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morricone's own love affair with cinema was one that lasted a lifetime. remembering the work and the life of ennio morricone. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. quite a bit of cloud, passing showers and a few spells of sunshine. on the satellite you get a sense of the shower popping up in blossoming across the uk. the weather won't settle down soon
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because the weather is queueing up at the moment. this cloud is coming on tuesday to bring wet weather, more rain from wednesday and then out in the atlantic, this cloud is tropical storm edward. that will be coming to skies near you perhaps on thursday. monday, shower is continuing, not many across wales and southern england, are largely dry afternoon with spells of sunshine, batch i was most frequent across eastern england and northern areas of scotland, where you have quite a high chance of seeing one or two through the afternoon. showers and lengthier breaks delete outbreaks of rain working into scotla nd outbreaks of rain working into scotland over night. elsewhere, dry. northern ireland dry for a time but later in the night the next area of rain arriving from the west. this area cure is associated with our first area of low pressure, just sliding in here. weatherfronts stretching quite a way to the west.
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with the rain getting into northern ireland quickly tomorrow morning, before spreading into northern england, across the midlands and wales as well. to the north of our main band of rain, a day of sunshine and showers in scotland, a fresh feel to the weather here. quite cool with that persistent rain across central areas, and muggy in the south, where there will be a lot of cloud, brighter spells coming and going. more rain on wednesday in the south, light initially, turning heavier later in the day across wales and south—west england. further north, fresher air, and it should be bright across scotland, still a few isolated showers possible. thursday, what is left of the tropical storm is a lump of moist air of working in across this weather front, so we will see some rain. it could be that we see the rain. it could be that we see the rain heaviest across southern parts of england and wales, but quite a bit of uncertainty where the rain will end up. it could end up going further north, even across northern ireland, southern scotland and northern england, so we have to bear
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that in mind. with the humidity, there will be hill fog patches developing across the south, and a muqqy developing across the south, and a muggy fuel to the air. the brightest of the sky is forecast to be in scotland. that's the latest weather. a reminder of our top story: the government pledges a £i.5 billion lifeline to the arts and cultural sector to help with the impact of covid—i9. it has been broadly welcomed. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. the world snooker championship that starts at the end of the month could take place in front a limited number of specatators at the crucible in sheffield. those with tickets for the tournament, that was due to take place in april,
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have been asked to register their interest to attend if regulations allow. snookers governing body say they remain in discussion with the government around the possibility of safely welcoming spectators. otherwise, the event will be played behind closed doors. lewis hamilton says he was "silenced and told to back down" in 2017 when he wanted to show his support for colin kaepernick, the former nfl player who took the knee before games. yesterday, before the season—opening austrian grand prix, in which hamilton finished fourth, he was joined by 13 other drivers in taking a knee in support of the black lives matter movement — six remained standing. british f3 driver enaam ahmed believes motorsport still has lots of work to do, to improve diversity.
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there has never really been much diversity in the sport, not only with the drivers but within teams. engineers, mechanics, team bosses. i think it would be good to see some more diversity in formula i because it will attract more people to watch the sport, as lewis did when he first came into this sport back in 2007. the fixtures are out for the new scottish premiership season. champions celtic, who are chasing an unprecedented tenth league title in a row, begin at home to hamilton on 2nd august. there will be no crowds, and two full rounds of games on friday nights in october and november to give scotland's national team more time to prepare for their european championship play—offs. there won't be a winter break, to allow last season's cup competitions to be completed. shorter seasons in the divisions below the top tier get under way in october. here's the first round of games.
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steven gerrard's rangers are at aberdeen on the opening saturday. newly—promoted dundee united take on stjohnstone. the first old firm game is on 17th october at celtic park. nemanja matic has signed a new deal at manchester united, keeping him at the club until 2023. the 31—year—old serbia international joined from chelsea in 2017 and is in the last year of his contract. he's made 114 appearances for united and says he "still has a lot more to give and achieve in his career". the english rugby football union are cutting a quarter of its workforce to help cope with a potential £100 million financial hole due to the pandemic. chief executive bill sweeney says the union need to "completely remodel their business" and thinks it will take up to five years for the rfu to recover. they will make 139 positions redundant. a decision is expected in the next couple fo weeks about the autumn internationals, with the home unions making
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contingecy plans for a six nations style tounament if those games can't take place. one of britain's most decorated female divers, alicia blagg, has been forced to retire at the age of 23. the two—time olympian, who specialises on the springboard, struggled with depression and anxiety in recent years following previous wrist problems, but now a shoulder injury means she will have to give up for good and miss the tokyo games next year, where she hoped to add to her three european and two commonwealth medals. my my shoulder wasn't so much pain still, and it still is to this day. i think ne i need to get surgery on it again, so it was just a of i think ne i need to get surgery on it again, so it wasjust a of my mind wasjust, i can't do it again, so it wasjust a of my mind was just, i can't do this any more, i can't keep fighting the demons in my head. it'sjust exhausting. i thought i would listen to my body, and i think it isjust time. the president of the tokyo organising committee says he is not
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sure how social distancing could impact the olympics and paralympics next summer. yoshiro mori says he is confident the games will be safe but admits new challenges lie ahead. translation: what we are most worried about now is if we decide to limit people, how do you separate the tickets from those who have already bought them 7 the tickets from those who have already bought them? we need to avoid separating couples who have bought tickets as a pair. with the government, tokyo and the organising committee, i would like to organise a coronavirus meeting soon. committee, i would like to organise a coronavirus i'll have more for you in the next hour. scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, has announecd that no new deaths from covid—i9 have been registered in the country. from today, people in scotland are now able to return to beer gardens and pavement cafes after they opened for the first time in 15 weeks. but customers are being warned that alfresco eating and drinking will not be the same as it was before the lockdown. the first minister gave
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details of the changes. from today in scotland, outdoor hospitality venue such as pavements and beer gardens are able to reopen. enter hospitality will have to wait a bit longer, it isn't due to restart until the 15th of july. a bit longer, it isn't due to restart until the 15th ofjuly. of her hospitality and tourism sector, today? reopening marks a significant step. it is one that the sector has been working towards for some time. injune, at the start of phase two, we published guidance to help hospitality businesses prepare for a safe reopening. as i mentioned last week, i visited a beer garden in edinburgh on friday to see for myself how these preparations were going. i was impressed with the kinds of measures that had been put in place there. they included new procedures to collect customer because my contact details, new signs to
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promote physical distancing, and new perspex screens. our hospitality and tourism businesses are working hard tourism businesses are working hard to prepare for this reopening, so i wa nt to ta ke to prepare for this reopening, so i want to take the opportunity to thank everyone in this actor who is playing their part. i know how incredibly hard and sipping over the last few months, but your efforts and patience are hugely appreciated. the government is determined to do all we can to make this reopening a success. we know that implementing some of the safety and physical distancing measures can create specific challenges and, of course, reduce the number of people that can be in these places at any given time. that is why we want to give businesses a bit more freedom in their use of outdoor space. today, we have taken an additional step by asking local authorities to put in place a temporary relaxation of planning controls so that it is easierfor planning controls so that it is easier for businesses to use public space. amongst other things, that could provide them with additional space for physically distance seating. that should help businesses in adapting to these new requirements and i hope it will further ensure that should help
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businesses in adapting to these new requirements and d i hope it will further ensure that hospitality in wales the "stay local" requirement, advising people to remain within five miles of their home, has ended today. the first minister, mark drakeford, outlined how the latest scientific evidence on infections from coronavirus in wales had informed the decision to continue the easing of lockdown restrictions. reopen in a safe and physically over the last four review cycles, we will look closely at a number of factors which tell us how much headroom we have and how that headroom can be used. the factors that tell us how much freedom we have include the latest scientific and medical evidence about the transmission of coronavirus in wales, the testing positivity figures, that is to say the proportion of tests that we carried out which are returned as being positive. at the peak of
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coronavirus, 45% of all tests processed by nhs wales laboratories we re processed by nhs wales laboratories were positive. by the end ofjune, that had fallen to 3.5%. we look as well at new confirmed cases, the number of people dying from the disease and access deaths. we look as well at the number of people admitted to hospital with coronavirus and the number of people treated and critical care units. when those figures are heading in the right direction, that creates new headroom for us to go on lifting lockdown restrictions. but having headroom is one thing and using it as another and there are a number of factors you have to take into account in deciding whether and how that headroom can be used. those factors include the ability of the nhs to respond to the virus. the nhs
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has to respond to many other important demands that come through its door every day and we have to find out how much room there is for the nhs to respond to coronavirus. we look at how our test, trace, protect system is working. we look at compliance with the regulations to date. the more we all stick to what we are being asked to do, the more of that headroom becomes available for us to use. where compliance folds away, then our ability to do new things falls away, as well. we look, of course, at patterns of the disease, for example, the way in which multi—agency teams are responding to the three outbreaks and incidents linked to meat and food processing pla nts linked to meat and food processing plants in anglesey, wrexham and merthyr tydfil, and because we
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continue in wales to lift the restrictions in a careful, step—by—step way, we are able to look at the impact of the changes we have already made and what we are learning from them. that final point is at the heart of the welsh approach to easing lockdown. we take the advice we have taken from the world health organization and the scientific advisory group for emergencies very seriously. both have underlined the importance of taking that step by step approach to easing restrictions. and because we do it that way, we have introduced changes gradually and progressively, learning from what we have done to enable us to go further as the conditions allow. and during the three—week period, which is concluding at the end of this week, we have introduced one major change every monday. that has given us an
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opportunity to review and learn from experience. on the 22nd ofjune, shops reopened. on the 29th ofjune, all pupils return to school ahead of the summer holidays. and today, the requirement to stay local has been lifted. 70,000 peoiple in the north western spanish region of galacia have had a second lockdown imposed on them following a spike in cases of coronavirus. the move — which started at midnight local time — will initially last for five days. gatherings will be limited to 10 people. face masks will be mandatory outdoors. it's the second region in spain to introduce a local lockdown after restrictions came into force in parts of catalonia at the weekend. from spain, our correspondent guy hedgecoe reports. the area of a marina on the atlantic coast will be cut off from the rest of spain. movement will be allowed in the zone, which has 70,000 inhabitants, but police will prevent people from entering or leaving without a specific region.
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with 106 new cases of virus in the area, the authorities say this as a precautionary measure which is expected to last five days. translation: detecting these outbreaks early proves that our health system is much readier than in march, and it also shows that we need to learn to live with the virus. we have to remain vigilant and keep social distancing. over the weekend, the regional government of catalonia, in the north—east of spain, put the country of segria into isolation due to a spike in coronavirus cases. two weeks ago, spain's government lifted a strict national lockdown on the grounds that the pandemic was under control but since then, there have been a number of new, mostly small outbreaks. passengers entering england from dozens of countries will no longer have to quarantine from the 10th of july. however, portugal is one of the countries that isn't on the list. the government says the decision is based on scientific assessments, but the portuguese foreign minister has described it as absurd. portugal's tourism board president, luis araujo, said he was surprised and shocked
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by the decision. the first was a surprise and shock, the second was disappointment. the response with the pandemic here in portugal was and iias exceptional, good, timely control measures, a population that complies with regulations, massive testing, so we were surprised with the decision. we know the situation here in portugal, and sometimes reality is quite different from what the decision portrays. we are one of the countries that test more in europe, the first was a surprise and shock, the second was disappointment. the six european countries that test more, more than 1.2 million tests in portugal, more than 10% of the population. that is the strategy being followed by the government and the institutions to track as many situations and as many cases as possible. we want to fight this together,
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this is the way to fight, and the institutions to track as many situations and as many cases as possible. we want to fight this together, this is the way to fight, and we think it is not a matter of just focusing on one item or one statistic. you have to see the overall picture of the situation inside the country. and the overall picture is excellent, everything is working smoothly, the hospitals have almost 60% capacity. so everything is moving very smoothly, and the situation is completely different from what this decision portrays, for sure. italy has given permission for a charity—run ship to disembark 180 meighty migrants rescued in the mediterranean after a stand—off lasting more than a week. the ocean viking, which had also sought permission to land at malta, will now head to a port in sicily, where the migrants will be held in quarantine. aru na iyengar reports. relief and joy from migrants on hearing their cramped conditions may soon be over. these migrants from pakistan, north africa, eritrea and nigeria were picked up afterfleeing libya in four separate rescues
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by the ocean viking, operated by the french charity sos mediterranee. they include 25 children, mostly unaccompanied, and two women, one of whom is pregnant. they have been on the ship for over a week, with tensions rising. fights have broken out and two migrants threw themselves into the sea, but were later rescued. the situation was so bad that ship operators declared a state of emergency on friday. an italian medical team were sent on board to test the migrants for covid—19 and monitor the situation. the ocean viking is due to dock in sicily, where the migrants will be transferred to the moby zaza, a ship charted by the italian government, for 1h days of quarantine. according to the international organization for migration, more than 100,000 migrants tried to cross the mediterranean last
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year, with more than 1,200 dying in the attempt. the arrival of summer may lead to more attempts to cross, with hopes of a new home in europe. suspected drug—traffickers in the mexican state of quintana roo have made an emergency landing on a public highway before setting the plane alight and fleeing the scene. this is how the plane was left. federal investigators are still trying to establish the exact details, but it is believed the plane was transporting drugs into mexico from central america before running into difficulty and being forced to land on the stretch of public road. now, this is ellie goldstein, who is gucci beauty's newest face. the 18—year—old model from east london, who has down‘s syndrome, was scouted by italian vogue to be the face of gucci's new make—up campaign. this photo from the shoot is now the most ‘liked' photo on gucci's instagram ever,
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with over 800,000 likes. thousands of people have commented too, with many calling the photo "beautiful" and applauding gucci for its inclusivity. ellie has since been featured in several fashion magazines around the world and has herself received tens of thousands of new followers on social media. victoria derbyshire spoke to ellie and her mum this morning. hello, both of you. hi! hi, hello. ellie, yvonne, how are you? very good, thanks. yeah, i'm good. thank you so much for talking to us. i want to ask you, ellie, first of all, of course, what was it like being a gucci model? really, really good. it made me proud of the campaign and i feel really shocked about the comments and everything that i have got on my instagram. well, what do you think about all those likes? well, they are really crazy and i like one of them that says i am really cute and that they are jealous of my
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eyebrows, and i am really cute. yeah, i read quite a few comments about your eyebrows! what was the thing that you loved most about the whole photographic shoot for gucci? it had been a fun day with hair and make—up and i love to be on the camera a lot, in photos, because i do love to be to the camera and i love my make—up and hair done. and did you have a favourite dress? yeah, ido. the best dress i liked was the one with the beads and jewellery on it. yes, that was beautiful. i wonder, did you always want to be a model, ellie? yeah, idid. it's been really good being a model because then i could be famous and i could be everywhere, like i could go worldwide.
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absolutely. i mean, that is a heck of an ambition. yvonne, how did all this start? we just got got a call from ellie's agency, zebedee management, and they said that she had been chosen to do the gucci beauty campaign and appear in vogue, and that was back in february, the shoot. how did you react? well, i phoned my daughterfirst, because she is a gucci fan! ijust couldn't believe it, quite honestly, that such a big brand chose ellie, it was incredible. really incredible. and through ellie growing up, has she always wanted to be a model? yeah, she's always had a very, very outgoing, very unique personality. she always wants the limelight. she has always been an entertainer. yes, i have! always. ellie, there must be part
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of you that has got real determination to try and make it in the world of modelling, which can be cut—throat and ruthless and challenging. yeah. she takes it in her stride, don't you? yes, i do take it in my stride. why do you think there aren't more down syndrome models used in adverts, on billboards, for the big fashion houses? well, i think it is about time that there should be, quite honestly, for all disabilities. i think ellie doing this campaign and the response we have had, obviously, the world is ready to accept diversity, inclusion. do you think there is something about this year that means, as you put it, that the world is ready to accept diversity? i think with everything else that has been going on in the news, it has been a terrible time
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with the virus, it is all positivity that we need out there and zebedee management are making that happen across the board. it's breaking barriers, and i just think it's about time. what do you want to do next, ellie? work for high—end brands like louis vuitton and chanel. i want to be famous on the telly and be on the front cover of all the magazines in the world. now it's time for a look at the weather. hello, again. through the rest of today we have a mixture of bright or sunny spells. quite a bit of cloud and a few passing showers in the forecast, as well. looking at the weather picture at the moment, you can see extensive cloud. backlight
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is bubbling up, bringing the showers widely to central and eastern england. right in the atlantic, weather systems are queueing up with two areas of cloud sap to bring further outbreaks of rain through tuesday and wednesday, then we have a tropical storm that will bring as soon of heavier rain across the uk on thursday. so no sign of the weather settling down anytime soon. today, the north—westerly winds will drag him showers particularly for eastern england and northern scotla nd eastern england and northern scotland through this evening. overnight, showers will continue to affect scotland, but elsewhere there will be a lot of cloud in england and wales stop backlight will thicken in northern ireland is the first of these weather systems moves and, eventually bringing rain towards the end of the night. temperatures between ten and 12 overnight for many of us. tuesday, this area of low pressure will come through, bringing as soon of heavy rain through central portions of the
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uk, sojourning weight quickly in northern ireland, spreading to the north of england, north wales and the south of scotland. this room will be persisting for much of the day. north of tests, sunshine and showers for scotland, south, it will be cloudy. it will feel more humid in southern areas. for wednesday, human for the weather in the site with mist and health fog patches. the rain will come, initially rain and patchy, turning persistent later on in southern wales and south—west england. the greatest weather we'll be in northern areas, with the risk ofa be in northern areas, with the risk of a few passing showers here. through thursday, what is left of the tropical storm will move its way in. the rain will be much happier on thursday, but there is a lot of uncertainty about weather the rain will be across southern parts of england in the south of wales, or much further north, even affecting parts of scotland. either way, it looks like some parts of the uk on
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thursday will have some pretty wet weather.
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this is bbc news, i'm simon mccoy. the headlines: music venues, theatres, galleries and museums are to get one and a half billion pounds — after being devastated by the coronavirus lockdown. this is all new money for the arts sector and arts at the absolute heart of our national life, whether it is your local theatre where you go to see the pantomime part of the history of our nation. china warns britain that it will face the consequences if it treats china as an enemy — it comes as the uk re—considers the role of huawei in the 5g roll—out. the team gb sprinter, bianca williams, is considering legal action against the metropolitan police after accusing officers of "racial profiling" when she and her partner were stopped and searched. i've never been in that situation before. to be on that front line, along with my son, it was


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