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tv   Weed Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports  CNN  March 9, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> it's 24/7. it absolutely never ends. >> you need to go to that mayor and tell him to just quit his job. >> how do we make change our friend rather than our foe? up next, send in the media and then something will be done. >> but before that can happen, she is murdered. some say by the man she named as her rapist. >> and i start suspecting that something is missed. that this may be all a
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>> quincy brown had been named in her journal as one of those attackers. >> elise listed all five men she claimed raped her while on duty. >> at this point we need we needed to get ncis involved. obviously we had two of their members dead. >> the ncis questioned the four other men elise accused in her journal. they all denied the allegations. >> she had accused four of the best guys i've ever known, the best guys i've ever worked with, family men. really decent, respectable guys. >> nancy simpson was elise's friend as well as one of her supervisors. >> i knew it was a bunch of crap. >> elise never told me that she
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had been sexually harassed at work. if that had happened, she certainly would have told me. it would have never been covered up. >> but eddie makdessi was outraged. to him, the evidence was clear. >> eddie believes that quincy brown went there to shut her up and stop talking about what was going on at the base. eddie also said quincy was part of a larger conspiracy involving higher navy forces to keep her quiet. >> as proof, eddie pointed out that elise had recently been demoted at the navy base. eddie claims in retaliation for her sexual harassment claims. >> eddie says they really slowed down her training. re-assigned her because of it. >> then, investigators noticed small inconsistencies in eddie's story. according to quincy brown's cell phone records, he called the makdessi's apartment at 9:36 on the night of the murders. which was after eddie claimed
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they were assaulted at the door of their apartment. the knife found under quincy brown's hand, the one used to kill elise makdessi didn't contain brown's fingerprints and his shirt didn't have elise's blood. >> how in the world could he have done this and not have had any of elise's blood on him. >> on the night before the murder, elise makdessi bought the gun used to kill quincy brown in a sporting goods store in virginia. >> i started suspecting something was amiss. >> who wanted elise makdessi and quincy brown dead? and why? [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married,
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in this video journal made shortly before her death, elise makdessi claimed she had been raped and sexually assaulted by five co-workers at the oceana naval air base. on the tape she claimed she reported these incidents to her superiors and had been ignored, so she threatened to go public. >> very soon i'll have enough evidence to send to the media and then something will be done. >> but the navy denied elise makdessi ever filed one single
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claim, let alone five. >> i was her superior and my immediate superior was a very tough female, tougher than me. there was no word of this, nothing was ever reported to any of us and either one of us would have acted immediately. >> one of the men elise named in her journal was quincy brown. the man found shot to death in her apartment. elise's husband, eddie, claimed brown knocked him unconscious and murdered elise to stop her from going public with these allegations. investigators weren't so sure. to find the truth, investigators started with the only hard evidence they had, the crime scene. >> we wanted fresh eyes. somebody to really tell us something that we weren't able to see. >> virginia beach police contacted ross gardner, a nationally recognized crime scene analyst.
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>> this was a very complex crime scene. it wasn't until after we got a lot of the dna information back that we were able to make sense of it. certain aspects of the crime scene analysis supported eddie's statement. >> gardner looked more closely at the crime scene photos and noticed they contradicted eddie's story. the autopsy showed that the first shot penetrated quincy's heart, this creates arterial spurts. high pressure ejections of blood from the body. they are easily identified. >> because the blood is ejecting out into a stream, it breaks up into larger masses. what we see in an arterial spurt are very large elliptical shaped stains. >> eddie said when he saw his wife being attacked he grabbed a gun from the night stand and shot quincy brown as he rushed towards him.
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yet, the blood spatter evidence and the crime scene photos showed that quincy brown was facing in the opposite direction. >> there is no evidence whatsoever that suggests that quincy was ever standing when that wound was ejecting blood or that he was ever facing back towards the night stand, avoiding the arterial spurts on the carpet tell us that quincy was in a kneeling position at the time of the first shot and that his physical position never altered other than to lay back. >> investigators now had a theory, that eddie makdessi was involved in an elaborate scheme. first, he convinced his wife to make the videotape and written journal, accusing her five co-workers of rape and sexual assault. their plan was to file a lawsuit against the navy. >> eddie makdessi told several people this sexual harassment with his wife and the navy would be bigger than tailhook.
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referring to another civil suit in which someone collected a lot of money from the navy. >> and elise was a willing participant in the scheme. >> it was obvious that they had a plan in action. >> it would appear there may have been some partnership between eddie and elise as far as setting this thing up. >> they planned to prove their case by luring one of the men she named in her journal, quincy brown, to their apartment to have unprotected sex with her. and then claimed it was yet another rape, only this time, they'd have dna evidence to prove it. >> quincy did not force his way into that apartment. he came there willingly. he had sex with elise willingly. >> investigators believe eddie planned to kill quincy after the sexual act was complete in order to silence him. it's not clear whether elise was aware of this or not.
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>> elise and eddie bought the gun in hampton, virginia, the night before this event kurd. i don't know if elise planned that quincy would die. i don't know. >> but why did eddie kill his wife? >> eddie makdessi had taken out a $500,000 life insurance policy on his wife, less than 30 days prior to the incident. >> that's a lot of money to have in a life insurance policy for a sailor who has no family fortune, is not earning but a low rate in the navy. not making much money. >> this, plus an additional $200,000 from her navy life insurance was a significant payout. >> the seven deadly sins, greed is my favorite. and this man loved his money. he was willing to sacrifice innocent people for $700,000. so he could live the good life. >> and he could pin her murder on quincy brown.
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>> he's a cold-blooded killer. >> ironically, elise helped plan, organize and carry out her own murder. >> the only thing that changed is elise was double crossed and she was killed in the process as well. >> eddie's plan was almost too perfect. >> based on the forensic so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close! new at&t mobile share value plans our best value plans ever for business.
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>> based on the forensic evidence, prosecutors believe responsible for the murders of both his wife and quincy brown. they believe this whole thing started as a sexual harassment that eddie makdessi was both his wife elise and quincy brown. they believe this whole thing started as a sexual harassment scam against the navy. elise made a video tape and journal claiming that five men sexual assaulted and raped her while on duty at the naval base. despite her claims on the tape, the navy says she never filed any charges against these men. >> sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. >> but eddie and elise needed forensic evidence so they invited one of the men she named in her journal, quincy brown, over to their apartment for a sexual threesome. >> elise would claim that quincy had raped her so they would have been able to pursue their sexual
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harassment claim. >> on the night of crime, there was no assault outside their apartment. when they returned home from dinner, quincy brown called their apartment at 9:36, most likely to confirm their date. >> hello. he said he'll be here in 15 minutes. >> investigators believe eddie set the scene by tieing elise to the bed. to quincy brown it would appear to be a bondage fantasy for the evening. to the police, it would look like a violent assault. when quincy arrived, he had a condom in his pocket. perhaps he was encouraged not to use it, although no one really knows. >> go ahead on in. i'm just going to kick back and watch. >> after the sexual encounter,
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eddie pulls his first double cross of the evening on quincy brown. they blamed him for breaking into the apartment and raping elise. it's unclear whether elise knew if quincy would die. but she obviously didn't know eddie would double cross her, too. eddie staged the scene to make it look like a break in, assault and a rape/murder perpetrated by quincy brown. and eddie collects $700,000 in life insurance. >> and maybe he walks away with a sexual harassment case also. >> he almost got away with it, too. but in the end, he left too many clues. >> it was obvious that eddie makdessi was lying to me about what happened and how things had happened in that bedroom.
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>> but when it came time to arrest eddie makdessi, he had fled to russia. >> the problem we're having is that he's now a russian citizen and we don't have an extradition treaty, so we can't get him out of russia. >> for almost a decade, eddie makdessi was on the run. reporter mike mather decided to track him down, despite everyone telling him it was useless. >> the state department at the time told me, virginia beach police told me, the embassy told me, you're wasting your time. he's never coming back here. so i said, let's go find out, send him an e-mail. he agreed to meet with me, flew to moscow. >> apparently mike mather caught makdessi at just the right time. he clearly didn't like living in russia. >> how can i say this, they took my money, they beat me up, put me in jail because they thought i was an american spy. and here i was without american documents to prove that i'm an
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american. >> makdessi chose to return to the united states and face trial, thinking that elise's videotaped allegations would provide the reasonable doubt he needed for acquittal. 14 years after the double homicide, eddie makdessi went on trial. the forensic evidence was overwhelming. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of first degree murder of quincy b. brown, guilty of first degree murder of elise m. makdessi. >> makdessi was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. >> it also explained very, very well how the blood spatter evidence contradicted what eddie said. >> it wasn't he said/she said. it was he said and everyone else was dead. it never left me that eddie did that. i never questioned that he was capable of it, not even for a second. >> without the forensic evidence, without ross gardner,
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the blood spatter analysis of the crime scene, to be able to disprove eddie's statement, because all we was eddie's statement and the crime scene. and he had a good story.
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many young men and women dream of working in the television or film industry. pat mcrae fulfilled that dream and he was good at it. >> he worked at iowa public television. he was a video production coordinator. he was very well liked at that place, friendly face, always smiling when i saw him. >> mcrae typically worked long hours. unfortunately, it took its toll. in 1997, he and his wife of 12 years divorced. mcrae took it hard but remained a devoted father to his two young children. >> we would go over to my dad's every wednesday and we would watch tv, hang out. he would come to my football games and we would hang out at the varsity games. you know, he would take us out to eat, go to movies, stuff like that. >> mcrae never missed an opportunity to spend time with his children, but one morning, there was a problem. >> he was supposed to pick up his daughter and take her to school. he's a no-show. >> pat's ex-wife knew
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immediately something was wrong. she called both his work and home telephone numbers but couldn't reach him, so she went to his home and used her own key to get inside. and she found pat dead just inside the front door. >> there was significant blood patterns in the house itself. there were bloody footprints throughout the house. >> the evidence shows the attack started in the living room and ended at the front door. >> it appeared that someone had used that bathroom to clean up. >> robbery seemed to be the motive. pat's wallet had been cut from the back pocket of his blood-soaked jeans. >> we could see that there had been a number of clothing items disrupted, thrown around on the floor of the closet, and that there was transferred blood on some of his clothing.
11:33 pm
so, at least visually it appeared that somebody had spent some time either searching through the closet or through the clothes. >> and the killer left bloody foot impressions outside on the porch. >> of particular interest were that some of these bloody footwear impressions were overlaid, which fairly early on in the investigation gave indication that the one source of these impressions had made more than one trip exiting the house. >> the medical examiner estimated that pat had been murdered some time on friday night, about 48 hours before his body was found. investigators discovered that pat spent part of that evening at a local strip club, the outer limits. >> pat mcrae was a customer that came in maybe once or twice per week.
11:34 pm
he was a very friendly, a very quiet guy. >> when pat visited the club, he usually arrived around 10:00, but on the night of his murder, he came in early. >> i was kind of like, wow, what is he doing in here during happy hour? which was fine. it was kind of unusual for him to do that. >> he also did something else no one had ever seen him do before. he asked for a private dance. the dancer's stage name was mystic. >> she was one he went in the private area with. pat moved from the front of the stage and went in the private area. i remember him dancing with mystic in the back room. >> mystic's real name was laura england. and for some reason, on the day pat mcrae's body was found, mystic didn't show up for work. here's a word you should keep in mind "unbiased". some brokerage firms are but way too many aren't. why?
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des moines police thought they had a suspect in the murder of television station employee pat mcrae, a stripper named laura england. she performed a private dance for pat on the last night he was seen alive.
11:38 pm
two days later, she was gone and pat was dead. >> she stripped sunday night, danced sunday night at the outer limits and then she and her boyfriend leave town. >> police issued an all points bulletin for laura england. in the meantime, at the crime scene, investigators made some important discoveries. first, there were bloody boot prints throughout the house and they had been made at two different times and several hours apart. >> you could see that someone had exited the house and then, apparently, re-entered. >> the boots were determined to be size 7 doc martin brand boots. all the blood evidence in the house was carefully catalogued and analyzed. dozens of items were submitted for dna testing.
11:39 pm
>> i ended up taking 70 samples of bloodstains from the crime scene and processing those all the way through for dna analysis. >> one bloodstain stood out from the others, a drop of blood on the comforter on top of the bed. this was different than the smudges that appeared elsewhere in the room. since the evidence indicated pat mcrae never entered the bedroom after he was stabbed, analysts thought this blood might be the killer's. >> there was a little bit of blood evidence in the bedroom, and it turns out that that little bit of blood evidence was probably the most significant evidence that we had in that case. >> the droplet was cut out of the comforter and tested along with other bloodstains on the bed. the results showed a mixture of blood from two people. >> one of the contributors of the blood in the house is a
11:40 pm
female. >> the male dna belonged to the victim, pat mcrae. this meant the killer was a woman. >> it's not uncommon for people when they're stabbing someone else to stab themselves accidentally. maybe have their hands slip on the knife, cut the inner sides of their fingers. it's really quite common. >> then police located laura england, the dancer last seen with pat mcrae on the night he was murdered. but she denied seeing mcrae that night and said the club manager must have been mistaken. >> she also wore wigs at the time, too, which a lot of dancers had done at the past. >> laura's dna didn't match the dna from the unidentified female at the crime scene and she was released. the dna didn't match anyone in iowa's state database or the national database either.
11:41 pm
>> we had no one to compare that dna profile with. or at least i should say we had no one to successfully compare it with. >> investigators were convinced that pat mcrae knew his killer. there was no forced entry into the house, which meant he probably let the killer in. and the blood evidence showed rather brazen behavior. blood on the front drapes indicated the killer opened the drapes to look outside. the bloody foot impressions proved the killer walked out of the front door after the murder. not only that, the killer returned several hours later, leaving a second set of boot impressions, this time in dried blood. >> that's odd. if you leave a homicide scene, the chances of you going back to that scene and tracking blood out again is not very good.
11:42 pm
once you're out of there, you want to be out of there. >> the case turned cold, and for the next five years, there were no substantial leads. was it possible that a killer this reckless could successfully elude police? [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. [ female announcer ] need to hire fast?
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for five years, the murder of pat mcrae went unsolved. investigators had the dna profile of the killer and boot impressions from the scene. what they didn't have was a viable suspect. >> i just kind of gave up worrying about whether or not it would get solved. i mean, i didn't like that it wouldn't, but i had that feeling that there was probably nothing we could do. >> then detective judy stanley got a call from her counterpart in lincoln, nebraska, 200 miles away. lincoln police had just arrested a man named mars davis on a drug possession charge, and davis offered them a deal. he said he was willing to provide information about an unsolved murder in des moines in
11:47 pm
return for leniency on his drug charge. >> i felt tremendously guilty for a long time. i didn't want to think about it anymore. it bothered me every time i closed my eyes. >> unfortunately, davis didn't know the name of the victim. he did, however, remember the neighborhood where he lived. >> he only knows that he lives at a house someplace off of harding road. he knows it's by a convenience store. he knows there's a couple car washes nearby, knows the guy works for a tv station, knows that he went to the outer limits and knows that he's killed in his house. >> mars davis was describing pat mcrae's murder, and the details he provided were so bizarre, it was hard for investigators to believe. >> it's not a story that you expect to hear every day in the news. >> mars davis said that five years earlier, he was involved
11:48 pm
with a 24-year-old stripper named andrea morris. andrea was working at the outer limits club in des moines. one night around closing time, mars picked up andrea after work and she said she'd promised to give a bar patron a private dance at his house. >> it wasn't entirely out of the ordinary, but it wasn't exactly something that happened all the time, but yeah. and money was pretty tight, so i was -- and she didn't ask me, you know? she just said, this is what's happening. and i said okay. and how do we get there? >> davis said he dropped andrea off and then went to get his truck washed. >> mars tells her i'll be back in one hour.
11:49 pm
so he leaves. he actually goes and cleans the bronco while he's waiting for her to do this private dance. >> when he picked her up, he couldn't help but notice she was literally covered in blood. >> you going to tell me what the hell happened? >> she told me she got hit in the nose or something. and i was like no, that did not come out your nose. you know? because it was in her hair. it was everywhere. you know? when she took her clothes off, it was in her underwear, in her socks, you know? and i just kind of went numb after that. >> did he hurt you? do you want me to go back? >> no. >> all right. >> when mars pressed the issue, andrea finally admitted the truth. >> she said she killed him and i asked her why. she said because they told her to. she heard voices.
11:50 pm
>> they later checked into a motel, took showers and got some sleep. several hours later, andrea panicked when she realized she left her wallet in pat mcrae's home. she insisted mars drive her back to des moines so she could retrieve her wallet. >> everything in her wallet was coated with blood. i mean, it was like, you know, it had been sitting in it, you know? it was -- >> but how could police determine if mars was telling the truth? >> mars davis gave us a ton of information that would not have been known to anybody other than who was at that house. >> but how did they know he wasn't involved in the actual murder? for that, police needed to find andrea morris.
11:51 pm
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to nbcuniversal's coveragens of the biggest loser olympic winter games ever, with the most coverage of the most events on every device. and the most hours of streaming video on the nbc sports live extra app, including the x1 platform from xfinity. comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. five years after pat mcrae's murder, a witness came forward to say he knew the identity of the killer. a nationwide search was on for andrea morris, a stripper who was dancing in the club pat
11:55 pm
mcrae visited on the night of his murder. des moines police learned andrea morris was recently released from prison in nebraska after serving two years on a drug charge. >> she is required to give a dna sample as part of her release. and so, i find out who her probation officer is, i call her up. she says, you know what, i just had to take her dna the other day. >> and it matched the dna from the blood found in pat mcrae's bedroom. andrea morris was arrested at her apartment in lincoln, nebraska. >> and i introduced myself and told her who i was and that i was from des moines, iowa. when the blood drained from her face, and terry and i, the other detective that was there, we both commented about, how, do you think she's guilty or not? >> but andrea said she was
11:56 pm
innocent, that mars davis was the killer. >> i didn't know which thing made me more angry, being accused of the murder or being called a pimp. >> andrea admitted performing a private dance for mcrae in his home and said pat attempted to assault her. >> she said pat mcrae pinned her to the couch and wouldn't let her up and was kissing her and she was trying to push him away. and he wouldn't get up. next thing she knows, mars davis is in the house over them and he's the one that starts stabbing pat mcrae. that was her story. >> but there was no blood all over the floor and only one set of foot impressions from a pair of size 7 boots, the same size worn by andrea morris. mars davis wore a size 13 shoe. >> big difference between a woman's size 7 and a man's size 13. and we didn't have anything to put mars in the house.
11:57 pm
>> prosecutors believe that from the beginning, andrea intended to rob pat mcrae. he sat on the coach in the living room for what he thought would be some harmless entertainment. instead, andrea pulled a knife and attacked him. he tried to fight back. the fight moved across the living room to the front door. mcrae, weak from blood loss and shock, could no longer fight back. in all, andrea stabbed him a total of six times. she used the knife to cut mcrae's wallet from his back pocket. she also took his keys. a tremendous amount of blood had been spilled. police think andrea's contention
11:58 pm
that she got a nosebleed during the struggle was probably the only thing about her story which was true. that's how her blood dripped on to the comforter on pat's bed. she walked through the rooms trying to clean up the blood, but there was simply too much of it. blood found on the curtains showed she opened them to see if mars had returned. when he arrived, andrea left through the front door and locked it on her way out, tracking fresh blood across the front porch. several hours later, when she realized she had left her wallet behind, she returned, tracking dried blood on top of the foot impressions left earlier, proving there were two separate visits and proving mars davis had been telling the truth.
11:59 pm
>> she said that she killed the guy. >> did she say why? >> because they told her to. >> they meaning who? >> these voices that she heard in her head. >> andrea morris, almost unrecognizable from her days as a stripper, maintained her innocence, but the jury didn't buy her story. in october of 2007, she was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole. the pat mcrae case shows how a single drop of blood can be the difference between a conviction or an exoneration. >> fewer than 1 out of 100 billion individuals would be expected to have that same dna profile that was found on the piece of evidence. >> forensic evidence was the key to the entire case. there was just great dna evidence.
12:00 am
>> it was very gratifying that the physical evidence established at the initial scene on the initial day eventually is what ended up absolutely placing her within the scene and being the thing that convicted her up next, a beautiful, young woman is found dead under a bridge. >> did she jump from that bridge or did somebody push her? >> and police learn she had a secret life. >> she was dancing under the name roxanne and they were calling her foxy roxy. >> police find a surveillance image of a truck near the bridge on the night she disappeared. >> you can see an apparent body in the back of the pickup truck. >> but who is driving the truck and what is the motive? >> there was something more going on than just a woman leaping from a bridge for no apparent reason.


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