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tv   The Papers  BBC News  September 24, 2020 10:45pm-11:00pm BST

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”nu—mr fr but not necessarily stealing fear but they are in some people and certainly instilling alarm at the situation is very serious and of course maybe it is but you cannot haveit course maybe it is but you cannot have it both ways. i think the truth is we have to live with the virus because the hopes of an early vaccine, we may get one in reasonable time but not months away, it's going to be sometime after that almost certainly, therefore for the economic good and the well—being of the country, and all sorts of other factors like mental health and so on, people do need to be able to get on, people do need to be able to get on and live a life more normally so the government, his rhetoric for about living without fear makes sense in many ways, but at the same time it doesn't correspond with what the government is saying. telling people to wear masks in more and more situations i don't think that means it's safer it's that's why you should not live without you but it's counterintuitive to say that and everyone is walking around as if they are walking disease and then to
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say don't be fearful. it doesn't actually stack up i don't think. that leads us nicely onto what the financial times the uk version is discussing. it has rishi sunak as well but i would like to focus on the article about this idea that we were talking about living without fear, we need to trust each other, that we will quarantine if people have been in contact with someone people have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and yet this research the paper is talking about from king's college london is offering something that is suggesting something quite worrying, different. exactly. it's early interesting survey almost 32,000 people, what it shows is there is a high intention for people to quarantine but then when it actually comes to them doing it, very few people are. the figure is 11% of people are. the figure is 11% of people who come into contact with infected person are self isolating. 1196 infected person are self isolating. ii% and then only 18% of people who
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have symptoms ourselves isolating. that potentially means for in five people with a cough or can smell possibly have coronavirus are out and about in the supermarket potentially spreading it. —— cannot smell. i think these figures are concerned for us all especially with rising figures in the uk, 6600 new lab confirmed cases. the true number is probably gonna be higher and if these figures are reflective of broader society, that is an awful lot of people have coronavirus out on the streets, going about their daily business even if they thought perhaps they would not, they would be the sort of person that would self—isolate if they needed to. interestingly also it says its much higher in people with a dependent child, leaving the house because perhaps they need to go and get food oi’ perhaps they need to go and get food or life gets in the way and it might be difficult for them to quarantine, also key workers and people on lower incomes which are something the government is trying to tackle with
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the grant may i give in to people being told to self—isolate you might struggle to afford to. going on to the daily telegraph, it's talking about conservative politicians who wa nt about conservative politicians who want to, who want more say in terms of the kind of restrictions that are coming through. martin talk us through what it is they want because potentially we will be talking about more in the future. what they want andi more in the future. what they want and i agree with them completely in the sense that we have got all these restrictions, the previous ones introduced during lockdown which we re very introduced during lockdown which were very restrictive indeed. the current ones which are quite restrictive and potential for even more onerous restrictions imposed on people, and there may be justified but at the moment they are being introduced under executive powers and in essence without parliamentary discussion, proper discussion and approval of those things and i think
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just a straightforward matter of democratic process as we live in a democracy and its right the actions and proportionality should be scrutinised properly that parliament represents as all and is happy with that balance. we may not agree but at least has been discussion. not in whitehall were suddenly out of nowhere for example you suddenly get some very owners restrictions placed on people that are actually prior to this happening unimaginable in this country so i think it's right, it doesn't mean he would not necessarily have those measures approved but there should be proper scrutiny of the decisions being taken scrutiny of the decisions being ta ken by scrutiny of the decisions being taken by the executive or we should be and always should be, not just this one. we will leave coronavirus for the time being and look at what else is happening. we don't have much time but the
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international edition of the financial times is concentrating on donald trump, too. it looked like the republicans are not happy with him. talk us through what he has been saying. there are many, many extraordinary moments in the presidency of donald trump but i think today really is quite high up there. donald trump suggesting there might not be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses tojoe biden. less often. now, that unsurprisingly has annoyed pretty severely republicans and mitt romney and, who has said it's fundamental to democracy that there is a peaceful transfer of power. without that there is belarus andi power. without that there is belarus and i think we can all look at what's happening there today and has been for the last six weeks to see actually, is this the kind of america we want? is that what would happen? it's hard to see that you could have a kind of belarussian type scenes in the us but it's still
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utterly extraordinary for an american president to say that he might contest potentially what should be a very democratic result. martin, let's get your interpretation of what you think is going on there? i agree with what hasjust been going on there? i agree with what has just been said going on there? i agree with what hasjust been said by harriet. it's a fairly ordinary statement. i can't imagine when it came to it there would be some sort of attempted rebellion against it and election defeat but clearly it's obvious that he is already said he claimed the election might be rigged, called for it to be postponed, all sorts of devices in effect for his point of view if he gets defeated which polls suggest you probably well although let's not assume that will be the case by any means, that somehow it will be effects that it should not patent and generally trying to cause trouble in effect. and i can't actually see that would result in terms of actual disruption and disorder on the streets and so on
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really, but it's a terrible thing to say to be frank. i'm being terribly have to cut you off, we will end it there, for a slightly longer version. we will be back in half—an—hour time. hello, i'm chetan pathak with your latest sports news. we start with liverpool who thrashed league one side lincoln city to set up a fourth round match against arsenal in the efl cup. in spectacularfashion thanks to xherdan shaqiri, the premier league champions raced into a 4—0 lead. man of the match curtisjones scored twice, as did takumi minamino. jurgen klopp‘s side conceded two goals though before wrapping up a 7—2 victory with that final goal from divok 0rigi.
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in the night's other games, aston villa were 3—0 winners at bristol city and will host stoke in the fourth round. the holders manchester city will travel to burnley, after beating bournemouth 2—i, phil foden with the winner. tottenham are into the final round of europa league qualifying after a hard fought win in north macedonia. they were being held 1—1 by shkendija before son heung—min put spurs back in front. he then put in a great cross for harry kane to get the all important third forjose mourinho's side, who'll play maccabi haifa next for a place in the group stage. and celtic are into the europa league play offs. they needed a last minute winner to get past the latvian champions riga. mohammed elyounoussi coming off the bench to get the goal which prevented extra time. they'll face bosnian side sarajevo next. a good victory for celtic then, and also for their old firm rivals
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rangers this evening. they beat dutch side willem by four goals to nil. defeats though for aberdeen and motherwell, who lost at sporting lisbon and hapoel be'er sheva respectively. fan were able to attend tonight's european super cup in budapest, which was won by the champions league winners bayern munich. 20,000 tickets were sold for their game against the europa league winnners sevilla, the vast majority of supporters were local fans in hungary. the stadium was around a third full and those inside saw javi martinez score an extra time winner as bayern came from behind to win 2—1. the national league season could still start next weekend as planned, despite more than three—quarters of clubs in one division saying they can't afford to play in empty stadiums. the league's authorities say they're in communication with the government for substantial financial support, which combined with an online streaming service, could help clubs get matches on sustainably the league's authorities say they're in communication with the government for substantial financial support,
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which combined with an online streaming service, could help clubs get matches on sustainably from october the 3rd. national league side stockport want the season to go ahead. the government needs to recognise the importance of these clubs to the towns and cities that are located in. it's not just towns and cities that are located in. it's notjust the financial contribution they make to the community, the social community. it's a huge part of each of these locations identity. and i think to allow a lot of these clubs to disappear, some have been around 100 oi’ disappear, some have been around 100 or 150 years, to disappear into the best would just be a travesty. andy murray will face fellow three—time grand slam champion stan wawrinka in the opening round of the french open which begins on sunday. it'll be his first appearance at roland garros since having two operations on a hip injury that almost ended his career. the british men's number one dan evans meets japan's kei nishikori but kyle edmund has pulled out with a knee injury. in the women's draw, ninth seed jo konta will face the american teenager coco gauff. the world champion ronnie o'sullivan, who recently questioned the standard of young snooker
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players, has had to eat his words tonight, after he was knocked out in the second round of the european masters by 18—year—old aaron hill. the irish teenager, who's ranked 115th in the world and only turned professional in march of this year, beat o'sullivan by five frames to four in milton keynes. hill wasn't even born when o'sullivan won the first of his six world titles. next, one of australia's finest batsmen, dean jones, has died at the age of 59. his international career spanned 10 years up until 1994. he played in 52 tests averaging over a6, but he was also credited with changing the approach to playing one day cricket. he was capped 164 times in that format. he died in mumbai after a sudden heart attack. he'd been working as a pundit in the indian premier league. dutch rider anna van der breggen won the women's elite individual time trial at the world championships in italy. she finished 15 seconds ahead of swizerland's marie reusser with her compatriot ellen van
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dijk in third. american favourite and defending champion chloe dygert crashed out after losing control on a corner and hitting a barrier. usa cycling later tweeted that she was conscious and talking. ac milan forward zlatan ibrahimovic has tested positive for coronavirus. the announcement came just hours before the italian giants were due to play in the europa league third qualifying round. ibrahimovic is the second player at the club to test positive this week. and ibrahimovic, who's never short on confidence, tweeted about the situation this afternoon... more on the bbc sport website but for now that is all for now. good night. nippy evening out there. you can really feel autumn,
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and if anything, it's going to feel even colder tomorrow for some of us, especially if you live in the east and the south—east of england. now, this evening, plenty of showers around, we have even had hail storms recently, and quite strong winds blowing in the southwest. the strong winds and the heavier showers will be transferring to more eastern areas over the next 12 hours or so. now, in the north, where the skies clear and the winds won't be so strong, temperatures will be close to freezing, even in glasgow and edinburgh. tomorrow, the worst of the weather. coastal gales could reach or even exceed 60 mph in gusts. it's not going to feel pleasant at all in on the lincolnshire coastline. norfolk, suffolk, canberra chair, london, the whole of the south—east. out towards the west, it will still be breezy, but the winds won't be quite so strong, so with a bit of sunshine, belfast in birmingham, cardiff, it shouldn't feel too badly.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. donald trump is not backing down — he questions if the presidential election can be honest, despite senior republicans distancing themselves from his comments. we want to make sure the election is honest and i'm not sure that it can be. i don't know that it can be. the race against time in france to avoid another deadly coronavirus wave — as the country reports a record number of new cases. the uk government unveils a plan to top up workers' wages as covid cases rise and fears of mass unemployment grow. we have a special report on the wild animal breeders in china, who lost their livelihoods after the pandemic led


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