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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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1979. he was only 6 years old, and he lived just a half a block away from here right down the street from where i'm standing. he left his house that day on his way to the bus stop. it was the very first time his parents had allowed him to walk to school, to that bus stop, rather, all by himself, but then he disappeared. vanished from sight, and his family realized something was wrong when he didn't come home from school that day. well, authorities have been examining this case for years and really all the clues had gone cold, but then they got new information and were reviewing old information after reopening the case, and that led them to the basement and this excavation work going on right now. at this time they're sifting through dirt and rubble, and going six feet below the surface of the basement to see whether they can find any signs etan may have been buried there. this is a basemented where a carpenter used to work who was a
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friend of the family and of little etan's and in fact had been in that basement with him just the day before. so authorities hoped they can find some evidence that etan was down there. they have a search warrant, and they're trying to see where the evidence will lead them if they find any. >> it's been so long, susan. was this case kept open in part because the milk carton factor or is it common for a 33-year-old missing person's case to get this much police attention? >> reporter: well, certainly the case of etan patz was one of the very first, his case, feech ared on milk cartons way back when. but as we said, over the years, they've been looking at various people, in connection with this case, but it was only recently, a couple of years ago when the local district attorney reopened the matter and started looking at old clues with the fbi. they're leading this investigation. that led them to this point where they are here today. it's because they had new
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information that they're taking a look at. >> who's in charge of this investigation? fbi or local authorities? >> reporter: it's the fbi, and that's because way back in the beginning of the case, there were all kinds of theories that perhaps etan might even have been kidnapped and taken out of state. that's why the fbi remains in charge of this case. so they're running the show, and they have told the people that own this building and that basement in particular that when they're through ripping it apart, everything will be put back together, but obviously, it's very important to get down to the bottom of this and determine whether etan might have been buried there. >> susan candiotti live in lower manhattan. thanks. another big case we're following, george zimmerman. he could get out of jail at any time now. yesterday a florida judge granted his release on $150,000 bond. in that hearing zimmerman surprised many when he addressed the family of trayvon martin for the first time. have a listen. >> i wanted to say i am sorry
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for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am, and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> his family needs to post 10% of the bond or $15,000 to secure his release while he awaits trial. a total of six secret service agents are now out of work either fired or resigned. they and several others are being investigated for alleged misconduct while on duty in colombia. 11 u.s. military member, being questioned separately. they're all a part of, accused, i should say, of soliciting prostitutes and possibly compromising presidential authority. what's happening in washington on this side of the scandal? well, the other side is here on colombia's northern coast, the city of cartagena. drew is there. you've been there a little bit. what more can you tell us as far as an update? >> reporter: i can tell you the investigation that seemed to be waning down here is actually
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increasing, rob, the last few nights. in fact, last night the local cartagena police were out trying to find every single girl, 21 girls, questioned. they want to see what their recollections are of this night back on april 11th, and, in fact, they were -- contacting the place wes went to last night asking where these women were. we the investigation expanded to a second hotel. to the hilton here in cartagena. the hotel president obama eventually stayed. some secret service were staying at that hotel. an expansion actually of the investigation as investigations continue both here and in washington. >> drew, for americans, there's obviously a big moral issue for the government. a big security issue, but i'm curious in colombia, you no, how big of a scandal is this considered?
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>> reporter: it's only a scandal in that there are questions about whether or not anything was said or done or exposed that might have compromised the presidential security. as for americans coming down here and having sex, with women that they pay, that is no big deal. there's a big sex trade here. it's pretty widely open. the way they even have the names of the women involved is because the hotels have rules that you actually have to sign in your, quote/unquote, guest, before they were come in the hotel. so the hotel actually has a list of all of these women who came to this hotel and rules about having them leave in the morning prior to 6:30 in the morning. so that is fairly wide open. there's no moral issues. the big question and i think it's big in colombia and greater in washington is, what kind of security compromise took place? what, if anything, would the secret service and/or military
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officers tell these women about their role in protecting the president? and what kind of exposure that could have created. >> i guess another question, drew, has this at all damaged the relationship between the u.s. and colombia? >> reporter: well, what many people are saying it really detracted from the conference that president obama had come to attend. that this kind of took precedence over everything else. all the other important issues that these south american and latin-american countries wanted to discuss with the president. sort of got overshadowed by this and pretty much see it as a lost opportunity. nobody is talking about the agenda of items. everybody's talking about what happened the nice before. >> okay. drew griffin on the ground for us in cartagena, colombia with update on that case. we'll be back to you. thanks. in california a woman there remains in jail charged with the first-degree murder of this woman, brittany killgore. killgore, recently filed for
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divorce from her marine husband stationed in afghanistan disappeared april 13th. her body was found days later in a neighboring county. detectives have not revealed the relationship, if any, between killgore and the woman charged with murder. jessica lynne lopez. lopez is being held on $3 million bond. mitt romney pushing forward to november. he took sort of a victory lap speaking at the republican national committee gathering in arizona yesterday. romney split his message between a call for party unity and attacks on president obama. and a word for his past and present republican rivals. >> let me also commend the people who had the courage to run for president on our side of the aisle this year. some still running. some have gotten out of the race, but each contributed to the process. each of them campaigned in an aggressive and dynamic way to spread our message of kef conservatism and each will play a vital role of making sure we
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win in november. on monday, romney will be campaigning in philadelphia with florida senator marco rubio. it's been mentioned rubio could be his running mate. before rubio makes that campaign stop, you can catch him on "state of the union" right here with candy crowley live tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern. and when you look at his delegate count and campaign debt, presidential hopeful newt gingrich doesn't have much of a chance at becoming the nominee, but he doesn't want to give up the perks of still being in the race. that includes the secret service following him around everywhere. it could be costing taxpayers, get this, more than $40,000 a day. his campaign has come under attack for wasteful spending, as you can imagine. in spite of his struggling campaign, his chief donor sheldon adelson's family gave the superpac another $5 million last month bringing their total contribution to more than $20 million so far. us airways stepped towards uniting with its larger
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competitor american air line. agreeing to support a potential merger with u.s. airway opinions this is not a formal bid jut th just yet, it garners support for. american filed for bankruptcy and earlier this year announced plans to cut 1,000 of its jobs. okay. the trayvon martin case. triggering national debate over stand your ground laws. does your state have that law? we have a breakdown for you coming right up. a small village in afghanistan. it's a matter of trust between the u.s. troops and the afghan locals to keep the peace. at least for now.
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the united nations security council aproovtd a measure to expand the observer mission in syria to 300 monitors. [ speaking in foreign languag ] language ]. >> the resolution comes hours after a small group of u.n. observers arrived in the city of homs. the monitors are trying to get government forces and opposition groups to honor the cease-fire imposed last week. in a matter of hours voters in france will be going to the polls to cast their presidential vote. incumbent president nicolas sarkozy pitted against nine other candidates in the first round of voting. and the grand prix began today. opposing groups and protesters, a staged protest to bring attention to their longstanding fight for reforms. the opposition reported its first death on saturday. witnesses say a young protester was killed on friday during clashes with security forces. the government says it is investigating the incident.
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and with time unruns out the u.s. in afghanistan relying on risky alliance with lobel trica tribesmen to keep the peace when they're gone. a firsthand look at the afghan local police in action. >> reporter: we're heading into what was want key sanctuary of sophisticated insurgence of the haqqani network from pakistan. >> yes. they're getting their guns. >> reporter: now the americans can safely drive into here mostly because of a deal they struck with the local tribe and they give us a rare glimpse of this local melispolic militia c. they're mostly opposed so they paid them to help out at a local school. >> one of the things that other kurd is the tribe here was being
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preyed upon by a nearby tribe. the nearby tribe had a much greater support from the taliban and could come here, had weapons and everything else to extract resources from this tribe. by this tribe siding with the government of afghanistan that gives them the capability to defend their other turf. >> reporter: since that deal the locals have had it quiet but peace is never that simple. on the 26th of march nearby a member of this alp shot dead. an american staff sagt, before being shot dead himself. colonel taylor believes the taliban persuaded the gunman to do it loyalties and powers here are complex. the tribe that sided with the americans clearly also has some insurgence in it. despite the setback, the americans think it's safe for them to leave the school and the town. returning occasionally now to this new base named after their fallen colleague. much has changed, but as much could now change back.
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in the past behind me a year ago thing was very different. insurgency had a large encampment and using the same village. american special forces came and killed over 1 to encourageants. now the americans are withdrawing. the question, will the insurgency come back? villagers warmly welcome the american whose help the elders here will equally trust the afghan government once they've left. that's not a given if you talk to this local alp commander. >> translator: i know it's true sometimes the government is corrupt, and they're stealing. i know that our salaries are a certain amount but when we get it, it's less. still, we don't raise our voice or complain to officials. >> reporter: america is intervening into tribal rivalries that endured for decades with cash and power. a delicate arrangement, will it last? this deal is fine for a short-term solution. so you guys can leave, but in the long term, you're
12:16 pm
effectively just weighing up another side way few more weapons. >> the key has got to be that alp is an extension of the government of afghanistan and that the afghanistan uniformed police is the sponsor and supporter of the alp program, and it is not a tribal militia and the more we can promote that relationship and the dependency between the alp and afghan uniformed police the more successful we're going to be. >> reporter: in short, it's a gamble america must take, because its time is up. on this front line village will in the summer ahead learn if its future lies in its own hand with rival tribes and warlords all with a resurgent taliban. nick paton walsh, afghanistan. preventing alzheimer's disease. could you ward it off by just washing the dishes or gardening? a closer look at a new study, right after this.
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keeping biz you with household chores can help baby boomers and older folks fight off alzheimer's according to a new study published in the medical jurn neurology. a physician at premiere care for women in atlanta and doctor, nice to meet you, first off. tell us more about this study? >> this is a study of older americans. about 700, 70 and 80-year-olds. asked to do normal activities, some exercise and tested beforehand to make sure they didn't have any signs of
12:20 pm
impending alzheimer. at the end of the study, about three years, people in the bottom 10% how much was left had twice the risk of alzheimer as more active peers. >> no sign, catch it before it happens, basically. what kind of things were they doing or do you encourage to do? >> true formal excess can decrease your risk. some did nothing more than household chore, cooking cleaning, guard'sing, maybe played cards. whatever ak tivty they did helped decrease the risk and never too late. as old as they were, there were benefits. even if you haven't been active up until your 70s, being active can decrease your risk of alzheimer's. >> they didn't explore people who had alzheimer if this improved the condition? >> correct. ways of decreasing your risk of developing it in the future.
12:21 pm
>> what's the difference between dementia and alzheimer's? >> alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia. dementia is the umbrella word. alzheimer's is a type of dementia. >> my question. thanks. i'm curious, you always say keep your mind sharp, but more scientifically, how does doing these things prevent alzheimer's? >> you're correct. we've known that memory exercises, saduko, word puzzles can help decrease your risk as well, but also known anything that helps decrease your risk of heart disease, physical activity is a big one, that can decrease alzheimer's and the idea, possibly muscle activity, movement, helps your brain cells possibly regenerate or be more active. so muscle activity does decrease your risk and, again, it's never too late to be active. >> goes for all of life. when you're younger, when you work out you get that endorphin rush. i'm nor alert. you think i would do it more often. thank you very much. it's a great insight on a new study and gives folks getting
12:22 pm
older a little more hope. good to see you. >> thank you. tomorrow is earth day, as you know. how can you go green? also, save money? up next, we show you how you can help the earth and your pocketbook by just switches out your light bulbs. stay tuned. t
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were back. not quite hurricane season but something-something in the gulf affecting florida. b bonnie schneider la a look at that. nothing to worry about as far as
12:24 pm
trip tropical system? >> no. heavy down pours in florida and a risk of severe weather. on the ray bar picture. lots of thunderstorms across the ensi entire sunshine state. not sunny today. down through miami, tampa, the keys hammered with heavy rain persisting throughout the day and bring about quite a bit of threatening weather in terms of flooding. one to three inches expected. advisories from flooding extend to sunday morning including most of counties of south florida. we have a live pick color to show you of miami now. we're looking at overcast skies certainly. a dreary weekend down in miami unfortunately better as we approach next week. we're not only looking at heavy downpours of rain. also a threat of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. we could see a water spout, a tornado over the water happening on the gulf or atlantic side. across the entire peninsula
12:25 pm
looking for a threat of severe weather. as the low push ace cross florida working through the weekend, it's going to impact the northeast. we've been talking about tropical weather. how about snow? that's right. we are anticipating snow for wev western new york and western pennsylvania. quite a bit of it you can see into the forecast. looking for heavy amounts of snow noble higher elevations in parts of western pennsylvania. could see six inches or more. a lot of snow to talk about in april. kind of a quiet winter in this part of country. many folk, happy to get the snow. look at heavy rains for those traveling to new york, philadelphia or washington. it is going to be a soaker of a weekend. not so much right now, but as we go into sunday and monday. look for that heavy rain to build up into the forecast. that's something we're whoppia . airports, ground stops most aren't too bad. today actually is a better day to travel for the northeast than tomorrow. today and tomorrow not so great for the southeast.
12:26 pm
>> glad i led into you with talk's tropical weather. you end with snow. >> cover everything here. >> crazy, but i guess that's how april can be. >> it is. we're going to see more of that as we wrap up the month in the next week or bonnie schneider, thanks very much. earth day is tomorrow. get your green on. all right? incandescent light bulbs, updating your home's lighting, one of the easiest ways to make you green. is it worth it moneywise? photojournalist jerry moorhead find out answers. >> reporter: we are at the hardware established in 1920, 11 blocks from the u.s. capitol. >> like a bag? >> i call this energy efficient land. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> we have traditional incandesce
12:27 pm
incandescents. >> one of these light bulbs. >> light bulbs are a big factor in the store's success. >> i'll like ten boxes, put up to 100 or use compact fluorescent in there, too. it's using gases to illuminate the gas. using roughly 20% to 21% of the wahl wattage on a compact fluorescent and that a a soft white incandesce the. my house is converted. i have seen an energy savings. it low, your air conditioning bill because you're emitting less heat. an l.e.d. bulb where you get 2.5 to 3 times longer life than you do with the cfl. a bulk like this is in the $50 range. that's the cadillac. this should last 46 years. that's longer than i'm going to be around. $1.81 positive operate this
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a total of six secret service agents now out of work, fired or resigned. they and several others investigated for alleged misconduct on duty in colombia. 11 u.s. military members are being questioned separately. all accused of soliciting prostitutes and possibly compromising presidential security. george zimmerman could get out of jail as early as today. yesterday a florida judge granted release on $150,000 bond. his family needs to post $15,000 to get him out while he awaits trial for the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman called it self-defense. the trayvon martin case has thrown the future of the stand your ground law in question not just in florida but all over the country. our josh levs is here with a
12:31 pm
look at what the laws are like in your state. >> yeah. rob, we were talking earlier, florida has a task force that's going to look into their stand your ground law and try to decide what should be done about it. give a recommendation. this case created debate across the whole country and all sorts of states. people in various states are looking at their state laws now and saying, do we have that law? do we need to change our laws? what should they say? no matter what ends up happening with that law, even if it's determined whether or not. applies to the trayvon martin case. so what we have from folks at, a breakdown, every state and what the stand your ground laws are and what the other laws are. we have here first of all, 18 states in which folks determined you can reasonably say have stand your ground laws. i won't read every state but tell you about the ones that have these stand your ground laws. alabama, arizona, colorado, florida, georgia, indiana, kentucky, louisiana, maryland, mississippi, montana, nevada,
12:32 pm
new hampshire, oklahoma, pennsylvania, tennessee, texas and utah. in each case some different language but laws that are similar in the basic idea, to stand your ground's in now, this is something else that allows states out there to have a lot of states have something called a castle doctrine. the difference, stand your ground applies to this idea in certain cases it is okay to use force if you feel threatened. well, castle doctrine refers to it being on your own property. in some states, authorities determined the judicial determined your own property can be more than your home. maybe it's your car or workplace. if you feel threatened you have the right to meet force with force or use force when you feel threatened. castle doctrine in the states you see here. interesting, this patchwork in the country, different laws in different states. a few states out there that actually require you to retreat if you feel threatened in certain situations. you have a handful of states write there that have those laws. that say even if you feel
12:33 pm
threatened you must retreat. arkansas, iowa, nebraska, virginia and vermont. two more show you the complexity and diversity of laws this country. the state of washington actually doesn't have a statute. the state supreme court said there's no duty to retreat if you are assaulted where you are legally, lawfully allowed to be. and one more interesting one here, folks. look at new mexico. the law there allows justifiable homicide in defense of property, although courts ruled you cannot use it in the case of trespass. we have a patchwork's complicated laws. now states all over the country are looking at her laws saying, how could a case like this play out here? look at the website. it's interactive. you can see your state. you can click on it and read the actual language of the law in your state. i have linked it for you up at my page on facebook and twitter. josh levs cnn, my blog, and i want to you see your state laws, be empowered with that knowledge as we see the next stage in this debate, rob, for the whole country.
12:34 pm
>> great information. go to those sites for more. every state is different and those laws, you need have read thoroughly. thanks very much, josh. cnn just learned that utah snarnt warren hatch faces a primary to get the nomination for his seventh term. just shy of that 60% delegate vote he needed today's state republican election to volt him to the general election. going up against former state senator dan lewinquist in the june primary. the longest serving senator in u.s. history. and making a debut as a penn state head coach. fans still want to honor the team the former coach, joe paterno. the game was the first event at the stadium since paterno died in january at the age of 85 of lung cancer. old file, resumes, bills.
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time to clean out your computer. tips next in gaming and gadgets. stay tuned.
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well, it's that time of year when you go spring cleaning. right? while you're tidying up the garage and things around the house, don't forget to clean out your computer. marc saltzman joins us live via skype from toronto, with tiv five tips for whipping our computers back into shape. mine is so slow.
12:38 pm
i can't imagine what i can get rid of. what's the first tip? >> you're not alone. a few simple plain english tips should help. number one, back up important information doctor you before y anything. use a us b thumb drive, external hard drive. burn a disc or use a free online service like windowslive skydrive. take the documents, photos, irreplaceable camcorder footage you've got, upload it, back it up in case you accidentally delete it when trying to spring clean your computer. tip number one. back it up. >> i've done that on to a hard drive and the problem is i can't find the hard drive. i have to be more organized that way. you get those files off. there's got to be, what's the maintenance people talk of? programs you don't use? how do you know which you use and which you don't? >> second, clear the clutter.
12:39 pm
look in your program files if you're using windows or on your desktop, a mac user. if you haven't play add game bundled with your computer four years ago, it's time to delete it. not only are you getting, you know, you're getting more hard drive space back but you're going to be cleaning it out. getting rifrtd icons, all that ball paper you can't see anymore because it's littered with icons. clean it out. get rifd the programs you don't use when when in doubt don't uninstall it and don't just delay the icon. go in to windows, program files, built in in there and you'll be able to see which to properly uninstall. >> your third tip i've actually done called defraging. but i have no idea what that means. what exactly is defraging? >> you think you need a geek to english dictionary just to figure out what to do. there are built-in system tools both windows and macs, that will essentially clean up your hard drive for you. so if you continue to want to go to the extreme and erase a
12:40 pm
format, your hard drive, install a new operating system. defrag is an option under system tools essentially combing through your hard drive, the drive that stores the contents of your computer and it will rearrange all the little zeros and 1s in way it will be optimized for performance. so it will be faster, you'll retrieve more hard disc space and you just want to let it go. so maybe before if you're doing this on a home computer, before you go to sleep at night, click that defrag and walk away, and then in the morning it will be done and good as new. >> your next tip, mark, is to update your software you use regularly. i often say later. not now, because i'm of the faith that if it's not broke don't fix it and seemingly updated software and something gets broke in the process. is that just user error or should you update? >> generally speaking when there are updates available for your software, such as skype, what we're talking on right now, the
12:41 pm
software engineers have found mistakes in security vulnerabilities and added new featureses you should take advantage of. generally speaking, when you ship software, whether the entire operating system or a program like skype, or itunes, find ways to improve it. definitely take advantage of that. if there's an option to have it install automatically, check that off. otherwise, you need to manually update it. just learn to be about the section of all your favorite pieces of software and make sure you update it once in a while. >> not much time left. you have to update anti-virus software. i've recently joined the mac world and am reading even macs need anti-software? >> if you continue to want to spend $40, free options. anti-virus is a must in today's day and age. the top ten list. lots of free and good options. >> marc saltzman, thanks.
12:42 pm
good advice. >> thanks. for more high-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the gaming and gadgets tab or follow marc saltzman on facebook, twitter and linkedin. prison inmates are typically a number. when kids, just mom and dad. how do these families stay connected? actry holly robinson peete goes inside a maximum security prison, next. while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems,
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cnn hero was helped for helping kids stay connected to incarcerated parents. since then she's expanded her program to four more states. holly robinson peete decided to see her work more up close. >> when i was involved, carolyn's project touched my heart. when you think about the people in this world that need help, the last people on that list are the children of incarcerated parents. that, to me, is why i'm coming out here today. >> approaching destination on the left. >> so what are the total number of messages delivered by the messages project now?
12:46 pm
>> we're right at 9,000. >> wow! that's a lot of children that have this opportunity. >> gate, please. >> so, tell me about this facility. >> this is a maximum security prison. and it is the pilot for california. >> thanks. >> good morning. >> how are you? i'm carolyn. >> talk from your heart. we're going it give you a -- >> are re ready to roll? >> here we go. >> hi, kids. i know that you're angry with me, and you should be angry with me. the difficulties that you've faced over the years, that's my fault. hold on a second. >> you could see that sadness, that guilt that they had for whatever decision they made that has impacted their children their entire lives. >> when you sit these fathers
12:47 pm
down in front of that camera, they're dad. >> i can't imagine, with all the things going on in these children's lives what this means to them. on behalf of all of them, thank you so much. all right. and now, to nominate someone making a difference in their community, go to cnn heroes dotcom. a need for seed -- speed. and a big appetite for fuel. nascar may not be known as the most environmentally friendly sport, but it is taking steps to go green. i talk to nascar's ceo, next. big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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as people around the world observe earth day this weekend, nascar is also revving up the efforts to go green. that's right, going green. the sport that burns 6,000 gallons of fuel on the race day and goes through about 430 sets of tires per race is trying to lessen the sport's impact on the environment. here's an example.
12:51 pm
i tell you what, that roar gives me chills. here's an example of the green movement. tomorrow, every time youee the green flag drop, they're gone to donate ten trees to help replace the ones lost in the devastating tornadoes in joplin, missouri. i caught up with the ceo of nascar, brian france, and asked him about the ongoing effort to be green. >> we're in our fourth year, heading into our fifth year of doing things we're proud of. switching to a biofuel with ethanol was a big step for us. we have run 2 million miles with sunoco e-15 and our partners, we're disproving a lot of things with that particular biofuel. we're now the largest recycler in sports. we're the only ones who have got an entire facility powered by solar. and not just that, it powers much of the region in pennsylvania. >> you mentioned the solar
12:52 pm
panels. that's just odd, cool video highlighting that. powers not only the poke no track, but part of the surrounding community. i suppose each track seems to be wanting to do something different. the e-15 fuel, it took a while for you to go from leaded just to unleaded. now it's blending a little bit. what kind of advantages does the ethanol blend have? >> it burns less carbon emissions. let's start with that. it's home grown. i believe over time, as standards come up or release from the government, that it can be a much more potent fuel in terms of the mix of ethanol. 15 today, it could go way up. we'll disprove a lot of things and validate its effectiveness. >> what happens to the used oil, the tires, the wrecked cars. they go into a landfill? >> no, and that's just part of
12:53 pm
what we have done. whether it's aluminum with coca-cola, whether it's cell phones and batteries with our partner, spint. safety clean has added a big effort. >> you do -- either way you slice it, you burn a lot of gas. what kind of things are you doing to offset that? i read somewhere you're planting trees. what are you doing differently in regards to that program this weekend? >> we have planted more trees than anyone else in sports do that do some part in that area. we'll have the first battery powered car, and ford has been a pace the field in the pace car here in richmond coming up in a month or so. >> i assume the electronic pace car is somewhat symbolic unless you see somewhere in our lifetime a nascar race powered by electric cars. do you see that or do we need to hear the hum of the engines and the roar of the cars themselves? >> we're an unbelievable
12:54 pm
valitator of things, in particular, energy and technology. we run all kinds of different cars and divisions. it's not inconceivable one day we may have a big position in that. and we'll have to see how that plays out. it's symbolic today, but it may me more impactful in the future. >> last year, nascar says more than 12 million beverage containers were recycled at the races. we're still trying to imagine an electric car that actually race. all for saving the environment, for sure, but the roar of the engine and that spectacle is part of the race, hopefully in the coming years, they'll do better with ingas mileage. >> a new jersey couple says their rental home is haunted, so they left. now they're seeing to get their security deposit back. the home's honer is countersuing. who is ghost busting who? we'll ask the legal guys coming up. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow.
12:55 pm
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12:57 pm
you have to love this. a new jersey couple is suing to get their security deposit back. they say the home they rented is haunted. they had no choice but to leave. the home's owner said the real reason they left is simple. they couldn't afford the wrent. here to discuss the paranormal activity with legal guys. richard herman and avery friedman. >> well, they needed some evidence, so who are you going to call? there's an organization called the new jersey paranormal
12:58 pm
investigators. and they ain't afraid of no ghosts. they're going to try to testify. the problem is the court would never let that kind of evidence in. the plaintiff is jose, and he's going to try to show that ghosts forced him out. it's in the valley of the shadow of death. it's finished and he's going to get legally slimed. case is over. >> richard, what do you think? they have a case? >> who are you going to call? ghost busters? no, they're going to call their banker to pay because they're going to get hammered here for legal fees and the rent and the breach of lease and everything else. this is plain -- >> and the cost, everything, they're going to be hammered here. this is not a viable claim. it's not a viable reason to vacate a premises. i understand they're having financial issues. therefore, maybe that's what's
12:59 pm
motivating them. if they could substantiate this, they should write a book. write a book. >> one of the issues was chinchilla said someone was holding his arm. he said it was a ghost. it was the landlord looking for the rent. neither of you believe in ghosts? is that what i'm taking from this? what if they set up cameras -- >> new jersey paranormal or paralegal or paregoric, whatever they r and they'll jump on the scene, and mr. chinchilla is counting on them to prove his case. >> what if they set up a bunch of cameras? is the judge going to say you can monkey with the video? >> what? >> set up cameras see if there's a ghost. i want to believe. i love the movies, i want to believe. all right. avery and richard, thank you for your insight once again. enjoyed it.