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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  April 1, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> live from pier three in san francisco, welcome to bloomberg "west." i am emily chang. a few stories we're following, amazon holding an event in new york city tomorrow, making -- making a major announcement about video. joining us to discuss the future of online media. check of your top tech
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headlines. opening arguments today in the latest and found ash apple samsung patent awards. this comes after a 10 member jury was selected. it includes a retired ibm manager. apple seeking two billion dollars in damages from samsung from patent infringement. ap has agreed to pay 57 million dollars to settle a shareholder lawsuit. shareholders sued the company, the former accusing ceo of making misleading statements. other lawsuits over the billion-dollar write-down of acquisition. raising the price range for the upcoming i know i three dollars. online delivery company and it get to price anywhere 23. that would value the company at $2 billion. expected to start trading friday. first, lead story of the day.
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amazon making a huge push into the streaming tv world. cory johnson in new york tomorrow. we know it will be something about video. they have denied it is a freak streaming video of any kind. >> it is hardware. so you have a lot of interesting players. -- netflixhat flex the biggest of them. they have done a lot with partnerships. the apple tv of the world. you have seen amazon struggle more with that. they have an amazon instant video partnership. looks like trying to make moves to get in there with hardware. >> this comes after amazon highlighted six new videos for series -- amazon on demand video
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series. joining us now via skype is the ceo of on of the first digital studios. jon erlichman joins us from l.a. as well. i will start with you, what are you expecting amazon to announce tomorrow. will there be hardware, a streaming component of this. >> there has been so much talk about hardware. in the lead up to the event they have had a couple of key content announcements. you highlighted some of the original series in which ones will continue on. one example of show that stars john goodman. today they make the announcement licensing. you will be a will to stream that on amazon. at least on the video content strategy side, there are three
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parts of it. they want people to use that service so they will buy movies and tv shows the same way they do on itunes, but if you want scale in the business, make what you have a destination, you have to have original destination. they have cut a lot of licensing deals. nickelodeon where they have shows. pay money. >> beginning of the original people cana lot of name a single amazon purdue show . larry, why hasn't amazon been able to make the hits netflix has got home like i think amazon has come out incredibly strong -- has come out incredibly strong with the first wave of shows. netflix has been in the video streaming business for several years in amazon has just jumped
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into it. i think you will see some of the shows start to pop. strong it is a pretty for showing. we have seen netflix a there is rising content costs. >> they are spending not what traditionally we see them spend but more akin to what cable companies spend. they are sprinting premium cable dollars for programming and one reason why quality is so high. and another reason why there is another set of competitors on the fireside side and could drive content side of. -- up. >> put the software side -- hardware side out there. if they come out with a set-top box, they will compete with google comcast.
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talk to us about the competitive landscape and where they might fit in. >> you have to befriend amazed -- frenemies. they have to maintain the relationship. a lot of people have wondered if you see a box of the will netflix be available on it? it is one of the most strained services out there. i think amazon has to realize you can have a box in business tied to that and can build out your streaming service am a which i think they have been doing for a few reasons. i think it helps the prime offering, which people like because you get free shipping. video is a big part of that. dvdse are buying fewer these days. if you can get a robust service like the video service they have been building, maybe that is the thato save the business arguably has been in decline because people do not
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necessarily go to amazon to buy as many dvds as they once did. they're more likely to get digital. >> talking about higher-quality or cable like contact, is that about production value and more money spent in production and more likely to have an economic impact on the unions in l.a. and whatever it takes to make the show look prettier? >> it is about production value and talent. all for house, which amazon .idden for a second season this is comparable to any show you will see on hbo or showtime or fx. i think it balances out >> in terms of production talent, who stands out to you that makes you
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confident their shows can be hits, even though they have not been hit yet? is a creative team led by roy price that comes out very strong. they will have five adult series going this year. that is comparable to a reasonable sized cable network. just than year, a little over one year, they have mounted five series, the quality of which is very strong. do not forget about the kindle in this whole equation. we are talking about a potential streaming device them up on one product on the front page of amazon every day and has been since it launched, and that is the kindle. when you put millions of these tablets in people's hands amid the ability to give them original programming in conjunction with the prime subscription is a very powerful tool in the arsenal. ability tot the
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offer exclusive original content on the kindle is a big selling point for that as well. guru.ry penn, ceo of the thank you very much. jon erlichman, thank you very much. tomorrow we have cris carter, creator of the x-files. originalting an program for amazon. he will be with us on a special edition of bloomberg "west." pacifictern, 10:00 tomorrow. coming up next, it is april fools' day so what tricks do some companies have up their sleeves? try not to get too distracted by the april fools jokes out there. we will show you some of the best coming up. ♪
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>> i am emily chang and this is
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>> you can go to know her island but now you can just adjust your nest. >> this is amazing they spend time doing these things to get the two of them together. here we are talking about it, which i guess is what they want. speaking of a story that is not a joke, tomorrow microsoft kicking off the annual conference in san francisco. >> last week satya nadella had his first public address. really what i think they will focus on tomorrow is possibly a new phone, also new integration with being in the phone and a competitor. trying to keep the argument of the microsoft phone will be at the center of competing in the
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future. >> part of the announcement from last week when to show they are willing to work on other platforms, willing to work more closely with apple and not just microsoft. >> we will see how the announcement works. what we know from the way siri work is most of the computing happens in the crowd and not on the phone, so theoretically you could use other search tools but that has not happened yet. >> why do you think they have these press conferences so close together? why not combine them? >> i think they wanted to take a little bit of -- money morning order backing --quarterbacking can want to take the first-ever address from the build conference and focus on people developing for microsoft's platform, which is so important. >> we will be all over that
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tomorrow. you will be at the conference covering it for us. looking forward to that. i want to talk more about the mobile payment start up. they have multimillions in funding. that seems to be bleeding talent. the company confirmed that the chief service and operational officer is leaving after a long list of other executives have left as well. accompanied back by richard branson. i want to bring in adams atari tariano. you wrote about the problems and now another executive leaving. what is going on? >> after the listd money from a investors around silicon valley, they have been tripping around. a lot of staff departures, delays in getting the product out, a security breach.
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we read a lot about the start ups as they go out the door and getting a billion dollar acquisition. this is the other side of the spectrum of a country -- company really struggling. failure is the difficulty of a small company with a couple 10 million and backing is mildly interesting but i feel like this is emblematic of the era we're are in. reminiscent of thedo dot com era and then big funding that seems so silly. is there more to this than silly ? >> there is an element of easy money moment in silicon valley where this guy has an idea out of sanford and goes around to silicon valley pitching it to people like peter teal and richard branson and andreessen horowitz and everyone does -- throws money out of it and a
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little bit of fear of missing out. everyone gives a little bit of money in hopes it will end up being like whatsapp. >> how did he get the meetings? did he have any kind of track record? i can understand it is something like color. it sold eight companies before that company. it did not work out, but i understand. what is so great? >> he came out of stanford and his advisor was the president of the school, john hennessy. he was in the computer science department. he was attacking a big problem, the idea of making payments with the smartphone is a compelling idea and a lot of big companies going after it. is peter teal was interesting and after he invested he cofounded paypal. other investors thought it.
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see theld like to investors convincing people to write checks. >> we do have the statement about andy leaving. they say we are adding users by the week and remain focused on adding products and engineering and wish him the best at future endeavors. >> it is not available to the public. these are beta testers they have. until they can get a product on it market, maybe we will see but right now they are struggling. >> we will be right back with more of bloomberg "west" after this quick break. ♪
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>> arianna huffington out with a new book. ofling for success outside money and power, parts of the mantra to truly disconnect. i asked her as someone who runs a multimillion dollar media company if it is possible to truly disconnect and a 24-hour news cycle. >> there is always someone on. hours, unless you're on the night shift or weekend shift, you are not expected to answer company e-mail. if we need you, we find you. you save them for judgment. bill clinton is quoted in my the point is, we can all
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say that. i can say that about my life. >> i saw a headline about your book. is this a fair way -- you and cheryl r. >> she has given a wonderful endorsement of the book. it is on the back jacket. i think it is about dealing with our own inner adult fears, especially fears of failure for women. daring to dream big. completely consistent with what i am saying. which is we also need to lean rechargerder to ourselves and be more effective and more productive and more creative. especially here in san francisco, in the valley, the
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premium is created this way. goes whenthing that abilityurnt out is our to be creative. some of his best ideas have led to the best products. an article, why women cannot have it all. what is your philosophy? can we have it all? >> that is a way to define for ourselves what having it all means. buying in what success is and having it all means and follow our own path. decide for ourselves what really makes us happy. >> when it comes to continuing to build the huffington post, what do you want to do you plan to infuse the things you have
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learned in the latest stage of your life? policies, yoga, etc..tion, healthy snacks but also, as we are growing, we are now at 95 million p.m. 35% from around the world. we are growing in launching in country after country, and we are holding conferences in each country and looking at where are the stress lines, and what are the new ways of doing things in each country? >> you say going viral does not necessarily mean mission accomplished. isn't that the whole tournament -- ultimate measure of success? >> depends on the value.
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not just how important it is that how entertaining it is. i think it is very valuable to recognize --[inaudible] look much more carefully. ♪
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>> you are watching bloomberg "west." mariana huffington sold -- arr ianna huffington sold the post in 2011. i asked her about the relationship. how the media has changed. before you were born, the will be more
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successful. is stories're proven of generosity and compatibility -- comparison -- compassion. these are the stories people want to share. >> are they good or bad for the media business? >> i do not think about the media as competition. run my how i like to life and business. dance betterto than anyone else. i try to dance better than myself. >> i saw an interesting study business017 the media
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will either double or shrink. because a new content site can come out of nowhere. what do you think of that? >> it is a very different environment. very hard to create a destination site. there is a new content site. a large major destination site. the whole page is very well as well.
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the acquiring has been great for both. great for us because we are able to expand internationally. we are able to launch a streaming network. launched many new sections around the issues of how we live aolbest lives in great for because they have a clearly innovative media company that they own. it is created in the area of content and advertising. also launching dedicated that put the spotlight on good things happening. including a dedicated section called good news. stage inurious in this which you're thriving how you view selling the huffington post to aol three years later. how do you feel about that
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decision, and what is the state of your relationship with tim armstrong? >> fantastic. i am so happy i made that decision. we remain independent. everything is moving so fast. you have to be able to innovate, to grow. and to be ahead of the pack. what is next? lex we will continue growing internationally. we want to be in every major language. at the same time, as the world is looking to really find success and redefine successful we thrive and our
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coverage here has been amazing. we have marketed a section on healthy living, parenting, divorce, things that are readers and viewers love. cofounder of the huffington post on her book tour. coming up, how is the country's second largest school district getting each of its students and ipad? the l.a. school district billion dollar plan next. watch a streaming on your television, phone, and at ♪
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