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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 5, 2020 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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time is almost exactly 10.30 p:m.. i'm only foster. here's what coming up i'm only foster. here's what coming up on sportsday tonight. at the double, as manchester united reached the fa cup quarterfinals. the six nations is hit by another coronavirus postponement. england's final game in italy is off. and the storm that caused the storm at the t20 world cup england. not doubt by the weather. evening, the fa cup quarterfinal line up is complete, manchester united the last team through after a fairly routine 3—nil win over derby county, 0dion ighalo scored his second and third goals for the club. that's 250 behind wayne rooney's
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united record, but it was rooney who was on the losing side tonight. lydia campbell reports. he spent 13 years of the manchester united rep, but now rooney was plotting a downfall in derby county white. he is not the only danger man for darby though. sibley was the first to test sergio romero. this was the the moment that had nine writers were waiting for, rooney over a free kick. romero again was there to spoil the fun. sometimes you need a slice of luck in football. united got it here. 0pening football. united got it here. opening the scoring of the back of jesse. it was too soon after.
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all but ending derby's hopes of a tie. it my barely in his career, but he is already proving to be a hit. romero was once again the man to get in the way too good for darby, too good for rudy. lydia campbell, bbc news work through. that's a big thing in the two goals. of course that's fantastic for us to see a strike coming in. england women play the usa in their opening match at she believes cup in just over an hour from now. england are the defending champions, but this will be the first time the two sides will have met since the americans knocked england
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out of the world cup in france last summer. 0ur sports correspondent katie gornall is in orlando it was at this tournament last year that england started to believe. just one trophy for the first time after their site set on something big. after heading into a world cup that promise so much, theirjourney endedin that promise so much, theirjourney ended in the semifinal. and and agonising defeat to the usa. this will be the first time they face them since that night. how do you reflect on that match now does it still hurt quick yellow yeah. i still hurt quick yellow yeah. i still sometimes think about that game. and what we could've done different leave. i think it's a sign we can face them again and it's amazing tournament to face the man. a big crowd as well,. —— face them again. england's form since that game has slumped with two wins and
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0rlando. with a much change swatter, nine players are under the age of 23. the manager has placed his face faith in youth. i believe with them. i have total faith in them. i've seen them training, i've seen them in games, i've seen them in college games. i think me as a manager, it's what i love doing. i like giving people opportunities, whether we're playing usa, japan or australia. there will be young players that go out there and express themselves up like the usa are formidable opponents and around 28 games unbeaten. the star-studded team -- england know they are underdogs. their hope now is to once more turn into leaders. let's have a look at some of the other stories making the headlines
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leeds have gone top of super league for the first time in five years after running in 11 tries in a 66—12 victory over toronto wolfpack. toronto have now lost all six of their matches since promotion. rory mcilroy has a share of the lead after the opening round of the arnold palmer invitational in florida. this eagle at the 11th helped the northern irishman to a 6 under par round of 66. andy murray is targetting a return to action at the miami 0pen at the end of the month. he's not played since november because of pelvic and hip problems. coronavirus continues to have a daily impact on sport. rugby union chiefs have postponed england's final six nations match in rome against italy next weekend. many other events have also been hit. joe lynskey can bring us up to date. this will be the scene in italy this sunday with supporters essentially locked out of the stadium, and that
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110w locked out of the stadium, and that now is the case to her one fixture in the champions league. next week's knockout match between the spanish side will now also be played without supporters. this is after advice from the spanish health ministry to avoid large gadgets gathering. the italian supporters will be travelling from birth, there, right in the heart of the current number coronavirus out great. —— coronavirus out great. —— coronavirus outbreak. that will have an impact on one of the most exciting league title races in italy for years, because the inventors every season since for years, because the inventors every season since 2012. now the fixture schedule is also going to get very congested and intense. they will try to get them all done before
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rome hosts the first master of euro 2020, but that's not a sure thing. the final taking place in august, that means after euro and after the season, s0 that means after euro and after the season, so this is also going to be quite strange. cycling is a major support that is working out how best to move forward amid the coronavirus outbreak. —— major support. this is the time of year where teams are gearing their training. the first tour is across italy in may. that top on this list, has now been postponed. now this team has become the latest group to pull out of all races the latest group to pull out of all ra ces a ci’oss the latest group to pull out of all races across the whole of europe during march. it sported still under
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advice to stay behind closed doors which will be hard for those big races, including the tour de france. 0ne races, including the tour de france. one thing that will be a problem is if the roadside is empty. you can imagine the amount it saves which i'm sure people have seen it will know. they're very close. that's pa rt of know. they're very close. that's part of the atmosphere of the sport. if you lose that, i don't know how much you got left. it will be very strange. a bit like playing football in an empty stadium. but also i think the other issue they've got is that the teams themselves do not wa nt that the teams themselves do not want to compete at the risk of having although staff sick. the rome marathon is another high profile event to be cancelled today. all the runners will have to do their training all over again for next year. all of this has not been unnoticed of course by governing bodies for support in the uk. some premier league clubs have been things like autographs and selfies. now all matches in the premier league from this weekend onwards
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won't have pre—match handshakes, and thatis won't have pre—match handshakes, and that is an indefinite measure for the time being. the league has written to all 20 of its clubs to tell them to step up its contingency plan. the england cricket captain heather knight wants reserve days to be introduced at t20 world cups in the future after they were knocked out because of the weather in sydney. their semi final was a complete washout and that saw india progress to the final because of their better tournament record. joe currie is there for it was a wash—out who lock them out. rain came to sydney's std. —— sc g. an hour after the final was about to start, it was indian and celebrating with their team progress to the final. england paid the price, finishing second in theirs. ella
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macisaac is clear i think it's clear. you getjudge on the probably not have that moment is pretty bad. the icc doesn't schedule reserve date, but semifinals. however, questions will be rate about why these matches were played in one of the rainiest months in cindy. next up, australia who like england, had finished second in the group. —— rainiest months in sydney. and it did. the host set their opponent a difficult target which was reduced because of the weather. try as they might, south africa could not get the job done. the defending champions through to sunday's final. jo currie, bbc news, sydney. australia the host against india. melbourne on sunday. let's
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hope for better weather. manchester united all the last team through to the essay cup. —— fa cup. that's it for sportsday. much more overnight on bbc news, but next up, it's the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are giles kenningham, the political commentator and former head of press at number 10 for david cameron, and the political writer and academic,
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maya goodfellow. both welcome as always. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. in the metro, the first virus death in the uk, as the number of cases doubles in 2a hours to 116. the same story leads the independent, a woman in her 70s dies in hospital, as medical chiefs warn a british epidemic is more likely than not. in the guardian, the first corona death in the uk. downing street says is likely it will spread in a significant way. in the mail, scandal of a princess abducted from the uk. it concerns allegations made against the billionaire of divide. in the financial times, the us hits out over export barriers for medical equipment — germany, russia and turkey among those under fire from american officials.
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—— billionaire of dubai. the sad news leaning many of the front pages about the first coronavirus death in the uk. take us to the guardian. obviously, this is awful. what the guardian has is a woman who has not been named has died. the first death of the coronavirus that have been in hospital with underlying health conditions. but it's very serious. the people who have underlying health conditions in the uk, people who are older, this is obviously incredibly worrying. i think one of the things that has now —— is now being talked about, it's likely that it will spread to an extent and so there is this discussion on people trying to self—isolate and spend more time at home, but that isn't possible for everyone. what i think this will do, as well as a very serious cases of this impacting people in their health, is also may bea
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people in their health, is also may be a risk of underlying inequalities in our society. if you think about things like working from home, for some people that is not possible. so there is a concern i think about looking at a broader social contract with things like the happen. i'm curious on how this will happen in the coming weeks and months. curious on how this will happen in the coming weeks and monthsm curious on how this will happen in the coming weeks and months. it does raise loss of issues to the talk here in this article about we are moving now from what we called the contained stage of their response plan to the delay stage. there's beena plan to the delay stage. there's been a whole thing about how the government has handled the crisis. i think generally have made it very well. it's one of those things in social media that you know, fiction can outstrip facts. them doing that by having the chief medical officer outdoing broadcast. they probably given more information and perhaps
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somebody... i think transparency is incredibly important. with these situations, the issue now is about how much is hurting the economy. it has to be, you have to put it all out there. there is a delicate balancing act here. it's between what's going on, but ultimately, yeah. i think it's probably right. i think also people are looking at... i was underground today and it was really quiet. i was thinking, it doesn't effectively hit people who are a lot older. as he pointed out, are a lot older. as he pointed out, a lady in her 70s had toe morbidities, other publications. for some people, that's very reassuring because they think it doesn't apply to them. but for older people, there is some talk that will of them will wa nt to is some talk that will of them will want to stay home. if you live on your own, that's not a very
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appetizing thought. your own, that's not a very appetizing thoughtlj your own, that's not a very appetizing thought. i don't want


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