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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 18, 2020 2:45am-3:01am GMT

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as coronavirus continues to impact around the world, we will bring you the latest on global sporting events. the men's european championship is one of the latest major tournaments to be postponed. uefa says football needs to show responsibility. there will be no play on the men's us golf tour till mid—may at the earliest. that is after the postponement of the us pga championship. and one of the biggest names in the nfl seeks a fresh start. after 20 years and six super bowls, tom brady has confirmed he is leaving the new england patriots. hello, welcome along. the global sporting calendar continues to be dominated by disruptions because of the coronavirus pandemic, with europe's major football tournament, the men's european championship, the latest to be moved. it has been postponed by a year untiljune 2021. uefa confirmed the news on tuesday, saying it wanted to avoid placing any unnecessary pressure on national public services of its 12 host nations.
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but it does now cause fixture congestion next year, with the women's and under—21s euros also due to be played in 2021. our reporter laura scott has more details from england's national stadium, wembley, in london. by by the time uefa's crisis talks began, there really was only one solution left on the table. given the widespread disruption across european foot well, and that was delaying euro 2020, due to take place across 12 cities, including london, with seven matches due to be staged at wembley. but they did postpone it, by exactly a year, and it will now start injune 2021. uefa is giving the priority to the domestic competitions, in the hope that by freeing up that space in june and july, it will give them the
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best chance of completing their competitions. we knew we have to start the competitions. we think that postponing the euro is the only chance to get a chance to do the national leagues, and all of the other competitions, to finished their competition. also that is not sure for now, but we should now think about the health of the fans and of the players, and of course, we have to think about football as a whole, the whole ecosystem of football. that's why we have decided today that we will postpone the euro, and we have 100% full support of all 55 national associations, european leagues, european club associations and fifa. meanwhile, the cobra america, which is due to ta ke the cobra america, which is due to take place in argentina and colombia, has also been postponed by
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a year —— copa america. meaning the players who would have been involved in that are free to play for their clu bs. in that are free to play for their clubs. it is just too early at this stage to quantify the ramifications of delaying these two major tournaments, but uefa's president said sacrifices had to be made, and he felt that uefa had to make the biggest sacrifice of them all. and in delaying euro 2020, it is a big sacrifice, but he felt it was the right one given the situation foot well finds itself in. well, the second tennis grand slam of the year has also been rescheduled. 0rganisers have confirmed may's french open will now be moved to september. it means it will now be the final major of the year, and will begin as it stands just one week after the end of the us open in new york, which leaves players little time to prepare for a change in court surface, or indeed, to travel or acclimatise. canadian vasek pospisil, a vocal member of the atp player council, described the decision as madness, and said there had been no communication with the players.
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the us pga championship has become the second major of the men's golfing calendar to be postponed. it had been scheduled to be played in mid—may at harding park in san franscisco. —— san francisco. the organising body says they hope to move the event to later in the year. the first major of the season, the masters, was called off last week. nba star kevin durant says he is one of the four brooklyn nets players to have tested positive for coronavirus. the nets confirmed on tuesday that four players had returned positive tests for covid—19, less than a week after the global outbreak prompted the suspension of the nba season. the 2014 nba mvp says he is asking everyone be careful, take care of yourself, and quarantine. six—time super bowl winner tom brady is a free agent for the first time in his career, after confirming he is leaving the the new england patriots after 20 years with the side. now 42, the quarterback was drafted by the patriots back in 2000, and helped them win the super bowl
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five times, and then on a sixth occasion at the age of a1. he has also been on the losing side three times. earlier we werejoined by cindy boren from the washington post for her reaction. when he won his most recent super bowl, you know, that was a defensive effort, that wasn't a tom brady special 500 yards or something like that. you know, it would seem that he is going to look at what the talent is around him. he should. i think that was one of his issues in new england. they just think that was one of his issues in new england. theyjust didn't have talent. and you know, you saw how quickly it dropped off once rob gronkowski retired. you can get all the latest sports
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news at our website. that is but from me, maz farookhi, and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. more of the latest news for you from the bbc news room here in london. the brother of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a concert in manchester three years ago has been found guilty, in the biggest murder trial ever seen in england. now 22, he worked with his brother to make the explosives for the bomb. 0ur correspondent has been speaking to some of those whose lives were changed forever by the attack.
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due to an incident, it is necessary to evacuate the area. so many dead, injured and traumatised, 1000 victims overall. each one has a painful story. this is what philip was wearing. so it went through into his foot. june's son philip was killed in the blast. alljune has 110w killed in the blast. alljune has now our killed in the blast. alljune has 110w oui’ mementos and killed in the blast. alljune has now our mementos and memories. can you sum up for me what that night did for you? how did it change your life? it is like there are portions of you, and each portion is one of your children. and ijust of you, and each portion is one of your children. and i just felt like it's a portion that died. philip is one of 22 people who died in the attack, murdered by the bomber, who carried explosives around manchester before walking into the arena and blowing them up at the end of the
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concert. we're talking about five kilograms of high explosive, and over 2,000 very large metal nuts which were sent with enormous kinetic energy all around that room in the manchester arena. the bomber‘s brother is also guilty of murder, having helped to plan the attack and build the device. i had multiple shrapnel in my right — well, both legs. louise hanley survived, but it was nine hours before her partner, peter, found out she was alive. he is convicted of your attempted murder. do you think about that? that you could have died? yeah, ido. some of the dates that have been where they've been planning things and buying things online, and what have you, and i've actually thought to myself, what was i doing on that day? i remember saying to myself, just god, just please get me out of here. just do anything to
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get me out of here. usman ahmed was a steward at the arena who ran to help. he said he struggles to understand how a fellow muslim can be responsible for such an atrocity. if he is involved with the making of the bomb, and transporting it, he is as equally as guilty as him. he is equally as evil as him. he is equally as misguided as him. he obviously doesn't know what islam is. three years on, the heartache, the anger and the loss still run deep. no trial verdict, no amount ofjustice, can heal that pain. judith moritz, bbc news. despite all the turmoil around the coronavirus, schools remain open, but for how much longer? the prime minster said he was keeping it under continuous review. the largest education union is urging the government to close all schools, at least for some time. here's our education editor bra nwen jeffreys.
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trying to make it fun, but schools are struggling to keep safe and teachers are anxious too. it does seem that everyone has been asked to socially distance except for children at school, and also the teachers and the staff. at this school, they are three teachers down already. by tomorrow, classes may merge, and staying open looks increasingly doubtful. the government says that, for now, keeping schools open is the right approach. but, with everyone else being told to avoid crowded places, it has left many teachers and parents confused, and some families are simply keeping their children off school. it's down by about 30% and still falling, and i can understand why parents are concerned. while they keep lessons going, head teachers want advice that keeps up with reality. some schools are already partially closing. so what would a school closure
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mean for parents here? at the moment, i'm actually able to work from home. my partner isn't yet at that stage, where he can with hisjob, so it will be tricky for us. i've already started stocking up on activities, so that they've got things to do. but i am lucky. there are lots of people in the school who are friends of mine who are working, and it will be harder for them. closing schools would be a massive step, one that the government says it is not yet ready to take. branwen jeffreys, bbc news. hello. wednesday's weather brings us a bit of a mixed picture across the uk. a day of mixed fortune, certainly. we've got colder air moving in from the north, still mild in the south. and across england and wales, the cloudy, mild theme continues through the day, with some outbreaks of rain. for scotland and for northern ireland, it's a different story. a colder, frosty start
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to the morning, with a mix of sunshine and a few showers around. is this weather front, which is slowly sinking its way south across parts of wales and northern england as well through wednesday morning. to the north of that, we've got a chilly north—westerly flow, so after a frosty start for scotland and northern ireland we see a few showers working in. they'll be falling as sleet and snow over the highest ground in scotland. further south, we have a band of rain pushing across northern england, towards the midlands into wales. much of southern england should stay dry for a good part of the day, but fairly cloudy and grey. light winds in the south, but it could be quite breezy across the north—west of the uk, with those blustery showers continuing to pack in across the north—west of scotland. fewer showers for northern ireland, but temperatures around about nine or ten degrees at best in the north. we could see 11—13 further south. moving through wednesday night now, and on into thursday, and we've still got this weather front that will linger over the next few days, not moving anywhere too quickly. it's keeping that mild air across parts of southern england
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as we head into thursday. but elsewhere, the blue colours on the map, the colder feel to the weather, as the wind comes from a north—westerly direction. for much of the uk, crisp to start with frost here and there but a lot of sunshine. some wintry showers again working in towards the north—west, further south a band of cloud and outbreaks of rain across the south—west of england and a few showers getting into the south—east as well. so temperatures for most of us somewhere between about 7—10 degrees, so a cooler feel to the weather. still mild towards the channel isles on thursday. looking towards the end of the working week now, thursday into friday, we've got high pressure building in towards the north. still we're keeping this fairly stubborn but rather weak weather front in the south. some uncertainty about its positioning, but we're likely to see some rain for the channel isles and the south—west of england. for the rest of the uk mostly dry, variable amounts of cloud. quite cool where we've got this breeze coming off the north sea for places like east anglia, eastern scotland and parts of east england. many of us, single figures
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through the day on friday but mostly dry with some sunshine. further ahead, into the weekend and beyond, we're looking at a mix, a few showers in the north and the west, particularly on saturday. drier conditions more widely from sunday onwards. bye— bye.
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welcome to bbc news — i'm mike embley. our top stories: a trillion dollar shot against coronavirus — congress and the white house discuss a huge stimulus to try to save the economy falling victim to the outbreak. with this invisible enemy we do not want airlines going out of business or people losing their jobs or not having money to live when they were doing very well just four weeks ago. the british government calls an economic emergency and also throws a lifeline of billions of pounds, to bolster businesses. life under lockdown. the french are now banned from leaving their homes, even to visit family and friends. joe biden has extended his lead over bernie sanders decisively in the democrats presidential race, winning in the key states


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