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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  August 26, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we are genx, right? >> no one cares about gen x. >> "early start" continues right now. the hunt for isis u.s. drones to fly over syria search for islamic militants. air strikes could follow, escalating america's role. this, as isis gains more ground in iraq and our investigators are getting closer to identifying the isis jihadist that killed american journalist, james foley. breaking overnight, a new audio recording surfaces in the death of michael brown. attorney's claiming the sound of gunshots offer insight into the police shooting of the unarmed teenager as the city mourns the tragedy. the very latest overnight, coming up. good morning, everyone.
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great to see you. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 in the east. it is tuesday. it is tuesday. all right. we welcome all our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. the u.s. weighing military action against isis inside syria. president obama authorize zed reconnaissance flights. the first could happen at anytime. the syrian government said it's ready offer support to fight the islamic terrorists. as for a possible attack here, the white house says there's no evidence of a current plot, but they are concerned about the potential threat. cnns nick paton walsh is live in london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: christine, that authorization by the white house does take u.s. military involvement against isis to a different level, one that u.s. officials say is absolutely necessary. you can't hit them hard in iraq and not in syria, the original
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stronghold. it's not an easy task. a reconnaissance backed up with spies on the ground, tough to get them into isis controlled areas. they are so ruthless in maintaining their own secrecy. hard, as journalists, to get cameras on the ground. the history of pakistan where u.s. strikes and some tribal areas caused population resentment particularly the signature strikes with suspicious activity. it's going to be difficult for the u.s. to do this effectively, but isis is on the march against the syrian regime and the rebels the u.s. would like to support. a degree of urgency. they determined in their mind what many thought presented a threat to the united states, too. >> it puts the united states in an uncomfortable position where it is supporting or allowing al
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assad to remain. i mean that's been the difficult position the u.s. is in. >> reporter: since the start, there's been reluctant to push too hard against the assad regime. if it did fall n 2012, there were moderate syrian rebels there. potentially they may have found it amongst themselves to form a rival government. they fractured and bickering in istanbul rather than getting on the job to replace bashar. isis attacked the syrian moderate rebels. now they are on their back, almost potentially facing a crisis. isis moving so fast against them. the regime moving so fast against them. now t regime focusing on the fact that isis is a threat to them, too. >> thanks, nick. a major threat in iraq as
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well. air strikes may have stopped, but defeating them will be a long process requiring more than air strikes, including support from iraq's regional neighbors. the u.s. accuses isis of the massacre of hundreds in mosul. we are live in baghdad with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. the latest here from baghdad this morning, according to police, a car bomb detonating in a predominantly area in baghdad. ten people killed and 30 wounded in that attack. it's a day after we saw multiple bombings striking shia areas here in baghdad and also the south of iraq. one of the attacks in baghdad was targeting a shia mosque. a suicide bomber hit that mosque during prayer time. we heard later on in the day, a
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statement from isis claiming responsibility for the attack saying it was revenge in retaliation for the brutal attack we saw on friday, northeast of baghdad at a sunni mosque. they stormed it killing at least 70 people there. that attack was blamed by sunni politicians on suspected shia militiamen raising tensions here and fears and concern that is attacks like this could be on the rise even further. attacks like this could be driving the country closer to an all-out sectarian war. this is something that we have heard in the past. the political situation here is key, trying to bridge the gap and bring everyone into an inclusive government would be a key factor in fighting isis and weakening that organization here. this is what's going on in baghdad. two more weeks left for the deadline to put together that
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government to try and exploit it. the sectarian tension and gain so much ground in sunni areas in iraq. >> the sectarian strike undermining a chance for political stability. thanks so much. the business model for isis is terrifying. it is the richest terror organization in the world. it is using the middle east oil to fund it. they took control of the oil fields in syria and now controls seven in northern iraq. the production capacity, 80,000 barrel as day. they sell it for $25 to 60 bucks a barrel. it's a deep discount to the $100 globally. they are bringing in $3 million a day in oil sales. criminal activity like kidnapping, smuggling and extortion bring in revenue as do wealthy private donors around the world. the government has been trying to freeze the assets of the fund-raisers around the world.
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it's clear isis is trying to become self-financing. there are plenty of traitors and black market barterers willing to do business as well. six minutes past the hour. now, an "early start" on your money. futures barely moving. the s&p 500 briefly topped 2,000 yesterday. it closed at a record high of 8% this year. futures hold this morning. it will be a record. record day. >> not bad at all. >> not bad. freed american hostage, peter theo curtis is waiting to be reunited with his family. he was held captive for nearly two years. his mother telling abc news after learning her son was alive and free, she reached out to the mother of slain american journalist, james foley. >> the first thing i did, before i told my daughter, i sent an
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e-mail to diane foley. we have been through so much together. i didn't want her to hear it from the media first. >> do you know what you'll say to him? >> give him a big hug and probably cry. he'll probably cry. >> the mother also said she's going to take away his passport. >> nancy curtis is so relieved theo is healthy and safe and headed home. new revelations from edward snowden about the data base. the nsa built up a google-like data base that allows two dozen agencies to search through 850 billion records, including calls, e-mails and internet chats. the program called i-reach has data on the private communication of foreigners and millions of americans. >> this is interesting. the veteran's administration says no patients died because of long waits of medical care.
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an internal investigation looked into the deaths of 40 veterans and found no link to the scheduling backlogs. they doctored records to high delays. cnn reported the problems some months ago. outrage led to the resignation of eric shinseki. president obama said to deliver remarks at the american legion in charlotte, north carolina. north carolina senator, kay hagen blasted the president, questioning his commitment to veterans. hagen is a democrat and locked in a tight re-election race. she says the administration hasn't done enough to earn the trust of veterans. a democrat blasting her boss. >> some of the biggest names in television, not including christine romans. they were on hand for the prime time emmy awards. it was a good night for
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"breaking bad." one of the night's most unbelievable moments. look at this. this kiss, 11 seconds, at least. from julia louie dreyfuss. he appeared on seinfeld. clearly had unfinished business to take care of there. other winners, modern family for the fifth time. jim parson's won his fourth gold statue. and the out standing actress for the role in "the good wife." she took a shot at the cable roles in support of her broadcast show. it was an emotional billy crystal paying tribute to his good friend, robin williams. it's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. for almost 40 years he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy.
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robin williams, what a concept. >> he was good friends. still struggling, i think, with the passing of robin williams now two weeks ago. >> that was very, very nice remarks. ten minutes past the hour. breaking overnight, a new audio recording. capturing the sounds of police shooting and killing michael brown. the new evidence surfacing as the community mourns. you are going to hear it for yourself, after the break. (singing) ♪ dust irritating your eye? (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ifyou may be muddlingble withrough allergies.nger... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™. breaking overnight, audio of the moment michael brown was shot emerged. it was recorded during a video chat. listen to the audio, then hear from the resident that captured the shots on tape. listen. >> you are pretty. you are so fine. just going over some of your
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videos. >> he was in his apartment, he was talking to a friend on a video chat. he heard loud noises and at the moment, at the time, he didn't realize the import of what he was hearing until afterwards. it just happened to have captured 12 seconds of what transpired outside of his building. >> sounds like more than a dozen shots. the fbi is investigating and has interviewed her client. it comes on the same day thousands packed a funeral home for michael brown. he was shot just over two weeks ago. it was an emotional service. one that included calls for peace, calls for justice. nick valencia says quiet has now taken hold in ferguson. >> it has been another day of peace and quiet here on the streets of ferguson in the
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overnight hours. we saw a dwindling of the police force as well as the demonstrators showing solidarity for mike brown. it seems as though people on the streets of ferguson heeded the message of their elders. he won sunday, urged and encouraged to keep the peace and be respectful the day his son was laid to rest. here in ferguson, in the morning hours, this is what we see. the approved assembly area. if you look around here, it's largely empty. there's a small contingent of folks here who spent the night here overnight. a dozen people tell me they will continue their demonstrations even when the cameras leave. there's support for the officer in st. louis, 30 minutes away from here. his supporters raise zed $400,000 for his defense. that's going toward his
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livelihood. he's been given an unfair chance in the media and fear he will one, never be able to be a police officer and two, never be able to live in st. louis, again. it's been clear to me and told to me this group is for mike brown. while it may be peaceful right now in these hours, the demonstrations will continue today, even if the cameras aren't here to catch it. they want the story out there and the focus to be on mike brown as well as the youth that suffer at the hands of the police. nick valencia, cnn. prosecutors calling for a life sentence for osama bin laden's son-in-law. he was convicted in march for conspiracy. a life sentence would defer future attacks. a spokesman for al qaeda and recruited members through videos posted on the internet. he's scheduled to be sentenced
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next month. rick perry's lawyer filing 60-page -- it violates the state and u.s. constitution. the charges stem from perry's veto of state funding for the office of a d.a. who refused to resign after a drunk-driving conviction. we want to look at the forecast. indra petersons is here with that. >> a nice break here. this is where we are looking at it. watching the cold front make its way across. the scattered showers are popping up ahead of it. it's easy to see a crystal ball as well. the heaviest amounts of rain for chicago seeing the thunderstorms. otherwise, still the heat. these are the heat index still 100 degrees to the south. meanwhile, the mild air behind it. the contrast, billings had snow
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in montana. 72 degrees today. what are we looking at? there's cristobal. 75-mile-an-hour winds. it is a category 1 hurricane. the path is keeping it offshore. that doesn't mean we are not seeing the effects. it goes between bermuda. staying as a hurricane, before finally dissipating into a low. we are talking very high surf out there. keep in mind the west coast thrks is a huge story, a cat 5. ten to 15-foot surf, very rare in california. >> keep an eye on that. thanks so much. every year, the worldcoms to flushing meadows for the u.s. open. venus williams battles an unwelcome opponent. andy scholes has that coming up with the bleacher report. [ fema? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort.
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try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. an amazing, heroic act will keep one of the leaders of the defense on the sidelines for awhile. >> amazing story. he says it was well worth it. andy scholes has more. >> the ufc player is josh. he was at a family gathering saturday when he saw his 7-year-old nephew who does not know how to swim struggling in the pool. he leaped from a second floor
2:24 am
balcony and crawled into the pool to help his nephew. he suffered two severely sprained ankle from the jump. he says he would do it again, for any kid. he hopes to be back on the field for the trojans, playing as soon as possible. the player at the center of the miami dolphins may be getting a second chance. the nfl cleared richey incognito to playing. the former probowler visited the tampa bay buccaneers on monday. many teams are interested in his services. incognito hasn't been on the field since being suspended by the dolphins last november. bleacher, there's plenty of buzz around venus williams at the u.s. open. literally. check this out. a bee caused three delays during the first round match between williams and crump.
2:25 am
eventually, two ball kids and others came out with a towel and they did capture the bee, guys. they carried it off. williams went on to win the match in three sets. look at that. i'm terrified of bees. i would have been running, running for cover. >> we know you are a strong man. didn't he change the flight patterns of flights? >> i don't know what it is. maybe it was the sweat. >> nice to see you. >> 25 minutes after the hour, the united states moving in on isis this morning. new attack strategy may be launched to take down the terror organization. as the organization gains ground in syria, is this too little too late? we have live team coverage ahead.
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the hunt for isis, the u.s. sending new surveillance into syria. the terror organization making big gains in the war-torn country. is it time to attack where they are strongest? this, as isis makes new grounds in iraq and pushes the country further toward civil war. live team coverage from london and baghdad ahead. breaking news overnight, a new audio recording that may have captured the moments michael brown was killed by a police officer. why is this evidence surfacing now? hear it for yourself. this, as the community there pays its final respects. >> tv's best facing off for the
2:30 am
prime time emmy awards. we are breaking down all the big moments from last night, incase you missed it. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> great to see you, i'm john berman. 29 minutes past the hour. this morning, a new front in the battle against isis militants. president obama signing off on surveillance flights over syria, talking about drones and spy planes, perhaps laying the ground work for air strikes on isis tarkt targets inside syria, soon. this comes as islamic militants seize the air base inside that country. the syrian government is showing their willingness from the united states and others to fight isis. nick paton walsh is following the latest developments. the spy flights are a sign of what may be to come. >> certainly. many believe if you are going to tackle in iraq it's pointless unless you tackle in northern
2:31 am
syria. the syrian government pleaing with several caveats. the obama administration doesn't want to be seen as the air force of the regime that's killed tens of thousands of civilians. many say it's the root cause of radicalism and the support basis isis found in parts of syria. the decision to launch the flights over northern syria against isis, very complicated. you know, it's a mess there. very little human intelligence on the ground. few spies, so to speak. they are seen in pakistan in the past. you make mistakes and kill civilians, you make more enmys, too. john? >> so much going on in that region over the last week or so. we are talking the death, the
2:32 am
assassination of journalist james foley. are investigators closer to finding the man who killed him? >> reporter: there's speculation. they are close, they are not close. it's hard to keep tabs of where the hunt is. we are speaking to forensic analysts and they point out key things. the man who seems to carry out the execution, he's a different physical build than the man giving the speech. the man giving the speech has a different kind of knife in his hand. i peers to holster his pistol so the right hand can use it. the executioner -- is man with the british accent who is being hunted down may not be the one who committed the execution. it's a complex task ahead for investigator investigators.
2:33 am
thanks so much. a car bomb in baghdad killed ten people and injured dozens of others. no claim of responsibility so far. it follows a series of weekend bombings that killed 20. the fight continuing in iraq. isis is accused of crimes against humanity. we are live in baghdad where sectarian violence is on the rise. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, christine, as you mentioned the car bomb this morning, a bloody start to the day in baghdad with ten people killed and 34 wounded in a shiite neighborhood. this is a day after several bombings in shiite areas here in baghdad and two car bombs detonating in the shia city, the holy city in the south of the country. yesterday, one of the attacks in eastern baghdad was a suicide
2:34 am
bomber on foot who struck a shia mosque during noon prayer, killing a number of people. a few hours later, we heard from isis. a statement came out claiming responsibility from the bombing, saying it was revenge for the brutal attack we saw on friday. you may recall, it was in northeastern baghdad that gunmen stormed a sunni mosque there, opened fire, killed at least 70 worshippers in the mosque. they blamed it on shia militia mern. after the attacks, there have been fears. attacks have been rising in the country. sectarian tensions have been at an all-time high, that i have seen here in iraq. there has been fear that these attacks could trigger that cycle of vicious sectarian violence that could unleash and ignite once more the all-out sectarian war we saw that claimed tens of thousands of lives in 2006 and 2007. isis has been exploiting the
2:35 am
sectarian devisions in this country that sunnis have been feeling marginalized. it's played on that and allowed it to gain territory and solidify presence in the area. that is why government formation that is taking place right now baghdad with two weeks to go for the constitutional deadline to end will be key in trying to weaken and defeat isis, ultimately in this country, if the prime minister is able to bring on board sunni arabs in the political process and make them feel included. >> thank you. 35 minutes after the hour. the veterans administration says no patients at the phoenix hospital died because of long waits for medical care. this is interesting. they looked into the deaths of 40 veterans and found no link between the deaths and scheduling backlogs. they doctored records to hide
2:36 am
the delays. outrage over the delays led to the resignation of secretary eric shinseki. time for an "early start" on your money. s&p 500 topped 2,000, 2,000 for the first time yesterday. it didn't finish above 2,000 but it was the 29th record high close this year. bumps in the last few months, the s&p 500 is up 8% this year. since the march 2009 low. look at that. it's up 200%. if you put a grand back in there, it's worth three grand. >> another missed opportunity. >> this is a way to show you the incredible run it has been. european stocks are mixed. asian stocks ended lower. markets are mellow today. >> that's the technical term? >> mellow. i'm going to say they are mellow. >> 36 minutes after the hour.
2:37 am
breaking overnight. new audio of the moment michael brown was shot emerged. it was recorded as you will hear, during a video chat. listen very carefully to this audio, then we are going to hear from the attorney of the ferguson resident who captured what sounded like shots. listen. >> you are pretty. [ gunfire ] >> you are so fine. just going over some of your videos. [ gunfire ] >> how could i forget. >> he was in his apartment talking to a friend on a video chat. he heard loud noises and, at the moment, at the time, he didn't realize the import of what he was hearing until afterwards and it just happened to have captured 12 seconds of what transpired outside of his building. >> i counted at least ten or 11 shots. the fbi is investigating and interviewed her client. this came on the same day thousands packed the funeral home for a home going, final
2:38 am
farewell to michael brown, the unarmed teenager shot by police in ferguson just over two weeks ago. ift was an emotional service including calls for peace and justice. cnns nick valencia on the streets of ferguson right now where things are quiet. >> reporter: it has been another day of peace and quiet here on the streets of ferguson in the overnight hours, we saw a dwindling of the police force as well as those demonstrators showing solidarity for michael brown. people on the streets of ferguson heeded the message of their elders as well as the message of mike brown sr. who urged and encouraged people to keep the peace, be respectful on the day his son was laid to rest. here in ferguson, in the early morning hours, that is what we see. the approved assembly area for ferguson. if you look around here, it's largely empty. there is a small contingent of
2:39 am
folks here, who spent the night here overnight. about a dozen people tell me they will continue their demonstrations, even when the cameras leave. there's a strong support for officer darren wilson in st. louis. his supporters raised $400,000 for his defense and livelihood. his supporters say he's been given an unfair chance in the media, mischaracterized and fear he will never be able to be a police officer and two, never be able to live in st. louis again. behind me, it's been clear to me and told to me directly, this group is for mike brown. while it may be peaceful right now in these hours, they say the demonstrations will continue today, they want the story out there and the focus on mike brown as well as the youth here who suffer at the hands of the police. in ferguson, missouri, nick
2:40 am
valencia, cnn. >> thanks for that report. next, the best of tv and the internet. who won big? who was shut out? we are laking "early start" history. the early start debut breaking down the big moments after the break. ♪ (singing) ♪ dust irritating your eye? (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. do you guys have identity theft protection? [ male voice ] i'm sorry, did you say identity distribution? no. protection. identity theft protection. you have selected identity distribution. your identity will now be shared with everyone. thank you. no, no, no -- [ click, dial tone ] [ female announcer ] not all credit report sites are equal. [ male voice ] we're good in here, howie. yeah, have a good night, brother. members get personalized help plus identity theft protection.
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2:44 am
66th emmy prime time awards. >> what were the best moments and snubs? brian is joining us bright and early to break it down. you were up all night watching it. >> i was. i couldn't resist. it was a lot like watching last year. "breaking bad" and "modern family." it's been winning for years and years and years. it felt a little bit like, you know, welcome back to last year's emmy's. >> no one cares about this more than you dochlt you were talking the halls talking about how excited you were. >> i was. >> you told me, this could be the year netflix breaks through. >> they were shutout. nominated for house of cards, orange is the new black. a lot of people thought orange is the new black would win. modern family won five years in a row. only frazier won five years in a
2:45 am
row before. i thought orange is the new black was going to come through. the only time netflix came up with a commercial they bought during the telecast. i thought that was interesting. >> i thought juliana's speech was wonderful. there's always talk about how cable is dominant at the emmys. it doesn't matter to viewers. viewers don't care what channel a show is on, they want good tv. the networks care a lot. to have her win for "the good wife" even though the show was snubbed, she made a comment how the writers come through, 22 episodes a year and cable shows are 10 to 13 a year. also stephen colbert blowing his wife a kiss and she blew one back. it's the real colbert, not the one we see on comedy.
2:46 am
>> we saw fallon, we saw kimmel, all of them except letterman. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for your "early start" debut -- >> i think you should have a different correspondent bring you coffee every morning. >> you get the commemorative "early start" mug. >> i'll wash it out. >> great to have you with us. allison joins us now. hi, allison. >> hey, guys. you are having fun for this early in the morning. >> for a tuesday. >> i'll take a dose of that. we are covering the latest in the fight against isis and the steps the united states may have to take to combat that group. president obama okayed reconnaissance flights over syria. so does this mean air strikes in syria will follow? how involved will the u.s. have to get in serious civil war to stop these terrorists?
2:47 am
plus, cnn has exclusive new audio that may have captured the michael brown shooting on tape. cnn has not verified the audio. what can we learn from the sounds of the reported gunshots, about what might have happened? we will play it for you. all this after brown's emotional funeral. we'll talk to a family member who spoke at the service. that is coming up in 13 minutes. >> that new audio, really, really interesting. take a close listen to it. new hope for peace in war-torn gaza. could israel and hamas be ready to return to a cease-fire? we are live with the latest on that after the break. [ femal] birdhouse plans. nacho pans. glass on floors. daily chores. for the little mishaps you feel use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag.
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israeli air strikes keep coming in gaza. the latest, nearly leveling one of the tallest buildings injuring 20 people. israel claims it was a hamas commander center. meantime, attempts for mideast peace talks may be gaining traction. they are considering a month long cease-fire with hamas. ben is live in jerusalem for us. the rocks and the air strikes continue on both sides. is there any chance here of a cease-fire?
2:52 am
>> reporter: in gaza we saw two israeli air strikes on two, by gaza standards, high-rises. one, a 14-story building, another somewhat smaller. basically, what we saw in the beginning of the war, israelis shooting rockets or missiles into individual offices or homes. now they are taking them down. this is the israeli version of shock and awe. one of those buildings known as the italian complex was hit at midnight after getting so-called knock on the roof at 11:00 p.m. there, the entire building came down. this is a building that according to the israeli army, had a hamas command and control system in it. however, residents telling us that there were also many shops and offices there. also overnight an israeli home
2:53 am
was hit, severely damaging it. in that case, 18 people were injured. so, really, the back and forth continues on the diplomatic front. there are signs there may be some progress. apparently, an official from hamas has suggested a current egyptian proposal for an indefinite cease-fire followed by the easing of the israeli blockade on gaza is acceptable. israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, saying he's considering a month-long cease-fire. keeping in mind, of course, that next week israeli schools are supposed to go back into session. the feeling is that today, day 50, this war has gone on long enough. christine? >> day 50. ben wedeman in jerusalem. burger king getting a benefit from warren buffett in the tax
2:54 am
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let's get an "early start" on your money this morning. no stopping the stock market. the s&p 500 topped 2,00 for the first time yesterday. it didn't finish the day above 2,000 but managed the 29th record high close for the year. right now, u.s. stock futures mellow this morning, barely moving. european stocks are mixed. warren buffett is helping burger king. they are in talks to merge with
2:58 am
tim hortons. the wall street journal is reporting, they will provide 25% of the deal's financing. that would put buffett in the middle of a heated debate about u.s. taxes. the white house has called inversions inpatriotic. >> certainly isn't fair to the millions of middle class families in this country that don't have that option. the white house and others encouraging congress to close that loophole. generation x is causing gridlock in the housing market. more than half are under water. they can't sell their homes for what they owe on their mortgages, preventing millenials from purchasing the homes. that means baby boomers can't sell their larger homes to genxors. it fell 17% compared with 24% a year ago and improving trend, no
2:59 am
doubt. millenials in the middle of the gridlock. 58 minutes past the hour. new day starts right now. breaking overnight, the united states sending reconnaissance aircraft over syria, tracking the ser error group isis. the pentagon drawing up plans to hit isis. could the air strikes come now at any moment? >> also breaking, audio of the gunshot that is killed michael brown. the tape revealing what sounds like far more than six shots. will this tape shake up the investigation? plus, family first. modern family wins big again as breaking bad proves it's gone, but not forgotten. we have all the must see moments like that kiss and a heart felt send off to robin williams. your new day starts right now.
3:00 am
announcer: this is "new day" with chris good morning, everyone. welcome to nude yale. it's tuesday, august 26. it's 6:00 in the east. in i'm john berman and in an upset victory alisyn camerota decided to come back. >> why an upset? >> you did not scare me away, john berman. >> and i also had to come back because it's a very special day. it's michaela's birthday. happy birthday. >> and holding. >> thanks for spending it with us. >> we do have a lot of news to tell you about. we'll tell you about breaking developments in the fight against isis. president obama giving the go-ahead for reconnaissance flights over syria. the move is an effort to get a better idea of where the militants are stationed and where they are training right now so the big question. are these flights a precursor to air strikes against isis in syria in addition to the strikes already under way to slow the militant down in iraq? cnn's barbara starr has been way ahead of this


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