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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 5, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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fourth of july celebrations turning tragic from coast-to-coast. dozens injured at a fireworks show when explosives shoot into the crowd hours after a parade turns deadly. a call for huge protests in egypt this morning. is this the recipe for new chaos? the new president faces allegations. the east coast floods while the west bakes. extreme weather across the nation. what is in store for your weekend. >> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john mer man. i'm michaela pereira. we begin with accidents and
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injuries in what should have been a joyous fourth of july. let's go to los angeles. something went wrong in simi valley. about two minutes into the show -- >> that wasn't supposed to happen. >> you can hear it. that wasn't supposed to happen. that was an explosion. fireworks going into the crowd. spectators scrambling to get out of the way. >> a round, cylinder block hit the person next to me, not hard, but did impact her. >> at least 28 people were injured. most of the injuries were burns or shrapnel wounds.
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>> meanwhile, south carolina, a worker was injured when a shell blue up during a fireworks show. this happened in north myrtle beach six minutes into the display. it blew a three foot hole in a pier there. no word on their condition. take a look at these pictures from seattle. hard to tell, but they are boats on fire. they are on storage racks on the lake where hundreds of thousands gathered to watch the fireworks display for the fourth of july. someone was setting off illegal fireworks nearby. one landed on a stored boat and set it ablaze. going to be disappointing discoveries for the owners. only one minor injury was reported. >> it's spectacular to see, but you have to be careful. >> yeah, you do. a tragic accident in oklahoma. this is sad. an 8-year-old boy fell off a float in oklahoma city. he was run over by part of the float as his friends watched. his father was behind the wheel. he had not seen he had fallen. it's a freak and awful accident.
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to egypt which had been a tense situation grows more fragile this morning. prosecutors are investigating the deposed president and top leaders of the muslim brotherhood amid allegations they led to the deaths of protesters. new reports, the army and police have been attacked on the sinai peninsula. reza is live with more for us. >> reporter: we know critics and opponents of morsi, the muslim brotherhood are happy. they have been partying because they are gone. what about supporters of morsi? and supporters of the brotherhood? what are they thinking and feeling? we could find out today. they call for mass protests. how many people are going to come out on the streets? will there be violence? there is concern. in some places, we have seen bloodshed. a brotherhood backlash. more than 100 injured.
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supporters and opponents of morsi and his muslim brotherhood movement clash in three districts including the ousted president's hometown. thursday night's brawl, the first sign of retaliation by morsi supporters who say he is egypt's legitimate leader. in cairo, more si supporters remain peaceful, but definal. >> translator: we are all present in all the squares in egypt from now on until the legitimate president, morsi, returns back to his natural place, the presidential palace. >> reporter: meanwhile, the formerly democratically elected president is captured. the top prosecutor banned morsi from leading the country and launched an investigation into
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accusations the former president insighted deadly violence. more than 30 muslim brotherhood leaders in custody and facing charges. on thursday, egypt's top judge adly mansour was sworn in as president after he reached out to the president's supporters inviting the muslim brotherhood to help build the nation. they are not in the mood for fence mending. they are planning a day of protest calling it "friday of rejection." look for those demonstrations to begin after friday. prayers are in three hours. hard line supporters of mr. morsi made statements saying they are prepared to die. others are saying keep things peaceful. they are anxious to see what today brings. >> amid the calls of
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demonstration. how much time does the military have to get the election process started? what is their appetite for this election process to happen? >> reporter: they want it to happen quickly. keep in mind, the military will tell you we are out of this. we have elected an interim president. it's on him to set up new elections, draft a constitution and the people behind us, the supporters of the new government want it to happen as quickly as possible. >> reza, thank you so much. bolivia's president is not backing down from his criticisms of the united states after a bizarre international incident earlier this week. the plane carrying him was on its way home from moscow when it was forced to land in vienna with suspicious snowden was aboard. he's warning he could close the american embassy in bolivia. he blames the obama administration for provoking the
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incident. leaders are on his side. they have asked for an apology and want the u.n. to investigate. as for snowden, could iceland be his new home? they are voting to give him citiz citizenship. six lawmakers out of 63 in the icelandic parliament back it. snowden is believed to be holed up at the airport in moscow. spying very much on the minds of our european allies. investigators met to discuss it. a high level meeting between the u.s. and european officials. now, france may have run their own prism program. they are reporting the data has been collected for years. let's turn to the health of
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former south african president, nelson mandela. they insist he is not in a vegetative state, but they do say he is on life support. the mandela family says they did consider taking him off that life support last week when his condition took a turn for the worst. robin is in this morning. she's outside the hospital where mandela has been for weeks. good morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: there has been a month of twists and turns, hasn't it? nelson mandela has been in the hospital behind me. mandela is still critically ill. so much so that he remains on life support. he needs help to breathe. doctors, though, denying that he's in a vegetative state. he's responding to stimuli. if somebody speaks to him, he responds and opens his eyes.
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a week ago, his daughter telling me he responded to touch and still squeezed hands. a lot of conflicting information on how ill he is, whether the doctors think he was so sick that the life support machines needed to be turned off a week ago. things have improved because that didn't happen. still, nelson mandela is not going to improve or recover from this bout. >> still so many people standing outside that hospital where you are tracking every development in his condition. of course, this is all happening during a family fight about burial sights, correct? >> reporter: it really hannan emotional month. as you say, the family is been fighting not just about the bones of where his descendents are buried, but where he will be buried. it's a fight that's played out in the public. also, it's played out in the
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courts. it's put in the court documents where the family was trying to push for him to be buried in one location. his health was imper less. this is all playing into a messy family feud. south africans are embarrassed by this and pragmatic. nelson mandela's family is perhaps not nelson mandela. >> a great man lies in the hospital behind you. crews battling the arizona wildfire that killed 19 members of an elite hot shot team are making progress this morning. it's led to evacuation orders near prescott, arizona being lifted. the yarnell fire is 80% contained. 500 personnel are working the fire there. the blaze destroyed more than 100 homes. >> they made great progress from
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yesterday to today. 45% to 85%. meanwhile, flooding is a problem in another part of the country this morning. the florida panhandle nearly under water. 18 inches of rain fell on some areas in under 36 hours. 18 inches. officials were forced to open shelters in the panama city area. in virginia, floodwaters swamping streets. a man near roanoke drown. >> we are keeping an eye on the forecast for us. 18 inches sounds impossible to me. it's crazy. >> there's no such thing as normal anymore. it's either 100 or 40 or draught or raining and won't stop. that's where we are now. it won't stop. the heat is on in boston and philadelphia and new york. 100 to 105. i walked to the village yesterday and it was ten degrees warmer on the sunny side of the
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street. the shade is important. the numbers here are in the shade. your pet needs to be in the shade. make sure your pet had a lot of water today. it's going to be hot for the rest of the weekend. i'm going to back you up 48 hours. inlet beach, florida, 17.4 inches of rain in two days. watch the next graphic. the next graphic is what's still to come. look at that. another ten inches. that's another ten inches of rainfall in the florida panhandle, two to three for atlanta, three to four for nashville. the frontier of buffalo, new york. the rain will not stop. we are in a blocked pattern. it's hot, mild, wet and hot. it's going to be like that for the next five days. >> is there anywhere where it's just average right now? >> antarctica. that's all i got for you. >> it's crazy. >> thank you so much. appreciate it.
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amazing pictures to show you from china this morning. do not adjust your set thachlt is green algae in the yellow sea. it's happened before. this is the largest bloom of the kind ever reported in china. not toxic to humans, thank goodness, or to animals. it does threaten marine life below. the cause is thought to be industrial run off. when you hear that, i don't think i would love to take a swim in that. let's take a tip. >> that's what the ocean looks like in emerald city, in oz. >> you have been? >> i have. >> send me a postcard next time you go. 13 after the hour. coming up, emotional moments are likely today at the george zimmerman trial. trayvon martin's mother is expected to take the stand. what she's expected to say. a woman in her car swallowed by a sinkhole. the pictures are stunning. now she's sharing her story. we'll bring it to you after the
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breaking overnight, it could be one of the most emotional and important days yet in the george zimmerman trial in sanford, florida the prosecution is expected to wrap up their case. first, a crucial witness expected to talk about a critical piece of evidence. >> reporter: it's been the corner stone of the case. screams are said to be proof of who was the aggressor the night trayvon martin was shot and killed. that is, if the screams can be identified. >> you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> there's gunshots. >> martin's mother is expected to take the stand in the most emotional day in court yet. >> trayvon's mother is going to
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make a compelling witness. she will personalize trayvon martin. he's going to have the jury feeling for her loss. >> reporter: both parents were seen crying during testimony. martin's mother with her eyes closed and looking away as jurors were shown pictures of her son's lifeless body. the main focus of her testimony will be her account of whose faint cries she believes are on the tape. the judge ruled out forensic testimony from voice recording experts but left the door open for someone more familiar with the person's voice to identify it. >> do you believe that's his voice? >> yes, i do. that's trayvon martin. that's my baby's voice. every mother knows their child. that's his voice. >> once they get back to the deliberation room and the emotion wears off, the power of her testimony will not be as
2:19 am
strong. >> reporter: defense may not choose to cross examine. it's likely they will call on george zimmerman's father to counter testify. he says it's the voice of his son screaming for help. ultimately, the jury of six women, some of them mothers, will have to decide. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> an emotional day, for sure. they have released him, but the new england patriots are distancing themselves from the tight end, aaron hernandez. if fans bought his shirt, they are offering a free exchange for another players jersey saturday and sunday. >> i know a lot of people doing that. we are hearing from the toledo, ohio woman who survived the 20-foot plunge into a sinkhole in her car. a giant sinkhole swallowed her
2:20 am
and her chevy malibu whole. >> as the car was falling, i kept calling on the name of jesus. i kept saying, jesus, jesus, jesus. >> she counted on her faith and guardian angels. her husband says he was worried about a pile-up on the busy street. authorities expect it was caused by a broken water main that weakened the street above. >> infrastructure can do that. >> pamela is going to be our guest, exclusively on "new day" later this morning. i'm curious if time slowed down when it happened, or sped up in an instant. you hear people say time plays tricks on you. >> what is the first thing you think of in the bottom of the hole. >> we heard what she thought of. she leaned on her faith. was june a good month for
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all right. welcome back to "early start." it is time to talk money. good morning. >> hi, guys. itis about the june jobs report. so far, three hours away from what could be a major reaction in the markets. we are getting signs, investors think the report might be right in line with what they expect to see because stock futures are already higher. steady growth in payrolls. the federal reserve scaling back the stimulus program. economists are expected 155,000 jobs to have been created in june with the jobless rate falling to 7.5%. mortgage rates have been falling. there were signs of relief for homeowners in the past week. the average rate for the 30-year
2:25 am
fixed rate fell to 4.29%. it's down from the 4.46% earlier. the rate on the 15-year fixed rate declined in the latest week to 3.39%. besides the fourth of july, one sure sign summer is in full swing is music festivals. they can be huge moneymakers. cnn money looked at the business and took the festival as an example. it's one of the most profitable festivals. they sold 158,000 tickets and pulled in $47 million in revenue. that's up from $17 million in 2007. tickets for the 2013 festival, which took place in april sold out in 28 minutes. >> interesting to see that. oftentimes, ticket sales for individual concerts struggle. when you put a group together, like at this music festival, they seem to do well. more bang for your buck. >> it's an '80s throwback,
2:26 am
debbie gibson. she was in town last year. >> did you enjoy the fan? >> yeah. >> i'm more of a tiffany fan. >> i'm sure you are. >> i have nothing. >> we are going to talk about the mystery that gripped the world for years. madeline mccann vanishes while on vacation. why police believe she's still alive. this is greta. she works in quality control. she makes a nifty living sleeping on mattresses pioneered by engineers whose singluar devotion is not stopping until they have given her the best sleep of her life. that's not greta. save up to $500 on the tempur-ergo collection and get your best sleep possible. visit to find a store near you. vietnam in 1972.
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fourth of july disaster. fireworks shooting into a crowd of thousands.
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spectators there running for their lives. it's just one of the celebrations that turned tragic overnight. alarm k arrest. a man driving a stolen truck carrying cash, guns and body armor. 3-year-old madeline mccann disappears while on vacation with her parents. now, new evidence, new witnesses that could help prove she's still alive. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm michaela. >> i'm john. it's 30 minutes after the hour. new this morning, a fireworks show turning dangerous. at least 24 people were injured when something went very, very wrong in simi valley, california. >> that wasn't supposed to happen. >> fireworks flying toward the crowd. screaming as spectators scrambled to get away. authorities are calling it an accident. most injuries were for burns or
2:31 am
shrapnel wounds. a shell exploded during festivities in north myrtle beach and blowing a three foot hole on the pier. in seattle, look at this. boats on fire on storage racks. hundreds of thousands gathered to watch the annual fireworks display there. but, apparently an illegal fireworks shot by someone nearby landed on a boat and set the blaze. just one minor injury reported. that's lucky. tragedy in oklahoma after a fourth of july parade there. an 8-year-old boy fell off a parade float in edmond. his son fell off the float. he did not see it. friends watched in horror. they called it a freak accident. there are reports in egypt that the police there and army have been attacked with rockets
2:32 am
in the sinai peninsula. they are accused of insighting the violence that led to deaths of protesters. reza is live for us in cairo. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, john, you can feel a little bit of tension and anxiety. no one knows if there's going to be a backlash by the muslim brotherhood. this week has been an emotional roller coaster. morsi is gone. what about supporters of morsi, the islamists and muslim brotherhood? what are they thinking? it's been a humiliating week. now they call for protests. how big are they going to be? is there violence? there's concern. we have seen bloodshed overnight. more than 100 people injured in clashes between supporters in three districts including his
2:33 am
hometown. in the meantime, morsi now fighting for his freedom. he's still in custody. he's banned from leaving the country. the top prosecutor here investigating him. other brotherhood members are in custody as well. yesterday, the interim president reached out to the brotherhood and said let's build this nation together. you have to wonder what they are thinking. with this apparent crackdown, that invitation is meaningful and so we'll see what happens today, john. protests today. they are calling it friday of rejection. >> one of the big questions, how many people will turn out and what is the posture of those protesting. an equally important question, how will the security personnel respond? how will they treat the rank and file of the brotherhood on the streets? any sign of how they may react? >> reporter: obviously, they are going to be key. they are out in the streets.
2:34 am
apparently an effort to secure the neighborhoods, where they are going to protest. we should point out the most hard lined supporters made provocative statements saying we are willing to die. most of the leaders said let's keep things peaceful. we just want to demonstrate for what we believe are our rights and what has been an unjust week. a lot of anticipation and ang i anxiety about a backlash. reza, we know you will be following every move there. appreciate it. a stunning development in a missing child case that britain and the world. madeline mccann vanished while on vacation with her family in portugal in 2007. police in britain say they have new leads. they believe she might be alive. we are following the story.
2:35 am
>> reporter: madeline mccann was 3 years old when she disappeared in portugal six years ago. police have new leads and are reopening the investigation called operation grange. they want to question 38 people across europe, including 12 british national who is they believe were in portugal at the time. madeline's parents kate and jerry have campaigned to keep her in the public's memory while still raising two other children. >> i don't want them to go through that emotion and have the burden of this, of having to keep looking and looking and looking and not being able to stop. so, we need to find her now. >> reporter: british police say their help from private investigators have made a difference. after 16 trips to portugal, police are hopeful. >> there is no clear, definitive proof that madeline mccann is dead. on that basis, i genuinely
2:36 am
believe there's a possibility she's alive. >> reporter: police released this video of what she may look like at 9 years of age. she's now turned 10. authorities are asking the public to help find this little girl. 36 minutes after the hour. in seattle, police are asking the question, was this part of a terror plot or something else? a 21-year-old man is in jail and authorities are trying to figure out why he drove a stolen truck from montana to the university of washington campus with guns, arsenal. the man is not cooperating. they don't think he's targeting the university. he has yet to be charged with a
2:37 am
crime. a 10-year-old taking an important step in her recovery after a double lung transplant. the first biopsy shows no rejection. they posted this video. she's waving and mouthing the words, i love you. the request for an adult transplant led to a change in the transplant policy. a sight for sore eyes, she is. the southeast is trying to dry out from serious flooding. nearly 18 inches of rain, 18 inches fell on the florida panhandle in just 36 hours. in the panama city area, they were forced to open shelters. a man near roanoke drown. the roanoke river is four feet above flood stage. >> we are keeping an eye on the weekend forecast. it's a different forecast depending on which part of the
2:38 am
area you are focusing on. >> we are talking the jet stream. this is always the big deal. when you are on the north side of it, you are cool. on the south side of it, you are hot. in the middle, you are okay. i tell you what, a lot of people are on the south side today. hot from boston to florida. well above normal. ten, 15 degrees above normal. with a heat index in boston of 105. that's in the shade. back to the west, it's where it's hot, too. back up to 115 degrees in death valley, again. mild in the middle. across the east coast, temps 95 boston. with the humidity, it feels like 105. new york city, 91. same story, feeling 100. d.c., out there on the mall feels like 100. on the mall, it feels like 105 with the sunshine. really, there's no shade. out to the west is where the hot weather is. in the middle, the jet stream dips into the gulf of mexico and picks up the moisture.
2:39 am
columbus, cincinnati, two inches of rain. to the south, down across florida where it's been so bad, the white part, it's ten inches of rain in 48 hours plus. it just won't stop raining. >> it is crazy. crazy amounts of water about to fall there. all the recent rain in the east turned normally quiet rivers dangerous. it made unsuspecting people heroes. this is an example from the philadelphia area. a couple was out having their engagement photo taken along a creek when a 5-year-old boy stepped into the water. it was too deep. the bride-to-be jumped into action. >> it was almost over my head. i had to swim to him. i grabbed him, pulled him up, pushed him over my shoulder. >> she's been humble through this process and she's not wanted to take the credit she deserves. she definitely deserves the
2:40 am
recognition. >> humble, but awesome. the pictures are fantastic. she's a paramedic and trained life guard. her fiance is an emt as well. a good group of people. the photographer kept chuting through the whole thing. it's a story they will never forget. >> the family feeling like what a gift they received, too. more bad news for paula deen. she parting ways with "celebrity chef." we continue in a moment. ♪
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>> more news this morning from the paula deen file. she's saying good-bye to her long time agent. the celebrity chef accused of using racial remarks. neither side is saying what led to the break up. >> i need to know if this is on your play list.
2:44 am
did you get the new jay-z album? owners of samsung and galaxy owners, got a copy of "holy grail" via a special app. it doesn't hit stores for the rest of y'all until next week. a big opening week for the new record. billboard is not counting the downloads to his records. it's not a bad day at the office for jay-z. >> he knows how to do business. >> a papa and sports agent. a lot of things going on in his world. >> speaking of a lot of things going on. chris and kate, what's going on today? >> hi, guys. >> it's great to see you both. i feel betrayed when i see you there with j.b. i must give berman props for that shameless plug to our boss.
2:45 am
>> you do what you have to do. >> there's a picture of jay-z, you mean jeff zucker, my favorite boss i have ever had? the godfather to my children? >> i was wondering -- >> you are too much, cuomo, you are. >> hi, kate, how are you, girl? >> hi. i have the giggles today. all i can do is laugh and blush. want to tell them what's coming up on the show? >> yes. yesterday was the fourth of july. a beautiful day, a beautiful celebration. >> except this. >> fireworks danger. you can see it on your screen. 28 people rushed to the hospital when one town's show went wrong. we are going to talk to one of the officers about what happened and why. it really became dangerous. >> a big day today and likely an emotional day in the george zimmerman trial. the prosecution could be putting trayvon martin's mother on the
2:46 am
stand today. the big question is, how will her testimony be asked about the screams you can hear in the background of a 911 tape, the tape we have heard a couple times. how and if. what she says will sway the case. >> fact and feel. if a mother can identify her son's voice on the 911 call, very persuasive. this is a mother. most of the people on the jury are female and mothers. yesterday, we are showing people, the woman who fell into the sinkhole, luckily she survived. imagine what it was like for her. guess what, exclusively on "new day" she's going to talk about it. amazing. >> i can't wait to talk to her. chris and kate, i'll see you in a minute. he'll liberate me eventually. coming up here on "early
2:47 am
start," alex rodriguez down on his luck. is he on his way out? a-rod opens up on his first big interview of the season. my name is lee kaufman. married to morty kaufman. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. this is not a safe thing to do. be careful babe. there should be some way to make it easier [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'. oh i like that. look at this it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how clean it looks? morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know
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the current landscape of the nba could change drastically today as dwight howard is expected to make his final decision on where he will play next season. andy joins us with more on the
2:50 am
bleacher report. what is your bet? >> if i had to make a bet, houston rockets right now. for the most part, nba free agency period has been on stand by waiting for the decision. that decision is expected to go down today. a nervous fan base is waiting for it. the lakers and warriors are still in the running. the warriors have been aggressively per suing trades to free up cap room. they have the deals in place to make it happen. the lakers were opposed to signing and trading howard to another team. they are rethinking that if he chooses not to stay in laker land. the odd makers have the rockets as a favorite. all right. the alex rodriguez era in new york isn't coming to an end anytime soon. in an interview, rodriguez said
2:51 am
most people would say get me out of here, trade me, do anything. but i'm the crazy man who goes, i want to compete and stay in new york. i refuse to quit. yankees fans can forget about him retiring with $100 million left on his contract. a fourth of july tradition unlike any other. the nathan's hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut crushed the competition once again. jaws, as he's called, devoured his own record downing 69 hot dogs. that amounts to over 1100 grams of fat. i'm just astonished anyone can eat that amount of hot dogs and walk away afterwards. >> that video is shocking! >> i can't watch it. >> i'm going to hold you to the rockets prediction. i think he stays with the
2:52 am
lakers, but i'm probably wrong. great to see you. we'll be right back. things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ]
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now where's the snooze button?
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so, this is a trend that might leave you thirsty for more. there's big money to be made in the wine business these days. michelle turner says big names are getting in on the action. >> reporter: from brad and angelina to sting and drew berrymore, more and more celebrities are steering their power into wines. >> i think the serious ones really love the product. >> reporter: the public is
2:56 am
guzzling it down. >> it's a nice way to get there. >> reporter: are any of the wines good? wine spectator magazine poured us a few starting with brangelina's. >> we thought the quality was there. the flavors are beautiful. it's fresh. delicious. excellent wine. >> reporter: high marks to wines from sting and francis. he says south african golfer really hit a hole in one with his cabernet. >> it's dark, it's smokey. a lot of richness here. >> what about the other celebrity wines, though? what is the typical wine drinker make of them? we found our answers at a blind tasting of celebrity wine in hollywood. dave matthews caber day was a hit as was bocelli. drew berrymor's had admirerers.
2:57 am
>> a sort of richness. a rich flavor to it. i liked it. >> reporter: not all fared so well. some found ex-important star's unappealing. >> i'm not enjoying it at all. this is it. in fact, there goes eight. >> reporter: what about brangelina's highly sought after? >> it didn't have much of a nose for me. it was not real flavorful. no. >> i love it. i love it. it's lighter than i expected but really sweet. nice and refreshing. >> reporter: fergie's polarized the tasters. >> terrific. the red blend, full bodied, lovely. great job, whoever did that one, spot on. >> i was able to swallow one sip and dumped the rest. it tasted like evol. it smacked you and punched you in the face.
2:58 am
do i have a black eye? just wondering. >> reporter: most of the people were underwhelmed. >> if all these are made by celebrities, none of them has stricken me as wow, that's incredible. >> maybe the celebrities should taste the wine before they put their name on the label. >> reporter: hmmm, sounds like sour grapes. michelle turner, cnn, new york. >> it tasted like evil. how about some cuomo or kate for "new day." >> our wine would taste good because everything we do is awesome. >> mine would be made with cheese, which is tasty. >> what? >> wine and cheese. >> in the wine? >> exactly what i would do. >> combine it all. >> that's what i would do. >> see you in a little bit, john. >> i don't make wine, but we make news here at "new day."
2:59 am
it's the top of the hour and time for news. >> shooting down and hit the side of my leg. >> breaking overnight, fireworks gone wrong. one town's show turns into a battlefield. 28 people rushed to the hospital. we have the latest. wild weather. a brutal holiday for much of the country from flooding to triple digit heat. holiday events canceled across the u.s. what's in store today? powerful testimony. an emotional day in the george zimmerman trial today. trayvon martin's mother expected to take the stand. will she sway the jury? >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning and welcome, everybody. this is "new day." it's friday, july 5th, 6:00 in
3:00 am
the east. i'm chris cuomo. >> happy 5th including the latest from egypt. violence flared up after the military took control. just look at pictures from the country. demonstrators rallying to the site of the imprisoned former president and there have been clashss on streets. a live report coming up. >> hope it's not just the beginning there. one of the things to look at. a new twist in the case of missing girl maddie mccannes. remember this story? missing 2007, vacationing with family in portugal, never knew what happened. now the case alive again. 38 persons of interest say british authorities, what new evidence they have, we'll take you through it. remember that terrifying video from toledo, a woman trapped inside her car after a sinkhole opens up in the


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