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tv   Around the World  CNN  July 31, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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more than 100,000 people have been killed since civil war broke out in syria but the president is all smiles. check out his new instagram account. black sand beaches are not meant to be that way. this is crude oil. the latest on the oil spill in thailand. that's coming up. the olympics are heading to russia but there's criticism over how the country is handling invitatio invitations. how a cerecently passed law targets gays and lesbians. happening right now a gunman has made an announcement. we're trying to figure out what it means. what happens is it was done on television and said the police and security forces will begin
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taking quote, all necessary measures to put an end to the demonstrations in cairo that support the president who was ousted in a coup earlier this month. >> whether that means negotiations or something more forceful remains to be seen. reporters have toppled president morsi has been gathering and demanding his reinstatement since he was forced from office. protester and police have fought in the streets. about 100 people have been killed. >> we're keeping an eye on that and getting some clarification. let's go to syria. a prosperous place at times. >> it's a brand new instagram account created by assad. take a look at this world presented in pictures.
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>> high fiving his admirers. the president's wife hugging people. the two of them out eating, drinking, laughing. you won't see one sign of a country being torn apart by two years of civil war. one that's killed 100,000 people. >> no rebels, no explosions, no snipers, no death. in syria's instagram world everything is perfect. >> you're going to expect a photo gallery of war. t this is rather rose colored lens, isn't it? >> reporter: it's what you would come to expect from a regime trying to project strength and been doing a convincing job on the battlefield saying troops of some degree on the border area recently. these pictures give some telltale time. they're not really a realtime
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feed. both the president and his wife seem to change clothes during one posting. they are hugging old ladies. talking to school children. there's one picture the president is visiting an injured person in hospital. a slight sign of a civil war there. this really is about putting him back on display again before the civil war but when the regime was busy trying to rehabilitate itself. she grew up in west london and studiy eied french literature a worked briefly in investment banking. her friends called her emma, very much a westernized figure. staying by her man and the first lady in constant support. it's about showing them calm and in control and importantly able to circulate around the syrian people at any given time despite
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damascus being peppered with the sound of artillery. >> she did that interview with "vogue" a while ago. there was quite a bit of backlash. what's been the reaction to these photos? >> it's a relatively new account. we've seen the number of followers leap from 1200 to 4,000 when i checked it a moment ago. the comments not censored. some saying good win this war for us. another one slightly less complimentary saying keep swallowing this propaganda you imbecile. this really is about just projecting normalcy and showing despite the fact the rebels themselves are experiencing the division and stalemate on the battlefield, president assad
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wants to show his allies, his backers that on social media life proceeds as normal. there wasn't much of war going on be p. >> thanks so much. nick payton walsh there. >> very one sided. turning to a new twist in the drama surrounding edward snowden. his father sells the washington post the fbi wanted to fly him to moscow to convince his son to come back to the yiet. >> he said he backed out of that deal after the fbi refused to guarantee that he could talk with his son. lon snowden said, i said wait a minute. i'm not going to sit on the tarmac to be an emotional tool for you. >> his father told cnn he wants his son to stay in russia until he's sure he can get a fair trial in the u.s. >> we have attempted to work
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with the justice department and the people who are conducting this investigation and i have lost faith in their interest in assuring he is given a fair trial. i think the focus is to bring him back and prosecute him to the fullest. the focus is not justice. >> snowden remains stuck in that transit area of moscow's airport waiting to hear on several asylum requests. the government had secretly collected millions of americans phone records along with information from u.s. companies about the online activity of people overseas. >> snhow much time should an ar private spend in prison for the biggest leak of classified information in u.s. history? the sentencing phase of private bradley mannings court-martial got under way today.
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>> about 24 hours ago a judge acquitted him of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. she found him guilty of 20 other charges including violations of the espionage act. the prison time remaining on the charges could add up to 136 years. that is a life sentence. let's turn our attention to the coast of thailand where an oil spill has turned white beaches black. >> it's spewing crude oil and threatening the fishing industry. andrew stephens has the story for us. >> reporter: clean up crews are working around the clock. one of thailands most important tourist destinations to clean an estimated 50,000 liters of oil this leaked from a pipeline on saturday. this is the main impact zone on the island.
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not one of the main beaches but an important one. beside me are vats and drums of oil which are being collected from the sea. officials say it should be cleaned up by saturday at the latest. the fear is that if this cannot be contained quickly it will have an adverse impact on tourism which remains so important to this country's economy. people until china are finding some rather creative ways to deal with what is a scorching heat wave that's going on. it hasn't let up for weeks. >> check out this footage. so many locals went swimming in this artificial wave pool. the tourists could hardly move. i don't think i'd want to be in there. >> it's amazing. chad meyers, how hot has it been? it's been the hottest in
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100-something years. >> i can't figure out how that wave pool doesn't turn out to be 98.6. the water will go up with the body temperature floating around. it's been hot. normal temperature between 86 and 90 degrees. they've been way over that. they've topped 95 degrees for 25 times in the month of july. tomorrow it will be slightly under 100. there have been nine, now nine straight days in shanghai over 100 degrees. last time it was even close to this was 1934. you have to understand the population density of what happened in '34 compared to where we are now 80 years later. this is the hottest temperatures they've seen all time. they have been collecting records if 104 years. shanghai a cool 94 today. it goes back up again for the weekend. probably over 103 again for the weekend in shanghai. no relief in sight.
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>> those pictures just amazing. could lose the kids there and never find them again. >> apparently journalists have been cooking meat on pavement as opposed to frying an egg. >> unbelievable. moving on. facebook being blamed for a teen suicide in italy. the girl's parents are taking action against the website. >> do they have a case? they're story is next. then the olympics heading to russia but there's criticism over how the country is handling the invitations. >> how a recently passed law targets gays and lesbians directly. oh, baby. it's a newborn weigh in at 13.5 pounds. >> natural birth too. we'll talk to the doctor who delivered that german baby girl.
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several teenagers to commit suicide in the past few months. this latest story is out of italy. >> a 14-year-old girl killed herself after her ex-boyfriend posted abusive messages on facebook. the family asked the website to remove the pages but it never happened. >> now they are thinking about taking legal action. >> she was like so many girls her age, her identity, her picture, her life splashed across facebook. when a video of the 14-year-old allegedly showed up on facebook in which she appeared to be drunk and disoriented at a party the social network became a social nightmare. an ex-boyfriend and his friends posted a steady barrage of abusive, offensive messages
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aimed at her. >> he was insulting her, mistreating her recalls her sister. we spoke about it with her but she told us not to worry. >> reporter: they say they reported the nasty messages to facebook hoping they would be removed but nothing happened. in the northern italian town what started online spilled into her daily life at school and among her friends. unbeknownst to her family it was becoming too much for her to handle. sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning on january 5th of this year she jumped out of her bedroom window and landed head first on the concrete below. she left a final letter arded to her tormenters which her mother
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read to us. are you happy now? have you hurt me enough? have you had enough revenge? prosecutor is looking into the possibility of throwing the book at facebook for failing to remove offensive content that may have led to her suicide. in the case it appears some of her friends, some of her relatives asked for the removal of this strong con tent and it wasn't removed and this played a role in her decision to commit suicide. in response to a request for comment on this story facebook provided cnn with a statement. we're deeply saddened by the death her hea we actively encourage teens and
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parents to report incidents of bul bullying. we remove content reported to us that violates our statement of rights and responsibilities and we escalate reports of harassment and bullying to law enforcement where appropriate. her mother feels the time has come for facebook to confront the reality of online bullying. my battle is to make the social networks responsible so there's protection for minors. we can't allow for other mothers to be deprived of the lives of their daughters. her uncle has posted a video on you tube dedicated to her.
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her death now rallying point in italy for the fight against online bullying. ben wedeman, cnn, italy. >> what a terrible story. let's talk about what facebook is or isn't doing in response to the suicide. obviously for her family it's not nearly enough. >> we heard the statement from facebook saying harassment has no place on the social network, but let's bring in samuel burke in london. what action has facebook taken? >> i think one of the most troubling parts is the statement. they say people should reach out to them. that's what the family said they did. facebook prides itself on the system they have in place for people to report abuse. right here on any story you can see there's a report button on
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every single message or story you see on facebook. facebook has worked with universities like yale and berkeley to put a system in place. sometimes they send people a short script that tells them talking points about how to address somebody. they even allow you to bring in a third party at times to maybe parent or teacher. i think the real question here is because there's been other cases where these reports have slipped through the cracks at facebook. that's the question here in this case. did facebook receive the reports that her family and friends said they sent in and did it happen to fall through the cracks in this case? >> tragic story. the olympics, of course, heading to russia, but there's criticism over how the country is handling the invitation. >> how a cerecently passed law causing quite an uproar. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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there is much outrage and confusion about russia's new anti-gay law and they are anti-law. this legislation bars anyone from promoting gay relationships and providing children with any kind of information about homosexuality. >> one of the laws co-sponsors say the bans will stay in place during next year's olympics in russia. phil black has learned that may not be the case. >> reporter: this law came into effect this month targeting the promotion among children of non-traditional sexual relationships. it bans public discussion of gay relationships and gay rights anywhere there's a chance a child could overhear or witness it. it triggered a lot of international concern with activists saying it promotes intolerance and concern. there's a lot of concern because
9:24 am
the country is getting ready to host the olympics. t there will be no discrimination. a local politician is contradicting that. the national legislation exists it must be enforced regardless of who is breaking it or whether or not there's an international sporting event going on at the time. ultimately he's just a local politician and it's not his call. russian president is personally overseeing r inin ining prepara games and want them considered an international success. it's unlikely to appease international concern about the laws existence. that's why activists around the world are calling for a boycott of the games and other russian product.
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happening right now in egypt. the government making an announcement. police and security forces will begin taking quote, all necessary measures to put an end to the pro-morsi demonstrations in cairo. morsi was ousted in a coup earlier this month. whether that means negotiations or something more forceful remains to be seen.
9:29 am
>> they've been marching and demanding his reinstatement since forced from office. >> protesters have poured in the street. shots have been fired. we're keeping an eye on developments. changes at the san francisco airport nearly a month after the deadly crash of the that asiana airlines jet. >> flights landing on one of the parallel runways can no longer touch downside by side. in the past any two planes could approach the adjacent runways at the same time if the weather was clear. >> the faa ordered the rules for the manual flying skills sop some foreign pilots. >> domestic flights can land side by side. president obama's aprooufpr rating stuck in the mid-40s.
9:30 am
>> it shows a split over the president's job rating. 48% approve of the way he's handling his job. 47% disapprove. >> his approval numbers have been in the mid to high 40s in the poll of polls dating back to march. we are seeing a bit of a worrying trend in afghanistan as if there weren't enough already. a sharp increase in the number of civilians killed and wounded since the beginning of this year. the report blames most of the casualties on anti-government groups. >> the reason is increase of improvised explosive devices or suicide vests. john kerry is heading to pakistan one day after the u.s. hosted the first direct middle
9:31 am
east peace talks in three years. this is the first visit to pakistan by a u.s. official since parliamentary elections this may. >> the secretary is expected to discuss some controversial drone attacks and the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. she's just a 11 years old and she says her parents are trying to marry her off in exchange for money. >> she says death would be a better offer. her story posted on you tube has gone viral. >> a young girl stares at the camera. her question shocking coming as it does from an 11-year-old. would it make you happy to marry me off she asks? she accused her parents of trying to get her married off in exchange for money. she doesn't want to be one of
9:32 am
yemen's child brides. death would be a better option she declares. the video a passionate plea on behalf of girls in yemen was up loaded and quickly went viral. millions around the world have seen it. a few weeks later we found her living with her uncle. she said she escaped her immediate family in her hometown. i ran away from marriage she explains. i ran away from ignorance. i ran away from being bought and sold. she told us about the singing group she's a part of. unusual for conservative rural areas in yemen. she hopes to get access to a better school in a bigger city. she says she asked a friend to make the youtube video to tell the world how tough it is for girls there. i'd rather commit suicide than get engaged she says forcefully. the issue of child marriage is extremely complicated. human rights groups say more
9:33 am
than half of all young girls there are wedded before age 18. most of them to older men. while many activists groups and politicians have tried to change the law, a bill draft to establish a minimum age for marriage was blocked by conservatives. soon after the video was made questions began to surface. did her story add up? what has she really being pressured to get married? acting with a leading child welfare organization the interior ministry took her and placed her in a women's shelter. a cnn crew gained access as the parties in the drama came face-to-face in a stormy session over the weekend. facing her parents she answers allegations her story may have been made up. why do you believe them and don't believe me she asks? the arbitor is one of lead
9:34 am
women's rights activists, her temporary guardian. i don't care about what's best for the mom or dad or uncle. just what's best for the girl. nade and her uncle maintain the story is true. her parents repeatedly stress they have no intention to marry her off. still, just where the truth lies is hard to determine. then in an extraordinary moment she asks for something few in the room are expecting. in the country side there's no english classes. there's no computer classes. please let me stay. all she wants is a chance at a better life. she might get it. at the end of the session they have an agreement. the entire family, parents and uncle are going to move into the house of another relative to see if they can work it all out
9:35 am
together. >> a feisty young lady. do we know why she went to youtube for this? what was behind that? >> michael, she told us that she decided to post this on youtube because she wanted to tell the world about what was going on with girls in yemen. she said to us she would rather commit suicide than to be engaged. you heard her say she'd rather die than be married. her parents continuely said her story was not true. she and her uncle said it was true. there's still confusion as to what lies at the heart of this. this has resonated in yemen and beyond. young girls there are still being married off to this day. >> as you say it's such a huge problem. i think something like half young girls under the age of 18
9:36 am
are married off. what are the laws and is it likely that perhaps another story will change the situation in. >> reporter: i've been covering stories like this for some time. what's shocking to know is there was a 10-year-old girl who had been married off. she was appalled by that. she took herself to court in the capital and demanded a divorce and got that. at that time it was so much outrage directed towards yemen that officials said the law would be changed. a minimum age would be set. five years later it hasn't happened. every time they try to pass this law conservatives there call it unislamic and they get it blocked. that's a huge problem. i spoke with a yemeni journalist and she said in yemen there's a saying in some provinss it's good to marry an 8-year-old
9:37 am
because they are guaranteed meaning they are still a virgin. she thinks it means there could be real change there soon. >> a cruel reality. >> thanks so much bringing that story to us. he's held a grip on zimbabwe for decades and had brutal reign. >> will voters keep him in office? the election latest. that's next. plap
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a saudi activist is facing 6 years in prison and 600 lashes. >> human rights law says he was
9:41 am
guilty of insulting islam through his website and on television. the sentence makes a mockery of the claims that it supports reform and religious dialogue. he does have the right to appeal. voters are picking a president today in zimbabwe. there are five candidates but it's down to just two. the same two men have faced off at every election for more than a decade. >> the social democrat, you see him on the left and the president who has held the leadership for 33 years. he's 89 years old. we're following this election here in the united states because it's a democratic exercise that more often than not descends into violence. >> nkepile is watching next door from south africa. >> reporter: this election is
9:42 am
significant for several reasons. many believe if it is free and fair it could spell the end of the president's 33 yearlong rule over that country. at age 89 he's one of the longest serving rulers on the continent. many africans felt the era of african strong men was coming to an end. robert mugabe remains one of the last standing dictators. many argue that over the years he's rigged elections and he's used violence and intimidation to hold onto power. mugabe has denied these accusations. he said this election will be free and fair and if he does lose the election he will cede
9:43 am
power. many have responded by saying they will believe it when they see it. back to you. >> they're saying it's rigged and there's been irregularities already. >> they're more peaceful. >> a lot of people are saying robert mugage has never seen an election he can't win. star director of the ballet relives the acid attack that changed his life. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke.
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welcome back. an american college student who was abandoned in a holding cell for days without food and water has settled with the u.s. government for $4.1 million. >> what an extraordinary story this is. he had to drink his own urine to survive and tried to write a farewell note to his mother with glass. the 25-year-old was locked up and forgotten last year after a drug enforcement agent raided a san diego, california home they suspected was being used to distribute ecstasy.
9:47 am
he was never formally charged. they put him in there and forget about him. the ballet is trying to move past and shed the spotlight on dancing. >> it's celebrating its 50th anniversary at the royal opera house. back in january the ballet's artistic director was the victim of an acid attack. >> there's been reports and feuds of i fighting. a new company director took over and he is hoping all that's behind them. >> translator: i think at its best it's wonderful and very talented company. i'm absolutely positive that the best part of this company will be united and i hope that all this negative things and problems they're already in the past. i'm spending now my days meeting
9:48 am
people and talking to them and discussing to them. they all want to have real and series work. i don't hear from them any discuss about this past conflicts or any ideas of fa falling part. >> the artistic director hurt in the attack was released from hospital. the attack left him 5% of his vision. british celebrity chef became a symbol of domestic abuse of some when a picture came out with her husband placing his hand around her throat. the couple has taken a step toward divorce. >> he's a media mogul and ran a famous ad agency. he denied he attacked her but said he went to police to accept a public warning. also known as the queen of food is the host of the abc show "the
9:49 am
taste." very well known. check this out. it's a newborn weighing in at a whooping 13 pounds. >> i still say ouch. we're going to talk with the doctor who delivered this bouncing baby girl. with one touch of a button, you can summon help from anywhere in your home and talk with adt's trained professionals, who can call for emergency assistance and even stay on the line until help arrives. 1 out of every 3 people over 65 will fall this year. adt helps you maintain your independence starting at just over $1 a day. call now to receive free activation and a free guide to living alone. i'm glad adt could call for help. so am i. [ male announcer ] protect your independence. call today for more information and ask about special discounts for aarp members. adt. always there.
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the birth of a child always a big event. it was an especially big vent for one german woman. >> you'll see. her baby was one of the largest babies ever born in that country. the little girl, 13 pounds, 5 ounces almost 23 inches long and she was born naturally. no c-section. >> that is the real talking point. joining us by telephone is the doctor who delivered the baby. doctor, how smooth did the birth go? i can't imagine it was too easy or was it? >> it was an exceptional birts.
9:53 am
we didn't expect the weight of the baby. because the obesity of the mother, we expected a large baby but we were very surprised about this weight. sg. >> you mentioned diabetes. she has gestational diabetes which can cause a baby to be a lot bigger. >> sure. >> were there any complications in the delivery of this baby? >> no. the baby was born the natural way. the problem of such big babies is the shoulder of the baby is blocking the birth and can
9:54 am
displace the shoulder and now the baby is fine. >> why not do a c-section? i'm curious. i know in the united states that might have been the preferred way to go but in europe it's less common. >> absolutely. i understand the question. there are risks that women have given birth to two previous large babies of 4 kilos. we were unable to assess this weight of the baby precisely because ultra sound is unable to diffe differntiane between five and six kilos. c-section has complications. >> unbelievable. congratulations to you and a successful birthing of that baby and to the mother.
9:55 am
>> thank you. >> hopefully she's recovering well. >> you have to think a bit of pain. >> you got to think. i'm no woman but wow. okay. enough said. moving on. >> to this again. the fifty shades of grey trilogy. we have a discussion about that yesterday. there's one place where this book's popularity may surprise you. we'll explain that. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. now for some headlines trending online. lady gaga says the reason she cancelled her world tour is she had broken her hip. >> she said she had a hole in her hip the size of quarter.
9:58 am
♪ she told women's wear daily that the doctor said she would need a full hip replacement if she did just one more show on her tour. >> she said she's been recuperating for six months and is planning to make a comeback performance at the mtv video music awards in august. >> that would hurt. the south korean golf sensation could make history this week. inbee park is her name. she's be the first player to win the four professional majors in the same calendar year which is the true grand slam of golf. >> the tournament is taking place in scotland this week. best of luck to her. here is one of those wow moments that we love to show you here on cnn. if you have a fear of heights like me grab hold of something.
9:59 am
>> this is southwest china. two massive hot hair balloons and in between them you're watching a world record being broken. >> a chinese dare devil walked from one balloon to the other on a steel rod less than two inches wide. >> easy. you know high wire walking between two buildings is so yesterday. >> he made the walk, 60 feet to the other side with no safety net. i don't know what these people are on when they do it. >> i always come back to these a and go why. >> you get on cnn. that's why. >> that's true. what do you think would be most popular book read by detainees? it will blow your mind. it's 50 shades of grey. >> that's the wildly successful series of erotic novels that
10:00 am
make most readers blush. >> it's extraordinary. this delegation from the u.s. congress just came back from guantanmo and they say detainees have access to books and movies and one says the 50 shades books are requested more often than the koran. i'm not buying it. thanks for watching. >> cnn newsroom starts right now. we're following breaking news here in the cnn news room. we just severed word from the nevada parole board granting o.j. simpson parole. ted


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