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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  August 28, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hello. great to be with you. coming up this hour, the u.s. president admits there's no clear strategy yet to defeat isis in iraq and syria. this as the militant group releases shocking new video. >> plus cnn is on the ground as intense fighting continues between ukrainian forces and pro russian separatists. now the ukrainian government and nato say they have proof that russia's military is operating inside ukraine. >> those stories and other things we're following for you. we begin with this isis claim of a mass execution. as we've seen over the past few weeks, they claim to have video that proves it. and we have to give you a warning, what you're about to see is disturbing. isis says more than 250 soldiers were marched to their deaths. the group says they were
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captures when it seized the base which was considered to be the military's last holdout in eastern syria. activists posted this video apparently shot after the militants left. as the violence escalates, u.s. president barack obama says balgt isis also known as icil must be a regional effort. >> it will not be quick or easy but i'm confident that we can and we can working closely with our allies and our partners. and i think it will be important for congress to weigh in. that our consultations for congress continue to develop so that the american people are part of the debate. but i don want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> the violence now gripping iraq is what so many people feared and even predicted after the last u.s. forces with drew from the company nearly three years ago. >> now like then, the big fear
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is that the violence and the bloodshed will get much worse before it gets any better. >> reporter: the body count is rising. the sectarian killings, kidnappings, murders, and summary justice at the hands of militias, events many had hoped were a thing of the past, are back. at baghdad's morgue, this movie shows snap shots of the dead. for loved ones to i.d. the number are nowhere near those of iraq's dark years but the sectarian blood letting is starting again. this woman' brothers, a father of four, was killed, later found dead. his corpse, one of the many. most here don't want to talk. fearing the same fate as the ones they loved. >> one of the women who we just
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met inside the viewing room declined to be interviewed. it is her husband who is missing. she was saying she wanted to be able to identify his body because she did want cloesh bur she was dreading seeing his image. she still want to be able to cling tom very little hope that programs he is still alive. for some, sorrow turns to rage at the u.s. and its president. >> go tell obama. obama the coward. he destroyed it. he needs to fix it, this woman shouts at us. burning with the pain of loss, she continues. >> foreigners are cowards. you know how to attack but you don't know how to solve of you attack for your own benefits. to steal so you can live and we can die. she later apologizes for her outburst, saying it wasn't directed at us. she is afraid to speak to us here, believing that those who killed her son were lurking.
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she says, he was one of six men slaughtered here along with 28 women. by an extremist shia militia, police told cnn at the time. the apartment blocks were long believed to house brothels. the woman said all she knew was that her son and her wife were going to a party. both are now among the dead. whatever was happening does not excuse the murder. but iraq is used to summary justice. particularly as the government loses more control of iraq's cities and towns and militia rule returns. the scent of death, unbearable. morgue officials tell us most of the dead come in unidentified. when families claim the loved ones, the dwreef is overwhelming. my darling, the woman says at her son's coffin. can you hear me? your kids are we me. don't be afraid. i will take care have your kids.
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cnn, baghdad. >> what a powerful scene there. there's so much happening in iraq. unless baghdad right now. our report he joins us live. let's narrow in our focus agency we walk through some of the latest information coming out of the country. i know the mosul dam, still far from secure. it is an essential piece of infrastructure but isis militants still aiming to retake it. also setting oil fields on fire in the process. what do we know about what's happening there? >> reporter: we've heard from kurdish officials there is still fighting going on around the area, around the city of mosul. fighting for a key town also that is on the way to the border crossing with syria. and as you mentioned, setting the oil fields on fire.
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we're told they did that to cover their tracks. fighting is still going on there and in the western province of anbar. while isis as haen hits with these air strikes, nothing has changed on the ground they have not been able to make major advances like we've seen over the last couple of months. what has been happening with these air strikes, did it stop the unstoppable momentum that it seemed a few months ago. things far from over. there's still fighting going on for control of different areas. more pockets of fighting taking place. no major battles that we are aware of at this point. the air strikes that have not weakened. he said you have to think of this as a formula. we will that be able to weaken
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isis or defeat it with one thing like air strikes. he said they are key but we have to see a number of things happen including air strikes in syria. he said the police process in baghdad. and closing off borders. syria's borders with other countries like turkey where a lot of these jihadists are crossing in, making their way into syria and iraq. a number of things need to happen. it is not one thing. >> i would imagine iraqis would be unnerved to hear all that has been done to erase isis has not done much. in fact, it has rolled them back slightly. they have continued to make gains apparently. also yesterday at that press conference, president obama made a few comments apparently admitting there is no clear strategy yet. how is that news received there where there is still new government yet to be formed?
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>> reporter: well, i think the message was cheer for the iraqi government in what president obama was saying yesterday. a message they have been hearing over and over again. of course that statement by the president. his press conference was carried on state television here. if people did have power, they would have heard it. the message was more to the iraqi government. the iraqi politicians to try to come up with an inclusive government. you and i have spoken about this over the past week. writing on board the sunnis, including them. again repeat over and over again yesterday by president obama, it's key. sunnis in the past have been a key ally in fighting al qaeda. the president said the air strikes do achieve that short term goal of stopping, rolling back the gains, as he put it. for the longer term stability, for the longer term goals of trying to defeat isis, bringing on board the sunnis, making them feel like they have a stake in this and reversing what we have seen over the past few years
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where the u.s. left and the sunnis have been marginalized. this is something that has to change. they have been key in the past in weakening isis' predecessor in iraq. for this to happen this time they have to be brought on board. it will be very difficult to do that. they have been made -- they have gotten so many promises over the years that they'll have to see more before they're able to join the process and really take part in this battle against isis. >> yeah. everyone seems to believe that it really, it is really important the government there, the new government there is an inclusive one. some even suggesting that possibly because the u.s. saying it doesn't have a plan, even if it does. keeping us updated all week. thanks.
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we're going to bring you some news we received in the last hour or so. russian president vladimir putin wants pro russians so they can leave eastern ukraine. the leader of the self-proclaimed donetsk's people republic will leave the corridor if they give up their weapon. they hold a meeting today after releasing satellite images it's after the forces in eastern ukrainian. barbara starr has the report. >> reporter: amateur video shows alleged russian battle tanks moving into southern ukraine. in the last 24 hours, up to 1,000 russian troops with heavy weapons moved into the area according to ugs military intelligence. >> russia has deliberately and repeatedly violated the integrity of ukraine and the new
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images of russian forces in ukraine make that plain for the world to see. >> reporter: moving from russia, the 1,000 troops crossed into southern ukraine. moving to the city. this opens up a third front in fighting beyond the other 1,000 russian troops already in the donetsk regions. the polish foreign minister calls at this time most serious security crisis nigs europe in decades. has russia invaded ukraine? >> i don't think it matters what you call it. what you're seeing is an opening of a new front. i would classify it in the invasion category. >> reporter: satellite imagery made public of russian forces on the move for the last several days. this a russian convoy inside the eastern ukraine. russia also moving in with armored vehicles and multiple
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rocket launchers. anti-air weapon like these to deem ukraine's air force from flying. the prime minister of this self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic denies an invasion. it is all about vacations, he says. >> current russian military are also fighting with us who prepare to spend their holiday not on the seaside but amongst us. >> reporter: the ugs estimates russia may have up to 20,000 troops on that border. the crisis may be far from over. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. it's been rum go when for nearly two weeks but now the iceland meteorological agency says the volcano is finally erupting. this is a fissure eruption which is less explosive than the main chamber eruption which could spew ash into the atmosphere but
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it could turn into the main chamber eruption. the reporter will join us in moments to give us an update. well, coming up right here cnn. there is a sobering warning from health officials over the spread of ebola. plus getting a new vaccine out with the help of healthy human volunteers. negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic.
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. a sobering development for you here. the threat of the deadly ebola virus is being put into numbers. the world health organization warns the total number of cases could exceed 20,000 over the course of the crisis. >> the w.h.o. had issued what it calls a road map for handling the escalating number of infections. it aims to stop the spread in west average within the next six to nine months. the united nations health agency said it could cost nearly half a billion dollars. meanwhile taerk look at this. a mobile lab has been set up in sierra leone. there is to speed up the test results. previously they would need to be sent overseas. that can be time consuming. because of this lab, a patient can finds out if they're positive for the virus within
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three to five hours. and a new experimental ebola vaccine is also being fast tracked in the u.s. and the u.k. trials will begin next week. >> as jim reports, they're looking for healthy human volunteers to test it out. >> reporter: an unprecedented response to an unprecedented outbreak. with more than 1,500 dead and no end in sight to the ebola outbreak xrk earth that are now looking for healthy volunteers in the u.k., game beea and mali. >> previously people have been incredibly generous with their time to come forward and volunteer. >> reporter: researchers are targeting the new strain. the university of oxford is launching simultaneous trials. >> you still to have follow somebody for a month to see if
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there's an immune response. what we're doing much faster is all the layers of regulating and ethical review and approvals and people are really pulling out all the stops. >> which could mean a vaccine by the ends of the year though it is likely to be early next year. >> nobody has ever taken a vaccine from first time in a human being to thinking of actually using to it save lives three months later. >> reporter: the british government and the welcome trust a charitable foundation, are funding oxford with 4.6 million to conduct the study. some of that money will go to immediately manufacture and stockpile up to 10,000 doses of the experimental vaccine. by pharmaceutical giant gsk. before it is even approved. >> we would normally not do that at this early stage of development. >> if these trials prove
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successful, the world health organization will be given the doses to start a mass immunization program in high risk communities. the united states is conducting a similar trial with the same vaccine starting next week. the experts say having multiple trials on various continents will help speed up the process to figure out which dose and method of delivery will be most effective and to insist that those volunteering are in no danger of catching ebola. cnn london. let's turn our attention to the united states. five people are suing ferguson, missouri police for $40 million. >> they were arrested during the unrest after the killing of 18-year-old michael brown and they accused authorities of arresting innocent bystanders. the police did draw sharp criticism including a rebuke from attorney general eric
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holder. the lawsuit accuses city and county officers of treating citizens as if they were war combatants. coming up for you after the break, an interview with the sister of an imprisoned scientist that isis wants to set free. hear what she has to say.
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if you want to make things that move, move better, just talk to one of our scientists. they'll show you a special glue we've developed that bonds metal to plastic. and that makes the things you're trying to move... lighter. the less weight... the less energy. and what you save can be used for speed. for efficiency. or just for fun. this is the human element at work. dow. we have more now on the fight to stop icy. a week ago the extremist group
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released gruesome video of the beheading of the american journalist. isis said it had been open to a prison exchange because the u.s. has someone it wants. >> she had been on the fbi's most wanted list and has been referred to as lady al qaeda. an exclusive interview with cnn, her sister insists she is not a terrorist. >> i condemn any kind of violence. >> her sister made the decision to speak to cnn from her home in karachi, pakistan, because the family doesn't want terrorists carrying out attacks in her name. after the brutal beheading of james foley, a letter sent requesting for the release. it read, we have also offered prisoner exchanges to free the muslims colonelfully your detention like our sister, dr.
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afia. >> any kind of kidnappers, isis these days, whoever wants to claim afia, i am her sister. we're her family. and we speak on her behalf as well. our whole struggle has been dignified. that is peaceful. and that is legal. >> a pakistani neuroscientist went missing. a year later she was named on the fbi list as an al qaeda member. in 2008 she reappeared, stopped by afghan national police for acting suspiciously outside of a government building. she was accused of shooting at two fbi agents and several military personnel while being held at an afghan facility and sentenced by a u.s. federal
11:24 pm
judge to 86 years in prison for attempted murder and other charges. >> she is an icon. she is the poster girl for jihad. and in that way, she serves as a sort of rallying point. >> she is the premier symbol of the muslim woman in distress. >> afia should be released. but not for ransom. not in exchange. not for other people that are kidnapped by extremists. no. and if i were to make an appeal to the kidnappers of hostages, i would say the same thing to them. you don't achieve anything by kidnapping innocent people. unjust incarceration is wrong. >> the only solution, says the family, is to remove the extremist and release afia.
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>> now, air space over iceland is now closed with the volcanic eruption underway. >> our meteorologist has been tracking all of this and steps in front of the camera now. what's the deal with bardarbunga? >> i'll show you some of the steam coming out. >> what was that? >> i was saying red alert. >> it is red. it is imminent. we've been going back and forth. of course all the recent earthquakes have not been good news. now we have had our eruption. as we have been talking about, the two types of eruption, the fisher and the main chamber which we have not had. that would paralyze the air space over the next, my goodness, weeks. we have some eruption at this point. so red has gone back to dormant. we're going in the wrong direction and the no-fly zone has been extended for obvious
11:26 pm
reasons. the difference, this is what we had in 2010 which was the main eruption. where the magma touches the ice. it creates that explosion well up into the atmosphere here. and the more ice you have, the worse it is. what we have is not that. we have this side eruption here. i'm calling it side. they call it a crevasse. but there it is. this is what's happening. this would be a localized event. if it doesn't get any worse, we could be talking about significant flooding. and the remaining air space remaining closed. it would remain if this is all we're getting, a local event for iceland. if we get the main chamber, we are in a whole lot of trouble here. because of course these are the upper level winds. everything that goes up in the atmosphere, you get the ash and glass and everything else that
11:27 pm
comes with the pulverized blocks. look at that coming down the pike into europe. that is what we would be concerned about. at this point, we have the fishure eruption. it is continuing at this hour. even the better case scenario for iceland. i'll keep you posted on that and i'll be back in the next half-hour with the monster waves that have been hitting the state of california. >> the positive developments is that you don't expect this to be, a cloud part two. you don't have the ice as much as last time and it is a separate type of eruption. >> correct. right now it is a local event for iceland. it will not involve the rest us. still to come on cnn, new details on a second american reportedly killed last weekend in syria. and whether or not he was a jihadist. stay with us.
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welcome back. glad you're still with us. these are your headlines this hour. isis fighters. the oil field in northern iraq. kurdish official say it is an attempt to prevent soldiers from advancing on positions. in a moment we'll tell but the militants' mass executions of soldiers in syria. russian president vladimir putin wants pro-russian rebels to open the corridor so tram ukrainian forces can leave eastern ukraine. the leader of the self-proclaimed people's republic say they'll open it if they give up their women's. >> a grim milestone for syria. the united nations says more than 3 million people are now refugees from that nation's civil war. the u.n. says that's a million more than a year ago and that means roughly half of all syrians have fled their country. let's talk volcanoes.
11:32 pm
iceland's meteorological agency says the on bardarbunga volcano is active. they say it is a fissure eruption. we'll keep you jump dated on this exploding volcano in iceland. first, more now on the mass killing of syrian soldiers. here are details on that and the forces in iraq. first we want to warn you the images you're about to see are very graphic. walking hopelessly through the desert, stripped down to their underwear, most with hands behind their heads. these syrian soldiers know the horror that's about to unfold. this grainy isis video then shows a pile of bloody bodies. before the camera swings raunds to reveal this. an endless line of dead soldiers
11:33 pm
lying face down in the dirt. the sunni extremists claim these are the 250 syrian soldiers they captured during their week-long bloody battle to take the base. the last stronghold of the regime. a large swath of eastern syria now controlled by isis. militants gloating on social media of the weaponry seized in its latest conquest. this barbaric treatment of what are fundamentally prisoners of war indicates that there is no code of conduct within this terrorist organization. isis is repeatedly showing cruelty, utter brutality and no mercy to anyone who stands in its way. in another display of the ruthless behavior clearly design to instill fear amongst the kurds in northern iraq, video released by ice you of what they claim are captured soldiers. dress in the orange jumpsuits, the same worn by american journalist james foley, brutally
11:34 pm
executed last week, the kurdish prisoners were forced to appeal to their president to stop support for american air strikes in iraq. a message to all the kurds, says this soldier. i beg you to end your alliance with the americans. don't let america intervene in the region. one of the prisoners later shown to be kneeling in front of a mosque in mosul before he was beheaded. an abhorrent and medieval act that has come to define isis. the second american believed to be killed was identified this weekend. the government is still trying to verify that he was indeed an isis jihadist. brian todd reports from washington. >> reporter: a somali community leader in minneapolis says a man is the second american killed while fighting with isis in syria. omar jamal said he is close with
11:35 pm
mohammed's family. >> he is married, he has a lot of kids. last time he had nine kids and a wife. he was a family man, a family person. >> reporter: a u.s. official said it is a name they're checking to determine if he was killed in the fighting last weekend, along with american douglas mccain. a 29-year-old man with the same name was profiled on minnesota public radio in june. that man told the radio station in messages that he was fighting with icy in syria. the report described him as having nine children and more than one wife. a law enforcement official said a handful of young somali americans in the minneapolis area, less than a dozen, have gone to syria to fight with jihadists there. sources say there has been a recent increase in recruiting for isis which lures with promises of cash. >> i would sperkt when we get the contours of this network, people will have their travel paid for as they to go turkey and then transit from turkey
11:36 pm
into syria. >> reporter: he monitors radicalization of young people believe they likely get money to travel from the united states through urm into turkey. then he has observed some travel over than to the turkish city. then into syria. in recent years, somali americans from minneapolis have been recruited to fight in somalia with the brutal group al shabab. this features a young man from minneapolis, killed in somalia in 2009. >> if you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. this is the real disneyland. >> his mother has told cnn, her son was a good friend of douglas mccain, the young american just killed in syria fighting with icy. she said they both went to the same high school in new hope, minnesota. the mother describe her son and mccain as young men searching, wanting to have a push and to be valuable human beings.
11:37 pm
nato will hold an emergency meeting in brussels to address the growing violence in eastern ukraine. >> on thursday the alliance presented what it says is proof russian forces are actively involved in the fighting. take a look. nato says these satellite images show a convoy setting up positions between donetsk. up to a thousand russian troops have moved in. president barack obama avoided the word invasion thursday, calling it instead an incursion. he left no doubt about here thinks is to blame. >> russia is responsible for the violence in eastern ukraine. the violence is encouraged by russia. the separatists are train by russia, they are armed by
11:38 pm
russia, they are funded by russia. russia has deliberately and repeatedly violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine and the new images of russian forces make that plain for the world to see. we are not taking military action to solve the ukrainian problem. what we're doing is to mobilize the international community to apply pressure on russia. >> now take a look at this map. it highlights the area controlled by pro russian rebels. it shrunk in size in recent weeks. moscow officially denies it. the ukrainian government officials say the area includes donetsk and the sight of the malaysian airlines jet crash. >> and they claim to have recaptured the city of luhansk. and they have opened a new front along the southern coast.
11:39 pm
>> reporter: beating a hasty retreat, it seems, from the country's embattled southeast. the scroll on the back of the car, not much good as it rattles out of the conflict zone. on on wednesday they say they were routed from the town close to the russian border by russian forces, backed out by cross border artillery shelling. the regular russian troops, the xlarnd he tells me, and i have information which i can prove 100% that the drivers are local but that they got special training in russian. cnn can't verify his claims but he is convinced the separatists' plan is to move north from the sea to create a corridor right up to donetsk. earlier we had driven pup road as far north as we could go.
11:40 pm
you can hear the artillery fire in the distance. this is main highway up to donetsk, about 15 k in that direction. as you can see, it is absolutely deserted. we stopped because of the shelling which the locals say has been going on for days. and most of them spend most of their time underground. it is too dangerous, they say to be out. in donetsk itself, shelling killed at least 15 civilians on thursday. the casualty count growing each day. those who can, flee across the front lines hoping signs marking their precious load of children will save them from the cruelty of mortar rounds. it was scary, this little boy says. we were scared they would hit us. the shells would hit us and there were airplanes overhead. the troops that stay now facing an altogether tougher foe.
11:41 pm
as russia apparently bares its teeth on ukrainian soil. the first couple days of the new israel gaza truce have passed peacefully. what now for the thousands of people trying to rebuild their lives after seven week of heavy conflict. and we asked a safety expert if he thinks this jetliner will ever be found.
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the united nations says it is working the free 43 peace keepers in the middle east. >> syrian rebels detain them on the syrian side of the golan heights after the crossing from government troops right. now the syrian troops are battling rebels to regain the region. those holding the 43 peace keepers are members of the al qaeda linked al nusra front. 81 others are being prevented from leaving their positions. >> and as for israel and gaza, will the open ended cease fire continue after seven week of heavy fighting. >> both sides have agreed to return to cairo for further talks. at least for now the new truce sets the stage. >> reporter: for 51 days they've
11:45 pm
eaten, slept at this school. now with the cease fire, they are one of the only families left. but officials want classes to resume. so they say it is time to pack up and get out. the patriarch aid tells me, i'm a human being. i can't have my children sleep in a damaged home. i need help but i'm sick and old. our home which was built in 50 years was destroyed in seconds. his son explains. the peace brings with it the question. for them and some 30,000 people like them, where to go now? in some neighborhoods, few buildings are left standing. even fewer unscathed.
11:46 pm
nabil and his wife journey back to the neighborhoods to assess the damage. they're relatively lucky. most of the building is still standing. but the front face of the building now a pile of rubble. their house wasn't the target of the strike but when you look at the crater this bomb has left, you can understand why their home sustained so much damage. >> the living room is very damaged. >> reporter: nearly every room bears the scar of the attack. >> but not ever one bedroom left untouched holds their valuables. >> we are afraid of thieves. to take some of our things, you know. >> some neighbors live in a makeshift tent outside. she hopes they won't have to. >> i know after five days, the school is open.
11:47 pm
i know. i want to take them to school. >> where do you go? >> i don't know. i can't live here. >> reporter: 51 days of war giving way to a cease fire and uncertainty. cnn, gaza. >> let's change here slightly. malaysian airlines is expected to hold a news conference on a major restructuring program. the national carrier is reeling after the flight 370 and mh 17 disaster this is year. the company announced the loss of more than $97 million in the past month. this all comes as the search for flight 370 is set to resume next month. they are now providing investigators with a new lead in the search mission. a short time ago i spoke with the safety analyst who explains its significance. >> as small as this piece of
11:48 pm
information is, it really does change where they're going to search. because they made some assumptions. some assumptions about how the aircraft made that last turn to the south. where it was supposed to have turned was made on the assumption of the last handshake. subsequent to that firsthand shake, about 14 minutes after that is when malaysia air ground crews tried to call the aircraft using the sat phone. the sat phone uses the same equipment that the handshake uses. so therefore, they're able to use the same calculations. what is concerning about it is the fact that those calculations were not in line with the previous assumptions association those assumptions have been changed and shifted, which puts the aircraft much further to the south than where they had planned to start the search. >> so are we back on square one? >> actually, to me it is not really square one. what it is is it is refining the search. that's what the ma lakers government and the searchers
11:49 pm
will tell u. what we've done now is refind it more. to me, it is a bit concerning. what it tells me is how vulnerable and how precise these calculations have to be. because if a piece of information like that comes in, you would think that that would reinforce their position. but it didn't. it took them to a different spot than what they were originally planning to do. so it makes me a little bit concerned about how solid this information is and where that search will be taking place. >> and could you think this information will impact the next phase? when does this next phase start and how complex will it be? >> it will affect the next phase. because they've been mapping a certain area for the last few months. the mapping of the floor, the ocean floor. now that part that they need to go to now isn't necessarily already mapped. so they may have to shift their mapping efforts down further to the south. it is still along the arc that they've been searching all along.
11:50 pm
however, i think further to the south than the primary area they started the search. i did speak with the one that has the contract to do the search and they said the equipment to do the search will not be in perth until october 2-4, in that area. so in that time is when it will start and it will be very complex, very, very complex. >> despite the complexity of this, are you still hopeful that mh 370 will ever be found? >> what i'm really hopeful about is that even after all these months of preparing and shifting and re-analyzing that everyone is just as convince that had it has to be found. i think that it doubled the intensity of the need to find the kraflt everyone realizes we can't just give up on this search and it will continue. my confidence in the fact that it will be found quickly is not there. this could be years in the making. at least many, many months.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
rob ford has had a rough year. he faces a tough fight for re-election but on thursday, you really wouldn't have known it. ♪ >> strange, this is what our newsroom looks likes most of the time. this is at the end of the city council' term. the mayor decided to treat the counsellors to a bit of singing and dancing. i think we can call that dancing. is that head knocking? >> i'm not sure. >> other people in on the fun. he is a big fan. despite spending two months this year receiving treatment for substance abuse, and because he's dancing so great, we are showing it to you again.
11:54 pm
>> feel all right. that's his message. waves from hurricane marie have been pounding california beaches making surfers salivate. how much salivating there was. >> we've been talking about this volcano, by the way. i don't know what is going on. geothermal activity, a new volcano, i know you're a fan of these, in papua new guinea. just incredible just in the last few hours. we'll take you there. that is spewing a significant column of ash will have aa into the air.
11:55 pm
behind me, what i prefer covering, weather here. and this is hurricane marie as it was really getting going. this was a category five super storm in the ocean. we call them major hurricanes in the eastern pacific. and this is what it looks like when you get those huge hurricanes in the eastern pacific. the swells coming in, the crashing waves into california. let's show you the pictures. i taukds about this a couple hours ago. with situation that you're seeing there, the lifeguard. the historic lifeguard there. the cove house. look at that. just completely fell apart. this thing has been there since the 1950s. it has weathered phenomenal storms and all of a sudden the pilings with hurricane marie gave way. so it's gone. gone forethere unfortunately. we have not had any significant injuries as far as the folks getting out in the water and enjoying the surfing that has
11:56 pm
been ongoing. as we've been showing you the pictures from california. there's not much left of marie. it is now a post tropical, it looks like. there's l.a. it was strong enough to bring the conditions onshore. conditions began to improve today and it will be fantastic for the upcoming holiday weekend and it will be like that as well for the eastern united states. at least talking about the beaches. cristobal brought the waves in. not only that but the rip current threat that had been ongoing. we had two tropical cyclones. neither of which made landfall in the united states. moving away in time for the big holiday weekend which of course here in the northern hemisphere and the united states is the unofficial edge of summer. so sad. yeah. it happens. if you want summer, now you can go south. south of the equator. >> very good idea. thanks very much, ivan.
11:57 pm
that does it for this hour of cnn. we are not going anywhere. >> we'll be right here for you in the next hour. the west is weighing its options as ukraine, new evidence there suggests the russian military is operating outside of its borders. we'll get you live to london to see what action may come out today. -- captions by vitac -- e we're trying to make the school bell. corner booth beats corner office any day. we make the most out of our time... and our money. the chevrolet malibu. j.d. power's highest ranked midsize car in initial quality. the car for the richest guys on earth. when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
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vladimir putin's request to let trapped soldiers leave the battlefield for humanitarian reasons but there are conditions. we'll explain. >> and u.s. president barack obama said there is no military strategy on isis in military theory yet. meantime the militant group shows the brutality in execution videos. >> plus, take a look at these live images as we follow a volcanic eruption in iceland. streaming live to us right now. we'll keep track of