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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. and our breaking news coming to you live. i'm ashleigh banfield. a military coo in egypt. security forces arrested the muslim brotherhood's political party leader, not just him but the deputy leader all of this in hours of ousting the president, mohamed morsy. the president of the united states just issued a statement saying how concerned he is, deeply concerned by what is taking place in egypt. he is calling for the swift
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return to civilian government there. ivan watson has been watching the hundreds of thousands of protesters in the street. what is the latest on these arrests that is so disconcerting to our government here? >> reporter: well, i think there have been reports trickling out from a shrinking number of muslim brother officials warning about the closure of three pro muslim brotherhood tv stations in the last couple of hours including -- not including an al jazeera affiliate tv station here and the arrest of at least one of the tv stations of staff employees at that station. so that is providing in the background a bit of an ominous back drop to the enormous party
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that we are still seeing here in tahrir square with fireworks still going on, the biggest party i have seen here since basically the overthrow, the ousting of hosni mubarak in 2011. it's very clear that some of the egyptian security forces seem to be going after some of the organs of influence and information distribution that were in the hands of the muslim brotherhood when the statement was made calling the suspension of the constitution and for egypt's first democratically elected president to be replaced by the -- >> we have the top military leader going on television and announcing that president morsy has been deposed. where is president morsy? does anyone have a beat on him
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at this hour? >> it is a very good question. he has denounced what he has described as a full fledged military coup and continued to abide by the constitution and not listen to the announcement from the military. as you can hear from the crowds behind me, a lot of people in cairo right now are very happy with the decision made by egypt's top military officer to suspend the constitution and oust morsy even though that decision was announced by a military commander who had been appointed by morsy last may. >> and this is what is so backwards about all of this. we are watching these people who back in the day came to tahrir
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square to protest their current president and the military came sweeping in there on horseback and camelback killing people. now they are thrilled that the military has af affect waited a coup. >> they occupied several areas around the city. ben wedeman has been at one of the locations watching very unhappy demonstration there where mohamed morsy, some kind of statement was read out to the crowd denouncing military rule. another location is in front of the university of cairo. there about an hour or two before the final announcement was run out we saw egyptian army soldiers and special forces,
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riot police being deployed around that protest camp with morsy supporters in force really. saw more than a dozen military vehicles and armored personnel carriers. they were set up about 200 yards away from the barricades. we talked to supporters and they repeated their line that they refuse to accept the military coup and they are willing to die to defend their man, mohamed morsy. >> so this might lead to why we are now getting breaking news coming to us via reuters. that is there are now arrest warrants for 300 members of the muslim brotherhood. it is a political party. they are issuing 300 arrest warrants for politicly minded people. i'm only guessing that many of those would be in those crowds, those pro morsy crowds. this sounds extremely dangerous.
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what is going on? >> reporter: well, you know, i can't independently confirm that but based on the reuters report and the few signs that we have seen of pro muslim brotherhood tv stations being shut down it does seem like the long knives are out right now, in the sweeping changes that have been announced that now a round up or a witch hunt is now underway. it is all the more remarkable when you consider that until a few hours ago officially the muslim brotherhood's freedom and justice party was the party in power. again, mohamed morsy was the first democratically elected president ever in egyptian history. and very quickly we have seen that the tides have turned. the people that i talked to in tahrir square behind me, many of them object very angrily if you call what we are seeing a
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military coup. they insist that this is a move that has been approved by what they assist is the majority of the population. they say that the military is all that it is doing is basically defending the will of the people. i think if you ask any muslim brotherhood supporter right now you get a very different answer. >> so ivan quickly, we are watching fireworks going off on the eve of the fourth of july where in this country it is a celebration of freedom. in that country i am curious as to whether they will have blood lest after this, are they going to go after those who are pro islamists? is there going to be battling in the streets now and a little bit of justice in the streets or is there a concern about this at this point? >> certainly there was fighting in the streets last night. in cairo alone about 18 people
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killed around that university of cairo where there was a pro muslim brotherhood protest camp. i was looking at trails of blood in the asphalt there this morning. and the muslim brotherhood supporters were furious about that and warning about the possibility of war. i think some of the people who are supporting the action of the military right now to oust mohamed morsy as president, some of them have admitted to me that they, too, are concerned right now that some islamests may decide to use force. if you think back to the 1990s it was a dark and violent time in egypt when there were islamists carrying out deadly attacks. that is in the back of some people's minds right now. that is also why some people i have talked to in the street say they welcome the deployment of the soldiers and the police in the streets. some of the supporters saying we want protection from the
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islamistists. >> ivan watson live for us. a remarkable development. as we mentioned the president of the united states just released a statement. it says in part i now call on the egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to the democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible and through an inclusive and transparent process and avoid any arbitrary arrests of president morsy and his supporters. i think that is critical now that we have this reuters report looking for 300 political arrests. warrants for 300 members of a political party not something you see in finest democracies in the world. i want to bring in wolf blitzer. the significance cannot be lost. this country is criticalal in the middle east. it held a pinnacle role for
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principles and the soaudis have been reacting. incapsulate what this means. >> this is a very strong statement that the president of the united states released. it wasn't released by a white house press secretary. it wasn't the national security adviser. it was the president himself. they clearly worked on the statement literally for hours all day since the egyptian military certainly took steps to remove morsy from power. the white house, by the way, i don't know if we have it yet, i just got it tweeted to me. the white house release td a photograph of the president sitting in the white house situation room with the top national security advisers and they have been reviewing what to do. we will put it up on the screen. what is so significant, you read
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the line here. the line that the president says we are deeply concerned by the decision of the egyptian armed forces to remove president morsy and suspend the egyptian constitution. that line alone is going to anger a lot of the supporters of the military. those who oppose morsy in jipt. the president goes further. i call to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of president morsy and his supporters that furtherer will inflame many of those who wanted morsy out, millions of people on the streets of egypt. finally he issues this state. it is a direct threat to the egyptian government and the egyptian military. given today's developments i have directed the relevant departments and agencies that
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would be of the u.s. government to review the implications under u.s. law for our assistance to the government of egypt. as you know the u.s. provides egypt with about $1.3 billion a year in direct military grants that pay for u.s. hardware, planes, fighter jets, tanks, other equipment and another $250 million a year in nonmilitary assistance, economic aid including foreign aid and humanitarian assistance. under u.s. law there is a provision that if this is deemed to be a coup that assistance would have to be suspended unless the president decides it is in the u.s. authority to waive the law. i'm sure it is going to have dramatic shock waves in egypt and elsewhere in the region.
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>> look, that's the knee jerk reaction from so many people. let's pull our money. if we are funneling billions ofs that is easy. let's stop. it is never that easy. when you say a coup changes the dynamics, does it or is there more to the agreements that we strike with these countries whereby it matterers what we give to the countries next like israel and the aid we give to israel. is it as simple as it is a coup, you lose your money? >> i would be shocked. the u.s. egyptian military relationship has been very, very strong over these years since the signing of the camp david accords and the peace treaty back in 1979. the u.s. has strong interests for continuing this military assistance with the largest of of the arab countries. it is very, very powerful. that military institution in egypt has been one of the major
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supporters of the u.s. in that part of the world. i would be very surprised if the u.s. were to do so. for the president to even raise that threat in this kind of carefully written statement sends a powerful message right now. they don't want to see more arrests. they don't want to see morsy arrested. they want to see the democratically elected government return as soon as possible. they said a democratically elected government. there may be a nuance there. it is a powerful message directly from the president, not one of his advisers or aides or spokesman, a direct important message to the egyptian leadership. the military and civilian leadership appointed by the military. if they want to see this relationship thrive in the years to come they have to make sure they do the right thing. one of the things i know and i know you have been following
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this, as well, that the u.s. is deeply concerned about is the military shutting down tv stations that supported morsy and they have even shut down al jazeera. that is a significant development in and of itself. >> and i believe mohamed morsy was getting messages out through al jazeera earlier today. that article that you mentioned the difference between a and b could be significant. a new parliament or the new parliament could be significance. again, can't reiterate strongly enough 300 arrest warrants issued for members of a political party in egypt. it was the party that was in power. we don't know the whereabouts of the former. we are going to continue to watch that and find out the developments. also big developments in florida. we have been following this
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significant and remarkable story developing, the george zimmerman second degree murder trial. yet again testimony is dramatic. just when you thought it got barring because they got to the dna. not a chance. which side had a stronger case today? legal analysts weigh in on this. also, the gun, key piece of evidence used to kill martintra martin does the type of gun that george zimmerman was carrying prove that this was self defense or murder? let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge.
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welcome back to florida. i am ashleigh banfield reporting live. outfront tonight yet another explosive day in this courtroom. everything from the csi experts to the gun expert. and then trayvon martin's own
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blood paraded around in that court just feet from his parents. it all comes down to it. did the prosecution make its? here is the day wrapped up in a nut shell. >> talk to me a little bit about what kind of student you remember the defendant to be. >> you know as you always kind of remember your smartest student, the one that stood out the most, the one that probably wasn't the best student. and he was probably one of the better students in the class. >> on the issue of injuries, though, when you talk about that with the class your understanding of the law is that the focus is what is going on in the person's mind, not whether they have actually been injured? it's the fear of the injury, is it not? >> the fact alone that there isn't an injury doesn't necessarily mean that the person
4:21 pm
did not have a reasonable apprehension of fear. >> you don't have to wait until you are almost dead before you can defend yourself? >> no. i would advise you probably don't do that. >> tell me what sort of things you addressed as it relates to the law of self defense in florida. >> with florida and other states they have what is called the stand your ground law which evolved from the doctrine through case law. >> did you cover that specifically? >> yes. >> did you discuss specifically self defense and stand your ground laws in connection of violent crimes such as murder? >> yes. >> do you take that to mean that mr. zimmerman had a problem with his credit? >> yes, sir. >> and that would be a reason why you wouldn't dbe accepted a
4:22 pm
a police officer. >> that is the reason why. >> how are you employed? >> i am employed by the florida department of law enforcement orlando regional crime laboratory. >> there is no evidence for example that would show up that you would take a gun nuzzle and push it into the shirt where the shirt would fold around it. >> it was consistent with the muzzle of the firearm touching. >> it was consistent with this, correct? shirt, firearm. wasn't consistent with this, pushing or anything? >> no. >> a firearm used in self defense has to be ready to use, correct? >> potentially. >> you would not want a firearm that has an external safety on a
4:23 pm
double action that would require an additional step to make it ready to fire, would you, for self defense application? >> i can't really say as to whether that would be -- that would be more of a personal preference i do believe. >> you were asked questions about whether or not that firearm could be used for self defense can also be used to commit a murder. >> the firearm can be used for any purposes -- >> i object your honor. that is speculation. >> sustained. >> my name is anthony gorgone. >> what is your occupation, sir? >> i am a crime lab analyst at the florida department of law enforcement in the biology or dna section. >> dna that you develop from the pistol grip from the defendant's gun is positive for blood, correct? >> yes. >> and then there was a mixture. the major was matched to the
4:24 pm
defendant, george zimmerman. >> yes. >> and you were able to exclude trayvon martin as having dna on the pistol grip. >> yes. trayvon martin was excluded as a possible contributor to this mixture. >> as to the holster where you have a major it matches george zimmerman is that correct? >> correct. >> from the fingernail scrapings of trayvon martin you did not find any of george zimmerman's dna there is that correct? >> there was nothing foreign to trayvon martin. the left-hand stick did not have staining on it whatsoever. i swabbed that before the testing and did not get dna results from that swab. >> did you dry the evidence at that point? >> i left it out to dry as long as i could. however, i needed to transfer that item to a firearms examiner. so i can't -- when we transfer
4:25 pm
from one section to another section i just can't take the sweat shirt and hand it to her. that needs to be put back into the original packaging for the transfer. so i did package that back up. and it was still wet when i packaged it back up. >> it is well known in the process of collecting and preserving biological evidence how you should handle wet evidence. >> correct. >> in fact, a wet evidence that is believed to contain biological material is supposed to be air dried. >> yes. anything wet that might have blood or any kind of biological material should be dried down because if it remains wet that moisture if you package it that could get trapped in and you could develop microorganisms. all of those things degrade the dna that might be there. >> just over a half dozen witnesses taking the stand which
4:26 pm
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welcome back. live from sanford, florida i'm ashleigh banfield reporting. you heard the incapsulated most riveting moments of today's testimony of the george zimmerman murderer case. some scored for the prosecution
4:30 pm
and some for the defense. who won for the day. the jury weighs what they hear and think it through overnight. i'm not the best person for this. i have the best panel. criminal defense attorney joins us live as well as holly hues and also a former prosecutor. and i'm delighted to be joined by attorney for trayvon martin's family who can shed a little light. going to get to that in just a moment. first i want to show pictures of what the family of trayvon martin was looking at throughout most of the testimony today. sure there were forensics and the murder weapon and witnesses paraded up and down. but this drew the silence. this is what trayvon martin was wearing under his black hoodie the night he was shot dead. you can see exactly where the bullet wound entered his heart and killed him. you can see the blood that leaked out on to that
4:31 pm
sweatshirt. it matters where that gun was when it went off. the woman who you see on your screen, a gun expert testified it was a contact wound, contact with the clothing. she couldn't say contact with the body. that's likely to come up and be very key later on in the trial when we get to the actual autopsy. you have been sitting with the mother and father of trayvon martin all day long as they have watched that evidence and the blood of their scene being marched for the courtroom for everyone to see. >> it was tough on them. you may have noticed i asked them to take a break. they did take a break. they were right outside of the courtroom. very hard to sit there day after day and to listen to the testimony. as you know those same exhibits being paraded in front of them time and time again both on direct and cross examination. so they continue to endure -- >> you're a lawyer and these are
4:32 pm
lawyers. and those florida department of law enforcement investigators, this is their life blood, this is every day. they deal with evidence all the time. but sabrina and tracy are parents. this is the kind of thing that many of us may forget in a courtroom there is a real life drama playing out here. holly let me go to you. i want to play something that happened in court before the hoodie and sweat shirt came out. it is a significant moment in the trial. it highlights how much education george zimmerman had in law enforcement and what kind of a student he was in law enforcement before the killing of trayvon martin. let's have a listen. >> talk to me a little bit about what kind of student you remember the defendant to be. >> you know, you always kind of remember your smartest student or the one that stood out the most, the one that probably wasn't the best student. and he was probably one of the
4:33 pm
better students in the class. >> so key here. the prosecution pointing out george zimmerman knew a lot about law enforcement. is the theory here that he can craft the story real quick if the cops were to show up? a story that lined self defense to a tee? >> they are trying to establish remember there was a neighbor who testified last week, john, not john good but the other john who was describing george zimmerman's affect after the shooting. he said he was calm. when he went to call the wife george zimmerman erupted and said just tell her i shot somebody. he was clear. he was thinking. he had the knowledge to craft a story that would work in court at some point if he were to get charged. >> i think you want to jump in
4:34 pm
on this. i am not going to let you do it. there was a lot of testimony and a lot of evidence today and the gun made an appearance. it is what some might call the murder weapon and others call the self-defense weapon. the expert was a slight woman who knows a lot about gun. i want to play the moment in court when she describes what kind of weapon this is and what kind of weapon it isn't. i want you to listen for the words self-defense. have a look. >> the firearm used for self-defense has to be ready to use, correct? >> potentially. >> you would not want a firearm that has an external safety on a double action, external safety that would require an additional step to make it ready to fire, would you, for self-defense application? >> i can't really say as to whether that would be -- that we be more of a personal preference
4:35 pm
i believe. >> you were asked questions about whether or not that firearm could be used for self-defense can be used to commit a murder. >> the firearm can be used for any purposes -- >> i object your honor. that is speculation and would affect the ultimate -- >> sustained. >> wow. to met that was a huge moment, the cross examination tries to point out this is the kind of weapon you use in self-defense. the prosecution says it is the kind you can use for murder. >> that was a really masterful comeback. i think the question about whether or not this is a self-defense weapon would speculative, as well. you can tell by the gun expert's reaction to the question that she was uncomfortable in answering that question. she basically was trying to decide or talk about whether or not this was the perfect weapon,
4:36 pm
the type of weapon that someone would want to self-defend themselves. i thought masterful in coming back. this is the gun that killed trayvon. whether it was self-defense or murder it is the weapon that killed that 17-year-old kid. >> well, there is a lot more to that weapon, as well. the gun expert is going to tell us a little later on in the program what these guns are typically used for and why they actually are good for self defense and maybe not so good if you are in law enforcement. i have to cut it off there. thank you to all three of you. you are shedding fantastic light on what i'm sure are really big questions for jurors as they head into the july 4th holiday weekend. they have a lot of time to think this through before new witnesses hit the stand. we are expecting big ones, perhaps even the mother of
4:37 pm
trayvon martin might take the stand. we have not yet heard from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy. there are forensics that are going to matter. what does the prosecutor do to wrap up a case? what is the most powerful way to leave a jury? will trayvon martin's parents testify? who else could possibly round out this case? and make it even stronger than some say it is and some say it isn't. that is coming up next. what makes a sleep number store different?
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live in florida where the george zimmerman murder trial goes into possibly week three. we are going into a vacation day tomorrow and the prosecutors aren't over yet. so they are close to wrapping up the case. you know what? two weeks to present the evidence against zimmerman. sometimes the evidence seems more like defense evidence. did the prosecutors do enough? >> he has been portrayed as a want to be cop and a reckless profiler. >> is it inaccurate he is profielging as a criminal. >> he may have handed george zimmerman the key to avoiding conviction. it came in the form of a simple question and a single one word answer. >> do you think he is telling the truth? >> yes. >> the lead investigator puts the stamp of approval on george zimmerman's story that he was
4:42 pm
acting on self defense. the lead investigator, the number one person in charge said there were no material disprep an crepancies. the person spending the time investigating the case said there were none. >> it was potentially so damaging that the prosecution convinced the judge to throw the statement out and tell the jury to somehow forget about it. >> the jury has heard it. they are instructed to disregard it. they are human. that is something they take into consideration and carry with them. >> regardless, zimmerman himself may have already emerged as his own best witness. his story of self-defense remained relatively consistent from video and from audio. >> he just started punching me in the face. and i started screaming for help. >> george zimmerman gets to put his story in front of the jury
4:43 pm
without being subject to cross examination. that is gigantic for george zimmerman. >> now zimmerman may not have to udder a single word in the courtroom. >> what would have to happen now for george zimmerman to take the stand? >> i would have to convince myself the state has proven themselves beyond a reasonable doubt today. >> a possibility that seems inkrei increasingly remote giving rise to speculation that if zimmerman is found guilty it might be of a lesser charge than second degree murder. >> that is something that a lot of people have talked about. did the prosecution go too far with second degree murder? were they aiming high hoping to end low on a compromise by the jury? >> it appears they are headed that way. the way this has to work the defense has to ask for it. the judge has to agree with it and then the jury has to go with
4:44 pm
it. the prosecution is still going after the emotion showing us the bullet hole in trayvon's clothes. the defense is going after the details. that is where they think they will find acquittal no matter what the charge might be. >> the devil is in the details. that is a good defense strategy. i am watching the witnesses and they seem like defense witnesses. for a large part you don't need to pick apart a lot of what they say. >> for anyone at home watching the trial it seems like a lot of the witnesses have been very helpful to the defense. when they put george zimmerman on the stand so to speak be it video talking to police or audio talking to police it came out better for him. >> stand by for a second. we have been juggling a lot of breaking news at cnn today not only here but also watching on other monitors what is going on in egypt.
4:45 pm
we are keeping a live eye on egypt. we are hearing breaking news. we are trying to scramble our reporter. there is a report that the ousts president mohamed morsy is actually being held now, that he is being held by authorities. we have been asking all day where is mohamed morsy? i know you are live with us. if you can hear me now this report is coming from reuters. it is according to a muslim brotherhood spokesperson and security personnel that the former and ousted president is being held. do you know anything more about this? >> the only follow up we have from that initial news agency report comes from one of the spokesman for the muslim brotherhood's freedom and justice party who has put out a note on twitter saying that morsy is being held at this point by egyptian authorities. so that's about all we have
4:46 pm
right now. i'm sure we will perhaps learn a little bit more. it is remarkable to consider that mohamed morsy is egypt's first elected president ever in the history of this civilization, the first elected leader and after barely a year in office now according to the preliminary reports has not only just been stripped of the position of president but now appears to also be being held by egyptian security forces. within the last couple of hours it is not just morsy who appears to be a target but the egyptian security forces have moved to shut down a number of media outlets supportive of the muslim brotherhood, at least three tv stations and employees have been arrested. also have been rounding up top officials in the muslim brotherhood, as well. all of that going on while the people back here are celebrating with fireworks and waving
4:47 pm
egyptian flags, what they argue is the egyptian military simply defending the will of the egyptian people or at least one part of the egyptian population. >> i think that is critical. there have been so many other protests in favor of mohamed morsy. i think it begs repeating that this is a reuters report saying the ousted president is being held by authorities, that according to the muslim brotherhood. cnn has been able to get confirmation. that report is a cnn report that mohamed morsy is being held by authorities. this flies in the face of what the united states president said in a strident statement, no arrests, no political arrests. the president or of people of his party. we will be watching this carefully. ac 360 is watching this closely. there will be more coming up. in the meantime two breaking stories all day long here in florida, small place with a very
4:48 pm
big issue on its hands, the guilt or innocence of george zimmerman. crucial dna. the csi effect taking center stage in this small courtroom. what was found on the gun? what was found under trayvon martin's fingernail? why does all of that matter? vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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welcome back live in sanford, florida. is it inevitable in any criminal justice procedure that eventually you're more than likely going to get at the csi effect of a trial. it's like jurors expect a smoking gun. they want the science, and they are not happy if they don't get the science, and sometimes the prosecutors have to give the
4:52 pm
since, even when the science may not support their case comple completely. i want to turn to a dna expert or bring into the coverage tonight, defense attorney bradfo bradford cohen. sometimes i get confused to whose witness i'm watching in this case and strong for the prosecutors and then i think why on earth did they call this person? they all watch the shows at night. i want to play this testimony, had to do with trayvon martin's fingernails. a lot of times they are clipped and analyzed for whose dna is under beneath. >> from the right fingernail scapings of trayvon martin you did not find george zimmerman's dna, did you? >> the left hand stick was not tested for the possible presence of blood. it did not have any staining on it whatsoever. i swabbed that on the testing
4:53 pm
and did not get any dna results from that swab. >> michael baird, was this that kind of moment, bum, bum, bum, or just falling flat because, of course, mark o'mara and his team got ahold of this witness and did cleanup? >> yes, great question. fingernails are often times a great source of biological evidence in a situation like this. but a lot of things can affect whether or not there is anything there. they found nothing other than trayvon martin's dna under the nails. >> does that speak to the prosecution's case? does that speak to the defense case? can anybody explain it away? >> there is a number of possibilities. it could mean that he didn't have his fingers extended if he was fighting with george zimmerman because typically
4:54 pm
under your fingernails you get skin from scratching someone. so if the fingers were extended that would happen. if they weren't extended, you wouldn't get that. >> this is a story about punching, not scratching, so perhaps that is a bit of a wash. >> right. >> who knows how the jury will take it, though. this next moment may be more significant because it involves the murder weapon. george zimmerman maintained an, oh, i don't know, seven different it rations of what happened, to his friend, on tv, on video in a walk through the sc crime scene. he said i think i could feel trayvon martin going for the gun. so specifics about the gun matter. have a listen to how the florida department of law expert testifies about dna on the gun. take a look. >> dna that you developed from the pistol grip of the defendant's gun is positive for blood, correct? >> yes. >> and then there was a mixture,
4:55 pm
the major was matched the defendant george zimmerman? >> yes. >> and you were able to exclude trayvon martin as having dna on the pistol grip, is that correct? >> yes, trayvon martin was excluded as being a possible contributor to this mixture on the grip. >> so as to the holster where you got a major in matches, george zimmerman, is that correct? >> correct. >> bradford cohen you're an expert in stand your ground. you know a thinking or two about stand your ground. does it matter, given zimmerman's version of the store, does it matter the dna story of the gun? >> why it matters is because the jury may say he wasn't telling the truth, but if you look at his statement like he felt like he was going for the gun, they both had a sweatshirt on, if it's true the fact that he felt him going for the gun, it could have been over a sweatshirt, it could have been the sweatshirt was in the way.
4:56 pm
i don't know. i think it affects more his credibility as to whether or not he was going for the gun as it affects his self-defense story. the self-defense story is he was getting his head slammed into the concrete and his nose broken and he thought his life was in danger and shot him. i don't think you need the additional of he was going to grab my gun and shoot me because you have enough of what he said but it goes to the credibility whether or not that is true. >> look, to that credibility, let me be real clear what that expert said. he said that on that holster, absolutely george zimmerman's dna was there. that was the major profile. but we found a minor profile. the trouble is we can't identify what minor profile that is, we have no results on that. that's, again, leaving the jury in the dark. thank you both. we're back right after this. etter time. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first, it's mine.
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. i'm ashleigh banfield live in sanford, florida. thanks so much for watching our coverage and we have more coverage of the zimmerman trial and the breaking news that is coming to us live out of egypt and it starts right now with "ac and it starts right now with "ac 360. -- captions by vitac -- vital testimony in the zimmerman trial about whose testimony was where and the prosecution gets ready to call it's final witnesses, including possibly zimmerman's mother but we begin with breaking news. the muslim brotherhood said mohamed morsy is being held under house arrest right now after being forced out by the military today after one year in office. tonight the country is a powder keg, the situation extremely fluid. the images extraordinary. pro and


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