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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  August 16, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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welcome back to cnn. we are following an ongoing situation in ferguson, missouri. s.w.a.t. police and protesters in a standoff. and once again, unfortunately looters damaged several stores. another story we're following, isis militants in mosul are now in the u.s. cross hairs. we'll have the latest on the
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u.s. air strikes aiming to take it. russia denies a military convoy crossed its borders. a live report from kiev and an update on the russian aid convoy. and welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. intense stand off in ferguson, missouri. >> rioting police responded to looting in a town where 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed last week by a police officer. at least three stores have been damaged, including the store brown allegedly r lly robbed bee was shot by a police officer. most crowds have dispersed. so far, police have not engaged with any of the looters. >> we live to cnn's steven
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cast castinbaum who joins us on the phone. community members who stopped those looters from getting inside, can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, this has been an intense night and early morning here in ferguson. in fact, we're still seeing a bit a standoff between some demonstrators who rushed to protect local businesses. and a very small number of people who were here for the protests today who seem to be getting intense on the convening liquor store for the flash point for what's going on here tonight. if you're keeping up with the story, this liquor store is where a security camera surveillance video was produced that appeared to show michael brown inside. someone who police say was involved in a armed robbery in the store. and there are a small number of people here in ferguson covering
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the protests who feel that the people who own this store cooperated with police in some way and were trying to, you know, paint a bad image of michael brown and we're watching the standoff here. but this is thrown into multiple hour-long, tense but quiet now standoff between police in riot gear and a dwindling number of protesters. i'm watching them turning around and walking away. so this may be finally leaving the scene here. it's very, very tense in ferguson, after what started as a very peaceful and almost block party-like demonstration there. there were even some people dancing earlier in the evening, as hundreds and hundreds of people were out in the streets here with very little police presence in what was another night of peaceful demonstrations here. but then it changed.
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there were at least three molotov cocktails that one of our crews saw. they were thrown on to the roof of a dominos pizzeria. the police were called in and they were able to put out the flames quickly before damage was done, but that resulted in a bit of a police force here, which culminated in a very tense standoff. police in riot gear hoop we're still looking at multiple armored vehicles. police with helmets on, protective gear, standing a few hundred feet away in an intersection where there were still a handful of demonstrators. >> it's important to see earlier in the day there were peaceful protests, peaceful protests by people who want their voices heard. want to take a stand and what to see justice after what many
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believe was an injustices. the shooting and death of michael brown. that investigation still ongoing. talk to us if you could, the looting happens, we see it. it is unfortunate. we cover it just like we cover the other things. talk to us about what police have done tonight. we know that police took a heavy-handed approach a week ago. what was it like tonight? >> reporter: i would say they enter sized restraint tonight. they did not engain the demonstrators. in fact, this sort of was sparked by an incident earlier in the evening where a bottle was thrown towards a number of police officers who were guarding this flash point, this liquor store and convenience store. the police hauled in some reinforcements. there was a little back-and-forth. i'm told by several people here at the time there was at least one tear gas canister fired in their direction as the police
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retreated. and they retreated a significant distance. they were here and out in a very short period of time. and, again, we have not been able to confirm that they did indeed fire tear gas. but several people who were here at the time told me that one canister was fired at them. again, we have not confirmed that, but that's what people in the crowd are alleging. but the police backed off. they then regrouped and in a very orderly and well-controlled line of armored vehicles and police in protective riot gear. they inched their way where the demonstrations have been taking place. for days, they got on their loud speakers and told people they had to disperse. if they did not disperse, they were risking being arrested. they could not block the street. they repeatedly were told they would be arrested if they did
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not disperse. they got ahold of the situation. they got all the demonstrators on the sidewalk. and that seems to be where the stalemate has remained. there was a bit of a big pause between the community leaders and the police here. and they steamed have reached some sort of agreement if a protest goes past a certain point in this intersection, i presume it meant that the police were not going to move in on them. and we've been here like that for the last couple of hours now. >> steve, if you could, again, talk to us just about the crowds there. you know, a lot of people are watching this, you know, the hope here in the united states and certainly around the world for our viewers who are watching. knew a lot of people are hoping for a night of peace after this moment of unrest. had the crowds dispersed a bit, again, if you could kind of set the tone and the scene for us there? >> reporter: again, throughout the evening, with the
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demonstration, despite the rain, did draw hundreds and hundreds of people. they were parading up and down forest lawn avenue here in ferguson which is the maim shopping distance here. just a block off from where michael brown was shot. they were up in their cars. and what we've been hearing throughout this is hands up, don't shoot. hands up, don't shoot. we heard that throughout the night. but at the same time, there almost seems to be a sort of community pride exhibited here as the people who were acting as one as a group, they brought out their children, it was for the most part peaceful. but again, towards the latter half of the night, it did take a turn within the wrong direction when a few people within the crowd decided they wanted to do it in other ways, describe it however you wish. they took actions that didn't
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draw the attention of police who otherwise had no presence here. they had left the streets. the local community members. we saw a huge crowd following the reverend jesse jackson through the crowd earlier today. there were hugs and tears and applause and smiles. we saw other elected officials going through here and there was a sense with the people that they were in charge of their own community. that the police weren't even a business presence here. again, that changed as the night went on. and a very small number of people decided they weren't content with the way the things were and decided to take this another direction. >> steve, i can understand what you're dealing with pipe was there a week ago. i know the situation you're in right now. it started out peaceful and change vrd quid very quickly. a lot of people hoping for peace that that community.
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steve kastinbaum, we appreciate your reporting. >> reporter: thank you. a u.s.-led military operation is said to be under way to retake the isis dam from militants. >> cnn confirming it is a combined u.s.-iraqi mission near the city of mosul. kurdish news reports american and iraqi warplanes began hours ago bombing isis strongholds near the isis dam. >> we're told that air strikes would be followed up by iraqi and kurdish peshmerga forces. friday saw another massacre in iraq. >> this happened just south of sinjar in the region of kojar.
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killing at least 80 men. kurdish officials say the men also kidnapped about 100 women. >> u.s. military officials said once they received news that kojar was attacked they carried out that in the region. up next, a tale of two convoys. >> one supposedly bringing russian aid. the other allegedly bringing russian arms. we'll get the latest in just a moment.
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t is just after 11:00 a.m. in ukraine, where fighting between government forces and russia-backed rebels is intensify >> yes, the government is trying to reclaim the rebel stronghold, we've been talk about for weeks and weeks. the strongholds of donetsk and luhansk. the u.s. said 2,000 people have been killed there since ripley. will ripley is there. will, i know we have reports of two convoys in question. one military, one allegedly humanitarian. let's start with the reports of this military convoy coming into russia from ukraine, what do you know? >> reporter: we know that this convoy was reported thursday overnight into friday morning. western journalists in the ukrainian government say they spotted the convoy. and the ukrainian government actually tracked as it moved as
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they believe closer to luhansk which has been the site, in fact, is the site of continued fierce fighting. we just got an update from the city council there. and they say the situation remains critical for the thousands of people who are there. two weeks out food. at least food supplies running very low. no electricity no running water, no communications. there is a red cross aid station set up there. but the rebel fighters continue to wage a fierce battle. and this convoy was heading to that area that the ukrainian government believes to provide them with additional reinforcements. ukraine believes that wednesday are being smuggled as well. but the ukrainian government also says they fired upon this convoy of armored personnel carriers. they've destroyed them. all the while, moscow is insisting is this completely made up by the ukrainian government and the journalists who supposedly saw it, natalie. >> yeah, the war of words and this information that continues.
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then, of course, there's that other caravan, these white trucks coming from russia. what's interesting what is and isn't on the trucks. and the red cross has interceded. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, the red cross right now is on the convoy a little with ukrainian border guards who inspected those white trucks yesterday. and right now, they're still trying to work out some sort of an agreement, an arrangement, to allow those that did indeed contain humanitarian aid, although some were more than half empty. we're told that the trucks will be allowed once the paperwork is finalized to cross over into ukraine and deliver the badly needed supplies to the people who need them. the united nations put out new numbers. they're staggering. they're saying 4 million people have been affected by this confront. 156,000 people are actually displaced. meaning they don't have homes to go home to.
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that's a huge number. and it is really is a humanitarian crisis that just gets worse every day that these people don't get help and this violent fight continues. so the russian aid will be allowed to be delivered and then the trucks escorted out of the country. also in berlin, russia, ukraine, france and germany will be sitting down, diplomats from all of those countries to try to talk about the situation and de-escalate things before the conflict gets any worse than it already is. the war of words as you put it natalie. >> we'll be covering that as well, will ripley following developments in kiev. back to george. now on to iraq and the battle to retake the mosul dam, joining us from baghdad is cn s jumanica. >> reporter: it was taken over by isis militants earlier this
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month. it started in the early hours of saturday. we are hearing that it was a coordinated offensive it seems that u.s. air strikes and kurdish peshmerga troops and iraqi troops on the ground. up until a few hours ago, they were reporting that u.s. had bombed isis positions in four areas near the dam, as well as other areas located by isis, including that key border crossing by syria that they took over when they took it over back in june. kurdish media also asking witnesses in the area saying is this the heaviest u.s. strikes that they've seen since u.s. involvement. since the u.s. became involved in the fight against isis here. now, the big question is, this
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is a significant move. it seems we have to wait and see what the u.s. says about its involvement here. with the objectives intervening with the situation in iraq was to protect u.s. personnel, u.s. facilities that were under direct threat in the kurdish region, in northern iraq and also to help minorities like the yazidis who were besieged on mount sinjar. the u.s. does not want to get dragged back into a war with iraq. >> jomana, many people look at what happened to the fallujah dam, basically flooding towns downstream of that dam. people are concerned this could happen again. this dam brings water to people, to millions. can you just talk about how important, jomana, that dam is to the region and the people there? >> reporter: absolutely. this is iraq's largest
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hydroelectric dam. it's about 13 miles, 50 kilometers north of mosul. it's a key power to more than 1 million people in that area. so that's being controlled by isis. it's dangerous on many levels. there's been a lot of concern about this. one whether they could use this as a very dangerous, serious weapon here, opening the floodgates. this, according to some reports could flood the city of mosul and even reaching close to baghdad which is about 200 kilometers away. of course, also the concern here is isis has left this damaged. still up and running as we're hearing it is right now. just to be used as leverage by isis to providing people in the area with just like power that they need.
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so it's a very key and important installation and its enforcement for iraq to regain control of that. and of course, we'll have to see what the u.s. position 1/8, and why has it has decided to help iraqis retake terrorist regions lost by isis. >> cnn's jomana karadsheh on the attempt to take the isis over. we appreciate your report. we're getting reports of another mass kidnapping. we'll bring you those details next. coming up, also, the calls growing louder for pakistan's prime minister to step down. find out who's leading that charge.
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so you reach for something better. fewer calories. fewer carbs. more to experience. michelob ultra. the superior light beer. welcome back. in northern nigeria, villagers are reporting another mass kid dmaping by boca haram.
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>> they say militia captured 9700 young men and boys in a raid of a fishing village. 28 people were killed reportedly, 25 wounded. dozens of homes burned. >> the raid happened on monday but the news is only getting out now because boca haram destroyed local cell phone towers in previous raids. more than 200 school girls were kidnapped in april and still missing. >> in pakistan, thousands taking part in a rally to demand the prime minister stand down. it was led by two of the opposition's biggest figures. khan called on prime minister al sharif to resign. >> translator: i will come here tomorrow and will spend nights and will stay here until naz
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ever al what receive resigns. the political instability comes as pakistan wages war. two air bases were attacked by gunmen. well heavy rains continue for east asia this weekend. >> meteorologist ivan cabrera tracking it all. >> yeah, more rain on the way for the same areas that have been hit, and some pictures to show you images coming out of china as well. 173 millimeters in japan. that was the tally on friday. that's a lot of rainfall in just 24 hours. and nothing to do with the tropics, just a frontal boundary that's stalled that's going to bring heavy rain to places like fukuoka as we discussed yesterday. you there see tokyo getting in on some of that rain as well. it is a wet weekend across japan. and that rain stretches out, by
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the way, into south and the west. to include taiwan, taipei getting in on heavy rainfall right now. relatively quiet, shanghai, but farther south, you see the images bubble up during the daytime. heating will continue to see that. take a look at this picture coming out of china, watch out, getting a little too close there. that's one of the rivers there overflowing. and, well, taking a few people and a few mopeds and everything with it. nobody seriously hurt, but excellent unews there. very heavy rain on the way across the next couple of days across some of the provinces as we have had a bit of a break and we're getting into torrential downpours. some tallies could be anywhere if 25 millimeters, that's an inch to as much as 100 in quo
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quongho. as i mentioned it also includes japan. how about the tropics? a rake here, usually this time of year and have been for a time tracking some kind of tropical system. there are no tropical systems, there are no typhoons and nothing that piqued my interest. that's excellent news. and with that, i'll leave you with this, how about ri ri turning 9 in japan. this is disturbing, maybe he's about to eat a little bit of -- >> hey, he doesn't know any better. happy birthday to ri ri. there it is. >> thanks, ivan. well, our story that we've been following, u.s. air strikes in iraq. and of course, the humanitarian property there 500,000 iraqis have been forced from their homes by the militants moving through the country. up next, we will visit a
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fast-growing tense city in syria where refugees are just struggling to survive. also, an overnight scandal, riot police responding in a town where an unarmed teenager was killed by police. we'll have the very latest.
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welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. thank you for being with us. turning now to ferguson, missouri, where riot police had a standoff with looters just a short time ago. >> confrontation began after people closed off a section of the street near a convenience store. police used bull horns to try to disperse the crowds. asked them to go home.
1:32 am
some demonstrators raised their hands in the air just to protest last week's shooting death of michael brown. many people tried to keep the peace by blocking looters from entering stores. >> we have to call not just for closure, but for the leaders of our community to stand up and help stop the looting. one of the things i was able to do is go to stores and make sure we have people there guarding the stores. we don't want a bad reputation for our community. we need our leaders, we need our clergy, we need all of them here to represent us to help us coordinate this, it's right now 3:00 in the morning. but we need people here to rally together to make this happen. >> and, again, all of this over the shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. his friends and family say he was a gentle giant, a soft-spoken young man who worked hard to graduate from high school. but the release of surveillance video that appears to show him
1:33 am
robbing a convenience store just before he was shot and killed has some questioning that description. cnn's jason carroll reports. >> reporter: at the first moment michael brown's parents faced the public to talk about their son, they wanted to make one point very clear. >> i don't want no violence. we don't want no violence. >> because michael wouldn't have wanted no violence. >> reporter: not helping these images. the person seen on surveillance video captured less than an hour with the fatal confrontation with a police officer. instead, these are the images brown's family says reflects who he really was. a young man who loved playing games. as much as he loved his family. one telling facebook, if i leave this earth today, at least you know how i cared about others than i care about my damn self. >> he was my first born. sweet, loving, dedicated. he worked hard to get through
1:34 am
high school. we were so proud of him. >> reporter: and then there was his nickname. big mike, the 18-year-old stood 6'4" and weighed nearly 300 pounds. >> he had a very quiet soft-spoken voice. >> he was a gentle giant. he was big, he was careful. he cared for everybody pipe loved everything about this young man. >> police say dorian johnson was with brown that day at the store. police also say they are not charging johnson with allegedly committing a strong-arm robbery, steals grars. the family called the release of the video character assassination in an attempt to blame the victim who was unarmed. donnington eddington was friends with brown and knew him from high school. >> it ain't true if they say that about him. he ain't rob nobody. he ain't that kind of person.
1:35 am
>> reporter: how can you say that for sure? >> we used to hang together. we played on the same football team. he ain't that kind of person. >> reporter: his mother will continue to fight for justice. >> just because my son is a 6'4" black male walking down a city street does not mean he fit the profile for anything, anything other than just walking down the street. >> that was jason carroll reporting on that story for us. >> reports from northern iraq say u.s. and iraqi forces are attacking isis militants trying to recapture the isis dam. >> we were told that iraqi peshmerga forces are are going to following it. >>en a chilling indicator is the movement of refugees. >> as ivan watson tells us they're looking for safety in another war-ravaged area, syria.
1:36 am
>> reporter: the children are wilting, sick after fleeing through the desert to escape isis, but now receiving medical help at this new refugee camp in a kurdish-controlled enclave in syria. >> the clinics here are providing medical care for people coming to these camps. they say some of the most common problems they're facing are the little kids, they say, get dehydrated due to the extreme heat and many of them have also gotten weak during the long journey through the desert. to reach this safe haven. more than 13,000 people live here. almost all of them are kurdish yazidis from iraq's sinjar region. every tent holds a horror story. she got separated from her son when the family fled sinjar in panic two weeks ago. they later tried calling his
1:37 am
cell phone. you called him and isis answered the phone? she says the stranger on her son's phone said whoever we capture, we kill. at this refugee camp aid organizations focus on helping the living. distributing tents, blankets, daily meals, even soap. armed kurds in uniform, many of them women, provide protection. calling themselves the people's protection unit, they're better known as the ppk. they were accused of being terrorists but for the last years in this corner of syria, this leftist kurdish militia has helped hold back isis tide. they launched a cross-border attack into iraq. >> translator: we attack to
1:38 am
protect the people. we opened a safe world to the mountain and helped 16,000 of them get to safety. >> reporter: this fighter shows me posters of her comrades killed fighting isis. she says she trained them. so you were their commander? >> translator: yes. the commander of this region. >> reporter: at the camp, kurdish volunteers delivered daily meals to hungry refugees. and distribute ice to help them cope with the heat. amid the commotion, a 4-year-old boy falls hurt. she fled here with three children, pregnant with the fourth. her husband far away finding work in europe. she wasn't ready for this war.
1:39 am
ivan watson, cnn, in kurdish-controlled syria. >> very difficult to watch that. earlier this week, we got another dramatic first hand look at the intensity of the refugee situation on iraq's mount sinjar. ivan, again, tells us how a helicopter ride to report on a story turned into a life-saving mission. >> reporter: some woman gave me this baby with this incredible red hair. and i wanted to -- i wanted to carry the baby was so tiny, i wanted to carry the baby to the back of the helicopter, when the mother was incredible. she -- i don't know how she vaulted in the helicopter, but then she snatched the baby out of my hands before i could take the child to safety, which just shows you how incredible these maternal instincts are. >> yeah. that helicopter was just dropping aid, the next thing you know, they get so low and slow down, people just started piling
1:40 am
in. witnessed the desperation of people trapped on that mountain and watched as that aid drop with emotional iraqis swarming the helicopter. that comes up in the report "flight from terror." for viewers in the united states, 8:30 p.m. eastern. coming up a huge crowd in seoul to see pope francis. >> he's celebrating mass for a specific reason. we'll tell what you that is ahead. plus, texas governor rick perry finds himself in legal hot water. we'll have details coming up after the break.
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large crowds continue to greet pope francis during his stay in seoul, south korea. one of the key events on his historic trip to asia. pope francis beatified 124 martyrs in the early days in korea. >> pontiff is making his first visit to the country and it's also the first by a pope in 25 years. let's go live to our own paula hancocks who is in seoul, south korea, with why this is such an important visit for the pope. paula. >> well, george, we certainly saw a lot of excitement in that crowd early on this saturday. hundreds of thousands of catholics were here to hear the
1:44 am
mass and also to watch pope francis beatify 124 martyrs. really the theme of saturday morning was persecution of christians, certainly very topical, given what's happening around the world at this point. 124 martyrs now one step closer to sainthood. and this afternoon, we have seen him go to a rehabilitation center for disabled children. we've also seen him, at this point, he's about to make a speech to about 5,000 nuns encouraging them in their work. but the response here from the catholic church has been quite significant. not the biggest church here. only 10%, just over, are actually catholics. but it's a very fast-growing church. >> reporter: dubbed the jacques star pope due to his popularity, the catholic youth of asia couldn't ko not agree more. breaking away from his prepared speech on friday, he delighted the young crowd.
1:45 am
>> are you ready to say yes? are you ready? >> reporter: this is why pope francis came to south korea. only about 10% of the population is catholic, but the church is growing fast. and across asia, the congregation is young. surrounding himself with asian youth there was of course the inevitable selfie which the pontiff did not seem to mind. his transport from the airport, a kia hatchback. it had to be korean. and another kia the next day, the wind proved a tricky combination. >> mate lord welcome today into peace. >> reporter: he offered words of sympathy and hope for the parents of school children killed in south korea's recent ferry sinking and for those who survived. pope francis is making speeches in english on this trip for the first time. officials say he's been practicing so he can reach more people.
1:46 am
he called for peace and reunification for the two areas. >> for peace, this is close to our hearts. >> and also today, this saturday, as he was driving in his popemobile, up the main street in downtown seoul to give that mass, we also saw him stop and talk to the father of one of the victim the south reya an recent ferry sinking back in april which kid more than 300 people. most of them school children. and we did see this father give the pope a letter which he put in his pocket. he has been very supportive of those families who lost loved ones and also the survivors. and certainly that will be something that will endear him dearly to south koreans. george. >> paula, this trip important to the pope. obviously important because catholicism is growing there in south korea.
1:47 am
can you talk to us of the pope going off the cuff, speaking in english, directly to the young people there. >> reporter: well, this is something very unusual, we're being told, the fact that he's actually giving speeches in english. now, they are prepared speeches to start with but what we saw yesterday, halfway through the speech, he basically gave up and said that he was going to start ad-libbing. he tried to, in english, he said he wanted to communicate with his audience. there were thousands of young asians in the audience. they were delighted by this. we were told bit vatican he had been practicing his english, because he knew it was the second biggest language across south korea and asia, more people speak english that he wanted to communicate with, knowing that the young people speak english. but then said his english wasn't great. he was finding it difficult but slipped into italian. just of the fact that he was trying absolutely delighted the
1:48 am
crowd. and he seemed very at ease, pope francis, talking to this young crowd and clearly enjoying himself. >> paula hancocks joining us live in seoul, south korea. thank you for your reporting. well, there is a major new warning from the world health organization from africa. it says the ebola outbreak is, quote, vastly underestimate david mckenzie has the latest now from johannesburg. >> reporter: aid organizations are saying that the ebola outbreak in west africa continuing to spiral out of control. the head of doctors without borders likens it to a war zone. >> i really have the feeling it is like a wartime. it is fear. general fear, all over where you are, nobody understand whagts going on. the other thing, it's moving,
1:49 am
it's advancing. >> reporter: disturbing words, doctors without borders say they're building at least two more treatment centers but they are stretched on the ground. they need physician, but also they need people to contact, figure out where the disease has gone and shoo might have come in contact with it. the governments of the three worst affected countries have created an outbreak quarantine zone where at least 1 million people are stuck. but it's unclear how effective that zone is in stopping the spread of this disease further. there's also been a response globally. korean air says it will stop flying to kenya, the country which has no ebola cases, but is a major transit point. and at the youth olympic games, three athletes have been barred from competing because they come from the ebola hit zones. experts say, although, this outbreak is alarming, the correct information about ebola
1:50 am
is important. and it's a relatively difficult disease to catch. but they do say that the fear globally could help mobilize boots on the ground where they need it most. david mckenzie, cnn, johannesburg, south africa. coming back here, we circle around to a town in the u.s., ferguson, missouri, unweek after an unarmed teenager was killed by police. and now in a poignant turn, residents are standing up to the looters and police are standing by. we have details when we return on cnn newsroom.
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another confrontation between riot police and looters in a town where an african-american teenager, where michael brown, was shot and killed. >> these are again live pictures it's about 4:00 in the morning there. peaceful demonstrations took a turn to the worse saturday. four stores would be damaged and allegedry robs. most crowds have dispersed, riot police have not engaged with any of the looters. the governor of the u.s. state of texas has been indicted by a grand jury. the charges against rick perry relate to his efforts to try to force a local prosecutor to resign. governor perry is a former and possibly future republican party presidential candidate. his attorney says he acted legally under the texas state constitution. and he said perry will prevail in court.
1:54 am
cooler temperatures for northwest europe on tap. >> ivan cabrera is tracking it all. >> the temperatures on the back side where we had before, it rolled through on the baltic sea, getting reports of numerous water spouts on portions of gauntlet island here in sweden and all of that action continuing to push to the south and east. a bit of a break, as we have another system to the north, that's going to be moving none. but behind the storms, sometimes, you get this. this double rainbow there in oslo. in norway. this is a -- the particular island in norway. pedestrian only. sounds like a fantastic vacation spot. look at that, a nice double rainbow for them to end the weekend. but they have rain moving in. the clouds will be thickening up, and by the time we get to sunday, showers and storms will
1:55 am
be returning to the forecast. france looks like. showers and storms, you see them popping up. nothing organized. but this is organized. is this a swirl moving in from the north sea. that will bring gusty winds and rain that have arrived here. temperatures in the teens right now. nice and cool. you see the dividing line into the mid-20s to the south and low teens to the north. national hurricane center putting this at 50%. what we're looking at here is a tropical appearance. you'll see showers and storms as you're watching from cape verde. we've only had two storms, arthur, of course, and then we had bertha. this would be the sea storm if it does develop, guys. and it is well out there. and we have time to watch it. if anything does develop, we'll let you know. >> thank you. well, there is another storm
1:56 am
taking place. the little league world series is under way. so far, a young woman with a big arm is stealing the show. >> 13-year-old pitcher mo'ne davis is mowing the batters down. friday she threw a two-hit shutdown. this was only her second straight shutout. after the game, the young thrower from philadelphia hands the reporters just like a pro. her coffee and mother very happy as well. >> i got to know the umpire strike zone. so that helped me out a lot. >> held our defense and mo pitching like that, as long as we got the sequence, the pitching torsion keep it in the yard, we're in good shape. >> this game blew me away. i don't think she ever hit any strikeouts but this game blew me away. >> davis has a competition
1:57 am
mandated reset period. she will be eligible to pitch on monday. >> maybe another mo-show as they call it. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. cnn's "new day" starts next. >> this is really what her days are all about. you can see the people below on sinjar mountain. a lot of people waiting. here they come. i've been doing this job for ten years. i have never seen a situation like this, as emotionally charged as this.
1:58 am
1:59 am
2:00 am
breaking news overnight as more violence erupts in ferguson, missouri. good morning, everyone, we're so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell, live in ferguson, missouri, for this early special edition. we want to welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. >> victor, good to see you this morning. >> likewise. >> we want to show you this video from just a few hours ago. a s.w.a.t. team in riot gear with gas mask, and armed trucks. pointing military-style weapons at a group of people gathered in the rain outside of a market and liquor store. this is in fergusson, this is the same storehe