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tv   Asia Edge  Bloomberg  September 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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mr. trump: i don't know who you are talking to come up but you were totally out of control. i said there is someone with a temperament problem. john: we are back in the debate media spin room at hofstra university in hempstead, new york. you have just been watching the very top twitter moment of the entire debate. donald trump talking about his temperament contrasting his temperament is a winner with hillary clinton, although he did not use the word loser, has a non-winner. -- as a non-winner. i'm back with senator david perdue, telling me why donald trump is a winner. it seems to me that there will be a lot of factual questions raised. a big debate about back-checking. lester holt did a bit of it, hillary clinton did a lot. including treating a whole website to fact check him in
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real-time. clearly some things he said are not true. some things he said are debatable. do you think the things he said that will be proven inevitably, because for instance the new york police union had said that murders are falling in new york. do you think those will affect his fortunes politically? >> i really don't. this is further evidence of people looking at this race through the lens of the establishment. what i saw as the most salient moment was early when he actually characterized her as a 30 year product available -- product of a bubble. she said she prepared to be president. how? biting in the political local. he was creating thousands of jobs out in the real world. when i think about fact checking, that will be outweighed by the fact that most people are concerned about the economy. 70% of americans do not trust
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her. that is a big part of this conversation. john: you think he was adequate we prepared? >> i absolutely do. this is not a debate. this is about your vision for the future. we don't talk about hope anymore. will he talks about is creating a growing economy that will help everybody. he's got great ideas. reducing our taxes, going back on regulation. they are diametrically opposed to those ideas. john: i want to read you one tweet from franklin's -- tweet from a focus group maestro. so far he says 70 people in his group say hillary is winning. 3 say trump. birther question destroyed him. when you think about that? >> that is 20 people.
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that is looking at the big through the lens of a political pundit, not people in america. john: it seems that he's looking at it through the lens of 20 undecided voters. that is not a pungent's -- a pundit's views. those are of real voters. >> well maybe not. that is a pundit's view. people want a change in direction. john: i will press you on one more tweet from rudy giuliani. he seems to be less bullish. he says on twitter, "debate was not trump's best, but there were still two more." that does not sound like a triumphant tweet. >> the two issues people will tell you are the salient issues in this process is the global security crisis, and this calamity called an economy. barack obama's policies has created both of those.
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we had the weakest economic recovery in 70 years. million women have fallen into poverty -- 4 million women have fallen into poverty. they are just going to give us a third term of barack obama. the biggest callout that i think won the debate is when he called out the fact that she never had any real world experienced. how in the world can she be a leader in getting the economy going? john: senator perdue, great to see you. thanks for coming by and thanks for being so patient and actually giving you the chance to talk. thank you very much. mark halperin. are you out there? oh, you are right behind me. there he is. i was told to bring in mark. i
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thought you would be someplace else. how is your meeting with donald trump? mark: he's getting tough reviews on cable. including fox. --said everyone is willing he says everyone is saying that is when the debates, but they are not. john: one of his favorite phrases. mark: i asked him if he thinks hillary clinton line about anything. -- clinton lied about anything. he went back with me-- john: that was mark cuban walking by, for anyone who wondered. [laughter] mark: he went back to the message that clearly was his core message. the one that got in the most positive moments of the night, she can't change washington. he came into the spin room and emphasized that. i think the tension was to emphasize that. john: throughout the entire debate. i will say this will repeat --
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this tweet from rudy giuliani -- "the debate was not trump's best, but there are still two more." when one of your most advocate server -- one of your most avid surrogates are admitting you have lost the debate, that does not mean you have had a good night. mark: when you are looking for a silver lining for trump, it will be that he lives to fight another day. he will come up to the bug debate with more dynamics of the experience. this debate -- he is lucky there are two more. the notion that he will skip the next one. john: i don't think that's going to happen. mark: if it will help him win, he needs a better second one. john: and as you suggested what he really must do is prepare. she was amply prepared. and his lack of preparation showed. mark: his inability to pivot
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and herh the questions challenges to him and get down in the weeds on birtherism, tax returns, the war in iraq -- to tell people to go call sean hannity and he will building out. -- and he will bail me out. this is a guy that got drawn into, and there is no doubt that she knew. attemptsde, i felt her to explain how she makes a country better and extend -- i don't think those were effective particularly. i don't think she will pay too much of that in media coverage, will focus on their cautious. -- on their clashes. john: i think she has a great line when he said you have too much debate prep, and she says
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yes i have too much experience. she has motivated those people to vote. i want to go out to megan murphy and get a last thought. tonight.ur views about give us your over about what took place. >> i don't think she had the most stellar debate performance. but there is no question that she has won this round. he was really unprepared. birther issue will be crucial going forward. and income tax finale answers those questions. people are going to pick apart what he said on that and go looking for whether or not there's any weakness. or mother he has -- or whether he has conceded he has not paid his fair share. and the bloomberg, we should note the mexican peso. if the mexican peso gets weaker,
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that should be a concern over his policies. it strengthened pretty genetically over the debate. that is one sign the markets are watching. they think that hillary clinton won tonight, and that is for sure. mark: thank you megan. i will ask the control room and we are done for the night. we are done for the night. that concludes our coverage from the first debate. there are two more. we will be there to cover them. john heilemann and i would like to thank all our bloomberg colleagues who participated. john: forget twitter. mark: john: -- don't forget twitter. mark: twitter will be partnering with us throughout the debate season. thanks for joining us through whatever platform you choose to to view it with. we will be back at 5:00 eastern time with "with all due
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respect." until then, sayonara. ♪
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>> it is the middle of the asian trading day. interesting moves as a result of the presidential debate in the u.s. we are live in hong kong; this is "asia edge." ♪ >> the top stories this hour -- it's getting personal. the white house rivals clash in the first debate. clinton says trump stiffs people. trump says she has failed for years. a planned shopping ship to
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korea. twitter may have a new follower, with sources saying that disney is working on a b possible bid. overseas investors are piling out of the philippines with a record streak of equity are close. and the peso at a seven-year low. we ask the stock exchange president how to stop the bleeding. >> i'm watching the markets. a mixed bag. mostly decline in the philippines. that continues to underperform. we aremarkets -- following those losses. you are getting bright spots here and there. it comes down to the stocks. we have the gains. the two latest stocks will pull the index of. thailand, the largest index open at the moment. taiwan by the way is closed.
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a typhoon is set to make landfall this afternoon. when we look at volumes, it's not quite there except when you look at markets in japan. they are going completely in the opposite direction. i want to focus on the back. leading declines -- if you have to pick one group of stocks that was taking it on the chin if you will. 's of 1%.8/10th with deutsche bank, it's hard to say at the moment. but most of the banks are on the way down. bond yields mostly on the way down. but we did have a debate, u.s. 10 year yields up 1-2 data points. 1/60th. seven below australia,, 196. tenure.he chinese currencies is where the action
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is. have a look at the indonesian currency trading below 13,000 for the first time since may 2015. we are seeing a lot of strength come through in the indonesian currency. looking at the philippine currency trading at a seven-year significant strength -- 48-21. this is a level we last saw in november 2009. a very weak level for the peso. at the japanese yen, we are seeing strength with the exception of a few currencies. 4.oking at dollar-yen, 17 some safe money getting out of safe havens. part of the debate, looking at act, ite action panned seemed that the markets were giving the wind to hillary clinton. i believe we have a chart of the mexican peso.
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very clearly strengths coming through. it is hard to say whether that is just short covering. it fell from a record low of course. be the biggest single day pop going back to late june. as far as that is concerned, donald trump looks to have lost the debate. >> david, thanks. other headlines we are watching. struggling airbag maker takata makes its biggest claims amidst the worst safety crisis for its company. gm volkswagen,, and others talk about how any takeover bids for takata would affect the billions of dollars in recall costs. the faulty airbags are linked to at least 15 deaths, and 100 million cars worldwide. first big-screen. chinese bill your while german -- a chinese billionaire wants
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television content. this is the closely held producer of the american music awards, the golden globes, and other life programs. eldridgek's owner industries is reviewing. the u.s. presidential election now just six weeks away. the race has turned increasingly personal. hillary clinton and donald trump clashed slightly over race, trade, and economy in the first debate. they exchanged highly emotive barbs. you need to have a tax system that rewards work and not just financial transactions. and the kind of plan that donald has put forth would be trickle-down economics all over again. in fact it would be the most extreme version. the biggest tax cuts for the top percent of the people in this
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country than we have ever had. i call it trumped up trickle-down. mr. trump: $2.5 trillion. i think it's probably double that that we can't bring into our country. with a little leadership, you get it in here very quickly. and it could be put to use on inner cities and lots of other things. and it would be beautiful. but we have no leadership. honestly that starts with secretary clinton. >> we have our washington bureau chief megan murphy at hofstra university for the event. how did the night go down? megan: 20 a night at hofstra. we are still picking it a part. the consensus seems to be that hillary won round one. she may not have knocked it out of the park, but she avoided big mistakes and hit him hard in a few areas. one is that he cannot still
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answer how he pushed the parser issue -- the birther issue for so many years. she hit him on his business record and failure to disclose income tax. that will come out in the coming days. he was strong on issues like free trade and her and her husband's previous support for the deals that he says are savaging the economy. the same time he was very much on the defensive. he took the bait on self tough questions. i think his campaign will be disappointed with his lack of preparation. --he told our mark bloomberg are mark halperin himself that he thought that he one. how did the public review his performance? >> in the early media coverage he's taking criticism on fox. even rudy giuliani said it wasn't his best debate. trump will say that he one.
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that's something that he learned in the debate. getting the media to believe your spend in a moments afterwards. clinton was that showed not only her experience, donald trump's history with women. we have seen her gap with women eroding since june. that has been very important for her to win over these battleground states. she really made i direct appeal to women tonight. i will be testing to see if she picks up support. >> to battle continues. around one over, 2 and 3 still left to go. coming up later this hour, philippines shares see the longest streak of foreign outflows in 17 years. the president's tough talking policies may have spooked investors.
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the asian development bank says uncertainty in monetary policy in the u.s., he and japan, will continue. eu, and japan will continue. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> the add raised china's growth modest forecast to 6.5%. shat are the risk with adb' joining us right now in our hong kong studios. thanks very much for joining us. despite the global slowdown, despite the slowdown in china, you are still projecting growth. miniscule, but still growth. why? .> we see a developing issue growth remains steady despite some global headwinds.
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outcomes are offset by internal demand. expected to grow at 5.7% both this year and next year. this projection is unchanged from the production released last march. >> what are you seeing in the fundamentals that support this view? >> as i said, the stronger the mystic demand -- stronger domestic demand on consumption. including infrastructure. we are the major sources of growth in the first half of this year. growthna for instance, was 6.7% higher than expected,. because of the stronger consumption in the estimate on lack of wage growth and urban jobs creations.
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that, it continues to decline. >> let's break it down region by region in asia. more are pockets of health so than others. fundamentally, who is at the top? projection, south asia and developing asia -- we are projecting to grow at 6.9%. and 7.3% next year. that will be supported by strong growth in india and an improved outlook in bangladesh and pakistan. of course, east we increase our productions by 0.1% this year. then the account of growth upgrade in china. and then southeast asia.
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i think that performs any more mixed way. -- in a more mixed way. the account of a strong public investment in infrastructure. growth for malaysia -- >> much of this presupposes conditions to remain the same. what if the fed does rate hikes a little more steeply than expected? what are the headwinds? what are the risk of outflows? >> we see a number of risks. we believe they are tight to the downside. expect theis we can recovery in other countries -- the issue depends on exports, growth. the second is change in monetary policy. we believe that change in
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monetary policy has already affected the markets. host: thank you, we have run out of time. the adb deputy chief economist. a lot more coming up. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> trade, taxes, nato, and the islamic state. presidential contenders donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton questioned her rivals' business credentials well trump protect her performance as secretary of state. reverse losses in stock. the mexican peso rebounded from a record low. shipping is soaring in seoul. jeffrey says mirsky is looking marine,nt hyundai having ditched its strategy of ordering new ships. hyundai is in the middle of a
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creditor led debt restructuring program. stifling air bag maker toccata makes -- m aker takata. capitalist for honda, gm, volkswagen, and is how any ta would bids for taka affect the billions of dollars in potential recall costs and legal liabilities. the faulty airbags are affecting at least 15 and one million cars worldwide. global news more than 24 hours a day in more than 120 countries, this is bloomberg. the latest from the markets after that big face-off in new york. since you mentioned it, we at the markets. we did see some strength. the mexican peso has had a
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substantial drop, 120%. -- 1.8%. the biggest since late june. someone you could say the market priced in a victory for hillary clinton. another look at the european. 13,000 for the first time since may. peso alsocoming into, recovering from the seven-year low. the last time we saw the peso at these levels was also 2009. sentiment from money coming out of the yen back into the u.s. dollar. most stocks across asia are down. it is a sleep -- a three-day slide. up, a long this streak of outflows.
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23 straight days with foreign investors pulling money out of. that is not a big amount relative to the markets, but it is a streak we can't ignore. host: as david said, the philippine peso is that a seven-year low, and stocks in the longest streak of foreign outflows on record. let's discuss all of that and its impact with the stock exchange president and ceo. he joins us now from our manila bureau. thanks so much for joining us. overseas investors have net sellers for 23 straight days in a row. this is a record faced back in march of 1999. what is going on? >> first of all good morning. what you are seeing is nothing different from other markets.
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nervousness.n some , asglobal consideration markets started becoming a u.s. federal reserve rate hike discussion was getting into full speed. week where oil and commodity markets have been with last -- have been whiplashed up and down. this might coincide with the local news when there are issues not regarding economics and finance, but rather on the political side. this allows a lot of traders to act on something. angie: i want to bring in my colleague david, a filipino nation but also a market watcher. david: certainly we have to emphasize that it's something we see not just in the philippines.
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looking at outflows relative the market, celeb value was the biggest amount. -- absolute value was the biggest amount. what do you think is behind that sizable move? or is it because markets outperformed in recent months? hans: the other thing to think about, we have also seen the philippine index performance at double-digit year to date according to bloomberg's latest chart. end, andtility at one the ability to realize gains, a number of these funds have decided to stay out of the market while they are realizing some of their gains. that is number one.
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there probably is a disproportionate, or a perception gap, with local news relative to i would argue what's happening on the economic and finance site. the main thing is not talked about is that nothing has changed in terms of government points of view. in fact they have been quite upfront saying they will spend onleast 5-7% of gdp infrastructure. secondly they are upfront in saying they will -- they will have increased to 3%. imfing at it this morning, concurred that was the correct strategy. the signaling has been quite strong and straightforward.
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which is not been given much press is that yesterday, the government put out tax reforms plans. them for themend speech of bringing in a tax reform package for congress to act on. we are quite positive all of these items will basically show up in the numbers through the rest of this quarter. angie: let's bring in geopolitics. how much is the risk of the u.s. presidential election in november? we just heard the debate between trump and clinton. or doesn't matter at all because of duty or take 's seeming reversal against u.s. ports?
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news i think headline always makes for short-term moves in the market. we hope to globally -- have seen globally the u.s. election contest is also riling the markets around the world. for the simple reason there will be policy changes, depending on who heads the u.s. looking at the philippines presidential pronouncement on a wide range of topics has caught the attention of the press. david: we have seen more than a handful of that.
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there is a sense perception that the current government might be placing too much focus on this all-out war against drugs. there seems to be a perception, and i have to emphasize perception, these economic reforms may be taking a backseat. is that a valid concern? hans: as i said, this perception enoughns there is not focus on the strides by the economic team. they probably have to be commended for acting in a very fast and definitive manner. it will take a few more months a see whether you do have continuous economic growth. updated the is
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asian economy. the philippines expected to grow at 6.4%. that is not just decent, but perhaps a high number relative to other asian counterparts. angie: thanks so much for joining us from our manila. . the president and ceo of the philippines stock exchange. adding to evidence of continued stabilization in manufacturing. we have our china correspondent thomas mckenzie taking a look into this. tom give us the details. tom: industrial profits for august rising 19.5%. it suggests these companies will find it slightly are easier to pay off his debt. companies that have done particularly well in august have
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been in the auto sector, also stealing oil production as well. -- also steel and oil production as well. stronger prices at the factory gate. the moment is the house price rises in china in first and second tier cities. that is behind much of this. the national bureau of statistics has issued a note of warning. it says these numbers come from a low base. that there is more work to be done, and that the foundations are not yet solid enough for rapid economic growth. angie: this comes on the back of positive readings. is china back on the growth path? certainly it seems positivity we've seen in august may well feed through to september. i can break down some of those
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economic indicators. to 56 fromr rose 54.9%. i was helped by their sale particularly after bad weather over the summer. business sentiment index also picked up. that was looking at the confidence levels of executives in shanghai and shenzhen. that hit a 13 month high. for manufacturing there's a 30 month satellite index. that's the first time it's been above that expansionary level since november 2014. even in the steel sector. an index that was chilling positivity. a lot of this links back to credit flows into real estate sector. there are some concerns that his local governments in these putting under
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pressure to curb these prices. that could bring these numbers down. one economist still expects intot economic strength the end of the quarter of this year. october the first is when we get the official manufacturing pmi data. angie: and you will be watching for us. tom the catching --tom mackenzie, thanks so much live from beijing. a look at stocks after the presidential election in november. this is bloomberg. ♪
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australian energy producer expressions of interest from at least five chinese countries for .ts sale of wind farm projects announcedmpanies have $5.5 billion in the green energy sector investments in the past five months, up seven times in the previous year. saudi arabia is government will pay an effort to rein in a deficit that is ballooned amid the slump in oil. it canceled bonuses and allowances for state employees as a result of the budget deficit. it is cutting minister's salaries by 20%. the world's largest oil producer wants to cut its budget shortfall. the highest among the world's 20 biggest economies.
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welcome back. joining me now, strategist at canadian imperial bank of commerce. you are watching the presidential debate. in your opinion, what do you think the markets took away from this? >> they think the risk of a trumpet presidency has dissipated somewhat. a bid has leveraged with slightly fair amounts. i think some of the fear that the market held about trump was slightly taken away. >> he held true to what he's been saying on the campaign trail. he really talked about china as well from the start. devaluing its currency and bad deals with its trading partners. >> absolutely>>. maybe, but on a longer-term basis, it has not been devalued.
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i don't think the market was scared or concerned by that. angie: let's bring up what he said about the federal reserve. this was really interesting, right? we've been saying that the fed can't move before november. it does not want to be political. listen to what trump had to say about what their true stands might be. trump: the fed is being political by keeping interest rates at this level. the day obama leaves and goes out to the golf course for the rest of his life to play golf -- when they raise interest rates, you will see some bad things happen. the fed is not doing her job. they are being more political than secretary clinton. mrs. clinton: and indeed i have met the people that work stiffed by you in your business is donald. i have met dishwashers, painters, architects, glass
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installers, marble installers, drapery installers like my dad was -- who you refused to pay when they finished the work that you asked them to do. angie: i will pick up on one clinton had to say. that was certainly not a rebuttal of his first comment that the federal reserve is political. certainly their interest is in getting the economy moving. they target full employment and inflation. those goals certainly overlap. it's easy to be against something rather than saying they are a good job. >> trump will not be the first president to say that we don't know what will happen one monetary conditions normalize. >> absolutely not. it is easy to be against something. people look at this 20 47, and
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we in the market spend a couple hours every week trying to divine what they might be doing. i think we need to leave it up to an independent body. moves withaw currency, the mexican currency rising. have you see this moving into the next debate? >> it is difficult. the mexican peso has certainly been beaten up. it is a currency that has been traded to china with risk. certainly we need to watch out for the polls are. it is a trump risk rather than a certainty. i think people will remain cautious. >> i think the polls caught everyone by surprise. angie: a good point on twitter "all of the 600 people that i dia,ow across financial me tech types independence say hillary won that debate."
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what does that mean when you throw it out to the masses? >> donald trump was saying that he one. [laughter] -- he won. >> whoever listens to the pundits and says who wins after is a fool. in media in the united states, you are either one side of the other. they hit on both of their points they wanted to do. that soundbite on hillary clinton, drilling down to his ethics. he responded by saying, it's business, and i was just obeying the laws. and if you want to change the lungs, change the laws. -- change the laws, change the laws. >> certainly the debate had points for each parties. anybody isss of what actually saying here, the real polls happen in november.
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when you take a look at the midwest and the momentum states, -- momentum in the battleground states, he's got all the momentum. the question is whether or not he can propel that after this performance or not. >> it is if he can convince any of the undecided. >> need to be cautious of him. >> how do you think asian markets will proceed? money on the sidelines in the second and third debate as well? >> expect liquidity is going to be there. we have a positive outlook. angie: positive regardless of what happens. [laughter] thanks so much for that, cbic. will nike be checking the box with results tomorrow? we will be coming back with that. stick around, this is bloomberg. ♪
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angie: you are watching "asia edge." nike quarter results for argue after the closing bell. we had a preview of what you can expect. heidi: traditionally a market lead is facing competition from all sides. it's traditional arrival, under armour and skechers and hundreds of, leisure brands coming in close as well. nike is set to report earnings after tuesday's u.s. closing bell. let's dig deeper into what we can expect. the first six months of this year were not kind to monkey stock prices, falling 11%. ke stock prices, falling 11%. of the 30 analysts retract at
11:55 pm
bloomberg, none of them have them selling at the stock. one factor behind the stock's weakness, a decline in north america future orders. retailers order several months in advance of delivery. is worthter, nike's future orders since 2010. -- saw its worst future orders since 2010. north america is certainly beleaguered when it comes to chin -- when it comes t nike. nike could reiterate itself to forecasters this year. they say sales will high and it -- will grow at a higher percentage. nike says it's, dropping its worst performance business unit, golf equipment. sales of its golf division fell last fiscal year. participation rates fell and it's celebrity spokesman tiger
11:56 pm
fade.has seen his staff investors will list out how the details on how the shipping bankruptcy will affect nike's global supply chains. retailers are disrupted around the world ahead of the key holiday retail period. nike reporting earnings after tuesday's closing bell, so we will dig deep into the numbers when they become available. angie: thanks so much. let's take a look at the region in the markets open right now. we arerap things up, seeing some fractional losses. losses after this presidential debate, this face-off between a trump and clinton. we saw the mexican peso rise. we also saw the yen fall.
11:57 pm
korea is also seeing gains. australia and new zealand is still in negative territory. the rest of the region we are also seeing a little bit of a mixed move. really the story of the hour is clinton and trump's first debate. the presidential debate, and here it is now. a mixed market in asia with the asia-pacific regional benchmark losses asing those people come off the sidelines and make those bets as to what might happen in november in the u.s. --japan's national drug sake national drink sake has won national protection. the department of agriculture says it comes under the same law as sparkling wine. at the moment 78% of the sake
11:58 pm
sold in the u.s. will be sold there, but can no longer be able to label itself as such until it comes from >> oil halts its advance as more
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opec members back a deal. saudi arabia finds its advantage -- iran. it is getting personal, the white house rivals clash in the first debate. stiff'ssays trump people. he says she has failed for years. the clash has turned to the middle east, which trump says is a mess. the candidates fought over his proposed way to for war.


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