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some bits of equipment to carry out experiments, more or less off their own bat, working very long hours, because they were really dedicated to these things. and, of course, they were taking their work home. hazel told her sons about her role when they were growing up. it's amazing that history hangs on so fine a thread, isn't it? you know, if she'd got the calculations wrong or she hadn't been asked to help and the decision had not been made to go with eight guns, who knows what would have happened? this graph, presented to the air ministry in 193a, was the result of hazel‘s calculations. with eight guns firing, the fighters typically had just two seconds to hit their target before pulling away. they had to get incredibly close to the enemy planes — just 250 yards away — to stand a chance of shooting them down. hazel‘s calculations meant
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the government changed its mind. the battle of britain proved to be a turning point in the war. it was the bravery and success of the pilots which made victory possible, but, without the support of many others, the battle may not have been won. what a great inspiration for young people today, young girls in particular, that can look upon someone like hazel in the early 1930s making such an important contribution. 80 years after the battle of britain, hazel hill is finally getting the public recognition she deserved. and you can see the full version of the "schoolgirl who helped to win a war" on the bbc news channel this weekend, time for a look at the weather. thanks very much, jane. what a difference a day makes, much brighter skies across england and wales than what we have had over the last few days, some blue skies with
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continuing sunny spell through the afternoon. the skies here are how it is looking across england and wales but the cloud attending to bubble up now over the course of a few hours, the cloud is really building across scotland, eastern england, some showers developing, a few thunderstorms particularly in north—east england and the wash. further south at the cloud feeling a little bit, but still more sunshine around across the south than we had this time yesterday in the day before. these showers continue gci’oss before. these showers continue across scotland in eastern england, brighter colours are indicating heavy showers, the odd shower further west but increasing shower —— sunshine is high—pressure present. still disappointing temperatures of the time of year, mid teens for the north, maybe 20 degrees in london. high pressure will kill off those showers tonight, many places turning drier away from the north—east of scotland, the mint green returning for tonight, quite
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chilly for the time of year, 69 degrees for many of us. into the weekend, high—pressure dominate —— 6-9d, weekend, high—pressure dominate —— 6—9d, for many of us. into the weekend, high—pressure dominates. dry and warm for most of us. fewer isobars on the charts than what we have had in the last few days but it will be a chilly start on saturday, some turnaround, plenty of cloud around, showers in the north—west of scotland, but most places will be dry. a little bit warmer, high teens in the north, and low 20s across the south. into sunday, these weather fronts will come into play across the north—west of the country, so that will tend to build up the cloud gci’oss that will tend to build up the cloud across northern ireland, western scotland, with increasing breeze, outbreaks of rain. for the rest of eastern scotland and into england and wales, it should be dry, plenty of sunshine, a little bit warmer with mid 20s in the south—east, high teens further north. as we head
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through the week, it looks like it's going to be mainly dry and settled, more cloud across northern and western areas. best of the warmth across the south. hello, i'm sarah mulkerrins at the bbc sport centre. let's start then with the test cricket then. england have taken two more wickets this morning on day three of the first test, but the west indies remain in a strong position on 159 for 3. spinner dom bess made england's first break through as the windies added to their overnight score of 57, chasing down 204. earlierjoffra archer thought he'd got a wicket too, but a review found it was a no ball. kraigg brathwaite went past 50 as the away side closed in on that target, but he too has now been dismissed by england captain ben stokes.
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at lunch, the west indies are three wickets down, and trail by 45 runs. the draws for the delayed final stages of the champions league and europa league have been made. in the champions league, manchester city, who lead real madrid 2—1 with the second leg of their tie to play, would face either lyon orjuventus if they reach the quarterfinals, while, if chelsea manage to come from 3—0 down to beat bayern munich, they would face either napoli or barcelona. so here is the quarterfinal draw in full. all of those ties will be played as one match, rather than two legs, and will all be hosted in lisbon. matches start on the 12th of august. in the europa league, manchester united have been drawn against istanbul basaksehir or copenhagen, wolves have a potential tie against sevilla or roma and rangers will play
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inter milan or getafe if they reach the last eight. steven gerrard's side trail bayer leverkusen 3—1 after the first leg of their last 16 tie. united and wolves will meet in the semi—finals if both get through. the scottish premiership season will kick off on i august after receiving written approval from the scottish government. the government has also confirmed that clubs can arrange friendly matches with immediate effect — as long as players are tested for covid—i9 weekly from 13 july. rangers and hamilton academical have already organised a match at the ibrox club's training ground for this afternoon. the premier league has admitted to the bbc that there were three incorrect decisions involving penalties in last night's matches. one in each of the three games. they admitted that manchester united's bruno fernandes shouldn't have won a penalty for this challenge. but fernandes went on to score it himself as united
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beat aston villa 3—0. the premier league also said that southampton shouldn't have been given a penalty against everton, while tottenham should have been given one against bournemouth. liverpool captain jordan henderson will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. the midfielder scored in the 3—1 win against brighton on wednesday before limping off late on in the match. he won't need surgery and should be fit in time for the start of next season. two more races have been added to the formula one calendar, taking the total to ten. the ferrari owned mugello circuit in italy will host a grand prix for the first time on 13th september, with the russian grand prix in sochi confirmed for a fortnight later. in the meantime, the second race weekend of the season has got under way in austria. this time the race will be called the ‘styrian grand prix', in honour of the local area. racing point's sergio perez topped the time sheets in this morning's first practice.
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that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's thank you very much. a very good afternoon, you are still watching bbc news. i am jayne afternoon, you are still watching bbc news. i amjayne hill, to take you through the next hours of our coronavirus coverage and more besides. but let's start with what has been said about coronavirus in scotland. no new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in scotland for the second day running, nicola sturgeon has announced. but the first minister told the scottish government's coronavirus briefing that an additional 18 cases of covid—i9 have been confirmed, the highest daily figure in three weeks. it comes as the lockdown continues to be eased, with people in scotland now allowed to go into another person's house. the ability to meet indoors, even in small numbers, is a simple pleasure
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that has been hard earned by all of us, so enjoy it, but please, please be very careful. remember why we have only now started to allow any indoor meetings. it is because the risk of transmitting this virus indoors is higher and significantly higher than it is outdoors. if you are able to meet outdoors, if the weather permits it, do not rule that out. that is still the safest way of meeting up with friends and family. if you do meet indoors, take care and follow all of the public health advice will stop deep down i keep two metres from people in other households. claim services after people have been touching them. wash your hands regularly and wash your hands the first time you go into somebody‘s house. if we do all of that, then this is not risk—free, but we will minimise the number of opportunities the virus has to spread. that is the point i want end on. covered i9 spread. that is the point i want end on. covered 19 cases in scotland right now are very low, but as today's figures remind us, we are
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still seeing new cases every day. —— covid—i9. the virus still has not gone away, it is still as infectious as it ever was. it is still as dangerous as it ever was. if we let it run out of control again, not only will that be very damaging to life and to health, it will also set back the economic recovery that is so back the economic recovery that is so important now for our wider lives. that is why i keep stressing and will end with a reminder of the fa ct and will end with a reminder of the fact that we are asking people to remember and comply with. face coverings in shops and public transport, that is the law, but in any enclosed space where physical distancing is difficult, avoid crowded places, indoors but also outdoors. clean your hands and hard surfaces regularly. two metre distancing remains the role and self—isolate and book a test if you have symptoms. nicola sturgeon speaking at the daily briefing.
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travellers arriving in the uk from dozens of countries no longer have to self—isolate for two weeks from today. restrictions have been lifted for arrivals from 75 countries and british overseas territories, including spain, france, italy and germany. but passengers who arrived in the past two weeks still have to see out their 14 day self isolation period. arrivals from spain will still have to self isolate in scotland however, as the country has said it will continue to quarantine travellers from countries that have a higher prevalence of coronavirus than it does. and the foreign office advice against taking a cruise holiday remains in place. earlier, david nabarro — special envoy of the world health 0rganisation director general on covid—i9 — spoke to us on bbc news about the easing of travel restrictions just as the who warns that cases worldwide are accelerating. the first thing to say is that the testing that is available throughout the world probably only picks up a
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proportion of those who actually have got the virus. especially as now the spread is fastest in poorer countries. but overall, we see are real excess ablation —— acceleration in the number of cases, and whether that acceleration, we are seeing real challenges in poorer nations. we are also seeing an exhilaration in parts of the united states, and in western europe and in central europe, we are seeing obviously the return of the virus, especially as movement restarts. the big challenge is to make certain that as the virus comes back that the authorities are able to get on top of outbreaks really quickly so that there is not a need to go back into lockdown and other similar privations. 0ur current view is that really we are underestimating significantly. i
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hate to put a percentage on it. the other thing i want to stress is that the rate at which the numbers are increasing is just exhilarating, the rate at which the numbers are increasing isjust exhilarating, and so we seem increasing isjust exhilarating, and so we seem to be getting i million cases appearing in kind of a few days, like seven or eight days now, whereas before it was much longer. so that is telling us that the spread is picking up, and when we have that kind of situation, we have to keep reminding everybodyjust absolutely take this seriously. do not behave as though it's somehow gone away, and build into your lives as much as you can the actions that you need to do to reduce risk to yourself and to others. do not get bored of it, because if you do, it will come and it will cause awful problems to you and to those near you. stay on guard, like we heard from the travellers you were
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interviewing just now. if i can help to get that measure —— message across, i think i am doing what i meant to be doing as an envoy at the moment to remind people it has not gone away and we have to learn to live with it as a constant threat in our lives for the foreseeable future. there is an opportunity for the virus to spread as we restart our economic and social lives. but none of us in the world health 0rganization ever want to stop economies and stop people being able to see their partners like the gentleman you interviewed just now. instead, what we are doing is make sure the basic defences are in place, and make sure that people know what they've got to do to prevent themselves from being infected. 0bviously prevent themselves from being infected. obviously we are having to update the guidance all the time because there is new science, but at the heart of it is every country
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having the ability to detect people with the disease quickly and to isolate them and find their contact and isolate them. as a travel restarts, there will be risks of new spikes. let's just accept that is the reality we have to cope with, and if we feel ill after doing a journey, just make absolutely certain we isolate ourselves. that is the key action we have to remember to do. one good thing about aeroplanes is that the ventilation system includes really powerful filters which in our view means that they are relatively safer. there have been questions about other forms of transport, and so we are continuing to work closely with everybody involved in different transport settings to try and make certain that we share our concerns with them and they share their anxieties with us. in general, i would like to ask everybody to just
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respect the physical distancing norms but to be perhaps particularly careful in confined settings, especially when they are singing or shouting. special envoy for the world health 0rganization speaking earlier today to us. now on bbc news, it's time for your questions answered — and earlier today my colleague annita mcveigh also took your questions on the relaxation of travel restrictions. you have been sending in your questions about the new easing of travel restrictions, so let's get some of them answered now. joining me we have rory, travel editor of a witch, and felicity hannah, personal finance expert. rory and felicity, good morning. we have a question, rory, from andy, who asks that we
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have a party of ii rory, from andy, who asks that we have a party of 11 due to fly to greece on the 16th ofjuly but we are unsure if we can go without quarantine as they are not allowing the uk in until the 15th ofjuly. yes, andy, it is a little bit risky. i would be hopeful that that holiday should go ahead. as you say, the review date is the 15th ofjuly. that is when the greek government has said it is the earliest to uk residents can come, but as long as our infection rates continues to go down, if they go in the right direction, then hopefully that decision will come through. what i should say is that when you get to greece you may be required to self—isolate for a short period so the greek authorities are talking about carrying out coronavirus tests at the airport. you will then go to your hotel and then shortly afterwards, hopefully ours rather than a day or anything longer, you will be told that you are all clear and you can leave the self isolation and you can leave the self isolation and enjoy your holiday. and he needs to keep a very close eye on what is going to be an evolving situation.
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felicity, steph davies asks, i am currently trying to get money back from my holiday that has been cancelled. if the government says you shouldn't travel then should that not mean you are entitled to a refund? yes, and what people are entitled to and what they are getting are quite separate in this crisis. if your brake is cancelled, if you booked through a package holiday, a flight, and it cannot happen and is cancelled so you do not make the cancellation, the company makes the cancellation, because of the government policies, then you should be entitled to a refund. you should be able to get that in cash back into the account you paid from. a lot of companies are struggling to make refunds to everybody that booked, and sometimes they are trying to give people vouchers, ask them to rebook for a future date. you are entitled to a refund, and you simply have to persist, keep asking for it, keep talking to them, put it in writing if they are still trying to fob you
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off. you can even complain to the competition and markets authority if you're not getting anywhere. they are keeping a close eye on whether companies are doing all they can. having said that, if you know you will want to rebook in the future, then you might want to consider seeing if you can push back your booking. help them out by not accepting a refund. you are legally entitled to it, it is your money, keep insisting you should get it back. insistence is the key word. a question from stephen, rory, he asks if you can identify when the government is considering updating restrictions to travel to other european countries, for example portugal? i have been inundated with worries about portugal, whether those holidays will go ahead. 0ne worries about portugal, whether those holidays will go ahead. one of the most popular uk destinations, and there are other countries as well, but people were surprised it was left of the list. bulgaria is quite a popular package holiday destination was not there is no definitive date for when the government will review the list. they say it is continual and they will continue to look at it. that
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seems to be true because even as the list lunches, it has been —— serbia has been taken off the list because ofa has been taken off the list because of a rise of infections. portugal did not come in at the start because the government was concerned by the infection rate there and a couple of outbreaks, although it is relatively small. i would expect, outbreaks, although it is relatively small. iwould expect, i outbreaks, although it is relatively small. i would expect, i would hope that portugal will be back on that list and you will be able to take that holiday to portugal in the short term, in the next couple of weeks, but unfortunately it is impossible to give a date just yet. another one that is evolving and could change. a question for felicity from matthew. concerning insurance. iam felicity from matthew. concerning insurance. i am due to go on a family holiday to spain in late august. all of the holiday insurance i have looked at is currently not covering coronavirus unless the policy was taken in advance of the pandemic. is that right? yes, so this is a real problem. lots of people now wanting to book their brakes, wanting to get overseas and enjoy what is left of the summer, and it is much harder to buy travel
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insurance that will cover you for the covid—19 risks. when this first started happening, lots of travel insurers dropped out of the market. they were not offering policies that gave any protection against covid—19 disruption. we are seeing a few more coming back onto the market, so there are two ends that you need to look at. you need to see whether a policy will protect you if you fall ill with covid—19 before you travel and therefore cannot travel. and also whether the policy will protect you if there is disruption in the country that you landing and are travelling to and your holiday cannot go ahead or is very severely disrupted or if you fall ill overseas. now, there are some policies that are covering elements of that, but most of them still have restrictions, so go online, look up which policies are including some sort of covid—19 cover but then make sure you understand what the additional restrictions are, because it is almost impossible to buy a policy at the moment that will cover you for absolutely every kind of
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disruption you could face in a very changeable pandemic situation. there are policies out there that have much better cover for coronavirus than other policies, butjust make sure you know what the restrictions are so sure you know what the restrictions are so you know that you are happy with the level of risk you are being asked to take that up just a thought on whether if you have a policy you took before the pandemic, say an annual policy with a few months to run. are you covered if you become ill with covid—19 before the holiday or there is disruption agger destination for? you should be, but it is worth sunning at the entrance and checking with them. —— at your destination. if you have not taken out an annual travel insurance policy, it is worth looking around at whether you have a packaged bank account that includes family travel cover in that bank account. as a perk, as an extra. you might not consciously have ta ken perk, as an extra. you might not consciously have taken out a travel insurance policy and it might cover
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you for this. check before you fly because you need to make sure the small print is not ruling out any cover you need when you are overseas, and one last thing, if you are travelling within europe, the eh icy card is still via valid until the end of the year despite brexit. make sure you have one, do not pay anything for it, and it will help you with medical issues in countries you with medical issues in countries you are travelling in on the same basis as anyone who lives there. another question, can uk citizens book as short leisure holiday to the usa injuly or august 2020 without needing quarantine in the usa? as we know, it has had another day of record highs. yes, i must say, i haven't heard many inquiries about going on holiday to the united states because of those very high infection levels. i think it is really unlikely that this summer we will be able to take holidays to the
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united states. at the moment, you are barred entry, so uk residents cannot even enter the united states despite some flights still operating. there has been some discussion of potentially we may open to some individual states, so boston for example and massachusetts have a much lower infection rate in florida, where they are in a very difficult situation at the moment. evenif difficult situation at the moment. even if that were to happen, of course you really would need to pick up course you really would need to pick up on felicity‘s point, excellent travel insurance, because the cost of medical care in the united states is very high. even if we were to open up and we were allowed to go in and there was not the requirement to quarantine, you absolutely should not go to the united states unless you have bullet—proof travel insurance that will cover you for any sort of medical expenses, including coronavirus, and that is very difficult to get right now. felicity, this question, what measures have been taken from the government for people who want to change their trip to a calmer time?
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let us hope we have come a time is coming, that's what i'm thinking. that's true, but this will end. it isa very that's true, but this will end. it is a very good question, and unfortunately there is no automatic right, no rules in place to allow you to push back your holiday unless there is something, some specific reason you cannot travel. so unless your trip is cancelled or the government is advising against travel to that country or unless you have some sort of personal or medical situation that requires you to shield that you should climb through your travel insurance, simplyl through your travel insurance, simply i do not want to travel in this current environment in this crisis is very understandable, but it does not give you a legal reason to push back your holiday. having said that, lots of travel companies, they are trying to do their best, particularly for their customers that come back to them year after year. it is worth talking to your travel provider and just saying is there any way we can move it back? they might be more willing to help
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facilitate that then you would expect. unfortunately, there is no legal right. we have about a minute left, so when my question for rory. we have a holiday home in spain but normally fly into portugal and travel to spain in a rented car. can we still do that now? you could do it, yes, but there is a number of reservations that you need to consider. the portuguese and spanish border is open. there are flights operating to porto, so you could get there, get across the border and get to spain and you would not be required to quarantine in spain either or indeed if you then flew back from spain to the uk. however, if you fly to portugal at the moment, you will invalidate any travel insurance that you have, so this still applies, portugal as we discussed earlier is not on that exclusion rate. —— list. if you are travelling with a travel insurance, you will invalidate it. possible but probably not a good idea would be my
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advice. the big message today, check your insurance, check the details. rory and felicity, thank you so much for answering those. rory, travel editor at which, and personal finance expert felicity. thank you for sending in those questions. that takes us to the weather prospects. here is staff. hello, we end the week on a bright and sunny note as high pressure builds in. it has been very gloomy and grey across parts of england and wales over the last few days, quite a lot of rainfall as well. a lot more sunshine around bar a few heavy showers across northern and eastern areas. these are the skies over bromley in london, typical of how skies are looking across england and wales on the whole. high pressure starting to build from the west, will continue to kill off the showers but low pressure to the east generating further showers and heavy downpours into the evening. these will clear away eventually.
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most places dry overnight with lengthy clear skies, lighter winds and some showers pushing in to the north west of scotland. with those lighter winds and clear skies, it will be quite a chilly night. temperatures dipping into single figures for most. into the weekend, high—pressure dominating the scene, so going to be a dry one for most of us, and we should see plenty of sunshine as well. a little bit warmer as well. high pressure building in from the south—west, you can see fewer isobars across the map so the winds will be lighter. it will be a cool start to saturday, plenty of sunshine around, fairweather cloud bubbling up but a chance of an isolated shower. most places dry. wettest places north and west of scotland, blown in on the breeze. mid teens in the north and low 20s further south. high pressure still with us into part two of the weekend but you will see the weather front associated with low pressure scraping into the north—west of the uk as we move
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through the day. starts dry and sunny for all areas, some fairweather cloud developing and the breeze picking up for northern ireland and western scotland. thickening cloud and outbreaks late in the day of rain. england and wales should remain dry. warmer as well with temperatures close to the mid 20s in one or two places. stays breezy, cloudy and damp across the north—west. further south and east it will be dry to take us into monday. much of next week looks settled as high pressure is with us. across the southern areas we will see the driest, more settled weather and highest temperatures. more cloud and rain in the north and west.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: travellers arriving in the uk from more than 70 countries and overseas territories are no longer required to quarantine for two weeks. we do not have to quarantine coming back m, not have to quarantine coming back in, it is a big help, knowing that we canjust in, it is a big help, knowing that we can just go out there, we can stay in a hotel, obviously taking all the precautions. changes to lockdown are announced to all come into force today across the four nations of the uk. we will bring you the very latest details. charities are calling for relatives of people living with dementia in care homes to be designated key workers so they can resume visits, as one charity says the current coronavirus restrictions have had damaging consequences. a record number


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