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he told nbc news at least one major american carrier could go out of business by then and airlines would need to make significant adjustments as the pandemic develops. his most optimistic assessment would be this is bbc news with air—traffic could be back to half its previous levels by the the latest headlines end of this year. for viewers in the uk we have been asking people and around the world. around the world to send i'm mike embley. us an update of how they are the british prime minister doing during this crisis. our team in syria defends his plan to relax met up with jana in a refugee camp in idlib. the lockdown in england she told us how she feels at a faster rate than the rest of the uk. about the virus and how it compares to living with the threat of chemical bombs. advice for the entire population of the united kingdom. families' joy as spain begins to ease one of europe's strictest lockdowns. in the united states president trump announces virus testing for more americans. plus, making the best of life in lockdown. from puppies to plastic doors, how people are finding ways to stay in touch.
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hello and welcome to audiences in the uk and around the world. we're covering all the latest coronavirus developments here in britain and globally. we begin in the uk — the country with the second highest number of recorded deaths from covid 19 in the world, after the us. prime minister boris johnson and his colleagues have sought to provide answers to some of the many questions asked about the plan to relax the lockdown in england. the government has now published a 50—page document. but scotland, wales and northern ireland have their own powers over restrictions and say it's too soon to relax measures to the same extent. laura kuenssberg reports. was the day any different? on the wild yorkshire coast? on the quiet manchester commute? to a few more travellers on london's lines, all trying to work out what the slow train to a new normal looks like, with many questions tonight put direct to the prime minister. yesterday, you left
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the nation with more questions than answers. why have you been so vague with who can start back at work and which businesses can reopen this week? it's when you come to take small steps back to normality, as we are now, that clearly, the message becomes finer, more complicated. where schools have remained accessible to children of key reality in a refugee camp in workers, are they now expected to allow children to return idlib. let's get some of where their parents the day's other news: are from industries inmates at a women's that are being actively encouraged prison in peru have called to return to work? for help after an inmate died of covid—19 complications. if not, how do local media said the inmates you propose these people return to work at the jail in lima also if there is no childcare available? shouted free the children, demanding the children held alongside their mothers in the facility be freed. i think it is only fair to regard there have been close to 2,000 that as an obvious barrier to their ability to go back coronavirus deaths in peru. to work and i'm sure that employers will agree with that. the us justice department is looking at whether to bring hate crime charges in the killing of ahmaud arbery. the 25—year—old black how is it logical that i, man was shot and killed as a primary school teacher, while he was out for a run can mix with the many in georgia in february. returning children, but seeing my relatives two white men were arrested for his killing, but only after a national outcry is still not allowed?
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people can see somebody about the handling of the case. who isn't in their household, but you have to do the electric carmaker tesla it one on one, has defied local health outdoors, and obeying officials in california and restarted production at its factory there. alameda county, east social distancing. of san francisco, wants tesla to stay shut, but on saturday, the company earlier there were plenty filed a lawsuit against of questions from mps too. the county, claiming it was the prime minister made no bones about the complexity but the opposition, like many of the public, wants violating the state's guidance. crystal clear messages too. finding ways to be what the country needs together while we're apart at this time is clarity isn't easy, though millions and reassurance of americans did their best and at the moment, as they celebrated both are in pretty mother's day on sunday. but zooming really isn't short supply. the same as human contact. so there's a lot of ingenuity and at the heart out there right now. of the problem, laura trevelyan reports it seems, is that on what americans are doing the prime minister made a statement to get by. last night before the plan was written or at least finalised, and that has caused considerable confusion. and whether it's near empty parks people have been finding in cardiff, or deserted new and creative ways to live beaches of aberdeen, while social distancing. this is the new club the administrations in scotland, wales and northern ireland happy hour. are taking a different path, sticking to the stay at home message from this makeshift bar with sharp political on the streets of harlem disagreement. it is obvious that in new york, to this homemade the last 2a hours plastic place in indiana, have spread confusion. through which she has been what the public desperately needs
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today is to be given giving hugs to her students. i am so happy to see you! some clarity. mr speaker, lives are at risk so politicaljudgements and verdicts on this weekend's chaos will have to wait for another day. how are you, my love? these puppies in missouri there is now a three were taken to visit the elderly nations approach. in the facility. wales, scotland and northern ireland all agree on policy and message, we came up with the idea ofjust walking outside and i mean this with no malice so we can see and ask but for the sake of clarity, questions about them can he confirm that on almost and give them a little bit everything he has announced of a break in the action. today, the prime minister is acting they desperately want to pet as the prime minister them so they can come asleep at them to the glass. of england? it is sad and happy all of the same time and unfortunately, no, mr speaker, i reject that completely. those of the times we are in right now. it is very good advice for the entire population of the united kingdom though i perfectly respect the inflections and robots helped arizona and variations that may be necessary both locally, state university students regionally and nationally have their graduation ceremony. to reflect differences congratulations. we're so proud you. thank you so much. in those areas. in number 10, there has we're not having the physical been worry for weeks, ceremony but this more not just about the disease, exciting. of course, but about how to keep the public onside absolutely. so, julie was able to get her big day after all. when a new phase begins
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with more complicated people getting by. before we go, as singapore instructions. prepares to ease those concerns lockdown restrictions on businesses, parks were well placed. there have recruited there are, prime minister, a new helper to remind visitors different instructions to maintain their social for people in different distance in the form parts of the uk. of a cyberdog. you can see your colleagues if you go to work, but grandparents can't look after their children. for your own safety and others many employers say they are just not ready to have people back to work yet. around you, please stand at so what do you say to millions least one metre apart. thank of people watching right now you. who may well be a bit perplexed about what you're actually the robot, made by us—based boston dynamics, has been trying to say, and what programmed to bark social distancing instructions at visitors, with the help of a camera they are meant to do? to monitor how busy the footpaths are. yes, of course the message that we were giving out initially was incredibly clear and incredibly stark and the uk there is much more any time on population actually obeyed it more thoroughly perhaps than many other populations all the news, national and around the world. international, on the bbc website. you can reach me on twitter — i'm @bbcmikeembley. we really did stay at home. thank you very much for we need to make progress if we possibly can in relaxing watching, stay as safe as you some of the measures can. very, very cautiously. the elastic bonds between westminster, belfast, edinburgh and cardiff
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are certainly being stretched and, in private, frustration among tory mps is bubbling up too. hello again. one cabinet minister confided the situation we've got another few cool days was so complicated, they feel coming our way before like they almost cannot the weather turns milder win, but no question, unease about the government's as we head into the weekend. handling of the crisis is certainly starting to spread. now, at the moment, the satellite picture shows cloud in france. this emergency that's been bringing some is on such a scale, extreme falls of rain here. it is impossible for the course satellite pictures to the north of the uk, where our eye to be smooth, but when lives and livelihoods are both is coming from, shows a lot at stake, political anxiety of cloud working into scotland. is running high too. that cloud is bringing showers at the moment, and they'll continue over the next few hours as well, mostly across northern scotland. elsewhere, it's largely dry. in spain the first stages of a plan to re—open took quite a bit of cloud for eastern areas. effect on monday — but only for it stays quite breezy as well, about half of the population and that should keep who live in less the temperatures for the most part above freezing. badly—affected areas. but with lighter winds and clearer skies in wales, cafes and restaurants have re—opened outdoor terraces, parts of the midlands and gatherings up to ten and south—west england, these are the areas where we're people are now allowed. most likely to see temperatures but other restrictions remain in place. spain has been one of europe's worst hit countries, drop low enough to give us some frost to start with more than 200,000 infections and 26,000 deaths. the day on tuesday. so any taste of freedom now, high pressure's is being savoured, still influencing the weather as damian grammaticas reports. on tuesday, but we've got this cold front diving southwards into scotland
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as the day goes by. so, for many of us, a bright start to the day. there'll be some old friends... sunshine around. it tends to turn a bit ..back in their old places cloudier through the day, and there is a risk of a few showers working into perhaps north—western areas of england and wales. but, at the same time, we get this cold front bringing rain and probably a bit of snow for the first time in two months today. this is lockdown lifting spanish style. into parts of scotland. morning coffee flowing again, national rituals restarting. northern ireland, england and wales, temperatures 11—13 degrees, but through the afternoon, as that cold breakfast outdoors is a treat front works southwards, we get colder air, 5—6 celsius. the rain turning to snow for a time. wintry showers follow she has been dreaming of. for shetland and orkney. it will be a colder day for these far northern areas than it was compared with monday. high pressure is still translation: i love it, iam happy. i do not mind spending all day there on wednesday, at home, no problem, but breakfast, i have to have outside. but eventually, it's spain began relaxing going start to bring in a more controls on everyday life. but not everywhere. of a north—westerly flow of air. so eventually, it starts to turn a bit milder, but the cold air still filters its way southwards down the north sea. so, wednesday, these northerly this is quinca, population winds probably bringing a slight drop in temperatures 200,000 from today in phase one to parts of eastern england, of spain's easing. and again, there will be some two hours away, madrid bright whether around. probably turning quite cloudy for a time is under tight restrictions during the afternoon. it's across western areas
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that we'll start to see and so is barcelona the temperatures begin to lift a little bit, and about half the country. with highs up to 15 degrees the family live a couple hundred metres away in cardiff and plymouth, from their two aunts. and maybe 12 or so in glasgow. until today, they have not been able to visit them. as we head towards the end of the week and the weekend, now, up to ten people family high pressure keeps the mainly dry weather. and friends can gather eventually, though, that starts to decline, and we've got these weather fronts just toppling where easing is allowed. in across the north hugs and kisses. of the high pressure, bringing some figure cloud, and that will ultimately bring the threat of rain this weekend to parts of scotland. but for most of us, it will be from the time they've turning milder this weekend. been separated. baby clara has turned one and started to walk. it is amazing. for all of us. so much time with no touch and today is a very happy day for all of us. the grandparents are not allowed to be part of this. that will come, but still for this family and for half of spain moving to phase one,
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it is after all the dark days, something to celebrate. it's notjust spain that's seeing a gradual return to some form of normality. in italy, fewer than 1,000 people with coronavirus are currently in intensive care — for the first time in two months. french shops and primary schools in the majority of regions are re—opening after the country was divided last week into green and red zones. and in the netherlands, some hairdressing and beauty salons welcomed back customers after weeks of being shut. there are now more than four million coronavirus infections around the world and a quarter of all those cases are in the us, where nearly 80,000 people have died. the virus has even hit the white house, with two cases there. it's now compulsory to wear masks in the west wing this is bbc news, the headlines. for almost everyone. and as president trump pushes us states to reopen, he's just announced more coronavirus testing for americans. borisjohnson has defended his plans to relax the lockdown,
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the bbc‘s nada tawfik saying the strategy applies to all of the united kingdom, notjust england. has the latest. however — scotland, wales at aioli gourmet burgers in phoenix, this is what and northern ireland, the new normal looks at. booths taken out, markers who have their own powers over on the ground and barriers the lockdown, say it's too soon in place for safety. to relax measures arizona became the latest to the same extent. state on monday to allow some european countries have cautiously begun restaurants to reopen to lift their lockdowns, since the coronavirus. with millions back in work the owner was eager after eight weeks of restrictions. to welcome customers back cafes and restaurants have inside, but like so many re—opened outdoor terraces, others, still worries and gatherings up to ten people about his restaura nt‘s are now allowed in parts of spain that have been less affected by the coronavirus. president trump has announced more coronavirus testing for americans, saying that the country has so—far "prevailed". he has also denied that the system survival. broke down at the white house after a member of his own deputy‘s staff tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting several top officials to self—isolate. when you have to limit capacity all three are now self it is difficult to make just enough money to keep the lights on and keep all of our employees. a number of small businesses in arizona say they will not open their doors until medical experts say it is safe to do so. the same debate is playing out across the country as many states forge ahead with reopening their economies. in new york, the epicentre
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of the virus in the us, the governor says the state was right back to where it started its journey. hospitalizations have retreated at the same levels as when the lockdown began nearly two months ago. we are on the other side of the mountain, we got hit with the virus, we saw that incline, we saw the number of cases growing, we saw the number of deaths growing and we finally hit a plateau because we did what we needed to do and we changed our behaviour and we closed down and we turned the corner and then we started to come down the other side and that was the decline, and now the decline has gotten to a point where we are just about where we started the journey. upstate regions will be allowed to partially reopen this weekend, but it would take weeks if not longer, for the city, but when new york is taken out of the equation, infections are on the rise.
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the nation's capital has yet to reach its peak but it is gearing up its response. over the past two days, work has been under way to convert a convention centre into a temporary hospital. it is now ready to take patients that officials hope it will never need. even the white house is rushing to contain the virus on its doorstep, after aides had tested positive, several are now quarantined on some level. it comes as death toll projections used by their teams showed over 100,000 deaths by august four. it is the second time in two weeks that those numbers have been revised upwards. to see explosive increases in mobility in a number of states that we expect to translate into more cases and deaths in ten days from now. never before has america faced such an emergency and without q. what no vaccine it is impossible to know how long it will last. let's speak to our north
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america correspondent, peter bowes. let's pick up on that last point, the concerns about the safety systems within the white house itself. what is going on with health and hygiene there? the president says the systems have not broken down at the white house, and as we heard it was a member of the vice president's staff, one of his aides that tested positive under another member of staff who has access to the white house. the president responded to this and effectively saying that these things happen, it is a had an enemy suggesting quite rightly that the white house is not immune from this virus and it can infect people there as well. but it is clear that some of the precautions in the building have been tightened with masks being worn byjust about everyone in the west wing. the president has not been seen wearing a mask himself that it was interesting at this news conference, he was more separated from everyone
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else including another speaker, one of his scientific experts who was using a completely separate podium, that thing we have not yet seen. so to some extent self isolation within the west wing, while still working with his colleagues, is what the president is doing. and he has announced more testing nationally which is bound to be welcome. yes. some $11 billion being sent out to the states and us territories to ramp out —— ramp up the testing and the message from president trump is that anyone who wants a test can have one. a slightly different phrase from his medical expert which was that anyone who needs a test ca n was that anyone who needs a test can have one and they were both saying they do not believe eve ryo ne both saying they do not believe everyone has to have a test. if you have no symptoms it is not necessary but clearly if you show signs of having coronavirus you should have a test, especially if you are returning to work. and that was not the only take away from
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press briefing. there was an argument. there was a row in the final minute of the press conference and looking at social media it seems to be what is dominating the coverage. it was asked a question by a reporter, a chinese—american reporterfrom cbs and she asked why, to paraphrase, she was asking about the emphasis the president puts on the global competition because he often talks about how america is tested more people than other countries. she said that kind of emphasis when people are still dying in the united states, his response is that people are dying everywhere but that that was not a question for him. he said to ask china to which she said why do you specifically say that to me, a chinese—american reporter? and he said he would say that to anyone who asked a nasty question like that. thank you very much.
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stay with us on bbc news, still to come: we find out what life during the coronavirus pandemic is like for one girl in a syrian refugee camp. the pope was shot, the pope will live. that is the essence of the appalling news from rome this afternoon — that, as an italian television commentator put it, terrorism had come to the vatican. the man they called the ‘butcher of lyon,‘ klaus barbie, went on trial today in the french town where he was the gestapo chief in the second world war. winnie mandela never looked like a woman just sentenced to six years injail. the judge told mrs mandela there was no indication she felt even the slightest remorse. the chinese government has called for an all—out effort to help the victims of a powerful earthquake, the worst to hit the country for 30 years. the computer deep blue has tonight triumphed over the world chess champion, garry kasparov. it is the first time a machine has defeated the reigning world champion in a classical chess match.
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america's first legal same—sex marriages have been taking place in massachusetts. god bless america! this is bbc news, the latest headlines: borisjohnson says his plan to ease the lockdown in england faster than other parts of the uk is fit for purpose. after two months spain and some other european countries start to ease their lockdowns. the russian government has announced that it will ease its coronavirus lockdown from tuesday, saying the country must get back to work. that's despite having the third highest number of coronavirus infections worldwide, and registering its highest daily increase on monday. the easing of restrictions will affect all sectors of the economy, but mr putin said some regions may keep tighter controls if necessary. reged ahmad reports. moscow's exhibition centres
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being set up as a mass hospital moscow's exhibition centre being set up as a mass hospital for coronavirus patients. the country is experiencing a new surge in case numbers as the infection tally surpasses both italy and france. so it may come as a bit of a surprise that president putin has announced an easing of the country's lockdown. translation: starting from may 12, wherever possible, it is necessary to create conditions for the restoration of work as enterprises in the basic sectors of the economy. in the televised address, the russian president said that the fight against the pandemic would not end, but it was time to get back to work. the economy here has been hit hard by the falling price of oil, and like other countries around the world, the lockdown has hurt too. many of russia's covid—19 cases have been in the capital, so it was announced
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moscow's lockdown will remain for now, along with basic
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