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tv   Presumed  CNN  July 6, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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bolivia said it's outraged over the incident. and venezuela offering asylum and nicaraugra willing to consider it. >> i'm jon king in washington, it's the top of the hour now, 10:00 p.m. saturday in san francisco, welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. let's update you in the breaking news, at least two people confirmed dead after the boeing 777 crash landed on the run way right there, san francisco international airport. this is what is left in the plane, the tail of the craft ripped off. the plane was landing, when the back hit the ground at the rear edge of the run way. the plane spun around, throwing aircraft parts and debris. >> it looked normal at first, it
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was taking the angle that they always take in, like this, wheels were down, and then i heard -- i knew something was wrong, three or five seconds out, i started calling to my fiance and saying, this doesn't look right, this doesn't look right. and the wheels, they were too low, too soon. so, this is the runway. it came in like this. and i was just watching the wheels and it just hit like that and the whole thing collapsed immediately. it never really had a chance. >> passengers were able to escape the burning plane on the inflatable emergency slides after the craft came to a stop. authorities now say everyone aboard flight 214 is accounted for. we know there were 307 people on board the flight. of those, 182 were taken to hospital. 49 of them were seriously
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injured and some critically and incredibly 123 people were completely unscathed, many of them now have been able to leave the airport terminal. as we mentioned, we know this evening that two were confirmed dead. i want to show you the animation that we put together based on all the eyewitness statements. the nose pointed up and tail down, hitting the rocks at the edge of the runway and plane spinning off the run way coming to rest right there where eyewitnesss said that yes, there was a fire, but not immediately. allowing them, allowing the appreciat precious moments. terror on board asiana 214, as 307 passengers survived. one passenger describes what happened and before the crash.
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>> it seemed like we were about to land. the nose of the plane goes up a little bit. and then we start hitting hard and then we felt like we were going up again, so that is why i felt like we were going to a missed landing and go up and it did not happen, it was crash back. so, as i say, we flipped, and none of us would be here to talk about it. it was like a six flags show, tied to your chair, we are skipping down the run way i thought we were going back up, but we went back down again, so, it was like, it felt like slow motion, i was still tied to my hair, and the whole row was buckled in behind. there was a lot of koreans that may not speak english well. disbelief, screaming, a bit of chaos, but i think we managed to
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get everyone calmed down quickly and start getting out and not pushing on each other and stepping on each other. it felt like it went fast. >> you are seeing live pictures of the impact site there as you heard an incredible tail of survival. he walked away from the flight and messaged his wife who was also suppose to be on board. the questions unanswered here, what happened in the final minutes that caused the plane to crash land after crossing the pacific from seoul. right now the crash scene is crawling with investigators. their job to find out the cause of the crash and build a database to prevent it from happening again. cnn's dan simon still there, dan, a long day of reporting what is the latest? >> well, hey, john, i think sometimes we in the media can be guilty of over using phrase it could have been a lot worse. but in this particular case, i don't know how there's any other way to say it. i mean, you look at that wreckage and the fact that all
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the people walked away, you know, what more can you say? two people confirmed dead, according to the south korean transport ministry, the two people who died were both chinese passport holders. and according to san francisco fire officials, they were found on the runway, which begs the question, were they ejected when the plane hit the ground or were they somehow able to evacuate and gave in to injuries. at this point, we do not know the answer to this question. we have been talking about the injured all afternoon long and all evening long. we know that nine bay area hospitals have taken in the injured. 49 people said to be in serious condition. if you look around where i am here at the international terminal, you can see, that here on this saturday evening, it's pretty busy, if you look tat th monitor borard, most of them ar
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on time and operating, everything has returned to normal. remark able that you had this incident occurring 12 hours ago. the ntsb has a crew in route to san francisco, expected to land at midnight local time. of course, they will start investigating the scene at day break. trying to piece together what in fact happened. jon, a as we have been reporting and as you just mentioned the tail, according to the witnesses, seemed to make impact first. with the -- with the front of the aircraft pitched up. what happened was this some kind of pilot error? was there some type of malfunction with the aircraft, was there a wind shear? these are all of the different scenarios that investigators are going to be looking at obviously in the hours and days to come. jon? >> dan, you live in san francisco and fly in and out of the airport all the time. many days i've been through it,
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you have fog and condition. but on this day, to the naked eye, weather was not factor right? >> weather not a factor and frequently you do get overcast weather and fog here at sfo, when that happens they close down a couple of runways that was the immediate speculation that weather played a factor. but that speculation was immediately put to rest when people said that it was a clear sunny day here, all four runways were operational, traffic going in and out, normally. so, weather we can take that off the table. so, really the question becomes, as i put it before, was this some kind of pilot error or was there a malfunction with the airplane. i think that is what we are looking at here. >> as dan noted that ntsb team due there in just about under two hours, hopefully we will get
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information from them at day break. of the 307 passengers and crews on board, more than half have been taken to the hospital, the most serious went to san francisco general, that is the city's only level 1 trauma center. the hospital set up tents outside the emergency room, and it was said that a spontaneous wave showed up to help, including doctors and workers and language translators let's go live, she is at san francisco general and what is the latest? >> well, i can tell you that the hospitals are giving the last update for the evening, 53 total were brought here and as you mentioned, some of the most seriously injured are being treated a this hospital. they did release seven patients, 15 were admitted and six remain in critical condition. and what has been extraordinary is seeing the patients as they leave the hospital. i saw a couple of women that looked quite dazed and shocked. we also spoke with a man who was
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in the plane when it went down. he has quite an extraordinary story to tell. here is what he told us. -- so, moving on, it sounds like what he was telling us is that like all the patients here, they feel extremely lucky that they were able to walk away from the this plane, in part because they didn't feel that the -- that there was any fire on the plane until many of them got out, jon. so you heard dan say that. that there were a although of people here throughout the investigation saying it could have been worse. that is a feeling that is being echoed here at the hospital. jon? >> and you mentioned, you just received the last briefing, when the hospital officials speak, is there one injury that they are dealing with more than others or is it a combination of whether
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it's impact trauma or smoke inhalation or the whole mix? >> they touched on every single injury out there, a lot of bumps and bruises and contusions and the things they talked about was smoke inhalation injuries, as well as spinal injuries. if you think of how the plane was landing, you heard a lot of the people talk about a sudden drop. hitting the ground quickly at a rapid pace. passengers flying out of the seats and hitting the ceiling, the top of the plane. that leads to spinal injuries and that is what doctors were concerned about. when they talk about the critically injured, when they are talking about the spinal injuries that is what we heard about the head of the er. >> mr. levy, when he left, he was joking, he was saying it was like an a amusement park ride, that is probably some a good sense of humor and some a bit of shock. describe his demeanor as he
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walked out. >> it's funny, when you have a trauma, people react to it differently. what we saw from levy, he was joking. he was trying to keep it light. and he was saying, okay, i can't let this effect me, i have to be able to get on a plane again, i'm not going to be afraid of flying. so that is his method of coping. i talked to a couple of other women who were leaving a short time before levy and they were completely different. they looked dazed. they looked almost unable to cope with anybody outside of each other. so, people react to trauma very differently and you are certainly seeing it play out here as the patients leave. >> remarkable cnn team of reporters, producers and photo journalists to ground in san francisco. thank you so much. when we come back, with we will hear from a aviation expert and he will tell us what the experts are going to be looking for and are looking at now as they scour
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the crash scene? san francisco. we are all reflections of the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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>> the investigators have gotten there is what was the vertical sweep of this vehicle, landing gear and engines were separated from the aircraft, it could have been that the vertical speed was so great that the energy when it hit the ground was so great that you had major portions of the plane like the landing gear coming off the ground. if you are making your list of
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questions you want answered what are the top two or three? they will be what is the statement or what is the statements from the two pilots flying the aircraft. the state of mind from the pilot, why they made the decisions they did prior to landing would be something important to know. also, from outward appearances until the end of the flight, it looked as though the flight were normal. one question i would like to ask them was there a time when you were not follow procedures and was there anything out of place or out of the ordinary prior to landing? >> the destruction left behind after the crash, what this the trail of debris could tell us about what happened at the flight 214. that is next.
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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >> updating you on the breaking news, flight 214 came in and something went horribly wrong. witnesses reported the tail of the plane clipped the edge of the run way. it then spun around and burst into flames, there were a total of 307 people aboard the flight, all passengers and crew are accounted for, two people confirmed dead, the reporters
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were told that the two deaths held chinese passports. we take a closer look at what the trail of debris can tell us about what happened. >> well, we have partially recreated the crash scene on what we have been able to see in the pictures and video so far, follow me from the left side of your screen to the right. on the far left, you can see debris in the batt e-- in the water and in that same vicinity, shift your eyes to the right a little and that is where the vertical stabilizer fell, and this is what is the vertical stabilizer, this part of the tail, and to the right of it is the horizontal stabilizer and to the right of that is the landing gear and shift your eyes to the far right and that is where the
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wreckage ended up. they will look at how close the parts are together in relation to each other. which part came off first and which came off second and really, no detail will be too small in trying piece this whole thing together. also. really crucial is going to be that data recording box as well as the voice recording box. those hold crucial information that will need to be analyzed. rene, marsh, cnn, washington. >> that diagram helps you understand what happened, now we are getting more eyewitness accounts from those waiting inside the terminal. watching the smoke bill owing and from those inside the plane, they experienced it first hand. we came in early, and saw the smoke. >> were you trying to go to florida? >> yeah, we are trying go home now, all of us are waiting outside now to go back to florida. >> so hopefully later today.
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>> listen, my heart is with the people, all i care about is that the people are okay. >> what happened to your flight? >> nobody is telling us and nobody can help us either, so we don't know. we are stuck here? or are we moving on? or what? >> a little frustrated? no one is telling you anything? >> yeah, yeah, seriously frustrated. >> you have a 15-year-old son with you? >> yeah, both in hospital, and really i feel bad. right now i'm fine. >> as it landed, like, there's a hard like loud noise and then like, the masks fell down and like, i don't know, a severe stuff started to fall down on people and they started screaming. >> what was falling down on people? >> like the luggage. >> and what were you doing at the time? >> i actually was pretty scared so i don't know. >> a lot of people were getting out of their seats?
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>> most of them could not get out of the seats because of the seat belts so they were struggling. >> did you see flames and smoke? >> yes, before like leaving i saw some smoke in the cabin i think. ? up next, she has led investigations into some of the most high profile plane crashes, we will see what she thinks about that scene next.
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>> welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world, let's update on the breaking news, recap the latest developments in the deadly crash landing, two people are confirmed dead and 100 others hurt and some critically. listen to the passenger describe the horror on board. >> seemed like we were a little bit high and like, we could see the tarmac down below us and we were coming down kind of sharp and right as it started to coast for the landing the engine was all -- like you sped up, like the pilot knew he was short and
10:32 pm
then the back end hit and flies up in the air and everyone's head went up ceiling and then it drifts a bit, a good 300 yards and tips over, fire starts and everyone is pushing the doors out. let's break down the latest numbers. we know there's 307 on flight, 49 of them seriously injured and some of them critically, an incredible 123 people completely unscathed, as we mentioned, we do know that two people are confirmed dead, now investigators are combing the scene looking for debris, and trying to find out what caused the crash. chunks flew into the ocean, what are they looking for? joining us is -- joining us now, mary. the team from washington is due to arrive in the next hour or so, and some people will ask,
10:33 pm
that is 11, 12 hours after the crash, explain the resources that are there that will had help secure the scene, secure the evidence, and be there ready to brief the experts when they arrive? >> well one of the things we have an advantage of is that the law is clear about an aircraft wreckage site, the faa responded at the request of ntsb to secure the site and witnesses. and of course, the fbi, there was no indication that it's terrorism, but they have jurisdiction if it is. and so the law enforcement functions have also been able to secure the site, the ntsb will of course, have primary jurisdiction and they will not only start by looking at the wreckage and all the information available on paper from everything from warnings about the landing and system not being
10:34 pm
available to training and records of the pilots but most importantly is they have the opportunity and the right to interview the pilots and no one else should have done it, they of course can talk to their airline and their families, but the inform tsb will be first at the interview with the pilot. >> and you are have been involved in a senior way in several high profile investigations, when you look at the pictures and you see the tail and the horizontal stabilizers and the wreckage up to the grassy area there. your first glance at the physical evidence, what does it tell you? >> it tells you that there were multiple strikes but that they came in too low and the eyewitness and ear witness accounts give very important clues. when they say it sounded like the pilots put more power in and the question will be, was the power applied before the first strike or after the first strike and of course, the cockpit voice
10:35 pm
recorder and flietd data recorder will give answers to that as to when the pilots realized they were too low and if they did, did the plane respond when they commanded it with the additional power. if that occurred after they already had the strike with the sea wall, it was too late, there was no way to get that plane back up again after sustaining such damage. but those kinds of things are important from the witnesses, from the flight data recorder, from the cockpit voice recorder and even what the air traffic controller saw up in the corner, they have a birds eye view and they will have information to add as well as their recordings of their instruction. >> appreciate you staying with us on the early morning hours and we will stay in touch with the hours and days ahead, i'm sure. the flight originated in shanghai, and asiana airlines
10:36 pm
the korea's second largest airline. diane is live in seoul now. what is the late there? >> the president, president park expressed sympathies and talking about what they are doing now. they have a government team on route to san francisco right now, and they will be working closely with the ntsb there to try and investigate what happened with the crash. they said that the ntsb is talking to the pilots already. and they said that they did not think it was going to be too difficult to find the black box, that they did not know how long the investigation would go. if it was short, it could be anything from six months or up to two years. those are the details we are getting now from the briefing and we know a bit more about one of the four pilots, the man that was piloting the plane when it came in to land, he is described
10:37 pm
by asiana airlines as a veteran pile, he has been flying for them since 1996, a man called lee-jon lee-jong-min, the government officials say they have not been in contact with him yet, but the ntsb has been. >> a number of families that are concerned how has the information been flowing? >> there's various hotlines established. they have set it up early this morning, it was news that south korea woke up to. as you say, a lot of the people traveling were chinese, 141 of the people on the plane were chinese citizens coming from shanghai, and the -- the consulate in san francisco is also established a hotline and they are going through the names of people they know to be safe and issuing the names of people who are at this point confirmed to be safe and well, and so far
10:38 pm
that list has 40 names on it and so there are various numbers that you can call in you are worried about relatives both if south korea and in san francisco. >> live for us in seoul. with this flight starting in shanghai, thank you for that update there. and an important bit of news there, south korean officials saying, the ntsb investigators already continuing to stay on top of that. we will keep you updated and we will look at the other majorer stories in the world today including the ongoing crisis in egypt. the supporters of morsi want him returned to power. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice.
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to the right of the screen, live pictures from san francisco international airport as we update you on the breaking news, the flight came in for the landing right there, something went wrong. witnesses reported the tail of the plane clipping the edge of
10:43 pm
the run way. it spun around and then bursts into flaps. there were, we were told a total of 307 people aboard the flight. boeing 777, two people confirmed dead, a south korean government official saying that the two fatalities held chinese passports. there's a great bit of controversy over who will be the new prime minister in egypt. now officials say there's no final decision on who will get the job, supporters of the deposed president, morsi, they are staying put. thousands massed around the egyptian barracks, they marched
10:44 pm
for their compatriots killed. >> 10s of thousands of the supporters of mohamed morsi have taken to the streets of tcairo, the muslim brotherhood said that their compatriots were gunned down and they believe that morsi is still under arrest at the headquarters. and the military said they did not use live fire at the scene. the health ministry has so far only confirmed one person dead in that incident. as you can see, the crowd is certainly very passionate.
10:45 pm
but there's lines of civilians linking arm to make sure the crowd does not get out of hand, and at least try and maintain some sense of order until they reached the republican guard building. as you can see, the march organizers brought with them four coffins draped in the egyptian flag and they are saying, this is very much a symbolic funeral because organizers say the bodies of the dead are not actually there. police told the organizers they would not allow them to march if they brought corpses, they posed a security risk. it is still several hundred yards toward the republican guard headquarters and so far, this march has been peaceful and that is certainly the way that organizers hope it will stay. a career's long legal battle is
10:46 pm
over in deporting a cleric, he was convicted in jordan on charges that he conspired to cause explosions, britain has been trying to deport him since 2005. another country now joining the list of places offering asylum to edward snowden, the bolivian government said that it considers it fair protest. bolivia said they are outraged over the incident and venezuela offering asylum as well. one person confirmed dead and scores other missing after the massive fire in quebec, it started with a train hauling
10:47 pm
crude oil derailing, it triggered a chain reaction of explosions and a fire that destroyed the central business district of a small town, firefighters from both countries were called in to fight the fire and nearly 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes. when we return, we will hear an account of the san francisco plane crash from someone who survived. it stay with us. if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, and it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms,
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>> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world as we update you on the breaking news, the deadly crash landing at san francisco international airport, we know two people are dead and dozens are hurt, some critically as something went wrong when asiana flight 214 touched down. >> it felt like we were about to land, the nose of the plane as you know goes up a little bit and then we full throttled, hitting hard and then we felt like we were going up again. that is why i fell like, maybe the guys pulled, almost missed landing and go back up. it did not happen, it was fresh back, so, as i say, if we flipped, none of us would be here to talk about it.
10:52 pm
>> this cnn animation shows you what happened. the plane spun after hitting the back end of the plane, throwing debris and then a fireball erupted. once again, we know to people were dead, the south korean government telling reporters that both were chinese passport holders. let's go to the one of the passengers that was on the flight. he said that the scene was chaos, he is okay and so are his family and friends. listen as he describes the frightening moments as the plane came down. >> we were ten seconds away from being home and seemed like we were a little high like we could see the tarmac below us and we were coming down sharp and when it started to coast for the landing, all of a sudden the engine was all -- like the pilot knew he was short and then boom,
10:53 pm
the back end hit and flies up in the air and everyone's head goes up to the ceiling and then it just kind of drifts for a little bit, probably a good 300 yards and then tips over. fire starts, and everybody is you know, pushing the doors out. i would say probably like 50-75 people that were kind of like on stretchers and had a neck brace and stuff, there was five that we saw that was just terrible. this, like, you know, bad, bad news and those are the flight attendents that got dropped out the back, the back got the worst of it, they got spilled out on impact and then we spun and the fire started and that is when all the passengers jumped out. hours later to see the pictures and hear the accounts, stops your heart. let's go to the ground for the latest. dan simon has been at the
10:54 pm
airport all day. >> the ntsb from washington expected to land in about an hour, let's talk about what they can be exec xpected to do tomor. the want to get the cockpit voice recorder and want to talk to the key witnesses and survivors and they will want to interview the crew and talk to the pilot and try to piece together all of the debris and start coming up with operating theories in terms of how this all occurred. i think, that is really what tomorrow will be all about. in terms of what is happening right now, you touched on the survivors and where they are at the various hospitals, nine bay area hospitals have taken in patients, 49 of them said to be in serious condition. we should point out that 191 passengers self evacuated, they were able to leave the airplane and get on buses and somehow
10:55 pm
make it to the terminal. that would suggest to you that nearly 200 of the passengers seem to be in good condition. 77 korean nationals and 141 chinese nationals and 61 united states citizens. so that is where we are, jon and as i said, the nt symptom b crew expected to land tomorrow. >> some of the information they will want is from the first responders that got there. the fire chief has been briefed a few times, when we see the foam and the smoke coming from it, what was the take of the first responders when they got there at that second as the plane was starting to burst into flames? >> you know, jon, it appears that the survivors were able to get out of the plane, even before the first responders arrived. if you look at the pictures, you can see the passengers away from the airplane, what they were
10:56 pm
able to do is to secure the scene to transport people to the hospital immediately from the scene and if there were any people who had, you know, broken limbs, for instance, if they were able to get them out of the plane, as we have said it before, and many other situations, the first responders always deserve a lot of credit for the work that they do, that they seem to have done a really great job in this case and a lot of credit, one would think, would go to the flight crew, because you know, at the end of the day, of course, you had two people who died, but as we have been saying all day long, jon, and as the mayor put it to us earlier, quote, this could have been much, much worse. >> dan, simon for us on the ground, sfo, san francisco international airport. cannot disagree with that at all. could have been worse, and it's hard to imagine what it would have been like. dozens of patients being treated
10:57 pm
at the san francisco general hospital, we have been there and she talked with a man who survived the ill-fated flight and was just released from the hospital. tell us about talking to ben levy. >> well, really, an extraordinary story. he was wearing the shirt that he was wearing when the plane went down, you could see that there was blood stains on his back, he had a wound to the back of his head, and he was still walking. he is what the hospital describes as walking wounded. he has an extraordinary story to tell. he fell the plane, he fell the tail hit the ground and described it almost like a bizarre roller coaster ride, here is what he told us. >> it's like six flags show, right? you are tied up to your chair, then and again, we are skipping on the run way and i felt like we were going back up. i thought we would go back up and start flying again, and try another landing but we went down again, so it felt like slow motion, as i said. i was still tied to my chair.
10:58 pm
and still buckled, the whole chair was crushed on the chairs behind. >> a man with an extraordinary story. and he said he is very lucky. he was sitting next to the exit doors and helping other passengers as they were sliding out of those chutes and he said, like we heard from dan simon, the fire did not start until most of the passengers were off the plane, they say they very fortunate, a lot of the passengers look quite dazed. the most serious patients came to this hospital. 15 were admitted out of the 53 that arrived here and six of them are in critical condition. jon. >> six still critical condition, what seems to be the most prevalent and hospital officials say anything prize them about the types of injuries that came in? >> you know what they kept talking about were these spinal
10:59 pm
injuries and it's something that you know, you are used to seeing bumps and bruises in caccidents but what seemed to take the er doctor, he took a step back is the spinal crush injuries. when you fall at a rapid rate and your head hits the top of the ceiling, he said it's consistent with that sort of injury. so that is something he did talk about quite a bit. but he talked about the smoke inhalation problems, so that is their concern treating those critically injured patients. >> thank you, kim, for a long day and dan simon as well, tracking it all to recap 307 passengers, two confirmed dead, we will continue to keep on top of it. we will be back in the morning. leave you now with pictures of the after math, the crash of
11:00 pm
asiana flight 214. ♪ are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes. he was hit in his head. >> a brutal killing on a glistening lake. >> you saw your husband get shot and thrown from the jet-ski? >> yeah. >> were they caught in a crossfire? >> there's a war over there, two cartels fighting


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