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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  July 16, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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s&p 500 lower by 8. the nasdaq is lower by nearly 11. remember, ben bernanke testifies tomorrow. >> that does it for us on mother ri -- on "power lunch." and now "street signs." >> big banks and health care are helping us out while coke leaves us flat. jim cramer and herb greenberg are here to help you make sense of it all. coke, a big part of the blame game these days really be too hot or too cold to drink soda? we're going to find out ifnist usual suspects weather, gas, interest rates are valid as excuses. plus, harsh justice in china as they execute their own version of bernie madoff, a live report from beijing, and do you want the lust maybe but the the love. there's an apf for that and the
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founder is here. so many tax to check out but let me try and tell you what's going on with the markets. the s&p 500 today was going for its first nine-day winning streak since 2004, but it does not look like that will be the case today. and the nasdaq 100 may also be in danger of ending its winning stroke at only 14 consecutive days as opposed to 15. nonetheless, i will take 14 consecutive day of gains any old day. back to the trading floors and find bob, rick and seema. bob, i'm going to assume, considering there's not that many negative cat lifts out there for the market, is this mainly profit-taking? >> well, no, we did have esther george making comments, and we were a little weaker on the regional banks, and i think that's something to point out. comerica is the first regional bank that appointed. goldman was the first one and
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you're buying because of lower interest rates and loan growth. estimates they did 8% loan growth and so far they are doing 2%, and they said this would continue through 2013. that's a problem and why we see some put up the regional banks. that's why we see all the big regional banks moving to the downside and, again, this is the first one that's report so far this quarter and you see them down 2% to 3%. final comment on the coke thing. we've had some fun today on coke blaming their volume problems entirely on the weather, but you can see the soft drinks are all down here, and while pepsi may be getting a little bit more on coke, it's not doing that much better. theish us a for coke are not that much better. we earring seeing that. up 6% and only up on the
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sparkling numbers, and i think that's a good indication that health issues a playing a part here. back to you. >> great minds thing a lot, bob because you've got the perfect setup on the next segment which is the blame game. meantime, rick santelli, highly anticipated testimony from ben bernanke tomorrow. how are markets reacting? >> up a basis point, not going anywhere quickly. i don't know if warm weather affects whether to taper or not to taper, we'll have to see tomorrow, but if you look at a couple of charts, look at corporate profits, they are moving much higher. generalized growth as depicted by dpa, alol of false start and we get another up. it seems to me kwes has had a benefit on the profit side. if they did less of it i would expect the chart would be effective. >> let's round this out with
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seema mody. what's going on over there in the tech patch? >> seams like the nasdaq is now see-sawing between positive and negative territory. gkz put out a bearish note industriesing its price targets on tesla. biotech a real health care sendoff. some are krading and even with today's move they are still outformering the dow and the s&p 500. as the economy improves corporate tech spending will pick up, than will likely be a catalyst for the tech sector and apple shares have been staking a comeback. up 8% this month. >> and nasdaq up over 19% year to date and the other two not even 18. thanks very much, seema mody. >> famed investor peter lynch waxed poetic about a simple
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investing premise. buy stock and what you buy what youno know and what you need. that's why we're calling this the money and med cane market. because we need medicine, think ja & j earnings and we certainly need money, right? well, jump & j and jpm up 25% this year. jim cramer is here, bosnian serb hen -- >> was that funny to you? >> the transcriptic comment? >> the three art pieces. >> jim, we're the only regular guys here, and it's been easy for the regular guy this year to look smart because they can buy names they know. will that keep working? >> i think it will. have some exceptions. i've been a big deveotdevotee.
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a lot of people ask me what to start with and it's peter lynch. didn't do it for a while, people talking risk on, risk off. we stay back. >> i think you have to be careful and while i agree in premise, back in the day when peter lynch wrote the book there's a little asterix next to it. >> about homework. >> and that's the important part because when i went and asked him at the time people said buy it, what do you do? how long do you hold on to it and that's the important part of the equation? you need to pay attention to something beyond just liking it. >> i hear you and it's great advice. kind of what we're going for is these names, j&j, up 28%, 29% year to said. that's about right. >> it's too much, but i think you also have to yours many i going to tell it at 94 and sell it back at 84? shows devoted to that comment but this can't be one of them. talk about buying what you know.
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what the key line for me since extra strength tylenol has come back it's doubled its share. no longer in the retail business but in the pharmaceutical business. >> when i picked jump & j and the stock dragged. >> i picked quarter. >> that's when you buy something like this, so beaten down, so out of favor and can't get ahead of themselves because it was such a disaster. >> let's remember, again, i come back to the idea in a no stocks go up in a straight line, but we need to get away from the concept that it's a sale because of where its price is and then we'll come back and it's at 85 and people will say which ask, you said -- >> it's an investment. a peter lynch style of
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investment. >> he went checking and checking and checking to see if the haines legs is still goal. >> is it possible to even blanket statements? >> i drove a tesla. >> what's going on with tesla? >> can i answer your question? >> yes. >> intel. intel, we all know the company. >> yeah. >> they got 90% market share in much of the microprocessor market. >> and they are the best tat. >> intel is up 1% this year. it's one of five -- last night i ran my screens. the nasdaq 100 up 14 days in a row coming into today, okay? intel was one of five stocks that were down in that 14-day period. dell another one. the wibtel p c thing, everybody knows it. >> i had an electric typewriter that i swore by the ole him was
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at ledge. >> you had a spris decision but the main you were in there, electric type iters, did not do very well. i used to drink diet coke. >> just as bad for you, jim. all the studies saying. going back to tesla. having its worst since since january 2012. what gives? >> the 113 below. >> tesla was obvious when they put it into the nasdaq 100. that was right then and there the sign that it could be a potential top because you could see what was coming. they put it in right there, at its speculative peak. i want to go back to something you said about coke, by the way, when you get into the issue and you stopped drinking diet pepsi or diet coke, that right then and there get so some of the
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roll issues, when you talk about knowing what you want there's a trend there. not the only one. many of us stopped drinking soda in general. >> the health issues that bob pisani referenced. frito lay. >> salt and soda. >> done a lot to make that product better and more natural, but i think that if you look overseas they are not saying to not drink coca cola. i'm doc doubting that their doc are ahead of ours. it makes sense that they have both weather approximate and macro economic. they make guys, macro economic problems. i mean, gm tells you about that. >> actually, actually, in all fairness to the congress la. if all fair yes it looks backed
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at others going badge ck to 200. >> do you want to constantly look -- >> if there's a monsoon coming through you can't go out and get a sewed a. i did it. a little too hot or cold to drink a coca-cola. how about a bottle of water? jim, you talked about it earlier. pepsi is up 22% year to date. >> better model. >> coca-cola up 11. pepsi has salty snacks. you eat the chips and get thirsty and reach for a gatorade. that's the model. coca-cola doesn't have the driver. >> pepsico, i can't wait to see. they said the weather was a problem in india. well, let's see how mountain dew does in india. >> that's what they need in the emerging markets, more caffeinated stimulation. coca-cola is a great company. >> at 36 i'm going to say go buy it so i don't want to do that flip-flop. >> a more fundamental consider. i know you love celgene.
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>> a little bit self-serving because it happens to be one of -- >> i'm offended and appalled that you would pest it. >> j&j, i don't know a lot about what america is going to look like in 30 years. i do know this, we're going to be older and we're more likely going to be fatter and three of the top 100 names are biotech, j&j doing well, any 20-year sector better than the aging demographic, fatter, healthier, prescription drugs for life
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model? >> 1985. >> i'm looking for a place to involved for the next 20 years. j jaj, medically is vices doing bet and brick growth up 19%. gorski totally delivered. >> you really think it's the ceo that makes the difference. >> i think weld owen lost his way. >> done the medicine side of money in med sit quite a lot now. what about the money side of things. i don't know whether it was lack week or the week we have. >> we have the runs that were supposed to do well at the regionals and the money center not supposed to do so well. regionals, comerica not a great bank but ming of america roars and if he do a bad, jorgan looks
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fantastic. the tax rate was a big change. the clients seem moodier at goldman. >> the big banks are ambitious, very ambitious on mortgages, especially non-conforming loans and bidding for them. they want that business and with the marks, especially in california doing so well, they are benefiting from that. i expect you'll see that in the bank of america numbers. >> one question on goldman and i'm sure this applies to other banks as well because they did well in part of their business that invests their own money. that will go away under volcker. >> they did say it's one time. >> very transparent, and the transparency played out against them because you heard things you didn't want to hear. >> regents financial, up and what's on tonight's show? you're all on energy. >> that's why i wore a tie. >> what is that?
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>> we've got -- these are people who work on my show "mad money," barrels of oil. i'm going to reveal an oil stock that i have hated for 35 points that i'm turning on tonight. >> that's a great tease. >> oil stock -- not for 35 years, for 35 -- about 5 years i've hated one. >> what if it means it could go down 30 points. >> it's not. petro china. got to watch to find out. thank you so much, jim and herb as well. >> talking about the blame game, coke blaming the weather. too hot to enjoy a cold beverage. we'll myth bust these age-old excuses. want to meet singles in your neighborhood. there's a new app for that and it really seems to cut to the chase if you know exactly what
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blame it on the rain ♪ >> milli vanilli had it right. blame it on the rain or the pain at the pumps or how about interest rates or giant sharks
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falling from the sky? we're playing the earnings blame game season. today it's weather versus gas prices. not knocking coca-cola this morning, but this morning they blamed a partly soggy spring for putting damper on earnings. here's an interesting fact that our team dug up. iceland is one of the world's top consumers of coca-cola per person. does that throw the weather ate my earnings excuse under the bus? let's ask paul walsh, vp of weather analytics and also our own steve liesman. we were trying to make it a little bit light but if coke is saying it's a little bit soggy or cold but yet iceland drinks almost more comb per capita than almost any country in the world isn't that kind of like screw the excuse. two points is that the affect on the warm er weather is differen one place to another. korbnated drinks peaks in q2.
2:20 pm
gone back and measured the effect of weather on category sales and found that 15% of the variation in q2 of the carbonated drinks can be attributed to weather and now we're in q2 unlike any other q2 and last year was the warmest in 118 years and the driest and this year is almost the polar opposite where it's been incredibly wet and incredibly cold, so there is definitely a validity to what they are saying in terms of the impact of weather on volume of sales. >> what's more important to changing the consumption habits? is it the temperature or precipitation, ie wet? >> so far korbnated beverages, the temperature or the precipitation has a bigger impact. we don't drink carbonated beverages to quench our thirst but when outside and doing outdoor activities. this year there's less of that because it's been so wet. sports drinks and bottled water hugely impacted.
2:21 pm
measured a 40% impact in terms of volatility so volume would have been down, and not just the u.s., by the way. germany and even in india the monsoons kicked in early and had a store they as well. >> i think your weather expert is backing up the excuses. backing coke and i'm, of course, an amateur meteorologist so if paul says it i'm going to take it to the bank. >> when you say amazon meteorologist you take it outside. >>i run weather models alongside my economic financials and i'm better with the economy. >> you have a year the second quarter when he is supposed to be higher and the third quarter south dakota be what it is rell i have to. what i'm looking for is whether or not there's a macro reason for any of this stuff and i don't see it.
2:22 pm
if it's the weather and coke is not complaining about people buying fewer soft drinks because there's less money in their pocket which would be an interesting excuse by itself, then i'm not concerned about it. >> i guess what you're saying it's the other weather. all depends on whether or not they have got money. >> that's pretty good. >> that's a good joke. >> but i'm for interested in gas prices which i think has a bigger -- you want to pivot to that? >> excellent topic. thanks very much to paul walsh and let's talk about the gas prices, by the way. great minds think alike, another tried and true scapegoat for disappointing results. are restaurants teeing up for a gags guzzler edition of the blame game? let's have a word with the david lutz, what do you think? real execution or not? >> you know what, it absolutely could be a real excuse. we've watch gasoline prices spike to almost year highs and if i were to blame anybody, i'd probably be blaming congress and the renewable air standards they put back in place a while ago. the reason why is we have to blend a certain amount of
2:23 pm
ethanol into our gasoline every year on a fixed base, not a percentage basis. that's great as long as u.s. gasoline consumption is going up but it's stagnated. we've reached 10% from cars. a lot of older models can't handle it so the refiners are buying credits and they do is off set and these have gone from a penny on the dollar to up 30 in the of the couple of weeks. >> david, if i accept that, it seems that the bigger driver is what's happening to crude prices and that's really a fascinating development on a couple of fronts because the united states has been importing less and less and exporting more of it. it should not be under pressure.
2:24 pm
what's fascinating to me is the closing spread between brent and wti. if it's geopolitical but at that if it's not i've got to change the macro outlook. >> i think there's a couple of things going on other, and you hit it right on the head. to a degrees it is macro economic so demand might be done. we've also had refineries come back online here in the states, specifically one down in port arthur, texas, about a year and a half ago and more and more oil out of cushing, oklahoma, where west texas is ground. the net effect is costing the reminders because they -- >> you just said demand is down
2:25 pm
in europe. why are prices going the other way that you would expect if demand is lower? >> it's because what i said at the top of the segment, my friend. these renewable ethanol credit. the refiners have to keep buying these credits in order to sit there so they don't have to blend more than 10% ethanol in our gasoline. >> okay. >> so what's going on is, you know what, these prices have jumped to $1.30 and these guys are starting, all the refiners are pushing more and more of the cost on to the consumer, and it's clear and evident why gas prices are going up. >> dave, thank you so much to you, and i know you've got a couple of picks even as gas prices, a news alert. esther george said the fed should begin tapering immediately. some marks are adjusting to the idea that qe will not last forever. she said the fed should end it by the first half of next year. george, is by the way, a voting member. fomc in year and is known as one
2:26 pm
of the fed's more hawkish members. >> she's dissented every time. >> yeah. >> i think it's interesting she says immediately which means whenever the next meeting is at the end of the month, july 30th. >> she's waving her hands in a dark room then. she can say it but nothing is going to change. >> i don't see this driving policy or the deposition has a whole lot of support. she says end it by the end of next year so that's pretty much in line with the rest of the group and cape out of may 22nd fed meetings. >> the only difference here. >> immediately. >> but to think they will start tape sglerg sort tipped her hat in a way here. >> let's say ethier they will that what they want. by the first half of next yore she's tipping the bat has they
2:27 pm
would look at -- there's two suppositions in that and i can't say which is true and one is that it would be regular and we don't know if that will be the case. i think bernanke will be erratic and maybe keep the market off balance but i've thy thought in $20 billion increments. but i also -- but i also, steve did, this with my hand. >> i did that. >> is that the official fed policy? >> that's the fed circle. got it. >> still ahead, tesla getting crushed. we're going to dig in and why radioshack's last-ditch effort to turn things around looks a little bit familiar. >> plus, wicked cool toys for the wicked cool rich. we have a catch though and don't miss tomorrow because treasury secretary jack lew kicking off our delivering alpha conference. he's going to be sitting down with this man, our very own steve liesman for a one-on-one
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welcome to the earnings stories that everyone is talking about. i'm melissa lee along with herb greenberg and kayla tausche. beginning with a scorecard. 7% of the s&p 500 companies have reported so far. the earnings season ramps this up week with banks, tech, health care all taking center stage. meantime, let's start off with bank of america. kayla has been watching the banks here. solid reports so far so what are we expecting from bit. a.c.? >> expected to earn 25 cents a share which is less than its peers but still pretty solid for a company that has seen its earnings completely wiped away
2:32 pm
the last quarters by settlements in one-time items that seem to be recurring. two things that we're watching for bank of america. the first is mortgages. cfo bruce thompson has said over and over again that bank of america was late to the mortgage game, that they are ramping up their loan officers and putting their loan opsers and branches trying to ramp up their original nation but original nation right now starting to come down. are they too late to the game? are they spending too much money trying to get into that game and how is it actually working? thompson says you've seen us drive toward every quarter, now more people and more training, up to speed. 4,000 more people in the fulfillment area and we don't see the pipeline slowing down. i don't think there's any cap on where this could go but look at wells fargo and jpmorgan and a lot of these items seemed to clutter the bottom line, settlements, don't know how that translate. investors want consistency here. >> and this will set the tone as well for the regional bank trade, a pretty hot trade of
2:33 pm
late when you look as the sun trust, huntington bank shares, all taking leads from the big reporting. saw bank stocks rip higher so interesting to watch. >> the regional bank etf up and these banks are said to benefit the most from an upsurge in loans and deposits. when you take out a loan, go to the regional bank and the loan officer you know better. won't necessarily go to a bank of america or jpmorgan if you're cautious an getting back in the game. >> let's talk csx reporting after the bell. many investors seeing the railroad company as a window into the economy. take a look at this chart, i don't want to say it says it all but very important to the railroad trade. nat gas prices have been creeping higher this year. nat gas used for power generation is down this year compared to 2012. what does this mean? coal shipments are up? coal is the biggest bulk for railroads to transport. the problem is csx in may after
2:34 pm
it hit a 52-week high may 21st it came out and said the coal shipments were actually down overall and overall they were higher. >> this is also the view into industrial america. what's very important, look at the ups trade, what happened there because of industrial america and, you know, the question is will you see some of the same thing because industrial america did not help ups. will the same be the case here? >> exactly. that's the earnings squad for today. if you want to joint conversation, please do, tweet us. mandy and brian, back to you. >> kayla and herb, thank you very much. here's the question of the day. would you illegally insider trade if you could make 10 million and knew you would not get caught? think about it. let us know. plus, how street insiders answered that question coming up. and the dating app that kind of cuts to the chase. you're going to speak with the
2:35 pm
show who say it depends on how you define dating. back after this. maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments. our one-second trade execution is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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shares of radioshack are struggling today. it's currently down by 3.5%. there have been lots of headlines about this company's turnaround plan lately, and our
2:38 pm
very own courtney reagan sat down with the ceo earlier on today. securit court, what did he have to say? >> any retailer around for more than 90 years needs a little updating now and then so radioshack joining the retailers undergoing transformation. i spoke to the ceo today as there's been a lot of speculation that new concept stores like this one are all part of a plan to potentially put radioshack up for sale, but he said no. listen to what he had to say. >> that's not the case as all. i was actually brought in to help transform this business and the team i'm putting in place is focused on rebuilding radioshack. in great space relative to technology and it's a brand that really in the past has kind of lost its way and our job is to reinnovate the brand and rebuild confidence and radioshack and brung back th-- bring become wh they have lost over the last
2:39 pm
several years. >> shares are up 48% so far this year. some investors indeed are betting on a comeback. analysts that we've spoken to say you know what, the stores do look better, brighter, cleaner, the products seem more relevant, but it will take a more shopable store to make radioshack truly competitive again. liquidity has also been something that's opinion in question and when we asked the question, cash is not a problem at all. a debt payment is coming down but he's not worried about it. they are speaking to anc bankers to possibly finance some debt but cash isn't an issue. mandy and brian. >> thanks very much. rsh, we'll keep a clowe close eye on that, a little jc penney-esque. >> that's the thing. would you illegally insider trade if we tell you at any time can't cut.
2:40 pm
>> and later on, which website gets more hit, yahoo! am zan, microsoft, linked in? the answer will shock you. that answer is straight ahead, but first, what's coming up on your show? >> mary jo white joins us and why she's making a big push for defendants to admit wrongdoing had they settle cases. >> yeand can marisa mayer celebrate her first anniversary? and a new medical study finds delaying your retirement could actually be good for your health. we have the shocking details. yes, we will shock you as well. maria and i look forward to seeing you at the top of the hour for "closing bell" after "street signs" continues after this. ♪
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trade stocks if you knew you could make $10 million and you knew you'd not get caught? one in four on wall street would, according to a new report on ethical conduct by street insiders. 24% said they would engage in insider trading to make 10 million if they could get away with it. 23% also said they had observed or had firsthand knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace. i'm surprised it's that low. i'm not knocking wall street, but i think if you say to anybody you could make a ton of money and you won't get caught, i think a better try ask that would have been if you are unlikely to get caught? the whole you won't get caught means why not? >> absolutely. >> unless you have a good ethic. >> come on, you're working on wall street. did i say that? i did say that. but i think it's a bit of statement on the state of regulations and fact that a lot of people do do it and do not get caught. >> people are going to go out and look how dirty the wall street guys are and banksters. how about if there's a candy bar on the shelf and would you take
2:45 pm
it. >> guaranteed would you not get caught. >> a lot of people would say, yeah, i'd do it. >> would you take $10 if it was on the ground outside of a target, you know, i don't know. this is kind of a shot, you know, at wall street. a lot of people out there, by the way, and this is something else i've got to say, a lot of people out there, including our own john carney, john, are you here, would say that insider trading should be legal because it increases sort of the liquidity. >> that's a whole different discussion. that's a whole different discussion, and i rather like that little sound effect. that's the new et cetera. speaking of greed, china is not messing around when it comes to white collar criminals. the government executed their own bernie madoff-type character. more now live from beijing. real sound like an unbelievable story, and it's china and crimes are harshly punished, right? >> reporter: that's right, mandy. the government said that the man had been running a ponzi scheme
2:46 pm
similar to what you saw with bernie madoff. they said that the authorities said that abusically he was defrauding tens of thousands of. investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars and that's why he was executed. the case has been really controversial here because of the way it's been handled. the family has been complaining that they weren't told of his execution. his daughter has been blog begun it basically saying and showing a lot of court documents and showing the red pouch that holds his ashes, and she was saying that he actually wasn't doing anything that the government authorities didn't already know about and also said that he just got on the wrong side of the local authorities, and that's one of the reasons why capital punishment generally here is supported but not necessarily for nonviolent white collar crime because there is a lot of controversy around these types of crimes. >> i also want to ask you about the headlines on glaxosmithkline. several execs in china caught up in a bribery scandal, i
2:47 pm
understand? >> reporter: yes, that's right, and one thing that you see here in china, and, mandy, you know this very well because you were in asia for so long, that you see with this madoff case as well as with this glaxosmithkline case is that in china when the government wants to send a message, they generally catch a very big fish in order to scare all the little fish, and so that's -- that's what a lot of people are wondering about with glaxosmithkline because the government has actually been pushing through a very high level and national campaign to root out corruption. they brought in a very important and powerful technocrat who is running the anti-corruption campaign. they also have been cutting a lot of excess throughout the government, and so a lot of people have been asking if glaxosmithkline has just been caught up in this whole matter. there are a lot of those other questions being raised as to whether or not this could be a market access issue as well just
2:48 pm
because the industry that glaxosmithkline has been trying to move into here, of course, the health care industry, is one that has been really contested among a lot of international companies. >> eunice yoon, thanks so much for that live in beijing. >> up next, money, power, sex, not just "street signs," wrapped up in one app. the founder of tinder will join us ahead. >> and for the billionaire that has it all. toys for the uber wealthy that are literally too good to be true. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some things are designed to draw crowds. ♪
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here's your answer to today's trivia question. which website gets more hits than, amazon,, linkedin? it's ebay.
2:52 pm
yeah-- oh, shock! >> yeah, i wasn't surprised. >> it's the sixth-most visited website every month. google, youtube, facebook took the top three spots. ebay, by the way, having a nice run over the last year. up nearly 50%. a lot of that has been with paypal. >> paypal is a huge part of the business and a real revenue driver. in the meantime, if you have your tender on today, most viewers who are single and under a certain age know exactly what i'm talking about. it's a new app taking the dating world by storm. it's a location-based, so let me see, it lets you set your radios from one to 100 miles and it shows you who is in your area. you anonymously like or pass on the person. if someone you like happens to like you back, then it's a match. and you can go and message one another and perhaps set up a date, do whatever you like. by the way, you have to be a facebook user. that is where they pull the pictures from. joining us now is tinder co-founder and ceo sean rad, personally announcing for the very first time on our air that
2:53 pm
tinder will launch on droid as well as the iphone. great to have you on the show today, sir. >> great to be here. >> this is a hookup site, right? >> it's not. tinder is -- our vision is to connect you with interesting people in your area, and what you decide to do with those connections is truly up to our users. we have users creating friendships through tinder. we have users using it to create short-term encounters or even long-term encounters such as marriages and longer-term relationships. it's what you decide to make of it. >> it's up to you. you have 100 million matches so far, as you call them. but here's the catch. >> yes. >> 100 million doesn't count for anything unless you're making money, and you are currently not monetized. what are your plans? >> right now, we're focused on eck panding the user base. we feel the value proposition of helping people meet new people is definitely something a lot of people are willing to pay for. right now, we're focused on user growth. but over time, we're going to
2:54 pm
start introducing features that allow you to do more with tinder, and we might charge for those features in terms of in-app purchases. >> what's the -- this is brian. we call it a hook-up kind of in jest. is this -- sex sales -- i'm not saying that in a negative way. >> i understand. >> i'm going to get a lot of naked right now -- >> there's a -- oh, my god. there's a lot of platforms to help you connect with people you already know. there's this inate desire as humans to meet new people. there hasn't been an effective platform that's enabled us to create new connections with those around us. whether the connections be for romantic purposes or friendships or whatever you want to make of it, our vision is to be the platform that you use to create new relationships with those around you. >> okay. for those that are interested, go check out the app. in the meantime, sean, thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you.
2:55 pm
at least one company is taking advantage of the weather. jetblue says because temperatures here in new york have topped 90 degrees, it's offering 90% off tickets on flight leaving the new york airport, provided people leave tomorrow or thursday and they come back next tuesday or wednesday. well, as you can imagine, it's caused a run on tickets, and there are reports the booking site has been absolutely overwhelmed. but talk about a fantastic promotion. good for them. hot weather, hot sales, great combination. >> it really is a great combination, mandy. coming up next, pipe dreams for the rich and famous. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine.
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well, the pipe dreams of the rich and famous. from time to time, we ask robert to check out the new toys for the uber wealthy. sometimes they seem a little bit too good to be true. so, robert, you're going to give us three things, two of which are fake -- >> that's right. >> -- one of which is going into production. >> that's correct. >> we have to guess which of the toys -- you can guess at home, too -- may actually become a real thing. >> a billionaire toy. two are concept, one will be produced. this is called the flying palace. it's a private jet version of the a-380 super jumbo jet. the design eer pimped out this ride. it has chandeliers, a huge master bedroom suite and magic carpet room where you can look at the ground through a glass floor in the aircraft. amazing. price tag there $500 million. for yacht lovers who don't like the water, here's the land
2:59 pm
yacht. it's a $3 million rv called the platzo, and a marble bath with a rain shower, and a roof terrace and driver's seat, more like a jet cockpit. here's my theory. it's a submarine yacht, 377 feet long. submarine, but all of the comforts of a mega yacht. a pool, sun deck, a gym, a cinema room, and it can go 700 feet under the water, and the company claims you can travel amongst the school of whales -- >> it's a pod of whales. >> -- and have a cup of tea while traveling with the whales. >> a pod. she gives me a look like, idiot, don't say that. >> so one of those is real. >> one of those is real. >> the jet. ali was going to get one, right? >> he was going to get that, but he turned the jet over. he sold it. it didn't become real.
3:00 pm
>> the submarine? >> i wish -- that would be the one i would buy if i had $1 trillion. >> if i had $1 trillion. >> so that leaves the palatzo is going into production. you can buy it. $3 million. and get a rain shower at 60 miles an hour. >> wow. we'll have to get one here. >> a rain shower. thanks for watching the "street signs." hi, everybody, welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo coming to you today from washington where we have a very special guest in a few minutes. we're also closely watching wall street, of course. the markets, a couple of winning streaks are on the line. bill griffeth watching the markets in englewood cliffs. hi, bill. >> yeah, who's at the new york stock exchange today? what's going on? >> the guests coming from the new york stock exchange. >> we have plenty coming up. i'm at the cnbc world


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