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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the conversation this week. we'p we're hewe're here eve eastep eastern aeastern ch monep money, itmoney, it' guidp guide, heguide, head now to get the book. you can stay connected to us 24/7 on twitter. have a great weekend. you're in the cnn news room, i'm fred contact whitfield. submit of the americas. roughly a dozen american secret service personnel sent to colombia for the president's trip have been relieved of duty and sent home. two u.s. government sources tell cnn they are being investigated for misconduct allegedly involving prostitution.
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cnn joins us from cart hey na. what's the latest on the investigation where it stance? >> reporter: well, as you pointed out, those two u.s. government sources telling cnn that in fact these secret service personnel did bring back several prostitutes to their hotels. now, it's still a little squishy as to some of the details after they brought them back to their hot hotel, but at some point according to these sources, there was a dispute overpayment, and then the police, the local police got involved. about a dozen secret service officers are involved in this scandal. we're told it's a mix of undercover agents as well as the uniform officers. they were not part of the president's protective detail but were part of the overall security team here in colombia. now, we do understand that president obama has been informed about this
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investigation along with secretary na poll tan oof homeland security, an investigation, an internal investigation is now under way. >> so dan, this clearly overshadowing the president's visit in colombia. what is on the agenda for that summit today? >> reporter: this is not only an embarrassment, but it's a major distraction for the white house. the president came here to focus on critical issues, not only to the united states but also to the region, focusing on energy, on trade, on the economy. the expansion of the economy has bench quicker since the economic downturn in the latin american region than it has been in the united states. so the president today meeting with the ceos at a ceo summit here talking about expanding trade in this region, job creation back at home, and this public private partnership,
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that's very much what the white house wants the focus to be. >> and then there was some other type of security scare in colombia on the eve of the summit. explain what happened? >> reporter: that's right. you know, we had explosions happening not only here in cart hae hey na, two in bogota, one near a bus stop, another near a shopping mall. no injuries, only minor damage and we're told that no one has claimed responsibility. these devices were described by law enforcement sources as kind of home made devices. so nothing very sophisticated but no doubt did cause a bit of a stir here because the ones in cartagena happened a few miles away from where theels world leaders are staying.
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>> thanks for that update from colombia. the cdc says people are infected with a strain of al monday ella. they they it was caused by people eating raw yellow fin tu na. it is used to make sushi and sa memy. and bee gees start robin gibb in a coma. he according to a representative, doctors believe the singer has developed a secondary tumor. and one of the accused tulsa shooters says he is not a raisist despite being charged at the state level with a hate crime. 19-year-old jake england is accused of killing three strangers on april 6th because
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they were black. on the tape he said he had grown up in a large african-american community in tulsa and quote, got along with everybody. the los angeles dodgers should be under new management by the end of this month. a bankruptcy court approved the baseball team's reorganization fans on friday. it allows the owner to sell the team for $2 billion to gug enhiem baseball management, a group that includes magic johnson. and we're keeping a close eye on severe storms that could unleash powerful tornadoes across much of the plains states today. let's find out what's happening from jackie in the weather center. >> today is going to be an for examplely day and things are already getting started across parts of the plains. this is what we call a high-risk day. only a few days per year maybe would occur this way. this is not a typical tornado day. this is where we're expecting large destructive long-lived
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tornadoes, ones that stay on the ground for a long period of time. and if you don't take the proper precautions and live in this area today, it could spell really bad news. we could have fatalities today if you're not underground. we're talking about this large pink area, about 5.5 million people live here. omaha, into wichita, down through oklahoma city. those are areas where you have a one in three chance of a tornado coming within 25 miles of your home. here's the atmosphere already beginning to explode. we can see a lot of convection as we call it into kansas and nebraska. we have two watches and these are what we call pds watch, that stance for a particularly dangerous situation. and there you can see right to the north into northern parts of kansas where things have been developing and we do have a couple of warnings in effect, knuckles count, but these are doppler indicated tornadoes,
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there are storm chasers out there now that we're staying in contact, as this continue continues to develop and unfold, we'll keep you up to date. we're talking into the overnight hours potentially when people are asleep. you need your noaah weather radio on. people living in the direct path of these storms are on edge. in norman, oklahoma, people have already suffered damage after the tornado touched down there. it also happens to be the home of the national weather center. susan candiotti. what are they telling people? >> this is an epicenter for all the meet yol gists all over the company. right here is where all the action is. we're supposed to be taking in hush tones because people here, all the meteorologists very busy looking at all the latest
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weather data. each person here has their specialty and area of expertise and then they put it all together so they can put out the latest information for all the meteorologists in particular and weather watchers all over the place looking for the highest risk areas. and they have this bank of monitors to look at this. but this one over here is of special interest. it has all these extra colors on it. you see the yellow that indicates every place in this region in particular, and across the united states for that matter, where there is some kind of weather warning at this time. any kind of weather warning. and then you see the circles of the red and the purple, jackie was talking about, where the highest risk areas are. steve weiss, one of the immediate roll gists hard at work here. this could be a very dangerous day into tonight and sunday morning. how bad could it get? >> there's certainly potential for long track destructive tornadoes to occur this afternoon and tonight over parts of the plains states.
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we're already seeing thunderstorms, parts of kansas, into nebraska, we're seeing indications near the border of rotation in the storms, tornado warnings have been issued for parts of that area. and we anticipate there will be additional storms developing later today into tonight. >> if people aren't paying heed to these warnings, what could happen? >> they certainly have potential to have damage to where they are at, and we really do hope that people will increase their awareness of the threat today. it's a weekend, there can be people who have plans for their weekend. please be aware of the weather and the threat that we're going to have continuing into opportunity. >> thank you very much. and this is the second time only since 2006 where they have issued this kind of a high-risk warning. two days in advance. giving, trying to give people enough warning of what is coming up. and they have so much more improved technology to use
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nowadays. so it's important, you've said it, jackie's saying it, you've got to have a plan. please pay attention. especially because the worst of it could happen overnight. pay attention to these warnings. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. i appreciate that. susan candiotti from norman, oklahoma. the images that we've become used to seeing from lie beeria are war, poverty and child soldiers. now there are new glimmers of hope. we'll get a look at the changing face of an african nation. i went to a small high school.
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all right. time now to look at other stories making headlines around the world now. the u.n. security council voted this morning to send 30
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observers to syria. meanwhile activists say at lease 16 people were killed around the country today. iran is discussing its program with members of the u.n. security council today, and the top negotiator says he is bringing new initiatives the table. the u.n. hopes to convince the country to give up its nuclear program. and a century after the titanic hit an iceberg, a cruise ship will make a special journey. the a service aplanned tomorrow, passengers are donning costumes and enjoying food from that period as well. the deep scars of war are starting to heel in liberia. it's still one of the poorest countries in the world. our brenda bush is from liberia and she went back to visit and
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report on the country making a comeback. >> reporter: i turned a corner and came up on these kids, dancing in the streets. and it strukt me. almost ten years ago, children this age were killing and dying in these same streets. i will never forget the horrific images of liberia's child soldiers, armed, drugged, and deadly. it was difficult to watch my country the place i was born and raised em broiled in one of african's most brutal civil wars. i was one of the lucky ones because i was able to flee the violence. i've made many trips back through the years, but this time the spirit of monrovia is different. liberia -- i'm visiting my very american daughter who decided to move to liberia after college.
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she says this is one of her favorite places in the city. the marketplace known as waterside. everything can be find here for a bearing an. from hand-made bags and shoes, to food. but you've got to love to shop. broad street is another busling part of the city. the pen pens in these parts for the constant annoying sounds of their horns. you can escape it all at the beach. tourists are exactly flocking to liberia, yet, but they are starting to come. several hotels have opened up and i'm told liberia has some of the best surfing in the world. sunday is beach day. >> liberia have a seeing that the country is sweeter and i'm hearing more and more of it these days.
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>> this is amazing time for liberia. >> this is the place to be right now. just happy to be a part of it. >> there's no doubt that a long, difficult road lies ahead in this struggling nation by the sea. an entire generation of children was unable to go to school because of the war. so for me the sight of kids with their backpacks heading to school is the promise for this country's future. i know many lie beerian children still have a heavy load to bear. but there are no longer child soldiers on these streets and hopefully one day all the lie beerian children will have reason to dance. >> beautiful look at liberia, and brenda bush here. and this is home for you, even though the states are home, but your daughter still lives there. we look at these images and we can't help but think of utopia, but all of liberia isn't this way. these are just pockets you saw of pockets of hope.
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>> i don't want anybody to think utopia when they think liberia at all. it's just starting in the comeback. electricity we don't have. running water. education is a problem. health care is a problem. all these problems still exist. i wanted to focus on what had changed there, because there is change and you see it, you feel it. you hear it when you talk to lie beerians who are there and that's what i wanted to focus on. >> and all of those things that people recall, in terms of the child soldiers, et cetera, it didn't go away overnight, or did it, when charles taylor as the president was removed, is that when we started to see this evolution of change that people were feeling more hopeful about a prieter, better liberia? >> you know, it's taken a long time. the war is almost, ten years of peace almost. not even.
11:18 am
next year will be ten years. so it's taken ten years to reach this point. and there's still so much more to do in liberia. i think that the, because the spirit of the people, the desire to improve, and the belief that better days are ahead of us, that's finally come. and i think that's what i was seeing on this trip. because i've been back many many times and i didn't feel this prior to this. >> something happened on this journey. >> you know, it was as if when i turned that corner and came up on those children, it was like i realized my country had turned a corner at that time. because our children who were killers, liberian children, thousands of them were child soldiers, they were the ones killing. they were taught to kill and they were made to kill and they saw family members. >> they were made to kill their own family members. >> yeah. they were there wits sing their parents being killed and they were taken.
11:19 am
we have a horrible, horrible history. and i think when i saw my husband and daughter and i were in the car together, and she sees the liberia of hope. so when she saw the kids dancing in the street and she's sitting in the car, she's dancing too. and my husband and i who know the horror of liberia, i said to him, our children have their child hoods back, and he said yes. this is a good thing. i was not even doing a story on it. i wasn't even thinking about being a journalist. at that point i was a liberian, be a mother. this was a moment for me, the camera man was on the back, i didn't even know he was videotaping. >> it's a beautiful story in which to tell and a great view that we rarely get a chance to see. thanks to brenda bush for
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bringing it to us. >> thank you. have you filed your taxes yet now that you're back home? >> that's another story. >> we've got some help on the other side of this break. some of the last minute advise that you do not want to miss from our karen lee right after this. [ grandfather ] that a boy! this is my grandson. and if it wasn't for a screening i got, i might have missed being here to meet him. the health care law lets those of us on medicare now get most preventive care for free like annual wellness visits, immunizations, and some cancer screenings.
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all right. for all the procrastinators out there, me included, the government is giving you an extra two days to file your
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taxes this year. tax day is this tuesday, normally it's april 15th, but this time it's tuesday april 17th and today in our weekly financial fix we get advice for last-minute tax filers like me. so why does it cause so many problems? okay. money is tight for a lot of people. people are just sometimes nervous about doing their taxes, they doen want to hear they're going to owe. so give us some advice on last minute procrastinators to make sure you take care of all those deductibles that you didn't think about. >> that's what this segment is about. some of the credits and deductions people do tend to miss. and whether you're procrastinating or not, remember you can file an amended return. so the first one, if you've got children, we've got an education -- the first two are tax credits. credits are better than deductions. credits come right off the tax you've calculated you owe.
11:24 am
a deduction just help you lower your income. >> so we'll see this money back credits vernlts there is the american opportunity tax credit. >> is that college level. >> it has to be first four years of college only and it's phased out -- if it's a married up, up to 108 it's gone and for singles it's 80,000 and phased out to 90,000. second one education, lifetime earning credit,ings for undergrad and graduate. $2,000 you can get back, phased out at 100,000 matter married and the second one is child care. kids under 13. >> did you not every would be gets that. >> it's an income ceiling. and this one is kind of complicated. so the main thin i wanted to tell you is that for one child up to 3,000 you can get back, two children up to 6,000. it's a percentage of the expense
11:25 am
and the phase-out affects that percentage. so then let's go on to, there's a couple of deductions that i'm starting to worry about people missing because of the way we handle money. >> maybe we can see that graphic again. >> sure. >> because it sure does help. >> charity and moving expenses. these two are deductions that last one is an actual credit. with charity we tends to write checks to charity. what about if you do service. >> volunteerism? >> not the time, but the distance you travel you can deduct 14 cents a mile. and if you spend money, if you're postage, all of that can be deducted. we're starting to see people automatically deducting from their checking account and using credit cards. so don't just look at your checkbook. >> 20 seconds left. >> we've got to move. moving expenses. of course you've 'got a new job and it's more than 50 miles away you can deduct that.
11:26 am
retirement savers. if you are a low-income earner, you can get up to $1,000 back if you have been contributing to the ira or 401(k). that is in addition to the deduction or the deferral. >> those are great avenues to take, that is excellent. karen lee, you always have all the best advice. i know you want to remind people. you've got to sign your. >> you've got to sign them, send them to the right address, make sure they're made out to the united states. this year people are filing their returns and finding out that some people have already filed under their i.d. we'll talk about that next week. >> happy tax filing day on tuesday. get more financial advice by reading her back, "it's just money, so why does it cause so many problems?"
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11:30 am
relieved of duty and sent home. government sources tell cnn about a dozen personnel were involved. none were part of the protective detail. but i do want to bring in tom fuentes joining us now from san francisco. good to see you. >> hi. >> stoe while prosecution is not illegal, this could break the code of conduct, this is what is at issue. not necessarily whether those secret service broke the law, but they did break the code of conduct allegedly, correct? >> that's correct. and the issue here is that the secret service more than any other federal law enforcement agency are really regarded as part of the president's direct staff, whether it's advanced detail or the actual protective detail that are with him every day and night. they are considered direct representatives and part of his staff and the expectation is that their conduct will always
11:31 am
be beyond reproach at the highest level. >> but it is very serious in your view? how serious? >> if it was serious enough for them to bring all of them back to the u.s. and send a different team out, or they may have been finished with their duties anyway since they were the advanced team, we're going to have to wait and see what the investigation discloses. i've seen reports that said it was one agent with one prostitute and there was other reporting that it might have been multiple prostitutes with multiple agents. we just don't know that yet. but the mere fact that someone notified the police in cartagena and the police notified the embassy, that doesn't mean it's true, yet. it just means it's a serious allegation, that was enough for the secret service to take action and we're going to have atto aweighed their internal investigation, and i'm sure it's going to be looked at not only by the secret service itself but other components of the department of homeland security as well as the ambassador's
11:32 am
staff there in colombia. >> so these that were suspended were not members of the protective detail, but the advance team. nonetheless you have to wonder what kind of security issues are glaring now, particularly since the advance team would jenly sanitize an area before the president's arrival. do you worry that that might have been compromised during these alleged engagements? >> i actually don't worry about that. i think that the work that they do, and they do it also in conjunction with the local police from colombia, i think they would have done a very professional job of that. and unless there's evidence that these prostitutes, if they did get taken back to the hotel, were members of some terrorist organization or were, you know, planting bombs in an area that had already been secured, i don't see it as a direct security threat. i don't think that's the issue. and there are advance teams working all over the world right
11:33 am
now, today, looking at the upcoming trips for the next month or two that the president will take. so there's multiple advance teams working at any given moment for the president, for the vice president, depending what's on their schedule of travel. so this is one of the teams, obviously it was the one that was there immediately preceding his travel there. so they had a krkts ey function with that. they're not alone, it's down with the police and you have the regular detail come in and they're with the president every day. and as well, the president is attending the summit of the americas, a very highly charged, diplomatic event for this hemisphe hemisphere. the summit itself will be providing stensive security for all the leaders who are attending this function. >> tom fuentes, formerly of the fbi. thanks for joining us.
11:34 am
>> you're welcome. >> and we understand the white house will have a briefing coming up today. in the meantime, let's talk about weather. you saw the images right there. 5.5 million people are now bracing for what could be a violent outbreak of tornadoes. the plains states are the a target of a storm that could drop as many as 100 tornadoes, forecasters warn people need to be especially vigilant after the sun goes down. this might be a very long evening. jackie is monitoring the storm and will bring us new developments straight ahead. do you know what to if a tornado or disaster heads your way? the u.s. government is urging every one to get a plan in place right now and it's providing some great tools for you and even your children to do so. cnn's josh levs is here. >> today is a good day is to remember that it is important for every one if you're not in a
11:35 am
place to get stornds, to have an emergency plan in place. and the government talks about this and there's a great site that talks you through some of the key steps it's called i want to give you all some basics. i want you to know a few of the things, go into an emergency supply kit, have this ready no matter where you live. one of them is water you want to have in this kit. at lease three gallons per person. it's a gallon of water per person per ba at least three days. and three days' worth of nonperishable food. and also that battery powered radio. a flashlight with extra batteries. a first aid kit with all the basics. and you also want to have, a lot of people forget about this one, a whistle in case you need to
11:36 am
signal for help. that's just half the list. there's also something else that might surprise you. take i look at the pictures. this is something the government has put out there as they're trying to help people get safe now. why would you be looking at pictures of a family of what appear to be lions? the government has created these comic book characters that are now there to help you as a family get together and make a plan with your children so your kids will be empowered with some basic information about how to handle an emergency if it is to happen. so these characters are now there, these little comic strips, talking you through how to prepare as a family. and there's a little place where you write down information, you put it in each kid's pocket. i've linked it all up for you on my facebook and twitter. you can check it out, and fred,
11:37 am
i will tell you it's nice to see these pro active steps to try and help families have more and more tools to build those emergency kits. >> it's clever and cute and oh, so necessary. hopefully they will go to your sites. >> josh, you probably loved this and remember, larry, curly and moe, they are back this time on the big screen. does this classic tv show clans late on the big screen? our movie critic weighs in next. wow. this is new. yep, i'm sending the dancing chicken to every store in the franchise to get the word out. that could work. or you could use every door direct mail from the postal service. it'll help you and all your franchisees find the customers that matter most -- the ones in the neighborhood. you print it or we'll help you find a local partner.
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all right. whether you're in the mood for horror or slapstick comedy this weekend, there's something for you. our movie critic is here to zbif us his grades. matt, good to see you joining us los angeles. let's begin with the cabin in the woods. >> this one is tough to talk
11:41 am
about without giving too much away. on its surface it's about five college kids who go to a cabin in the woods for a relaxing weekend and bad things start to happen. >> let's look. >> i'm thinking this thing doesn't take credit cards. >> the sign says closed. >> we're looking for -- >> i can get you there. getting back, that's your concern. >> oh, no, matt. you will not find me in the theater. you will leave deaf because i'm a screamer. >> i loved this movie. it's hard to talk about it without giving too much away. this is one of the best movies i've seen all year. i absolutely loved this movie. it starts out with a cliched story, but it's so much more
11:42 am
than that. >> and they stay. >> and they address that. in this movie we've got a script written by drew god ard and jos weeden who woshd on buffy the vampire slaer together. they write a very very smart chipt. i don't want to say anything else. but if you're considering seeing this movie, don't watch the trailer, don't read any reviews, just go and see it. you're going to be really happy you did. >> and listen to your grade, because you give it a winning grade. >> i gave it an "a." it's one of the best things i've seen all year. >> that's amazing. let's go on to something funny, comical, more my speed. larry, curly and moe. we all know what it's about, how does it translate on the big screen? >> it translates pretty well. they set it up as three short
11:43 am
films, all kind of telling one long story. so it is very similar, at lease in pacing, to the classic three stooges shorts. >> i think we have time for a 15-second clip. >> getting second on lobster. >> i've got lob ter upset your stomach. >> i pipd it in pesto business mol. >> look, it's -- what did i tell you about puns. >> so matt, sometimes over the top silly can, you know, hit a nerve, too. did they hit the mark right on this one? >> they did. i think they did. i really, i enjoyed this film. you know, it's uneven, the jokes get pretty silly at times. you know, i would say that the three stooges are an acquired
11:44 am
taste. you can watch an old short from the '30s and 40s, and it would fit well with this. the cast is good. you've got shaun hayes from will and grace playing larry, and if you are a three stooges fan you will like this. >> then go to the whole cabin in the woods thing. you gave it a c. >> i think it's a decent movie. >> okay, good. good to see you, too. if you want to check out any of the other reviews, you want to go to rotten millions of new yorks pass by a bit of titanic history and probably don't even know it. a look at what was meant to be the titanic's final destination,
11:45 am
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thousands across the world are marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic. if it had missed the iceberg, it just may have docked in new york. >> reporter: the morning fog on new york's hudson rivers just stirs the imagination even more. a century ago, the titanic would
11:48 am
have sailed up new york harbor, concluding her median trans-atlantic voyage. >> it's awaiting on a ship that never came. >> reporter: titanic would have turned into this dock amid celebration. >> the titanic was supposed to dock at pier 59 a hundred years ago. now it's a golf driving range. >> it's just a tragic loss. it was a long time ago. >> reporter: there was a ship that did arrive a hundred years ago, the car pathia which set out days earlier and received titanic's distress calls. 705 passengers and k crewmen were rescued from the sea. p.h. narge lay describes the
11:49 am
atmosphere. >> it was windy, it was horrible t there were 10,000 people waiting for the survivor carpathia bipassed its own dock and approached pier 59. >> the carpathia landed at the pier where the titanic was supposed to head to. >> the marketing director of the chelsea piers sports complex. >> reporter: many of the great historic piers are now gone, used for real estate, little trace here of the titanic and where it would have arrived a hundred years ago. there is a piece of history that hundreds go by every day. >> you can still see the name cunard line on the left side and the white star. the companies that owned the carpathia and the titanic.
11:50 am
the carp karp ultimately arrived here. the decks full of survivors who reached new yorks but not the way they expected. coming up some news about alcohol mixing with some women. ♪
11:51 am
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a study by researchers at harvard found that healthy women who drampg moderate amounts of alcohol during middle age had a 20% chance of being in better health than seniors who didn't drink. the study looked at almost 14,000 women in the mid to late 50s to see how their health faerd if they drank up to one drink a day. the participants were considered healthy if at age 70 they were free from chronic diseases such tas diabetes or heart disease or mentally sharp, in okay physical thap and had no mental health
11:54 am
issues. previous research has shown that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol in middle age, may lower the risk of heart disease for both men and women. but experts say women who drink two or more drinks a day increase their risk for breast cancer. heavy drinking has also been tide to other cancers, liver disease, increases in blood pressure and damage to the heart. if you don't drink, researchers say, there's no need to start. i'm elist beth cohen.
11:55 am
11:56 am
all right. it's something most of us take for granted, munching on an apple or ga grabbing a sandwich, but for some families of autistic children, mealtime can be traumatic.
11:57 am
randy kai has. >> reporter: she's also never had cookies, a grilled cheese sandwich or any solid foods. that's because up until now, kaylee has refused to eat. >> we had a seven-year-old drinking out of a bottle still on formula. so for her health and well being we had to find something more substantial. >> like pur rayed food. according to the newest figures from the cdc, one every 88 children has autism. a shocking majority have what are known as autism related he'ding disorders. >> the research is 49 percent to 08 percent of children who have
11:58 am
some restriction or difficulties who are not eating enough to get nutrition. >> dr. david jacks is the director in the alltism center in atlanta. >> children have severe tantrums, maybe throwing food or running away from the table and getting emotionally upset and crying. >> like most kids with autism, she is considered nonverbal, so therefore she has problems communicating. she will just knock it out of your hands. >> reporter: even for those patients who do eat, their extreme pickiness endangers their help. >> another example might be a particular child who ohm eats a particular brand of store bought food, because they have a particular feel in their mouth or something about their experience of it that makes it more comfortable for them. >> reporter: the marcus center's
11:59 am
feeding program may sound simple to a healthy person, but it's very rig with us to a child with autism. >> children are here all day, monday through friday for about seven weeks working hard and intensely and we try to balance that out with the kind of reinforcers that are going to motivate children to do what for them is difficult work. >> reporter: there is still work to be done. >> from a kid that would slap you instead of letting you put food in her mouth to she is actually lunging at the spoon now in order to get the food. so we have made big strides and this is just the beginning of the fourth week. >> reporter: long strides towards a heldier life for kaylee and peace of mind for jennife jennifer. y randi kaye.