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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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♪ bizarre, right? what do you think, cruel joke or giant mistake? log on to my facebook page. from cnn this is cnn saturday morning i'm randi kaye. the killing of trayvon martin the teen gunned down in sanford, florida, february 26th. >> if i had a son he would look like trayvon. >> george zimmerman roams free. want to get the roof fixed but don't have the cash? wait until you hear about a new
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type of banking that uses the barter system to get you what you need. a japanese boat lost during last year's tsunami is found, you'll never believe where it washed up. from cnn's world headquarters, bringing you news and analysis from across the nation and around the globe. live from studio 7, this is cnn "saturday morning." we start with the main bar, the big story we investigate from all angles to give you context and analysis. today that is the killing of trayvon martin. vigils and marchs are spreading throughout the u.s. demonstrators wearing hoodies and holding skittles are the trademark symbol for people demanding justice for trayvon martin. george zimmerman admitted shooting him, saying he acted in self defense. zimmerman has been out of sight but his attorney craig sonner
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broke the silence. here is what he told anderson cooper. >> what has your client told you about the night he shot trayvon martin? >> that, i believe he should have made a statement to police at that time. i think he did, i don't know for a fact because i haven't seen the police reports on this case. i have not discussed the evening of what occurred that time. i think this will come out through the investigation process done by law enforcement. >> you haven't discussed any of the details of that night with him? >> no. >> let's bring in holly firfir in the town of the center of the town, sanford, florida. george zimmerman has yet to be charged or arrested. what is the strategy of his attorney speaking out now? >> reporter: i think a lot of questions, randi have been asked about george zimmerman, he decided to quell the media
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frenzy around the situation and answer some of the questions and we spoke to his attorney, craig sonner as well and he told us he still is in the area. he has spoken to him by the phone, but he's advised him to lay low because he has received death threats, but did tell us he's cooperating with authorities, he's answering questions, they have not discussed the details of the investigation, because it's still on-going. but he said if he is charged, he will answer to the charges. he also told us that he is not a racist. we asked him pointblank, he said absolutely not, he has african american friends and has done, randi, in the african american community, done fundraising. coming up in ten minutes, our first side bar where we drill down the president's position on the tragedy with syracuse professor, boyce watkins. the polls are open in louisiana, 20 delegates up for
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grabs. american group survey shows rick santorum with the double digit lead over mitt romney and newt gingrich. santorum is on the defensive taking heat from his rivals for suggesting that reelecting president obama might be preferable to electing mitt romney. but now he's backtracking saying he will vote republican even if it's not him. take a look at this now out of toulouse, france, brand new video showing the inside of the apartment where gunman mohammed merah died thursday. it followed a siege lasting 30 hours. he was wanted for the killings of seven people. pope benedict xvi will meet with president calderone in mexico today. he condemned the drug gang violence ravaging parts of mexico. one cartel is promising to lay low during the pope's visit. after that, he heads to cuba.
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a montana man being held without bail after he tried board a u.s. airways flight in sacramento armed to the teeth. a pat-down revealed a loaded gun in a holster, tsa agents found three more guns in his carry on. authorities also found 192 rounds of ammo and three knives, eight more guns in his car. one passenger said it's a good thing he was caught. no kidding. we heard the engine pop and sputter, looked up and we saw him going in a nose dive and tail spin. and then he hit the ground. >> two people are dead after two small planes collided in mid-air in the skies over longmont, colorado. an instructor and student pilot were killed. the other plane hit the ground seven miles away. authorities say that pilot did heroic job of avoiding crowded areas. she is hospitalized but is expected to survive. turn to gas prices up again today a fraction of a cent but
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the 15th day in a row if you're keeping track. the national average is 3.89 a gallon up from 3.88 yesterday. as of this morning there are nine state where gas is over $4 a gallon. more than a year ago japan's tsunami swept a trawler out to sea. it has been spotted. we'll tell you where, next. plus -- >> all right, live television, how about that. >> who was that? >> just a friend. what we're watching today is the chance severe weather popping up across the carolinas, could get rough, we'll talk about that plus the travel weather coming up.
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coast. canadian military air patrol spot that out there. eight minutes past the hour. reynolds is back with us. that is incredible, that is just floating out there. >> that is astonishing, you think of the pa a receicific tht geographical feature. the majority of currents in a clock-wise motion, stands to reason that trawler was picked up off the japanese coast made its way to parts of british columbia, astounding, you see the effect the sea water had on the ship, rusted as can be. awful shape. just one small part of the debris we have floating around the pacific from the tsunami. one thing floating around parts of the eastern sea board is strong thunderstorms. right now light to moderate garden variety storms, not a lot of electricity with them. in the afternoon, a primary focus of rough weather in the carolinas. in california, not thunder but snow makers, up toward mount
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shasta, from three to six inches of snow fall, 3,000 feet, will be the freezing level, from that higher is where you see most of the snow. sierra nevada, from reno to san francisco, maybe sacramento, you will see snow by donner summit. toward the east and west you have the worst weather, in the center of the u.s. perfect, mild, sunny, at some points quite warm. will it be as warm as what we had over the last couple days, like yesterday we had record highs in pittsburgh, central park, cheyenne, in the 70s and 80s if a few spots, today a bit of a transition, we will become more spring-like, not early summer but what we expect this time of the year. highs in chicago, 65, 74 atlanta, 85 in tampa, 83 in houston. 86 el paso, 50s and 60s along the west coast.
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san francisco the high with 50. the travel weather coming up for a few moments, tell you some of the worst weather should be in the carolinas, that is latest, randi. let's turn to march madness, down to the elite eight, last night top ranked kentucky beat indiana 102-90 in the semifinal. winning was north carolina who needed overtime to beat the ohio bobcats. the question is how am i doing on the cnn anchor leaderboard? not bad, i'm in a tie for third as we head closer to the final four, go syracuse. let me know how your bracket is doing, tweet me at randi k@cnn. >> in exchange for services, clyde anderson shows us how, next. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travel cards.
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strapped for cash? how about trading time instead of money? time banking is an alternative to bartering, and since the economy's downturn, more of these banks are popping up. clyde anderson will tell us how it works. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> this sounds cool we think money. no money exchanged? >> time for time. say i paint houses and you cut grass, we can say that hey, i need your service, you need mine. mentioned different from barter, that only place as dollar value. my services may be $500, yours may be $200. here is time for time. >> you bank time and get the time back? >> you get another service.
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an elderly woman needed work on her home. put several hours in the time bank, when she needed assistance, they worked on her home and she saved lots of money. >> sounds like paying it forward. you do something and you have to do something back, right? exactly. it's charitable, it's doing charity, not about the money, the time and energy but reward. res resiprocsting something. >> what kind of services? tax services, people that do haircuts. people that do yard work, people do painting, house repair, roofing. all type of things no matter what you may do, just a matter what do you need. >> where do you go? not like there is a physical time bank building. how do you make this work? >> anybody can set up a time bank as a website,, you can set it up, maybe a community wants to set up a time bank, 100 to 300 people, make sure everybody is
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contributing, how to set it up and where some are existing around the country you may want to get involved in one that is existing. >> there isn't any value in it, it's time. >> nothing to look back on taxes, i gave you $500 worth of services you gave me two, again you painted my house, i cut your hair. >> that sounds like a good deal. >> anyone can do this, become a member of a time bank? >> the main thing is you contribute. if you're not contributing, it doesn't work. you don't want to have people pulling and no deposits. >> we'll trade services after the break. >> thank you, clyde. >> join us every saturday at this times as clyde anderson gives us his latest money saving tips. african american leaders called on president obama to speak out about the death of trayvon martin. he did on friday. we'll ask one of those leaders if it was enough. memorable moments when
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trayvon martin, we told you about the national outrage this case has sparked and shown you
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the daily demonstrations across the u.s. president obama spoke out about the issue for the first time just yesterday. but it's not very often a sitting u.s. president comments on social issues. here is a look at those rare moments. >> united states department of justice will continue their investigation of the police violence case in los angeles to insure that the civil rights laws of our nation are fully and equally applied. we are concerned about any question of excessive police violence. >> sometimes when terrible tragedies strike us, they bring us to our senses that would otherwise not be the case. i think the death of matthew shephard helped to sober the country up and think about what it is that is essential, not just about our citizenship in this country but humanity. >> the events in louisiana have
4:21 am
saddened me. i understand the emotions. the justice department and fbi are monitoring the situation down there. and all of us in america want there to be fairness when it comes to justice. >> i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting on the right that people have that dates back to our founding that is what the country is about. >> so here's our first side bar. african american leaders have called on president obama to speak out about trayvon martin's death and he has. this is what he had to say. >> if i had a son he would look like trayvon. and i think they are right to expect that all of us as americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and we will get to the bottom of
4:22 am
exactly what happened. >> joining us now is syracuse professor dr. boyce watkins. dr. watkins, nice to have you on the show this morning. you and other leaders called on president obama to speak out. now that he has, was it enough what he said? >> i think it certainly is a good start and i applaude the president for addressing the issue when asked about it. i think that what might be more appropriate is for him to pick up the phone and make a call to trayvon's mother. he made a call to sandra fluke, the woman referred to in a derogatory way by rush limbaugh. i think it would be appropriate to reach out to trayvon's mother, there are people still wondering would trayvon's mother have gotten a call if he was a gay kid killed by bullies in the suburbs or the son of a harvard professor or part of another constituency some people believe the administration takes more
4:23 am
seriously. i think a phone call to trayvon's mother would be another very important step. >> i want to share with viewers something you've written in an ar article, trayvon's death is becoming a national tragedy in spite the case is so clear cut to so many people it draws a line obama is unwilling to cross. what line is that and why is he unwilling to cross it? >> the line of race which historically has been a dangerous line to cross. you see newt gingrich even jumped on the president for mentioning that trayvon -- at the had a son he would look like trayvon. so what we have is we have a country where the first black president is severely punish forward making any reference to race whatsoever but there is also a little bit of accountability on the obama administration's part to say look, this kid, this event is a
4:24 am
modern day version of what happened to emmett till. he is a modern day version rosa parks. other african americans punished for stepping out of their place. so do you think that it would have been appropriate for the president to comment on emmett till? then our president should step forward on the issue of trayvon martin and perhaps step forward in a way that calls for a little bit of political courage which i think is difficult to grab on to during an election year. >> there is more pressure on president obama because he is a black president to comment on this case? >> i think that any president would be expected to comment on a case that affected so many millions of people. trayvon's case was a perfect storm in terms of really highlighting what is wrong with our country as it pertains to race. you have so many issues that came up here, with racial profiling, with the injustice, so many millions of african
4:25 am
americans receive either as victim or suspect, the reality, the fundamental fact we can't walk away from is that rtrayvon martin died because he was black. if he had not been a black boy, he would not be dead today. this happened to him because he was black. >> dr. boyce watkins, great to have you on the show. very insightful conversation. thank you very much. we want to tell you this just in from seminole state, making the move to withdraw george zimmerman from enrollment there. that is just in to cnn, we haven't heard any word on george zimmerman's whereabouts since the shooting of trayvon martin but seminole state withdrawing him from enrollment. how much do? that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive.
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so the eighty-thousand employees at delta... must anticipate the unexpected. and never let the rules overrule common sense. this is how we tame the unwieldiness of air travel, until it's not just lines you see... it's the world. getting a check of the top stories. an attorney for george zimmerman is speaking out and says race was not a factor in the shooting that claimed the life of 17-year-old trayvon martin. craig sonner says while he has not discussed the events of that night with his client, it lik y
4:29 am
ly centers around self defense. zimmerman has changed his address after receiving death threats. he has advised zimmerman to keep a low profile saying he believes his life is in danger. this new video goes inside the apartment where french gunman made his final stand. mohammad merah shot dead after 30 hours was wanted for a series of attacks that killed seven people. the french prime minister is defending police saying they had no grounds to arrest him before the attacks happened. voters heading to the polls in louisiana where rick santorum could score a big victory, the latest data showing the former senator with a commanding lead over mitt romney. 20 delegates up for grabs, allocated proportionally, only