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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 22, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we're going to watch those races are coming up. we'll watch it with you and make some predictions later. john, great to see you. >> great to see you guys. look at the time, almost 9:00, you know what that means, we're done here at "new day" and ritz it's time for "cnn newsroom." look at that smile. >> it's time, the royal baby has been born, but not yet. >> we wait, we watch with you. >> i know, i can't wait. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in "newsroom" kate's in labor. kate's in labor, the royal bundle of joy about to arrive. >> prince william is under strict instructions to telephone the queen as soon as the birth has happened. >> the first to know the queen on a specially encrypted phone and the second to know, you.
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>> all of a sudden the corvette comes bobbing down the water. raging flood waters in arizona as firefighters pluck people to safety with harnesses and ropes. >> this is pretty bad. i mean, i think the worst i have seen so far. plus -- >> she goes up like this. and then when it drops to come down, that's when it releases and she just tumbled. >> terror at six flags. >> they were screaming when they came back and screaming, my mom, my mom. we have to get my mom. >> a woman plunges to her death from a roller coaster and an a expert tells us why. and -- >> why does god let bad things happen to good people? >> cameron's chrisman movie off of facebook. wait, can they do that? you're live in "cnn newsroom." good morning.
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thank you so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. a building in london now one of the most watched tourist attractions in the world. inside catherine duchess of cambridge and the baby that could some day sit on the british throne. overnight kate middleton went into labor and now waiting for news of the royal birth. cnn royal correspondent max foster is at st. mary's hospital in london and at buckingham palace we have erin mclaughlin and katie nickel. max, let's begin with you, any word? >> no, but she has been in labor now for about nine hours, at least. so, you know, we're into the process pretty much. we're told that labor is progressing normally. that's good news. a huge crowd that is really gathering here. still not as big as the media crowd, i have to say. it is building. huge level of interest. networks from the whole world have converged at this point.
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photographers dangling off their ladders, as well. we'll wait for that moment when a palace official comes out on to the doorstep with a notice. that is going to be the first indication that the baby has been born and then that notice heads towards buckingham palace. >> nine hours. i'm just getting over nine hours she's been in labor. that's like torture. >> yeah, that's pretty painful. we are all sort of talking about how excited we are about this baby. have to keep in mind, obviously, all about those two. building some sort of office in there, but fundamentally in the room you only have kate and william in terms of family and this very large medical team. two royal obstetricians and then the big medical team from the teaching hospital with some of the top consultants in london and all the midwives, as well. they could not be in better hands, carol. >> all right, max, we'll get back to you if anything happens. let's go to buckingham palace
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and erin mclaughlin. who is inside buckingham palace waits anxiously by the phone? >> that would be the queen, carol. small crowd outside right now outside of buckingham palace. once the baby has been born, the queen has been notified. the process in which the world finds out about this baby is full of history and tradition. the notice will be driven from a police escort from lindo wing of st. mary's hospital to buckingham palace. it will be brought inside before being displayed on an easel. the very same easel that was used to announce the birth of prince william. and then two simultaneous, but separate gun salutes. 41-round salute fired by the king's troop and a 62-round salute at the tower of london. signaling to the country and the world that the future monarch
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has finally arrived. people i have spoken to here and outside the hospital wishing kate a very healthy and safe delivery. even the prime minister david cameron sending his best on this very historic day here in the uk. carol? >> erin, thanks so much. again, stay where you are we'll get back to you in case the royal baby comes along in these hours. stay with cnn for all the latest on the royal burlirth. but, for now, let's turn to some other stories making news this morning. a family described their mother death as a theme park as a nightmare and this morning a roller coaster at six flags over texas remains closed as investigators try to figure out what led to this woman's death. rosy esparza was on her first trip to the amusement park when she got on the texas giant, a 14-story high roller coaster that has what the world calls the world's steepest drop.
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the woman was worried that her lap bar did not seem secure before the ride started telling wfaa that the bar only clicked one time instead of three. those witnesses say that the woman, rosy esparza fell out during the ride and now the amusement park in charge of the investigation. ed lavandera is in arlington, texas with more. good morning, ed. >> good morning, carol. a lot of people are surprised that it is six flags itself constructing this investigation. there are no outside agencies that take a closer look when a tragedy like this happens. the texas giant starts with a spine tingling drop. this is where witnesses say they saw rosy esparza fall from the wooden roller coaster. carman brown was next in line to get on the ride. >> she goes up like this and when it drops to come down it releases and she just tumbled.
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>> reporter: some witnesses say that she told employees she was concerned her seat had not locked properly. the sons road along with her. they had to ride out the two-minute roller coaster fearing the worst the rest of the way. >> they were screaming and trying to get out of the restraint. >> reporter: six flags over texas hurricane harker refuses to answer questions on camera, but in a written statement says we are committed to determining the cause a of this tragic accident. it would be a disservice to the family to speculate what transpired. according to analysis of amusement park injuries, just over 1,200 injuries in 2011. about 4% caused physical harm. 28% accounted for the injuries. amusement parks are loosely regulated and it is six flags in charge of conducting the investigation, not an outside, independent agency. >> whatever organization comes
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in, whomever comes in, their work is the property of six flags. it will remain the property of six flags because nothing in texas or many other states that make them have to release that information. >> rosy esparza's family have not made any public comments. her sons talked about how much they loved their mother and one thing they loved most about her was her spirit of adventure that brought them here to six lavand. joining me on the phone is robert suint, he tested rides for six flags and other amusicment parks. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> i'm glad you're joining us because this is so frightening because, you know, a lot of us have been on roller coasters a million times and nothing bad has ever happened. when you look at this accident, what strikes you about it? >> what strikes me is a
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situation that needs to be further looked at. i think we worked with six flags and they have a team of people, as i understand, looking deeply into this. most interesting thing is the, i think the weight of the individual and the size of the individual in this case. being a person that appears to be over the 95 percentile size of a person and that is what you have to look at with the design of the lap bar and the design of the ride. we'll be looking for other things, as well. >> are there weight limits on roler coasters? >> certain sizes that are screened. large size, small sizes. those are ride dependent and park dependent. those are things that need to be considered. >> so, witnesses said that when rosy put her, you know, put the bar down, the bar up because it is a lap bar. so, it comes up from the floor. she said it clicked once instead
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of three times. but if it only clicked once would it lock into place or does it need to click the other two times? >> i would say the bar's position is dependent on the size and weight of the individual. you could have a device like that bar fit over a woman that has certain size that would be 95 percentile and wouldn't get to the further lower position because of the restraint of the body. this all has to be looked at and understood if this ride was appropriate for a person of this size. >> witnesses say she was concerned, but only because of the clicking noise. so, it's possible the lap bar when she pushed up on it when the roller coaster was stationary, she couldn't push it up and it was locked at least somewhat? >> that's very possible. i think when you look at rides, you have to look at a lot of things. not necessarily the bar itself, but also part of the speed
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control on the ride, maintenance on the ride. and, also, what the operator or the individual occupant may have been doing at the time. so, there's no one answer sometimes for this issue. >> robert swint, thank you for enlig enlightening us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. other stories making headlines this morning. at 11 minutes past the hour, police in east cleveland, ohio, have arrested a man after finding the bodies of three women wrapped in plastic. he was renting a garage where one of the decomposed bodies were found and they fear there may be more than three. a gas line fire forces an evacuation of about ten homes in york county, virginia. flames shot as high as 35 feet into the air. several people said the fire started after lightning struck the area. no reports of injuries. the fire was expected to burn itself out once the gas was shut off. in sports, from the finals
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to where did he come from? phil mickelson captures and starting the final day at five shots off the lead. lefty played some of his best golf ever and takes home the jug with his family by his side. >> i played some of the best golf of my career and feels amazing to have this championship and then to make it more special to have amy, amanda a, sofia, evan here to share this moment. it really is special. it's a day that i'll always cherish, i'll always remember. >> mickelson won by three strokes. the only golfer to shoot under par for the tournament. just ahead in "newsroom" fast-moving water rushes in and drivers cannot escape it. we'll see if monsoon rains will bring more flooding to phoenix today. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want.
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we're taking another live look outside of st. mary's hospital where kate is in labor. she has been in labor for about nine hours now. prince william is by her side. of course, the queen is awaiting word on a especially encrypted
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phone back at buckingham palace. we hope kate has her baby at any moment now because nine hours later is not fun. not fun at all. on with other news of the day. not every day you hear about massive flooding in arizona, but keeping emergency workers busy in the phoenix area. fast-moving waters turned roads into rivers and left several people stuck on flooded streets. apache junction saw some of the worst flooding and that's where we find cnn's stephanie elam. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning, carol. the neighbors are starting to wake up. we've seen some people pulling in here. as you can see right there, they're bringing in signs to tell people to watch out where it's really muddy, really messy and one man here told me that everything happened within an hour and a half. take a look when we say everything. raging monsoon waters flooded parts of the phoenix area on
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sunday. leading firefighters to a series of dramatic rescues caught on camera, at least half a dozen people brought to safety. >> this is pretty bad. i mean, i think the worst i have seen so far. >> emergency crews brave the thigh-high flash flood waters that swallow whole cars in its wake. one rescue after another after another. watch as emergency crews rush to the aid of the two 19-year-old boys who crawled out of their submerged suv to a small patch of land nearby. >> natural instincts. be able to get out of the vehicle and at that point they're going with the flow of the water, which is very powerful. >> a helicopter lifts one of the teenagers across the rising water to safety. the second snaps pictures of the scene. even attempting to take a self-portrait mid-rescue. lowering a ladder from a fire
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truck to rescue this couple stuck in a pickup truck for nearly an hour before following a safety line to land. in west scottsdale a firefighter carries this woman to dry land as water consums her car. the driver rescued. >> he got out of the vehicle and was sitting on top of it. the water was so high, that you couldn't see the vehicle at all. >> and as we come back out here live, you can see there's still some muddy water out here. lots of thick mud puddles around. the neighbors are out here cleaning up, but they did say the water came in, rushed down off the mountains to the washes and was gone in an hour and a half and the good news, carol, nobody was injured. >> that is the best news. stephanie elam reporting live, thanks so much. the officer, the boston police officer who leaked photos of the boston bombing suspect taken right after his capture could lose his job.
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not if the city of boston had anything to do about it. we'll talk to that officer's lawyer, next.
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massachusetts state police sergeant sean murphy might lose his job after taking those photos shortly after the boston bombing capture. he leaked the photos in response to a "rolling stone" cover featuring the bombing suspect in what some call a rock star pose. he sent the photos to "boston magazine" along with an insult to the survivors of the april 15th bombing. now, there's a facebook page to save the police officer's job called save sergeant sean murphy which as of this morning has nearly 4,000 likes. his attorney joins me now live from boston. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> did you expect so much support for your client? >> i'm not surprised. he did the right thing.
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i'm not surprised. he's gotten a lot of support from victims' families who have reached out to him. >> and what are the victims' families saying? >> thanking him. thanking him for having the courage to do this. to, you know, the fact that this kid was put on the cover of "rolling stone" offends all the people involved in the process and it could lead to copy cat the situations. >> so, sergeant murphy is now suspended, right? could he really lose his job over this? >> we hope not. we have a lot of faith in the state police administrative system. and we shall see what they do. i certainly hope he doesn't. i hope they recognize 25 years of service and the fact that he did this from the heart. >> were these personal photos he took or were these like official police photos? >> well, he was there in his
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official capacity as a state police photographer. so, these are official photos, but, as you may know, there were photos taken by other officers that were put out there. out there in the public of this terrorist being arrested. >> still, it was against the rules for him to do this because these photos may be entered into evidence at trial and there are many people saying that, hey, this could, this could ruin the case. this could affect the case. this could cause a problem with seating a fair and impartial jury. >> i have been doing this for a long time. i do a lot of trials. the notion that these photographs will affect the trial is a joke. of course, it's not going to affect the trial. this man was captured live on tv with helicopter shots of him in the boat. they real released video of him and it is simply not true. >> but, you don't want to take a chance, especially if you're in
6:25 am
law enforcement, right? >> these photographs have nothing to do with his trial or his prosecution. it really doesn't. i understand the rules. i understand why the people in charge are upset about it, but there's no chance, sergeant murphy would do anything to jeopardize the prosecution. he just wouldn't. >> where does this case stand now? when will the decision be made as to whether any further punitive action will be taken? >> well, that's up, that's up to the state police. we have a meeting tomorrow, an initial meeting with them but that's up to the administration. as of now, i'm not aware of what charges they may bring. >> sergeant murphy is just waiting. >> sergeant murphy and i and dana pullman, the state police association are waiting to hear from the state police. but we do have a meeting at headquarters tomorrow with the sergeant and, at that point, i
6:26 am
assume we'll be enlightened. >> so, if the worst happens and sergeant murphy is fired, do you think he'll still think this was worth it? >> without question. sergeant murphy is a veteran and he knew what he was doing and he told me last night that, you know, the blood inside of him is state police blue, but he bleeds red and he was bleeding for these victims and that he understood that there might be ramifications, but he thought it had to be done and it has a accomplished what he wanted. >> leonard, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> any time, take care. >> you, too. still ahead in "newsroom" the crowd grows and anticipation builds at buckingham palace.
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good morning. thank you so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in "newsroom." 30 minutes past the hour, investors are waiting for more earnings announcement this week. ringing the bell is board of directors from the nonprofit organization the gray beards highlighting their sandy relief efforts. the death toll continues to rise in northwest china this morning following a strong earthquake. at least 75 people have been killed and hundreds of others injured. rescue teams have been sent to the scene and the red cross society of china is sending tents and other supplies. cnn's david mckenzie is in beijing with more for you.
6:31 am
>> this powerful and shallow quake struck northwest china early on monday morning. it was followed by a series a of after shocks, that could have been quakes in their own right. look at this security footage released by state media which shows the immediate effect of this quake as it struck. the tremors lasted for at least a minute causing people to rush out of their buildings for safety. one of the poorest in china. one of the worst affected areas appears to be the county where many of the dead were found. entire buildings were destroyed and homes heavily damaged. tragically, it was the elderly and the very young, according to state media who were affected the worst because they couldn't run from the debris as it fell in time. the chinese government and the red cross have mobilized hundreds of rescue and relief workers to the area to try to assist and to find any of the
6:32 am
missing. this area seen torrential rain in recent days and more rain is forecast, which could make rescue efforts and relief efforts that much more difficult. david mckenzie, cnn, beijing. >> pope francis is making his first major trip as pope to brazil. the world's largest catholic country. he's expected to arrive just about six hours from now. more than 1 million people are expected to make the trip to join the church's world youth day sell braggs. . a world in waiting. right now a crowd is building outside of buckingham palace as former kate middleton enters another hour of labor. the duchess of cambridge could deliver at any moment now. good morning, max. >> absolutely. she's been in labor for many hours now. could be any moment and it's been nine months of speculation and fascination, of course.
6:33 am
let's take a look back. it was the news that royal watchers had been waiting for. >> it's official. kate middleton is pregnant. >> reporter: the palace had been forced into announcing the pregnancy early because the duchess had been taken to hospital suffering from acute morning sickness. as soon as she got better, the family were able to express their excitement. >> i'm thrilled. a grandfather. >> reporter: days after kate was discharged, the story took a tragic turn. the hospital nurse was found dead. she had transferred a prank call from two australian deejays to a colleague who gave an update on the duchess' condition. kate slowly reemerged into the spotlight. here in february. >> kate wants people to see her and wants people to know that she's pregnant now. >> reporter: a flurry of public engagements followed. kate was glowing. >> amazing. she's radiant.
6:34 am
didn't show any signs of tiredness. >> how wonderful she looks. >> reporter: the big question is u is it a boy or a girl? one fan misheard kate and triggered wild speculation that the duchess was having a daughter, but nothing could stop kate. not high heels at this military event or heavy snow with the scouts. she went underground with the queen and cast spells on the harry potter set. her last solo engagement before taking maternity was a true champagne moment. >> i name the ship "royal princess." >> and the next time we see her officially will be on the doorstep behind me, the same doorstep where diana brought william out for the very first time. >> i can't wait. all right, max, we'll go to buckingham palace now. you stay where you are. katie nickel is at the palace and serves as the royal correspondent for british newspaper "the mail" on sunday.
6:35 am
so, what really impressed me is that prince william took kate to the hospital with not much fan fare and no guards around them. just a normal couple going to the hospital to have a baby. >> it was as you say, carol. around the back, of course, as max just pointed out, so many media. outside the lindo wing and this couple who are so elusive when they want to be managed to fool us all. they were in very quickly. one brief picture but you don't acatually get to see the couple at all. they were driven in and now nearly eight hours of labor. so, it really could be any moment now. i'm here at buckingham palace where the official notice of birth will be posted. we understand the queen is possibly on her way back here. i mean, the whole family, the queen, prince charles and camilla and, of course, the middletons will be awaiting this announcement just as eagerly and
6:36 am
the rest of us here. >> will the queen get the first word or the parents of prince william and kate? >> well, royal protocol needs to be adhered to in situations like this. this is a modern couple and we've seen them do things their own way but on royal birth certain guidelines need to be followed. prince william will make that first call upon the birth to the queen on especially encrypted telephone that goes to her secure line. she will be the first person to discover the sex, the weight and whether we're going to have a future queen or king. >> and then some sort of sign will be posted at buckingham palace announcing to the world whether it is a boy or a girl and what the name is? >> it will have the sex and it will have the weight of the baby, not we're told the name. that will be taken from the lindo wing signed from the obstetrician who delivered the baby and put in a glass easel, the same easel that was used to
6:37 am
announce prince william and prince harry's birth and put here at the gates of buckingham palace where the crowds are gathering already in that very historic and yes it will be announced on twitter and facebook, but here, very first on that easel. >> that is just kind of crazy. i just can't believe that. how many people are gathering at buckingham palace? >> well, since this morning, there have been crowds gathering. i expect it's going to get much busier. a lot of tourists here. a couple that has seen what all these tv cameras are doing. the duchess of cambridge has gone into labor and having a baby. that's why they're waiting. just as eagerly as everyone else. >> i am, too. katie nicholl thank you for enlightening us this morning. we appreciate it. busy news day here in the "cnn newsroom" still ahead the parents of trayvon martin join supporters across the country as
6:38 am
president obama weighs in from the white house on the verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. a live report out of washington, next. alert. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
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a movement, not a moment. that's how some characterized rallies held nationwide this weekend as supporters of trayvon martin gather from coast-to-coast standing with the slain teenager's parents and against the controversial stand your ground laws. the rallies came just one day after president obama weighed in on the zimmerman verdict. comments that rippled throughout washington and actually throughout the country. white house correspondent brianna keilar has more for you. >> reporter: in houston late sunday, some tense moments as trayvon martin supporters marched close by a group backing george zimmerman and stand your ground laws.
6:42 am
earlier, emotional rallies in some 100 cities across the country echoing president obama extraordinary personal comments, trying to explain the pain african-americans are feeling. >> trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> reporter: protesters demanding federal civil rights charges and supporting the president's call for states to reconsider stand your ground laws. >> if trayvon martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? and do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting mr. zimmerman who followed him in a car because he felt threatened? >> reporter: republican john mccain says stand your ground laws need to be rethought. >> i'm confident that the members of the arizona legislature will and because it is very controversial
6:43 am
legislation. >> reporter: beyawn say and jay-z came out to stand with trayvon martin's mother, sybrina fulton. and friday night, jay-z and justin timberlake ended a yankee stadium concert dedicated the song "forever young." ♪ ♪ i want to be forever young ♪ brianna keilar joins me now from washington. so, is the administration likely to do anything in the wake of this case? >> a lot of folks, carol, in those rallies, as well as on the white house website. thousands of people calling for federal charges against george zimmerman. you've seen hundreds of thousands of people sign on to an naacp petition asking the federal government to get involved in the civil rights
6:44 am
investigation. but if you listen to what president obama said on friday, he seemed to downplay the federal action component of this. even though you know the department of justice is reviewing the case at this point, as they have been doing for months. president obama said, really, it's important for people to have clear expectations. he said traditionally these are issues of the state. these are local issues, these are law enforcement issues, but while he seems to be downplaying expectations, there are going to be a number of folks, obviously, some you saw in that piece right there that you don't think the administration is doing enough here who want the administration to do more. but i think when you listen to lawmakers on capitol hill, there seems to be some agreement between democrats and republicans that maybe what they can do is certainly look to the states and the stand your ground rules and that is the prevailing thought here in washington. that that is really the way to
6:45 am
go, not necessarily the federal government getting involved through the department of justice. >> brianna keilar reporting live. the nation's capital went to the fight for living wage and that is sparking backlash from the world's largest retailer. inside walmart's battle with washington, d.c. that's next in the "cnn newsroom." i think farmers care more about the land
6:46 am
than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us.
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checking our top stories at 47 minutes past the hour. we are waiting for the birth of the newest member of the british royal family. the great kate wait has intensified, even with news that the duchess of cambridge arrived at london's st. mary's hospital in labor overnight. third in line to the throne, regardless of the child's sex. calling it a big seizure. and that's an understatement. the coast guard confiscated $35 million worth of cocaine that was heading to the united states from south america. but the smugglers did not give up so easily. the coast guard said it had to shoot out the engine of the drug smuggler's boat and then seize the 2,300 pounds of cocaine. the wife of the driver involved in that deadly limo fire in california says he was arguing with her on the phone at the time. the wife tells the qu"san jose mercury news" he had music
6:49 am
blaring to keep the new bride and her friends to hear the conversation. was he too distracted to hear the screams for help? brown hasn't commented on these new details. arbitrary and discriminatory, that's how walmart describes a washington, d.c., bill that requires certain retailers to pay a living wage in the city. the bill targets companies with $1 billion in annual revenues. footprints of 75,000 square feet or more and employees who make $50,000 or less per year. joining me now is one of the original co-sponsors of that bill. he is good morning mr. orange. >> good morning. just take us back. i mean, you came up with this idea for a living wage in washington, d.c. knowing wal-mart would probably have a problem with this.
6:50 am
why is this important? we want large details to come to the district of columbia where our citizens can participate with them. costco's average wage is $21 per hour. they are a good corporate resident in the district of columbia. their ceo supports our living wage built. those are the types of entities we want in the district of columbia. the district of columbia offers a larger more concentrated consumer base with disposable income. that is the reason why other retailers are knocking on our doors. we cannot have them pay poverty wages. >> wal-mart knocked on your door and announced it would take a hike if this bill becomes a law. the minimum wage in washington, d.c. is $8 per hour or so. >> $8.25 per hour.
6:51 am
>> and you want wal-mart to pay its employees $12.50 per hour. >> the law says $12.50 per hour less benefits. we want to make sure that our residents in the district of columbia have a living wage which is about $26,000 per year. two people with a living wage can purchase a home. at $8.25 that's only $17,000 on an annual basis. two people living together making the minimum wage cannot purchase a home in the district of columbia. our policy is a living wage, affordable housing, access to health care and a good education which would allow our residents to prosper. we are living in the good times in the nation's capitol. >> let me interject what wal-mart is saying. it wants to open the three stores in the washington, d.c. area and create jobs. if this bill is passed it is
6:52 am
written the company will cancel as well as delay construction saying the bill will clearly inject unforeseen costs into thequation that would challenge the fiscal health of the planned dc stores. wal-mart held a number of community meetings. it had the support of the community and it says it had the support of the d.c. mayor. why not bring this up then? why bring it up now once wal-mart was planning to actually build in the washington, d.c. area? >> i have to correct the record. in 2006 we established a law for the living wage. any entity that receives government assistance has to pay a living wage. this is not a new argument. and now today we are saying if you are a large retailer and you gross in excess of $1 is billion you must pay living wage minus
6:53 am
benefits. if you calculate benefits amounts of $2 you can pay $10.50 plus benefits. it is documented that wal-mart provides minimum wage and forces government to pick up social costs being access to health care, public housing assistance, food stamps, medicare. in the long run wal-mart doesn't pay off for the citizens of the district of columbia. >> you understand the position the mayor is in. he has to choose between 1,800 jobs or nothing. >> i think what the mayor has to be counseled of is the fact of the whole picture. we have invited costco's into our city. they are paying an average wage in excess of $21. to allow wal-mart to pay $8.25t that will suppress wages and hurt our economy. right now we are coming off $800
6:54 am
million in surpluses. our chief financial officers indicated we would generate another $600 million in surpluses. we have $1.5 billion in our rainy day fund. we don't have to beg retailers to come to town. we said come in town, make a profit but share some of the pr prosperity with our residents so they can have access to health care and a good education. come on in wal-mart. >> i got to wrap it here. thank you for being with us this morning. washington, d.c. council member. thank you councilman orange. it is a moment phil mickelson will never forget. the man takes home a new title. we'll be back with that story and more.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
from the fiemz of where did he come from, phil mickelson captures his first british open. played some of his great golf ever and takes home the judge with his family by his side. >> i played some of the best golf of my career. it feels amazing to have this championship and to make it more special to have amy, amanda,
6:58 am
sofia, evan here. >> mickelson won by three stroke. he was the only golfer to shoot under par for the tournament. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" right after this. ♪
6:59 am
♪ ♪
7:00 am
♪ every day, more people enjoy their music on the iphone than any other phone. [ male announcer ] a family that vacations together, sunscreens together. find a hilton everywhere you want to go with rates as low as $109 per night. book now at happening now, kate's in
7:01 am
labor. kate's in labor. the royal bundle of joy about to arrive. >> prince william is under strict instructions to telephone the queen as soon as the birth has happened. >> the first to know the queen. the second, you. comes bobby down the water. the water was so high. >> raging flood waters in arizona firefighters plucked people to safety with harnesses and ropes. >> this is pretty bad, the worst i have seen so far. she rolls up like this. when it drops to come down that is when it released. >> terrort at six flags. >> they were screaming. my mom, my mom. >> a woman plunges to her death from a roller coaster and expert tells us why. and why does god let bad things happen to good people. >> kirk cameron faces facebook
7:02 am
users. they vote the video off of facebook. can they do that? you're live in "cnn newsroom." good morning. thank you for being with me. i'm carol costello. a dull building in london one of the most watched attractions in the world. inside kate and a baby that can someday sit on the british throne. we learned kate middleton had gone into labor. cnn royal correspondent at st. mary's hospital in london. and at buckingham palace . >> this really reflects the fever. the royal baby is on its way.
7:03 am
we know the labor is progressing normally. so talking about the early stage. the pregnancy has been really healthy and well. we are confident. she has two royal obstetricians. the crowds are really sort of gathering and filling out the area. they are expecting something to happen. we are told we will get a slight warning about happening. we will let you know as soon as we expect that to happen. there are helicopter shots and everything ready to be shown. >> do the reports outnumber the number of people waiting? >> reporter: afraid so. yes. there is a huge number of media here. this is just one of the locations, of course.
7:04 am
they are also at buckingham palace. >> are the crowds growing larger? >> reporter: it seems pretty mall, people watching and waiting for the announcement of this birth notice once it makes its way from the hospital, driven by a police escort to the gates of buckingham palace where it will be displayed on the easel, the same easelal used to announce the birth of prince william. it will include crucial information including the sex of the baby, the weight, the time of birth. we do not at this moment expect it to contain the name of the baby. once that has been posted then we expect a gun salute, two simultaneous gun salutes announcing to the world that the royal baby is finally here. everyone here wishing a healthy delivery. >> she has been in labor for nine hours.
7:05 am
let's hope it happens soon for her sake. stay with cnn for the latest on the royal birth. our crews are in place ready to bring you all the details as we get them. let's turn to other stories making news the is -- this morning. a heat wave may be to blame for five deaths in milwaukee. a woman was found inside the home with the inside temperature at 93 degrees. the woman and the sister kept the windows closed. the heat also suspected in the death of four milwaukee men. in southern california rain has brought some relief to firefighters battling a massive fire. evacuation others have been lifted for the communities. the situation is still quite delicate with the threat of thunderstorms causing flash flooding and mud slides.
7:06 am
heavy rain in the phoenix area has been keeping emergency workers pretty busy. they have had to rescue several people stranded in their cars from flash flooding. it is weird to see cactus and think of torrential rain. >> reporter: i know. it is exactly what is happening here. they said it happened very quickly. it rained up into the mountains here, the foothills and the washes just tore through here, busted over the seams. we are standing in what is left of this little bit of a muddy area. it is very thick and gooey and nasty. just really took over the street. there is a lot of cleanup going on out here as i try not to fall on live television. they are out there cleaning up, getting the streets back open. this fence over here just completely pushed open by the
7:07 am
storm. they said it was actually locked when the storm came through here and the mud, water and everything just pushed that gate right open. >> the good news no one was terribly hurt, right? >> reporter: no one was injured at all. they did rescue some of these people very dramatic, standing on top of cars, running to little pieces of land to get to some sort of safety. in all of that no one was hurt. one neighbor saying it was an hour and a half when the water and rain started coming to when it all washed away leaving this messy muddy mess that we see. >> we did see. thanks so much. >> this morning a roller coaster at six flags over texas remains closed as investigators try to figure out what led to the death of a rider. witnesses say rosy may have not
7:08 am
been properly secured. witnesses say she fell during the ride as the family was sitting next to her. last hour i spoke to an accident reconstructionist about the investigation. here is what he said. >> i would say that a bar in the position is dependent on the size and the weight of the individual. you can have a device like that bar fit over a woman that has certain size that would be 95 percentile and wouldn't get to the further lower position because of the restraint of the body. this all has to be looked at and understood as this ride was appropriate for a person that size. >> so what's six flags saying about this? >> well, they are not saying much at all, quite frankly. we have been talking to them throughout the weekend. they asked for any questions to be put in writing and they
7:09 am
usually respond with a statement that they vow to conduct a full investigation to get a sense of what caused this tragedy and that they do not want to engage in any kind of speculation and put the family through that. with the threat and the looming perhaps litigationt that six flags over texas will face over this i spoke with a family member over the phone of the woman who was killed in this. they have been in communication with an attorney. i know that much. we will see how this continues to play out. clearly with the threat of looming legal action here this is an investigation that six flags over texas will handle itself. there are no outside agencies that have control of the investigation. six flags will conduct the investigation and is by no means under a pretense that it needs to share that publicly. >> are there weight restrictions placed on this ride that you know of? >> reporter: not that i know of. i haven't been on that ride in
7:10 am
quite some time here at six flags. it is one of the signature roller coaster rides here at the amusement park. i don't recall seeing restrictions there. mostly i remember seeing height restrictions. >> so witnesses said that when this woman put the bar on which the safety bar came up from the floor they hurt one click instead of the usual three or four and she was actually concerned about that before the ride began. >> reporter: yes. one of the people who were in line there getting ready to ride the next wave of the roller coaster had told local news media she was voicing concern and she was told everything was fine. obviously that will be something that will be followed up on in getting the sense of exactly what was said and interviewing that park employee will be crucial, as well. behind the scenes a lot of that
7:11 am
is already in full swing. >> thanks so much. it's the day the world has been waiting for. we are live from buckingham palace for reaction coming your way next. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it,
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7:14 am
a world in waiting right now. a crowd is building outside of buckingham palace as the former kate middleton enters another hour of labor. once the child arrives he or she could someday sit on the british throne. want to look at that future our next guest is the author of books on both queen elizabeth
7:15 am
and queen victoria. good morning. >> good morning. >> before we look into the future or back into the past let's concentrate on the present. what does this day mean for the people of great britain? >> it is a big day. we have our heir to the throne. this will perhaps in 70 years or in the 22nd century this will be our future king or queen of the kingdom and the commonwealth. people have been buying plates and decorations but haven't known whether or not to decorate in pink or blue because you just don't know. >> inside that hospital room only prince william and kate and a team of doctors i would presume. is that the usual kind of thing when royals have babies? >> previously royal babies before diana the baby was born
7:16 am
at home. before elizabeth ii had charles they were always attended by the home secretary. in the 17th century it was public affairs. it was a great honor to attend the royal birth. we don't have a home secretary. and we don't have a whole team just hanging around. it is just william and the team of doctors. the gynecologist has delivered plenty of royal babies. as we have heard it is a natural birth. it is progressing well. >> i hope she has that baby soon because she has been in labor like nine hours now. protocol still must be followed. the very first person who will hear the news would be the queen. >> that's exactly it. william will witness the birth. the first thing he will do is
7:17 am
call the queen who we are expected to see back at buckingham palace quite soon. he will call her first of all when the baby is born on a specially encrypted phone and say hello granny it is a boy or a girl. he will tell her the weight, the sex and the time of birth. after that the information is dissiminated to the prime minister. it will be written down, the time of birth, the sex and the weight to be written down and that information taken to buckingham palace and put on the easel to be shown to us all, to all the public. we look to see a gun salute, as well. once the baby is born we will absolutely know it is here. >> i'm betting that if it is a girl -- i'm betting it is a girl, that diana will be in the name somewhere. >> we are looking at diana for one of the names.
7:18 am
royals have lots of names. they don't have one or two. they have four or five. i think we are going to see alexan druand elizabeth and also the queen coming here at the moment and diana are going to be there in the name. maybe four or five. >> that was exciting. people running after the queen there. we'll get back to you. >> here she comes. >> i want to see a little bit. i see the people running behind. >> she is going to wait by the phone for word. thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll bring you the baby news when the baby is born as soon as we know. taking a look at top stories now. the wife of the driver involved in that deadly limo fire in california says he was arguing with her on the phone at the time. the wife tells the san jose news orville brown had music blaring
7:19 am
in the background to keep the bride and friends from hearing the conversation in the back. that raises details to whether the driver was too distracted. the bride and three others were killed. the others escaped. the coast guard says it has confiscated $35 million worth of cocaine headed to the united states from south america. the coast guard says it had to shoot out the engine of the drug smugglers' boat and seize the 2,300 pounds of cocaine. in the first public appearance since talking to oprah, lance armstrong is back on the bike in iowa. this is his fifth visit to the great bicycle ride across iowa. armstrong was stripped of his tour de france titles. t shirts, moneys go to the
7:20 am
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the death of trayvon martin has sparked anger, outrage and protest and now the tragedy has a range of retail products. visitors can buy ietdms with the slain teenager's image. a foundation link that urges people to support the movement with official merchandise takes you to this website. it is called the website wants buyers to represent trayvon. michael joins me from los angeles. he is the editor and chief of good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about this merchandise and where the money
7:24 am
goes. >> certainly. so just to be very, very clear. the trayvon martin foundation is founded by the parents of trayvon martin in 2012. it is the foundation a 501 c-3 not for profit foundation. the work is significant because the parents want to make sure a trayvon martin never happens again. working on family advocacy. we're going to repeal the stand your ground laws in 25 states across the country and building an education program that teaches about conflict mediation. >> do you know how much money has been made so far? >> so money has not been made. money has been raised. this is a not for profit foundation. the money we have raised is a little less than $100,000. prior to that about $150,000. just to put this into perspective, george zimmerman and he was allowed to do this
7:25 am
and has his right to do this. raised about $450,000 for his legal defense fund. no questions asked. the trayvon martin foundation has raised just less by $250,000. all of the work that we do i am proud to be a part of this organization because these parents are important to the conversation we are having about race in this country, the conversation we are having about gun violence and certainly they never, ever want to see any parent in this country have to go through what they have gone through. >> let me ask you about this. yours is a nonprofit site. there are other sites that are not associated with your foundation that are selling t shirts like the one i am going to show you here and they are covering a gun covered with skittles. those are things that bother a lot of people because these are sites seemingly just making money off the tragedy and who
7:26 am
knows where the money goes to. >> certainly. we have had a lawyer look at any person using trayvon martin's image for profit. we urge anybody who wants to support the family to go to the trayvon martin foundation website, the official website. anybody who is using trayvon martin's image for profit we are 100% against. >> i know that trayvon's mother filed applications to trademark in an attempt to stop websites like this. did she manage to trademark those phrases? and what are you doing to stop other sites from selling merchandise? >> i believe the application for trademark is still in process. these things take some time. the reason for trademarking them was precisely this, to stop anyone from profiting off the death of her son.
7:27 am
we certainly want anyone who wants to donate money to go to the foundation and not go to other websites of folks selling t shirts and buttons for profit. 100% of the proceeds are tax deductible. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the royal baby is coming. we are now waiting to find out if the baby will be a prince or a princess. what it could be like growing up royal. when you do what i do, you think about risk. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum volatility etfs. investments designed for a smoother ride. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.
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7:31 am
the queen will go into the palace and she will wait by a specially encrypted phone. awaiting the birth of the first child. it is pretty exciting stuff. she serves as the royal correspondent for the british newspaper on sunday. >> you can see behind me. does this mean it will happen soon? >> reporter: possibly. i just spoken to the queen's private secretary who said the queen was on her way. she literally just swept through the gates y. expect she will make a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich waiting for the news. for the queen that will come on a specially encrypted phone that cannot be hacked, tampered with and that direct line of
7:32 am
communication is very important. as modern a couple it is certain parts of royal protocol are adhered. >> i am wondering what the specially encrypted phone looks like. >> reporter: probably something terribly simple. >> probably so. prince william and kate are in the delivery room by themselves with a team of doctors awaiting the birth of their child like any other couple. >> reporter: they are. we are now quite far into the labor. nine hours -- i would be very surprised if catherine weren't offered pain relief. nine hours in apart from the pain it is also the tiredness of the whole thing. it is hard work. i expect even with all the air
7:33 am
conditioning units that they are probably pumping out it is probably tough going for her. >> i can imagine her cursing her husband like many -- i'm kidding. you do feel like that don't you? >> reporter: i know. >> go ahead. >> reporter: i was going to say, absolutely. the duchess of cambridge is known for her manners. i think we all forgive her a few swear words because those labor pains are quite like nothing else you have experienced. i'm sure she would have been offered some pain relief at that stage. nine hours is a significant period of time. >> after she has the baby how long will she stay at st. mary's? >> that really depends. if it is a smooth labor and no complications there is no reason
7:34 am
why she shouldn't be in and out within 24 hours. if there are complications and there is nothing that suggests it is i might add. they would want to make sure babies had relevant checks, mother is comfortable and kate is ready with william to face the barrage of press, the world's media that is waiting. one would forgive them if they perhaps needed a few hours to prepare themselves for that because those special hours to be savored and enjoyed. checking our top stories. 34 minutes past the hour. the death toll is rising in northwest china following a strong earthquake. at least 89 people have been killed. rescue teams have been sent to the scene and the red cross of china is sending tents. police in ohio have arrested
7:35 am
a man after finding the bodies of three women wrapped in plastic. they say michaelal madison was renting a garage where one of the decomposed bodies were found. the identities of the victims and causes of death might not be known for several days. a massachusetts police sergeant has been suspended for leaking photos of the night the boston bombing suspect was captured. i asked about the outpouring of support. >> i'm not surprised. he did the right thing. i'm not surprised. he has gotten a lot of support from victims' families who have reached out to him. >> sergeant murphy will have an initial meeting with the state police tomorrow to decide whether or not further punishment is warranted. he could be fired.
7:36 am
kirk cameron's religious believes get him blocked on facebook. how users voted to kick his christian movie off the website and how kirk cameron got it back on. you are watching "cnn newsroom." n??tç7
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
good morning and welcome back. it is 39 minutes past the hour. i'm carol costello. kirk cameron is celebrating a big win over facebook this morning. his upcoming christian movie "unstoppable" had been blocked from facebook. this morning "unstoppable" is officially back on facebook. the former "growing pains" star launched a campaign to get it
7:40 am
unblocked. cameron says facebook initially called the content abusive, spammy and unsafe. cameron examines why god allows bad things to happen to good people. >> i want you to come on this journey with me to discover the answer to this age-old question, if god is good, why is there so much suffering? why all the pain? why does he allow evil in a world when he could stop it? >> facebook and youtube blocked that trailer. cameron had to fight with his facebook friends to get it back on. we wondered why it was blocked in the first place. i am joined by rebecca. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for trying to solve the mystery. this trailer doesn't appear to be abusive or unsafe or spammy. what gives? >> it isn't abusive, unsafe or
7:41 am
spammy at all. i think what this points to is a problem in the system. kirk cameron has made a lot of inflammatory remarks lately that have alienated a lot of people. he has been on this network making remarks against homosexuality and gay marriage. he has quite a few detractors. the most realistic hypothesis although facebook has not said specifically why they banned the video is a lot of people reported him and his links as spam. this was voted out by the crowd. this points to a flaw in how facebook is determining what actually is unsafe or spam. it would seem more natural that users could flag something that is under examination by facebook and human -- investigated by humans rather than machines. >> so facebook users shouldn't
7:42 am
get to censor the content. just to remind people what cameron has said in the past. he called homosexuality unnatural. he reedited darwin. did facebook just assume these kinds of things would be in the movie or was it just that people flag kirk cameron's trailer and facebook said got to ban that? >> my assumption is he was flagged by a ground swell of people who disagree with his political views although in this case it really was a violation of his first amendment rights. whether you agree or disagree with his position it is very easy to see if you watch this trailer that there is nothing spammy and no hate language involved. i can't speak for the content of
7:43 am
the film. >> the interesting thing is on kirk cameron's facebook page he asked fellow christians to defend him and they did by the thousands and thousands and then facebook i guess was forced to put the trailer back on? >> it seems like people are voting. and media attention. look at us here on the air discussing this right now. this whole episode has turned into a big major win for kirk cameron. anything his detractors try to do to deflect attention away from the film has absolutely back fired. >> thanks so much. we appreciate you being with us this morning. we have been on royal baby watch for weeks now and the day is finally here. kate is in labor. how long will it last? we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
kate is in labor. so the question this morning natural or sescesarian. >> the basics are the same. we are all women. we are going to give birth the same way.
7:47 am
however, i was in london last month at a maternity hospital and the differences were really quite amazing because in england there is much more emphasize on having what they call a normal birth. >> normal? >> normal birth. that is the way that they phrase it, a normal birth, meaning they like as little medical intervention as possible. >> that means no epidural? >> it is about three out of ten get epidurles and in this country it is at least six out of ten women get them. >> so they have to use something because it is quite painful, obviously. >> yes, they do. they encourage women to move around. they say that helps when you move around. they encourage women to get into birthing tubs. they say that can be just as good as an epidural. i don't know that i would find that to be true. the mid wives say it is true. >> i have heard laughing gas.
7:48 am
>> they use laughing gas a lot. when i saw this woman using laughing gas i almost fell over. i have never known us to do that in the united states. they put it in their mouth and breathe it in whenever they want. they breathe it in. >> is that the stuff you get at the dentist? >> i asked the woman using it, are you laughing. she said nothing is funny right now because she was in labor but the kind of gas they use as the anesthetic. >> i hope poor kate has the baby soon because it has been nine hours now. >> this is the first baby so nine hours is nothing. this may take a while. as someone who has done it a few times it can take a while. the first latin american named pope heads to rio.
7:49 am
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voted "best investment services company."
7:51 am
you're looking at st. mary's hospital in london. it is where the duchess of cambridge is giving birth to the
7:52 am
new princess or prince. the family will announce the birth time and weight on a scroll. we will not learn the child's name for a few days. welcome back to our special coverage. prince charles as you might expect is among those eagerly awaiting. moments ago spectators greeted the prince during a stop in new york shire having the fun about the idea of a baby and the idea of triplets. >> congratulations sir. it's triplets. not knowing if it is a boy or a girl. >> he was very jolly. everyone is excited and waiting to see what happens. >> do you think it could be
7:53 am
triplets? >> who knows? >> you can see all of great britain pretty excited as are many people here in the united states. that is the hospital. the first person to know will not be prince charles. the queen is at buckingham palace sitting beside a specially encrypted phone awaiting word from the hospital on whether the baby has been born. at 53 minutes past the hour, military trying to recover three bombs. two marine planes dropped the bombs. the pilots were careful to drop the loads away from the reef which is home to nearly 1,500 species of fish. wal-mart is describing a washington, d.c. bill that requires retailers to pay a
7:54 am
living wage quote arbitrary. >> the district of columbia offers a larger more concentration consumer base with disposable income. that is the reason why other retailers are knocking on our doors and want to come in. we cannot have them pay poverty wages and have the taxpayers pick up social costs. >> councilman orange says he wants wal-mart to pay $12.50. the minimum wage in washington, d.c. hovers around $8.25. the bill is on the mayor's desk. pope francis on his way to brazil for the first international trip of his papacy. he will be visiting the latin american country with theest catholic population. it is presenting a few challenges including security.
7:55 am
cnn's miguel marquez is in rio. >> reporter: this is part election, part rock concert. they are testing the sound stage where a million pilgrims are expected to gather fraa mass on thursday by the pope. the main mass on sunday will be 2.5 million showing up outside of rio. a huge logistical effort by the city. the mayor saying it is the biggest event they have ever put on. there are tens of thousands of military. the brazilian military has taken over security for this event because a lot of protests are planned. as many as six protests reported. the pope now in the air. we expect protests to greet him when he gets here. we will see how the day unfolds from there. it is going to be an interesting
7:56 am
few days for the pope. he has a lot on his schedule while here. and will make himself as available to people across rio as possible. >> i know he is there for world youth day. what do you think his message will be? >> well, the message is to ask the youth of the world to go out and do good deeds. they want everybody here to be spokespersons for the church out in the world. and that's the big push that they are making. clearly the church here in brazil has shrunk even though there are more catholics here than any other country. it used to be 92% catholic. evangelical churches have taken over more. they want to capture the youth vote. they want young people going out and evangelizing and taking up the cause for the church outside
7:57 am
of the event. >> thank you. that's it for me. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. "cnn newsroom" continues after a break. with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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hello everyone. i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh
8:00 am
banfield. it looks like it might be the royal baby's birthday today, july 22. the duchess of cambridge went into labor earlier this morning. we are waiting for word as to whether it is a prince or a princess. max, i can imagine it is quite a circus out there. it has been more than ten mourz since she arrived at the hospital. set the scene for us. what is it like? >> that is really the forefront of everyone's mind. she is pretty much into this process of labor. of course it is different for everyone. if we have an announcement today the only sign we will have is someone coming out of that. palace official will recognize them and will have a piece of paperer sent to buckingham palace. we know the queen