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tv   Bloomberg Politics Election 2016  Bloomberg  October 19, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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on trade them. i've been waiting for years. frankly, now we're going to do it right. mr. wallace: one last area i want to get into with this debate is that the biggest driver of our debt is entitlement, which ismr. wallacl federal spending. committee for responsible federal government has looked at both are your plans and they say neither of you has a serious plan that will solve the fact that medicare is what to run out of money in the 20 20's, social security will run out of money in the 20 30's. recipients are going to take huge cuts other benefits. in effect, the final question i want to ask you -- and let me start with you, mr. trump -- would president trump make a deal to save social security that included tax increases and benefit cuts that will in effect a grand bargain on entitlement. ,r. trump: i'm cutting taxes
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and one thing we have to do -- repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. it is destroying our country. it is destroying our businesses, small businesses and big businesses. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. you take a look at the numbers that will cost us -- it is a disaster. it is probably going to die of its own weight, but obamacare has to go. 60%, 70%,re going up 80%. next year, they will go up over 100%. i'm really glad that premiums have started -- at least the people see what is happening. she wants to keep obamacare and make it even worse and it cannot even get worse. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. chris: secretary clinton, same question. at this point, trust funds are
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going to run out of money. will you, as president consider a grand bargain, a deal that includes both tax increases and benefit cuts to try to save both programs? secretary clinton: i am on record as saying we need to put more money in the social security trust fund. that is part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. my social security payroll contribution will go up, as will donald cost assuming he cannot figure out how to get out of it, but what we want to do is figure out how to replenish the trust fund -- mr. trump: such a nasty woman. secretary clinton: by making sure we figure out a way to replenish the trust funds. i will not cut benefits. i want to enhance benefits for low-income workers and for women , who have been disadvantaged by the current social security system. but what donald is proposing with these massive tax cuts will
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result in a $20 trillion additional national debt. that will have dire consequences for social security and medicare, and i will say something about the afford of a care act, which he wants to repeal -- the affordable care act extended the solvency of the medicare trust fund, so if he repeals it, our medicare problem gets worse -- mr. trump: i disagree. secretary clinton: what we need our long-term health care drivers. we have to get cost down, increase value, emphasize wellness. i have a plan for doing that and i think we will get entitlement spending under control. chris: this is the final time -- i believe to both of your together- you will be on stage during the campaign. i would like to leave it on a positive note. you have not agreed to closing statements, but it seems to me that might make it more interesting because you have not prepared closing statements. we are going to put a clock up,
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one minute, in the final question in the final debate to tell the american people why they should elect you to be the next president. this is another new mini segment. secretary clinton, it is your turn to go first. secretary clinton: i would like to say to everyone watching tonight that i am reaching out to all americans -- democrats, republicans, independents because we need everybody to grow the economy, to make it fairer, to make it work for everyone. we need your talents, skills, commitment, energy, ambition. i have been privileged to see the presidency up close, and i know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better or all of you. i have made the children and families my life's work. that is what my mission will be in the presidency. i will stand up for families interests,erful
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against corporations. i will do everything i can to make sure that you have good jobs with rising income, that your kids have good educations from preschool through college. i hope you will give me a chance to serve as your president. chris: secretary clinton, thank you. mr. trump: mr. trump: she's raising the money from the people she wants to control. it doesn't work that way. i started this campaign, i very strongly, make america great again. we are going to make america great again. we have a depleted military. it has to be asked. we do not take care of our veterans. we take care of illegal immigrants, people who come into the country illegally, better than we take care of our vets. that cannot happen. women aremen and disrespected. we need law and order, but we need justice, too. our inner cities are a disaster. you get shot walking to the store. they have no education and no jobs. i will do more for african-americans and latinos
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than she can ever do in 10 lifetimes. all she has ever done is talked to the african-americans and latinos, but they get there voted come back and say we will see you in four years. we're going to make america strong again and we are going to make america great again, and it has to start now. we cannot take four more years of the barack obama and that is what you get when you get her. chris: thank you both. full.n just a moment, secretary clinton, mr. trump, i want to thank you both for participating in all three of these debates. that brings to an end this debate sponsored by the presidential commission of debates. we want to thank the university itsevada, las vegas, and students for having us. now the decision is up to you. while millions have already day, november 8, is just 20 days away. one thing everyone here can agree on, we hope you will go vote. it is one of the honors and obligations of living in this great country. thank you and good night. [applause]
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>> that is the third and final debate. you see chris wallace shaking hands with hillary clinton. donald trump's they in behind the podium. interested to what happens there, but this is an evening with a lot of substance and a lot of discussion of the topics that have been in the news of late. for her, the wikileaks documents. for him, allegations that have been made against him by many women. there has been a lot to discuss and will be discussed. no single moment i think will break through and be the moment of the debate, but certainly a lot of back-and-forth that will be memorable. john, your thoughts? john: i agree with most of what you said, but i think one moment will stand out to a lot of people, especially in the context of what we've heard for the last week in which donald trump has been repeatedly talking about a rigged election,
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saying that the election was rigged and it could be stolen and that we need to watch certain polling places, the idea that donald trump, asked if he would accept the results of the election -- that will be a moment that we get a lot of attention. >> you are correct. and it should. it will be, from the trump campaign manager point of you, kind of an unforced error. he had many good moments. i thought she was -- i will not say flawless, but she kept him from winning the debate sibley by being so strong, but the moment you highlighted, which for some reason blank out of my mind for some moment, really will be the moment. you see donald trump and his family. that moment because it is a conflict with his campaign manager and vice president nominee. john: and his water. it is a core democratic norm that we accept a peaceful transfer of power. -- and his daughter. you can call for a recount, as al gore did. you can challenge results in
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courts, but in the end, the results of the election are the results of the election. you accept them and graciously step aside. as i said, he went on to say that millions of people were on the rolls illegally. that there were dead people who would be voting. it was just the context of the answer and the brute factor that i think we'll get a lot of attention, again, particularly in the context of this week in which he has made rigged elections so much a part of his rhetoric. i think you are right around -- about hillary clinton. i thought the first 30 minutes, he was better than he has been in any three of the debates. he was calm and composed, but as the debate started to get more emotional, he started to get more emotional, and by and large, he started to get more emotional -- biological, clinton remained strong -- by and large, clinton stayed strong. >> even the most hard-core supporters, i'm not sure there is even a support, certainly within the broader party, within
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the establishment, within the media, that is a position that will raise a lot of concern, and extent he doese interviews in coming days, to the extent his campaign fields questions when they would like to talk about his strong moments during the debate, mostly what they will be asked about is what is up with his position on accepting the results are not. john: let's be clear -- his campaign this week, his campaign manager and others tried repeatedly to say that what he is really talking about is the media bias, the perception that he is getting a raw deal from the media, and every time they try to do that, he on twitter and elsewhere brought it back to the possibility of voter fraud, which as we know through academic studies and otherwise, is an extraordinarily rare occurrence in the united states, as people like scott walker and other election officials pointed out this week. iton't even want to call unforced error. i think it is actually what he believes. >> obviously, he must have been prepared during debate prep to take the question, but i'm not certain -- and speculating here -- i'm not certain that the
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answers his advisers urged him to give. john: i'm certain there are many advisers around him that were horrified by the answer. i mention there were some who have been cheering him on, but it does seem to me to be what he believes. havenk he may very well rejected his advisers. you had kellyanne conway, his daughter, others saying he will accept the election results, and here he is saying in front of tens of millions of people something we have never seen in our lifetimes or lifetimes prior to our lifetime in a presidential debate ever. >> hillary clinton still in the hall shaking hands with supporters and others. donald trump has created a problem in terms of his campaign getting out their message and particularly for mike pence, who in a round of interviews with bloomberg and other organizations immediately made it clear that of course they would accept results. there were a lot of other things that we should move on to. donald trump, more than he has in any other debate, and i think
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he is being roundly hailed for having long stretches of calm, talked ae performance, lot about hillary clinton's record as part of the washington establishment, and those moments very in line with the kellyanne conway wing of his campaign, campaign manager who like him to be talking about change. a more centrist message which could actually put together a majority, potentially. john: i will point out on twitter -- >> leaving the debate while hillary clinton states. -- stays. john: "the post" pointing out a trump talksween how and how conway would like him to talk, kellyanne conway re-tweeted that with an arrow, suggesting that she is supporting this view. she seemed to publicly endorse that. we then see some real discord coming into the open i think in the days ahead within trump's
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world. i don't like to make productions, but i think there are a lot of signs that we may see some real raptures in trump world over the days ahead. debate hall.e hillary clinton still there shaking hands. the final debate of this campaign for her. the final of three debates against donald trump. donald trump has left the debate hall. the room we are in, the spin with advisersup for both campaigns, who come here to tell the media what they thought of the debate. we are going to have analysis here. you are watching "bloomberg politics," live coverage after the debate are john heilemann and i and our colleagues will be back with analysis, guests from both campaigns, and more. john: and the most tweeted moments. >> bloomberg television and
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twitter right after this. ♪
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john: welcome back. mark halperin and me in the spin room. we are joined by general michael flynn, big supporter of donald trump. i want to ask you about what will obviously be the biggest headline out of this debate, donald trump saying on stage that he would not necessarily accept the results of the election. his campaign manager on cnn has come out and that no, donald trump will accept the results of the election. what say you? no presidential nominee has ever said anything like that. will he or will he not accept the results of the election? >> i think he will accept the results, and a think what he is talking about is we just have to make sure that our elections are run properly and that they are done correctly and that we feel as americans that everything
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that we are supposed to do during these elections are done in the way we have always done our national elections. wherever the outcome is, he will accept that outcome. john: you realize your position is different from his? it's not different. it's what he said. part of this, also, too, and he talked about it, was look at just the barrage of abuse he has gotten from the media. when you look at what he has had to put up with, withstand -- just in the last week alone if not the last three or four months. when he talks about what is going on in our election process, when you have sort of this column, which is whatever you want to call it, when you have the media going after just one candidate -- i mean, it's almost 95% of the media around this country that is just attacking donald trump on a constant basis -- that poisons the mind of the american public into thinking that, "geez, is this guy that bad"
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you did not mean to suggest that the press in this country are like nazi collaborators, right? >> i would suggest the press has a massive bias against trump. mark: did he say it exactly the way he should have said it? >> i think what he said was essentially that -- we just have to wait to see what the outcome is. how the election process goes. the outcome of it, whatever the outcome of it is, we will have a peaceful election and all that sort of stuff, and he will accept whatever the outcome is. i would not read much more into it. rigged systeme that he has been talking about, part of this is the media. it is absolutely the media. you cannot stand here and -- you know, your listeners and all media -- you cannot stand here and say there's not a bias in the media against donald trump. mark: was there media bias
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against him when he was running for the nomination? >> during the primaries? i don't know. i would have to take a look. john do you accept that podesta's e-mails were hacked by russia? >> i don't know. i just know what i have read in the media. mark: you have not been briefed on that? are not sure? >> i don't know. i have not been briefed on that. if it's russia, if it's a criminal organization, what i know is what i've read in the media. mark: what do you see in the wikileaks documents? >> the whole issue about russia, what about the content of the e-mails? mark: that's what i'm asking you about, the content. what is in those e-mails that was discussed tonight? >> i wish more was discussed. >> what did not come up? >> i just wish the disparaging comments about the american people that have been dated by hillary clinton in her e-mails and john podesta in his e-mails and just the exchange of information -- >> they are not her e-mails.
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they are e-mails of people who work or her. that, is that the climate she has around her? i wish that there was more talked about with -- it is a content of the information. i got that they have been hacked and all that. i got all that. that happened, and it is a criminal act or an act of terrorism, however you want to describe it, but the content of the information is really what is also an issue, and should be brought out, and i think the other thing, too, is the issue about the 33,000 e-mails, the numbers of things that she has said that turned out to be lies. you cannot deny that. john: i want to clarify one thing -- you are one of donald trump off top national security advisers, right? he has received intelligence briefings, right? as the nominee? >> he has received a couple. john: it is the contention of a lot of people he has been briefed on this issue. >> he has not been briefed on this issue. of what you are saying.
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this business about who has done what, no. john: thank you -- >> what we have is what we see in the media. john: just wanted to clear that up. thank you for being here. appreciate that. we are going to throw out to our colleague, megan murphy, so she can give us her thoughts on what happened tonight and are a couple of informal interviews. megan: thanks, john. all night, our partners at twitter have been mapping the top-tweeted moments of the night and we have them right now. tonight, the moment that got the most tweets came around 9:57 eastern when hillary clinton went after donald trump's past treatment of women. take a look and a listen. secretary clinton: he held a number of big rallies where he said that he could not possibly have done those things to those women because they were not -- totive enough for him be a salted. mr. trump: i did not say that. megan: another top tweeted moment of the debate when donald
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trump and hillary clinton had an exchange about aleppo and trump defending his statement about what is going on in syria and also when trump gave his much awaited wait-and-see answer on the outcomeaccept of the election, telling us he would keep us in the spins. his running mate gave a pretty different answer on that question, in an interview just moments before the interview began. take a listen. >> donald trump made it clear in his first debate and i have made it clear that we will accept the will of the american people, but i think donald trump is going to win. we have a brand-new poll out business daily that has us up in percentage point. i see tremendous momentum all across the country. graph ofput up a line twitter throughout the debate. the highest peak of twitter traffic was about the women discussion clip we just saw. meanwhile, the top three issues twitter uses discussed were foreign affairs, the economy,
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and reproductive rights. i'm joined now by a bloomberg politics reporter. the big take away moment is going to be donald trump saying he would not clarify if you would accept the results of the election. he said it not once but twice. he said he would keep us in suspense and hillary clinton calling it an effect horrifying, saying that it was a threat to democracy, chris wallace reminding us at the end of the evening how important each of our votes are. do you think this is damaging for the candidacy and withering up concern over something american votes will see as fundamental, which is integrity for our voting system? been sayingump has this for a long time on the campaign trail. it is a little too soon to see if this will affect him, this particular statement. but he has been talking about this for a wild. we have seen him rally his base before. one thing to take away from this night is neither candidate really made their case about why they should be president tonight. hillary did more than donald trump, but it was much more
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about why the other person should not be president. it was like a pivot contest where they would be a question and one person would pick it to an attack and the next person would take that attack and give it to a completely different to a completely different subject. one of the moments hillary clinton was the strongest was on that when an, partially because she attacked donald trump, but did she pivoted and said that we are better than this and gave this long speech about how the country needs to stand up because they were better than this. i thought that was her strongest moment of the night. she kept a vision and was not just attacking trump. riled, moreas more personal. her team and herself decided to take on an emotional issue. heilemannrin and john have hillary clinton's pollster with them right now in the spin room. john: thank you.
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strategist with the for hillary clinton. i want to talk about what is getting the most attention, donald trump saying he would not necessarily accept the results of the election, and his aides sort of walking that back a little bit. is it ok for him to say let's see what happens? >> no, it's not ok. i think we have the reason why the rest of the world looks to us is the greatest democracy in the world. we have had orderly transitions after every presidential election. republicans around the country are appalled by what he is saying, but they've been appalled by an lot in his campaign. tonight was the clearest win of the three. i think hillary clinton has won all three debates. i thought this was the most lopsided. jim saying he will see what happens is just outrageous. john: will that hurt him with voters, and if so, why?
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>> the american people know this is the greatest democracy in history. this is not a mystery to them. they are not looking for us to go to war with each other, and i mean that metaphorically, please. for voters, they have experienced this over and over again. i have experienced voting, winning, the on the winning side, being on the losing side. the great thing about democracy when it works at its best as we pick up the pieces, go to work together. i think that is why this was so lopsided. i think hillary clinton tonight was the only person on that stage who laid out a vision of what kind of country she thinks we are and what kind of country we want to be and we are a sharp contrast of the values side of the argument, the economics side and how we keep the country safe. john: in the first date, donald thep came out very strong first half hour and sort of unrivaled. tonight, i think he came out very calm in the first 30 minutes. he has a different look than any donald trump we have seen over the last three debates.
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that last hour was slightly different, but talk about that first hour. was that a donald trump you expected to see the first 30 minutes or so? >> i'm in the minority on all of this. i expected to see that in all three. what has not totally surprised me with the third is he cannot do this for 90 minutes. he becomes unhinged at some point, during which he only has to talk about 40 minutes -- he becomes unhinged at some point during a 90-minute debate, during which he only has to talk about 40 minutes. during the first 30 minutes, i thought he was trying to keep it very cool, stay very calm. i do not know what in particular set him off, but we know it does not take much in particular to set him off and that's one of the reasons he should not be president of the united states. john: we knew trump was going to go after her on the question of open borders. he did. first time we have talked about immigration in any of the debates. how did you think that exchange played lacqua think he has talked about
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immigration before. certainly talked about building a wall. was not as full a section -- john: that's what i meant. >> americans know we are a nation of immigrants. my grandparents came from another country. i am obviously not a recent young person here. i have been here for a few decades. i think most people know we came from different places and one of the great things about america is that we figure out how to make it work for ourselves. isn't always easy? of course not and i don't think hillary clinton would say it is always easy. when you start pitting people against each other and start calling out an american judge because of his mexican heritage, not justivisive and divisive, but most voters recoil at that. she: i think the charge is has a much more liberal attitude towards liberation -- towards immigration then when she even espouses in debates.
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how do you respond to the accusation that hillary was a much more liberal immigration is the man she is willing to admit? she fully espouses immigration reform, as republicans and democrats have for several decades. we have to do things to secure our border. we have to create a path to citizenship for undocumented workers -- undocumented immigrants who have been living here, working here, paying the period through which they can go through a path to citizenship. not break up families, not send people back who have been living here. one of the great moments in the debate was when she pointed out that there are undocumented immigrants who are paying more in federal income taxes than donald trump is, including money some of which goes for border security. mark: when wikileaks came up, she wanted to talk about the russians hacking into john podesta plus e-mails.
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trump wanted to talk about the content. do you think the american people care about the russian angle more than the content or both? >> i think the american people care most about their own lives. i think they care about the fact that russia might be meddling in elections. the related peas which i think she drove home pretty well is the fact that we have donald trump, who does not to believe what 17 intelligence agencies in this country have said. he wants to believe russia. that is just unheard of. mark: as we go forward, you all are feeling pretty good. concerned there could be more wikileaks disclosures between now and election day? >> i always say this election is about their lives first and foremost in the future, as president clinton once said, not the past. voters heard tonight one candidate during the course of that debate who has talked about their lives, that we have to invest in the american people. i think that is what they will be focused on if they have not made up their minds. we are seeing


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