the members bring it relatively small but bring us up—to—date. uk. the members bring it relatively small but bring us up-to-date. for cases of karen atlantis has increased again today 200 —— 120 —— 115. 25 of those cases are in england. another three in scotland. 17 are known to be from countries where there are five basic hotspots orfrom where there are five basic hotspots or from clusters in where there are five basic hotspots orfrom clusters in the uk already. slightly more worrying is that it is not clear where eight at the cases have come from. health officials say they are very keen to trace where that virus has come from a virus has come from it does cases. back to our top story and new cases of coronavirus are being identified right across the world, from bosnia to south africa. the head of the world health organisation has said this afternoon that the outbreak has not yet
5:43 pm
reached pandemic proportions — but said there were "very worrying signs". we are concerned that in some country have either not taken very seriously enough, or have decided there is nothing that they can do. this is not a drill. this is not the time to give up. this is not a time for excuses. this is a time for pulling out all the stops. countries have been planning for scenarios like this for decades. now is the time, to act on those plans. these are plans that start with leadership from the top. coordinating every pa rt from the top. coordinating every part of government. notjust the health ministry. security, diplomacy, finance, transport,
5:44 pm
trade, information and more. south korea is dealing with the worst coronavirus outbreak outside china. it now has more than six thousand reported cases. earlier this week, president moonjae—in declared "war" on the virus and extra measures are being taken to try and contain the oubreak, including a ban on the export of face masks. with me is the republic of korea's ambassador to the uk, her excellency enna park. thinking about what is going on in south korea at the moment, it does sound like a state of emergency. how would you characterize a? it is true that we are facing unprecedented challenges. the coronavirus affects our daily life. there is a spike in
5:45 pm
the number of confirmed cases is paradoxically resulted from our screening test. i like diagnostic capabilities, we do test up to 15,000 daily. so far, 150,000 tests have been done. because our approach has tracked down all suspicious cases in effective containment spread. it is a catchall approach. that is a huge task is a chris knight we have sufficient people to conduct a quite wide a test. this wide task is resolved and cried
5:46 pm
number of confirmed cases anyway. 0ut number of confirmed cases anyway. out of that her name concerned parties including society are working to this disease. when he think you are in terms of this outbreak? hasn't reached its peak categories that still happen? current state, it is very difficult to predict what will happen tomorrow. i sincerely hope that we reach the peak and be spread will be under control. we are confident of the korean government and people capabilities to combat the virus. south korea has used technology to track people, it has created an so people can find out whether someone infected is near them. do you worry
5:47 pm
that you are creating alarm in your attempt to keep people healthy? we find our people find the application very useful to be better prepared. the government also introduced a new innovative system, for example testing facilities. so i spent suspicious one can use that facility. it takes only a few benefits. within six hours testing the result comes. we are conducting various the result comes. we are conducting various measures to the result comes. we are conducting various measures to help people to be better prepared and to avoid from being affected. a lot has been made at the fact that the outbreak seems to have started within this
5:48 pm
religious group. their leader did not cooperated with the authorities. murder charges are being pursued against the leader. do you think the leader should be held accountable?” think the leader showed that he should be held accountable, because somewhat clandestine characteristics of the leadership helped why and continued the spread leaving very little room for government intervention. so, they have not fully cooperated in tackling and tracking down all of his cases. i think they should be be held
5:49 pm
accountable. briefly, are there any lessons that we can learn from top korea? uk also has the capacity to deal with this kind of challenges. we are willing to share our experiences and knowledge, and lessons learned in response to this spread at the virus. for example, the transparency is key to tackle the transparency is key to tackle the spread. the korean government is putting big importance to transparency. we share all of the information, all statistics and barbara. and government measures to the public in real time. it is the foundation of trust and the people to trust the government and international communities to trash —— trust south korean government.
5:50 pm
they get to talk to you. the ambassadorfrom they get to talk to you. the ambassador from south korea, they get to talk to you. the ambassadorfrom south korea, and marketing. the muslim council of britain has renewed its call for the uk's human rights watchdog to investigate accusations of islamophobia in the conservative party. in a letter to the equality and human rights commission, the mcb accused the party of a reluctance to address what it described as a "widespread and systemic" problem. a spokesperson for the conservative party said the party had "a robust approach to discrimination of any kind" and was holding an independent review into how it could improve its processes. 0ur political correspondent alex forsyth is at westminster. this issue has been going on for some time to empty council of britain which represents a number of muslim groups in the uk has repeatedly called for an independent inquiry into allegations that some members the conservative party has expressed islamic phobia kids. it
5:51 pm
made last year, let is done today is resubmit that document with let c d claims are new cases of anti—muslim that ran through at the party. it hasn't been enough that i bought it since it first submitted over ten months ago. the interesting is found in cp, he had to use not only the equalities commission but also the conservative party failing to act. this is what he had to say. the issue is that these cases are living the conservative party. my thumbs across the paul after paul stays in the last islamic phobia as a concern for them. if it cannot get its house in orderwe for them. if it cannot get its house in order we had a serious problem across the country. they can save the party, has repeatedly said it ta kes the party, has repeatedly said it takes robust action when cases are brought to his attention. it is
5:52 pm
holding everything you looking at its processes to make sure they are robust enough to stamp out any insta nces robust enough to stamp out any instances as when they occur. it says the number of cases that have previously been reported and are already being exacerbated. that is not enough for some critics including the council of britain. there must be an inquiry, expense matches a broad by looking at discrimination. until that happens this issue is not being taken seriously enough. when it comes to equality and human rights can and actively taking action regarding this issue. they are waiting to see what the conservative party it doesn't recording inquiry. there maybe want to come on this. many thanks. many thanks. abduction, serious physical abuse and a campaign of intimidation. all allegations made against the ruler of dubai, sheikh mohammed al—maktoum, by his former wife, princess haya ofjordan, were found to be proven by the high court.
5:53 pm
in a series ofjudgements published today, the court overruled the sheikh's attempt to keep the findings secret. the princess fled to britain last year with her children, saying she was in fear of her life. frank gardner reports. happier days for dubai's divorcing couple. she is princess haya ofjordan, he is sheikh mohammed al—maktoum, ruler of dubai. now, dark details are emerging about what's alleged to have been going on behind palace walls. here at the royal courts ofjustice, princess haya seen here in white, is alleging intimidation by the sheikh after discovering the alleged fate of two of his daughters. she says he told her "you will never be safe in england". this court case is lifting the lid on what's alleged to have been going on in one of the more secretive ruling families of the middle east. allegations that include the forced return of two princesses, one of whom was allegedly siezed right here in britain.
5:54 pm
dubai matters. it's a global destination, and, as part of the united arab emirates, a close western ally. raf warplanes use its airbase, david cameron visited as prime minister, and sheikh mohammed is a huge figure in the horseracing world. the queen paid a royal visit to the uae in 2010. i'm making this video because it could be the last video i make. sheikha latifa, one of sheikh mohammed's daughters, fled dubai and her family by boat two years ago. she was recaptured off the indian coast by armed commandos. an official statement said she was now safe with her family but, she's hardly been seen since. princess haya, a former 0lympic equestrian, is said to have since discovered disturbing details about what's happened to her, and another princess, after both failed in their bid to leave dubai's ruling family.
5:55 pm
princess haya's accusations include that they were both subject to the continuing deprivation of liberty in dubai and serious physical abuse, amounting to torture or inhuman and degrading treatment. and also, that their father is using his connections in the press to generate hostile stories aimed at destabilising and harming princess haya. these details have been emerging in court after princess haya fled to britain last year, telling friends she was in fear of her life. frank gardner, bbc news, in central london. in a statement issued after the judgments were published, sheikh mohammed said: "the appeal was made to protect the best interests and welfare of the children. the outcome does not protect my children from media attention in the way that other children in family proceedings in the uk are protected." time for a look at the weather, here's phil avery.
5:56 pm
person and boxer has been found in coronavirus. in a statement in the past half hour the berkshire hs tries it was an older person with underlying health conditions admitted last night. the development comes as the cases at the virus has more than doubled in the last 48 hours, with 115 people in our having a tested positive. chris witty has increasing report —— reporters and we have learned more details. people testing positive comments only have mild illness are now self isolating at home are not automatically going to hospital. 45 for doing this this morning. chris witty also says that we have it two delay gap that we are preparing to. the whole of italy is now an area of concern. the whole of italy is now an area of concern. time for a look at the weather, here's phil avery. no shortage of it. that afternoon a glorious day for much of the north of england, northern ireland. i
5:57 pm
showers master west of scotland. we had to wait for the sunshine. and you are still waiting there. this is due here. i start at that place did not adjust your set. now comes courtesy of that area of low pressure which has brought an awful lot of rain across the southern counties today. in the southeast. they had over 30 mm of rain. it was still debating fair. it will for a time as well and the obese mall hours before the rain falls as a shield of clad christmas he said the sky cleared widely across the isles. you end up with quite widespread frost. at its sharpest somewhere in the scottish borders —4, —5. the new day brings more went in front across western areas, relative to today's clad in rain, this is much weaker affair. it will be tempered sunshine at best. across western areas into the southwest, wales, up to the southwest scotland the burst of
5:58 pm
rain. chris stark for the ease with plenty of fence sunshine. more in the afternoon how it moves do not have an island and into scotland. brightest guys to finish off today. temperatures in the southeast, you might get double figures. the weekend there is some way been made to speak up and been some sunny spells. to find out saturday you're going to talk about paint and rain, sadly there is a new bed in front spreading combination widely across scotland, and much of northern ireland. that is, the middle of the afternoon there is no sign of a line of land orany rain. afternoon there is no sign of a line of land or any rain. the greater pa rt of land or any rain. the greater part of england and indeed much of lance as mouth. when do you see a placement overnight. thankfully we have the timing right, because that when a friend explained that combination of wind and rain across many parts of british isles to the southeast. to start on sunday, but
5:59 pm
once that is gone it will be a combination of some pretty blustery showers. notjust combination of some pretty blustery showers. not just windy and combination of some pretty blustery showers. notjust windy and i help still get to double figures and one or two favourite spots. a cool afternoon with a combination of some sunny spells but also showers. see you soon, bye—bye.
6:00 pm
tonight at six, in the last hour, confirmation of the first death from coronavirus here in the uk. the patient was being treated at the royal berkshire hospital and had an underlying health condition. it comes as the uk's chief medical adviser warns that the nhs could face intense pressure on its critical—care service. we will get 50% of the cases over a three—week period, and 95% of the cases over a nine—week period, if it follows the trajectory we think it's likely to. tonight, as the number of uk cases rises to 115, we'll be in brighton to see how one community is preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. also on the programme: grounded — the collapse of flybe leaves passengers in the lurch


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