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tv   Time for Global Action  Bloomberg  April 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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♪ >> and goal of was -- angola was in war for 40 years. many people died. they did not have an education the story starts before the war. ola was the biggest cotton producer in africa. after that war --
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war, the angolan government had the threeto re-create biggest textile plants. marubeni had experience in this kind of job. thee proposed a plan to angolan government and contracted them in 2009. we had an ecp contract, engineering and construction. our world was to make a factory and give it to the angolan government. and then they could operate. here, the main thing is oil. has employed the local
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angolan people. the project we have done here is major. credible --s incredible. the angolan have potential and are changing as a culture and the way they are thinking. >> when we started this project in 2009, the roads to the factory were in a very bad condition. sometimes it can take two or three hours. now it takes around 30 minutes. >> we needed to start the factories.
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this is the biggest area of rwanda, many people live in this area. it has a lot of necessities. withied to get in touch the community. street, -- cross the >>[speaking foreign language]
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♪ the factory was closed for almost 20 years. some people did not know what textiles mean. a new thing, i used to work for an insurance company. >> of course, there are things here from all around the world. one important thing, the angolan s had to operate by themselves. >> we need to get technical knowledge. very good we did some jobs with this machine.
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we have rwanda fashion week, we were powered -- proud of this project. >>[speaking foreign-language]
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>> for me, it is a very big honor to be part of this. the realization of the factory, but it is more than that. it is a realization of our country. i finished my contract with marubeni. i wish all the young people could have this opportunity. afraid.e
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a person that works hard for this project. you can read the japanese here. thank you very much, in japanese. . i will be remembered we need to have our own companies, our own opportunities, because we depend so much on the others. nice if we very could have our own clothing, cars. the country would be easier to live in. ♪ >> in the past, in my childhood,
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i had to struggle to go to school. i had the will to get educated, but not the means. my beautiful wife. notebook and i used to have a powdered milk can which i used as my bag. when i would get to school i would take the books out and use can.same >>[speaking foreign-language] i can work, support my family. i am married and having babies very soon. it is nice that i can be part of this project.
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it is nice that many projects like this will happen in angola because i certainly needed it. >> i think it is a very important goal for them to operate by themselves. they are trying to have ownership, and i think that is very important for them. when i see the young angolans working here and i feel the energy, i have a sense that we have done something meaningful. a tree comes from a very small seed, but in the future becomes a very huge tree. that is the idea i have of this company and the idea of our country.
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we came from a very small seed but now we are growing even huger. we will be a huge company and a huge country. >> this is a project which takes the seed all the way through the final product. the cotton is very focused on making sure we pay them, and that week create fair living conditions. it is about creating a win-win situation for everybody. uganda exports $50 million worth of cotton. they have a night -- opportunity to turn that into $750 million worth of finished goods. if it does that across the whole of africa, africa has the ability to create 9 million jobs
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and $30 billion worth of gdp. is theican supply chain most competitive supply chain in the world. uganda is the first project. we have an industry in mozambique, nigeria, and beyond. ♪ >>[speaking foreign-language]
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>> this is the southeast of the senegal where traditional mining has been practiced for generations. it is home to several generations and villages. 2011, gold isce 25 kilometers away.
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>> the traditional miners were now illegally mining. [speaking foreign-language]
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♪ >> the mining company let a program of social engagement. dollars have been invested to improve infrastructure, health, water, education, and sustainable income generation. >>[speaking foreign-language]
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>> the tractor helps them develop agriculture, and a sustainable alternative to mining. >>[speaking foreign-language]
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>> a market garden has been established in the village, and legal mining corridors have been made by government. >>[speaking foreign-language]
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