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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 1, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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palace. the place prince william and his bride, kate, call home. kensington palace is also where the boys lived with their mom, princess diana. from cnn center, this is cnn sunday morning. it is 7:00 a.m. in the east, 4:00 a.m. in the west. good morning, everyone. i'm randy kay. here's what's happening. an around the world yacht race is interrupted by stormy weather, and now a rescue operation underway 400 miles off the california coast. new details from the coast guard. also -- taking his anti-bullying message straight to high school kids. meet the scary guy. and the party is just starting from sweet 16 to the final four, and now the national college basketball championship. two teams now many it to win it.
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more now on that coast guard yacht rescue. the yacht was headed from china to san francisco during the race around the world when stormy weather swept away the vessel's communication and steering equipment. now the coast guard is coming to the aid of the crew. four of which have injuries. moments ago i spoke to an agency official about exactly what that means. >> once the coast guard helicopter makes its way to the vessel, it will lower a rescue swimmer just as my rescue lowers to shore would. he is an emt trained person. he will do medical evaluation, check the injuries, treat the injuries as much as he can, and make a decision on what he needs
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to do at that point. >> and that official says the coast guard should reach the yacht in about an hour. >> the republican presidential candidates phobinging on wisconsin today with the primary coming up on tuesday. some analysts say a victory by mitt romney in wisconsin can all but seal his nomination. rival rick santorum says not so fast. he is urging religious conservative voters to stick with him. a new nbh-maris poll shows romney leading santorum by seven points. the former massachusetts governor soubding pretty confident. >> i've got a ways to go before i get 1,144 delegates. i'm not counting the delegates before they hatch, but i hope i get a good strong sendoff in wisconsin? i got a good boost from the folks in illinois, and if i can get that boost also from wisconsin, i think we'll be on a path that will get me the nomination well before the convention. sure hope so. >> wisconsin is just one of
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three contests we'll be watching on tuesday in maryland and the district of columbia, and also primaries. >> hillary clintons the syrian regime will face serious consequences if it does not stop killing its own people. the secretary of state is in neighboring turkey for the friends of syria conference. she also announced an additional $12 million in humanitarian aid to syria's people, bringing the total nearly $25 million. from florida to massachusetts to the nation's capital, people seeking justice for trayvon martin marched and rallied and repeated their calls for officials investigating the shooting of the florida teen to take action. ben jellis, head of the naacp, talked about the message that he and others are working to send. >> we're all united and our call for justice can be done here in sanford. i spent all of last week -- not this past week, but the week before here listening to people in this community, and it's clear that this community is
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coming together around this call for mr. zimmerman to be brought to justice. >> let's bring in george howell. is he in sanford, florida, this morning. any progress in terms of the investigation? anything we can expect this week? >> well, we heard recently from the attorney general here in the state of florida that the case is in the hands of state prosecutors. they are looking at the case, looking at all the details to determine whether there is enough evidence to arrest george zimmerman in this case, but again, that is the chorus. that's what you hear from thousands of people who came together here in sanford just the other day. people chanting that they -- that i am trayvon martin, and people that wanted to see george zimmerman arrested. they alls want to point out this protest movement, it may be becoming more of a political movement. we heard members of the naacp urging people to go out and register and vote to make sure
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that they are able to change laws here in this state, but a lot of people came together here in sanford. we saw big crowds here. also in washington d.c. there were rallied, and also in massachusetts, fiery rally there, but all these rallies, randy, have been peaceful rallies and marches. everyone basically making the point that they want to see an arrest ms case. >> george howell for us. george, thank you very much. well, many of you are thinking right now you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery, but one of those things happened to a mega million tickets buyer in kansas, and he is telling us all about it. plus -- hi, reynolds. >> it's time for weather, i guess. >> are you ready? >> yeah. actually, absolutely. we're going to be seeing today a chance of severe weather across parts of the ohio valley. severe thunderstorms are possible, and maybe oon ace late. more snow in the mountains of the west, including the sierra
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>> look at that, reynolds. sunshine poking through in atlanta. >> it's goinging to lovely. the only thing in atlanta is we're going to see temperatures go up very close to 90 over the mechanics several days. unseasonably warm, and i'm all about warm weather, but when it is supposed to happen. >> oh, no. bring it on. bring on the heat. >> okay. well, you know what, because you asked, that's exactly what we're
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going to do. we're going to talk about other places around the country where we're going to see temperatures go up a little more than memorial. the big part of the story is going to be this region, the ohio valley. there will be a chance of severe storms. most will occur in the mid to late afternoon hours because that's when the atmosphere will be becoming particularly unstable. strong storms are certain. possibly a few isolated tornadoes. what else will you be seeing? temperatures above normal. randy says she likes the heat. plenty of it in spots like dallas and the expected high. 80 in kansas city. much cooler in parts of the great lakes. now to the west to snowflakes. very breezy today. 48 degrees the expected high. it's going to be the upper midwest where you're going to see a big contrast in temperatures. take a look at the numbers there in white like bismarck or back to sioux falls or even in minneapolis. the white numbers is where we should be this time of year. that's on average. if you look at the yellow, that would be your expected high. places like omaha, nebraska, 89 is what we expect by the afternoon. kansas city, 87. wichita, 88. louisville at 85, and 79 in
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indianapolis. remember, we are talking about the chance of storms across the ohio valley. we have some thunderstorms that pop up. that rain-cooled air will come to the surface, and temperatures will drop quite a bit. certainly might be far more comfortable as we make our way to the rest of the day. speaking of the winds, we still have it for you in the west. a great basin. especially tropical storm force winds at times and even anywhere from 30 gusts expect even back over into parts of southern california. that could be really tough. especially if you are flying into l.a.x. things will be really on that approach. still snow expected for portions of the cascades. even into parts of the sierra mav nav and into the central rockies. even towards yellowstone national park. yes, the snow will be falling again. let's wrap it up. delays expected in new york, chicago, miami, salt lake city, and las vegas. everything out west towards the wind, that's going to be your issue. chicago, thunderstorms might keep you grounded for just a bit. that's your forecast. randy, back to you.
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>> sounds like i need to schedule a trip to dallas. >> you will be a happy camper if you go. >> thank you very much. there were three big winners in friday night's lottery, splitting 640 million dollars, but we may never know who two of the three mega millionaires are. kansas and pair mare, turns out, were two of the winning tickets were sold, don't require winners to come forward publicly. the third ticket was sold in illinois, but even though we don't know the winner's names yet. we do know that they will each get $218 million a piece before taxes. a pretty cool return for $1 investment in a lottery ticket. for one kansas man his quest to be the nation's newest millionaire included a brush with mother nature. after buying three lottery tickets wichita, kansas, resident joked with his friend that he had a better chance of being struck by light ming than winning the mega millions. that's exactly what happened to this guy in his backyard later that night. he was kept overnight in a local
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hospital for observation. it says it wasn't a direct flight. in case you are wondering, he was not one of the winners. march madness time. well, it's down to the final two. stick around for the highlights of yesterday's big games.
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it is sometimes called a form of modern day slavery. the victims including girls as young as 12 years old talking about sex trafficking. my next guest says one major website that's blamed by some for perpetuating this horrific crime has some surprising ties to wall street. the website is called back joining me now via skype from cambridge, massachusetts, is "new york times" columnist and author of the on the ground blog
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nick krzysztof. >> good morning. >> let's start at the beginning. this is incredible. i mean, i have read your column. how does back work and why has this particular site become so prominent with people talking about sex trafficking in the u.s.? >>. >> it sells all kinds of things, but it has also an escort section. you can pull out 70% of ads for prostitution. plenty of those are by consenting adults, but there are also a lot placed by pimps for underaged girls they control, and there have been arrests in 22 different states linked to back page -- 22 arrests of people for the purpose trafficking underage girls linked to back page. many attorneys general around the country to get back page out of this business, but it's never been entirely clear who is the ultimate owner of back page. we know it's owned by village voice media, but the owners of that is a private company, and
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what is new is that it turns out that wall street has owned almost half of it, and goldman saks has owned 16% of the company. >> so is that extensive? i mean, it's incredible when you find out that goldman sachs is one of the owners -- one of the owners, the media company that owns back page. was this pretty extensive involvement, do you think, this 16%? >> well, it's clearly a minority interest, and they weren't in control of the company. on the other hand, they had a board seat. i mean, they -- they are completely horrified, and this wasn't a high ranking decision. on the other hand, they didn't have -- >> what happens when you went to them and told them what you discovered? >> well, they were completely mortified. they had actually heard -- i had been sort of poking around asking other people about it before i called them on tuesday, and so they already knew that i would be calling, and they had all guns ready, and, you know, their point was this wasn't a high ranking decision.
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they own a lot of companies. big company. on the other hand, they did have a managing director on this company board four years while it was a leading sex trafficking website. as far as i can tell, they never raised internally with the company the idea that maybe it should get out of this business. in their defense, they say that if they had, that it wouldn't have had any impact, that the company wouldn't have listened to them. >> does it surprise you that goldman wasn't even aware of this? >> yeah, it does. there has been a lot of publicity on back page, on village voice media on this issue, and because the company was on the board, it seems to me that, you know, at least at that level of the managing director level people must have been aware of it and xwaersed by it, and why they held on to it all these years i have no idea. >> any other companies that you found that were involved as well? >> yeah. there are three other private equity companies. one of them turner rant said it
4:18 am
has no voice in the company, that it will try to sell its stake. two others alta communications in brentwood would not talk to me. they would not return my phone calls. gold man sacks, as soon as i began calling, they began to try to unload the shares and in about four days they reached an agreement to sell those shares back to management, so they were desperate to make that -- arrange that sale by the time i called them. >> when nick krzysztof comes calling, you lit a fire under them, i'm sure. nick, it was great to have you on the show this morning, and for anybody that auto would like to check out your column, find it at "new york times".com. >> thanks, randy. a former tattoo artilleryist is using his life experiences to help schools eliminate bullying. his unique way of teaching. very unique way of teaching next. anned. [ director ] cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things.
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welcome back. schools across the country are asked to tackle the difficult problem of bullying. i visited a middle school in minnesota to meet one of those experts. he calls himself the scary guy. >> i am in charge of the brain of zach. >> this is the scary guy. a former tattoo artist. he entertains the students by playing the bully. >> check out that geek in the wheelchair, dude. >> this is supposed to be bullying prevention. he calls it edutainment. >> stop taking on other people's rotten, horrific negative words as energy and putting them back out on this planet thinking you're defending yourself. >> his message may sound -- but his tlifry is unconventional. to say the least. >> oh.
4:23 am
tattooed from head to toe, the scariy guy commands as much as $6,500 a day for his performance. and a curriculum that goes with it. for those looking to wake up a community with shock and awe, he delivers. >> i just love his approach. >> austin, minnesota, principal dewy. >> it's not perfect. it's not, you know, some would say not beautiful. maybe a little shocking to look at. it gets everyone's attention. >> i role play my behavior based on my young adult years where i would find fault with people no matter what. their height, short, tall, skinny, fat, blondes and bald guys. >> scary has no formal academic
4:24 am
credentials, but he makes no apology for that or his looks brsh instead he touts his last 13 years speaking to tens of thousands of schoolchildren worldwide. never mind he never finished college. a fact that some school administrators are willing to look past. >> no matter what his training is, you do see him as an expert. >> he is. absolutely. in our world, an couldic world, in the schools, you have to have a degree, but that doesn't make you a good teacher. stroo so for anyone who might say, look, this guy has a great program, but what are his credentials? >> i would say that my credentials are that i'm doing something to help people that's based on love and it's me on the street learning to manager my whole life, and i don't know where else you can go to get this kind of information and training. >> but we discovered some of his customers have begun to question whether he has any real lasting impact. once the flashy performance is over. >> you can have these kind of folks come in, and they're in a sense a bit of a mercenary.
4:25 am
a one-time one-shot deal. is that really changing kids' lives? my answer is no. >> you know what, i'm leaving. >> pretty unique guy there. pretty unique approach. you can catch the rest of my story on the scariy guy tonight on a special cnn presents. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. next hour, a family who is featured in the film -- the new film "bully" joins me along with one of the film's producers, and we would like you to join in on that conversation. if you would like to ask the family a question, including alex libby, who was bullied and a speaker in the film. you can tweet me. if you have a question for the film's producer, well, we'll ask for your questions as well. tweet me at a randy kay@cmn. >> it is now down to the final two. stick around for highlights of yesterday's big games from the big east. ell me you're giving me the silent treatment? ummm, yeah. jen, this is like the eighth time you've called... no, it's fine, my family has free unlimited
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march madness. kansas ask kentucky set to battle for the ncaa title. okay. not exactly any as i understand rela teams. here's hln's carlos diaz. >> thanks, randy. kentucky took the bluegrass battle beating louisville by eight points. that's actually the smallest margin of victory the wildcats have enjoyed in the tournament. that's how dominant they've been. kentucky faesz kansas who knocked out ohio state in a thrilling fashion, and that sets up the monday night championship game, a battle between u.k. and k.u. >> it's going to go to a national championship with the team that we had starting three freshmen and two sophomores, it's just great. you know, we have a great team,
4:29 am
and we just want to obtain our dream and our goals. >> it was a great feeling. throughout the season, it paid off. we're finally here. we want to show the world we're the best m country and try to win another game. >> it's a dream for these kids to play in the biggest stage that college basketball has to offer this year and get to play, you know, the best i'm in the country hands down from day one to now. most consistent. it's a thrill. >> my foul we put out there can match up with any foul they put out there. i'm confident going into this game. i understand they're really talented, well coached. they play hard. i think the same thing about us. >> you would have thought tradition, randy. kansas has the second most wins out of any other basketball team in the history of college hoops. number one on that list? that would be the kentucky wild cats. >> carlos, thank you very much. kentucky a