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tv   Taking Stock With Pimm Fox  Bloomberg  October 2, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> this is taking stock for thursday, october 2, i'm pimm fox. the only place quiet in new york city is actually above it. my next guest considers it kind of their office space. skyhigh aerial photography. the images they capture are just mind blowing. they are used in films, commercials, other video and cinematic content. joining us is on-air pilot and chief operating officer tim or a
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pharrell, the chief global content officer. i have to start off with the guy who is the pilot because i want to make sure we are going to be safe. explain yourself. how did you combine this idea of these incredible visual presentations and videos with sound and the ability to fly? i can't fly and take pictures at the same time. cinematography, i love movies, i love everything. is way to combine my passion -- what better way to combine my love on the air? we would like to combine our passions, like i said. biggest citynd the
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in the world having so much content available to us to see avenues to shoot. it was a plethora of information we can use. >> it has been a wonderful experience. i met these guys like a year ago. 35,000 onut instagram. the democratization of technology, being able to get up in the sky -- i shot mostly with my iphone. they have followers in their bet that if we thaa made them famous on instagram, their business would pick up. we all sat down and decided we are not just a fine art to tiger
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fei company, we are an aerial content company. fine art photography company, we are an aerial content company. >> the website demonstrates the lavishness of the photography. doing operations around the country. no one has ever done that before. cateredock imagery, television, and we have managed to turn this into a real business. we have access to a fleet of helicopters but we prefer the twin star, the twin engine .elicopter
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?> airtime is how long echo >> we are three minutes away from the city so we can pop in any time. we can get in and out very quickly and pop up for any news, any cool weather issue, the sunset is looking fantastic today. >> what are some of the shoots right now? they put the mustang on top of the empire state building and they wanted us to document that with video and photography. ofre were three segments shooting and it was fantastic in the dark. >> putting this together as a business, this wasn't just commercials. >> it's a variety of different things. you can have a virtual company cs, instagram, and
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technology. we have collaborators that we , people from the medium come and shoot with us and we share copyright with the images. we also have a very small staff. this opportunity with technology, we have the ability to get in the air because of these guys. bit more aboute that distribution because it is also a digital experience and we know that governments already do this with highly sensitive data and radar installations relaying all of that information. >> it is safety first. these guys have been in the helicopter business a long time. the relationships with the air force and the equipment, we have access to everything. we are putting a people that have nontraditional aerial photographers up in the sky.
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>> you mentioned that you have the affiliate in san francisco. the biggest obstacle is our own operations. the ability to scale. it is something we are working very hard on right now. myself, rob marshall, a rock star. it is a dance the between photographer and the pilot to get those perfectly right shots. >> are you now more popular on instagram? >> absolutely. >> are you a star? >> not yet, but i hope to get there. to -- you're up >> we had 400 last december. >> 400 last december and we are
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not even at december yet and you're doing 240,000? did you know that many people would be interested? we had an idea that it would work but i am a little more skeptical. our ceo is more positive. did you guys ever think that you would start to do this all over the country now? >> we wanted a content company be global. >> i will be in london next weekend we are shooting next wednesday. >> i look forward to the big bend footage. thank you for joining us, and orr, on-air pilot and global content officer. well done. we will stay at the high altitude for just a minute and
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tell you about a 90 story luxury building opening in manhattan. the story behind the building is being featured in bloomberg businessweek. the article is called "slim shad y." devon leonard from bloomberg businessweek. intoou get a chance to go yx on57 where they have on the walls and a rare everything there? >> the views are incredible and i was in the hotel where the front desk was made by robots from oakland. i went to have an opening scene , at the scene of a big party there.
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>> gary barnett is the focus of the story as well as the building. he is a lot less flashy than the building which is the 90 story monolith? up on the lower east side, his father was a rabbi. belgium, he in began investing in real estate. he became one of the biggest commercial property owners in wichita and sold some of those buildings in canada, 1998. and you're right, he's not a flashy guy. he had vacations in the poconos. >> he is a bit of a chess player when it comes to the real estate business, assembling various pieces. together individual pieces of property and developing rights that are above buildings. if you are dealing with the condominium buildings and you do
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.hat in secret the deals for this building took 16 years and had to do it in secret. this is jedi master stuff. it in the form of the hyatt hotel. >> i guess he did that deal in 2008. the real estate market was crashing and he leaves the property for less than he was expecting to get. the apartments were basically subsidized at the hotel and in a lot of ways, it is sort of room service for all of the billionaires buying condominiums. it has worked out for him. >> it sounds like a good place.
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>> maybe we will share a corner. read it on newsstands and every mobile device. how your estate can live on long after you do. i will look at celebrity wills. monroe, -- marilyn monroe, frank sinatra, and more. ♪
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lowe's is "taking stock quote on bloomberg. i'm pimm fox. chase says the data breach affected 7 million small businesses. it names, addresses, e-mail addresses all taken. internal data that identify customers by category is also
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said to have been obtained by hackers. the company says there is no evidence it counts for the issues compromised during the attack. a dog, a street, a city, all in the wills of some of the most rich and famous people. a new york-based attorney with a passion for pouring over estates and some of the lesser-known estates. the wills of the rich and famous, a fascinating glimpse at the legacies of celebrities. it is great to have you here. that they cameis to have the actual documentation of wills of people like frank sinatra. ago that willsng are public record.
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most people don't realize that. in the past 30 years, i have collected copies of wills of famous people. have the largest collection of copies in the world. >> you could go into the guinness book of records for that, right? you wanted to pass on that title to someone. someone that understands what you can and cannot leave to another person, frank sinatra left a street. left a street and not many people have a will that leaves a piece of real estate on a street named after the deceased himself. >> you're looking through the wills of various individuals. is there something, and you have been able to discern from them? >> they are unique and reflect
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the personality of the person that wrote them. in some sense, they are the last words of that person. each of the 100 wills is fascinating and unique in its own right. >> and the wills that you are looking at cover people from all walks of life. andrew made off, the son of bernie made off. >> the wilber's recently fouled and just this morning, i obtained a copy of it. it is public record and a fascinating document. >> is there anything that would indicate to you that the will was made knowing anything about the past? >> it was prepared by one of new york's best law firms. started my career, so i know they are the best. the will itself doesn't do much financial data but the probate andrew madeate that off had an estate of $16
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million. where did all those funds come from? i will leave that for the lawyers to figure out. sum.t's move onto another --t was the estate >> when she died, she was no longer a royal. she left her entire estate essentially to her two sons who were royals but because she was not a royal, the estate was taxed under british law at 40%. although she probably got some of that money in the divorce from charles, it was taxed upon her death. her two sons didn't need any money from her and it was surprising to me that there weren't more charitable requests in her will. >> let me ask about marilyn monroe. this was interesting in the context of the living will as a specific kind of document, but the will kind of lives on.
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>> when marilyn died, she was very involved with her acting teacher. of the estate5% even though he was older than she was. left his estate which included his interest in maryland to stay to his third marilyno never even met . because of the ongoing royalties and income for many years, the widow is the primary beneficiary of her estate. advise,ad been properly maybe she didn't realize how important she would be so many years after her death. she should have put her assets in a trust if she wanted to lee -- that's fine. but she should have dictated where it would go if he died. >> what about leona helmsley?
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>> she did not like advice from lawyers. she left the ridiculous amount of money to her dog. million in a trust for her dog. no dog needs that. thecourt actually reduced $12 million to $2 million which is still a lot of money. she made a few mistakes besides that and that is covered in my newest book called 101 biggest estate planning mistakes. >> i appreciate it. the author of the wills of the rich and famous, a fascinating glimpse at celebrities. thanks very much. it is national pizza month. i will talk to the chief executive officer of the pizza restaurant with 1400 locations. out why the target market has nothing to do with college kids and has to do with moms and families. ♪
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>> this is taking stock on bloomberg. a i'm pimm fox. october marks national pizza month, a celebration that dates back over three decades. it could be baked at home and pop a murphy's could be the pizza joint for you. it's 1981, it has been making take and bake pizza that you take home and is preprepared. i am joined by the chief executive officer, ken colwell. the pizza describe being different than what people think about. biggest differentiator is fresh. a lot of pizza places are out there and we provide fresh pizza. we're the largest producer of fresh pizza across the country. ,e start with fresh ingredients
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it is very rare. fresh cheese, fresh toppings. secondly, mom needs to come in and create it fresh. they walk right down the line and actually create their pizza one step at a time for their family. have --no ovens, we they take it home fresh. it comes out fresh. >> how long does it take to cook? >> around 15 minutes. >> you have 1400 stores right now? part of the business strategy is to grow it out. families across the country and our opportunity, we think there
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is 4500 stores we can build on the u.s. alone before we go international. >> you are franchising? >> we have company stores that will remain. ofsince 1981, what kind refresh brings this to people? , theyr 400 of the stores are part of the technology platform as well. >> you also have the gourmet delight. this is the most we have ever launched at the same time. >> you will make everyone very hungry and we will leave it
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there. executive, popf a murphy's. thanks for taking stock. i'm pimm fox, good night. ♪
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