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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  July 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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quarter. they were up 174 points. by the close we did see selling come on and as a result the market ended well off the highs of today. nasdaq finishing up 31 points. and the s&p 500 tonight picking up nine points, half a percent as you see there. i'll see you tomorrow. have a great night. fast money begins right now. stay with cnbc. >> live from the nasdaq market site in new york city times square i'm scott wapner. melissa lee is off tonight. the big story, some of the most hated trades of the first half of the year finally getting some love today with both apple and gold seeing gains of more than two percent in today's sessions. those weren't the only ones but certainly the most significant.
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the question tonight is will it last? which of these trades makes the most sense to stick with pete? >> when you are looking at gold right now i'm not a big believer in the facts that this thing has to rally in the second half. i am a much bigger believer in apple however. i talked about the second half story for a long time. i continued to believe it in. the catalysts are the ipad mini and a potentially cheaper phone that would go into china. right now they have half the volumes of samsung. they can get in that smart phone market better if they can get price. it's all about price. >> they need more than a calendar turn. >> i will tell you guys one thing. you guys don't understand apple if you think that can ballization is hurting apple. if you read the steve jobs books you fully understand what they are doing. the reason they're doing different products is because they want to have themselves exposed before somebody else
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comes in and tries to take it. >> samsung owns china. they have price points that fit the chinese consumer. it's another one of these things that gives apple a two to three percent rally. i would be a total seller of today's news because this is momentum for apple. it's people looking for the next great thing. >> it was momentum when people were jumping on it at 550. i think the puking is done. >> just because the stock is nearly $400 to $500 to pete's point even though china is dominated by samsung there's 80 million who can afford it. >> last week when the market rebounded and had a number of strong days, apple didn't do squat. i don't know if much changed with the way this stock is going
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to trade. >> apple didn't move with the market the first half of the year and may not move with the market in the seconds after of the year. apple and gold when you are talking about worst to first, these two assets i'll say were both thrown out babies with the bath water. at the end of the quarter nobody wanted either of these two losers 0 their sheets. now they do. now these are looking cheap. you look at the dividend yield, look at the cash on the balance sheet -- >> hold on a second -- >> they're all dumbing it because they didn't want the mutual fund holders to say this manager doesn't know what he's doing. >> would you rather own apple which is a 10 p name three percent dividend with no growth or consumer staples sector at 20 times. >> that's not what we're talking about. is this going to be a rally the second half of the year. to stock to me first of all today i don't know a whole lot about trademark but if you are falling for a trademark in japan
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for your iwatch that's not something you do late in the game. people expecting this to be news it's going to drive the shock on the short run i think are nuts. i'm not saying it won't rally in the second half. apple is a great company. but to expect this to be a dominant stock in the second half of the year. >> sysco had iphone and apple was late to the party and said skew it we're going to call it iphone anyway. sysco did so you them. we don't know what the terms are. >> the market is sha linking. we have had apple tv, a dividend raised. we have all these places where people can take the stock to new levels. i think a lot of those guys are shaking out.
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to expect this to break through 440 i think is crazy. >> but the question is does it break above 470. that's where the resistance is. >> this stock needs to get to 500 bucks before you get people believing. i'm not saying it won't. >> you don't want to be a johnny come come lately who comes? >> i would buy at 4 and sell at 500. >> no takers on gold? >> i'm a taker on gold and i've said it for weeks with you scott. i've been buying gold and i said you're going to get a washout. you saw it break through 1200. we are at 70 points from where it bottomed out. that's a washout in my mind. many of the folks that were in there that had weaker hands sold gold. i sold puts on the minors and on
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the agq. >> rising interest rates could throw cold water on big winners of the first half of the year. joining us is john taft. ceo is rbg management. good to have you on. i'll ask you to weigh in an the apple debate and maybe you will in time. what's going to rule the day in the second half of the year? >> investors got a preview if you think about going to a movie theatre got a preview of what it's going to look at when interest rates rise. it's not going to happen in the near term. there are a lot of factors keeping them low. when they rise you're going to get the same kind of volatility and the same kind of effects in the marketplace as we saw in the last month. what you saw was a lot of the issues that individuals have been buying in order to try to
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generate some yield in an interest rate environment where cash is at zero you saw those kind of more aggressive investments trade off in the face of news that the fed -- no surprise to everyone but is going to be raising interest rates at some point down the road. >> since you're with wealth management of rbc, what's going to create more wealth in the second half of the year for people? is it bond selloff a buying opportunity? are stocks going to rule the day? which is it? >> we've been advocating to investors that they say modestly overweight in equities in stocks and that they stay underweight in fixed income. we think there's a lot of risk in fixed income but in sectors like munis got whacked last month. i was talking to advisers today
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more because of what happened in detroit but if you are a muni now is the time to get in. if you are an equity investors we suggest positioning yourself in more high quality and dividend growing stocks so there's a whole category of equity. these are companies like adp, johnson and johnson, mcdonald's. they have a history of increasing dividends 25 years in a row. >> these are stocks that are trading at very serious multiples here not cheap on their own historical. i agree with you, i think calling this a multi-year bull run is not something i would say, but i do think that equities look interesteding here and there's no question that spread product because rates are going higher but credit concerns look like they're difficult. back to valuations you feel
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comfortable here? >> we think that those equities are reasonably valued. i agree that spread product is vulnerable and we saw it trade off in the last month. what is happening at least from our vantage point is that individual investors have been reaching more and more over the course of the last four years as the trauma of the financial crises has been replaced by comply complisy. last month was a wakeup call. investors ought to be looking at their portfolio and look at products that still generate a cash flow that is sustainable and good over time. >> thanks for coming on. our next trade topping the top best byes which ended up more than 8 percent after credits were reinstated or reen
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staled -- >> i'd like to reinstale -- >> outperform. the firm saying best buy is their best idea within the coverage universe. you guys agree with that? >> we went to this stock a couple times last week. the cost cutting the valuation is tough. this was a stock that was stuck in a range. i don't think this is a evaluation is get excited about and i would not be a buyer. >> who is buying? >> i'm with tim. i thought one of the good things they did was a new search they have in their site that allows people to find what they're looking for much faster and the idea that they're not going to sell via the december bugs network, that you might be able to tap the stores so they don't have people searching for an item and it's sold out.
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this is a smarter way for them to go about their business. >> analysts were hating this stock at $10, $11 at the end of the last year. now they're going to upgrade. i don't understand. >> it's like downgrading black bury on mass after the explosion. >> we've seen that everybody has a little fear factor. they are chasing this thing on the upside. they have done a lot of things to get themselves back into the game and compete with those online guys especially when they got themselves back into the whole e retail world. >> this thing way too far too fast. >> market flash. jackie deis watching zing ga. >> ceo is stepping down. he'll be replacing by the head
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of microsoft decision. he'll stay on as chief chairman and product officer. they'll both report directly to the bored. shares are down nearly 70% from 2011 when the company went public. >> i bought this stock around $3 and got almost to 2 50. it traded at almost half of its marketing cap in cash. on top of that you have a potential upside scenario if the online gambling legislation passes. this change might give you operating earnings. >> could pandora be the netflix of ray? morgan stanley says so. does our own dr. j. agree? later big news in the farmer world with onyx being offered 20
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>> rained on all day. >> when you hear mr. brown? when you hear jb talking you feel better. >> blown all over the place, rained on. time to hit our top three trades. pan dor ya upgrading shares. >> this one has been on fire. it's all about the deal they have not just to make money after the 70 million or so subscribers that are very sticky because once you pay that annual you're going to stick with that service and it's a great service but also the people that are using free pandora and are getting bombed with ads an the people that are advertising to them can target them. i think that's huge. media ocean is doing that and strat ta for pandora and that's going to be huge for them. >> emerging markets up five
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percent. everyone was leaving these things alone. >> my view was these were oversold conditions. we saw fund flows in june that were the greatest ever. i've been in emerging markets for 17 years i've never seen that before best rally in months. i would say to 40 bucks and then you have to look at the reamounts. again, last monday people were saying china is a house of cards that's falling apart and that was overdone. stay in this trade for another five percent. >> health care morgan stanley hitting a new all time high today including aetna and sig na. >> this sector trades ten to 15 times with growth rates
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projected at five to 15 percent. relative to the rest of the market it's very cheap. on top of that the medicare reimbursement rates were projected to go up in march and april. the cms said they're going to raise those rates. the sector has taken off ever since then. i still like it. >> news out of the biotech industry today, onyx soaring to an all time high after rejecting a share take over. there's no shortage of speculation as to who could jump in and buy. who burr than barbara ryan to turn to. it's nice to see you. specifically on this is onyx making -- clearly the stock shows that they made the right move by shunning the offer. what does it mean for them? >> i think the market is telling you that this deal is not going to get done at this price.
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amgen came in too low and they're going to look at other bidders. the last time i was on here i talked about a fundamental wave of innovation taking place not just in biotech but also in farm ma which was left for dead. two areas is oncology and hcv. we saw gilliad buy farm asset. here we're talking about a $10 billion deal which the market is speculating could get done as much as 30 40% higher than that. obviously am gen can ep their bid, whether it be pfizer j and j, bristol meyers. >> what takes some of these
5:19 pm
companies getting off the fence? it's been a head scratcher not simply in biotech but the markets in general where is the m and a. balance sheets are as good as they've ever been. companies are taking the cash buying back stock and doing other things. where is the m and a? >> the big deals that we've seen those deals happen when those companies are in a corner and they've got no other way to make earnings happen than consolidating their own space. all the companies are feeling better about their own prospects. they've gotten their own pipe lines and at least for pharma the market is expecting the companies to generate a lot of cash and return 70 75 percent of that to them in the form of share purchase and dividends. they have to be very careful about how they spend their capital. what's interesting today is
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despite the fact that amgenn is offering $10 billion for onyx their stock was up and they're going to use cash which we all know is inexpensive. it may be more than it was last week but it's still expensive. >> there's a flush of cash in the pc world. $10 billion is a big number for most players but there's a much smaller deal set we should be seeing. >> that's a good point. in bcs i don't know if any of you saw the blue bird ipo but it was successful very very hot early stage development company. we're seeing the doors open for bcs to exit are through ipos where they had been exiting via selling to pmarma. to drive the values we're talking about you have to talk
5:21 pm
about two things. what do you think the president value of the future cash flows are but there's still a lot of risks in the earlier stage pipeline and that drives people's values. whether it's worth 130 or 180 or 200 and the synergies which are only going to come for the big players in oncology currently. >> if at least talk of this deal or conversations sort of force the strategic hand if you will of other players in this space, the most likely takeout candidate that people need to keep an eye on can we list a couple of names on your list? i don't think people talk about these all that often. they're not certainly not top of my names. cell dex, ariad and medivation.
5:22 pm
>> where there's smoke there's fire. air yad is in the right place at the right time. it's a big of shooting fish in a barrel i think but those are the usual suspects. >> it's good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you. >> barbara ryan, barbara ryan advisers. time now for pops and drops. cable vision. >> they talk about merger in this world. that gets the stocks to the upside. time warner was involved in this and wonder link talks about a $25 potential takeout level. that pushed it up. >> dg. >> big app perform on a stock that had been stuck in the mud. this is a stock on valuation. you have to get excited by their ability to increase margins. i'm not. >> forget the net fliksz of radio. this is tv.
5:23 pm
>> they inked a new deal with 20th century fox. stock hasn't been able to get to $230. i think that is the level we need to watch for. >> doc, the xlu. >> moved up nicely like tim noted with the eem. it had a very similar -- in fact, you could overlay the two. almost the exact same bounce except this one got to about tim's level right around that 40 level in the case of the eem. this one got to that, pulled back about a percent today. give it another day and jump back in. >> a pop for female fliers. talk about being underweight in an effort to lighten the load and improve fuel efficiency go air says it will employ only female flight attendants who tend to be lighter than their male counter parts. the move skates a thin line of gender discrimination. you think? it will reportedly trim fuel costs by nearly half a million
5:24 pm
dollars a year. >> i think this will be an issue for you. 250 pounds is usually goes to be -- at least two. >> do you think he could get down the aisle? >> i'm hurdling over the top of those things. >> nokia rallied more than three percent but in a world where samsung apple and google rule the smart phone market is nokia's only hope for survival a microsoft buy out? we have a street fight later. gold sliding 20% in 2013 so far. dennis gartman making what he calls a water shed call today. we're back in two. to recognize the people who are out there owning it. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on. beca use the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people.
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>> the syracuse orange man, look at that. let's go back inside. noik ya is getting a boost today. strength in the low to mid market. should you be buying the
5:28 pm
momentum or are there hidden risks in nokia? let's get to our street fight. dr. j. is the bull. doc, make your case. >> judge, to the they took out seemens of the network. there would be private equity interest but not in half of the company. they want the whole network. now it could be sold. i think that's going to free up value. they might have a 40 plus mega pixel smart phone. that puts them back in the game for the smart phones. that's something that rivals some of the best cameras that are out there in the world. then of course as pete and tim were talking earlier in the show about apple, these guys have the low end hand sets as well not just this high end lum yas but the flip phones. that's what they need.
5:29 pm
>> can i get in here? the bottom line is this deal today by nokia -- nokia was a stock i loved for years. in fact the song by the oj she used to be my girl reminds me of this. seemens unloaded this thing at a song. some say they got a steal here. that means nokia is marking this down on their balance sheet. they went through $500 million in cash. this is a company that is net dead. this is a company that -- they don't have $6 billion. they have arguably $2.5 billion. this is something that goes down ultimately this deal does not save the company. it's a stock that even on this news today rallied ten percent and finished flat in new york. that's not good price action. >> pete? >> i know they're going through
5:30 pm
some of the cash as tim mentioned but i think you're wrong about how much cash they have on the books. i think they have a significant amount of cash on the books. as a matter of fact, this thing is trading practically at that book value level. for those reasons now that they've shed this i think going forward nokia has a shot to either get taken out or go much higher. >> that book value is somewhere around 3 bucks. >> it's $3.86. >> i agree. it's trading well above. >> i wouldn't call that well above. >> that company was actually marked too high on their books. are we done? >> let's do this. >> let's see what the options market says about nokia. >> pete it's easy to take your brother's side but the options market was on tim's side here. they were buying from the get go on the start here ruffle about 2
5:31 pm
basically betting that nokia would trade over the next couple of weeks. when we look at the fear index within our side of the trade here we see it rising. the stock has risen off its low in april but there's some yunlds pinning risk. nokia is pretty bearish. i would stay away from here look for entry level, maybe the thing down the road is a good buy but not at this level. >> the one argument i would have would be this. it traded at 35 million shares and a lot of these put buyers of late have been buying puts with stock. i look at this as much more bullish. we're seeing more and more of that. >> you got in a fight with one najarian and the other one jumps on your back. i would appreciate you guys being individuals. >> i'm an individual. >> tim i can handle this.
5:32 pm
i've been in the trading business for years. i got teflon behind me. >> you don't need him backing you up. >> if you are buying puts you're concerned about the downside here. rising volatility is in the stock. be careful. maybe on a dip you buy it. otherwise stay away. >> tell us who you think won the street fight. tweet us using the hashtag bull or bear and we'll give you the results at the end of the show. how does the grown swoon affecting the price at the jewelry counter. later, a look at the biggest headlines set to rule the tape in tomorrow's trade. ♪ ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade
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>> welcome back to fast money. live from the nasdaq market site. gold posting its sharpest quarterly decline on record in the second quarter. our next guest turned bearish on the metal just ahead of the huge drop. today he's making what he calls a water shed call on gold after turning bullish.
5:35 pm
let's bring in dennis gartman of the gartman letter. when we spoke last week you were overly negative on gold. what happened since then that causes you to make what you are saying is a water shed moment to go the other way? what did you see? >> as markets change it's always a technical circumstance rarely is it a fundamental change that gives you a shift in sentiment. you had ab jekt panic, throwing overboard of positions. you had the commercials on the future's market having their smallest net short position almost to the point of being net long that we've seen in many, many years. you had market vains bullish number lower than we've seen in several years and gold down 27%. when you read the newspapers all you got were bearish
5:36 pm
implications for gold. that's the sense that gives you a turn around and i think you've had it. >> you're talking about technicals and saying the fundamentals had to have changed. we sat on the desk last monday and you said gold is going dem on stra blee lower. you said there's no more easy monetary policy and you said other commodities are falling and they're falling on the back of zero global demand. i'm curious what the call is. >> tim, you did go lower from last monday until thursday you went 85 95 lower. what has changed fundamentally? probably nothing. but you did have a technical circumstance that changed. i'll pay attention. i've been at this a long time. i want to see the technical sirkz that changed. that's the first things that
5:37 pm
happens. the fundamentals will follow later. and perhaps i'm wrong, i have been wrong before i could be wrong again. >> i think what happened on monday -- so i agree with you. the psychology last monday night and that's why i think it's important we tell people that monday night people thought the world was coming to an end, the fed was running out the door. that was an overreaction. >> and that didn't happen. >> i think it's important that with gold and things that are so fed driven and sentiment has been so moved by the fed that are we saying that the fed is now out of the picture? i'm curious if that's implied in what you're doing. >> the fed is going to be out. the fed has told us they're going to be out of the picture but the fed is not going to be out of the picture in september. the fed is not going to be out until the end of the 2015. the monetary bases is increasing. it's bortherred me how severe has been the increase in the monetary base over the course of
5:38 pm
the last six months. the fed is still there. i don't think this is going to be an inflationary circumstance. i think all you have is to gold is another currency. it's ancillary to the dollar. the dollar is number one. gold is probably the second most important currency in the world right now. you and i got into a discussion last monday about the aussie. it's absolutely where it was last monday. i'm bullish. you're bearish and we are dead break even. >> i will tell you i actually said said -- the aussie is oversold. it goes to 9350 and i sell it again. >> dennis what is water shed mean in terms of dollar terms? where does gold then go between now and the end of the year and also because sentiment was so negative don't you worry at least somewhat that you're get selling into any strength that
5:39 pm
we see and that's go going -- >> you got up to 1260 at one time. you broke it back down. there's going to be sellers of the gold on any rally. that's normal. i use the term water shed very rarely. it's the term i use when i'm making a change in sentiment. where does it go from here? higher, probably several hundred dollars higher. the risk reward is probably to the down side $75. to the upside 3 or $400 higher. >> so at 1255 you wouldn't be surprised to say by the end of the year we're at 16? is that doesn't seem that far fetched? >> that doesn't seem far fetched to me at all.
5:40 pm
that would still be $300 lower than its high. if i'm going to be bullish of gold i'm going to be a buyer of gold and a seller of yen. if you had done that over the course of the last two and a half years you're down. if you bought gold in yen terms you're down two percent. that's a good overperformance. >> because we know that opinions in position can change you told us you were bullish on stocks. >> i am. after being agnostic for a long period of time i'm bullish. where am i wrong? last week's lows. >> appreciate you coming on. thanks. sticking with the gold theme. how are jewelry retailers doing with it. let's bring in harvey cantor
5:41 pm
ceo of blue niel. welcome to fast money. it's good to have you on. >> it's good to be here and to talk about the value we're going to be able to bring with consumers with the continued fall of gold. >> wouldn't that hurt your margins? >> it works really well for us when gold falls. >> any joy that you and consumers could be feeling could be short lived? >> the fact of the matter is we're not traders but there's a lot of conversation about whether we're fall more or go back up. we continue to bring the value to the market and we feel really good about where it is right now. >> do you see ebb and flow with the momentum. people have found that they've been pulled into gold trades and things that have been based upon physical assets.
5:42 pm
is there any correlation to the sense that there are people with an interest in gold and playing the jewelry market? >> the largest part of our business is in settings and wedding rings. weddings continue to happen and we're bringing a better value to the market. we've seen a solid p double digit growth in wedding rings and specifically in bands which is a core of our business. emotional purchases is what we're dealing with. >> what's your average price point? >> about $400 for jewelry in higher for bands. overall $2,000. >> how would you assess how the consumer is holding up right now? >> really good. we're 105 to $100 million. our double digits growth of guidance for the year is
5:43 pm
something we feel really good about. >> good to talk to you. >> thanks. make sure you buy your wife something in gold specifically. >> come on buddy. >> thanks harvey. up next the man behind corona and black velvet. could the number leave investors with a serious hangover? later, dr. j. we're looking a look at your bullish call that has seen a pretty good log in the past month. goodness.
5:44 pm
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>> forward fast hit our top three trades for tomorrow. june auto sales, the street is expecting june to show the strongest monthly sales pace since december of 07. >> when you look at the mortgage levels they actually did go up last week but auto loans did not. that's actually going to continue to work for the autos and trucks. >> the next one goes to dr. j. consolation brands. >> i'll drink to that. >> corona vodka --
5:47 pm
>> all of that is in my liquor cabinet. they're going to be raising prices and i don't think anybody is all that surprised once you get the consolidation but that's good for the bottom line. >> microsoft, the street is still waiting on steve's official announcement. maybe it's west coast time. >> people have been waiting for this for a long time. some of the parts in microsoft might be more valuable but it's rallied so much 3% dividend. i don't think it's going anywhere from here. >> coming up in the next hour cramer is setting the table on market noodles and company. amazing ipo. see if it will continue to boil. plus was the bidding war continues to brew cramer sees
5:48 pm
what other names will be in the cross hairs. don't miss mad money. that's coming up in about ten minutes. up next our viewers have questions. we're trading your viewer tweets just after the break. we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. what do you drive? i drive a ford fusion. who is healthier you or your car? i would say my car. probably the car. cause as you get older you start breaking down. i love my car. i want to take care of it. i have a bad wheel - i must say. my car is running quite well. keep your car healthy with the works. $29.95 or less after $10 mail-in rebate at your participating ford dealer.
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so you gotta take care of yourself? yes you do. you gotta take care of your baby? oh yeah!
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>> not so fast. john nej jar yan, our traders are quick but not always right. last month john gave a quick housing trade. let's listen. >> louisiana pacific stock is down. we jumped on that one. >> it stayed down. down 14% since that call. >> oh! >> what do you do now? >> i had to lick my wounds and go away. i left this stock although i still like most of the housing plays, like masco. i like owens corning. i took my loss and moved on. >> do we like the builders? >> i like them. if you believe the first two quarter reports that we've already gotten i see strength
5:51 pm
and i think at these rates, they're not going out of hand and there's plenty of room. >> i don't think you can make the builders call. rye land is a buy. look at where they have growths, where they have poor markets. which markets are growing and which are saturated. >> i don't think the home builders or the construction names in general. i'd much rather do the commercial banks and regional banks. i think that's where the value is. >> are you still short the s&p? >> i am. >> we'll talk about it. >> you tweeted it we trade it. let's get to your tweets for today's crew. the recent spikes in trucking stocks justified or just short covering? >> these are cap names, what's interesting is they reported a
5:52 pm
very nice result in the first quarter. that's when the stock really ripped. there's some rumors of consolidation. regardless they have huge leverage. these stocks could go a lot higher in the second quarter. >> is siri unique from a content point of view? >> when xm and sirius merged there were only go licensed out there and they have them both. i like them. >> is it time to cost average into tck with metal bouncing but bad china data? >> 15% of global production is in net coal. i don't think it gets better. i do think you need to take a lot of supply but at 21 bucks
5:53 pm
this looks interesting. it's not a bad place to do it. >> talk to me about lenar. >> in every one of their markets they're seeing increased demand. their margins are very strong. when you look at the revenues those are double digit growth. those a company traded in a forward pe of 14. i like these builders. i think this name goes higher. >> wasn't that stock up and then down in the same day? >> yes. >> that was nasty. >> you're right. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ unh ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in.
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wg >> we've tallied the results and you said tim, the bear on nokia won the street fight. >> can't stop the ambassador. >> let's go around the horn. you already said you're short the s&p. why? >> that's my top trade. in fact, we closed below the important 1620 level which was the technical stop that i was setting for this trade. i think we continue to go lower from here. >> dr. j.?
5:57 pm
>> sealy, buying it aggressively? >> love these pipe lines, kinder morgan is going higher. >> thank you so much for watching. halftime show. follow me on twitter. "mad money" with jim cramer begins now. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a good investment, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save a little money. our job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you. pent up demand? a sense that the worst mighting over for the market. the recognition that the honest pharma stands for a
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