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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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her passion was pediatrics. by the time she finally retired from caring for kids at the age of 103, she was actually the oldest practicing physician in the whole country. i wondered about her chasing life's secret, and this is how she put it. keep on doing what you do best. never stop moving. i never stop moving. i think it is really good advice. keep up with me at and at twitter and make an appointment to come back and see us right here. time to get you caught up on the top stories making news right now. today on cnn sunday morning. this warning from the chief of police to killers on the loose in tulsa, oklahoma paid off. two suspects how in cussesdy in the shooting rampage that left three dead and two in critical condition. more than 120 people killed by government forces in syria just two days before the assad
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regime's promised cease fire. but we're now learning the syrian government has new demands. and it's easter sunday. "new york times" nick christoff joins us to talk about his new column. you're watching cnn sunday morning, where news doesn't take the weekend off. good morning, everybody. i'm randi kaye. glad you're with us. it is a story you heard here first. two men in custody by authoriti. this is one of them. i asked jonathan brooks will the arrest and how they found the suspects. >> we have two subjects in custody right now. we have alvin watts, 32-year-old white male, and jake england,
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19-year-old white male, now in our custody. >> and what led them to you, how were you able to get them? >> it was through the work and investigation of our detectives and agents and deputies. and through the tip line that we set up and tips that the community provided to us and the information that was provided on us all coming to collaboration and led us to the successful arrest of these two individuals. >> last hour, i spoke to tulsa's mayor about his feelings now that he's two people are in custody. >> we're very pleased that this has come to an end, at least will this portion of this whole process. but we still have to remember that three of our fellow citizens were killed and their families on easter morning are how having to deal with that. so being glad that we're caught two guys and arrested them, put them behind bars, is somewhat tempered by what they appear to have done.
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>> was there a sink ghgle tip t led to the arrests and any information about how they went down? >> i don't know exactly other thanes of a tip phoned into our crime stoppers m eper network. that led to phone calls and observation and several door knocking opportunities. and it whether he had to these two individuals being arrested. >> police are looking for a motive. suspects are white and all the victims are african american. the syrian military keeping up its onslaught against rebel fighters and civilians just two days before the cease fire deadline. on tuesday, a cease-fire agreement is supposed to take effect in syria, but the syrian government now demanding a written guarantee from the opposition that they will stand down. activists say more than 120 people were killed across the country saturday including five
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children. we'll have a live report for you in just a few minutes. a landmark deal being signed today will claenk thange the wa u.s. military operate mis-afghanistan. the agreement will mean the end to night raids by u.s. special forces troops. they will now be carried out by afghan troops. the night raids had sparked particularly harsh anger among the afghans. and check out these pictures from los angeles where a tanker fire shut down all lanes of the 134 freeway overnight. firefighters got control of the blaze around midnight local time, but officials closed the road because of concerns about the structure of the bridge. no injuries reported. easter is being celebrated around the world today. pope benedict marked the holiday with a mass at st. peter's basilica. after that, he gave the traditional heeaster message. and in jerusalem, pilgrims attended easter sunday services. and this scene in poland, you can see families carrying around hair easter baskets. it's the blessing of the
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baskets. these are pilled with bread and sausages instead of chocolate and bunnies. and let's say good morning and happy easter to reynolds wolf. you have your easter tie on. >> pretty much. i need the easter basket that has meat and bread. that's the way to go. chocolate is a great thing, but, man, protein sounds good, too. weather will be pretty nice this easter sunday. we're expecting a lot of spine in parts of the southeast and along portions of the west coast, but we also have a few horm thunderstorms popping up. we'll show you your travel weather moments away. no written guarantee, no deal, that's the word from the syrian government on the looming cease fire deadline. we have a live report next. also ahead, pick kris ch ik from the "new york times." what's he writing about today? stick around.
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and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! tuesday is the deadline for the cease fire in syria, but the syrian government wants a written guarantee now from opposition forces that they, too, will lay down their weapons. otherwise tanks and troops will stay put in cities and towns across the country and violence will just keep going. ivan watson joining me from istanbul. ivan, with the violence continuing, is there any hope that the cease fire will take effect now with this this new demand of a written agreement? >> reporter: it certainly puts that whole peace plan in to question especially now that the man who helped broker it, the
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united nations special envoy to syria, has just come out with a statement that's quite critical of the syrian regime. he said, quote, i am shocked by recent reports of a surge in violence and atrocities in several towns and villages results in alarming levels of casualty, refugees and displaced persons in violations of assurances given to me. i remind the syrian government that the the present escalation of government is unacceptable. now, he's come under a great deal of criticism from the opponents of the syrian regime because he helped hammer out an agreement with the syrian government to withdraw its forces by tuesday of next week and to agree to a cease-fire. many people, critics, accusing kofi of giving the syrian government more time to delay coming to a cease-fire and more time to crack down on the syrian opposition. but now you've got kofi slamming
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the syrian government and the syrian government coming out and demanding more as sur haanswers from the opposition. it does not look good. and meanwhile people are dying inside and we're seeing more movements from syrian tanks and artillery. syrian fighter planes fighting over syrian cities, as well. this does not show any indication that there is going to be a drawdown in the fighting. more than 100 people reported killed yesterday alone. i've been watching videos coming out of there of mass graves and executions of people lined up against walls. the fighting and violence is only getting worse. >> and there's really no indication, right? we're not seeing any type of pull out or even the beginning of a pull out at all, right? >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to syria, who is out of the country, published some satellite images on friday night that he said indicated there are a few places where there has
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been a pull back of tanks. but most of that armor does appear to still be in place. and we've been documenting here in turkey a dramatic increase in the number of refugees fleeing the syrian government crackdown over the past three to four days. so we're not in the country, but all indicators are that the syrian government is stepping up its attacks ahead of this tuesday deadline. >> i've v ivan watson for us in istanbul. thank you very much. meanwhile as christians around the world celebrate easter, my next guest says respect for religion is growing among an unlikely group, eighth threeiat. joining me is nick kristof. welcome back to the show. good morning to you. >> good morning. and happy easter. >> hangthank you. in your column, you write about a shift in perspective to what you call the, quote, grudginged a might be race for religion as an ethical and cohesive force.
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tell us what you found out. >> as you know, a few years ago we had some array of best selling books by christopher hitchens, sam harris, richard you today kin, that were scathing about kg about religion. god a not great. and i think that that trend has subsided. and what we're seeing instead is a new wave of books by people who also consider themselves atheists or agnostics, but aren't nearly as hostile or scathing and actually do offer a measure of respect and the title of maybe the standard bearer of this is religion for atheists. >> you mention that book in which the author writes in part, the error of modern and i thesism has been to overlook how many aspects of the faith remain relevant even after their central temets have been dismissed. what are some ways that atheists
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are finding religion or useful that you found? >> i think that there is a growing -- i think part of it is just the heat of religious wars in the u.s. has faded a little bit over issues like science versus evolution, gay marriage. so it's easier now and also i think religion had been very much associated with the bush administration policies of the past and now that president bush is out of office, it's a little easier for the left to look at religion a little more dispassionately and to look at artistic achievements, to look at notre dame, on look at works of literature, also to look at the degree to which ethical -- which religion can at times provide an ethical basis. there is still certainly huge disagreement with many positions of the church, perhaps particularly the catholic
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church, but also a willingness, there are a lot of priests and nuns who are out in the middle of nowhere risking their lives on behalf of other people. >> we did a little research, as well, and we found this 2008 survey on religion in america. and it found that the number of people who call themselves nonreligious has actually doubled over the last 20 year, but the number of christians has declined. so first how is it possible for the numb ander of atheists to g but we're seeing a change in their attitudes? >> i think it's true atheists are the fastest growing religious community, if you will. that's from a very small base. i think that may indeed be related, hthough, that as a growing number of people feel less connection to god, that that community has grown and become somewhat more moderate,
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that it's no longer just a fringe group and especially in the pacific northwest, really is a significant force. that's where it's strongest. >> let me ask you about spiritual itity because they say i am not very religious, but i'm spiritual. what about the idea of spirituality versus reoriginr r. do americans believe you have to be a member of a church or synagogue to get the full benefits of faith or do they believe in god but just not religion? >> there is some evidence that we have an engrained biological need for faith, that is inherited, that varies on some degree with the individual depending on the dna that we've inherited. and that can be reflected in attending a church in a very traditional way, but it can also find expression in other forms of spirituality or even secular things. i think there are secular
5:17 am
activities that provide a community, that provide some sense of ethical obligation that to some degree fulfill this inner desire for something quasi spiritual. >> nick, it's great to talk to you. if you would like to check out nick's column, you you can find it at new yo"new york times"s.c. pick, have a great day. thank you. >> and you. take care. well, snow is pretty much a given in alaska, right some but one city will has seen more snow that season than anytime in the last 57 years. you can guess how much some is it 33 inches, 133 inches, 233 inches? oh, my. we'll tell you next.
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reynolds is back with a little bit of forecast for us. so are lots of folks out seeing family and friends? >> i'll tell you you what they'll expect. first the answer you asked about the snowfall in alaska. what do you think the answer was to this? if you were to it take a gander at this yourself, what do you think was the record snowfall total that was actually broken that was held for some 57 years? do you think it's 33, 133 or 233? >> i'm going to go with 233. >> you're close. you're absolutely right, but incorrect. it's actually 133. 133 inches.
5:20 am
>> how can i be right and incorrect? >> i'm trying to sound nice. >> trying to make me look smart. >> you are the smartest. you know someone else who is very smart, joe connelly, our producer. i want to thank joe for his great service. joe is actually leaving this team. staying with cnn, but just going a different show. joe, we love you very much. doesn't need to be said, but i'm saying it any way. just like i said rcht a mchl ra question right and wrong at the same time. west of austin, you'll have a light drizzle of rainfall. it will continue through a good part of the morning. and you have frontal boundary. another weak front moving through the great lakes, it won't give you a great deal of precipitation, sirnl ncertainly heavy as some of the snow in new england and new brunswick, even maine this morning getting a light dusting of snowfall. wind will be the big issue in
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the western great lakes and upper midwest. gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. same deal for mid-atlantic states. washington, d.c., you're walking out among the cherry blossoms. and plenty of sunshine for parts of the southeast and for the west coast until you get to mt. shasta northward, it will be a rainmaker in the highest elevations in the next day or so. i would say you might see snow in the cascades. in terms of your temperature, it will be so comfortable in chicago today, 65 degrees expected high. 74 in denver. 65 in san francisco. 83 in tampa. and as we wrap things up, delays in miami, chicago, detroit, philadelphia, dallas, thunderstorms delays under an hour. okay. happy easter. >> are you going to get home for the egg roll today? >> you know, i'm not -- i think i'll try for this afternoon. i think the bunny will wait for us. so the final round of the masters tees off in just about an hour before phil mickelson
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lad a big moving day to move one step closer to capturing his fourth green jacket. but he'll still have to get past peter hanson. he holds a one the shot lead over the lefty tiger woods 12 shots back. just ahead, we'll take you live to england where hundreds are setting sail on a memorial cruise retracing the titanic's voyage 100 years ago. [ female announcer ] here in california, our schools need help. the largest class size in the nation. 47th out of 50 in per-student funding. but right now, we can make history with a ballot measure to send every k-through-12 dollar straight to our schools. to every school and every child. not to sacramento. it's the only initiative that can say all that. check out our online calculator and find out how your school would benefit.
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visit today. it has been 100 years since the titanic set sail on its ill fated maiden voyage and still holds the world's imagination. now believe it or not, a
5:24 am
memorial cruise with more than 1,000 passengers setting sale from england. dan rivers joining me now from south hampton. good morning, dan. so where exactly is this cruise ship going and who is on it? >> reporter: well, it's full of sort of titanic enthusiasts, some relatives of survivors, some relatives of victims. people who are obsessed i think it's fair to say with the titanic, many of them this morning we've seen dressing up in period costume to celebrate sort of getting on board the ship. what they'll do is follow in the wake of the titanic, first to perhaps, then to ireland, and then over the atlantic and they will stop exactly where the wreck is at the exact time that the titanic sank next sunday and hold a memorial sarcoidosis money. among them is a guy called phillip littleton whose grandfather was a first class steward on board.
5:25 am
he was ordered in to a live boat to row first class passengers to safety. he talked to me and described what effect had on his grandfather. >> there is a picture of him on the rescue ship on, quite clearly still dark hair and dark mustache. six months later, he goes back it on work, he's issued with a new discharge book. and in the front of that, his color of his hair white. so between april and october, he went completely white through the the effects of shock. >> reporter: pihillip littleton explaining his grandfather's remarkable story. just a number of people who had relatives on board the titanic. and i think it's fair to say both sides of the atlantic, there is still enormous interest in this ship 100 years after she sank. >> but some might look at this and they might call it disaster voyeurism. but i guess it's acceptable, a
5:26 am
lot of people have a lot of interest in it. >> reporter: well, absolutely. it's not been without some kr t criticism. the organizers say they'll do it in a sensitive fashion and it's designed to sort of pay homage for the people that lost their lives. they'll so that in nova scotia on the way to new york to visit the graveyards of some of the people that were buried there. they want to do this in a sensitive way, they feel it's fitting. interestingly, the number of people aboard is almost equal to the number of people that were on the titanic, 1300 people in all. >> dan rivers for us. dan, thank you very much. in just four minutes, kay warren, the wife of pastor rick warren and co-founder of the saddle back church, talks to me about easter and finding joy despite the challenges of
5:27 am
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nothing's better than gold. welcome back. thanks for starting your morning with us. it is half past the hour. checking top stories. these are the two men now this in custody in connection with a series of shootings in will tulsa, oklahoma. three people were killed. police say alvin wattses and jake england were apbreprehende overnight. the syrian government is making new demands just days before a cease-fire deadline. supposed to withdraw its troops from city and towns by tuesday,
5:31 am
but now the assad regime wants a written guarantee from the opposition that they will stand down. activists more than 120 people were killed across the country yesterday. the world is waiting to see if north korea will launch a missile in the coming days. the window for pyongyang to do so opens wednesday. an academic group at johns hopkins university says recent satellite images are consistent with operations to erect a rocket. a launch would violate international sanctions and cnn does have a crew in north korea and we will be on top of any developments. christians consider easter one of the most joyful days of the year. but for many people, joy can actually be pretty hard to find. pastor rick warren's wife, kay, has written a new book called choose joy because happiness isn't enough. i spoke with her about it. kay warren joins me from new
5:32 am
york. i had a chance to read your book. i'm curious how you would define joy. how do you see the can i have between joy and happiness? >> there's a huge difference because happiness is completely dependent on what is going on externally. i just got a promotion or a raise or had a new baby or, you know, i got a good report back from the doctor. it's all about external things that are good. but joy has to be more stable because it has to take us through the dark times. it has to take us through the times when, you know, you don't get a good report back from the doctor, when the person you love doesn't love you any morks when t more, when the economy tanks a little further. joy has to being more permanent. >> so joy comes from within? >> no, it comes from god. that's the point. god is the only thing that's and i believe in our lives. everything else about life changes. nothing stays the same. but godded is eternal, he's permanent, he's stable. so when we put our hopes for joy
5:33 am
in him, then we've got a real possibility to experience on a daily basis. >> in your book, you quote the bible and i want to read one quote here. you write when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. now, some might say that's easier say than done but you say it's possible. >> it is definitely easier said than done, but it's the goal. and it's reflective i think of the way that jesus lived his life. he was the bible says a man of sorrows, but in his essence, he was a man of joy. so he shows us how to live with both joy and sorrow at the same time. and that's sort of what launched me on the search was to read hat bible said joy was spg i was supposed to experience and yet i wasn't. and i wanted to know why. i wanted to figure that out. >> does he's eraster help chris find joy? >> absolutely. jesus came to die. he was so clear about why he came to earth. jesus was never confused about why he came.
5:34 am
he came to die, to be the savior. and the book of hebrews says that he went to the cross for the joy that was set before him. the joy that was set before him was being our savior and bringing all the men and women who would say yes to him back into relationship with god. that's why he did it. >> for years you've been very open about suffering from low level depression. how does your faith help you find squjoy to get through thos times? >> low level depression has been a constant companion. i really don't remember a time when i haven't experienced it. and so as such, it just becomes like a low grade headache, something that just stays with you all the time. and then you add other life circumstances on top of that, and sometimes that can feel pretty significant. and so it's challenged me to look beyond my personality, to look beyond the temporary places that i would put my joy. because it's just never enough. for me, it has been on developing a perspective that
5:35 am
says god is in control, i can trust him with my life, and i can choose every day how much joy i'm going on experience no matter what externally is happening. >> one they think i like is your suggestion that we go out and find ours as joy men or, somebody who can help us learn about joy and carry joy. is will someone who served as your joy mentor? >> you know, i am loving right now, my mother is 88, and i would have to say when she was a little younger, my mother had a little more anxiety struggle, but i'm watching her as an 88-year-old woman today live with absolute joy. she is at peace with who she is. she spends every day in the assisted living home where she is at near my house. she talks to people. she prays with them. when they need something, they come find her. so at 88, you know, she's experiencing joy on a daily basis. i'm learning something about joy every day from my mom. >> that's really wonderful to hear. residence, i know that you've been very active in, woulding
5:36 am
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as a result of that. closure of this plant will affect all of us. ♪ easter is a time of joy and before the break, i was speaking with pastor rick warren's wife, kay, about her new book, choose joy, because happiness isn't
5:38 am
enough. i also had a chance to speak with her about one of the biggest priorities of her ministry. i want to talk to you about your work with the aids orphans. one of the minute have is that you've been devoted to really is working with these orphans and those living with hiv and aids around the world. why is it so important to you and where do we is an on that now, how much progress are we seeing? >> well, the reason it's so important is because hiv is the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. so it's something that is not just a cause, it's not just something a pew people should care about. i really believe that all of us have to care about people who are hiv positive. so with aids 2012, the international aids conference coming to u.s. soil? july, it's a moment for us here in the united states to say we care about people who are positive. it's a moment for those people of faith to say we're going to lead the way. we haven't always done so well at that, but it's a moment to be able to do so. the good news is that they're finding that in some countries,
5:39 am
the infection rate is stishl z stabilizing for the first time and they're also find has gone when people are put on treatment earlier, that they become about they say adhere event to their medication, they become much lessable to transmit the event medication, they become much lessable to transmit the virus. fr so treatment is a form of prevention. it will never take the place of behavior change. ree treatment is expensive. but people still have personal responsibility, as well. >> it's incredible the work you're doing. let's turn to politicpolitics. rick santorum has been outspoken about issues important to evangelical christians. do you think pait hfaith has a o play in politics? now he has turned everything towards social issues in this campaign. >> well, it's always bothered me when i hear politicians say that, you know, i have a faith, but it's personal, it's private, i don't talk about it. as though we can compartmentalize our lives in to these neat little boxes.
5:40 am
i don't believe it happens that way. i think we all have a world view that we approach every single thing from politics to our family to what we believe about life, what we believe about the economy, what we believe about the earth. so we all have a world view. and it has to spill over into politics. so rick and i have always said that you cannot divorce your faith from politics. but that the separation of church and state must exist. so it's a dance that we have to do. >> during the last election cycle, your husband, rick, hosted the forum with barack obama and john mccain. do you expect that he might repeat that any forums planned once the nominee is announced? >> we're thinking about it. we haven't made a hard decision yet. but that was a highlight for us. that was a lot of fun to do that. and i hope we can did it again this time. >> all right. kay warren, thank you so much for your i'time and happy easte.
5:41 am
>> you, too. for more stories on faith, you can go to our belief blog at you can also share your thoughts will, as well. politicians are responding to the new jobs report. we'll ask candy crowley what they're saying next.
5:42 am
senator chuck grassley may have some explaining to do today. the iowa republican sent out a tweet about president obama's comment that the supreme court shouldn't overturn his health care law. check this out. constituents asked why i'm not outraged at the attack on supreme court i said espn. because american people are pot stupid as this x prof of con law. president obama is a former
5:43 am
professor of law and they fired back, i think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and is sending out tweets just to embarrass you. grassley actually did have his twitter account hacked in january by the group anonymous. we reached out to grassley's office for a reaction but we haven't heard anything back. cnn's state of the union is coming up at the top of the hour and candy crowley is standing by with a preview for us. let's talk jobs. >> yes, let's talk jobs. >> what do you make of the spin of the gop candidates on this one? >> it was -- even the white house could not put a great spin on he's jobs numbers other than to say we did create more jobs. which is better than losing them. but when you expect 200,000 jobs to be created and you get a little over 100,000, that's not great. when unemployment drops, that's always good news except for it dropped because people left the job hunting force.
5:44 am
so there is something in here politically for everybody. and economists say maybe it's a slowdown, maybe what we know is the recovery is still weak, but it takes more than one month to a trend make. >> and of course being that this is easter, what better kay to discuss religion's role in politics. i understand you have a pretty great panel of guests on this morning to do just that. >> we do. ralph reed out of georgia is with us, as well as congressman emanuel cleaver who is not just a congressman, but a pastor, to talk in fact about the role of religion in politics and is too much. >> we just talked to kay warren i'm sure you saw a clip of that before and she basically said that you can't divorce faith from politics. that it's an interesting dance. so i'm sure you'll hear some of that, as well, from your guests. >> indeed it is. i'm sorry, i -- >> are you okay? >> there's construction around here and every once in a while i
5:45 am
breathe in dust. you can't -- you believe what you believe and it can't help but shape your politics. i think what americans are saying, at least the plurality of them in a pew poll that we'll be asking them to talk about, is that they think there's too much sort of open praying, open talk about god. they understand that people are formed by their spiritual and religious beliefs. they're not so sure that they like them using those religious beliefs to promote their political beliefs. so it's a matter of how far you go in joining the two i think for a lot of americans. >> i'm not sure how far you'll get today talking about mitt romney and the president, but we had the president this week naming mitt romney in one of his speeches. have they moved to the general election at this point do you think? >> well, the president has always been in the general election because he didn't have a primary. but you are right that even though rick santorum is saying, listen, it's not over, i'm
5:46 am
still -- and we do indeed have primaries all the way through most of june, the fact of the matter is when you just look at the numbers, it's hard to come up with a scenario that either newt gingrich or rick santorum or ron paul can win the number of dell ghats. perhaps will is a way to stop mitt romney, but he has gathered up a lot of momentum. so very definitely the re-election committee of president obama is looking in fact right at mitt romney. that's who they think the nominee will be and that's who mitt romney thinks it will be, too. >> he made that very clear this week. candy, thank you very much. and keep it here of course for state of the union with candy crowley, it starts in just about 14 minutes. 9:00 a.m. eastern time, 6:00 a.m. pacific, right here on cnn. from a giant easter egg hunt to a possible rocket launch, those are just a few of the events scheduled for the week ahead. i'll show you what's on the week ahead calendar right after this. yours and mine. because we found it. together.
5:47 am
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let's take a look at what you need to know for the week ahead. we have our week ahead calendar, it's brand new. just trying it out today, so bear with me. but monday, we have the white house egg roll happening. first family hosts the 134th annual white house easter roll. more than 35,000 people are expected on that white house lawn. now, on tuesday, it's the deadline for syria and the cease fire. the day the syrian government has agreed to complete its pull out of forces from major population centers. hundreds of members of the syrian opposition have been reported killed since the agreement was reached two weeks ago. we have a couple things going on on wednesday. first is the charles manson parole hearing. he is the cult leader, scheduled to go before the california board of prison terms to try to dwins them that he is no longer a threat to society. in 2007, manson was denied parole for the 11th time since
5:51 am
being sentenced to life for a murder rampage in 1969. now, also on wednesday is the north korea rocket launch window. will this opens for a planned rocket launch by north korea. the launch would violate international sanctions. and cnn does have a crew in north korea. on thursday, john edwards has a big day. the jury selection begins for the really of the former senator. he's accused of ill legal use of campaign funds to hide his affair with his misinvestigation. and on friday, busy day for the president. he travels to colombia for the summit of the americas. 34 heads of state will meet to talk about an agenda for the reonlr region. so there you have it, our week ahead. coming up, when i say airmen, you think of the men and women serving in the air force. but you may have to rethink that image because these airmen, little these four legged guys, are among the most deployed in the military.
5:52 am
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checking top stories. these are the two men now in custody in connection with a series of shootings in tulsa.
5:55 am
three were killed. police say alvin watts and jake england were apprehended in a home overnight. they're being questioned right now. not only has there been a surge in violence, but the syrian government is make new demands. it's supposed to withdraw its troops from cities and towns by tuesday, but now the assad regime wants a written guarantee from the opposition that they will will stand down. activists and more than 120 people were killed across the country yesterday. rescue crews are close to reaching nine miners trapped under ground in peru. they've been stuck there since thursday. rescuers were just six feet away from them last might, but the fear of land slaslides has clos the operation down. miners are getting oxygen and food and water through a tube. christians around the world are celebrating easter. pope benedict delivered his annual message just a few hours ago. it's the day their lord and
5:56 am
savior rose from the dead after his crucifixion. we're about to show you a story that may define how you see airmen. we're talking about the four legged kind. >> absolutely. when you think of an airmen, you think of a soldier that has two legs. these airmen that we have, very crucial members, have four legs and they have incredible talent. and the relationships they have with their handlers is something to behold. robbins air force base in georgia is home to some 7,000 airmen. six of them are among the most deployed and most vital in the military. mike, a 5-year-old german shepherd. yes, he's a dog, but also considered an airmen. >> they're not people obviously, but they're almost like that for us. they're our partners. >> reporter: staff sergeant rocky foreman is his handler. he says there's a lot more to
5:57 am
his job than just holding a leash. >> he can find certain types of explosives or mar cot techs. he's also patrol certified dog. so can he do the bite work, the escort, tension and apprehension of suspects. >> get your dog off me! >> this they can save lives just like soldiers and airmen can. they can strop a whole line of patrol due to their key text sense. basically whoever is with you, that's how many lives you just saved because of his nose. >> reporter: it's estimated these dogs hit an average of 150 lives each. >> the dogs don't know that they're being heroes. they're just doing what they think is right between their relationship that they have with their handler and themselves. >> reporter: that partnership is critical to their success. >> it's extremely important that we do find the right handler
5:58 am
with the right dog. the better the relationship, the better the detection capability, the better the capability they'll be having when they're going out there and doing any kind of mission. >> reporter: how do they decompress, separate themselves from very violent situation? >> they have down time where they're able to go and relax and it might be just that handler having time with the dog. petting it, playing with it a bit more. and then they go out and do the mission again. it becomes routine. and becomes something that the dog looks board to. >> reporter: staff sergeant foreman is relying on that relationship. the two will head overseas in a matter of weeks. do you feel confident when you're deployed having will guy with you? >> i feel completely confident with him by my side overseas. we're good to go. >> it is amazing to see those dogs in action. and i love that last part. he just stops. >> on a dime. like a sports car going from 100 miles an hour to a screeching halt. it's impressive the trust that's
5:59 am
built up. >> you have some of this in your family, as well. >> absolutely. my grandfather served in the day canine corps. most of the dogs he trained were deployed to the south pacific for a variety of missions. he had a real talent with the dogs. an amazing man. >> i'm glad you brought up your grandfather because i posted a picture of us earlier this morning on my facebook page and i included you, of course, named you. and somebody wrote is reynolds wolf reynolds real name. >> absolutely. yeah, the answer is yes. my name is reynolds scott wolf. yes, i was named for my grandfather. thank god his last family wasn't dinkle dinkledorf. i apologize for insulting the