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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 2, 2020 10:45pm-11:00pm BST

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high—risk category, the white house would want him in a place where every in eventuality would be dealt with. marine one doesn't take very long, so you think an emergency he would be quickly deployed, but what they are saying at the moment, this is for task but he will be staying here for a couple days. let'sjust run through why he is in a high risk category. of course. the main risk, the biggest risk is his age, 7a. seniors are the most vulnerable, they are the category in which there's been the most asked. also his weight, he's clinically obese so that would be an underlying risk factor. those of the two main things, but it has to be said that even though the statistics for that group of people is the worst, there are still many in that category that of surprised —— that have survived
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or not gotten that ill. so it is something we need to keep in mind as we're talking about the fact that he's amongst the most but certainly, that would be at the top of the mind of the white house. barbara plett—usher thanks very much. we will come back as soon as that helicopter takes off. he will be arriving very soon. what you're looking at as a helicopter on the south lawn of the white house, part very close to the white house. it is from there that president trump will be taken from the white house. at the moment, he's isolating in a private residence of the white house. is going to be moved via helicopter to walter reed military hospital just helicopter to walter reed military hospitaljust outside helicopter to walter reed military hospital just outside the helicopter to walter reed military hospitaljust outside the border of washington, dc and maryland, and the white house is saying this is out of abundance of caution. he will be put into a special executive suite and be there for a few days, where they can do testing and keep an eye on
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him. our north american reporter anthony zurcher is still with us. people are questioning whether they might bea people are questioning whether they might be a discretion between the treatment, as it has been described. we are seeing him being moved and that always weighs is a bit of a red flag, but it's also frankly because this white house does not have the gold standard reputation for saying things that people can totally rely on. and i wonder whether that trust that the white house might have is today a problem for the white house. they are saying the president is fine, he's just they are saying the president is fine, he'sjust fatigued. people are wondering whether they are getting the full picture. exactly. you talked to former white house officials, and they talk about how they have to build up trust with the
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american public in the media, that thatis american public in the media, that that is a valuable resource that they don't want to squander. obviously, this administration is handling the coronavirus and the president himself, his changing tone about the coronavirus from being very dismissive earlier to take it more serious to then shifting focus to the economy and saying the nation was just around the corner from a full recovery and just the past few weeks. i think that does undermine any kind of a trust that the public may have in the message out of the white house right now. you talk about an abundance of caution all you want, but you have to remember this is a president who's very concerned about appearances, about how he looks, about the optics of situations. for him to be getting on a helicopter on a friday evening to be flown to a hospitaljust days after he was standing on a debate stage or at a rally in minnesota, that's in the very real message. i think people are going to be looking at him. this is a very important moment. the eyeballs of the nation
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are going to be on donald trump as he gets on that helicopter to go look for signs of health and conditions. it will be a pivotal moment going forward in the next two hours. anthony, the president during the course of this election campaign has repeatedly raised the health and physical and mental fitness of his opponent, joe biden, as an issue in this campaign. the last thing the president will want to appear is weak. this is not a president who wa nt to weak. this is not a president who want to appear weak in any way. not physically weak, either. i would imagine that it was it was possible to avoid this shock that we all have right now, the helicopter, that is something the president wanted to avoid. absolutely. you remember when there is unrest here in washington, dc and the reports came out that donald trump went into the white house bunker because of threats to his safety. he pushed back very vehemently against that, saying he was just touring the bumper and he wasn't in any danger. he didn't want
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the reception he was fleeing danger. going back to a point thatjohn made earlier about the change in attitude in the white house, the reality is this isn't the first white house coronavirus scare. there was a butler for the coronavirus scare. there was a butlerfor the president coronavirus scare. there was a butler for the president who tested positive, a valet. there was a press aid to the vice president who tested positive. there have been multiple members of the white house staff who have tested positive. i've seen the white house staff start to mask up and take this seriously, but then after time, it starts to go back to normal again and they let down their guard, which as we know from looking at this virus, is when people start letting down our guard and thinking they're passed letting down our guard and thinking they‘ re passed danger, letting down our guard and thinking they're passed danger, that's when they're passed danger, that's when they are in the most danger of another outbreak. what are the protocols within the white house for this? how is it possible that hope hicks could have bought on the plane with the president and gone with him to that rally in minneapolis on
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wednesday, develop symptoms at the rally? i know she flew back in isolation on air force one. do we know what she was feeling if anything at all when she got on air force one on wednesday to fly out with president trump to minneapolis? we don't know. what we know according to media reports and to people in the white house is that she began feeling symptoms on the flight she began feeling symptoms on the flight back, and that is when she isolated herself. i can speak as a reporter whose cover the white house asa reporter whose cover the white house as a full member in close proximity to the president when i served in the white house press pool, we get tested every morning. anyone in close proximately to the president get tested every morning. staff members get tested regularly. they are using these quick tests where they swipe your nose, run it through a machine and then in ten to 15 minutes, they will let you know if you're positive. otherwise, you can go about your business. perhaps there is an over alliance ——
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overreliance on testing. these have a 20% false negative rate getting. you can start to let down your guard andi you can start to let down your guard and i think maybe there were the case when they had an event at the white house and aunt announcing amy comey barrett as his supreme court nominee —— amy coney barrett. a test is not a guarantee that when you don't have the virus, you can't transmit it. so the protocols such as they are may have been a glaring wea kness as they are may have been a glaring weakness in this white house to allow this virus to get this close to the president to where he has it. obviously, the health of the president is paramount and that has been a let down. a couple of doctors have suggested to me during the course of the day that perhaps the white house was bowling this false sense of security by these tests. they didn't actually —— could naturally afford to do without the
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mask. barbara plett—usher is outside the building for us. walter reed is where the president will be treated. tell us a little bit about the hospital. it's a massive complex, and ronald reagan was brought here as well. so it's a natural place for president trump to come if there's treatment or emergency needed, but as we been hearing, this is not supposed be an emergency. it supposed to be a place where he can work. they are equipped with the presidential suite where he can do his job, with the presidential suite where he can do hisjob, if his health it is good enough, that is what the white house has stress. the story has changed a bit today because it's been reported that vice president pence was on a call with governors today, and he said the plan was for mr tonk took complex at the white
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house. now we'll be here for a couple days —— mr trunk. the story is changing a bit but the white house keep saying it's about an abundance of caution. what you expect the white house to give some kind of personal statement? to address the public or address the press ? address the public or address the press? well, a statement has been issued from the white house. so it's possible that somebody might say speak publicly. it's interesting because i understand he's trying to... that's what i understand is going to happen so people will be watching closely to see if he does that. the country is looking closely to see how he has been affected by the illness. barbara plett-usher there at walter reed hospital where there at walter reed hospital where the president will be transferred by
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helicopter. this has been special coverage of this breaking news from washington. i'm katty kay. thanks for watching. hello there. low pressure is going to dominate the weather over the weekend, and that means there's more rain in the forecast, perhaps some stronger winds as well. on friday, the strongest winds were around storm alex. it brought gusts of over 100 miles an hour in the northwest of france, gusts of 60—70 miles an hour in the channel and the channel islands. alex has weakened considerably and is essentially getting swallowed up by another area of low pressure, which will drift closer to the uk and push rain in and strengthen the winds as well. so over the weekend, wet and windy weather quite widely. i think it's going to be the rain that the issue, though. there is likely to be some flooding and some travel disruption, but there will be some areas of stronger winds, too. and of the windiest weather probably on saturday is going to be towards the southwest of england. we've got rain developing more widely across england and wales, and it's turning
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much wetter in scotland as well. northern ireland looks largely dry, and we may actually get some sunshine in the afternoon for the southeast of england as the rain starts to clear northwards. but a lot of rain in many areas by the end of the afternoon, and temperatures struggling to around 13 or 14 degrees. some heavy rain in the forecast as well, there are some amber rain warnings from the met office over the weekend into sunday morning. a couple of inches of rain or more over the high ground in the west country and in wales, and there could be more than that, especially over the hills in the northeast of scotland. another area that is likely to have some flooding as the winds continue to blow in the rain off the north sea around that area of low pressure, and that becomes slow moving across central parts of the uk on sunday. so the strongest of the winds are going to be around the edges of the uk together with this area of rain. that range and move away from northeastern scotland, but we'll see some wetter weather close to northern ireland, coming back into south wales and the southwest of england. in the middle, for many places, the winds won't be too strong. there'll be some sunshine but some heavy showers,
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and temperatures not changing much on sunday. as we look ahead into monday, we've still got the low pressure in charge, so around that, we've got this area of rain. the position may change, but again, it looks wetter for eastern parts of scotland, quite a few showers elsewhere, and again, they could be heavy. some sunshine and maybe temperatures of up to 16 degrees at best on monday. though there is that area of low pressure sitting right the way across the uk, the winds do tend to ease in many places. we've got this little runner coming along the southern flank of that area of low pressure. that will tighten the winds in the southwest. there could be some gales here, certainly some showers or some longer spells of rain, some wetter weather across northern parts of scotland and some showers elsewhere, and some sunshine, too. so it's a very showery sort of picture early next week, and those temperatures still a little disappointing for the time of year. then as we head into wednesday, we've got more rain coming in from the atlantic, showers and longer spells of rain pushing into many parts of the country, always wetter toward western areas, although it looks a little bit drier
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at the moment at least across parts of scotland. but it's cool again, and the reason it's cool is the position of the jet stream. this is the position through most of the week, actually. it's sitting to the south of the uk, so we're on the cooler side of things, and with that sort of orientation, we have an area of low pressure. by the end of next week, we'll find that low pressure beginning to pull away towards scandinavia, so the showers should become fewer. let me show you the jet stream again, though, because it really changes position and you can see all this buckling that's going on out in the atlantic. that's because there is an area of high pressure developing, and that could potentially start to bring some dry weather by the time we get to next sunday and beyond. goodbye.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. president donald trump is to be moved to hospital for treatment after being diagnosed with coronavirus. a helicopter is standing by at the white house. president trump has already been treated with an antibody cocktail and vitamins. his doctors earlier said he was fatigued but in good spirits. his rival in next month's election, joe biden, is on the campaign trail, where he reminded americans that they all have their part to play in getting the virus under control. so be patriotic. it's not about being a tough guy, it's about doing your part. wearing a mask is not only going to protect you, but it also protects those around you.


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