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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 1, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> what are the teen's parents asking for. >> this all goes back to last week when reports began to surface on the night of st shooting of trayvon martin aparentally felt that he doubted the story of george zimmerman. in fact what he wanted to do was charge him with negligent homicide or manslaughter. you even see those accounts on the initial police report. however he was overruled by the state attorney's office. well, this is ray's real question marks in the family's man. why if the lead investigator doubted the story does a state attorney say that you cannot arrest george zimmerman? this is why they want an independent investigation on the federal level.
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>> we understand that the teen's parents are attending the rally. we will play it for our viewers. >> keep in mind, of course, this is trayvon's hometown for one. that is one of the reasons they have a large turnout. and the idea is that they want the public to maintain the pressure on state officials here in florida bauss what they want is to see george zimmerman arrested. this is important to begin the process of justice. they hope by these public demonstrations they will continue to keep trying to leverage the state of florida to make the arrest which they say is so important. >> thank you very much. as i said to our viewers we will hear from sabrina and tracy martin, the mother and father of
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trayvon. he has become a household name but have you heard of kendrick mcdade? he is another teen shot to death sparking outrage in pasadena, california. a town hall meeting was held to respond to questions about the killing on march 24. a 911 caller said robbers had put a gun to his face and taken his laptop. >> no weapon was found on mcdade. police learned later about the men having a gun to get a faster response. >> how could you look out and
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say gosh, i am going shoot this guy. i don't say halt or stop or do any of the things. you watch the cop shows. >> the u.s. is promising its double in funding for opposition forces in sire ya. >> i think the sanctions are beginning to have an effect. that is why we formed the sanctions committee today and the united states will be working with arab countries and european countries and others to have them understand the most effective way to imp lemt sanctions. as one of them said to me, the americans have a loot of
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experience. we are making progress. also the individual sanctions, the travel bans, the visa bans, the kinds of direct personal sanctions are beginning to really wake people up for the rest of my life. >> there is no break in the relentless shelling in the city of holmes. it seems it need s money to support the rebel army. >> mitt romney says he is con if i tent heading into tuesday's primaries but his challengers say they are not going away. rick santorum is forging away. today, santorum disputed claims that his continued campaign might hurt the party. >> four years ago we had a
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nominee in march. how did that work out for us? we didn't have the right nominee. the democrats went into the middle of the summer. they were saying the same thing. what hurts us is not getting the right candidate. >> even though he has cut spending and staff and cut back on criticism. gingrich is vowing to launch a come back that he compares to kansas in the final four. today he picked up an endorsement that usually backs democrats. they called romney the clear choice in what they called an uninspired and dwindling field.
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>> look, i know a little bit about unguarded moments with microphones. the president just stated the obvious. the idea that in this election year we're going to be able to deal with an agreement with the russians on further reducing arsenals in the environment that we have is dif couple. >> may need some legal first aid after the beating it took at the supreme court. we will talk object that and revisit. is the hot dog ez bun . steam is the key to a great hot dog. i knew it was going to be a success.
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>> after hearing the questions posed by supreme court jis 'tises this week, a lot of people think that president obama's health care reform law is in serious legal jeopardy. let's talk about it now. we got get your shorter intro. okay. so came out of the hearing this week and said that he thinks the individual mandate is gone. it will be thrown out of court. what did he say to me? this is in a train wreck, he said it was a plane crash that was going on in court. is he right? does this mean that the entire
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reform law is toast? you think? >> well, i don't know if i can go as far as jeff has. just because the judge has asked very tough questions doesn't mean we know how they will vote. they continued to ask over and over and over, what is your limiting principle. the government in general has been unable to answer that question. if you cannot answer that question, the supreme court is going to have big problems forcing people to buy insurance. >> you can follow up on that, but i will ask you this question. >> is that me? >> lz. >> me? okay. i don't think that he is just
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blowing smoke there. he can spin whatever verdict for his positive if he gets ahead of the message. if the supreme court upholds the law, sit a plus. but if they strike it down he is able to go back to his voting base and say i tried to make sure that i covered exnumber of millions who were not insured and the republicans stopped it and all the conservatives on the supreme court stopped people from having insurance. he can spin this for a political positive. if it fails, i don't think it is good for americans but it is good for democrats politically. >> you think they can spin it even if they say no, you think they can spin this? >> absolutely. i mean, you can go in front of a crowd. you can go in fronlt of a crowd to say i tried to do this to
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help americans without insurance but everybody with insurance stopped you. the supreme court and congress are the reasons you cannot get covered. they are the reason ys if you had a pre-existing condition your insurance company can boot you off. >> if you are in need of health care with a pre-existing condition, that may be a compelling condition. >> james car vel is spinning it so fast but that will not outweigh the fact that his legacy legislation that he has hung his hat on has been deemed by the supreme court of the united states to be so far outside the american purview of power is unconstitutional. >> romney predicting a win. he is lapping the field in the
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delegate count. he is picking up endorsement. if you watch any of the major news networks and you see the people from the republicans conservatives they are all saying it's time. most of them are saying it is time to get behind romney. gingrich, santorum, does it look like they are becoming a side show? who wants to go first? >> they have been a side show. >> lz has got it. they have been a side show for quite some time. i mean, i can't help them out here. they turned into a side show. >> don't lie.
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>> this is a very serious subject. we made news thisst last week about this conversation. a very important topic and one that a lot of americans are having. you have very strong opinions about the trayvon martin case. listen. >> there is still a moment in this time line, in this case where george zimmerman and trayvon martin were face to face. what happened that moment? was he attacked? did he have a le jet mitt attack? >> you cannot tell me you thought that skinny 17-year-old boy was going kill without a weapon that big grown man. that is an absolutely ridiculous stance to take. >> i don't understand why going slow sparks outrage. >> get ready. we're going revisit the trayvon
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>> look at that rally in florida. it is for trayvon martin. thousands of people expected to turn up at this rally. and trayvon martin's family -- parents are there. they spoke moments ago.
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let's listen. >> we just wanted the public to know that he because regular teenager, he was respectable and loved by his family and friends. >> the parents you heard say they want to keep up the pressure and show a sign of solidarity among people in america and that is why they are holding this rally this one is in miami, trayvon martin's hometown. they are preparing right now to take their case to the justice department. let's audiocassette about this. we are back with will cane and lz granderson. i want to revisit last week's discussion. it was passionate, honest, and got a lot of people talking. but, in all honesty, we actually got away from the original question. the question was, honestly,
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should the president be commenting on the case? and it sort of evolved into should media people -- the original question was should the president why do you think that it moved into that direction? first will and then lz? >> why do i think that this conversation moved in sauch passionate direction for the audience at large? >> for the audience and at large and for you and lz and me as well. if you go back and look at the tape it was should the president have commented and then should media people, should i be drawing conclusions about george zimmerman's guilt or innocence. it is interesting it that it vol fed into that. >> i am not going to try to characterize both sides. where i am on this that i don't
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feel passionately about this is that conclusions are elusive in this entire story for me. i just simply need a sufficient amount of facts to arrive at a conclusion. and i feel like this process of asking for more facts and evidence, simply the process of asking questions has somehow branded come men tators or media personalities or people in general as something more than someone seeking the truth. accused pierce morgan of inappropriate behavior i-i feel like sitd not the job of people seeking truth.
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>> they are very nice. we had a long conversation yesterday. he was not happy about. i was just putting it out there. i will let the kmen tators -- i will let it stand for what they said. i think it is interesting how there has been a divide from many people in this country. i wonder if it is exposing something there. the original question is should the president have commented and it evolved into what happened last week. >> as kmen tators, we comment on a lot of things refwaning bits and pieces of facts. we are asked to make deductive reasoning with that.
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having not ever been over there. to me having been in this country my entire life as a black man i come with a lot of additional facts and experiences what it is like to be racially profiled. when i started commenting on what trayvon martin may have experienced i came with that information as well. some may characterize it as baggage. i i call it special insight as to what it is like to be a black man in this country. i think so many times we are such in a rush to discount race that we ignore the obvious. and to me, it was pretty obvious that there was a certain degree
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of racial profiling happening just based upon the 911 tapes and what george zimmerman said himself. he did not describe anything suspicio suspicious. based upon the information that i have, that is why i made the conclusion. there is a very similar conversation among our team last night. and we're going to do is we're taking the facts. what is in the police department, police reports, the incident report and we will put it all together for the viewers to see what everyone says in that time frame, could it have played out. what is more important to me is that we move beyond talking at each other and over each other. what did you -- we were at an event this weekend and everyone was like oh my gosh, they are
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go gone. >> you two together having a good time they thought we were arch enemies and that is certainly not the case. what have you, first, lz, learned this week from this experience? and has it changed your mind about anything or has it changed you as a person about anything? >> you know, the thing that really troubled me most over the course of this week is something that we touched on earlier about what happened with pierce morgan. so much with will cane and i. i think there is too much focus being directed at the people who are talking about trayvon martin and not enough focus is being directed at vavon and his family.
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it has been this rush to comment on it. and inject ourselves in this tragedy. we need to keep a focus on the individuals who are involved in the tragedy. >> in your experiences this year change your mind about anything? did it help you grow. i will never be accused of running from that conversation. these are conversations i want to have and i hope we have. but in our current situation it
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was not i felt like we were giving the actual incident short trip. this is not about me and lz or anything personal. we are not part of this. the investigation and trayvon martin and is ogeorge zimmerman are the story. that is where my passion came in. for many, many people these conversations need to be had. i say to you. >> it was to be patient. it is just -- thank you. i appreciate you guys coming on. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> a police commander says gang members consider that a sign of disrespect, leading to the gunfire. the coast guard has sent 400 miles out to sea off the coast of california to rescue a racing crew. three of its members are
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injured. a large wave hit the yacht. >> jailed during his trial. >> now stone is free on bail after a federal judge threw out
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the government's case against the so-called pottery militia. they were accused of plotting to overthrow the government, stockpiling weapons and targeting police. >> we were having fun. >> the fbi tried to prove it was more than fun but in a 28 page ruling, a federal judge said they never had a date, time, target or plan for any attack. >> i am not the black hearted evil person that i was portrayed to be. >> their website predicted an antichrist and declared war against laumpt.
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>> that is important. the evidence showed no such plan. these people were not dangerous. >> dismissed jurors said the same thing. >> i heard talk and talk and talk and no action. >> comparing it to stopping something like timothy mcva. >> imagine on the day before he blew up the federal building you caught timt thi with a truckload of fuel and fertilizer and you had him on tape saying i am going to blow up a federal building. do you wait until he strikes the match? i say no. >> could this case make folks worried about government interference more paranoid. >> they now have evidence and facts that will confirm to them that their paranoi ya is justified.
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>> at least one victory for the government in a case that otherwise collapsed. >> 100 year ace go the most luxurious ocean liner was ready to set sail and two weeks later it was at the bottom of the atlantic. a new museum celebrating one of the greatest triumphs and tragedies.
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>> overseas today, in west achry ka, the military officers are promising to re-insfat the constitution and hold elections. it was claimed that he was not properly handling a violent rebel insurgency. leaders from africa and the united states have been pressuring the crew leaders to return power to the electioned officials.
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>> and they are not revealing information. the blast killed 13 people and wounded more than first time t southern thailand has been hit by violence. >> in coastal kenya, no one has claimed responsibility for two grenade attacks. it accused kenya of putting person interest ahead of its citizens. only two weeks later the titanic smashed into an iceberg, sank into the atlantic and disappeared. we give you a peek at the ship. >> titanic, an commission center
3:41 pm
linking past and present built in the very place that the freight liner began its short life. even today the scale of the titanic still seems staggering. this is the back of the bode. and this blue line traces the outline of the titanic where it was built here. the front of the ship right there almost touching the exhibition center. inside it is like stepping through time. >> i think we are going to another floor. >> as you go through the ship you move to the corridors where you would have had the cabins. it is about using modern technology to tell the story. >> it is an odd feeling. >> now you are at the first class level. >> clair's job is to market the new property and that includes a replica staircase made famous by
3:42 pm
kate wins let. the exhibits and other mixed feelings. the shipyard that build the world's largest ocean going liner was once synonymous with by gotry. it is captured in the by gone days. >> titanic has become a new area of our city where people have come and studied. people work and it's all about our city as a whole and a whole new beginning. >> will help make or break that future. nick robertson, cnn.
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>> coming up, it has been a decades long fight for democracy in mayanmar? but will an election help bring change to the country? that's next. ♪[music plays] ♪[music plays] when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays]
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try align today. >> opposition leader says she has won a seat in the country's parliament. party leaders are calling her win a mo meantous victory.
3:46 pm
international editor is here. why is this election so important? >> as you can see, this is a mo men us to time in this country's history. >> nobel peace prize and she was placed under house arrest for 15 years and for her to come back and come back this strong sends a symbolic message. >> she predicted that the election would be filled with intimidation and illegal activities. >> correct. and there is a history to that. the military committee spearheading all of this. she won by a landslide.
3:47 pm
>> let's move to russia for our next story as we go globe trekking. >> away, there is a 675 stranded russian fisherman off of russia's east coast here. they wanted to take advantage of the last day to go ice fishing. >> that looks really cold. >> it is freezing. they are like this is our last opportunity to catch fish and take advantage of what we can here with the ice fishing and it was a massive rescue operation. all of them were saved. we're talking about 40 people, ten float boats as you can see here.
3:48 pm
>> thank you very much. >> we will talk the masters and tiger woods next. tiger won just in time for this week's big event. and augusta under fire again for membership rules. john is here. he will talk about it. there he is. right after the break, john.
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how i thought this thing was called final four. then there were two. kentucky and kansas will tip off tomorrow night in college basketball's championship game. let's talk about it now with
3:51 pm
investigative reporter for sports illustrated. there's the cover right now. ohio state on the front cover. kansas knocked out the buckeyes last night after kentucky defeated louisville. so tom, you know i had a secret bracket that was on cnn and i actually won. did you know? i put it together myself. >> all the final four teams and those 15 two games. i heard about that. >> you already got it. you knew it, didn't you? kentucky and kansas play tomorrow night. what can we expect? >> two good teams. we said months ago it was kentucky's tournament to lose and now they're one game away from winning it. you had two great front players. kansas, bill self, beat memphis. a terrific game. that was somewhat of an upset in kansas. again, kentucky is a superior team. they're going to be the favorites and these favorites on
3:52 pm
kentucky, they're going to the nba. it will be an upset, i think, a sizeable upset if they don't. >> the masters start wednesday. that's fast. is that right? starts wednesday? >> that's down the road from you. >> i usually go to the practice rounds. it hasn't been on my radar. i've been working too much. i have to get some tickets. can you help me out there? masters on wednesday. tiger just won his first tournament since the scandal. is he the favorite here? >> i think he just might be. these plots change quickly, you know. two months ago everyone was saying tiger is done and now he wins one. this is the masters. he broke through 14 years ago, he's done well ever since there. tiger has his aura back. he's one won event in the last 30 months, so it's not a ton of momentum, but he's tiger, he's looking pretty good and suddenly he's becoming the player to beat. >> this next story is very
3:53 pm
interesting. i've been covering it for a long time, and i guess one day it's going to happen, but there's been lots of talk again about a woman joining augusta national. ibm's ceo is a woman, and that title usually brings a membership at augusta. is it possible she's already a member, or do you think she'll become one? >> there's your april fool's joke. i can't imagine augusta has a woman's member right now and that hasn't been leaked. i would say she's not a member. that would be my supposition. we'll go to the jack nicholson movie "something's gotta give." they either have to break tradition and not let the i ibm ceo in. we've got tikeer coming back and this gender controversy looks like it's going to flare up. we have a lot of drama at the masters right now. >> that becomes very legal that comes with that.
3:54 pm
i remember doing the story and trying to figure out if there were any women members because they don't open up their books to anyone. there could be a woman who is a member and we just don't know. >> private clubs can do what they want in a lot of cases, but given the context, if there was a woman, you would think that would be something they would publicize. but again, a private club. l.a. dodgers sold in bankruptcy this week for $2 billion. that's an incredible amount of money. "magic" johnson one of the investors here. do you think they overpaid? >> i think everyone is scratching their head trying to figure out this valuation. the cubs were sold two years ago for less than half that price. this is about double that price at the miami dolphins. it's a story franchise and real estate is not easy to come by in los angeles, it's in a major market. i guess you could make the case, but i think a lot of economists are trying to figure out how this sports franchise is worth 2
3:55 pm
billion. if the dodgers are worth 2 billion, imagine what the yankees are worth. this will really change the look of sports if this is what they're really worth. >> we were talking linsanity and now he's out. >> media creations come and go and it looks like he could be back if the knicks make the playoffs. but no, it looks like he's gone for now. >> jeremy lin sidelined for six weeks with a knee injury. six weeks. a soldier saves a child and loses his life. now he's being hailed as a hero. that after the break. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice.
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learn more at this story is one we hear all too often, and it never gets any easier but it's a sad reality of war. family and friends stood in the cold rain to meet the body of army sergeant dennis weitchel. the brave young soldier was killed in afghanistan, but he wasn't killed saving the enemy, he was killed saving a child. here's the story. >> reporter: three months ago, specialist dennis weitchel made
3:59 pm
a special trip home from his tour in afghanistan. now the flag flies at half staff in the rhode island state capitol until the 23-year-old father of three is laid to rest. michael was killed in east afghanistan saving the life of an afghanistan child. when michael's convoy came across afghan children in the road, he and others got out to move the children out of the way. but at the last minute, a little girl ran back to pick up some shell casings. weitchel saw her in front of the trucks and pulled her to safety at the last minute. but he was hit accidentally by the truck and died a short time later. captain john allmeyer, michael's platoon leader in iraq, has been hit hard by his death. >> at first i was just overcome with emotion. i was deployed with him. he was one of my guys. then i took a step back and i realized he would