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tv   The Papers  BBC News  March 16, 2020 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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ahead as planned, even with lots go ahead as planned, even with lots of different qualification events being cancelled around the world right now and that is the international olympic committee are starting crisis talks a little international sports federations and we are not expecting anything concrete on that meeting it is been described as an update, but with the games do to start, it is understandably growing concern. the olympic european boxing qualifying event in london, which started on saturday and went behind closed doors on sunday, will be suspended following tonight's session. galal yafai has become the first british boxer to secure his place for the tokyo games after beating russia's rasul saliev on a unanimous points decision. peter mcgrail has also booked his place in tokyo after he beat czech republic's kevin godla by a unanimous decision in the feather weight class. the big question now is when the rest of the olympic qualification bouts can take place.
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there have been so many sports cancelled or postponed — but if you're missing your fix — don't worry — we have marble racing for you. greg woods there with the commentary. could be a new craze. although i want to know if it's like formula one and you compete for pole position first. who needs the premier league. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are political writer and academic, maya goodfellow and the deputy political editor of the spectator, katy balls. there is only one story in town of course, the coronavirus pandemic and what the government here is now proposing we should be doing to prevent it's spread. the latest advice from the government is urging people avoid all unneccesary travel and to stay out of public places, as seen here on the front of the guardian. the telegraph says now it's time to put life on hold — as visits to the pub, restaurants and the theatre are called off. the i newspaper reiterates boris johnson's message —
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saying people are being told to work from home where possible. the times headline reads ‘britain in lockdown‘ — as an empty waterloo station in london shows the new status quo. the express' front page is one of unity — ‘we can do it together‘ as it lists' johnson's new measures. the metro says it's time to get anti—social. and once again outlines the pm's message earlier this afternoon. meanwhile the financial times focusses on coronavirus' effect on the global stock market as stocks crash and companies buckle under the pressure. starting with the guardian. pm tells britain to stay in, to stop the march of coronavirus, as it nears the period of fast growth. basically they have been modelling over the past couple of days in the modelling the suggesting that we are heading for a catastrophic potential level
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of deaths and as a result, they are ramping up the precautions that we should all be taking. yes, this is a statement from boris johnson where he has talked about avoiding unnecessary contact with people and staying away from some of these places like theatres in pubs where they could be some spreading and i think there's a few things that we need to think about when we are looking at the financing from the prime minister one is that it seems like they're stepping up measures but i still think their questions to ask about this in the first thing i would say is that we'll all be impacted by this. we are all going to be impacted, differently, but we will be affected in a primary concern is peoples health and we have to concern ourselves with the approach, they said the thing to do is to test, test, test and that is what they did with south korea and their concerns as to whether or not people were being tested but eve ryo ne people were being tested but everyone who is suspected to have it is being tested so the figures there are not entirely known, but there is also something that the world health organisation said that we really
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need to think about people who are homeless and undocumented migrants are people who may fall through the cracks in their showing that eve ryo ne cracks in their showing that everyone is getting the kind of medical attention that they need. the other concern here is economic and peoples livelihoods are the line on things borisjohnson said about not going to theatres in pubs, the things that the federation said is that by not saying or stopping that from happening, demanding that those organisations close, it means they may lose out. katie, clearly a change in emphasis cure from the government, there would have daily press c0 nfe re nces government, there would have daily press conferences now, to keep people informed in the sense that they were not being as transparent as they should've been. is there a sense of them government that they're on top of this was much as any government can be on top of a crisis like this? any government feels as though they're currently on top of the coronavirus and i think it is uncharted territory and they think a lot of this is making an educated guess and listening to scientific advisers will boris
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johnson is doing. it is true that there are differing scientific advice is out there is the case that is the case the uk government is taking scientific advice in this and i think what is happening today in terms approach is the model that the government had showed that the virus is spreading at a faster rate than anticipated, which is why they're taking more drastic actions and so the idea of the people being told to work from home where they can, not go to pubs and to limit all social contact, in particular the focus we expect from the elderly from the weekend onwards to self—isolate and if you compare them with other countries, we get closer to what countries, we get closer to what countries like france and italy are doing, but not quite at the same level because you could say this is optional because it's advice rather than being legislated, so i think thatis than being legislated, so i think that is a key difference still. that is a key difference stilli think that is of vital difference, if you go to the telegraph, life put on hold, symptoms of virus, must stay indoors for two weeks. done at
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the bottom that there is a picture of emmanuel macron, he gave an address tonight where he said similar measures, if we do not do it, we will fine you. i think one of the things that concerns teachers, those with asthma may be at higher risk, but what is going to happen, but schools are saying is that they cannot in some provisions, vulnerable children, we need to know at the timings are and it's very difficult to predict from the governments perspective, by the sequencing of this because you can only predict so much. i think what is concerning for a lot of people actually is that it's on the measures to ramp up, it may be necessary if the spread of the virus is greater then the people who do not have social protections, people that are self—employed, people that are self—employed, people who really do not necessarily have support right now in terms of sick pay will be covered by that and
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i think we can look at some other countries to see what they have done, and denmark, industries affected they have paid 75% of those peoples wages and the company have elected to pay 25% and there self—employed people there paid 80% of other salary has been, but there are some real concerns as to both this will entrench on existing inequalities. work at home public courage, are you working from home? not yet been in the process. i think one of the things, it is now actively encouraged that to do that whenever encouraged work from home. businesses are making sure everyone has what they need to work from home and so yesterday, some during practice days and i thinkjust making sure that they can actually change the operation as near to fully functional as can be where people work regularly. we may see more of that and it was interesting
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of the advice of boris johnson that there's a special focus on london and if you get all the cases, the one, graffiti there were most worried about is the capital because they're not testing if not right now and if london does not change its behaviour, it will really be a rapid rise and the nhs will not be able to deal with it. so particularly workers across the capital what to think about this quite seriously. time to get anti—social, avoiding all nonessential contact now, work from home, isleep all nonessential contact now, work from home, i sleep for iii days, 55 deaths, introducing fines over the weekend, the bars are still full, people ignored it. ensuring that this does
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not spread, i can quite easily work from home but is expected to go in and these are the people who have, they are not valued by politicians, immigration policy but are essential for so much of our country running and do not have the right protection, something that is going to be crucial going forward. will be backin to be crucial going forward. will be back in about 45 minutes or so, looking at the front pages that are naturally focused on the coronavirus and that is it from us, stay with me with more news coming in. hello, once again it was a glorious day across england and wales and
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ca ptu red day across england and wales and captured by a weather watchers in the west midlands and we are moving away from the north and a similar story where it was a different store in northern ireland because you have the weather front increasing to the course of the day and tuesday and heading from the north of england and wales and it will be a much cloudier day and for the most part western areas, certainly after a dry start it really does filling quite heavily on the blustery sort of day, for the south, the wind with the direction was important because it is heading from the southwest and when the cloud breaks on the eastern side of the penn nines, to be looking at 1a, 15 degrees, a bit cooler under the cloud and rain. which would be quite a present feature for them before they travel some of the border and for
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wednesday, the isoba rs some of the border and for wednesday, the isobars in that front has enough to be producing rain for the mittens to east anglia, brightest as eventually on the north of england, prior to scotland and northern ireland and it is your turn to be in the sun, but the mouthed are still trapped underneath the front at least on wednesday and it does not look until thursday, but it will be a fresher feeling day, certainly where you have those 13 to 14, the 15th certainly where you have those 13 to 1a, the 15th she was in just a second. clout there across the southern counties in england and wales, thinning as you go little bit further there in scotland and northern ireland for the most part, but barring one or two showers comes to what are too shy was considered a member of the temptress, forgive 15, thursday and friday, really not a deal of difference, the out to the channel areas and that is an easterly, so you've got cloud and
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easterly. further north, you've got brightest guys, north midlands northern england and a big area of high pressure, but again it is the northerly breeze and again, this temperatures locked into single figures, but at least the weekend is looking relatively decent and dry. crisp by night and i will see you later.
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this is bbc news. i'm clive myrie. the headlines at eleven o'clock. the prime minister outlines drastic new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. people are advised sweeping changes to their day—to—day lives. they to their day—to—day lives. are overwhelmingly wort slow they are overwhelmingly worth it to slow the spread of the disease, to reduce the peak, to save life, minimise suffering and to give our nhs the chance to cope. many of the uk's city centres are virtually deserted this evening after advice to avoid all non—essential contact and travel. whole families will have to stay at home for 1h days if one person shows symptoms. and, from this weekend, anyone with underlying health conditions should be shielded from social contact


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