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tv   Bloomberg Markets Americas  Bloomberg  January 3, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EST

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of 2017. vonnie: we are just getting breaking news, the ifm number set to come out, 53.2 and julie hyman has the details. we are getting a reading of 54.7, better than predicted. selling -- showing signs of inflation. month prior.54.5 a new yorkers and the unemployment portion of the index coming up 53.1. what stands out is the price is paid component. looks like it is pointing toward signs of inflation.
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this falls on the heels of other cosmic numbers around the globe. on the manufacturing friend throughout the day, december ism manufacturing index rising at the fastest pace in two years at the 54.7. that prices paid gauge i mentioned is that the highest since june 2011. we have been seeing stocks climb this morning because of the manufacturing numbers from around the globe, in particular out of china. 19,891 on the at dow, so short of 20,000 but we continue to watch for that level into the new year. chesapeake getting .75 of 1% and the numbers around the globe on manufacturing, take a look at the bloomberg. a look at the chart globally. at 54 .7, the purple line is the eurozone number, also showing strength in the chinese official pmi is
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predicted to kick up by a couple of different measures. lending to some of the gains we are seeing in stocks around the globe. also, we have been watching what is going on the commodity groups, specifically with oil prices as we do have these opec cuts taking effect and looks are oman and kuwait enacting the cuts as targeted by opec. andco phillips, exxon halliburton showing strengths. also, the dollar and tenure, showing strength. we are seeing selling in the treasury market, yield up six basis points. last week, you guys were probably on vacation, everyone on holiday but i was here and we saw a reversal last week, so the postelection rally we had seen, the postelection so often treasury, the rally in the dollar, all of that reverse last week and it is resuming once
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again. interesting phenomenon we are watching. mark? onk: i apologize, i was holiday but back with a vengeance. energy still here, stoxx 600 above .81%. we were not trade -- .8 01%. we were not trading yesterday, but as to close in the levels, this is a bold market for the stoxx 600 rising 20% from the low of february last year. barclays has a target of 400 for is 336xx 600, where it today, return of 11% and will be driven by a 10% rise in earnings. they say that poor pricing has been preventing earnings growth in europe if inflation takes up the margins and that should expand. with a record, 12% below the 2015, buth of april the bull market is on. we have a record in london
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today. the ftse with 100, rising for the sixth consecutive day, best run since august 2015. 2016 was the best year since 2013, up 14% but it was a slump in the pound that made the rally a strictly local affair made clear by the chart. the white line, the ftse in up by 15%. the blue line, the ftse in dollars, roughly 5%. the purple line, ftse and europe unchanged. if you are in the ftse and pound, you have had a good 12 months also or because of the week pound. london stock exchange a green cash agreeing the french clearing to eurozone next, the 510 million euros in cash. it is essentially ending or trying to and this 13 your combination and what it wants to
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do is smooth the way for the deutsche to take over lse for 12 billion euros, which would create a european powerhouse and everything from indices the stock market and clearing and it is the key rationale for the acquisition and the deals most difficult hurdle and the eu scuttled a similar time in 2012 committed concerns it could shut up rivals. tennessee is down by .5 of 1% and you can manufacture with growing at the fastest pace in two years. it did dip sharply post brexit with the contraction in the industry. we have freely risen sharply since that 56.1 was the bigger last month, externally 17 -- seven month decline. it is fueling inflation, and
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that is interesting. market surveys show cost canal put prices rose for eight months, 75% of companies mentioned in the exchange right now, citing higher prices for commodities, including oil, but manufacturing is bigger and we have seen in the u.k. to start 2017 with a bit of a bigger and happy new year. vonnie: very happy new year to you, too, mark. city of london and broader markets. let's check in on first word news with alisa parenti. president-elect donald trump this morning and general motors about the price of making cars outside the u.s. trump wrote on twitter -- general motors is making mexican made model of chevy cruz to u.s. .ax-free across the border that makes you as a pay or pay big border tax. gm says it makes the cruze the
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next town, ohio, and the hatchback and mexico. on capitol hill, house republicans voted to weaken the office that investigates allegations of lawmaker misconduct. they approved a measure that would put the independent congressional ethics office under the house ethics committee and significantly reduced their authority. nancy pelosi says ethics of the first casualty of the new republican congress and trump just treated saying, with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdogs as unfair as it . south korean president is refusing to testify in her impeachment trial. the constitutional court delayed the start of oral arguments and asked her to testify on thursday. the court cannot force her to appear but can proceed with founder. if she refuses twice to appear at the hearing, she is accused of colluding with the company to extort money and favors from companies, and allowing a friend to manipulate government
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affairs. globaglobal news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. i am alisa parenti. this is bloomberg. vonnie? vonnie: thank you. 2017 could be the most all tile year for political risk since world war ii. former u.s. treasury secretary larry summers says u.s. investors are getting far too sanguine about the risks of the donald trump administration. peter navarro and wilbur ross papers, two of his appointees. navarro-ross paper is well beyond the due economics. the logic of it, the arguments made are so far out of the ofnstream of any kind responsible economic thinking that they are the economic
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equivalent of creationism. vonnie: for more, we are joined by tom keene at eurasia group office in new york. we don't have to ask larry summers when he is really thinking, do we? tom: exactly, it was stunning to sit with ian bremmer and listen to secretary summers. he is always interesting. everyone agrees he is brilliant wasn economist but this exceptional. it was extraordinary how when you went after the work of peter navarro and wilbur ross. vonnie: did he give any conclusions? did he say what would happen to as theyomy in an event would be according to that paper, for example? tradee talked a lot about and there is where i think he was more cautious. he set the tone of optimism
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about the near-term u.s. economy , much more concerned about the dynamics of our foreign economic policy and that centers around with dr. navarro and university of california irvine has written secretary oft the commerce has written about, it is about the great concern and where it is. mark: talk to us about the general message of eurasia. there you are, the outlook for 2017, in 2017, we enter a period of geopolitical recession. how does that pan out? what does that mean for the globe? nuance of was a real this. i am glad you asked because this is a new praise, geopolitical, not to economic, and it is much how about the relations and that goes back to the markets. it was one of our lead
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questions. here is dr. bremmer. dr. bremmer: it means traditional alliances are falling apart and americans are going their own way and independent america is shedding the burdens of multilateralism and traditional alliances. ian bremmer on geopolitics of the moments. they spared no one. a little late on mark barton's united kingdom, but it was extraordinary, the focus on the independence of america, the resolute unilateralist of donald trump and the trump presidency and then ride on to the focus of china as the key catalyst. mark: tom, you say he was liked on the u.k., but eurasia was not like angela merkel and eurasia says merkel will win a fourth consecutive term, but what stood out was the need to appease a must of critics, meaning she will be left with a diminished
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figure and that will impact the quality of her leadership at home and in the eu. authority and that is a good call, isn't it? tom: she is the only one left standing. when you ago, eurasia and others were talking about angela merkel as being the king leader of democracies, and it has gotten only. mr. renzi stepped aside in the upcoming french election, and president obama stepping aside, so she is standing alone in europe and i would suggest along with the g-20 nations, i went to go back to china, which over this weekend really became much more every focus about capital controls and the dynamics of china within this. vonnie: central-bank mentioned a ,ew appointee, robert lightizer
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another china hawk basically. tom keene, to record that. we will be playing some of the interviews drop bloomberg tv. mark: coming up, deutsche bank co-chief executive heading [indiscernible] a will look at whether it is good thing for both sides. that is next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ mark: live from chile london and new york, i am mark barton. york, ifrom a rainy new am vonnie quinn. the rainmaker to help build deutsche bank into a wall and now thes,
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second act for a small competitor. for more on james and his latest role, we are joined by [indiscernible] three know it they will do short of a role at cantor fitzgerald? president,be a something that he held in the 1990's and will be leading expansionist asia and different parts of the world and doing a lot of what he did at deutsche bank, creating new products for clients and helping push people into more complex products than they had before. vonnie: it is private, how will he be able to bring in strategic missions he had at deutsche bank and put it to work at cantor? sonali: being private sometimes were going on. deutsche bank's 100,000 something people now and cantor is at 1000 people. their brokerage is only about the 200, so he can bring a lot
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of growth because they do have a lot of legroom to grow. in prime brokerage, in debt and equity sales, trading. is it posesis does that wonderful question, what do you do when you manage one of the biggest banks in the world? he is not alone, he has had bob diamond, and others, how can their paths differ, the past they have chosen not to running these big banks, which have been colossus, especially since the financial crisis? sonali: there are two huge trends, one is many are joining boutique investment banks so they can work solely with the clients, or quick large corporate transactions and that is what different [indiscernible] has been doing, for example, john mack, this is similar from merrill going into cit and
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helping bring in around. the big difference with cantor fitzgerald is it is a lot bigger than other firms that people are gone to and it is on the up and up, or as cit was not. it is a little different to what we have seen before but it is not unseen to see out the banking superstars go in to much, much smaller firms than they are used to running. amongare the reservations observers about this new ain, given that some point the finger of blame at him when it comes to deutsche bank's recent problems? itali: great question and has been. we have been reporting since yesterday morning, when it was announced. the first question we get, why would you hire someone with the track record they had before? say heflipside, people has seen it all, maybe he can help them sidestep some issues he saw a deutsche bank, but at the same time, there have been
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questions as to why he was the person to help cantor's growth. vonnie: we will watch the drama unfold. thank you. mark: still ahead, remaking the voice brokerage business. paying brokers less for doing more. back to the latest acquisitions. details, next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ vonnie: the government spokesman says he is leaving so his successor can be appointed before the u.k. is that voted
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article 50 by the end of march. downplaying remarks attributed to rodgers, saying it could take 10 years to negotiate a free trade deal with the eu and even then, the parliament could stop the deal. intel seeking to file [indiscernible] jointly joint task jointly owned by bmw, audi and they must have the antitrust inquiry before the sales. they will receive an answer in one month's time. ofia is not in favor offering apple concessions to manufacturing iphones in india, according to a government official, says it is unlikely they will have governing local sourcing. that is your latest bloomberg business flash. ark: tpi cap has straightforward strategy to
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boost profits after buying their broking business. thus for doing more. itning us to explain is brokers are getting paid too much. think the tpi cap is they are, they have been spending the last five years trying to reduce the pay but now that they have been the deal, they are buying the business from icap and said they will keep going and may be cut a further. -- isis the voice still the business still compelling well? you have compliance, is it still a compelling part of the business for these types of companies? they are not many left. will: it is the tp icap tradition. definitely compelling for them. pool --age worker
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average broker pulled in 27,000 pounds. there is money still to be made there. vonnie: does this mean big layoffs in london? : not big layoffs but some overtime. -- theses at tp ica bosses at tp icap get used to the new desks they bought and they work out who they want to keep, get rid of, who is making profit and who is coasting. vonnie: is there a lot of overlap? are the two businesses similar or are they disparate that they can be joined and synergies will not create much havoc? will: the businesses are very the deal is about happiness many brokers under one roof as possible, and you actually have the old icap desk prebonng with the old
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desks, and they benefit by cutting the support cost, technology, etc., and by having all the brokers under its roof, it is then able to better control their wages and what they have to pay them. ink: back in the old days, times of goods, you can move toward arrival and there are three players. are they all doing the same thing? work harder, -- are they all doing the same thing, or corridor, play less? -- work harder, play less? will: now it is three. one of them is in a weaker state. if you want to move, you have to go to one of the tp icap certainly. mark: can humans compete with electronic markets on price? will: in a lot of markets, they
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cannot. they struggle to compete on price, but in many others, corporate bonds, certainly, interest rates are massive, especially in europe. there is not an electronic market to do that. mark: thanks for the story. bloomberg on the market structure and editor. trading onll ahead, the nyse today and shares are down. you will hear from the ceo next. the company split became official earlier today. this is bloomberg. ♪
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alisa parenti has our stories from our newsroom in new york. president-elect donald trump criticized house republicans are moving to weaken the independent ethics watchdog. the caucus voted to put the office under the control of the hot the ethics committee and restrict its authority. on twitter, trump wrote -- with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as unfair as it may be the number one act and priority? he suggested they focus on tax reform and health care. meanwhile, top scientists in the u.s. are urging president-elect donald trump not to scrap the iran nuclear deal. they sent a letter, saying the agreement to magically reduced could makeiran nuclear weapons quickly. trump has said his number one priority is to dismantle the deal. turkish media says the manual attack thae nightclub is a
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38-year-old from kurdistan. 39 people were killed in the new year's eve shooting. -- drum care gifts this dan -- from kyrgyzstan. it will be the company's first launch since a fireball destroyed their rocket last september. the explosion happened during a test firing of the rockets engine. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. i am alisa parenti. this is bloomberg. vonnie? vonnie: thanks. let's get to julie hyman, looking at oil and we have a big oil trade today, julie. 2.2%, yes, oil rising by $54.88 a barrel. just to dig deeper, we had opec in late november come to the agreement on production cuts but there are questions about whether they would happen. now we get indications that opec
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nations and non-opec nation members are starting to cut production, so that is resulting in the game. if you look at the bloomberg, it can look at production on the white line, kuwait produces nearly 3 million barrels a day, and they are cutting production by 130,000 barrels and oman is the other line on two different axes, so it's production is smaller but cutting by 45,000 barrels a day, a non-opec nation. iraq has talked about that it is now preparing to cut production. to give you a context, you can go to opec ago on the bloomberg, looking at the shares of productions from various nations, saudi arabia the largest and kuwait is this pink slice, about 8.6% of production as it reduces. look at the effect it has on the u.s. stock market as of the increase in oil prices and because of what is going on with
10:33 am
the possible future production cuts, you can look at the drillers among the best performers in today's energy complex. ensco getting a gain of 10% and noble also higher and refiners are among the subgroups within oil that really stand out today, so you have verizon, liberal and and tesoroalero contributed to the gains in stocks today. vonnie: thank you for that. we will be back with you shortly. first tradingr day on the new york stock exchange after separating from xerox. it is about a 6.5 global business services company and about 96,000 employees. the ceo of conduent joins us now. you have presented your business plan to investors last month. you will be taking the first 12 months or so to focus on what
10:34 am
parts of the business to keep and what you need to focus more on. what are you learning so far? >> we are excited, first of all, to be in the stock exchange, very happy new year's eve. we are taking a portfolio approach. we believe that we have leadership positions in some areas and we will continue to amplify and as we see businesses that you to be part of us in the future, we will continue to invest and amplify them. vonnie: such as what? competitors include accent to a, ibm, so many because it is wide-ranging service of business. is, so we will stay focused on transportation, where we are number one in transit, parking, number one in filing should and control, and we will invest in a commercial business. we think there is a huge convergence waiting to happen in the health care space, especially between payers and providers. we think there is an opportunity
10:35 am
for a lot of disruption in the health care space. we are favorably positioned. there are some businesses we believe will not be as leverage a bowl or monetize a bowl -- as leverageable or monetizeable. we are investing in all business lines we have. vonnie: what is your hunch? what businesses would you focus less on or cut? ashok: it is difficult to say because we have only been listed today, the bursting of the company, and we have been at it for four months, but that is something we will take a look at as a look at the strategy. vonnie: what is your concern about the overall technology industry, services industry and the macro impact from the new president of the united states next year and the turmoil in the political risk ahead? ashok: i think technology will continue to disrupt.
10:36 am
you see this whether it is through uber, airbnb, netflix, and i think the same thing is coming to this industry. i think having process and having domain knowledge supersedes as having capability, which is i can buy technology, this lace that, but it is probably the most stickiest of them all. we think with the regulation overhang, with the fact that there will be a much healthier business, and oil produced, and infrastructure spending, said that is big for us, whether it is in transit in the years to come. vonnie: do you anticipate problems dealing with the u.k. or other companies in europe? ashok: every time there are walls erected or trait values exited, there is a backlash. 80% of my revenue is from the united states, 15% from western
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europe, so i feel confident that we are in the right geography or the right mix of services and we have a low -- eight loyal client base. -- we have a loyal client base. vonnie: he was instrumental in this spinoff to begin with. tell us about what he has spoken to about. carl icahn has been represented on their board. hisre in touch with him and board members, like we are with other large investors, but i think for us, it is to demonstrate [indiscernible] and that is that we tend to do. one of those is getting listed on the nyse. vonnie: you have a quote from a 10k margin expansion at 700 million dollars of cost savings into 2018, however, green capital to one says it is not really a slamdunk. how do you plan to prove them wrong and
10:38 am
expand margins? ashok: we are not saying it is a slamdunk. it requires a lot of effort and bestbe done in the fashion. we have set out the actions we need to take in the are on it. a 50quarter, we should basis point margin improvement, as well as other actions we have taken so far. we are fairly confident we have a plan and confidence in executing the plan with the writing behind it but it is not a slamdunk. you will have to put the effort that we can show results. vonnie: congratulations on the first day of trading and thank vemuri.ok new congress takes the oath in washington, president-elect is tweeting about general motors ethics and obamacare. the latest comments from trump tower, next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ you are watching bloomberg. i am vonnie quinn. i am mark barton. this is your global business report. london could lose as many as 20,000 bankers to paris because of brexit, according to a new report from the city's lobbying group. vonnie: china stepping up currency allegations, trying to close loopholes to prevent money laundering. mark: in today's quick take, we look at so-called tool wars between the u.s. and russia and why president-elect donald trump could alter the relationship. manufacturing in the united kingdom grew in december at the fastest pace in two point five years, held by the pounds
10:42 am
depreciation since the vote to leave the european union, and 18% decline has made british factories or competitors. -- it within the banking [indiscernible] >> this is the good news that the businesses looking to export cup order to increase during the course of 2017, particularly with the manufacturing sector, probably the most optimistic of all the sectors that we have looked at. brexit could be to as many as 20,000 bankers moving to paris, according to their lobbying group. the case -- harris will make the case to executives, and it may shift operations in the u.k. to elsewhere in the eu if the access to the single market is threatened. more steps tog and theyital outflow
10:43 am
yuan intonvert yuan -- foreign currencies. the home of the world's highest-paid [indiscernible] bayern munich average of $180,000. , almost twice the global average, most have said their work-life balance has improved in switzerland. vonnie: time for our bloomberg quick take, where we have background on issues of interest. the u.s. and russia relations may not hit the cold war levels, but recently, they are getting older. once donald trump takes over the white house, the temperature could change again. president obama and the u.s. imposed new penalties and expelled 35 russian diplomats after leaving moscow percent for
10:44 am
attacks during the presidential campaign. notimir putin said he would to the same because he was waiting for president-elect trump to take office. key westernned the security alliances russia has and hadosed -- opposed, questions about syria's civil war and the annexation of crimea from the ukraine. the cold war began in 1947, when harry truman asked congress to help stop the soviet union from projecting its power. soviet diplomats saw this as an imperial aggression from an american elite, claiming the right to lead the world. it wasn't until 1959 that they sought a kind of truce. the current standoff between russia and the u.s. shares features of the cold war, including deep mistrust. some analysts argued the cold war cannot repeat itself because russia has no ideology as alluring as communism.
10:45 am
the counter argument is while today might be a different cold war, it should be treated similarly because russia retains a vast nuclear arsenal and military means to be a regional superpower. russia may not have communism to offer the world, but there are takers on the concept of what has been called managed to marcus he and conservative values. whether cold war ate a coup, it could be long and costly to both sides. you can read about russia and are quick takes at ni >> on the bloom berg -- quick on the bloomberg. aim atonald trump taking general motors. on twitter, he criticized the automaker for building a version in mexico,y cruze saying "gm is extending mexican made models of chevy cruze to acrossr dealers-tax-free
10:46 am
border. make in usa or pay big border tax!" joining us is terrence, trump is showing his intervention list credentials once again. what did he say and how did gm respond? terrance: good morning. specifically what he said is he called the company out for in mexico cruze model and shipping it to america, which obviously, automakers in particular have had as a big issue from the beginning. gm responded by saying that there is a hatchback model made for the global markets that is made in mexico, and that the sold in thee cruze united states are produced here. mark: sorry, you go for it. vonnie: no, i was not thinking, but now that you mention it, are there other manufacturers and models quaking in their boots now, do they?
10:47 am
terrance: during the campaign, trump had made an issue of this before. i think it is an issue that will have an effect or will be expanded upon other auto manufacturers. i think it is hard to deny that he has singled and out or taking an issue with them and production in mexico. vonnie: on the separate notes, a short time ago, trump did tweet about the decision by the house ethics committee and republicans to weaken the office of congressional ethics saying "with all congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of ethics unfair?" what does this suggest about what donald trump inks about the ethics committee? terrance: it is very interesting. speaker ryan in the house just
10:48 am
released a statement that the ethics watchdog will remain independent in some form. it is interesting and trump calling them not for misplaced priorities and saying, i want to focus on obamacare and taxes on first. it is interesting that he then went on and eight feet today tweet today on any with the #for the watchdog slogan. terrance, he has obviously also been making news about leadt lightizer, who will his u.s. trade representative office. does this tell us the incoming team and administration will take a proper line on china? terrance: sure. robert lightizer has himself
10:49 am
espouse that several ideas talking about. he was eight -- a deputy in the trade representative office under ronald reagan, fits in line with terms that tough on china policy. that is exactly what i think is going on. mark: terrance, thanks for joining us. he is set trump tower in manhattan today. vonnie: still ahead, the turkish , at a record low now bush is the u.s. dollar, investigating that you years a terror attack that left -- that new year's eve terror attack that left 39 dead. we will speak about turkey next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ mark: live from london and new york, i mark barton. vonnie: imf on the quinn. this is "bloomberg markets." showing signs of strength,
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coming in higher then expected. heidi has more. >> it was a robust and for the chinese economy, with the unofficial pmi for december coming in at the highest numbers we have seen since january 2013. six consecutive months, new orders of around 2.5 years, and it runs out a solid set for china, with the official gauge ,f holding close to a 2012 by and prices jump into a five-year high, but economists, including ubs wealth management warns stabilization is not the key concern for china but a host of other threats, including a currency that fell the most annually in over two decades last year, increased capital outflows and debt recovery of perhaps the biggest uncertainty into the new year, or the president-elect donald trump will make good on his threats of a trade war with china.
10:53 am
let's turn to the future turkey after the company suffered another horrific terror attacks. 39 people killed on new year's eve. the turkish lira weakening to a record against the dollar. punching the most among major world currencies, joining us from our bureau in instanbul, bureau chief for news in turkey, some developments today, benjamin. ring us up to date. attacker as far as the , this new year's eve attack killed 39 people at a famous nightclub here. we think that the authorities know who it was. there have been circulating pictures, but there have been a lot of conflicting information's about the nationality, what he was doing, when he came, and his whereabouts. we do not know, and there was commotion about a rated istanbul nstanbul andaid in i
10:54 am
there were reports he came in november with his family, they detained his family, but none is confirmed by turkish authorities. we do not know about his whereabouts and can only hope that they track him down soon. mark: how is the government responding? do we know if this is a new isis phase, evidence of isis stepping up the campaign against turkey? benjamin: unfortunately, it does seem to be that. there was a noticeable increase inthe anti-turkey propaganda publications, a war aggression against turkey, linked to their actions inside syria, so the turkish government is first responding to say they will not step back from those and it will continue to fight isis within
10:55 am
hasa and what the president said, solving the problem at its roots, and that will not stop. this is a major security issue for turkey because for many years, it has been a transit point for foreign fighters into syria and estimates about how many are here running at the isimum and thousand, so this a minimum security issue. another unusual aspect was isis claimed it. there have been numerous attacks in turkey before but they have not claimed them, so this does suggest this is a new phase, open declaration of war against turkey. mark: is it fair to say investors are reacting more to strong inflation data rather bul nightcluban attack itself, sending it to a new record low against the dollar? benjamin: absolutely. one thing we saw yesterday, the first of the turkish markets are open after the horrific attack,
10:56 am
as there was little reaction, almost none, which unfortunately suggested it has become all too familiar. what is impacting markets is the deteriorating economic data, and these are linked, the deterioration security and a contraction in the third quarter last year for the first time since 2009. we have had consumer confidence a record low,ear and we had inflation data today showing a target for the sixth consecutive year. mark: benjamin, thanks for joining us. the close is next. this is number. ♪ -- this is bloomberg. ♪
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30k: 11:00 in new york, minutes left in the first trading day of the year in london, i am mark barton. vonnie: traders and investors back with a vengeance. this is the european close on
11:00 am
bloomberg markets. ♪ mark: we will take you from new york to london and cover stories out of kuwait, paris, and china. here's what we are watching today. , theean stocks rising first full trading day of 2017, stoxx 600 up and financials and energy shares leading the way. about tour traders jump ship and head across the english channel, why paris may be poised to lead thousands of finance jobs in the aftermath of brexit. ♪ cuts starting to take hold and that has oil surging to an 18 month high. i'm on an kuwait, will other countries policy -- all on an kuwait, will other countries follow suit?


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