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tv   Around the World  CNN  July 24, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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edward snowden will be staying in the transit area of the airport for nouz. a few hours ago it got complicated. it was reported he would be able to leave the airport and enter russia. >> he hasn't received the paper work for this temporary visa. phil black is joining us from inside that airport. phil, what do we know about snowden's status right now? >> reporter: well, his asylum application is in. we expect an answer on that at some stage can within the next three months or so. he could receive permission to leave the airport to enter russia officially while that application is still being processed. we know that looks unlikely to happen today.
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his lawyer visited him in a secure area of this airport a short time ago and emerged saying that's not true. he's not yet received his documentation. his lawyer thought he would have received that documentation by now. he says it hasn't happened and he believe it's because it's an extraordinary case because of the very unusual circumstances surrounding edward snowden and his reasons for seeking asylum. probably not under estimating the impact of russian-u.s. relations. we know for certain today he's not leaving the airport. >> he never wanted to stay in russia. he wanted to get onto latin america. is there any word on his next step then? >> reporter: well, according to his lawyer who emerged from a meeting with him today he says
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his intention is to stay in russia in the long term. he no longer wants to move on. his initial intention was not to stay here but to get to one of those latin american country who is offered him protection earlier. he thought the united states an its allies would go out of their way to stop him and probably be successful. he initially sought asylum here as a fallback position. he's only applying for temporary asylum. his lawyer says he's talking about staying in this country for the long term. >> that's a bit of a change. good to see you. phil black at that airport. >> i'm sure this was not his original plan. he wanted to move quickly to a country of safety. the russian president said no more talking about anything. we don't want to damage the relationship with the united
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states. no doubt mr. putin would prefer he move on. the pope made a visit to the largest shrine. earlier this week there was a small explosive device found during a security sweep. >> the pope is the first latin american pope to come there. take a look at the excited atmosphere surrounding the pope's week long visit but also the security problems that have cropped up. >> reporter: dancing and jumping with joy. a party to welcome some of the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flocking to rio, for youth day and pope francis historic visit. his first international trip as
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pope. here the city itself greets everyone with open arms and many have opened their homes. maria is putting up four pilgrims in her small house. when the priest asked me to do it, i felt as if god was telling me to open my doors. children at the local church rehearse. police patrol the streets. part of a massive security operation with more than 30,000 troops and police. at a control center in the heart of rio, every location the pope will visit is closely watched. anti-government marches that started weeks ago are a big concern. police and protesters clashed on the day of the pope's arrival. dozens of police have come here to the center of rio in full
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riot gear. in the back they have on gas masks. right across the street over here you have hundreds of protesters. they try to mark on the governor's palace where the pope was received by officials. the pope's visit was financed with public money says one protester. there's so many other things that need to be financed and the bill for the visit is jaw dropping. the government is spending more than $50 million. more protests are planned when the pope will leave mass the later this week. at least the sand sculpttures have been more welcoming. they say they covered up bare bottoms out of respect and shaped the pope's image for all to admire. >> tell us about the shrine he was at today.
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he's really trying to rally the faithful here, isn't he? >> reporter: exactly. that's why this visit was so important. when this first papel trip was planned it was when pope benedict was coming. when pope francis realized he was coming this is where he really wanted to come. this is what people call black pl mary. if you want to reach brazil's youth this is the way to do it. this virgin is revere ed across the country. she's this small black statue. this was an important visit and one he recognized would really resonate here. >> tell us about the security issues. i know the pope's visit has had
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some problems. you had this small explosive device found and the driver that took the wrong turn and something on the metro last night. are they still concerned about his safety? >> reporter: absolutely. there's a lot of issues here. what has people least worried is that little explosive device. they don't think it had much to do with the pope's visit. the wrong turn that exposed the pope to so many well wishers adorining mobs but it still exposed the vulnerabilities. and last night the metro collapsed for a full two hours as hundreds of thousands of people were making their way to the beach for the opening mass here. the pope wasn't even at that mass. you can imagine what's coming in the next few days and in the next year or two where rio will
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be hosting the world cup. they are relying on that transit system to carry people around and it's failed now. >> good to see you. here's more on whab we't we working on. egypt's military calling for people to head into the streets later this week to show support for the army and the police. she says she loves him and forgives him and some people wonder why the wife of anthony weiner continues to stand by her man after another sexting scandal. life of a prince. he's already had a few visitors and it's only the first full day at home. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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don't wait. call now. but this keeps it going. ♪ [ male announcer ] new gold bond powder spray. cool, dry, no mess. stay cool with gold bond. a head misstress of a school that served children poison lunches is in custody. >> she's turning herself in on a
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way to the courthouse. she was arrested before she got there. she's being questioned today and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. >> officials say the lunches were contaminated with insectici insecticide. dozens got sick and 23 died. in china new video of the deadly earthquake. surveillance cameras capturing this moment when everything just starts shaking. it shows people running in panic in the streets. state media reports 89 people were killed. hundreds injured from that quake. this is in bulgaria. a tense night there for members of parliament. protesters barricaded the building. the demonstrators surrounded the building overnight as parliament members began discussing budget
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changes. >> police in riot gear moved in pushing the protesters aside and freeing those stuck inside. two police officers were hospitalized with head injuries. we're just getting word now that president obama is delaying a military delivery to egypt. defense secretary chuck hagel called egypt's military chief to inform him that the united states is going to hold off on sending four f-16 fighter jets to cairo. >> this comes weeks after they overthrew the first democratically elected president. the people of egypt should rally in support now of the military. >> this is significant. this is a military man in
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uniform. not a civilian interim president. fighting between pro and anti-muslim brotherhood factions continue on the streets of cairo. >> at least nine people have been killed. many were hurt. reza is live in cairo. it seems like the call of desperation that could mean for violence. what are we seeing? >> reporter: the streets are pretty calm now. is it going to stay that way with the call for mass demonstrations? it's not clear. these are pretty dramatic statements by head of the general armed forces. if anyone had any doubts that forces were playing a powerful role in domestic politics in this conflict, these statements by the general could clear up some of those doubts because the armed forces has openly injected
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itself in this conflict by calling for mass demonstrations and making statements many will perceive to be as warnings to the muslim brotherhood. it's not clear what the outcome of these statements are going to be but you can feel that they're already fueling the drama in this conflict. the statements being made by the general at a military graduation ceremony. we didn't hear him give my life and career advice. he called for mass protest on friday and called for egyptians to give him a mandate to fight violence and terrorism. >> i ask the egyptians that all honest and trustworthy egyptians have to come out. [ applause ] why would they come out? to give me the mandate and order me to confront the violence and potential terrorism. >> reporter: now in his speech
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general sisi didn't name any names. he didn't make any specific references to the brotherhood. you have to wonder if this was a vailed message to the brotherhood and morsi backers. you have to wonder if this signals a ratcheting up of the a strategy by the armed forces in an effort to get more aggressive and get them off the streets. >> the muslim brotherhood calling this a call for violence. you have a man in uniform while the rest of the world, including the u.s. is calling for quick transition to elections. you have a guy in uniform there standing there asking for mandate and asking people to come on to the streets. what message is that sending? >> reporter: well, remember, this is an institution whose position is we want to stay out of domestic politics.
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when you have the top general in uniform come out and call for mass demonstrations it's certainly going to create the impression among some that he's injecting the armed forces in this conflict and what remains unanswered is how this conflict is going to end. does this signal an effort by the armed forces to get aggressive with the muslim brotherhood and supporters of mr. morsi and if that's the case, is it going to be effective or call things down or make things worse? >> appreciate that. reza in cairo. spoke to an analyst who fears there's a spiral downward into chaos. what are expecting going to happen? >> that's why the obama administration says hold off. we're not sending weapons quite yet. it's been a busy day for the royal baby.
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you love that music. you hum that music. >> i like that music. >> it's all about the royals. the royal couple, their brand new baby they're on the move. >> they have gone to kate middleton's home. before they left the baby got a chance to meet his great grandmother the first time. >> visiting the newest member of the family at kensington palace this morning. prince harry stopped by to see the baby who is his first nephew. max foster with more on all of that. >> reporter: william and kate's little prince met his grandparent at hospital. back at kensington palace the new baby boy met his new uncle
9:22 am
harry. >> very, very happy for them. i only hope that she gets the necessary protection to allow her as a mother to enjoy the privacy that comes with. >> reporter: harry will clearly be protective but is expected to be the fun uncle. >> he's a giant kid himself. i think he will be that hands on uncle and father that kid will be drawn to. >> reporter: being the party prince is what gets him in trouble but will endear him to his nephew. pippa was the highlight in 2011 with this rear view that made her an instant sensation. >> she'll plan the first birthday and a better christening. i can see them out shopping in
9:23 am
london and pippa rolling the stroller along. >> that's great. max foster joins us live outside buckingham palace. you've been all over this. >> hasn't slept in two weeks. >> tell us about what this will be like. obviously, pippa and harry spending time with the baby. what can we expect? >> reporter: we're going to expect very little public information. i got a statement a short time ago saying this is now private and quiet time for the couple to get to know their son. they have gone back to bucklebury. it's a secluded mansion they have. no one can get to it. there are photographers down there but they can't get into that compounds. we mentioned pippa there. she sneaked into the hospital yesterday whilest the baby was there. not if front of the cameras. they've already met the little
9:24 am
baby prince who has yet to be named. i'm sure there will be middleton's popping in and out. i'm sure they will spend time getting to know him. >> max, prince william is very protective of his wife and will be of their child. they are now at bucklebury, a nice place to be hanging out. i imagine the media has been given a stay away instruction. >> that was pretty much it what i read to you. that statement from the palace is this is they're quiet time. it was extraordinary pictures yesterday. it was in front of the world's media. it wasn't have been comfortable for them necessarily. it looked comfortable. i don't think any new parent would want to do that. they shoe they had to share that moment with the world because
9:25 am
this is the future heir of 16 countries. those photographers hang out in the village. i think we'll get pretty short if they start pushing things too far and if the paper starts publishing papers, i think they will be getting a few legal letters from the palace. they will provide official access to the family, but they feel that they deserve a private life as well. >> lit be a photo shoot at some stage. great to see you. sterling effort. i hope you do get some sleep at some point. >> it's nice that little town they're in. they feel very comfortable there. there's a coffee shop. they feel like they can walk around and fit into the community. >> apparently, max was saying prince william changed his first diaper. as any parent knows a day old baby diaper is different from a
9:26 am
7-month-old baby diaper. >> doesn't matter if it's royal or not. it's all the same. >> we digress. let's move onto that tasteless sexting scandal surrounding anthony weiner. >> his wife continues to stand by his side. we'll look at her decision to stay. trz we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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. i love him. i've forgiven him. i believe in him. hose are the words of wife of congressman anthony weiner when she stepped into the spotlight. he's admitted to more exchanges, sexting with woman online after he resigned in 2011. >> the new revelations threatened his campaign. this morning he was asked about the calls for him to drop out of
9:30 am
the race. >> ti know there are people who may not conceive of voting for me because of my past. i want them to hear my ideas. >> she profiles the woman who is standing beside her man. >> reporter: she's the right hand woman of hillary clinton known by one name in washington. her personal life has been just that. the washington post called her notoriously private. for years she shied away from the spotlight while sitting directly in its glow. before marrying anthony weiner she began her career in washington as an intern in the east wing of the white house in 1996. she was assigned to then first lady hillary clinton. she was by clinton's side during her years in the senate on the presidential campaign trial and at the state department. her rise was fast.
9:31 am
her fluency in arabic helped her become one of most trusted advisors in middle east. she was born in michigan to an indian father and pakistani mother. they moved to saudi arabia when she was two. they moved back. clinton said i have one daughter but if i had a second daughter it would be huma. she may be taking a page from her mentor's play book. >> i respect him. i honor what we've been through together. if that's not enough then don't vote for him. >> our next guest says his wife may not be as much of a victim as some people may think. that's coming up.
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you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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this decision to stand by your spouse through a public scandal a difficult choice especially when there are kids involved. huma talked about her decision to forgive her husband. >> it was not an easy choice in any way, but i made the decision that it was worth staying in. that was the decision i made for me, for our son and for our family. >> for some women the betrayal ultimately is too much to overcome. elizabeth edwards separated from john edwards after he admitted fathering a child with his mistress. >> then there was jenny sanford. divorced then governor john sanford and maria shriver filed
9:36 am
for divorce from arnold schwarzenegger after he confe confessed to having a child with the housekeeper. >> you say that she's not a victim. how do you think she's able to still support him after such public embarrassment and not once but multiple times? >> she's very much invested in that marriage and she takes her wedding vow very serious. this whole idea of in health or illness and this is a man who does have some real illness. as a psychologist i'm not going to make a value judgment about his morality. she's standing by a man who is very ill now. they've been in therapy. they are trying to work through the issues. no one is holding a gun to her head. this is a woman who is very, very smart. as we have seen with the good wife even though that's fictional, we learn these women are much stronger than their men
9:37 am
and huma is stronger than anthony. the decision she's made i respect it as i believe many people do. >> i have a couple of questions. i want you to listen to what some new yorkers are saying. >> i feel sorry for her because i think she must be in a very difficult position. i think once you get to a certain age and you've been with your husband you feel obligated to standby him. i think she probably still loves him but doesn't like him at all or like his actions. >> i wouldn't have stood by him. no way. >> that's her choice. i think it's foolish but she must have her reasons. >> i think she's a very supportive wife and strong woman. >> you talked about morality and an illness. also her decision to stand by him. what's behind something like that? >> well, first of all, he may
9:38 am
have some narcissistic quality. let's hope he's not a narcissistic personality because though these are incorrigible. you can't change them. those are lifelong habits. i prefer to think and hope this is about a real addiction, impulse control issues around sexuality and that's why he's doing something that's so darn dangerous and that's why he continues to do it. i think she is standing by him because she has invested in this relationship. she's invested in his political career and she has a lot to gain by it. she's not just protecting him. she's not just protecting herself but protecting the legacy of that family and that this child that they have and children they may have in the future do not have to live under the umbrella of some sort of shame because of what the father has done. >> jeff, we'll leave it there. appreciate that. thanks so much. complex little web he weaved.
9:39 am
>> to listen to that press conference. it was like tmi. you felt like you were in their relationship. they felt like they had to explain this. >> everybody is saying out now. it's hard when they say i've done this and i regret it and moving on and does it again. no easy task. over the years we've seen countless handshakes, photo ops. it's now john kerry's turn. the peace process has collapsed, been revived, collapsed, been revived and so on. the walls that separate the palestinians and israelis only grow higher. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. could happen as early as this week. israeli and palestinian leaders could sit down and talk face-to-face in washington. the u.s. secretary john kerry has spent months shuttling back and forth to the region. six, seven visits to try to get this on the table. despite this breakthrough to maybe start talks ben wedeman tells us why there's mr. skeptics out there. >> reporter: bringing about
9:43 am
peace between israelis and palestinians is a task that's occupied one u.s. administration after another. the process has seen countless handshakes and photo ops and many have pledged to do what it take to make it happen. >> we've come quite a long way. we've got quite a long way to go. we're not going to tire until i've given it my last ounce of energy and my last moment in office. >> reporter: now it's u.s. secretary of state john kerry's turn. >> on behalf of president obama i announce we have reached an agreement that establishes a basis for presuming direct final status negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis. >> reporter: the same thorny issues need to be confronted. the status of jerusalem, permanent borders and the fate of many refugees.
9:44 am
they signed this oslo peace accords in the rose garden of the white house. the peace process has collapsed, been revived, collapsed, been revived and so on. the walls that separate the palestinians and israelis only grow higher. over the last 20 years the settler population in the west bank in east jerusalem has grown from 100,000 to more than half a million. israel has built a security barrier, the apartheid wall that snakes around towns and cities. a long and bloody uprising and two wars in gaza have left bitterness and hatred. they're skeptical about the process of a breakthrough but sees no other options to talks. >> i don't have hopes or
9:45 am
disappointment. i've come to realize what is the at stake. left alone in the dark and living behind the slums. >> reporter: a timetable has yet to be set for negotiations. >> when you make peace you have to make every day about ten unpopular decisions. you need a lot of guts. >> reporter: veteran negotiator helped draft the oslo accords. he knows most of the challenges ahead. >> the alternative of peace is war and bloodshed and we will have war in the middle east if we will not have peace. >> mr. prime minister, thank you. >> reporter: stark reminder for a would be peacemakers. ben wedeman, cnn, jerusalem.
9:46 am
president obama hits the road trying to win support for his economic plan. >> does he have a new agenda for creating jobs? we'll bring that to you live this hour.
9:47 am
9:48 am
welcome back. president obama tries to shift the national conversation back
9:49 am
to the economy today after months of focusing on the irs. he's hoping to redirect the focus. >> we'll hear from the president shortly. this is in illinois. it's the first of a series of speeches on the economy. >> our team standing by to talk about what we can expect and what's at stake. you see them all there. >> we got the best of the best here. wolf, it's going to be familiar story line. we've heard it many times before. the president says he inherits an economy on the verge of collapse. passing a stimulus to prevent americans from going deeper. what will be different coming from the president. >> the president will lay out first of several speeches that he wants to refocus the american public on the economy. he will point to some successes
9:50 am
since he's taken office. he'll refer to obama care. he'll say that's a success. he'll talk about the jobs created, the economic growth recovering from the recession. he'll point out there's a long way to go. the middle class needs a lot of help. the poor americans, those who aren't middle class need a lot more help. i don't know if the president will get into this. as far as food stamps are concerned people who will survive only if the food provides these food stamps for them including a lot of children. back in 2009 when he took office 32 million dollar americans were dependent on food stamps. it's up to 47 million americans. the price tag is pretty significant for taxpayers. it was about $35 billion back in fiscal year 2008. the last fiscal year it's over $80 billion. poor people are needing more and
9:51 am
more help right now in the united states. it's hard to believe so many people would be hungry if it weren't for these food stamps. >> there's nothing that will get pass the republican controlled house. short of resisting any additional spending cuts, what can the president do? >> this is going to be a speech about vision. he's going to stay look at where we were five years ago and look at the progress we have made. in reality you're right. he's talking to a kcountry righ now only 29% of the people in this country believe we're headed on the right track. that's a real problem for him. he's got to convince the country we're headed on the right track and we have to gird ourselves for the battle that will be
9:52 am
coming up this fall. in particular, raising that nasty debt ceiling which republicans say they won't do unless they get more spending cuts. this has been his big victory after the election of getting rid of tax cuts for the rich. when he talks about the middle class many this country it resonates. i think he's trying to get back to that. >> you've learned that it's more of a vision speech and not a policy speech. some people thought a reset or pivot, no to policy initiatives. tell us why the change now. >> there are two goals. the first is to win a fight with republicans. the second is to win control of his second term. on the first the president is looking ahead to the spending fights that comes at the end of the september, beginning of october when congress looks to lay out the spending for next year and fight over the debt
9:53 am
ceiling. the president learned from the last night and he wants to define his terms now rather than wait till then. what he's going to fry to do is take it to the american people and say what are the priorities? do you care about spending for infrastructure? laying out projects that could lead to high paying jobs or do you want this battle to be about debt and spending. he's going to make obama care a big piece of that because the republicans will try to repeal open care as part of this. the other is redefining his second term because his approval numbers have been falling. he's not gotten anything significant done with congress in the six months he's been in office. when that happens they think get him out of town. take him to the people and remind them he's a likable guy. >> let's talk about the economy.
9:54 am
we're in a recovery. wall street is back in record numbers every day. housing prices are rebounding. despite all of that there's a lot of americans not feeling this recovery at all. low paying jobs still looking for work. how does the president reach out to them and make them feel good about themselves? >> don't own stocks. when you're talking about that venue, knox college. hundreds of jobs left for china. the people who lost the jobs are earning $10,000 less. it was a globalization story right there where the president is speaking today. eight years ago pfs a globalization story. today it's a hangover of the crisis story. you can see him in 2005. he looks an awful lot younger. those kids there were worried
9:55 am
about globalization and a financial crisis. i want to show you then and now. when the president was speaking then the jobless rate was 5% and gdp is 3.1%. today the jobless rate is higher. democrats are sharing this cartoon saying you can't blame the president for not creating jobs. that's like lucy blaming charlie brown for not kicking the football. this venue and this speech is political. >> thank you so much. we're keeping a close eye on those pictures. it goes back to the argument that the obama administration makes, eight years ago they inherited the crisis. they have moved the ball forward and saying time to take responsibility for the economy yourself. >> we're going to take a short break. be right back. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's
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welcome back. hundreds of police are on a man hunt for a possible serial killer. this in a remote japanese village. he's accused of burning down housing and murdering five people. it's a big deal because the village only has ten homes. he left behind a note. >> police say the poem
9:59 am
translates to setting on fire. smoke gives delight to country fellows. a little mystery for the police. we're taking a look at what the trending around the world now in yemen. passionate pleas from a girl speaking out against child marriage. >> she says she would have no future and be better off dead than to be married to a much older man. she says he parents threaten to kill her if she ran away. >> she's living safely with her uncle. the child's story has close to three million views on youtube. people paying attention to her plight. >> she looks so young. we have dramatic video to show you. an unhappy ending to a balloon
10:00 am
ride a few miles outside of amsterdam. >> you can see it going down the lake. definitely not the plan. 11 people in the basket at the time. two went to the hospital with minor injuries. it's not known what caused that balloon to come down into the water like that. >> you're driving on the road and a balloon drapes itself out. that's a good excuse for being late to work. that will do it for me but not you. thanks for watching "around the world." "cnn newsroom" starts rite now. >> you're watching cnn. i'm suzanne malveaux. president obama tries to turn the country's attention back to the economy. we'll hear from the president shortly from the campus of knox college. we'll bring you his remarks live. you're looking at live pictures there. this is a first


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