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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 30, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm BST

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hello, i'm lewis vaughanjones. welcome to outside source. in atlanta, georgia... the funeral of civil rights icon and congressman john lewis. he kept on getting on board buses and sitting at lunch counters. got his mug shot taken again and again. marched again and again on a mission to change america. meanwhile, the current president of the united states suggests on twitter that the november election be delayed. the hong kong authorities disqualify 12 pro—democracy candidates from running
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in upcoming elections. today, we are seeing the results of the relentless oppression that this regime is starting. and new figures show england has had the highest level of excess deaths in europe. welcome. we start in the us and the funeral of civil rights pioneer john lewis in atlanta, georgia. it was held at the ebenezer baptist church where his friend and fellow activist matin luther king once preached. this is the burial taking place right now. like one who stripes democrats both i heard a voice from heaven saying
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bless another dead who dies in the lord. even so saith the spirit, for their deeds do follow them. this is live in atlanta, georgia. the burial ofjohn lewis, a hero to so many americans, a civil rights can planner through the decades who died in office —— a civil rights campaigner. this the a culmination ofa campaigner. this the a culmination of a day of events there. earlier, a service was held at the ebenezer baptist church where his friend and fellow activist martin luther king once preached. john lewis was the son of an alabama farmer who was arrested dozens of times for civil rights activism. then in 1986, he was elected to represent the state of georgia in congress where he continued to serve until he died just under two weeks ago. three former presidents were at his funeral.
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one of them, america's first black president, barack obama, gave this eulogy. we have not yet reached that blessed destination where we are judged by the content of our character. he knew from his own life that progress is fragile, that we have to be vigilant against the darker currents of this country's history. of our own history. but there were pools of violence and hatred and despair that can always rise again. connor may be gone, but today, we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of black americans. george wallace may be
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gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators. applause we may no longer have to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar in order to cast a ballot, but even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive id laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision. even undermining the postal service in a run up to an election.
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it will be dependent on mail—in ballots so people don't get sick. i asked katty kay in washington about the significance of this memorial. it was partly a funeral eulogy to somebody who was a civil rights icon and everyone who spoke remembered him very fondly. president obama talked about his bravery as just a 20—year—old in taking on what he called the infrastructure of oppression of segregation and racism in this country. but it was also interesting that president obama used the occasion to be very political, much more political than you might think during a funeral eulogy. he made a direct appealfor voting rights in this country, warned about people and leaders who we re warned about people and leaders who were trying to stop people from voting. there's a lot of concern amongst democrats that minorities in this country are having their voting rights oppressed. there's also concerned because of covid in the of
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a pandemic of this election will be decided through mail in voting and that hasn't been tested. there are some concerns that the president is trying to undermine the postal service as well at the moment. so it was... i was struck by how intensely political this was. it was very much about the election, and the former president barack obama made an absolutely direct categorical appeal same people —— telling people they have to go and vote to carry on the work ofjohn lewis. it was part of a tribute to don lewis and an appeal to get out of vote —— john lewis. one president who did not attend the funeral was the current one, donald trump. instead, this morning he tweeted this: now, the president does not
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have the power to unilaterally change the date of the election, so here's katty to explain what's going on. back to an 8045, a bit of a history lesson, a law that states that the first tuesday after the first monday of the month of november, every four yea rs of the month of november, every four years there will be an election —— 1845. so it's in law. what it would ta ke to 1845. so it's in law. what it would take to change that is congress, and the house of representatives is held by democrats, so they won't agree to it. perhaps more interestingly, we've had a slew of republicans, even die—hard supporters of president trump like ted cruz. they've all come out, even mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate, the republican leader of the senate have come outside since that tweet, this is not happening. this election will be held on november three. that's the law. it's not going to be
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delayed. one republican suggested that the president was just joking, but again, there is uncertainty about the selection because the president is not doing very well in the polls at the moment and the economy is in a bad shape because covid is rampant in many parts of the country. there are concerns that the country. there are concerns that the president, some democrats suggested, would try to delay the election or change the result or challenge the result in some way, so people pounce on this. but you're right. we can't do it. this is a tweet, not law, the election will be held under american law on november the 3rd. well, president trump's tweet came shortly after news that the us economy suffered its biggest contraction on record. it shrank by 9.5% in the three months from april to june. the historic fall shows the impact of coronavirus with many restaurants, shops and factories shutting during lockdown. we've also had the latest weekly unemployment numbers. another 1.4 million people lost theirjobs and filed for unemployment benefits. here's samira hussain
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on the economic damage behind those numbers. if you look at any sector, if you look at trade we saw the trade was down. if you look at how much people were investing in their businesses. that was down. and most crucially, we've seen if you look at consumer spending, while that has really taken a beating. don't forget america's gdp remains going back remains heavily on peoples spending. so people need to go out and spend money. but the harsh measures put in place to protect people from the coronavirus pandemic, that meant that people were at home and they weren't out shopping. and that had a really severe impact on the overall gdp number. a lot of the congress and even president donald trump and members of this administration had said that, look, we are going to see it's pretty difficult in the first six months of this year. but in the second half of the year everyone is expecting that rebound. but as we see the number of cases rising so dramatically, a lot
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of states are rolling back those reopening measures, and that is putting this potentialfor a rebound in the second half of the year really in jeopardy. part of america's response to the coronavirus outbreak was a huge economic relief package agreed by congress in march, but that will run out this week and congress have yet to agree an extension. here's an economist from the brookings institution to explain why further support is needed. we seem to be running an experiment and saying to how dysfunctional our democracy can be at a time of crisis. the congress expanded the safety net in march as a result of the covid crisis, and now a lot of those programmes, particularly and extra unemployment check of 600 a week, is expiring and congress cannot come to terms with an expansion. it so far been reluctant, at least the republicans, to expand
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the food safety net. stable local governments are cutting back because their revenues are down and they're spending on essential public health and public safety is up so they are not coveting other scenes —— cutting other things. we've discovered how frayed it is. we're lucky we got as much out of congress as we did in march. this would be a lot worse if we haven't had the temporary repairs to the safety net in march, but now some of those repairs are worn off and we're seeing a lot of people fall through the cracks. here's katty again on whether congress will be able to agree a new rescue package. it doesn't look like congress is anywhere close to legislation at the moment. we had the former head —— the current head of the american federal reserve this week saying congress has to do something and try to spend more money. people are about to run out of money in their
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pockets. one of the key planks of that rescue package that was agreed backin that rescue package that was agreed back in march was americans who are unemployed got an extra 600 dollars a week in their pocket. that runs out on friday. from what next week on word, they won't get that extra $600. that means i will be able to pay their mortgages, their rent, their bills, any extra services —— they won't be able to pay their mortgages, that all has a cascading effect. if congress can agree to help those people, it looks like things are going to get quite a lot worse here and certainly there's got to bea worse here and certainly there's got to be a lot more pain amongst people who are doing well already before it gets better. 33% is a huge amount of contraction in american economy. other economies have suffered, but the max business is germany. that only decline by 10% —— next biggest is germany. this is that huge shock to the american economy and congress doesn't seem to be able to get its
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political act together to agree on a stimulus package that will keep the safety net in place until the economy gets back on his feet. stay with us on outside source, still to come: we look at excess deaths across europe. new figures show england recorded the highest rate, followed by the uk as a whole. taiwan's first popularly—elected president lee dung hway has died, aged 97. he served from 1988 to 2000. cindy sui has more on his legacy. when he was president from 1988 to 2000, he carried out a number of political reforms that enable taiwan to become the democracy it is today, including reforming the parliament. also getting rid of older laws that had hampered taiwan's democracy. and one of his most famous of its as
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president, he met with student protesters in 1990 who identified with the tens of thousands seeking democratic reforms. he actually fulfilled that promise by lodging legislative elections. —— allowing. there are many people who mourn his death today and feel that he has really left a lasting legacy on the island. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. the funeral of civil rights icon and congressmanjohn lewis has just finished in atlanta, georgia. let's get the latest on the coronavirus. new figures show england has had the highest level of excess deaths in europe. this graph shows the numbers between the end
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of february and mid—june. you can see england at the top, followed by the uk as a whole and then spain. this is what we mean by excess deaths. you can see the dotted line here which represents the number of deaths we would expect based on previous years. then in red, you can see the covid—19 related deaths, then in blue, that's other deaths — excess deaths. the measure is seen by many experts as the most reliable way to assess the impact of the pandemic. here's our head of statistics robert cuffe. different to what we hear about every day in the daily briefings for example when they happen. this is looking at all deaths in the uk, irrespective of what caused them, doesn't matter. irrespective of the data. we are looking at the patterns because they are really predictable. the big increase we seen in the number of deaths, it's not entirely ca ptu red number of deaths, it's not entirely captured by the red area, the official covid—19 deaths. we see
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more deaths than that. by looking at all deaths, they capture the full picture. secondly, they've adjusted for age, so countries have different age populations and because covid hits the eldest hardest, we need to ta ke hits the eldest hardest, we need to take account of that. because of that, it enables us to understand a little bit of why as well, so we saw that peak in the uk. is not the highest in europe, the highest was in spain, but it took the uk longer to get back to normal compared to other countries. that combined with the widespread deaths across the uk, those are the two reasons they pointed as to why the uk has been so hard—hit. people in the uk with coronavirus symptoms now have to self—isolate for ten days rather than a week. it's to try to prevent a new spike in infections, and the health secretary matt hancock is warning new countries could be added to the quarantine list in the coming days as parts of europe are seeing a resurgence in case numbers. this graph shows the average number of confirmed cases per million people — ou can see s ain's figure shooting upwards. which is why the uk government says it made the recent decision to force
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people arriving from spain to quarantine for 14 days. well, nowjet2, the uk's second largerst tour operator, largest tour operator, says it's not sustainable to send empty planes to spain's balearic and canary islands to pick up passengers who are due to return from next week. so hundreds of british holiday—makers are being asked to cut short their holidays and come home. gavin lee is in majorca. the bbc has been inundated with texts and e—mails in the past hour with people in a similar situation here. they anxiety that this causes. we've also had a statement from jet2 saying they can't guarantee flights now up to monday. they apologise to all the customers who had longer holidays and say they can reinsure them they will be in touch to tell them they will be in touch to tell them what their situation is it —— reassure them. next, let's look at belgium.
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the government there says a second lockdown may be needed to prevent a resurgence. the most recent data shows 673 new cases recorded in a day. nick beake is in brussels. antwerp makes up about half of all of the new cases in belgium and that's why they've introduced a curfew which came in overnight. it means that no one is allowed out in the street unless they're going to work. that something they haven't taken lightly because that's the first on the been a curfew since the second world war. also they are bringing a new social distancing measures. some things have been relaxed in the last couple of weeks are now being rolled back a little bit. in terms of the bubble, the social bubble people are allowed when they are seeing people outside of their household that's been reduced from 15 people to five people. so you get the sense here the authorities are desperate to do what they can to try and stop this quite alarming rise that we've seen in different pockets of europe over the last few weeks. in western europe, france and luxembourg are also seeing a marked rise in the number of cases. the bbc understands the uk government is planning to introduce
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a 14—day quarantine period for passengers arriving from luxembourg, after the scottish government made a similar announcement. now, in the balkans, serbia, kosovo and romania are experiencing worrying outbreaks. here's nick beake again. if you listen to that health care officials can kodovo, they say the hospitals are already overwhelmed, they are dealing with us now and struggling. that is an area of real concern. if you look at places like italy, extremely badly hit in the early wave back a few months ago. everyone saw what happen in italy was a sort of a pre—runner to what other people experience. they made great strides in rome and bringing down the number of cases across the country, particularly in the very badly affected north. butjust yesterday, they've extended the state of emergency because there is a feeling among the government and
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other european governments that you really can't be complacent with this, can't take your eye off the ball or the consequences will be devastating. iceland claimed major success against covid—19, but there are concerns the virus is once again spreading through the community. ten new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours, taking the number of active cases to 39. those numbers are small on a global scale, but they're enough to worry the prime minister. she spoke earlier. translation: the situation calls for very decisive measures. we need to pull the brakes so we can have a good grasp of what is happening and be able to control it. new measures to contain the spike are coming in on friday, but iceland has never gone down the lockdown route. instead, this was the approach — mass testing and contact tracing, and quarantine for anyone returning from virus hot—spots. infections were kept to just over 1800 country wide. only ten deaths were recorded. it was an effective strategy, but it's now in the spotlight.
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according to local media, a mix up in testing at the border may to be blame for the rise in cases. poppy askham is a journalist for the english language magazine reykavik grapevine in the capital. since 16,60 16, 601000 people have been tested and 23 infections have been detected. domestic transmission rates remain low, however, we now see a spike in cases looking like a second wave. there are now 39 active infections, the highest number since mid—may. 28 of them are just mystic transmissions. it's also been a first hospitalization since made —— domestic transmissions. including a gathering ban on groups over a thousand people, rules about masks and tougher rules at the border,
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meaning you will have to be tested twice. outbreak comes two weeks after four countries were allowed to enter the country without testing or quarantining, but it has been stated that iceland did not act too closely and removing border restrictions —— to quickly. some breaking news in the uk — let's take you to westminster, where the health secretary matt hancock has just been speaking. (sot) we are constantly vigilant and we been looking at the data and u nfortu nately, we been looking at the data and unfortunately, we see across parts of northern england an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus. so today, i held a meeting of the government's gold committee and working with local leaders, including andy burnham, the mayor of greater manchester. we decided we need to take action across greater manchester, east lancashire and parts of west yorkshire. from
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midnight tonight, we are banning household meeting up indoors. we take this action with a heavy heart, but unfortunately, it's necessary because we seen that household meeting up and a lack of social distancing is one of the causes and we'll do whatever is necessary to keep the country safe. interesting developments there. the uk was in full lockdown, which has been easing and we have seen first in leicester atan and we have seen first in leicester at an instance of local lockdown measures being introduced. matt hancock announcing that members of several households will be banned from meeting each other indoors and greater manchester and parts of lancashire and parts of west yorkshire. that comes in from tonight. australia has recorded its deadliest day of the coronavirus pandemic. the state of victoria had more than 700 new infections
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and 14 deaths in 24 hours, raising the number of deaths from covid—19 across the country to 190. this graph shows how the number of cases in victoria has changed over the last few months. after an early spike in march the state appeared to have the virus under control. but byjuly you can see the daily infection rate climbing day by day — reaching today's record of more than 700 new infections. shaimaa khalil is in sydney. another record high and victoria and another setback for australia. as health workers race to contain the spread of covid—19. there were hopes that the outbreak may have peaked on monday with more than 500 infections recorded. at the latest spike in coronavirus numbers has surpassed the previous record by nearly 200 cases. authorities have said that many people who shown symptoms of the virus or are still waiting for test results have been turning up at
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workplaces, including some who have tested positive for covid—19. workplaces, including some who have tested positive for covid—19m you're a positive case, you need to be at home and you need to be isolating, and that is a very important message. ten of the 13 deaths today were in care homes. the virus it is affecting the most honourable and big numbers. this is epping gardens. family members are desperately pleading for more health. it is so sad that they've been locked up three weeks and wonder room. —— in one room. get them to another safe place, a hospital. please help. from midnight sunday local time, every person in this state will be required to wear a mask or a face covering when leaving the house. as concerns grow with more cases appearing in regional victoria, shaimaa khalil, bbc news, sydney. i will be back.
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don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter — i'm @lvaughanjones this is outside source. bye—bye.
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hello there i think it's fair to say in terms of whether 20/20 is not an attention grabber in fact slightly cooler, wetter and cloudier than normal. however, we are going to close out the month at the bit of a
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flourish with some warmth coming up for the near continent thursday temperatures into the high 20s but the highs are likely to peak on friday. somewhere across central and south of england we could see 30 for degrees is a high. but not everybody has seen the sunshine or the warmth in actual fact this was either lowly and through thursday afternoon clout they can offer some drizzle. area of low pressure outbreaks of rain through scotland and northern ireland in particular. drifting away a little that soundly feet of air is pushing its way steadily drying things up and warming things up it'll be a relatively mild start to friday and you can see that we plenty of sunshine for the word go. that sunshine for the word go. that sunshine will continue. there's hardly going to be a cloud in the sky for many evident light southerly breed that temperatures are responding. a week weather front will bring cloudy shower range in western fringes of scotland and here not quite as warm with highs of 21 degrees. we could see temperatures
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peaking at highs of 30 for celsius. if that's too hot for you things will set to change into the weekend. it's worth bearing in mind if you got weekend plans through friday evening since every 28 risk of a few sharp showers through england maybe thundery. they should be few and far be tween is certainly worth bearing in mind. enterthe be tween is certainly worth bearing in mind. enter the start of the weekend that low still with us and the wind direction changes slightly. two more of a westerly which means slightly fresher air coming in across the country. a risk of a few showers as well. but that will be the difference between the feel of the difference between the feel of the temperature. temperatures are quite as high 15 to 20 degrees in scotla nd quite as high 15 to 20 degrees in scotland 25 still not too bad. 77 f. similar story as well for the second half of the weekend a good deal of dry weather in the forecast. risk of a few showers and not feeling quite as warm. as we go into the start of the new working week and area of low pressure is keeping us on our toes. a level of uncertainty just pressure is keeping us on our toes. a level of uncertaintyjust where that's going to be sitting but there's a risk of some rain for
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southern england on monday. hello i'm lewis vaughanjones, welcome to outside source. the funeral of civil rights icon and congressmanjohn lewis has just taken place in atlanta, georgia. he kept on getting on board buses and sitting at lunch counters. got his mug shot taken again and again. marched again and again on a mission to change america. meanwhile the current president of the united states suggests on twitter that the november election be delayed. katty kay will help us make sense of that. the hong kong authorities disqualify 12 pro—democracy candidates from running
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in upcoming elections. today in upcoming elections. we are seeing the results 0‘ the today we are seeing the results of the relentless oppression that this regime is starting. that this regime is starting. welcome. some breaking news in the uk — let's take you to westminster, where the health secretary matt hancock has just been speaking. we've decided that we need to take action across greater manchester, inc. east lancashire and parts of west yorkshire iron. so from midnight tonight we are fanning households meeting up indoors. in essence they are worried that people in certain parts of england
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aren't following social distancing. the rules when there indoors, they think there's been an alarming rise in the number of new cases in these areas. so from midnight tonight and just a few hours' time about two and half hours' time, they are telling people in these areas that they won't be able to be up indoors at all. it's being banned. this potentially covers a lot of greater manchester alone is about 2.7 million people. there is parts of east lancashire and parts of west yorkshire iron that are going to be impacted as well. and this does suggest that the government is increasingly worried about spikes in cases in parts of the country. we've seen cases in parts of the country. we've seen the uk government over the last few days sound notably more conscious about the way that this virus is happening in the uk. we've seen virus is happening in the uk. we've seen extra restrictions brought back on people coming back to the uk from spain. tonight further restrictions
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of people returning to the uk from luxembourg. the governments looking closely at a number of other countries including belgium as well. this measurement thatjust been announced by the health secretary is announced by the health secretary is a significant one. it means that millions of people in england from tomorrow are going to face expert restrictions. it does beg the question, is this possible elsewhere if there are further spikes to? let's pick up on that. clearly there has been a big universal lockdown thatis has been a big universal lockdown that is now ended. is this now what's can happen over the next few months? is this essentially the government saying is can happen anywhere and anytime and this is what were going to do?” anywhere and anytime and this is what were going to do? i think it is. the uk government is going to do absolutely everything it can to avoid another national lockdown. we know it strategy now is what boris johnson has called a whack a mole strategy. to find those areas where the number of cases is increasing and basically tell them that they need to be extra measures. this
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isn't a full lockdown it's not telling people they can't leave their houses. it's all about social interactions indoors. but it is a bigger area that most of us we've seen so bigger area that most of us we've seen so far. we bigger area that most of us we've seen so far. we seen some bigger area that most of us we've seen so far. we seen some extra restrictions brought in in lester for example. nothing quite on this scale yet. it does seem that, it shows that the government is prepared to take those big decisions on big areas when it needs to. but the fact that it's having to target larger populations than it has over the last few weeks also suggest to me that perhaps, this is proving more of a problem then we'd hoped. we know for example, the government was talking to about being as local as possible. looking at individual workplaces, individual towns and villages and villages. this is much bigger. greater manchester is our very fast area. when you add into the mix parts of lancashire and parts of your chair as well. this is a significant restriction brought in
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from midnight. interesting. thanks neck. —— nick. —— nick. to hong kong next. the government there has disqualified 12 pro—democracy candidates from upcoming legislative council elections that's hong kong's mini—parliament. it says the candidates were not fit to run for office. unsurprisingly, the candidates themselves see it differently. here's one of them. when the national security law was passed, i said that one country two system is finished. today we are seeing the results of being relentless that this oppression. regime is starting. one country two systems is the policy which up til now has given hong kong a high degree of autonomy from mainland china. the man you just heard, dennis kwok, is an elected member of the legislative council, for the civic party. the party is considered relatively moderate. but four of its lawmakers,
9:36 pm
who you see here, are among those disqualified. the others you see here many are prominent activists, like lester shum and joshua wong. lester shum was elected as a district councillor last november, as part of a pro—democracy party surge in those elections — they took 17 out of 18 districts. and there's some suggestion that might be a calculation here. joshua wong tweeted: i was just disqualified from legco election, despite being the biggest winner in #hk primaries. gwyneth ho is another candidate who's been disqualified — she spoke to the bbc. i would say that currently under control of the asian government, the hong kong government is denying people who are running for election and people who are going to vote in the election 39 of them the right to voice their discontent. to voice a criticism against chinese government in any way. let's go into a bit more detail on why the hong kong government says it's done this. it says candidates can't be
9:37 pm
considered to be abiding by the constitutional duty required of lawmakers if they: advocate for hong kong's independence try and get foreign governments to intervene in hong kong's affairs. express "an objection in principle" to the imposition of the national security law or vote down proposals and force the government to meet political demands after securing a majority. on this last point, the bbc‘s grace tsoi writes in this piece — "then the next question is: will any opposition candidates be allowed to run in the future?" here's another of the barred candidates. i think hong kong needs a good opposition voice. because you cannotjust have legislators supporting the government all the time. we need to be critical. and we want honestly, one country two system autonomy of hong kong to be run as normal. for example, we did the past ten years after 97.
9:38 pm
but i think things have changed drastically for the past two or three years. it's nothing legislators and the council can control states. we are not told what are the rules. where are the rules, where are the red lights? red light seem to be everywhere restricting the freedom and of speech is of the legislators. and especially after national security laws passed we are very aware of all these red lines. the law came into effect on the 30th ofjune. the first arrests came the next day, at protests. one person was arrested for holding a flag calling for independence. then this tuesday, four students — aged between 16 and 21 were arrested. they all had links to student localism, a pro—independence youth group. also this week benny tai — a law professor who was one of the founders of the 2014 "umbrella protests", was fired from a leading hong kong university
9:39 pm
over his role in those protests. he said this was ‘the end of academic freedom in hong kong.‘ and this is from leading commentator ian bremmer reacting to the week's events. ‘rip free speech in hong kong'. helier cheung often covers this story for outside source. here's her analysis. it's significant because we haven't seen it's significant because we haven't seen such a large number of opposition candidates disqualified before. even some of the remaining ones can run there is a? over whether the elections will go ahead it all. since i'm pro—beijing politicians have suggested that the government should postpone by the elections by up to a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. they say it's a public health issue. while the opposition say they want to stop them from winning a majority. since they did very well in last years district council election. in any case there are still pro—democracy candidates who are waiting to hear back about their nomination. but some of them are also from the civic party and some of them are allies of
9:40 pm
joshua wong. since the government has specifically said that it does not, it's not ruling out any further disqualification some of them believe they could be disqualified as well. more broadly, just look at the idea of protesting if you are angry against these proposals or whatever. where does this leave people who want to oppose the authorities now? it's certainly going to be interesting to see what happens in hong kong are in a week's going forward. the opposition in parliament will be weekend even if the elections go ahead and they win seats. and while it is still legal to protest in hong kong, journalist have noticed people have become a lot more cautious. since they say the national security law is quite vaguely defined. and the police have set up certain protest chats as illegally as well. some people have been trying to protest in rather surprising ways. some people for example held up white sheets of paper at a protest. some of the protesters chanting long live liverpool. even those cases but some
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people briefly detained by police. stay with us on oustide source, still to come: another mission blasts off for mars — nasa's aptly named robot perseverance is due to land on the red planet early next year. we have the details. india next — and the country has seen a record rise in new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours the surge of more than 52,000 cases takes the national total to more than one and half million infections. that means india has the third highest number of coronavirus cases in the world after the united states and brazil. however, the death rate is considerably lower than in those two countries. around 35,000 people have died of the virus in india. many of the new infections being recorded are concentrated in the country s southern states.
9:42 pm
the state of andhra pradesh alone recorded more than 10,000 new cases. but the figures don't tell the whole story — as the high numbers may be a consequence of the greater levels of testing being carried out in the region. arunoday mukharji is in delhi. what has been extremely worrying, say experts is as we've seen nearly 50,000 plus cases every year were also seeing the government further opening up the economy. yesterday just when these new figures were coming out the government was actually further opening up the economy relaxing some more rules. many are actually saying that this sounds very conflicting to the public at a time when india is reporting new record cases. people are being led to believe that things are actually improving when they are actually not. and that is where the worry is. at the guard is being lost. however in many states and just to point out, depending on the situation prevailing in their respective states they are taking independent decision. we are seeing nearly six states across the country which of actually impose lockdown for nearly 15 days.
9:43 pm
many states are also taken to decisions to impose lockdown over the weekend to try and restrict those movements of people as well. however, many people who we've been speaking to over the last 48 hours as the numbers were hovering around 50,000 say it's just a matter of time that india really surpasses brazil as well is the united states of america to become the number one country in the world within the highest number of coronavirus cases. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. the funeral of civil rights icon and congressmanjohn lewis has just finished in atlanta, georgia. nasa's new robotic spacecraft is on its way to mars in a mission to search for evidence of ancient life. it will take almost 7 months to travel more than 300 million miles to the red planet.
9:44 pm
it's one of three missions currently trying to make it to mars. the robot is called perseverance — named because of the difficulties of landing on its surface. rebecca morelle reports on the mission. one, zero. ..and liftoff. the start of a mission. that could by answer the big question, was there ever life on mars? the rover is called perseverance. and it is going through a region that was once covered by a lake. we know mars eyes had an enormous amount of water in its past. it ancient life was on mars, and we had a good bet that we might be able to find it in the sediments. so this is really a nice
9:45 pm
protection nation. this is the most advanced mars —— mars rover that massa ever built. it's about the same size and weight at a small car and it is packed with instruments. this is its robotic arm, equipped with a drill and it will take samples of rock that could contain signs of life. oxygen from the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere and vital technology for future astronauts on mars. and for the first time, nasa will test a mini mars helicopter that will try to fly in be extremely famed martian air. it is another pair of eyes from a totally different vantage point to be able to get in places that we cannot get into. steep cliffs or craters, places like that that's a rover account go into. we will need to fly.
9:46 pm
a first for this mission is that the rock samples collected will be stored and eventually brought back to earth. and some will head to the uk. hopefully in about ten or 15 years we will get those rocks back from mars and more missions will be sent to bring them back and we will be able to study those pieces of mars in laboratories on earth. nasa's spacecraft is the last of a trio heading to the red planet. china and the united arab emirates are already on their way, if they all succeed it will mean a giant leap in our understanding of mars. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some thanks for watching outside source. good evening, welcome to the bbc sports centre with your latest sports news. hello i'm sarah mulkerrins at the bbc sport centre. we'll start with an update on the future of newcastle united, with the latest bid to buy club now off. a saudi arabian—backed consortium
9:47 pm
has pulled out of the £300m deal to buy the club from mike ashley. our correspondent katie gornall has more details from stjames park. after 16 weeks of waiting a deal for which newcastle fans have set the heart on it is all now over and this will be a devastating fans learning the news today. it is the closest mike ashley has come to selling the club, he'd agreed a deal to sell the club back in april, a £300 million deal which included the saudi arabia arabia public investment fund, and the rubin brothers but today they said that after 16 weeks in which the premier league had scrutinise the deal under the owners and directors test they were pulling out we understand because they ran out of patience. they released a lengthy statement that i can summarise a few of the key points, they said that the focus was on building long—term value for the club, its fans and the community as "we remained committed to collaboration through a difficult period of uncertainty.
9:48 pm
" they went on to say that ultimately during the unferth cp prolonged process the commercial agreement between the investment group and the club owners expired and our investment thesis could not be the same facet the deal would now be off, the premier league were facing questions about saudi arabia as a human rights record, about alleged tv piracy as well in the country, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the seo —— deal but it is now dead in the water. there is perhaps some hope for newcastle united fans who want to see the end of the mike ashley era, there withdrawal could pave way for a takeover by henry morris the american entrepreneur who has registered his interest in newcastle united and a potential £350 million takeover but as for this deal, it is back to square one for mike ashley and a huge blow. another significant piece of football news for you,
9:49 pm
and criminal proceedings have been started against the fifa president gianni infantino. it's all to do with an alleged secret meeting that infantino had with swiss attorney general michael lauber. last week lauber offered to resign after a court said he covered up the meeting, and lied during an investigation by his office into corruption surrounding fifa. both he and infantino deny any wrongdoing. elsewhere in football england's women will not play in the shebelieves cup in the united states next year because of fears over coronavirus. the fa say the decision has been made based on uncertainties around the future trend of the pandemic. fullham will face brentford for a place in the premier league after beating in the second leg of their championship play—off semi final to go through on aggregate. the play off final at wembley takes place on the 4th august. england's one day team have
9:50 pm
got their international summer off to a winning start, beating ireland by six wickets in southampton. batting first, ireland were bowled out for 172, david willey starring with the ball for england, taking five wickets. curtis campher top scored with an unbeaten 59 on his international debut. for england, 68 not out from sam billings helped them comfortably reach their victory target with more than 22 overs to spare to go 1—0 up in the three match series. ahead of the british grand prix this weekend, racing point driver sergio perez has tested positive for coronavirus and will now miss the race at silverstone. perez is now in self—quarantine, along wih all his close contacts, after becoming the first formula one driver to return a positive test since the return of racing. now, the new major league baseball season only started last week —
9:51 pm
but the number of coronavirus cases associated with last weekend's philadelphia phillies vs miami marlins series continues to climb, as our reporter seth bennett can tell us. seth, what are the latest developments today? to mac of the philadelphia phillies staff have now tested positive for —— two this is terrible news for philadelphia particularly this is all a philadelphia particularly this is alla mid philadelphia particularly this is all a mid backdrop to the fact that 15 of the miami marlins tested positive after the two sides played last weekend. now all of a sudden the virus moves are one side of the stadium to the other. it really does leave major league baseball in a bit ofa leave major league baseball in a bit of a mess here. they've been trying to change things on the fly to try and ensure that the season could continue. but this will be really worrying that the virus has now moved from miami's locker room all the way across to the clubhouse of the way across to the clubhouse of the philadelphia phillies. these
9:52 pm
aren't players who tested positive. onea aren't players who tested positive. one a coach, what is a club house attended but it doesn't really throw again more questions about how to save major league baseball is right now. and how active the measures that have been put in place have and how active the measures that have been put in . actually worked at this point. you look at some of the other major leagues that have returned and come backin leagues that have returned and come back ina leagues that have returned and come back in a bubble you just wonder what you may be due to get the remaining games in. yeah, they say that they can continue without bubbling any of their players. they feel that the squad size and the season which is 60 games isjust feel that the squad size and the season which is 60 games is just too long to expect players to be away from theirfamilies. long to expect players to be away from their families. and long to expect players to be away from theirfamilies. and to be in the bubble kind of scenario that you look at with the creek that's happened recently. i didn't want north america with the nba and also with the nhl. so, they're going to have big look at those. the biggest knock on is the fact that they are trying to play these 60 games in a very short period of time. and the big question now is the phillies
9:53 pm
we re big question now is the phillies were due to play two games on saturday against toronto, is that going to be possible? of those games aren't going to be possible, how is major league baseball going to reassess this? 60 gamesjust major league baseball going to reassess this? 60 games just feels like a massive number to get through if they're going to keep having these incidents of players testing positive, staff testing positive for coronavirus and each turn is going to ta ke coronavirus and each turn is going to take them two, three, four games out of the schedule it's a really big problem right now. it's one that certainly is the big big talking point in north america right now. thank you so much for bringing us right up to date there. were going to stick with the uss the nba is starting today the nba though isn't travelling from coast to coast like major league baseball, instead the 22 teams with a chance of making the play—offs are all based in orlando. utahjazz and the new orleans pelicans get things under way before we have lebronjames' la lakers taking on city rivals the clippers. the two sides sit top
9:54 pm
of the western conference so with both almost certain to make the play—offs, it's all about building form and shaking off some rustiness. and offerform and offer form months and offerform months and we and offer form months and we want to use these games as you know, for us to get better, going to the postseason. we want to treat this game likea postseason. we want to treat this game like a regular—season game but a games after in a regular—season game and come out and play our silent basketball. staying in america and there's been a big blow for the organisers of the us open tennis, with the biggest name so far withdrawing from the tournament... ashleigh barty — the world number one — won't be playing in new york next month, because she says there are still too many risks around the coronavirus pandemic. it's scheduled to be the first major tennis tournament to be held since the start of the pandemic, and there'll be no fans at flushing meadows. barty is also yet to decide if she'll play in the french open. it's so valid to have reservations
9:55 pm
and concerns in general. i think those worries and stresses will dramatically vary between people. so i think some people obviously have more anxiety than others. i think it's very important to respect everyone's approach to this. as it is going to be very, very different. and that's all the sport for now. we will see you again soon bye—bye. hello there. i think it's pretty fair to say that in terms of weather, july 2020 has not exactly been a headline grabber. in fact, the month so far has been slightly cooler, wetter and cloudier than normal. however, we are going to close out the month with a bit of a flourish with some warmth coming up from the near continent. thursday, temperatures into the high 20s. the highs are likely to peak on friday. somewhere across central
9:56 pm
or south east england, we could see 34 degrees as a high. but not everybody has seen the sunshine or the warmth. this was east lothian through thursday afternoon. the cloud thick enough for some drizzle. an area of low pressure brought some cloud and outbreaks of rain through scotland and northern ireland, and that's drifting away a little. that southerly air pushing its way steadily north, drying things up it means a relatively mild start to friday and a relatively dry, one. still some dry and to the west. that will continue to bring the cloud and drizzle across northern ireland and western fringes of scotland. elsewhere under those clear skies the lights southerly wind strong july sunshine temperatures are going to respond. central, southeast england seeing temperatures into the low, possibly mid 30s. but as we move out of friday that could trigger off some sharp, thundery downpours coming up to the near
9:57 pm
continent. eastern england very hit and miss if you catch when they could be quite heavy. certainly worth bearing in mind if you're planning a friday evening bbq. as we move into saturday we've got a few week weather fronts just enhancing the risk of further showers. that area of low pressure up into the northwest means the wind direction will change more from a southerly to a westerly full time introducing something just that little bit fresher across the country. temperatures not as high on saturday. we are looking at 50 28 teen degrees in the north may be 25 in the northeast corner. still 77 f. still the risk of a few more showers as the wind direction changes subtly again on sunday. not quite as warm. a good deal of dry weather still in the forecast. many of us will stay dry with some sunshine coming through. just a few showers the further west you are. here are afternoon highs on sunday we are looking at mid to high teens in scotland. just down to where they should be for this time year. the
9:58 pm
same for northern ireland. and highs of 23 in the southeast corner. there is an area of low pressure that is a little uncertain the track that this low is going to take but on monday there is a risk of some rain across southern england. we will need to firm up on the details of that but a few showers into whales and some more persistent spells of rain across the south. for a time on monday. then that opens the door for further areas of low pressure to come through at the start of the week. particularly affecting the far north and west. all the time high—pressure still trying to build from the near continent. because we still got that extreme heat here that could then feed back more warmth across the country as we go through the week. still a lot of uncertainty about things. but if we at our week ahead from tuesday onward those low pressure still increasing a threat of some wet weather for a increasing a threat of some wet weatherfor a time. you can see getting dryer up potentially warmer as we head into the following
9:59 pm
weekend. that's it, take care.
10:00 pm
tonight at ten — millions of people in parts of northern england will have tough new restrictions imposed from midnight to try to stop a rise in coronavirus cases. people from different households living in greater manchester and in parts of east lancashire and west yorkshire can no longer meet up indoors or in private gardens from tomorrow. we take this action with a heavy heart, but unfortunately it's necessary because we've seen that households meeting up and a lack of social distancing is one of the causes of this rising rate of coronavirus, and we'll do whatever is necessary to keep the country safe. it's a drastic and sudden move — we'll have all the details of who's affected. also tonight... hundreds of holiday—makers on spanish islands are asked to cut their holidays short or make their own way home


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