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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 26, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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justice, prosecute him, and find him guilty. george zimmerman got away with murder, the words of a second juror speaking as she says zimmerman now has to answer to a higher authority. anthony weiner's sex chat partner is talking. why she feels betrayed. then there were seven new allegations against the san diego mayor accused of improper behavior. will he resign? good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> can we say good friday morning? >> it is july 26th, it is 5:00
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a.m. in the east. another juror has come forward to explain the verdict. juror b-29 is showing her face as she talks about the decision to acquit the former neighborhood volunteer. >> he got away with murder, but you can't get away from god. >> reporter: going by the name matty, she told robin roberts she favored convicting him of murder. >> i'm the only minority. i felt i let a lot of people down. >> reporter: she said it was the interpretation of law that led them to acquit zimmerman. >> for myself, he's guilty. as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't find -- you can't say he's guilty. >> anderson cooper spoke to juror b-37 after the verdict
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about how they got to a not guilty verdict. >> after hours and hours and hours of deliberating the law and reading it over and over again, we decided there was no other place to go. >> reporter: after 16 hours of deliberations, she struggled with the proof to convict. how did you go from, in nine hours, feeling he was guilty of second degree murder to not guilty. >> in those hours, it was hard. a lot of us wanted to find something bad. something we could connect to the law. >> reporter: she still struggled with the verdict and the public outcry. >> i fell on my knees and broke down. my husband was holding me. i was screaming and crying. i kept saying i feel like i killed him. >> what would you like to say to trayvon's parents? >> i would like to apologize because i feel like i let him
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down. >> trayvon martin's mother released this statement. this new information challenges our nation once way again to do everything we can to make sure that never happened to another child. pamela brown, cnn, new york. now, the latest fallout, chapter two in the anthony weiner fallout. he continued sexting after being forced to resign as mayor. with one of his online partners speaking out, it's a hot button issue. we get more from cnns mary snow. >> reporter: his photo-op sums up the campaign. the heat is rising, but no plans to get out of new york's mayoral race. he tried to talk about non-profits. two days after holding a press conference with his wife by his side and admitting he had a
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sexually explicit relationship with a woman after he resigned from congress, anthony weiner put a number on how many women there were since leaving office. >> i don't believe i had more than three. >> reporter: how many all together? >> it's not dozens and dozens, six to ten, i suppose. i can't tell you absolutely what someone is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> reporter: he's trying to stress his past is behind him. he said all along other women may come forward. while he tries to move on, he was asked if he has an addiction. >> i don't believe that it is. the people i'm working with don't believe that it is. i'll leave it, there's some things i was some amount of privacy between me and the people offering me this help. the answer is no. the answer is no. >> reporter: with his wife's support, he's stressed personal.
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a poll shows a steep drop in support. in june, he was 5 percentage points behind quinn. 47% said he should not drop out, 43% said yes and 10% unsure. in a juish orthodox church where he campaigned there's mixed feelings. >> flying as high as an f-14 and not listening to people on the ground. as a voter, that doesn't concern me. he didn't do anything illegal. >> being it happened after he resigned, it happened again, i'm a little bit doubtful about his sincerity and doubtful about his capabilities. >> reporter: his past isn't going to fade from the spotlight anytime soon now that sydney leathers has given an interview
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about her relationship with anthony weiner. we reached out to the campaign. they had no comment about the interview. mary snow, cnn, new york. to spain and the deadly high speed crash. we have pictures showing the train coming off the tracks and slamming into a concrete wall. the death toll stands at 80 including one american. her son complete add pilgrimage to a holy sight. they are looking into the driver to see if it was going too fast. four women have come forward saying bob made advances toward them including an add miral who ran his finger up her cheek. a college dean says he kissed her and put his hand on her
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knee. there is a legal process by which all this will be decided. there will be no other statements. >> can you say -- >> the san diego county democratic committee and six members of the city counsel are calling for his resignation. he hasn't been convicted of a felony other than calling a recall election. o.j. simpson making a pitch for leniency. he's serving 33 years for robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a las vegas hotel room. simpson said he's been a model prisoner and he's not like his fellow inmates. >> the difference between all their crimes and mine is they were trying to steal other people's property. they were trying to steal other people's money. my crime was trying to retrieve for my family, my own property. >> even if he is granted parole,
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he will stay in prison another four years, at least. the motion for a new trial is expected in a few weeks. prosecutors in the aaron hernandez case claim hernandez shot lloyd because he had information linking the tight end to a double homicide last year and hernandez didn't trust lloyd to keep quiet about it. court documents release surveillance photos. it shows him holding a gun. another sign of the football star's fall from grace, removing a brick of aaron hernandez. it sat outside the school's football stadium. pope francis making his mark as the pope of the poor. he told residents, their leaders and the well off must do more to help the less fortunate.
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then it was on. about 1 million worshippers greeted the leader. he told them faith is the answer to the problems of materialism. today, he will meet with young people, prisoners and returning for another event. nearly a year after a french magazine published topples photos of princess kate? at least two other people including the photographer are facing charges. they were taken last september as the duchess sunbathed at a chateau. researchers have implanted false memories in mice. like the movie, "total recall." he remembers things that may never have happened to him. the researchers think is certain room was dangerous even though
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it never experienced anything harmful in the room before. the research has implications of how humans remember and could lead to ways to treat trauma and phobia. >> that is very cool. >> "total recall" in a mouse's brain. indra petersons is tracking the forecast. >> we are watching a storm weaken. it's the big picture. you can see currently very disorganized in comparison to 24 hours ago. winds and steady winds at 50 miles per hour. yesterday, they were at 60 miles per hour. there you go. very easy to see again. here is all the dry air. it has a way to go to continue to disorganize as it makes its way forward. we are going to watch this track. there is a change here in the track. the biggest thing we are noticing is it's actually moved
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farther to the south. you can see, currently, it may hold together as a tropical storm. if so, a weak tropical storm. staying far to the south. right around puerto rico, it looks like on monday morning. we are going continue to watch this and hope it continues to weaken. we have flossy out in the pacific. it's a storm that is strengthening. out in the distance, it is headed for hawaii. it's expected to hit cooler waters there. just about 40 miles per hour. it has the potential to make land fall there. as far as what we have for the weekend, how beautiful was yesterday? in new york, 30 degrees below what we were a week ago. unbelievable out there. a couple things we are watching. here is the low that brought the cool air to the northeast. it will track to the northeast today. we are going to be watching that. we are also going to be looking for beautiful weather in the northeast for one day until another front makes its way through. you can tell in the distance, in
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the midwest, looking for a cold front. back and forth. if you are in the midwest, ugly now. cool for the second half of the weekend. in the northeast, beautiful for a day or so. sunday, the threat for showers. temperature wise, love it. yesterday, in the 60s. warmer for you today. some 80s. gorgeous. >> it's too cold for me after last week. >> i'm glad the heat broke but i'm afraid to open by utility bill. coming up, what went wrong on the new york runway. new evidence, a southwest jet came in nose first. it's not supposed to happen. could an accused rapist and murderer make a deal? stay with us. on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations.
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morsi has not been seen or heard from since being deposed from power july 3rd. we are finding out what may have gone wrong with a flight that skidded down a new york runway. the question now is, why did it land nose first? >> reporter: federal investigators revealing dramatic new details about the hard landing of southwest flight 345 at new york's laguardia airport. when it comes to landing, the 737s rear wheels landed first. investigators say that's not how it happened here. the front wheels came down first and couldn't with stand the weight of the plane ending with a 19 second skid. >> normal approach is an aircraft coming in like this and actually touching down and going straight across the runway. >> i saw you tip the nose up a
2:17 am
bit. we should remain upward. >> it should be up and the nose gear the last to touch down. >> reporter: what's troubling is in the final four seconds the ntsb says the plane shifted from 2 degrees nose up to 3 degrees nose down. >> does this open the door at all to the possibility of human error? >> there are things we will take a look at in terms of why it touch ud down like this. human error could be a possibility. >> southwest tells cnn the landing scenario they describe is not in accordance with our operating procedures. this is now the second investigation looking at potential pilot error in a matter of weeks. asiana flight 214 crash landed at the san francisco airport earlier this month killing three people. a plea deal is in the works for the man accused of holding
2:18 am
three women captive in a cleveland home. prosecutors offered castro a deal that takes the death penalty off the table. it could be announced in court this morning. he faces nearly 1,000 counts of kidnapping, rape and murder for holding three women for up to a decade. they want him to plead guilty so the three women do not have to testify in trial. a bill to stop alleged rapists like castro. the rape survivor child custody would have them change their laws to parental rights could be cut off. castro wants to see the 6-year-old girl he fathered. the court, so far, as said no. a month after the supreme court threw out the voting act, they plan to step in. attorney general, eric holder will use the voting right to try
2:19 am
to block new rules in texas. texas governor, rick perry is calling the move an end run. a guilty plea in connection with the deep water is pleading guilty to destroy iing evidence. he destroyed evidence on how to cement the well that blew out. a civil trial is ongoing. these are the nearly two dozen people who had to be rescueed from a storm drain in san diego after they plowed two pick-up trucks through the gates of the mexican border crossing. after racing up i-5, they abandoned the trucks, jumped into the drain to hide. a few were injured and had to go to the hospital. the rest are in custody this morning. this is a side of al qaeda we might not be used to.
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good morning. good friday morning, welcome back. it's still dark outside but the earlybird gets the worm. >> i'm learning about the geography of manhattan. that takes us to new jersey, correct? >> yes. most beautiful place in the world. >> west coast girl learning her bridges. >> welcome back to "early start." itis money time. a good day for mark zuckerberg, folks. zuckerberg's wealth soared by 3$3.8 billion. can you imagine make thag much in one day? >> a good day at the office. >> facebook investors are happy to see the mobile ad business is growing quickly. a different sort of day for amazon led by the ceo surprised
2:25 am
investors of the $7 million loss. the company gave a cautious forecast for the next quarter. they believe in his long-term vision. stock is still up 20% for the year. officials call this the largest data breach. fur russians charged with a massive scheme that attacked 160 million credit and debit cards. one of the men hacked servers used by nasdaq. he had access to nasdaq servers for two years. this is an interesting story. some senator is trying to get into the act when it comes to picking the chairman of the federal reserve board. a letter was sent encouraging president obama to pick this woman, janet yellen. senator finestein signed this
2:26 am
letter and inside washington, a lot of speculation, heated speculation about who will succeed ben bernanke. a very big job this person will have. >> huge job. >> they will have to unwind the stimulus. will it be larry somers, janet yellen or someone else? it's unclear. coming up, an american among the dead in the awful train crash. we are live at the scene as the investigation continues. michael jackson drugged? what the latest witness is saying at the wrongful death trial.
2:27 am
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a horrific scene in spain as the death toll rises. juror b-29 exposes her face and the reasons why she could not find george zimmerman guilty. anthony weiner admitting he had six to ten online partners but says no, i am not an addict. >> three after he resigned. not just one, three. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm michaela pereira. the death toll is at 80 in the train crash in spain. at least one american was killed when the high-speed train flew off the track. shocking watching that video. a woman was in spain to pick up her son after a pilgrimage.
2:31 am
her husband and daughter were on board along with dozens of others. the investigation into what happened is far from over. a place many american tourists have been to. we saw an american family there just visiting caught up in the terrible catastrophe. what is the latest at this hour? >> reporter: well, a lot of moving parts. we know that the driver of the train is going to continue to be investigated by police. he's under formal investigation we are told to see if there's wrong doing there. we know a judge received the black boxes from the train to see if there's any voice recordings or technical details that can shed light on exactly what happened here. of course the deputy minister for transport and development believes that excess speed could have had a part to play in this. that is reflected in one of spain's leading newspapers close to the investigation are suggesting the train may have
2:32 am
been traveling at at least twice the speed it should have been doing as it came around this curve behind us. >> thank you so much. coming up on "new day" we are going hear from a survivor. a young man aboard the train there on a church mission. we'll talk to him and ask about his experience. carl, we appreciate that. we will hear from another juror that helped decide the fate of george zimmerman. she felt the former neighborhood watch volunteer got away with murder, but the law couldn't prove it. >> for myself, he's guilty because the evidence shows he's guilty. >> he's guilty of -- >> killing trayvon martin. but as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't find -- you can't say he's guilty. >> she is the second juror to speak publicly about the case. she says it's hard for her to
2:33 am
sleep because of the pain she feels over trayvon martin's death. anthony weiner had sexting relationships with three women after resigning from congress in disgrace. he had six to ten online partners. the new york city mayoral candidate was asked if he felt the sexting was an addiction. >> i don't believe that it is. the people i'm working with don't believe that it is. i'll leave it, you know, there are some things i want to have some privacy between me and the people offering me this help but the answer is no. >> in the meantime, this woman, sydney leathers is speaking publicly about her virtual sexual relationship with him. she says she felt manipulated by him and calls him a liar. >> she wants privacy. reaching out in an minty online
2:34 am
is not a lot of privacy. a nurse is the latest to take the stand in the latest michael jackson death trial. he told jurors he personally gave the king of pop propofol various times. jackson cut him out of his life after he questioned him about drug use. jackson's addictions were the result of his death, not the actions of the concert promoters. indra petersons has the weather. >> it's chilly. i think it's almost too cold. >> we are never happy, are we? >> never. 30 degrees cooler yesterday than it was a week ago. unbelievable. this weekend is going to be about what day is it nice. in the southeast, the cold front is make its way through. nice today. then you see another told front that will bring showers for you for the weekend.
2:35 am
that's the southeast. what about the northeast? the northeast, we had this low yesterday that brought in cool temperatures and showers. today, we watch it make its way up the northeast. so, kind of a little bit nicer as it exits out friday and saturday. notice in the distance, we see a low in the midwest. if you are in the midwest, raining, cooler today. of course they will get the break on the second half of the weekend. a lot going on there. as far as temperatures, everyone is happy. look at this. new york yesterday, in the 60s. nicer in the 80s. boston seeing what we saw in new york. today highs into the 60s. let's talk about what everyone has been talking about. that is dorian. what is going on with dorian? dorian is weakening. you can see the track here moved farther to the south. that's the biggest change. the problem is, it's entering cooler air and drier air. with that, we are actually talking ability it weakening a little bit. currently, it is at 45 miles per hour. a weak, tropical storm right
2:36 am
north of puerto rico on monday. it's moved farther to the south, a little bit of concern as it makes its way to the islands there. ahead of it, we are watching all this dry air. this is good news for us. that means it still has a way to go before it's expected to weaken. we like seeing that. that hopefully means in the next 24 hours we don't have to worry about the track. they are hoping it holds together. >> like a speed bump to slow it down. >> a big speed bump. we like that. coming up, that's no honey tree. what is this bear doing in a bar? >> i think we know, he wanted a cocktail? >> shirley temple or -- >> hard to get service around here. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7.
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it's went 42 square miles including seven homes in the mountains. it's still at 92% containment. a prominent medical researcher from pittsburgh under arrest this morning accused of poisoning his wife. police picked up the doctor in west virginia. he stands accused of lacing a supplement with cyanide and giving it to his neuroologist wife. he said the supplement would help them conceive a baby. he bought a half pound of cyanide two days before she died in april. a police chief is in pennsylvania, not far from allentown. on youtube, he posted the right to bear arms. after feeling pressure, he posted this. >> for all you people out there who cried and cried about oh, i
2:41 am
used profanity [ bleep ] you. here is what i have to say. if you didn't get enough the first time around, go [ bleep ] yourself and get some more. >> that is some calling for kessler to be fired. a public meeting had to be canceled last night after irate phone calls. he was out of town on vacation. >> he's the police chief, right? >> police chief. >> all right. another police officer, this one a former officer is praised for speaking out about bad acts by the police force. they set ticket quotas and put officers out to make sure football players made curfew. he was fired for speaking out against it. some are praising him as a whistle blower.
2:42 am
from dumper diving to this. this bear wandered into a bar. somehow the customers didn't notice. a guy driving by saw where smokey was going, got out of his car and followed him with a camera. there's surveillance footage at the bar. >> he's walking in with his waugh kind of kicks open the screen. oh, man. >> oh, when we humanize bears, it's interesting. let's see what's coming up on "new day" this friday. >> what is the choice of drink for a bear in chris and kate join us this morning. hi, guys. >> the bear story is so compelling, we'll do it two days. it's a two-day story. >> there's new footage, hello. >> there you go. all right. so, just to perk up your show, i just raised your funny kuby
2:43 am
three points. the deadly train crash that happened in spain. there are real questions about why it happened. here is the footage. is it about speed? there were americans on the train. we are going speak to a survivor there on a religious trip. what it means to him and what it will do going forward. >> that video strikes you when you see it. the dye that is used in a popular yogurt brand stirring up controversy. why what it's made from might have you putting down the spoon. it's not so delicious. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is going to be here to explain. and we have a good one for you. he sings, he dances, he can cut you in half. hugh jackman talks about his new movie, "the wolverine." why this is the best of the genre, the sixth one. the sixth time he plays this
2:44 am
x-man character. you are going to meet somebody who is probably the nicest guy in the business. >> nice guy, doesn't come around very often. nice guy, successful and gorgeous. >> he is gorgeous. how is chris feeling about that. >> i don't hate, imlate. >> he can act and do everything. >> you think i was surprised to see you take a shot at me. >> it's like pestering brother and sister. >> mickey sits there on the side like she's not a partner. if i go too far this way, i look over and she's like it wasn't me. here is your pen back, by the way. you may need this later. >> all right. i can't wait for three more hours of this. no more name calling between the yankees and a-rod.
2:45 am
maybe not. the bleacher report is next. was a popular show out to get some of its contestants? the new allegations of racism against "american idol." stay with us.
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2:48 am
good morning. welcome back. the new england patriots reported for training camp. the topic of discussion was not football. they wanted to know what tom brady had to say about aaron hernandez. >> brady speaking with the media for the first time since hernandez was arrested on murder charges. they call the situation tragic. the team is committed to reestablishing themselves on and off the field. the last six weeks have been very distracting. the start of training camp was a fresh start for the
2:49 am
organization. he declined to comment on specific hernandez questions and talked about moving on from the unfortunate situation. >> i think everyone had a certain range of emotions, whatever they might have been. they were really personal. i dealt with them. you know, at some point you have to move forward and i think we as a team are doing that. it's been a challenging off season but we are going to try to move forward as best we know how. the university of florida, like the patriots, continue to do what they can to distance themselveses from aaron hernandez. yesterday, they removed a brick from their campus. it was the last step for florida to remove his name and likeness from the facilities. in the daily a-rod update, the third baseman changed his tune and will accept another rehab assignment. during an interview in new york
2:50 am
yesterday, a-rod said i'm an employee and i have to follow my bosses. the 2013 yankee debut is likely to happen on august 6th, if he's not suspended for his involvement in the biogenesis scandal. on, u.s. airman mills throws down the dunk. incredible. he does this all while wearing his air force boots and fatigues. that can't be easy to do. >> that was very, very cool. wow. >> definitely the highlight of the night. >> what a great piece of tape. great to see you. happy friday. we have a long day ahead of us, but looking forward to the weekend. amanda bynes under psychiatric evaluation. what her parents are doing to take control. the physical damage was pretty bad.
2:51 am
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welcome back. it's 54 minutes after the hour. taking a look at the top cnn trends this friday morning, is "american idol" unfair to black contestants in former participants are suing saying they were discriminated against because of their race. they dug up their arrest histories and used it for the show to boost ratings. they are asking for $25 million a piece and changes in how "idol" operates. amanda bynes parents may have control over their daughter's affairs.
2:55 am
they will head to court to ask a judge to give them oversight of her personal and financial decisions. she's being held for a mental health evaluation days after being caught setting fire to a driveway and her own pants in california. it could be a superhero hit for the summer. hugh jackman's "the wolverine" could make up to $65 million. that would be a boost for the studios. this summer, they haven't had much luck with it. the first one made 85 million bucks in the first weekend back in 2009. check out other top cnn trends, head to this morning, what would dwrou if your dog was under attack by an angry raccoon? jeanne moos says one owner took matters into his own hands.
2:56 am
>> reporter: this labradoodle could have been toast if his owner didn't save him. he let his dog out of the san francisco home and heard frantic yelping as a raccoon tangled with him. he sprinted down the stairs, grabbed the raccoon and hurled it. i was afraid he was getting chewed up. >> reporter: here is the replay. check out the eerie raccoon eyes. kevin said he had no choice. >> i wanted to get them separated. he is the founder of dig, a social news website that spawns viral videos. he found his own video going viral. what did he find when he went down the stairs? kevin says the raccoon definitely survived the toss. he saw it get up and take off. >> it fit through the gate. >> reporter: now it's got its
2:57 am
own twitter account. kevin came away looking like a major league pitcher. admirers put the toss to music. kevin told twit tv the raccoon weighed about 25 pounds. >> it felt greasy. >> reporter: the last time we saw a toss like this is when a ram con went into the chimp enclosure at the zoo. what a wind up. how did this raccoon wind up? mad at the drainage pipe. we're told it eventually got out alive. kevin rose came out smelling like a rose. believe it or not, even peta gave him a good. you can't fault a man for reacting to save his dog. >> it was one of those things
2:58 am
where you care so much about a dog, it's like a family member. >> reporter: strike three raccoon, you're out. jeanne moos, cnn. >> that's it for "early start." time for "new day." take it away. >> i have three takes. saving dog, highest pry torty in the situation. dangerous. the guy grabbing the raccoon, tough. raccoons can mess up a dog and hurt you really easily and like it. >> i have dreamed of launching a raccoon like that before. >> would you like to check the clock and tell them what it means? >> it east just about the top of the hour and time for the top news. george zimmerman got away with murder but you can't get away from god.
2:59 am
>> he got away with murder. is that what the zimmerman jury thinks? a second juror speaks out about the anguish and regret. lashing out. the latest woman caught up with anthony weiner is talking and not holding back. what does she think of the mayoral candidate now? "new day" exclusive. the deadly train crash. a man joining us live with his story of survival. >> your "new day" starts right now. t to the g to the i to the f. good morning and welcome to "new day." it is friday, july 26. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan. >> we are all happy about friday. we are going to have a lot on the surprising revelations from
3:00 am
juror b-29. she's asking trayvon martin's family's forgiveness for the verdict. she wanted to convict him but ultimately came around. that begs the question. what changed and why is she full of regret now. >> another provocative question alert, could o.j. simpson go free? he's pleading for his freedom, up for parole. also is "american idol" the tv program racist? there is a new lawsuit filed on behalf of ten former contestants, all of them african-american claiming just that. is there a double standard on one of the country's top programs? but first this morning to that admission from a juror in the george zimmerman trial. juror b-29 says zimmerman got away with murder because the jury couldn't convict him under florida state law. pamela brown following the story for us here in new york. good


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