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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 31, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ultimately be tried in a court of law. for now it's playing out in the court of public opinion, where our views ar race and justice are shaped by our life experiences. this is a conversation that americans will be having for quite some time. we thank you for watching tonight. good night. you're in the "cnn newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday march 31. it i'm fredricka whitfield. the big question today, who won the biggest mega millions lottery jackpot of? we don't know their names yet butt we know the states where the lucky numbers were purchased. pinning tickets sold in illinois, kansas and maryland. the winning numbers are, 2-4-23-38-46, mega ball of 23.
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[ chanting ] >> what do we want, justice. >> now. >> thousands rallying in sanford, florida, demanding justice for trayvon martin. naacp are there. they want sanford's police chief to be fired who temporarily stepped down after the shooting. newly released documents in the 2009 disappearance of a utah mother are raising questions about the police investigation. unsealed court records show police found susan powell's blood inside her family's home. a handwritten will saying she feared her husband might kill her was also found. susan powell's father wants to know why jason powell wasn't arrested. last month police said josh powell snatched his two sons from a social worker, killed the children and himself minutes before his home exploded. gop presidential candidates are in wisconsin today jockeying
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for votes at an event sponsored by the faith and freedom coalition. the conservative forum comes days before wisconsin's primary, and today mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich made personal appeals to wisconsin voters. >> i particularly appreciate the extraordinary introduction, your congressman paul ryan. what a leader in our party. what a conservative. >> i ask flis sa to come stand with me from white hall, spent all week campaigning here in wisconsin as a wisconsinite and we have a great, great reception. >> i want to thank you in particular, because one of the things i hear everywhere i go as i cross this state and frankly across this country is that people are saying, say the same thing over -- even more than hello, which is, i'm praying for you. >> olbermann bee >>. keith olbermann considering taking legal action after being
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fired. accusing it of break its promises to him. gore and joel hiatt say the tv values were no longer reflected in its relationship with olbermann. the former host eliot spitzer launched a new show in his time slot. more on the winners of the biggest mega millions lottery jackpot of. $656 million. we don't know who the new millionaires are, but we do know the winning tickets were sold in maryland, kansas and illinois. athena jones from where the winning ticket was sold in maryland. >> reporter: hi, fredricka. we're here just outside baltimore, maryland. 7:00 p.m., the lucky win use add machine back there. you see people lining up to buy more tishgts. used that machine to do a quick pick lottery ticket spending one dollar for one line of number. luckily for that winner, the winning numbers. this person has a chance to take part, or will take part, in this
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huge jackpot with two other winners. this is of course, a record jackpot. much bigger than the $390 million record set back in 2007. we had a chance to talk with a maryland lottery director about the advice they give to winners. >> our advice to the winner, to the extent we give any advice, is to get good advice. hopefully they'll reach out to some trusted advocates for them, both financially and legally, and then at an appropriate time come in and make a claim on the ticket. >> not even a day has passed since this winner found out they won. they haven't come forward yet. lottery winners an required to take part in publicity here in maryland. we may never know. last year two big winners of powerball numbers never came forward. we'll have to wait and see what happens. here again are the winning numbers -- 2-4-23-38-46 and the megaball number, 23. we're learning more about the
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winning ticket in illinois, by the way. it was sold in a tiny farming town of red bud in the southern part of that state. it's not far from st. louis, about 3,500 people actually there there. the manager of the convenience store where the winning ticket was sold says the town is buzzing. >> we're having a great time. you know, the people in town are having a good time trying to speculate who it is, or hoping it's still them. and -- the atmosphere has just been phenomenal. >> and i'll talk more with that store manager the next in our the commotion in a tiny town over a grace bill lottery win. in this age of twitter, can't forget the twits, of course. we asked what would you do if you won? here's what a couple of you told us. gina from st. louis says -- i would establish a foundation with a drug company to give women free birth control plus research women's health. and henry says -- i would self-finance my own
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. news from overseas now. two bombs kill at least ten people in thailand. it happened in the southern city of yala. two stolen trucks blew up on a busy street. more than 100 people hurt. that part of thailand is part of a separatist movement blame ford thousands of deaths. in syria, government officials clashed in the capital
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of damascus, saying at least 29 people died in fighting across syria today. and it is election weekend in myanmar. nobel laureate suu kyi is running for a seat in parliament but does not believe the vote will be free or fair. osama bin laden moved around quite a bit in pakistan and became quite the family man between 9/11 and his death. that's according to one of his wives telling sba inin ining in about his life in hyden. brian todd reports. >> reporter: alternately hiding, running and fathering children in the years after 9/11. new details of osama bin laden's life on the run emerged given by his youngest wife, yemeni born amal ahmed abdul if a fateh.
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she said they lived in pakistan. consistently during those years, pakistani leaders said this about bin laden's whereabouts. >> i don't think that osama bin laden is in pakistan. >> the interrogation report filed in january is prayer phra paraphrased saying the family lived in at least five locations in pakistan after 9/11 in at least five safe houses. according to the record, abdul fateh says after 9/11 the family scattered. she went to karachi, pakistan, stayed there eight or nine months. nd 2002, she went to peshawar pakistan reunited with bin laden there and then the family went to sawat in pakistan, stayed there eight or nine months. in 2003, another city, stayed there about two years. then in 2005 she says she went to the compound where she says they stayed for about six years
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until bin laden's death. bin laden may not have been with her that entire time, but fateh says while they were on the run she gave birth to four of the five children she had with bin laden. the report says she claims to have given birth to 0 two children in a pakistani government hospital. she says he only stayed in the hospital two or three hours each tile. the "new york times" sites a separate document saying she gave fake i.d. papers to hospital staff. i spoke with terrorism analyst brian fishman about the children born in those years. >> what does that suggest about his mind-set during those years on the run? >> i think, you know, we have this notion that he was interested in preserving his legacy. we've got that famous video of him watching his old videos, sitting there and, you know, in the house. so it's plausible to think he wants to have a big family. he wants to be seen as a major sheikh. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells us bin laden's wife's
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account seems plausible. we've tried to get response from pakistani officials to these accounts. specifically asked if anyone in the government knew bin laden's wife gave birth in a government hospital. we've gotten no response. brian todd, cnn, washington. and the internet is buzzing with rumors of a new playstation 4 and a company celebrating april fools' day with new gadgets. details next in our gaming and gadgets segment. to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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top stories are straight ahead, including a march for justice in sanford, florida. the naacp is urging police to arrest george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. all right. in the world of games and gadgets, rumors are flying about the unveiling of a playstation 4 in 2013. our syndicated technology expert marc saltzman has the inside track and joins us live now from toronto. you always have the inside track. okay. what are you hearing? what's the buzz? >> all right. well, an anonymous insider told the very popular gaming blog that a playstation 4 is in the works. its code named orbus slated for a holiday 2013 release. it's been about six years since the playstation 3 debuted. timing sounds right. still a rumor at this point. you would think, fred, this is very exciting news for gamers. it is.
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maybe even they'll unveil it at the e-3 video expo in june. however, gamers will not be able to play used games. and that's a huge market that as you can probably understand. video games you don't like, they want you to buy the games new. buzz is rumor the new ps-4 will now allow to you play new games. a one-time used code or a link. and will this consol play older games? the playstation 3 came out, played ps-2. interesting if this holds true. >> some sony to samsung now. the took the wraps of the audio dock. what makes this so interesting? >> they unveiled samsung audio dock on tuesday in new york city. what makes it interesting is, the company is no stranger, they're no stranger to premium
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audio products. about $700 for the high-end version. however, what makes it unique is that it's got a little old school technology fused with modern tech. so it is vacuum tubes for a warmer, more natural sound. so this is something that audiophiles probably still use. it's, you know, some -- older technology, but they still have digital amplification as well. a 100 watt dock. that makes it unique. so it's old technology, tret troe technology with modern technology, but also unique in the facts that you can dock your iphone or ipad or samsung galaxy product in the back and charge it up at the same time, but it also has wireless technology. bluetooth 2.0. air play and other wi-fi supports to keep using it while listening to music. >> huh. >> so it impressed the group of journalists there and out in april. >> oh, okay. and the meantime, marc i know you're quite the jokester and you like to laugh and all that.
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does that mean you really get into the whole april fool's thing? come april 1st? >> yeah. so geeks like me do get into april fools' day, which, of course, is tomorrow, and so do popular geeky stores like a popular online store. what's interesting is, every year for the past 12 years they've always released fake products, or announced fake products for april fools' day. some have become so popular, that they actually create the product and goes on. an example, we have shown on this segment. a miniature arcade you snap your ipad into and less you play games and they've had in the past a "star wars" tonton sleeping bag, when i have there. >> what the heck. thanks to you. we have it right here. this really started out, this tonton, the real deal. started out as a joke? they put the picture up online.
12:19 pm
this thing is really huge. they put it up online,, people liked it they started ordering these? is that how the story goes? >> exactly it. they made the products, too. so the tonton sleeping bag is a slowback to the "empire strikes back" luke needs to stay warm and la to crawl inside of a creature he sleigh slays on th planet. it's a sleeping bag. good nights united are excited for april fools' day, april 1, 2012. >> we have to send this back? right? >> that one you can probably keep your yourselves. >> okay. it's actually very plush. they did a good job, considering it was phony at the start and now it's the real deal. a nice little sleeping bag for the kiddies or for the geeks out there. marc saltsman, thanks for bringing us great gadgets and ideas. can't wait to find out that
12:20 pm has up its sleeve tomorrow. happy april fool's. >> and to you. take care. >> thanks a lot, marc. for more high-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the gaming tab or follow marc on facebook, twitter and of course, linkedin. cute, cuddly and a brother that is rather famous. meet germany's next big star when we come right back. polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans?
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shouts of justice fill the streets's sanford, florida. in a few hours the parents of trayvon martin will attend a vigil with his former football team. more on this after our top stories -- more than one win e of the biggest mega millions lottery jackpot of. winning tickets were actually sold in maryland, kansas and illinois. the winners will split $656 million. we don't know who the new millionaires are yet but we know her numbers. 2-4-23-38-46 and the mega ball number, 23. the sister of the world's most famous polar bear is making her public debut.
12:24 pm
meet anouri, almost three months old. cute and cuddly. wandered out into a small outdoor enclosure at a german zoo for the first time this week. and sharing a father with nut. he is the cub, sorry. it's newt. he's the cub that became an internet star after he was abandoned by his mother and raiseed by zookeeper. a cinderella moment for some new york teens who never thought they'd be able to afford to go to the prom. project cinderella is giving gowning and accessories to the girls whose families are recovering from last august's record floods. project cinderella is sponsored by the new york disaster relief fund. and a united states marine receives one of the military's highest honors for bravery in combat. yesterday at camp pendleton sergeant ryan sotello awarded the silver star for heroic action after the taliban ambushed his patrol in
12:25 pm
afghanistan. the marine corps says he took charge after his squad leader was killed, and he risked his own life to retrieve his lieutenant's body. demonstrators are calling for justice in the trayvon martin case, and they returned to the streets of sanford, florida, today. [ chanting ] >> they marched to the sanford police department which has been slammed for allowing george zimmerman, martin's shooter, to remain free. >> i just know that it is an injustice. there shouldn't be anyplace in america where being on a public sidewalk carrying skittles and iced tea would warrant anyone to kill you. okay? for any reason. we're free people. >> trayvon martin grew up in miramar, florida, where his family and friend are grief-stricken. tonight there will be a vigil in miramar held by members of a
12:26 pm
football team trayvon had played with since he was just 5 years old. john zarrella joins us with one of the men who knew him best. john. >> reporter: hi, fredricka. yeah, i'm here at the park here in miramar, and as you mentioned, tonight about 6:00, there will be a vigil here, and unlike a lot of these marches and vigils, this one, at this one will be many, many people who knew trayvon personally, who knew trayvon intimately from the time he was 5 when he grew up on these fields, playing football, until the time he went to high school. and right over here, to my right, this is the concession stand we've heard so much about where after he stopped playing football, he volunteered his time working in that concession stand. just a little while ago, i talked to his football coach, who had told me that, you know, people asked him all the time. the boy that was killed, was that the young man who used to work right there in the concession stand?
12:27 pm
and the football coach would answer, yeah. that was him, and he been working there pretty much right up until the time of his killing up in sanford. so we don't know exactly, fredricka, how many people are going to be here tonight. certainly many of the young men who played on the same football team, and played on this same field with trayvon, along with his football coach, and his parents, who are also expected to be here as well. again, this vigil getting started tonight here in miramar at around 6:00 p.m. fredricka? >> john zarrella. thanks so much, from miramar. all right. there's been quite the focus on the town of sanford, florida.'s malory simon spent the week there talking to people about their lives, the community, before and after this tragedy. she joins us next hour right here in the "newsroom." republican candidates for president are in wisconsin this weekend, appealing to
12:28 pm
conservative voters gathering at an event sponsored by the faith and freedom coalition. >> good morning, you radical right wirngs! wingers! [ laughter ] amen to that. >> that's how the group's chairman kicked off the event this morning in waukesha. shannon travis is there. shannon, using a bit of humor there, but no question, this is a very conservative event, and it comes days before wisconsin's primary. so how influential is this group, particularly in wisconsin? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, this is a national group. this group has meetings, gathering, all across the country. you probably remember them being very active in iowa during the caucus process. they came here to wisconsin a few days before the primary to hear from the presidential candidates. in terms of how influential they
12:29 pm
are, they certainly can corral a lot of those voters here to hear those candidates, and those three candidates that appeared, newt gingrich, mitt romney and rick santorum, they basically talked about faith and freedom. that was the name of the focus, and the name, fred, of this gathering. they talked a lot about faith and family. one thing that struck me as really interesting is newt gingrich, and mitt romney pretty much stayed away from attacking each other, and attacked president obama, as you might expect, but rick santorum, maybe he didn't get the memo or something, because he went directly at them. at mitt romney saying, repeating his line that mitt romney is the worst person to go up against president obama on the issues specifically of health care. so a little bit of a different message from rick santorum. obviously, he's hoping to win here in wisconsin on tuesday. although the polls show mitt romney holding in some cases double digit leads over his rivals. >> so does that mean there's anything to the reported meetings between, the secret meeting between mitt romney and
12:30 pm
newt gingrich in louisiana? >> reporter: fred, you know we in the press, we love nothing better than a secret meeting, being able to report details about it, but this meeting happened last week in louisiana between mitt romney and newt gingrich. none of us knew about it. at least those in the press. i talked with the former house speaker about it yesterday, asked him about it. he said you know what? it was a private meeting, private conversation, but i have those all the time with mitt romney and rick santorum. one interesting thing he did reveal. he was talking about their agreement. their goal as to defeat barack obama but said the three have an agreement that if one of them win, the other two will support them wholeheartedly. just a little bit of a tidbit from newt gingrich from conversations he has with his two rivals. >> potentially that will end the mystery of who gets the delegates, once one or two steps out. >> reporter: like a good mystery. >> shan, thanks in wisconsin.
12:31 pm
join ugers sunday at 4:00 eastern time for a special hour focusing on the 2012 presidential contenders. and tune in tuesday night for complete coverage of the wisconsin, maryland and d.c. primaries. joins cnn political team starting at 7:00 eastern time. all right. you want to protect your home and your family, but you don't need to waste money. the five insurance policies that you don't need, according to our financial adviser, next. mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education.
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check your credit and debit card balances. hackers hit a major company that processes electronic information gathered every time you swipe a card. millions of card holders could be at risk. visa and mastercard notified members whose accounts could be compromised. the number one issue in american homes.
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getting your financial house in order. our weekly financial fix, five insurance policies you don't need. daria dolan joins me. >> i don't want to do with myself. >> goodness. >> hold a hand. >> we'll just -- soldier through together, then. all right. you know -- >> okay. >> this is important. you like insurance, if it's the right kind of policy. but you're here to tell us there are some things you just don't need, beginning with a credit card loss insurance. >> exactly. i mean, you just talked about the data breach that occurred, i think affected us. somebo somebody sent ut a new card with numbers. to buy credit card insurance is insane pap federal law caps it out to $50, only if you don't pay attention and don't tell somebody that you lost the card. so save your money. there's no sense paying for that
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protection when you don't need it. you're protected federally. >> okay. i know you're a big advocate of home insurance, health insurance. but then there's something called disease insurance that folks might find enticing, even if they have health insurance. why do you say they don't need te? >> well, because even though you may have a history of heart disease in your family, or cancer in your family, you may or may not contract the disease yourself. to pay for that one type of insurance, number one, is extremely, extremely expensive. when you can buy a good all-around policy that, if you check the fine print and talk wit agent before you purchase it, will probably cover you in all eventualities. so if you don't get heart disease but do end up with cancer, which you didn't plan for, you'll still be koefberred. it's a foolish waste of money to target a specific disease. >> hold on to every dime and penny, if you can. then life insurance for kids.
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>> yes. this, we have fought this battle with insurance agents. they used to call us on radio, on tv and ge on and on about how we hate insurance, and we don't hate insurance, but life insurance should be for the primary bread winners of the family. husband, wife, whoever's working, contributing to the mortgage. contributing to the college fund for the kids, in case that safety net for people, in case, god forbid, one of you die, the money will be there to continue what the other person was contributing to the household. but to insure a child, of course, they always hit you with, well, in case they're not insurable later. that's rare a child won't be able to get insurance when they hit their 20s. unless that child is a mark zuckerberg, with an internet up and running that you're living off of, or a child actor or model contributing to the household finances, it's just another colossal waste of money.
12:38 pm
>> then mortgage life insurance. what's that? >> mortgage life insurance, the banks love to do this. if you take a mortgage out, i guarantee you, before the month sout you will have gotten at least a half a dozen solicitations from your bank and other insurance companies ocherring you mortgage life insurance protection. you die, we'll pay off the mortgage, but that mortgage life insurance, if you're buying that to protect, to pay off your mortgamor mortga mortgage, that money is going to the lender. suppose you've been paying that, only ten years left to go on this 30-year mortgage. that money is only going to pay off the whatever is left on that existing mortgage, and your spouse may have a better use for that large sum of money. maybe for educating a child. >> uh-huh. >> so you want to buy a decreasing term life insurance to cove the mortgage. it guess down in value, it goes down in premiums as your
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mortgage gets paid off. >> ten seconds left. flight insurance. why do we not want this? >> well, unless you're going to be on a plane with an out of control flight attendant, or a crazy man in the cockpit -- >> you never know. >> you never know, but the odds of you crack are really, really slim. >> this is not with your luggage and all that? >> no, no, no. >> got it. >> no. this is to protect you, should the plane fall out of the sky. >> got it. all right. dar ya doia dolan, we miss ken. best regards to him. >> i'll tell him. thanks, fred, talk soon. for some helpful tax tips, you know that filing is right around the corner. you want to sign up for the dolans' free newsletter. go to when disaster strikes a former marine has 1,400
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♪[music plays] when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays] for many war veterans coming home it be difficult. this week's "hero" he made it his mission in arms to help his
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brothers find a new purpose. meet jake wood. >> in the military everyone's taught how to lead, follow, solve problems. we really pride ourselves on being ready and willing to go anywhere. i served in the marine corps, deployed to iraq and afghanistan. when i first saw the earthquake that hit haiti, a lot of the images, i felt i'd seen them before driving through the streets of fallujah or afghanistan. i realized i could help out. i'm going to haiti. who's 72 hours later on our way positive port-au-prince. >> we realized, veterans are useful in these situations. i'm jake wood and i want to help veterans transition to symbolian life and help others. >> it started as a disaster organization and we realized we could help the veteran community as well. bring the veterans together to be a part of a team once again.
12:44 pm
they are almost recharged. >> you get out and have that feeling of what are you really doing that's important in the world? this team provided a great opportunity to just help people in need. >> pull your foot back as far as you do. >> most of the work we do, emergency triage clinics. gone to chile, sudan, pakistan. here in joplin, clearing debris. search and rescue. we have about 1,400 volunteers and 80% of military veterans. helping othertial people heal i part of the process. >> swret ability to help and want to serve. it's the ultimate situation. remember, all of our heroes come from your nominations. so go to to share your inspirational stories. if you spend more than 15 minutes booking your next vacation, you might want to call a travel agent. if they still exist. details, next.
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confusion and problems in booking travel. online is prompting the run of the travel agent. reynolds wolf has details in this week's "on the go." >> reporter: the average traveler spends hours booking their own vacations visiting 20 different sites, 9 web session for just one trip. that's one reason travel ats are becoming popular again. >> travelers are looking for advice. somebody who can answer questions for them, has experience in traveling, and they can't always get that online. >> come up with something you haven't thought of yet. >> reporter: they carry segments says beyonlt the convenience, agents can help if something goes wrong.
12:47 pm
>> you actually have somebody can you call. whether it's weather related, family emergency, or just any type of natural disaster. we're there for you. >> reporter: suggesting, interviewing agents before they plan your trip. if you're worried about costs, most agents make money through commissions but complex itineraries often come way fee. if you have to pay a fee for a travel agent, chances are good the discounts and savings they can get for you are going to compensate for any fees you pay to them. >> reporter: making these globetrots experts an option the next time you're on the go. the much-anticipated sequel to "clash of the titans" is out this weekend. two stars of the "wrath of titan" sat down to talk about the differences between the first mother and this wunchts first film, you know, paint add wonderful back droge the world these gods and demigods live in. terrific film. this one we've come a little deeper. >> when we come back, our movie critic breaks it all down.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
this weekends big box office releases, all about fairy tales. giving us his grade. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> seems like this is the weekend of, you know, fantasies. why not? mega million, people fantasized thereabout. why not at the movie theater, too? begin with "the wrath of the titans." what's that all about? >> this is the sequel to "clash of the titans" from a couple years back. set ten years later. returning at purerseus, losing powers and creatures breaking out of the underworld and
12:50 pm
perseus has to stop them. >> liam neeson is in everything it seems these days. take a quick look at a little clip. >> everybody back! >> you betrayed our father. >> he betrayed me. by choosing you. >> and ralph fiennes, we haven't seen him in a while, or have we. sam worthington as well. matt, break it down for me. did you like it? >> i didn't really care for this that much, unfortunately. you know, the action is pretty good. and the movie looks okay, and it's a much better 3-d transfer than the original. you don't have it looking like someone's hair is ten feet behind their head like we had in the terrible post transfer from clash of the titans. technically, it holds up better,
12:51 pm
but it suffers the same problems this one did. the story gets confusing, and you really don't care about the characters that much which is unfortunate because you have a great cast, liam neeson, sam fine fines, sam worthington. steals the movie, never gives it back. on that level, i say it's probably the best recommendation i can give. ultimately, the movie is mostly disappointing. >> your grade then in. >> my grade is a d. not a total loss, but it's not great. >> okay, all right, d, that's tough. you're a tough grader, but you mean it. let's talk about "mirror, mirror." this with julia robert, lily collins, nathan lane. is this a play on a storyline -- snow white or something we're used to seeing? >> this is basically snow white told from the point of the view of the wicked stepmother, and
12:52 pm
its julia roberts as the stepmother, lily collins, as the daughter, nathan lane makes an appearance. directed by carson sing who brought us the fall and the cell and last year's immortals. this is the kind of a different take on snow white and the seven dwarfs. >> let's take a look. >> earl, don't fight girls. >> i shall reconsider. >> the queen thinks you're manipulating her. >> snow white meets matrix, that's what this is really about. did you like this? >> something like that. i did kind of like that. the rating on this is pg, i believe. i did kind of like this movie. i thought it was pretty fun.
12:53 pm
it's got a different take on the snow white story. one of the things it does impressively is that it gives you a new set of dwafrfs who al have distinctive personalities and none are the ones we know from the disney film. >> no sleepy? >> no sleepy, no sneezy, no doc. completely different characters. and they're all really fun. probably the standout performance is army hammer, who people might remember from the social network. >> that's right. >> he is -- he's hilarious in this. and i'll tell the ladies, he gets his shirt off a lot in this film. if there's one particular scene where he's just hilarious, he really steals the movie on a certain level. i think the movie is beautiful. i think the kids are really going to like it. it's uneven at times. the story gets a little muddled, but it's pretty good and a fun time for the family.
12:54 pm
i give it a b. i think it's a solid film. >> that's good. we got a nice grade on some fantasy film, and it turns out to be the one for the whole family. >> exactly. so if you didn't win the lottery, go ahead and see this. >> i like the tradeoff. thanks so much. have a great weekend. good to see you. remember, you can check out all of matt's grades and reviews by going to rottenpota prottent. >> it's a titanic weekend in britain. it premiered in london. wait until you see the huge exhibit dedicated to the ship that opens tomorrow in belfast. nic robertson got a preview. >> i think we're going to another floor. >> we are. you go through the ship, you move to the corridors where you would have had the cabins. it's like using modern technology to tell a 100-year-old story. >> you're going up. >> you can see the movement, and now you're up at the first-class level. >> claire's job is to market
12:55 pm
belfast's hottest new property. and that includes the replica staircase made famous by kate winslet and leonardo decap rio. >> this is the largest in northern ireland. >> this one? >> yes, just over 1,000 people here for dinner. it's an extremely popular choice for weddings. this is going to be the driver for tourism into the whole island of ireland. >> fascinating stuff. movie crettic gray drake was in london for the premiere. she said she couldn't wait to go and meet james cameron and the rest of the gang. she'll be with you next hour with the review of that trip to london and everything that happened on the red carpet for the "titanic" 3-d. a new york grandmother is suing apple for her broken noise. you have to hear what our legal guys have to sas about this.
12:56 pm
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an 83-year-old woman blames apple for her brokeninose. she is suing the computer giant for $1 million because she walked right into an apple store's glass wall. i spoke with our legal guys for their perspective on the case. >> i think the reasonable person walking into an all-glass door reezing reasonable amount of caution would probably not run into this. there are literally millions of people walking in and out. and i'm sorry for evelyn.
12:59 pm
she did not see the door. i feel terrible. she bonked her shu noz, and i'm sorry it broke, but the test is reasonab reasonableness. was it foreseeable? i done think any jury on earth is going to determine that the design of the door is unreasonable. >> unreasonable, but everyone has walked into a glass door or a sliding glass door or something. and most could empathize? >> this never happened to you, really? >> to me? i walked through screens and doors, sure. >> okay. so because it does happen, i mean, richard, doesn't this door, you know, knowing that hundreds of people come through all the time, do they have to put something up to make sure that people, you know, see that this is glass and doesn't ms. pa passwell have a point? >> they would love you on the ju